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I’m disappointed that there isn’t more fan art and fanfiction that involves Danny Phantom with other heroes. Show me Steve Rogers being horrified that a fourteen year old boy died halfway. Show me Danny bonding with Bruce because they’re not exactly human anymore. I want to see Danny and Tony have a snark off. I want to see Danny be a sort of big brother figure to Billy Batson. I want to see the Justice Leauge be amazed by how powerful Danny is. I want Batman and Superman promise Phantom that they will take him down if he ever goes rouge, but have Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent comfort a boy who remembers that he failed to save his family and only got lucky to get them back by THE ghost of time. I want Danny and Robin complain about evil fruit loops who want them as a son/apprentice and a force dating situation by a girl named Kitty/Kitten. How about Danny getting to know The Team and help Megan with her food. Just. Danny Phantom with other super heroes.
Young Avengers: 15 Reasons The Gillen and McKelvie Run Was Great
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers run is a unique reading experience. Here are 15 reasons why.

For fans of Marvel’s comic book and inematic Universes, “The Avengers” is a team whose name brings to mind different members. Some may think of Captain America, The Hulk and Ant-Man while others think of Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. As amazing as these teams are, there is something special about the teen lineup of the “Young Avengers”, especially the team put together by regular creative collaborators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

While the Young Avengers’ original lineup had members that were connected to The Avengers, this relaunched roster had each member attempting to distance themselves from the past. With a backdrop of gorgeous art, creative comic panels and a youthful spirit, the Young Avengers could strike out on their own and save the world. Here are 15 reasons why this run is the best.

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Now that it’s actually canon that Nadia Pym and Viv Vision read Kamala Khan’s fan fiction, I can’t help but imagine that they share them with everyone from the Champions and all the other new teen heroes and then get together to act out all of the stories she writes about them as well as all the other weird stories they find (*cough* *cough* “Ms. Marvel and the Teenage Love Triangle in Space” by Miles Morales).


In case anyone’s curious–this is some of my homework for my art class. Character Design! Which is frankly the funnest part of being an artist. I’ve literally spent the last several days putting this together.

I very specifically was assigned a Sailor/Pirate/Etc theme to work within. And I had to take design cues from Nicolas Marlet (the character designer for Kung Fu Panda and How to Train your Dragon, if you’re not familiar with the name). Though keep in mind I merely had to draw inspiration from him–not copy his style exactly.

The rest is copy-pasta from my homework submission:

“This definitely required me to delve into a more Disney-esqe style than I’m used to, which I found to be a fun and engaging challenge.

This hypothetical story features a heroic privateer, Captain Amelia–and her ongoing conflict with big, nasty, and infamous pirate Grissom.

Nicolas Marlet, the artist I was tasked to emulating rarely never seems to draw adult heroic females so I had to extrapolate a lot based on his other designs, specifically a few examples of female child/young-teen heroes. He’s fond of reducing characters to their elemental shapes–very cartoony. I tried to emphasize the contrast of thinks and thins, and didn’t deviate from primal shapes. I incorporation costume details, expressions (Wish I had time to do more), and a silhouette/height comparison frame–Obviously for a full production there’d be more characters, which is why I’ve left space on the sides of the silhouettes.

I borrowed a lot of costume design elements of Amelia from Master and Commander (I love that movie). I went tried to encourage circular and square shapes, as is textbook for heroic designs–but I made her hair style very wide and prominent, something Marlet seems fond of in his designs. Her color scheme is also largely reds, blues, golds, and white, to help suggest heroic and noble themes. I was tempted to add a lot more trims to her designs for flair–but past experience has taught me to be wary of over-designing characters that will be drawn hundreds of times over the course of a project, so I restrained myself.

