and other such things can also be interesting

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Can I get the founder trio and how they would deal with having their own squad and having to be a sensei to some genin?

ooooo nice


•What a fun sensei. That’s all I can say

•He gets really close with his students, almost too close. Not really a bad thing, but I think I’ve mentioned in some other headcanons before that Hashi is the type to invite his students over to his home for dinner every once in a while. He enjoys bonding with them outside of a training setting

•Hashirama has a big problem with leniency though. His students can persuade him into doing anything if they try hard enough. Just flash him with those eager, pleading little eyes, and he’ll give in and let them have a free day from training

•That being said, Hashirama also has his days where he strictly follows training guidelines. Something I find interesting though, is that Hashirama teaching basic jutsu might not work well? A large majority of his jutsu are large-scale and destructive, so he can’t really show them any super cool jutsu he has. He does like leaving his students in awe by impressing them with cool wood style every once in a while though. It’s their ‘treat’

•Very supportive and cordial. If one of them messes up he’s all “It’s okay!!! You tried!!! No big deal!!! I’m proud of you!”

•Hashi’s favorite training activity is his squad vs him. He thinks it’s fun. No idea why. The idea of all his students ganging up on him is apparently a nice way to pass the time. He’s fair and easy on them though, and makes sure to praise them afterward, even if they didn’t manage to land a single hit on him

•Treats them to sweets whenever they have a good training day (he thinks every day is a good training day tbh)

•Hashirama rarely gets frustrated or loses his temper with his students. Literally the only time he’ll ever correct them is if one of them happens to get arrogant and start looking down on the other students. Hashirama doesn’t like that at all. He’ll have to have a private talk with that student and tell them there’s no need to stoop that low. There will be no competitive-driven condescension in Hashirama’s squad. He wants everyone to be civil and peaceful


•They never really gave us an idea of how Tobirama was with his students and I love his team okay where is my filler arc for Team Tobirama

•I think Tobirama was a relatively decent sensei. As in, he wasn’t too hard on his students. He’s fair and lenient when the time calls for it, but also isn’t afraid to put his team through exacting training when he feels that they need it

•I really do think Tobirama would have a softer heart when it comes to teaching genin. They’re about the age he was when his father forced him and Hashirama into fighting, so Tobirama just keeps it in the back of his mind not to expect too much out of them, or pressure them to a fault

•In his free time, Tobirama doesn’t mind actually hanging around with them. He’d join them for a bowl of ramen every once in a while if they persisted

•Tobirama is easily frustrated by weakness though. Not necessarily physical weakness, as that sometimes can’t be helped, but someone who’s weak-minded. Someone who won’t try after they fail. It just upsets him. He doesn’t want his students giving up. That’s when he snaps and yells at them, when he’s trying to get them back on their feet and force them to keep practicing (someone needs to tell him that yelling and screaming isn’t going to get him anywhere)

•He’s competitive too. He wants his squad to be one of the best in Konoha, and that’s another reason why he pushes them so much. It’s not just for his pride though, he wants his team’s efforts to be recognized. He really does care about them, and wants the best for them

•I love headcanoning Tobirama’s team as being little shits though. Doesn’t really matter who his students are, I feel like they’d have a fun, almost teasing relationship with Tobirama at times. He can be such a grump, of course someone’s gotta cheer him up, even if it’s a bunch of little genin


•Madara is more lenient with his students than he is other children, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less strict. His patience wears thin rather easily if one of his team just doesn’t catch onto something

•At the same time, he knows when he’s being unfair. If one of his students is really struggling, Madara spends extra time helping them learn. He can be cordial if he tries. He’ll especially sympathize with a rather timid student who doesn’t believe in themselves. Hard as Madara may be, that resonates with him for some reason

•It’s the hothead students he can’t handle. If there’s a hothead on his squad then they better pray he doesn’t whoop their ass. They remind him of himself when he was a kid, which is why he resents them so much

•Well, not resents, but they have a love-hate relationship. He’s hardest on them out of all his squad. He tries to beat the arrogance and naivety out of them with harsh training. He’ll make them run laps and exhaust their chakra even after training hours are over and the others have gone home. Madara can be a real hardass

