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I really wish sites like allkpop would stop posting things talking about how some Onew fansites closed down. Like yes some did, but most of them gave other reasons besides the whole controversy going on right now. Others are just on a break until things clear up and they have every right to do that. Stop trying to scare people and make them more anxious and upset than they already are

Band instruments as things I've heard them say
  • Piccolo: .... (I don't think I've ever heard them speak. Thinks they're better than everyone and doesn't talk to other band kids)
  • Flute: guess what 'band director' said about 'piccolo'
  • Oboe: *quietly playing a solo, very concentrated*
  • Bassoon: *squeak*
  • Clarinet: we're gonna play those two notes ff instead of p so it sounds like 'DOOT DOOT' wanna help
  • Bass clarinet: I don't think I play here
  • Alto saxophone: I can fit my whole mouthpiece down my throat I'll show you
  • Tenor saxophone: we either play 4 half notes the entire song...or constant 32nd notes....I don't understand
  • Bari saxophone: so do I do sectionals with the trombones, or...?
  • Trombones: *screams into instrument*
  • Tuba: why am I even here
  • French horn: (secluded, doesn't speak much. Very put together. Know what they're doing)
  • Trumpet: *clearly plays wrong note* that wasn't me
  • Percussion: *screaming* RATCHET SUPREMACY

Okay, I’m making it official.

This Saturday, March 18 - Tumblr Cookies Party!

We bake cookies. Whatever kind. We take a pic of them and we post them and then we eat them. We can talk about our true feelings in the tags if we want. (or not)

You can start posting at 5 p.m Greenwich time and you can tag them with #cookiesparty. But you can post them at any other time of the day too.

Also the cookies don’t have to be pretty! They could also be muffins and other things that end in -s in plural. See you with your cookies on Saturday!!

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Hello, I hope you're well. I'd like to ask you about conflict! I've read lots in writing books about conflict. I know conflict is needed in a story and for the characters. But, my problem is, even though I kind of understand conflict I don't know how best to use it. I was wondering if you could provide breakdowns, maybe from your stories or other published stories. Sometimes seeing things spelled out helps me. It's okay if this is not possible. Thank you for your time, and for this fab blog í ½

Aww, thank you so much, love!  This is a great question.  In the writing community, we talk a lot about conflict without really defining what it is – and further, what types of conflict there are.  So I’ll list and explain them, as well as give some examples.

Types of Conflict (and Their Strengths)

There are five main types of conflict in fiction:

  1. Man vs. Man – Situational or relationship conflict between two or more characters.  (Think The Dark Knight or Beauty and the Beast.)
  2. Man vs. Self – Otherwise known as “internal conflict”.  Conflict between a character’s opposing feelings.  (Think Revenge of the Sith or Silver Linings Playbook.)
  3. Man vs. Nature – Conflict between the main character/s and the elements – providing for the self or defending against animals, weather, or illness.  (Think Life of Pi or Robinson Crusoe.)
  4. Man vs. Society – Conflict between the main characters and the “system” – the government or ruling majority.  (Think The Hunger Games or Hidden Figures.)
  5. Man vs. Technology/Supernatural – Conflict between the main character and a non-human force.  (Think 2001: A Space Odyssey or Gremlins.)

Like the different tenses or POVs, none of these options are inherently better than the others – but they do work better for different stories, so it’s important to know what they are and how to make the most of them.

I’ll now outline each style briefly, save for #5, which is fairly self-explanatory.  If you have a question about this style for any reason, though, let me know and I can make a separate post.

1. Man vs. Man

Man vs. Man conflict is the most easily recognizable conflict in fiction, because your characters are always aware of it happening.  There are three types of this conflict:

  1. Situational M-vs-M – Two characters have opposing desires or responsibilities, but only one of them can get what they want.  Leslie wants to build her park, but Ben wants to cut funding.  Wreck-It Ralph wants a medal, but Vanellope wants to use it to qualify for racing.
  2. Moral M-vs-M – Characters have a moral disagreement that must be resolved in order to maintain a relationship or make an important decision.  Luke wants to change Vader for good, but Vader wants to change Luke for evil.  Tony feels the government should keep the Avengers in check, but Steve thinks they should maintain individual control.
  3. Personal M-vs-M – Characters in a relationship, romantic or platonic, disagree on some issue or hurt each other in a way that threatens their relationship.  Noah wants to be with Allie, but Allie feels a commitment to Lon.  Rayna wants to marry Deacon, but Deacon can’t overcome his alcoholism.