Dread-Pirate Grissom, is just one big block of a man. He’s a brute, a bully, and a thug, but I also wanted to subtlety suggest he is smarter than he looks by giving him dramatic eyes/eyebrows for an emotive face (as opposed to say, a perpetual dull expression). His colors tend towards darks and reds, suggesting death and danger; I also tried to have his color scheme inversely mirror Amelia’s, but honestly it’s something I’d want to work more on. His pose too, I think needs to be more dynamic, now that I’m getting a fresh look at it. Oh well.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I really enjoy character design.”

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for the headcanon thingy: stephanie brown and damian wayne


A: She’s the best manipulator in the batfam. Tim may be the smartest, Cass may be the best fighter, Dick may be the best leader, but Steph? She’s the one who got Bruce’s ability to form contingency plans and undercover operations. If she wants something, she’ll push every button to get it.

B: She has food hidden inside of the giant T-Rex’s mouth.

C: One day, long after she and Bruce had patched things up, she went to the cave while only he was there. She started looking at the Robin suits, and noticed something different. Damian’s had been moved over, and another one was between it and Tim’s. Bruce had finally put her costume on display. He walked up to her unprompted and apologized, out of the blue. He told her that he screwed up, and that she deserved better. That if he could go back, he would slap himself upside the head and force himself to give her a real chance. The two stood, silent, for a few minutes before Steph took a chance. She asked if he wanted to give her a real chance that night, just for one night. Batman & Robin, working together and trusting each other. By the time she went to bed that morning, Stephanie thought it had to be a dream. It wasn’t.


A: He ends up staying in the Robin identity longer than anyone, up until he turns 22. He realizes by then that he doesn’t really want to be Batman, but he isn’t sure what he wants to be. Dick finally sits down with him and they figure out an identity for him, and the Robin mantle is finally passed down again.

B: His favorite movie is The Princess And The Frog.

C: He compares himself to every other teen hero he meets. He doesn’t have as much raw power as Blue Beetle, or as high of potential as Firestorm, and Red Arrow is a far better archer than him, Cassandra Cain is a better martial artist… he talks himself up but he knows that everyone else can outdo him in some area or another. He just wishes that he could outdo somebody in their area of expertise.

Percy: Hey Annabeth, can i say something?

Annabeth: Percy you know you can tell me anything

Percy: You may fall from the sky

Percy: You may fall from the tree

Percy: but the best way to fall


Percy: is in love with me

Percy and Leo:

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So I’ve finally gotten around to watching these trailers and I’m just gonna give my quickfire thoughts on all of them right now.

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Other main OCs

Just a list of other main OCs that I have them all in one place again. I really need to stop this ideas business. All of these are working ideas at the moment; I’m so bad at this, I literally suck at picking Faceclaims that look like how I think the characters are, but I tried for no reason other than procrastination.

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Let’s make this a TONY POSITIVITY POST!

@icarusmarked I haven’t interacted with you long, but I love your Tony muse so far. And it warms my heart that you WANT to roleplay with a Riri. Many Tony fans don’t seem to like her or care about her. 

@starksfrequentlyassedquestions I love you so much. I love our friendship OOC, and you’re one of the hardest working roleplayers I have ever met. She also have other muses: @vengeancewontconsumeme @cando107onearmedpushups @batcowprotector @leaderoftheleague @mychestlightsup

@impossibleormerelyfantastic You’re such a great ally. Your Tony has a different take of what he is in the comics and in MCU and it is refreshing. I love how you keep Tony’s relationship with women and people of color. This is truly needed in the Marvel fandom. 

@tincanicarus A sweet dad figure to my Riri and the other teen hero muses. She’s not active but it makes me burst with joy whenever I see her on my dash. Also ASIAN TONY! <3

@stcrkraving So supportive. Gets to make people happy in any way they can in IC and OOC. They have a beautiful Chinese representation of Tony Stark and a beautiful Rhodey muse @stillnotsour

@inthefunvee His Tony is a lovable jerk and I love it! I love Ad to death. He was one of my longest roleplaying partners. A good black feminist and I great friend. And follow his other muses @onewonderouswoman @dorathewanderer

@archearted One of the best Natasha Starks I have ever seen. They took a chance to represent her as a trans woman and they wrote her BEAUTIFULLY. If you want more trans representation within the roleplaying community, FOLLOW THIS NATASHA. It’s worth it, I promise. 