•Like Tobirama, Madara takes pride in his students and of course wants them to wipe away the competition whenever possible. He’s competitive with both the Senju brothers’ teams

•Madara tries really hard not to play favorites but he definitely does. It’s the obedient, skilled students that he really likes. Even if they’re not skilled, actually. As long as they listen to him and don’t brush off his advice, then he respects them

Hey guys! So in personal news, I’m in the end-process of moving back to Boston right now - for next weekend actually! It’s exciting and scary and good and I’m finally past that point of wanting to puke up everywhere! New steps are scary as shit, but I’m looking forward to having an actual space to sit and work on things rather than a chair in the corner of my room. And I’ll get to hang up art things!! And I can walk around to get to places!! And my friends are all around! YEAH! 
Okay, so I feel less scared! I’m really happy to be closer to pals!! But I just wanted to let you guys know in case I’m a bit quiet on here for the next week and half - I might not be, but just in case you guys are wondering where I am, I’m just settling in! Also - I’ll be opening up other commission things besides portraits if people are interested! But that’ll be a little down the road! 
Thanks for all the support guys! Talk soon!

Future (potential?) offerings!☽

Hi everyone! So I’m thinking of what I can give back to you all/the witchy community…my thoughts are to offer:

-Pendulum readings ★

-Song verses, short piano tunes based on you (ie, you send an ask describing yourself or a brief situation & I write you up a song verse or little piano tune to match) 🎼

-Illustrations of you or a requested person/imagine/animal/spirit🖊

-I’m also a writer, so I could also write little personal short stories about little magick scenarios or any other ideas! 📃 

★Let me know what you’d be interested in!★

my talents/ things I do- are basically singing, piano, drawing, pendulum readings, and communicating with the ocean so if you have any other ideas that would be neat to offer, I’d love to hear them! 

Thaaaaank you & wishing you a beautiful day 🖤🐚

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For that ask thing: warmth and folk

warmth: what do you find most charming in others?

I love people who love things, put simply :P I really love it when people talk about things with genuine interest and excitement. I love learning from them, especially. I also love anybody who can take me on when it comes to puns and wordplay and verbal one-upmanship. Just for fun, you know c:

folk: who is the most fantastical being u have known?

I had this English teacher in high school who wore long, flowy skirts and had the wildest struck-by-lightning blonde hair, and she just seemed to live in a nobler world than most of us. There were all these scandals at my school about teachers mistreating students, and she became like…this crusader at the head of the effort to expose the scandal, and she ended up sacrificing her job for it. She just felt like a real-life heroine, I suppose. The Joan of Arc of education, heh. Now she writes really successful books about BC’s wine country, I think :P

Your ships don’t need to be “healthy”

I don’t know where exactly* this idea that your ship needs to be „wholesome and healthy“ comes from, but can it disappear again, please?

Ships can be variety of things. Yes, there’s the ship where the characters are great together, make each other happy and complete and the world a better place. There’s those people who are scorching hot together and should totally hook up. But there are also ships that are all about imperfect people coming to terms with each other’s flaws. People who should be really bad for each other, but somehow find happiness against the odds. Terrible people loving no one but each other. People being really, really bad for each other, but in an interesting way. There’s the ship that’s a beautiful disaster and the one that will end in murder and bloodshed. Ships are just two (or more) people who are interesting to you when they’re together.

Also, there’s a variety of reasons for why you would ship, why you want to read fic, write fic, draw art, write meta, chat with your friends about it. „I think they should be canon!“ is common, butfar from universal. „I want some hot porn with attractive people!“ is totally legit. „I want to read about people like me!“ is great, but so is „I want to read about people who are not like me at all!“  „Life sucks and I just want a happy escape“ is fine, as is „I want to safely explore things that scare me in real life.“ „This ship lends itself to my narrative and/or sexual kinks.“ “They interacted a lot in canon and I want more of it.” “They didn’t interact much in canon, but I thought it would be interesting if they did.” And so on. 

The thing is, none of this makes your ship any more valuable or right. It does not reflect on your morality or your worth as a person. Some of the sweetest people I’ve met in fandom have written the filthiest, most “problematic” smut.

