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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

Posts I’ve done on art movements, artists, and art techniques so far

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I am positive there is many, many more (especially of the art techniques), however because of tags playing up and my blog had a problem with a whole page disappearing, these are the only I could find at the moment. More will certainly be added. You can exoect another post filled with even more art history info! Hopefully all the links work.

On the complexity of words in our racialized and colonialized world, and my own liminality...

TW: Discussion of the term “g*psy,” which I know may be a triggering word to some of my American followers in particular. I’ve done my best to tag this. Let me know if I’ve left something out.

So I need to talk about this. I really don’t want to because I feel like I’m going to be attacked for doing so. But this is my life in a super literal way, and I am taking time to process all this, with my cultural background, and my personal history, and my non-belonginess, and all the other super heavy baggage I have, and my society has, with this word and this way of life.

I’ve seen the occasional post on here talking about the culture on Tumblr of sometimes oversimplifying their activism and not understanding the full breadth of certain issues, and I’m kicking myself for it even as I type, but… today I’d like to address the international complexity of the term “gypsy.” Specifically, its use in the UK.

(Oh god, what am I doing sticking my foot in this hornet’s nest…)

All I ask is that you really just read this before you rip my head off, yeah? Please. I need to talk about this.

That word does not mean the same thing here that it means in the US, where I come from.

In America, it’s a pretty negative word to a lot of people of any degree of social consciousness. In America, that word is associated almost exclusively with the Romani people, an extremely marginalized group of POC who’ve been subject to every type of violence in existence, up to and including genocide. It is almost always used as either a slur, or an ignorantly appropriative capitalist tool. They’re the only well-known group of nomadic people Americans are familiar with in relatively modern times (since most nomadic Natives were killed or had their seasonal routes cut off long ago), and naturally, it has therefore remained a very racialized term in America. As a general rule, all nomadic peoples known to Americans are POC who have suffered genocide, sometimes to the point of extinction.

It’s fucking heavy. And that is what my brain still emotionally understands, when I hear that word. I’ve felt, and feel, that ickiness listening to someone use that word carelessly, or as if it were a trendy aesthetic™. This post is hard to write, because I have to use it.

So, Americans, I get this. ‘K? Me too. And Brits, if you’ve ever wondered why this strikes such a chord with Americans, that’s why, and this might be some handy knowledge for you to have when traveling to the US: “gypsy” is not a nice word in the US, and “Traveller” isn’t a term most Americans will recognize. We don’t have any legislation protecting Traveller rights, the way you do (inadequate as they may be). If you want to refer to the Romani, use Romani. If you want to refer to Travellers as a diverse group, use “nomadic people.”

But now I live in the UK. In the UK, “gypsy” is a government-official term, and people refer to themselves and others by this term routinely. And most confusingly, to my American sensibilities, it has little to do with your ethnicity. Even ethnic gypsies are most frequently white British, in the UK (the UK has its own native nomadic populations, especially from Ireland and Scotland). But there are also non-ethnic gypsies. It’s a term that refers more to your mode of living than to your race.

My gypsy neighbors are Irish, English, and Romani. The Irish Travellers and Romani obviously have an ethnic history of nomadism. But the ethnically English do not. He’s a Traveller, legally speaking, and part of larger gypsy society. And here, that is legally and culturally legitimate. He isn’t considered an ethnic minority, the way ethnic Travellers are, but culturally has a home under both terms.

There are other slurs in the UK for Travellers, of course. And there are also people who talk about them in a racist way (*cough* Tories *cough*). If I were to draw a comparison to American linguistics, “gypsy” in the UK is much like “queer” in America. It is simultaneously a neutral and inclusive word, and a word which is often found in the mouth of bigots. It has a complex history that has both highs and lows.

I still prefer to use Traveller, because I’m American and “gypsy” leaves a weird taste in my mouth. But that only works in writing, where it is capitalized. In speech, that term could just as easily mean kids on a gap year, and it isn’t useful for specifying nomadic people. So in speech… the word everyone uses is “gypsy.” This word which gives me the willies is now a normal part of my life. It is hard for me to get used to that. But also, apprehensively positive. What a wonderful community this is. It isn’t any stupid stereotypes. I mean, the dude a couple caravans down from me is a graphic designer. It’s just a really solid community of people who are just… really wonderful.

So… this is a major part of my existence right now. Please remember that Tumblr is an international community. Not everyone you see using that word is a racist throwing out a slur. Some of them aren’t even referring to the Romani. If they’re British, they’re probably more likely to be referring to the Irish, or to people of diverse or unknown ethnic backgrounds.