Man vs. Man conflict is most popular in romance stories, as well as Good vs. Evil stories involving heroes and villains.  It’s best for stories that are character-driven, or employ themes of battling ideals.  This conflict is shown through arguments, escalating to Big Decisions with long-term consequences.  Here is a post on how to resolve interpersonal conflict.

2. Man vs. Nature

This kind of conflict is relatively straightforward, although it covers a variety of plots:

  1. Survival – The main character/s are left to the elements and must keep themselves fed, sheltered, and defended against anything that would harm them.  This is one of multiple conflicts in The Hunger Games, most prominent when Katniss and the tributes are in the arena – and during this time, Man vs. Man and Man vs. Society are also present.
  2. Illness – The main character/s are ill and must battle their illness – if treatable, battling for survival, and if terminal, coping with the inevitable.  This is a primary conflict in The Fault in Our Stars.
  3. Beast – This is kinda like Man vs. Man in that it is very singular, based on a conflict between two forces: a human and some sort of “beast.”  Of course, this beast doesn’t have to be an animal – it could also be a natural disaster, like a storm, or a spreading disease.  Anything from a white whale to a pandemic qualifies as “the beast”.

Man vs. Nature conflict is often coupled with Man vs. Self to create the best survival stories, facing topics of vulnerability, isolation, and fatality.  This conflict is best shown in sequences of varying “wins” and “losses” to Mother Nature, each one increasingly strengthening the character, as well as teaching them something about themselves or life.

3. Man vs. Self

This is one of my favorite styles of conflict, because it requires the deepest character development and provokes more philosophical questions.  The most common internal conflicts:

  1. Head vs. Heart – A tale as old as time: your MC’s heart is telling them what they want, but their mind is telling them the opposite.  This is sparked by an inciting incident (e.g. a new opportunity or love interest), which is battled back and forth internally until a decision is reached.  Typically the heart is painted as the right decision, but it can really go either way.
  2. Self vs. Self-Image – In this style, your character battles with themselves over their very idea of self – who they believe they should be versus who they instinctively are.  This is also perpetuated by outside forces, such as family members or love interests, who offer their input and confuse the MC.
  3. Faith vs. Science – This title is figurative, not literal.  Basically, this is a conflict in which your MC struggles with their beliefs (political, religious, etc.) when new information is introduced.  Life-changing events spark a question, which the character at first avoids, then assesses, until they arrive at a new conclusion or identity.

Man vs. Self is best for stories that tackle social, political, or moral issues.  It is often couples with Man vs. Nature or Man vs. Man, as a character’s other conflicts cause them to reassess their own beliefs, desires, or identity.  I believe, personally, that all stories should include some kind of Man vs. Self conflict, since the MC should be changed by the end of any novel.

4. Man vs. Society

This is a popular conflict in modern literature, especially with the rise of dystopia (and the state of unrest in social politics today).  There are two different portrayals of this conflict:

  1. Individual Conflict – In this conflict, one character, by some new circumstances, is put into a new role that “separates” them from society (e.g. they become disabled or discover a disability, they experience their first instance of victimhood or discrimination, etc.) and find a new moral position alternative to society.  This conflict is used in Mean Girls, as Cady Heron finds herself on multiple tiers of the social hierarchy at school and must decide where she aligns herself.
  2. Organized Conflict – This is the Man vs. Society we recognize from Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and other “Us vs. Them” stories.  This can be led by Man vs. Man conflict between the leaders, such as with Harry and Voldemort, or Gandalf and Saruman.

Man vs. Society is great for high fantasy, dystopia, or any story central on social conflict.  This conflict drives most antiheroes or spy/assassin characters with no fitted role in the system.

So your first step is to decide on one or a few types of conflict to include in your story – not so few that the story idles, but not so many that there are no “resting points” in the novel.  Once you’ve picked them out, take some time to outline how they’ll develop.  Write it down and keep it as a reference for later, as you’re working through the story.

