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Hi I’m iguanodont and I don’t know how to draw monsters
They eat sea garbage and smell like 10 million rotting fish
The oldest ones are completely infested with giant parasitic hagfish that are kinda just eating them alive
Nobody remembers if they’re manmade or natural but some of em still hang around the few remaining coastal cities and slurp up their pollution (and the occasional ship)
They don’t come out of the sea anymore but rumor has it they used to trash entire cities back when they were spry young kaiju

Keith: *being dragged by Lance into the video booth* this is stupid! I don’t want to make a vlog.

Lance: stop being so dramatic! we’re all doing one and it won’t take long. just ramble on about knives or fighting or whatever you want for three minutes.

Keith: ugh. fine.

*three minutes later*

Keith: *runs th FUCK outta there crying*

Lance: what the hell

more character concepts for boX impact