It may also be something I start talking about more often, because this is now my life. I live on wheels, in a mostly Traveller community. Legally, I’m a “New Traveller” (and the idea of referring to myself that way sends off a degree of appropriative heebjeebies that’s just unbelievable, but that is the fact of the matter). That is, I would be if anyone knew I was here. But the way these things are interacting for me, and how simultaneously uncomfortable and necessary it is to learn about them given my cultural background, means that it is something that is likely to come up. Something I will need to talk about. A consuming part of my life at the moment.

These people have taken me in, in a very real way that pretty much makes me cry when I think about it. They’ve fed me, and kept me warm, and helped me keep this hell shed from tipping over. They’ve gifted me things for my craft – the part of my life this blog is about. I don’t want to avoid talking about them as they talk about themselves, or understanding the way my self-perception is changing as this is happening, for fear I’ll be mistaken for an asshole. It feels like hiding who they proudly are, because the culture I come from has a different history than they do. I don’t live in that culture anymore, and probably never will again. I need to find some way of reconciling the dissonance with the way my life is now.

I don’t think any of this takes away from the complexity of that term. And to all you goddamn Nazis, don’t you dare take this as a reason why it’s ok to fucking harass the Romani, or I swear I will hex the shit out of you. And since the UK tends to follow American trends, I wouldn’t be surprised if that term eventually goes out of vogue.

But today, it is a very different word from its American counterpart, which is essential for me to fully understand in the context of both my own life, and my experience of adopting my new culture as an immigrant. And I want people to understand where I and other people in Britain are coming from when we talk about it. And I feel a need to be understood in my own life right now.

So… This was probably unwise. I’ll take my blows I guess. I’m just reaching into the dark and hoping I’ll find some understanding. This is very much part of what kind of witch I’m becoming, and more broadly, what kind of human I’m becoming.

Miraculous Ladybug multi-collab for ML artists!!

Okay, I recently thought of this neat idea to make a multi-collab with any ML artists.. but what for? Do you remember how in the opening they have all of the characters stacked up on one another? Here is a reference down below..

I want to recreate that but on one large page with a whole bunch of artists! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!! I would like to mention that while discussing this with a couple of peeps we are not doing them in their civilian forms, but in their akumatized/superhero forms! (this does NOT include the new spoiler versions, only Ladybug are Chat Noir are superheros in this)

I figure that if any artists are interested in participating, PM me here on tumblr and tell me what character you want to do. If there is more than one person who wants to do a character, then the one who asks first gets the slot! Any artist can do this as long as they are fairly recent on here (still running as of the start of this year) and they message me that they want to do it along with the characters left they want to do! There is no specific date quite yet but I figure the due date will be around late may ;D

Here is the list of 25 + 3 other akuma that states which characters (in order of pic from left to right, bottom to top) are taken or still open! I will update this every so often so keep in check if you’re interested:

  1. Ladybug - taken by me, @themasquedfox
  2. Lady Wifi - taken by @megatraven
  3. Puppeteer - taken by @becksyart or @beckyehhh
  4. Vanisher - taken by @thelastpilot 
  5. Chat Noir - taken by @australet789
  6. The Bubbler - taken by @larvesta
  7. Antibug - taken by @alazic02
  8. Princess Fragrance - taken by @anipwrites or @anip-art
  9. Reflecta - taken by @artgraveyard
  10. Dark Cupid - taken by @krissysally
  11. Horrificator - taken by @faoghart
  12. Gamer - taken by @evieoftheisle
  13. Timebreaker - taken by @stellalights
  14. Stormy Weather - taken by @kawasakies
  15. Stoneheart - taken by @cupcakeismynamebitchez
  16. Evillustrator - taken by @minis-art 
  17. Rogercop - taken by @foxyclocks
  18. Pixelator - taken by @sadrien
  19. Darkblade - taken by @dracoskullart
  20. Simon Says - taken by @thewonderfulwizardofass
  21. Guitar Villain - taken by @nalciel
  22. The Mime - taken by @art-esque
  23. Copycat - taken by @mocchidochi
  24. The Pharaoh - taken by @whydocowsfall
  25. Mr. Pigeon - taken by @baneismydragon
  26. Volpina (added slot) - taken by @akiwitch or @akidoodles
  27. Kung Food (added slot) - taken by @orbeck
  28. Animan (added slot) - taken by @dragonontheside

I tried to make this as organized as I could! As you can see there are 0 slots left!

