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Hi Comicker! I was wondering if you could tell me what's going on in the DC comics world? I'm a fan (more of the TV show/film end of the fandom tbh), but I do try to keep up some with the comics and... Convergence lost me. Lost me hard. And I have no idea who Johnathan Samuel Kent is and I- yeah. Yeah. Please? Who and what is happening? P.S. I thought I saw you answer this for someone recently but I couldn't find it, so I apologize if this is one of those "FAQ" things for you ^^"

Hello! :D

Oh, no, I actually don’t get a ton of comics questions. (Like. Current continuity stuff. I’ve done a handful of recs but otherwise, I think this is the first I’ve been asked about what’s going on with DC right now!)

Okay, this is going to…probably be long, and there will be SPOILERS for stuff, so I’ll hide it under a ‘read more.’

Update: Yeah. It’s long. And I spoil like. A good chunk of the DC universe titles out RN.

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Here Heart:
*groans* How do you NOT know th-… right, the whole underground thing… Well listen up then. The Aristocrats are a group of powerful ponies who run the whole place. They make the laws, the rules, and give the orders… Are those the same things?
Regardless, they live in the French District and don’t let just anypony see ‘em. Personally, I’ve only heard rumors about ‘em so I can’t say much else. They got eye’s EVERYWHERE so they’ll probably hear about our little scuffle back at the Stable at some point. Probably take an interest in the idjit that somehow made it out alive an’ with a raider at that.
The only other things ya need to know is that there is a lot goin’ on right now. Ludites startin’ wars. Raven Bombers causin’ all sorts of trouble. And some stupid Rebellion out there sayin’ they were all cheated or somethin’. I don’t have the details on all of it.

finally gettin persona 5 today :oo


This was one of those comics where I just COULD NOT decide on the punchline. There were like…three other things I wanted to end with (Cog goin “CLOSE ENOUGH”, Alexander pulling up his chair with the Lilith hands and then leaning in it like “well fuck”, and lastly Alexander trying on Cog’s dropped hat like “this looks positively stupid, here have it back Kleinschmidt it suits you better”) BUT I WENT WITH A PUN

As usual with these comics, I hope that the characters aren’t, like, wildly out of character. They’re from Chikuto’s comic Clockwork for anyone who might not know. Go check it out IT’S GREAT

A Hello From Jody Mills...

(Truthfully one of my favorite characters. I’ve always loved Jody, and of everyone I consider myself more a Jody, so I took it pretty seriously. Hopefully you guys take it to heart, and thanks for bearing with me in all this! Take Jody’s words seriously, OK? You are loved.)

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I honestly know I’m not super beautiful but it’s ok!!!!! It’s all alright!!!!! I have so many other things about myself that are so cool!!!! I’m good at writing and connecting with people. I’m great at scrabble and growing plants and making people laugh!!!! U don’t have to only focus on beauty there are so many other cooler things goin on u just have to love yourself and discover them

Mary, metaphysically...

In 1x16 Home, Missouri tells Sam and Dean that Mary’s soul has been destroyed:

“Your Mom’s spirit and the poltergeist’s energy, they cancelled each other out. Your Mom destroyed herself goin’ after the thing.” 

We see Mary’s spirit burn away:

That means, no Heaven (or Hell, potentially, given the demon deal she made with Azaezel) for Mary.

Yes, we see her in Heaven in 5x16 Dark Side of the Moon, during Sam and Dean’s trip upstairs to look for God. But we see her as an echo in Dean’s Heaven. We never find her own Heaven. And, we see her as a manifestation controlled by Zacharia to torture the brothers. Likely she’s his created illusion here, given the OOC..

Amara is obviously powerful enough to reconstitute a destroyed soul, given the 11x23 ending. But, where has Mary Winchester been all this time?

Where do destroyed souls go?

The Empty?

The Empty is a nice metaphor for the character fridge (the fridging of Mary being SPN’s origin story).

Makes sense - the Empty as a concept was introduced (by Billie, our New Death) in S11 for a reason.


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