That’s all I have for now!  If you have any further questions, hit me up and I’ll respond shortly ♥️️  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Don’t know why y'all get so offended when former hijabis take their hijabs off and then express happiness about it. Not everybody believes the hijab is obligatory like you, nor does everyone have the “choice” to wear it. Idk why we as Muslims don’t talk about these things? I get it, western rhetoric is all about the poor Muslim woman without a choice, but guess what? That is the reality of a lot of Muslim women. It hurts them when we deny it.

Like shut the hell up, you go on and on and on about having had a choice and how happy you are about it so let others make their own choices and be happy about it, too. The intolerance is striking.

Anyway, don’t @ me and I don’t want your comments or anonymous questions/insults thanks.

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I thought I liked the body positivity movement and it meant well but honestly now it's just BS. Most time it only has cis, able bodied, white women with petite, pear or hourglass shape figures with that one token woc. Completely forgetting hairy, trans, disabled, muscular, rectangular , apple, inverted triangle shaped, and etc women. The community talks about "loving your curves" but what if you don't even have those. It excludes others and puts them down.

That’s a real thing. White, cis, able-bodied women (like myself) tend to take over movements like that - taking a positive, helpful concept and making it toxic. 

Here is a post that we reblogged earlier on the subject (specifically fat acceptance) and here is a post about how health should not be a measure of worth. 

People have an unhealthy obsession with being thin and conventionally beautiful, and supposedly you can’t celebrate your body until you reach certain standards. Instead, why don’t we focus on how incredible the human body is? Think of the science behind how hair grows. I don’t know how it works, but I know it’s some fun science. What about how hormones alter your body and brain chemistry? More fun science. Also, all of the different body types. I bet there’s some cool science behind why that happens, too. (sorry, I’m a science nerd)

If the body positivity movement isn’t including everyone, it’s not doing its job. 

Mod Marie-Rose

Listening to some girls gossip in the booth behind them...
  • ENFP: There's a quote that suddenly comes to mind. "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about things, small minds talk about other people."
  • INTJ: I was just thinking the same thing.
  • ENFP: It brings up some questions that we're sitting here talking about them, though. Are we small minds because we're talking about them talking about other people?
  • INTJ: I was just wondering that too.
  • ENFP: It's a conundrum. Are there varying degrees to our minds being great, average, and small? Can you be small minded in some ways, and great minded in others? Are there people who reach small minded extremes in which talking about them becomes okay without us being small minded as well? Are we still great minded because we are discussing this idea at length, or are we average minded because we're also discussing the fact that they seem small minded? I mean, we're assuming they're small minded because we're listening to them gossiping about other people, but we're talking about them doing it. We honestly have no other information about them to make this assumption, they could all be geniuses and we wouldn't know it. Or are we just people, and perhaps we all do this sort of thing all the time because it's simply human nature, and ultimately we are all great and small minded to some degree?
  • INTJ: Probably that last one.
  • ENFP: Are you sure, or are we lying to ourselves because we know that we're likely no different than those girls at all and we just don't want to admit it and would rather live in the delusion that we're better than them?
  • INTJ: Honestly, I just want to eat my food.
  • A group: we write about things people don't want to talk about
  • Me: *pulls out the entire encyclopedia Britannica of B.A.P songs that are about such topics*

So besides flipping over the proposal (which I am!!!!!!!!!AAaaAAaAaHHAhHHh) Can we talk about these cuties and how much I’m shipping them?????? ps click for caption because I think I’m funny (spoiler alert: I’m not)

A Bad Assumption
  • Therapist: *smiles at the two in front of them* So how can I help you two gentlemen today?
  • Dark: Well, we have been having some issues. *motions to Anti, who is sulking beside him*
  • Therapist: What kind of issues?
  • Dark: Well, he never listens to me when I talk. We can never agree on anything anymore, and he refuses to understand my needs.
  • Anti: Well I have needs too, Dark! But you don't seem to care about them. No, it's all about you!
  • Therapist: *clears throat* Well, these things do tend to happen. The best way to save your relationship is to talk it out. I'm sure neither of you want to lose your partner.
  • Dark and Anti: *stop arguing and stare at the therapist*
  • Dark: Where did you get the idea that we were romantically involved? I was referring to my need to manipulate the will of others and make them love me.
  • Anti: And I was referring to the deep hunger inside of me that is only satisfied by the brutal murder of others.
  • Therapist: *shifts uncomfortably* Umm...
  • Dark: ....
  • Anti: ....
  • Therapist: .....
  • Anti: *gets up and shoves a knife into the therapists neck*
  • Anti: *to Dark* So, want to grab some coffee?