Here are some general questions asked concerning this collab:

  • Do we have to use the same poses as the civilians do? Not at all, but it would definitely be preferred! If you do change it up, try to keep it simple. Please talk to me about it with some sample sketches for your idea if you do decide to do so (especially for the ones with characters together like alya/marinette and adrien/nino– see to me about it if you have these characters)
  • Can we do traditional art? Yes! You can do either traditional or digital!
  • If I am doing my piece traditional, how would I enter it in for the collab? Now I haven’t messed around with traditional art yet, but I’m pretty sure you can scan it in and place it as a transparent png. file, then send it to me! I hear Camscanner is also a pretty good scanner for that sort of thing.
  • What about the image type? In order for it piece to be accepted and assembled into the final pic, you must have your final piece a transparent png. file, that way it is easier to put on the canvas!
  • What is the due date to send it in the pieces? I haven’t settled on a certain date yet, but I’m thinking late may! I can only hope everyone gets it done earlier ^^;

Let me warn you that there may be some parts of your artwork covered up by others artwork based on the MLB opening character stack, so here is what I will say for you to do– I want you to post your piece of the collab on your blog and tag me in it so that I can provide a link to each individual piece from the full final collaboration that I am posting here. Please only watermark your artwork on your piece that you post on you blog and not the one you send me!

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m sure it will look lovely when it’s done <3 Message me if your interested and tell me what character you would like to do and feel free to ask me questions in the ask box too or through a PM! I look really forward to it!!

Quick shoutout to @the-bored-bookworm for helping me put this idea together! I seriously appreciate it!! OvO

[I will update and edit this often]

SHIPPING NUMBER #12: ♡APRITELLO♡ OK I was SO EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT THIS ONE :D I ♡ TMNT, if you don’t know that NOW YOU KNOW >:D Ever since these two became the best friends and trust each other, etc. I couldn’t resist on shipping these two. These two know how to compliment each other, they try to support each other when they’re both down, and the chemistry is funny and cute! And Rob Paulson ships them too XD which means I ain’t alone on this and other fans! I had little time to work on this so I decided to draw them chibi style since I haven’t done it in a while (like years ago) and do it in their colors…and also I wantedto draw them today since we’ve just got a new episode of TMNT and love the new character (I want more Alopex in the future Nickelodeon!!! D: ) Also want to thank @kleptotello for adding a nice hash tag for this ship and to show art for them. I so wanted to join, now I am hope you like it (♡ w ♡) #shippingmonth #apritello #tmnt #tmnt2012 #tmntdonnie #tmntapril #apritelloday2017 Art by me Donnie and April belong to Nickelodeon God bless you :3

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Les Mis AU where Marius is a red panda

I can’t believe i am supporting this nonsense but its RIGHT UP MY ALLEY

Everyone else is human. 

Courf found him on the street in a box. He was tagged so Courf took him home and called the number on the tag. After a very heated and horrible discussion with a disgusting person on the other line Courf decided Marius now belonged to him. 

Marius’ favourite place in Courf’s flat is in the bookcase.

The first time Courf took Marius to a meeting they got VERY LITTLE DONE. Everyone was all over him. 

They decided as a joke that Marius was a Napoleon fanatic after he curled up on Courfeyrac’s history textbook that was open on a massive picture of Napoleon. Enjolras always eyes him with some suspicion now.

Combeferre refuses to interact with Marius until hes read approx 80 books on red pandas bc hes worried he’ll go wrong. Eventually they get along.

Feuilly volunteers at an animal shelter and brings food and toys back for Marius as much as he can to make Courfeyrac’s job a lil easier.

I really feel like ive exhausted my possible red panda HCs now but this was fun to think about honestly

misadventures in the mist. mistadventures?

damn, i can’t believe i actually finished this drawing, the sketch is actually a month old, but my drawing program crashed on me so many freaking times, that i just kept putting it off. the only one who escaped the loss of progress and redrawing is diath (uncanny dodge??) everyone else had to be redrawn at least once.

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KOMA HERE. I hear you need distraction.... and seeing as I am a master of distraction and Reader of All The Tags, if you feel up for writing, please consider doing the Tim and Damian flash fic with Damian planning on scaring Tim and being so confused when Tim firmly grasps his hand. I beg of you....

