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i re-watched CA"TWS and have some serious Steve/Nat feels, what about something where that experience make them realize their feelings for each other?

Shared life experience.  Natasha thought a lot about that phrase as the road and the silence stretched out in front of them.  

Love is for children.  She thought a lot about that one, too.  She knew Steve’d heard it on the helicarrier through the security feed.  

And now they’d gone their separate ways (for the time being): he to find Bucky, and she to reinvent herself.  And maybe rediscover, too, after everything that’d happened.  

He’d been an experiment.  Had spent his whole life fighting for something that was his.  Had had to find himself again when everything fell away from underneath him.  

Steve had trusted her where Fury had not.  


Steve lay awake staring at the peeling paint on the ceiling of another cheap hotel.  They were no closer to finding Bucky and he was wondering if it wasn’t worth going back to New York.  Bucky would find Steve when he was ready to be found.   

And Natasha was in New York.  Or at least, was checking in occasionally.  He’d been thinking about her more than he wanted to admit.  Who do you want me to be? She’d asked.  A friend, he’d told her.  

He didn’t want that, not really.  Not anymore.  She may have felt untrustworthy; she seemed it enough at Sam’s, when they’d made it out of the bunker alive.  He’d seen how she’d taken interest in the middle distance, when Fury’d told them he wasn’t sure who to trust.  But Steve trusted her.  She was running from a past she couldn’t ever quite escape and finding it there behind her at every turn was exhausting, he could tell.  

Frustrated, Steve sat up and made his way out of bed and then out of the room without disturbing Sam.  He’d never get to sleep lying awake thinking about what’d already happened and things that might never happen.  He needed a distraction and he headed outside.  

He didn’t make it more than two blocks before he was texting her.

One of these days I’m going to visit someplace new without an agenda.

Her response came not two minutes later, his phone ringing and the screen lighting up with her photo (one from the last Halloween party where she’d dressed up as a fluffy sheep with fake wolf’s teeth and making a face, nose scrunched up and chin pulled in towards her chest, eyes crossed).  


“Where’re you thinking?”

“I dunno.  Just. Someplace that won’t remind me of work later.”

She hummed, and his phone buzzed with a text from her, linking him to a page about Croatia.  

“Ever been?”  

“No.  Do you like it?”

He could hear the smile in her voice.  “I’ve never been, either.  I could be convinced, though.”

Steve huffed out a laugh and then steeled himself.  He wasn’t interested in more fitful sleep.  “Come with me.”

“Tony’ll talk.”  She teased (but weakly, to Steve’s sleep-deprived brain.)

“Good.  Come with me, Natasha.”

There were several moments of silence on her end of the line before she spoke again.  “Is that double entendre, Steve?”  He could hear the wicked edge to her tone.   

“You asked me once who I wanted you to be.  I meant what I said but-“

“-Shared life experience.  Yes.  I’ll come with you.  We can practice your kissing.”

Steve laughed and gripped his phone the slightest bit tighter.  “When’re you in New York next?”

“I can arrange to be there anytime I need to be.”  She was smiling, he could hear it.  Steve felt lighter, calmer, excited.

“Two weeks from tomorrow?”

“Sounds like a date to me, Steve.” 


They said their goodnights and Steve didn’t quite remember walking back to the room, but he did remember how quickly he fell asleep.  And in the morning, how much he was looking forward to being back in New York.

12x19 Picspam Review (LOUD NOISES)

Paper bag to breathe into? Check.

Espresso? Check.

Gently worn trench in my floor suitable for my inevitable pacing? Check.

I am so ready to start this review.

*presses play*


*immediately jumps up from chair to pace, breathe heavily, and chug espresso*

Yep, this is gonna go just swimmingly

(Trigger warning for the beginning of this review. I was going originally going to skip it as to avoid the triggery content, but then I realized I had shit to say about it. Also a spoiler warning for Dexter in the beginning. If you want to skip that stuff, just… scroll really fast.)

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Hypothermia, Ch. 2: Takodana | A Reylo Fanfic

Originally posted by starwars

“You hardly find me repulsive, little desert rat,” he said with honey on his tongue, a term that used to once make her blood boil but that she now acknowledged as a warped version of an endearment from Kylo Ren. “Or need I remind you of Takodana?”

They had shared their first kiss on Takodana, in a forest very similar to the one in which he’d once taken her captive. Rey shifted weakly, trying to put some distance between their naked bodies.

“That was a mistake,” she replied.

“Really?” he asked, his chuckle only prolonging itself as he splayed the long fingers resting on her abdomen, pulling her closer against the proof of her irritating twitching, hard against her lower back. “Was Coruscant a mistake, too?”


Chapter preview: 

Humidity. How anybody could survive in such an oppressively humid world was beyond her, Rey grumbled to herself as she whacked at a limp branch obstructing her passage. Takodana’s greenery had once upon a time bewitched her mind, knocking the breath from her lungs as Han Solo had piloted the Falcon into Takodana’s atmosphere. Now it felt like a hot, clammy fist trying to close around Rey’s throat as she tried to work past her exertion and breathe in damp air.

Coming here had been a bad idea.

Author’s note: I am a pushover, and you guys asked for more. So here’s more. :) 

An illustration of the first Drabble of the little series Where @thelastspeecher crosses their au universe, the Stanley Mcgucket series, with my au universe, The Mystery Dads universe! 

The guest room is not terrible attractive, I tell you I struggled with the design. Also I wanted it to have like, white farm house style kind of furniture but that just doesn’t work with my drawing style and? Yeah yikes.

Anyway, the Drabble can be read here. 

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What about Sonny wanting s haircut like Usnavi's. Just lil Sonny wanting to be just like his cousin!

so i couldnt decided which age usnavi to draw, so now i have a new headcanon that lil usnavi usually goes with lil sonny to get his hair cut because lil sonny HATES it,, like screams the whole place down hates it, and usnavis the only one who can make him less terrible there, but sometimes lil usnavi is busy like with school or stuff and the only abuela can get sonny to coperate is “don’t you want nice hair like usnavi” and Sonnys just !!!!!! so lil sonny going “full usnavi” happens a bunch

John Laurens’s demeanor in combat differed sharply from Lee’s. He sought danger and bloodshed without carefully weighing the potential gains or using the caution that could save lives. Before Laurens’s rashness made him one of the last and least necessary casualties of the war, Greene said that Laurens “wishes to fight much more than I wish he should.” As Lee left for home, he warned Greene against choosing an incautious officer to command the Legion: “If he is an experimenter, he will waste the troops very fast.”

But not even this prospect could keep Lee with his men, and sure enough Greene separated the Legion infantry from the cavalry and incorporated the infantry into a larger unit under Laurens’s command. The Legion officers tried to force Greene to rescind these orders. When they resigned in protest, he called their bluff by accepting their resignations. Most of them reconsidered and stayed in the army, though Laurens never won their full loyalty.

—  Light-Horse Harry Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution, by Charles Royster