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I want Alex and Maggie to inherit traits from each other, Alex starts tilting her head, Maggie starts gesturing wildly like Alex (which her colleagues find both hilarious and slightly annoying), Alex starts to eating more vegan ice cream, Maggie starts doing those micro expressions Alex does with her lips (you know, that thing Alex does where she moves her lips/presses them together and like quirks them ?? I don't know how to describe it)


Also we all know that look you’re talking about ;)

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  • anyone: why are you so quiet
  • me: i just am idk
  • them: why your face turnin red now
  • me, internally: bc u brought attention to the fact that i don't talk much and are asking me to talk more and i am uncomfy
  • me, out loud: idk
Some thoughts about Sana and the Girl Squad.

Ok, so, I don’t think the girls are “ignoring” Sana and I mean, “ignoring” her in a negative way. I think that the girls just don’t notice which change is going on. From the moment they know Sana (as she always told them) isn’t interested in having a boyfriend/having a love interest/having sex/talking about guys they just don’t think that much about it, as it is almost a well-founded thing. What I mean is basically that they don’t notice Sana isolating herself from the group or, if one of them would, this one would think it’s “okay” because Sana is just not interested in those kind of things. They would think it’s normal. That that is just Sana being herself. But there’s clearly a miscommunication. They don’t know what Sana is going through. They don’t know that Sana started feeling something for a boy or whatever it is. They just don’t ask themselves “could Sana be interested in one of those boys? Why is Sana not joining?”, because they always saw her so proud, so strict, so serious and so steady on her arguments. I’m not saying the girls are behaving well towards Sana because they could pay more attention on what is going on around them so they could notice that actually Sana is excluding herself, or at least, they could notice the expression on her face. It’s just they are wont acting that way and thinking Sana is okay with all of that. They think she’s the same as always. Maybe Sana started being interested in Yousef not a long time ago. I am 100% sure that if Sana told the girls about her interest they would HELP HER IN ANY KIND OF WAY. Also they would be shocked (in a positive way) and happy at the same time because now they can try to let Sana anywhere near Yousef, they can help her and talk all together about the most common things girls of their age talk about, ALWAYS respecting Sana’s boundaries and ideas. It’s not that the girls care less about Sana, why would they? Didn’t you see how they immediately tried to help Noora when they found out about William? They support each other and they don’t do it (in this case) because it’s Noora. They would do the Same for Sana, this is 100% assured. They just should pay more attention to what’s around them and notice how Sana is feeling at the moment. They should link that to the “even if to Sana her faith is more important than those things, she’s a human, she can be interested in someone, maybe we should talk to her and find out why she isolates herself”. I think the girls love each other all in the same way. They feel so hyped in these situations that can’t keep an eye on Sana because they think she’s always the same. Also I know that if Noora knew about Sana’s interest for Yousef she would IMMEDIATELY take distances from him. So yeah, I hope the girls will notice the looks Sana and Yousef give to each other. And also I hope Sana opens herself to them and tries to talk about this thing. I want the girls to be together and supportive with one another as we saw in the previous seasons.

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This may be a stupid thing to worry about, but what will Jongup do at the end of the music show? He is an awkward cutie and I hope he will be able to talk to someone (maybe Knk will still be there and he can talk to them). But then again We don't really know how Jongup is in these situations as we just know whats shown to us. I'm just a typical BABY being worried lol. However, I am very happy that Jongup is performing as well as Daehyun and hopefully the others will showcase themselves aswell!

I’m so proud of Daehyun x Jongup! Hopefully we get to to see the others’ solo efforts as well since these two have had such a successful run ^^

And it’s not silly to worry, it’s totally valid! What will our awkward little bunny do? 