Hehe thank you for the distraction! And for reading my rambling tags :D

This exists in an imaginary universe where all the Batboys love each other and aren’t allergic to affection (except maybe Dami).

Damian vows to get revenge against Drake. For what is irrelevant. He has surely done something deserving of Damian’s contempt, and if not he surely will.

That’s why he’s here. Hiding under Drake’s bed in his apartment. Waiting for the older boy to stumble in from patrol and collapse onto the soft mattress and fall asleep. Well, Drake had done that first bit; he’s back from patrol, had fallen through the living room window almost an hour ago. But since then all Damian has heard is the gurgle of the coffee percolator and the tapping of computer keys.

He almost falls asleep waiting, but finally Drake shuffles into the room and crawls into bed. Damian makes sure to wait until he’s asleep. Drake is both a light and a restless sleeper; always shifting and turning as he acts out whatever ridiculous dream is playing behind his eyelids. He will fall asleep in the middle of the bed but roll over to the side. And that is what Damian is counting on.

He almost dozes off two more times before there’s a soft sigh and the mattress squeaks under Drake’s movement. Then a limp hand flops over the edge of the bed. Carefully, Damian slides further out from his position hidden under the middle of the bed, until just his arm sticks out into the faintly-moonlit room. Small fingers inch up the side of the bed until they find warm flesh and he grasps Drake’s hand with a soft tug - just enough to startle him into full wakefulness.

There’s no reaction for several seconds, then Drake’s grip tightens suddenly and it surprises Damian so much he jerks, bumping his head against the wooden slats beneath the bed.

There’s a soft laugh from above him. Then he’s being pulled out by his hand.

“Come ‘ere, gremlin,” Drake says, still sounding half-asleep.

Damian scowls and crawls the rest of the way out from under the bed. He tries to tug his hand free but Drake’s grip just becomes firmer and when he tugs back, Damian goes tumbling into the bed. Drake’s other hand grabs him around the waist and then he’s being wrestled under the blankets until he’s chest-to-chest with an amused Tim Drake.

“I’m going to kill you,” Damian promises.

Drake just hums sleepily and pulls him closer. “’S’at what you were tryin’ to do? Thought you were ‘n assassin or somethin’.” And then, utilising his superpower of napping wherever and whenever he wants, he’s asleep again before Damian can growl threateningly, arms locked tightly around Damian so he can’t escape no matter how much he wiggles. So Damian just sighs and resigns himself to his fate.

He knew Drake would inevitably do something deserving of his revenge, but he didn’t think it would be this.

Excerpt from A Father’s Story by Lionel Dahmer

Lionel writes about the many letters Jeff received after his incarceration.

The variety was astonishing, letters that began with salutations such as “Greetings In The Name of the Great I Am”, and ending with everything from “Sincerely a Servant of the King of Kings” to “Lonesomely Yours”.
There were love letters. One Woman wrote to Jeff that she’d bleached her jeans and emblazoned his initials on them. “We are destined to be together,” another woman wrote, while another described him as “cute and keen.” An admirer also sent him all the lyrics to “You’ve Got A Friend.”
Others requested that Jeff meet them in prison. One woman asked only that he agree to meet her in heaven.
Others were more chilling: “I’m sure the mutilation of my first sucker will be very crudely done.”
There were others, however, that seemed to embrace a larger group, the whole vast sadness of the world, “I know what it’s like to be lonely.” “When I go to sleep, I die” “Sometimes all I feel is hate” and “I am so lost.” “Only you can calm me down” one woman wrote.
They came by the hundreds, some with envelopes bearing drawings of animals, religious scenes, or scriptures. One delicately warned: “Small hearts inclosed.” 

Attack on Titan Episode 30


I have this acquaintance who seems to believe that I’ve been unfairly circumspect regarding my opinion of this (and other) episodes. I am aghast (aghast, I tell you) at this ruthless judgment of how I best enjoy my cartoons.

To defang such a callous accusation, this seemed like the way to go.

(Featuring xtreme whining, manga spoilers like whoa, more whining, and maybe a few spots of joy. Who can say. I haven’t started yet, and I’ve never done a liveblog before. It’s a surprise for everyone.)

So, Attack on Titan Episode 30, “Historia.” Let us begin!

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Netflix will trip you up everytime

The other day I was talking with Ang. She asked me about drabble requests and I thought ‘I don’t know if I can do that’. So she flooded my inbox with some gif’s. If I have done OK with these then that may be what I do when I hit 1.5K followers (which I am not to terribly away from hitting!)