To all the Tony Stark roleplayers, you roleplay the same character but each of you take a different stance on how he is portrayal. That is what makes each and every one of you special. Never think you will be replaced or less than because you have the same muse. 

Above: Not pictured – Superman’s keychain, which would take one hundred men to lift.

The Chronological Superman 1958:
Terms like “Silver Age” and “Golden Age” (and “pre-Crisis,” “post-Crisis,” “reboot,” “pre-boot,” “three-boot,” and so on) are very handy for capturing the essence of a roughly-defined era of stories, or for the cataloguing and branding purposes of collectors, historians and corporations. If there’s one idea which this blog has promoted, though, it’s hopefully that there’s really no such thing as a distinct “border” between Golden Age and Silver Age stories for a specific, ongoing character.

You can say, for instance, that there’s a clear distinction between the Golden Age Flash and the Silver Age Flash, because those were distinct characters with non-overlapping runs. Superman, however, has remained in continuous publication and evolved from year to year since his debut. The Supermen of 1938, 1946 and 1954 are as distinct from one another as a character can be, when he’s sharing the same name, costume, supporting cast and environment.

Superman has been experiencing a sort-of proto-Silver Age existence for the previous several years, setting the groundwork for the iconic 50s/60s Man of Steel so often referred to with loving nostalgia. Some of the foundational preparations have already borne fruit – Krypto, Lana Lang, and a canonical Ma and Pa Kent have all nestled comfortably into Superboy’s continuity at this point, for instance. Meanwhile, precursors for other iconic Silver Age elements – the future world of 1,000 years from now, teen heroes from other worlds, a succession of super-sidekicks – have been road-tested repeatedly.

The Silver Age has crept up on Superman, but it’s fair to say that it has fully landed in 1958. Why?

Brainiac debuts in Action Comics vol.1 No.242 (Jul 1958), bringing with him the Bottle City of Kandor and its millions of tiny inhabitants.  The Legion of Super-Heroes makes its first appearance in the Twentieth Century in the pages of Adventure Comics vol.1 No.247 (Apr 1958), while Bizarro debuts in a three-part story in Superboy vol.1 No.68 (Oct 1958). Red Kryptonite appears twice, in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.252 (Sep 1958) and Adventure Comics vol.1 No.255 (Dec 1958). While its biology-bending effects haven’t yet been fixed in stone, Superman also undergoes weird transformations, given a lion’s head in Action Comics vol.1 No.243 (Aug 1958) and acquiring an “amazing new power” in Superman vol.1 No.125 (Nov 1958).

Kryptonite gets weirder than ever. A giant bug released from the Earth’s core proves to have alchemical powers, and creates a deadly Kryptonite forest in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.245 (Feb 1958). A new foe shows up, powered by Kryptonite. John Corben (a.k.a. Metallo, the Man with the Kryptonite Heart) debuts in the daily newspaper strip in late December. Superboy’s first encounter with Kryptonite is recounted for the first time in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.251 (Aug 1958), a story which also paints a colorful picture of Superboy’s army of replacement robots.

Superman’s arctic fortress was introduced all the way back in 1949, but it reappears in Action Comics vol.1 No.241 (Jun 1958) in the form in which it’s best-known, carved into the side of a mountain and bearing Superman’s many trophies, collections and alien wonders. There’s a Super-Girl (notice the hyphen) who appears in Superman vol.1 No.123 (Aug 1958), and while she’s blonde, blue-eyed and almost entirely a dead ringer for Superman’s yet-to-appear cousin Kara “Supergirl” Zor-El, she’s only setting the template for the teen sidekick’s debut.

