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Bad Boys AU where John never comes back for Dean; he figures this is as good a chance as any for his son to get out of the life (not to mention that he knows something is wrong about his youngest and he needs to find out what), so he just tells Sam that his big brother died on that last hunt and never goes back. Dean stays at Sonny’s, but of course he’s never entirely happy, knowing that his family is still out there somewhere. For Sonny’s sake, he waits until after graduation before he runs off, and he spends the next three years looking for his brother.

Enter Sam, who’s spent the last five years either on his own or with John. He dropped out of school when he was fourteen, and he’s one hell of a hunter. After all, the creatures in the dark took his big brother away from him.

But then they meet up again. And Dean remembers a sweet, smart kid, not this angry, bitter young man who hunts with brutal efficiency and doesn’t seem at all glad to see him. Sam, on the other hand, has spent five years telling himself that Dean died a hero’s death, that he saved probably hundreds of people. Finding out that he’s just been living a normal life, had a steady girlfriend for two years, has a damn guitar that he keeps in the trunk of his fucking car, hurts. Hurts more than anything, because all Sam has done since he was twelve is research demons and hunt everything with fangs, and it’s. not. fair. At least they do find each other very attractive. That helps a little bit.

....I'm sorry but when did we forget to love each other.

It’s almost like someone’s flipped a switch and suddenly there’s hate, bullying, arguments, and negativity everywhere.

I hate to sound like a broken record, and apparently it’s starting to annoy some people buy hot damn guys. Let’s get our shit together. I’m not saying you’ve got to like everyone. I’m not saying everyone is going to be best friends. But must we call each other out on every single tiny little fucking thing? Maybe I’m just too lazy, but it takes me 2 seconds to scroll past that post of ignorance and not give it the attention or time of day the poster needs.

I’m not saying ignore hate or bullying. But most of the time it’s done anonymously right? Make sure the person on the end of that comment is ok. Then if you want to call that anon out, by all means be my guest. But don’t tag it. All that does is hide the incredible fan art someone just spent 8 hours on and only gets 20 notes. It hides the ending to that immense fan fiction which had taken days to plan and now no one will read it.

This is just another rambley post by your
OOSH but I just want to try and make a difference at least. I’m trying. I just need help

Oosh out
Thank you for existing