So with that being said, I worked on 3 of them last night… hope I did all the gif’s justice Angelina… enjoy!

This is the first of 3 drabbles…. as always if you want off or on the tag list just let me know… And leave me some feedback, let me know how I am doing as far as these GIF drabbles things go.

(I’m not totally sure if these actually count as drabbles considering their length… maybe they are more like snipets???)

Mama’s Master List

Another Thursday and the brothers were still gone. This hunt was taking just a tad longer than they had hoped. Well longer than Dean had hoped anyways. Thankfully, I wasn’t much of a wanderer. With him gone, I was perfectly content to hang out in the bunker just doing my thing.

Coming back from the kitchen with my tenth Hot Pocket today, I jumped into the bed and got bundled up under the covers. I grabbed the remote and hit play. I really did hate it when Dean was gone but I have to admit, it did give me time to do my binge watching. S2 e11 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started playing. I was seriously not liking the new Simmons and her new attitude!

Half way through the episode, my phone rang. I paused the show and snatched the phone up. That better be Dean, I thought to myself.

“Hello.” I said into the speaker.

“Hey sweetheart. Whatcha doing?” Dean replied.

“Oh nothing. Just sitting here. How are y’all doing?”

“Everything went good. The job is finished.”

“So are you heading home now?”

“Yep. I should be there this evening.”

“Thank goodness. I have missed you!”

“I’m sure you have. What have you eaten today?”

“I’ve had a couple of Hot Pockets. Why?”

“Step away from the Netflix, baby.”

I started laughing. I could picture the look on his face at that moment, one total exasperation.

“It’s not funny. I bet you have been binge watching the entire time I’ve been gone, huh? And you have probably gone through two boxes of those nasty things.”

“Not true,” I said, still laughing. “I did stop watching for a bit and washed a load of clothes.”

Dean started laughing too. I even heard Sam chuckle in the background.

“Ok, so you haven’t  been watching Netflix every single minute I have been gone. I gotcha.”

“Baby, don’t hate on Netflix. It keeps me from missing you too much when you are gone.”

“Really? How much do you really miss me then?”

“Oh baby. You have no idea. I miss your kisses. I miss the way those hands…”

“Hey, hey… take it off speakerphone Dean. That’s a little more than I need to know.” I heard Sam say in the background. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

“Well Sammy isn’t quite in the mood for us to share with him tonight. So I tell you what, get off Netflix and be prepared to show me exactly how much you miss me when I get there, ok?”

“Baby you know that is NOT a problem!”

“Ok, love you and I will see you in about two hours.”

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took a study break to draw some more of my Kanas bc I haven’t done that in a while

[if ur curious about the other kana stuff, it is here]

18.05.17 Packing for Melbourne!

The other day whilst at Typo I also picked up a calligraphy kit! It’s just a starter pack so I know whether I want to invest in a legit set. Currently I’ve been preparing for my placement down at the Australian College of Optometry (which I am super excited for), but I don’t think I’ll be getting those three essays done before I leave, so I’ll probably have to do it after hours. How’s everyone’s May treating them? :)


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list of study tips + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

0 Choosing a Degree , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10-1 , 10-2 Saving Money 11 Adapting to Uni Study , 12 Study From Textbooks in Uni

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Tag you're it! Please read a chapter, drabble, one shot, or whatever and leave a review for the writer with your thoughts! We could all use a little positivity as we head back into another week :) Tag five others when you're done! Thank you 😙

I love this idea so much and smile every time I get one of these in my inbox. I’ve left this neglected for so long because I wanted to actually have it done and post links to the stories because we could all use more love and more Everlark in our lives. Ugh, so sorry. Okay, so here are the most recent fics that I’ve read and highly recommend you read them too if you haven’t already:

Silver Thaw by @eala-musings: I am a total sucker for a well written Everlark in the Dark Days fic. If you are, too…READ THIS NOW. Silver Thaw is a delight to read, emotional and poignant. The world building is drool worthy, and she somehow managed to give them a believable happy ending.

Wanted by @peetaspikelets: This was a re-read as I first read it for @mores2sl this past October, but it is so worth multiple readings. The relationship development accomplished in a relatively small word count is astounding. And the smut…have your fire extinguisher ready. You’re going to need it.

