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Sanji and Zoro's child~

//tbh i made two back in the day but here i am making another one!

  • quiet - don’t talk much
  • smart
  • she can use swords
  • she kicks too, apparently
  • she is quite lazy at times
  • falls asleep like zoro
  • short tempered.
  • she has a resting bitch face
  • possible inherited fire power when she grows up?
  • she knows a bit of cooking
  • she was born in a roleplay accident with @asknami because Nami refuses to “make Misa” and told Zoro to make Misa with Sanji and Zoro said “If it were me, She wouldn’t be Misa. She would be Rosa.” (zoRO SAnji as opposed to naMI SAnji)

more of her cus i love her so much

she is my baby :>

female characters were treated /horribly/ in most of the past fandoms ive been in (sometimes just bc they were female/‘in the way’ of an m/m ship), i’m really glad it’s not really like that with overwatch

For @falafel-philosophy! No reason, just Max is a wonderful human being and deserves the world (can’t give you that, but Alex comes pretty close, right?).

Alex takes no bullshit but she’ll gladly take a good 7 naps.

I was going to take a little break to clear my head. My friends however are not allowing me to lol

Have some Evelyn, while I work on building a tattoo artist type lot for Ana.

Thank you for 1000 followers (& maybe a giveaway)!!!

Also, I wanna do a give away as a thank you! I’ve asked before but I wanna know if people would be interested in winning free shit? I haven’t figured out rules but anon’s couldn’t take part obviously since they’re anonymous? But would people be interested in winning blue exorcist shit…let me know please!!

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Sorry I’m late with this! I’ve only just managed to get on my laptop! But anyway, here is Revas Lavellan… She is my first older Inquisitor at 48 years old and she is my absolute favourite character I have ever created. I adore her! She’s First to Keeper Deshanna but due to her and the Keeper being similar in age, they pretty much led the clan together rather than having an apprentice / master relationship. She gave up her title as First when she volunteered to travel to the Conclave and suggested a younger mage who would be more suitable to take her place in her absence. She had a personal reason to travel to the Conclave. An old friend of hers was taken by Templars a few years previous and due to the circumstances, Revas blamed herself and wished to travel to the Conclave in the hope of finding out her friend’s fate and to hopefully take her home if found. She knew it was a long shot but she felt she had to at least try. She has a son aged 20 who she misses terribly. His father, who she loves, died through illness not long after he was born. His favourite thing about Revas was her long black hair and after he died she cut it all off in her grief. She has kept it short for 20 years and is just starting to grow it back. She fell in love again and didn’t expect to ever do so and it helped her let go of him a little bit although she still loves him dearly and talks to him often, esp when feeling lost.

So basically, I’ve given her a painful life and then made her romance Solas… I’m not entirely sure what that says about me haha! And Solas broke up with her last night and I thought I was devastated the first time I went through it with my first Lavellan but nothing compares to how I felt going through it with Revas!

And I’m sorry this is so long! I’ve never actually written it all down before, it’s all just been swimming about in my head! Due to it’s length you don’t have to post it. I just wanted to share Revas with you because I adore her so much :-)


look u guys, i just did something i never EVER do and went INTO THE TAGS just so i could reblog some ML fanart for you all, because like 5% of my dash has been ML lately and i feel like you all think i’m not part of the fandom anymore even tho I am so I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY- I HATE GOING INTO THE TAGS- BUT I DID FIND SOME GREAT ART I HAVEN’T SEEN.


Lana stood up to an anti-Hook heckler at a Con.

Jmo is nice to fans of s q and signs things #s w a n q u e e n at Cons.

Neither of which would be remotely surprising to anyone who doesn’t believe what their ships’ fandoms tell them to believe about these actresses.


@sixofwinter you majestic unicorn 🦄🦄🦄

I told u I want to purchase them ;v; 💕💕💕 I don’t deserve your kindness!! They came just in time when my new case came in. So now the kylux family have a special place 🐱!!

Your packaging skills are amazing!!! Even ur lil logo is so cute 😍😍 12/10!!! Thank you so muchhh 🦄🍬🐶🔥🦄💕🍦