So let’s do a “Jongup alone at ISAC” storytime:

Here he is, alone, before his event:

He has a mini interaction with ex-EXO member Tao:

(look at him being all nice and helpful ^^)

Here he is with his bud BTOB’s Ilhoon:

And finally, here he is alone again, where he spends five minutes happily taking off his hoodie in the most awkward way possible:

All in all our favourite introvert was fine all by his lonesome. And let’s not forget he won’t be technically alone, just like at ISAC, BABYz will be there cheering him on (and capturing every ungainly moment lol) 

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I don't understand how people thought we were reaching with the Sana, Isak and Even friendship thing. They were literally the only other characters (beside the girls obvs) who were in the trailer for this season. It would have been weird for them to have been the only two from the boy squad to be featured in it and then not have them be important to Sana in the season.

absolutely anon! @imansmeskinis and i were just talking (screaming) about this too! also like, there was a lot of intentional foreshadowing on the sana/isak/even friendship in s3! let’s review

the previous seasons (1 and 2) both had pretty significant storylines going on with characters other than the main, i.e. noora and wilhelm, isak and his mom/moving out/being closeted. a lot of people have mentioned that s3 breaks this mold. it was only about isak and even. but in light of the connections we now know exist between even and sana, as well as the building up of sana and isak’s interaction, it’s more than possible to see these as big road signs as to where those relationships are headed in this season!

no doubt some shit is gonna go down, most likely with even (maybe the balloon squad isn’t cool with sana hanging out with him? maybe she doesn’t exactly know what happened between them but when she finds out she has to reassess the friendship? so many possibilities) BUT ITS HAPPENING!!

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didn't mary say that she's "squeezed FIVE little--" something's out of her when she's talking at the barbecue? is she talking about her kids? don't they have 4 kids? did one of them die?? I NEED ANSWERS VERNON

rubs hands together

You bet she did. And according to Joseph, he has 4 kids.  👀 Me and a few other people were doing some speculating, and it’s possible that Mary had an affair, and either Robert or Damien’s kid is hers.

Another thing, too. We’ve seen 3 out of 4 of Joseph’s kids, right? But not Crish. So it’s a possibility that when we do finally see him, he’s not gonna look anything like Joseph. That could explain why their marriage is falling apart, at least.


I’m wearing my cousin’s clothes yay

you don't have to say ‘i love you’ to say ‘i love you’

instead, you could say….

  • there’s nothing to be ashamed of
  • it was really nice getting to know you. you seem…sympathetic
  • take what you need
  • you okay?
  • i think you’ve exerted yourself enough for one day
  • to us
  • i wanted to see you again
  • you’ve unlocked something in me
  • i-i wish i could- i just- i don’t know…
  • i understand
  • [you’re] quite magical
  • do what’s in your heart
  • may i? free of charge
  • if anything were to happen to you…
  • i thought i’d see how you were doing
  • i meant to thank you for your advice
  • i get it. you’re part of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” culture. i’m fine with it
  • so you get it?
  • you’ll be lonely all your life and so will she. neither of you deserve it. and i don’t either
  • i don’t know what to do with these… you keep them for me
  • what about love? even shadowhunters fall in love
  • you’re confusing me
  • confusion is part of it, that’s how you find out if something’s there
  • emotions are never black and white; they’re more like symptoms. you lose your breath every time they enter a room, your heart beats faster when they walk by, your skin tingles when you stand close enough to feel their breath
  • i know you feel what i feel
  • even if i did feel something for you…
  • [i thought “if i just follow the rules, everything’s gonna be fine”. and then you came along and pushed me off that path]
  • i’ll leave if [you] ask me to
  • i can’t breathe
  • you never cease to amaze me
  • i have to hand it to you, you certainly know how to make a statement
  • love? what? no… it’s-it’s eh… sort of a different- it’s not…
  • we still haven’t gone on our first date yet
  • you wanna… i don’t know, get a drink sometime?
  • i plan to get to know [you]
  • you watch the people you care about age and die
  • when things get crazy, don’t push me away
I was thinking

So I know how everyone is waiting for a VIXX LR comeback and that would be great but you know what I think would be greater? Another VIXX subunit. Like we already have LR, and we know they are killer, but I wanna know what other VIXX combinations would sound like. Like N and Ken, or Ken and Hyuk or even Ravi and Ken, honestly I don’t even know there are so many possible combos, these boys would sound great either way. I want them to release another masterpiece like Beautiful Liar, but with another pair cuz I am all about experiencing new things.