Karma by @pookieh: Another re-read, but again, totally worth the time. This one started as a drabble here on tumblr and is finally posted to AO3 and FF for ease of access. Love, love, LOVE the flirting and the banter between them. Characters are on point, and again…smoking hot smut. Right now, it’s three chapters, but there are rumors of a fourth, and you will not hear a breath of complaint out of me if pookie delivers that fourth chapter.

Quicksilver by @finnicko-loves-anniec: This one is a WIP and my latest find, but I dove in anyways because historical/Regency era trashy romance novels have long been my guilty pleasure. No seriously, I used to read them like they were literary crack. Sadly, at this point, I’ve read so many that it’s difficult to find one that feels unique or special. Apparently, the trick is to add Everlark because I am already in love with this story. Katniss has this fabulous inner monologue that’s already led into great banter with Peeta. Let the sparks fly off the screen!!!

The Firebird and The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude by @wanderleave: Give me five million ballet fics and I’ll be a happy camper. These are here together because I read The Firebird last year??? but anyways, Vertiginous Thrill is it’s sequel, and although it is not completed yet, it’s off to a great start. There is so much emotion packed into the descriptions of them dancing together it is basically like watching the dance unfold on the page. She literally had me in tears at several points in the first installment. Also…the DRAMA!

Unconditional by @titaniasfics: A touch of supernatural, a splash of soulmates, lots of love, gorgeous prose, and Everlark on borrowed time. My kind of fic, but not for the faint of heart.

If you’ve not done so already, go check out the wonderful pieces being put up through the @everlarkficexchange, which also has an AO3 collection HERE, and also over at @loveinpanem. Bless the ladies running these sites for keeping up stocked with fresh content and inspiration.

Other than getting caught up on the stories posted for the two challenge sites mentioned above, here’s what’s next up on my reading list:

The Firebird by @thegirlfromoverthepond

Hello by @peetabreadgirl

Capitol Life by @javistg

Portrait of a Victor by @sponsormusings: A reread, but I was really bad about leaving comments the first time around. Boo.

So get this….first this happened…

and I was like OH! That’s hella cool, I landed right on Dean’s birth year! I could totally do my celebration early, I better put the finishing details on that and get it posted….then as I was working on that this happened…

And I was like well, OKAY then…AWESOME! And now I’m up even higher than that. So…I’m going to do a massive celebration and celebrate all of my wonderful followers…plus my birthday is coming up next month so I’ll throw that in there too. :)  So I have several parts to this celebration, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Before I get to the celebration I just want to say, THANK YOU ALL! My followers, my bunnies who are continuously rapidly multiplying, you guys amaze me. I went on hiatus, slowed way down with my writing and posting, and yet you continued to grow in numbers. THANK YOU. Beyond growing in numbers you have shown me so much love and support and kindness and for that you deserve to be celebrated. So this celebration isn’t about me…it’s about YOU! So high five for being the hella awesome followers that you are! Seriously, I cannot even begin to thank you all enough. 

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I checked your archive, and didn't see anything tagged, have you done a breed analysis of Jack Russell Terriers? It's not a breed I've specifically chosen to adopt so far, but my sister has a JRT mix, I now have a JRT mix, and I'm looking at a second one who's 9 and in the shelter. So far ours are AMAZING dogs behavior and personality- wise, so what are the health concerns? Question tax- I came because I work with dogs and other animals and love to get more info, stayed for the fantasy biology.

I am fond of the irrepressible Jack Russel Terrier. They are certainly a handful and a half, but one of my favorites, even if they do have the unfortunate tendency to all get the same name, mostly being called Jack, Jackie or (for extra originality) Russel.

These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

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These little dogs are full of energy and fairly stubborn which is why they seem to ignore the facts that they’re getting old and seem to average fairly long lives. Because of their relatively long lives they do commonly get the diseases we associate with old age, notably in my experience Cushing’s syndrome and Diabetes. They also very commonly live long enough to get mammary tumors if not desexed.

Active as they are, I commonly see them for Medial Patella Lxation to some degree. It’s a common sight to see this breed running around and having a great time, but running with one hind leg up in the air. Sometimes owners mistake this as ‘doing it for attention’ because the dog ‘doesn’t seem painful’ because the kneecap can pop back into place.

Avascular necrosis of the femoral head will often pop up from time to time, though it’s a relatively rare problem overall. These dogs have a subtle lameness initially, which may be overlooked because these dogs often don’t appear to be painful to their owners.

Angular Limb Deformity, usually mild but it can be severe, is relatively common in these dogs resulting in a bowed appearance of the front legs. Not many of these dogs get surgery and many of them end up with wrist and elbow arthritis.

