and other times...they're hilarious


I dunno about you Iago, but if I saw a guy and a girl sneaking off into the forest in the middle of the night, my immediate thought would be that they’re going off to bang, not rendezvous with enemy spies a couple hundred feet from camp.


Scenario: How would you try and make friends at your new school?
Shirai Yusuke’s answer: While your class is going for a run…

Oh look, more Sasuke and Sakura, because I cannot stop. Please send help.

Sometimes, when she wakes up in the morning, blinks away the last remnants of sleep and stretches her arms above her head, Sakura expects to find herself alone, as if nothing had changed, as if she were still back in Konoha - wishing, hoping for any sign of the boy she loved even while she kept herself busy, almost too busy, kept her mind occupied with work so she couldn’t dwell on what she knew she shouldn’t dwell on. Most of the time, she succeeded; her vocation, though physically and mentally exhausting, left her feeling accomplished, filled her with a sense of purpose, and whenever she visited the clinic her heart swelled so much she thought it might burst. There was her legacy, her mark on the world, her proof that all the struggle was worth it. At heart, she was a medic first and a ninja second, and she had her mentor to thank for that.

But she was also only human, and her thoughts did stray in the moments she let her guard down, asking a million questions: Where is he? What is he doing right now? Did he really mean it, when he said he would come back? Is he - thinking about me at all? Have my feelings reached him, and could he, possibly, return them? She had no answers, not a single one. All she had were his fingers tapping her forehead, his there and gone smile when he left her. She hated to admit it, but she clung to those things, tightly.

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Melissa McBride Birthday Week Day 3
Favorite Interview or Favorite Appearance → with Michael Rooker “TWD invades Conan” (2013) 

I. Cnat believe he’s the ultimate big bro

finn never really being exposed to tons of swearing before and after awhile on base he sorta picks up on it but imagine him using words kinda wrong like

shit me!” when he misfires one time during training

or “freaking fucks-” when he’s unable to open something

and poe just can’t stop laughing but doesn’t want to say anything bc it’s the most adorable thing ever

BTS As a convo my friends and I just had
  • Hobi: wtf, what did we say about using foreign languages.
  • Taehyung: we only use them to talk shit about each other in the group chat
  • Yoongi: i shower for two minutes and i come back to over two hundred messages. it's like i'll miss a hundred arguments if i go to bed.
  • Jimin: guys wait, i actually need help finding clothes to wear. should i wear my navy blue shirt with cream or grey?
  • Namjoon: what. it's obvious that you wear grey
  • Jimin: okay, cream it is
  • Namjoon: what the fuck. i thought i had taste.
  • Jin: we all know about your fashion Namjoon... how you shop. in. fOREVER.
  • Jungkook: i need to dramatically gasp, you have betrayed us?
  • Namjoon: i don't want to hear that from someone who wears the same outfit and only changes the shoes.
  • Jimin: white is a representation of his soul! how dare you insult my baby
  • Yoongi: your "baby" is eighteen.
  • Jimin: you're just a hater
  • Jin: jimin, you are barely fifteen. as the eldest in this broken family, i believe we must establish the rule of respect
  • Taehyung: great! we can start with you and your shade.
  • Namjoon: and that orange sweater you always wear.
  • Hobi: oh my god.
  • McGonagall after Sirius doesn't hand in his work AGAIN probably because he was setting off dung bombs in her office: You can't be serious!
  • Sirius: I'm always Sirius, Professor.
  • Dumbledore: Aaaayyyyy
  • Sirius: Aaaayyyyy
  • McGonagall: Aaaayyyyy detention

i was doing that ao3 tag generator and it generated “potentially-deadly russian promposal” and now i cant stop thinking abt illya planning to prompose to gaby and he has a big sign that shes supposed to walk in see but napoleon walks in instead and illya accidentally promposes to napoleon

relativity cuddle pile!

very possibly featuring grauntie mabel singing her nephews “the seas of space” or similar filk, as her whole design is heavily influenced by @scribefindegil’s dcc cosplay

you know those days where you briefly notice someone and it’s just in passing like okay we’re sharing the same public space for a bit and you don’t give them a second thought but then they show up again with the government and they tell you the kid you thought was intellectually challenged is actually a genius and you challenge their entire way of thinking and they drive you under a plane then show up at your apartment unannounced to offer you a life changing job and you unlock a bit of their tragic backstory and then they play video games with your kid and then it’s just like ok see you at work