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Ok ko is not meant to be on model all the time! And neither is SU! It’s fine if you don’t like that! But stop saying it’s “unprofessional” or “lazy” or constantly bringing it up in crit posts! I think it makes for fun animation! We know, the crew knows, it’s intentional, move on already!

darknessstone  asked:

Hey Bendy, do you have a hobby, and if so, hkw often do you do it?

“Well, a demon needs SOMETHING to do, and that something is pranks. Lots of them. All the time. Maybe I’m even prankin’ someone right now…


SO    IVE    BEEN    INFORMED                    hella    last    minute    that    im    supposed    to    be    attending    a    birthday    party    tomorrow    and    im    recycling    outfits    bc    im    lazy    and    poor    so    help  .        i    wouldnt    wear    the    tights    with    the    dress    but    im    c onflicted    bc    like    self    confidence   ??      what’s    that   ??

i saw a post the other day that said ‘stop weighing people’s value by how much revenue they generate’ and agreed, and then i just stopped for a moment. because wow, i’ve come a long way? i mean, it’s not the same exactly, but when i was in school i hardcore believed that my worth as an individual was pretty much exclusively derived from my academic performance. i wasn’t quite so harsh on the people around me in terms of academics? but that was mostly because they all had other skills to boost their 'value’. like maybe they were good at sports, or could play an instrument, or were very beautiful, or something. i didn’t have those - or at least i didn’t believe i had those - so i just kept sinking my entire concept of self into the quality of my academic 'product’. it took a catastrophic mental breakdown to put the first serious dent in that, and going on four years gone from it i realize i’ve definitely grown into a healthier person all around? but that post gave me an odd little shock, reading it and agreeing to it without a voice in the back of my head saying except you. you’re worthless unless you’re producing results. i guess it’s a little pathetic, that my window of improvement has a benchmark labeled 'not constantly evaluating your objective worth on a scale of Garbage to Adequate’ - like, that seems like such a low bar to meet? - and it took me a long time to get here, but… i’m a little proud of myself, for that. i feel… good. generally, all-around baseline good. somehow despite everything that’s happening right now, and even despite occasional lapses, i’m doing okay? and i’m proud of that.

..small hiatus?

- so I think I start my home schooling soon which is gonna make me busy so I won’t really be on much to post or really even reblog…

- i still have about 12 more char sheets left to finish (not including the new sims i made) so I’ll still post that so I wont be all the way inactive on here…

- I’m gonna use this break as a chance to actually finish my blog and start decorating houses (lol maybe, im just super lazy if im gonna be 100% honest with you)

- as for my rp twitters I’m gonna try to be on there more so you guys can interact with me if you want on there.

- im gonna be on my inspo more most likely so you can message me on my personal tumblr if you want to talk @kagaiyo

((^: okayyyy,, i think that’s all??? Yea…. :vv see y'all soon?!?!?!?
Fanfic: Never Far From Me Ch 1, Pitch Perfect | FanFiction

This is that one unfinished fic that haunts me. It was only a few months stagnant when I read it. And now it’s four years old. I have been shipping bechloe for too long.