Lens luxation occurs when the lens of the eye falls out of place, either forward or backwards. Despite having it drilled into me that it would be common in this breed during university days, I haven’t yet seen it in clinical practice. I don’t know why this is/ Maybe I’m just lucky, because the local ophthalmologists do see these cases on a regular basis, but I suppose they would.

Behavior is probably the biggest problem I see with these dogs, and the primary reason so many of them end up in shelters. They’re smart and tenacious. If an owner is not prepared for that you can get dogs that are anxious, destructive, escapees, barkers or even aggressive. This isn’t inherently the fault of the dog. but does result in there being an abundance of this breed available for adoption.

Overall I’m very fond of these dogs, though it’s worth noting they often hide their clinical signs. I have one patient who looked perfectly normal, bright and energetic, from a distance. She was white as a sheet and desperately needed a blood transfusion due to immune mediated haemolytic anaemia. They just seem too stubborn to look ‘sick’ most of the time.

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Hi, I started following you 6 months ago when you were just posting monster hunter art only. I didn't know that you were so good at drawing humans too! I'm really shy to speak to you because my art is pretty bad and I don't want you to see it on my blog. But may I know what your drawing process is? Do you do your drafts traditionally or do you jump straight to digital? I want to get into digital art but my drawings are so god awful.

Please don’t feel shy! I goof up my art a lot too, so there’s really no reason for you to feel shy about your art! I’m very sure your art looks super lovely and cute!

I rarely sketch stuff on paper now because I find it more convenient to sketch on my Samsung tablet. I usually do the draft on my tablet while I’m sitting in the car/train/bus or during my lectures when the professor is not looking.

This is my drawing process:

^ please ignore the “butt” written on his butt. I was drawing this and someone asked me if I was “drawing naked people”, so I wrote the word “butt” and said “yes, I’m drawing naked man butt” as a joke.

Once I’m done with the draft, I just email it to my laptop and finish up the drawing using my Intuos tablet. 

I use Firealpaca because it’s free 😅

And I’m done! This is the final product 😀 

But anyway, please don’t feel bad about your art. I’m just a beginner too, so I understand how you feel, but I’m very sure your art is not as bad as you think it is. 

I think we tend to judge ourselves so harshly because we are too aware of our own flaws, so please don’t let that discourage you from drawing. I am sure that other people find your art beautiful, so let’s both try our best to improve together 😁

please tell me I’m not the only bothered by posts that are like “the reason Zevran isn’t in Inquisition is because what would stop him from sleeping with Dorian/Bull/all of Skyhold lmao” 

I saw this super out of character post the other day that was like a fake conversation post between Zevran and Leliana and he was doing a mission for the Inquisition but then he didn’t get the job done because he got distracted and had a threesome instead???

like???? If this fandom isn’t erasing a bisexual character they’re demonizing them into some sort of predatory sexhound and it’s gross??? The dude is flirty and likes sex, doesn’t mean he can’t physically stop himself from fucking anything that walks. Also doesn’t mean that’s all he cares about. Please stop twisting Zevran into that. I’m Tired™ 

i hit 600+ followers the other day, but i was in the middle of exams so i couldn’t do anything to celebrate. however, now that i am done, i can properly appreciate y’all. (i was gonna do a follow forever, but i feel awkward tagging people that don’t follow me.) anyway, thank you to everyone who follows me! i love you! 

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I'm kinda overwhelmed about the whole Fitz situation. I feel as if, maybe AIDA/Ophelia whatever we call her now, will manipulate him further until he just snaps and (hopefully) kills her. What do you think will happen from here on out with the whole Fitz with AIDA/Ophelia

AHAnonymous said:  How do you think it’s going to play out with Aida and Fitz now? The way he reacted to her and called her Ophelia was a little odd, but I know his memories will be confused. Will he try and fight against her? I am so scared of seeing him like her/ their relationship continue in the real world, do you think they would do that? I would like to believe they won’t but they have done everything I thought they wouldn’t do so now I am anxious!!

Anonymous said:  Is there any part of you that’s a little worried of what could happen between Aida/Ophelia and Fitz next week they look really close in the promo and he’s really down and confused right now - would the writers go there!???

Hi Anons!

Okay I’m sure there are some other really fabulous metas floating around out there right now on this very thing too but I won’t really see my dash again until Friday so I apologize to those who have written them and I can’t tag.  