“Super-Girl” isn’t the only flying figure to don a Superman costume in 1958. Another ape from Krypton – “King Krypton, the Super-Gorilla” hassles Superman in Action Comics vol.1 No.238 (Mar 1958), and Superboy has to deal with a boy-sized Krypto-Mouse in Superboy vol.1 No.65 (Jun 1958). The newly-relocated Bottle City of Kandor coughs up its first lookalike super-villain in the form of Zak-Kul, renegade scientist, in Action Comics vol.1 No.245 (Oct 1958).

Lois Lane gets her own title – Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane – in April, while Jimmy Olsen first dons the rubber uniform, quaffs the stretching formula and adopts the superheroic identity of Elastic Lad (Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.31 – Sep 1958).

The floodgates have been opened! Meanwhile, although unintentionally, the Adventures of Superman television show broadcasts its final season in 1958. The show’s popularity hadn’t waned, and another two seasons were planned to begin broadcasting in 1960. Even the sudden death of John Hamilton, the show’s Perry White, hadn’t dampened the plans. It would take a tragic event in the following year to end the show’s future plans for good.

Not that the producers of The Adventures of Superman didn’t have alternate plans – Whitney Ellsworth was prepared to launch The Adventures of Super-Pup in 1958, a recasting of the show in a world of walking, talking dogs. The pilot never aired.

Whatever the case, the television program ending as the Silver Age fully spreads its wings has a symbolic significance. The show had been a direct descendant of the radio program, which itself branched from the adventures of the original, then-new Superman. With its final season, the last ties to the sedan-smashing, recklessly enthusiastic, grounded and proletarian Superman were gently severed.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: It's great that they are making an incredibles 2 because wow I am so excited for that but seriously how about a live action Incredibles??? There is so much to be explored in a BRAND NEW super hero universe not only within the Parr family but in the outside world as well! Are Violet and Dash taught about super hero history in school? Are their other super teens in their class? Is that why Violet likes Tony? Are Frozone and his wife going through a rough patch in their relationship? What about Kari? How did Frozone and Bob meet? How did Syndrome become such a tool with daddy issues? What is the relationship like between Violet and Helen? So many questions and so little can be answered in a mere sequel. Also imagine the awesomeness of LIVE ACTION dash running on water, live acton Bob weightlifting trains, Helen holding the plane and car together!!!! CAN THIS JUST HAPPEN ALREADY?!?!?!?

One time the Justice League decided to invite a bunch of the other hero teams to the Hall of Justice. The Teen Titans woke up in Africa. Superman got a hangover on the moon. Flash somehow woke up in Australia. The only people who remember the night are Mister Miracle and Red Tornado. They refuse to say what happened at the party.


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Apparently Percy is adding Emiko to the TT roster after Metal. According to the solicit, Ollie forces her on the team and naturally, she's gonna be butting heads with Dami. Idk if it'll be a permanent thing or just a random one off event though. Make of that what you will. :/

Honestly, I’m not 100% opposed to this. I think that the trick to making Teen Titans a better book without replacing Percy is by putting characters he cares about on the team. I also think that, right now, the best TT lineup would be Damian, Jon Kent, Emiko Queen, Jackson Hyde, Wally West 2, and other new teen heroes. Let Raven, BB and Starfire go onto other titles, and put Tim’s Teen Titans in Young Justice.

So, I’m gonna wait and see. I’ll pick up the issues, but I’m hoping that Emiko also stays in Green Arrow while she’s in TT. I also actually look forward to her (hopefully) putting Damian in his place, since she started as a Damian copy that grew into her own character.

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more Superhero AU! Jasico perhaps?

“Can you take the cape off?”

“Of course.” Tempest’s eyebrows darted in the air with surprise. It was an odd request in the pace of their conversation, but nothing he hadn’t done before. His hand went to the gold clasp over his shoulder, and he pulled it apart. 

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