Ophelia was already losing her grip on him in the the Framework and she knew it.  She knew her hold was tenuous with her downright fear that Jemma would get to him.   And what I gathered last night is she replaced Jemma with Alistair (they are inseparable) in Fitz’s life and thanks to some programming Alistair in turn steered Fitz in her direction and her own manipulations were in play.  But when his father was in danger and needed to be avenged Leopold abandoned her in what should have been a great moment for them….just as our Fitz would have done for Jemma.

Then she came to the real world, had her real body, and Fitz did not react how she wanted or thought he would.  Because unlike in the Framework he now has his free will back.  His feelings for Ophelia weren’t even really for her, they were for Jemma and twisted to her.  He is mortified by everything he did in there…and that is going to include the relationship and helping Ophelia.  She was fully expecting something like this when she saw him.

Originally posted by agentsofshield

The parallel to that scene was not lost on me.  And for the first time since the Framework Hades started and Fitzsimmons moments were twisted….this one wasn’t taken wholly from us.  Small victories guys…small victories.  

And we also saw Ophelia get her first taste of real emotions.  First happiness then…fear, sadness, anger, and rejection when Fitz didn’t go running to her.  When she realized that he wasn’t what she wanted him to be.  She shifted from happiness to anger in the blink of an eye and took him.

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

Yes, Fitz is dealing with a lot right now.   He has two lifetimes worth of memories hitting him all at once.  A lot of trauma.  Him dealing with he was forced to do something he would NEVER do in the real world.  That Looking Glass had actually worked.  But he also realized instantly the difference between AIDA and Ophelia.  That and AIDA”s body was RIGHT THERE on the floor.  

I think Ophelia is going to try to replicate what she had with Leopold in the Framework but its not going to work.  She doesn’t understand love or how it works.  The sheer level of manipulation that it took to get him at her side in the Framework is mind boggling and most importantly its all gone.  He’s no longer the Doctor, he’s Fitz again, and Fitz has a choice.  Fitz doesn’t love her, he loves Jemma, theirs is a forever love…a REAL love.  In a world where the love of his life is (and is coming for him with a vengeance).  

I can very much see a parallel to the scene we had with Fitz and Radcliffe at the end of 4x11, where Robocliffe was insisting that he was doing good and he really cared for Fitz despite all this and Fitz just had that broken “your mad”.  We could see that exact same thing as Ophelia tries to tell him that she loves him and he loves her.  And that isn’t going to go over well.  

From the promo she seems to slip back into what she was using in the Framework to get him to do something.  Her Damsel in Distress thing.  You need to protect me, you need to save me, I don’t want to die.  And I don’t thing its going to really fly.   I do see him fighting back and am so down for hostage from hell Fitz its not even funny.

And fun fact…well not so fun fact cause nothing good is coming from this.  AKA I’ve spent the last 10 minutes screaming at people via messages.  I know you are all totally sick of hearing about Chthon and that I don’t think we’re done here, that the Darkhold has its own agenda.  BUT.  In the comics Ophelia makes a deal with Chthon, the Demon of the Darkhold.  “ At some point, she entered into a pact with the Elder God Chthon, who was trapped in the mountain of Wundagore. This pact greatly slowed her aging process, allowing her to become a fearsome mercenary and criminal as the years passed. “  

  • Here is where the screaming started.  Wundagore:   Mount Wundagore is the most prominent mountain of the tiny Balkan nation of Transia, a place of legend and local mystery throughout history
  • Transia…as in Transia Corp…as in Spacetime…as in who Radcliffe worked for…as in its all connected.

And in the promo she tells Fitz she doesn’t want to die (which was the sam thing that motivated Radcliffe).  Radcliffe said in 9 she just wants to live.  So now that she has a real girl body she needs to make sure something doesn’t happen to it, they are awfully fragile after all.  And enter a pact of her own with Chthon to make that happen.  Freeing him could certainly facilitate Robbie’s return as well.  

  • This could also be setting up the Higher Evolutionary as our big baddie for next season too!

Now this could have been her plan all along or she goes this route once Fitz spurs her and refuses to help.  After all Hell hath no fury like a woman scored.

Sorry that totally got away from me there at the end.  I do think Fitz will fight back, he will fight to get away, try to reason with her, get her to stop, protect his friends, and have to deal with his memories of the Doctor all at once.    And sadly we just have to wait and see what Ophelia does with him as he resists.  Because I can totally see some parallels from another “couple” from Season 1 happening now that the feelings are not mutual.