You are allowed to let Kylo Ren and General Hux find true love in each other. Or have them hate each other’s guts and still do it like rabbits. Have Snoke arrange a marriage between them for political reasons. Explore what it would mean for them if one of them changed sides. Have them meet in an alternative reality where they’re a Jedi and a rebel, or baristas or high school students.

Let Rey rescue Kylo from the Dark Side with her love. Let Kylo corrupt her. Let them be star-crossed lovers who are eternally caught on two sides of a conflict. Reverse their roles from the beginning. Let them be strangers, let them be cousins. Hell, ship them as siblings; it’s Star Wars after all.

You are allowed to ship Shiro and Keith as a 24-year-old instructor and a 16-year-old cadet having a forbidden relationship. Or maybe you prefer mutual respect growing into a relationship after they have fought in an intergalactic war for a few years. Or maybe Keith is an enemy Galra prince and Shiro is his prisoner?

It’s all good.

Your ships don’t have to be healthy role models for RL relationships. Your ships don’t have to be “pure”. The only one your ships have to be good for is you. And you are the only one who gets to decide if they are.

*actually, I do have some ideas.

My favorite and least favorite things about the signs

Aries ♈ — Aries is inherently very cool, they march to the beat of their own drum and don’t much care about what others are up to. This means they stay in their own lane and don’t really care much for drama. This lack of care for others can also manifest as selfishness or self-centeredness. You can literally see their eyes glaze over when you’re talking about something that doesn’t interest them, even if it’s very important to you.

Taurus ♉ — Taurus is the most loyal friend you will ever have. They will stay in your corner through thick and thin, and when you need defending they will go to bat for you no matter the cost. They can also be enormously stubborn, and unless THEY want to do something it won’t happen. Want to go to a concert and need a friend to go with? Nope, not unless they’re listening to the band on repeat. Want to go out to a place they’re not incredibly comfortable at? Nope, who ever heard of favors anyway?

Gemini ♊ — Easily the most hilarious people you’ll ever meet. They’re snarky and sly and will never fail to put a smile on your face with their endless knowledge and quick wit. They can introduce you to just about anyone, and they love to be an intermediary between friends. They also never shut up. The wall of words created by a Gemini is no meager thing, and if you’re trying to change the topic, or god forbid you have to leave for some reason you’d better just give up.

Cancer ♋ — Cancer will never fail to make you feel like you’re part of their family. They treat everyone that gets even a little close to them with the greatest amount of kindness and sincerity. You will never meet a bigger goofball who is down for the most bizarre of shenanigans. They’re moody, however, and when you’re counting on them for a social engagement they might abandon you in favor of retreating to their nest, giving you whatever bullshit excuse and then hermitting until the tide changes.

Leo ♌ — They always look you directly in the eye, and treat everyone with dignity be they child, adult, elder. When they love you and you walk into the room you can visibly see them turn up their inner light by a million megawatts. They, like Cancer are also apt to leave you hanging when you need them though. They don’t like to show vulnerability and so they retreat when they’re feeling sad or hurt, leaving you to sort things out on your own. Everyone who knows a Leo has had an experience with one of their “cat naps” (Oh sorry, I was sleeping…)

Virgo ♍ — The kind of person that you can always come to with any problem, who will look at the problem and help you find a practical solution to it, no matter how they’re feeling about you at the time. They’re enormously kind and thoughtful in just about any way that isn’t verbal. Don’t expect them to have a kind word to say, but know that they’ll be there to help you through all of life’s difficulties. Do expect them to have unrealistic expectations of you, however, and take solace in the fact that their expectations for themselves are even more unrealistic, even though it kills them inside.

Libra ♎ — Libra is the sign that deals with everyone as equals. They truly meet everyone where they are, and as such are able to find interest in just about any conversation. They will listen to you rant and rave when you’re angry, gush when you’re in love, mope when you’re sad and meet you at your level every time, sharing in your enthusiasm, your sorrow, your joy. They can also be very contrary, and so when you come at them with an open mind you can be shown so many different facets of an issue that you feel strongly about. An unbalanced Libra is prone to being two-faced, however, and they stir up drama wherever they go. They’re also the type to agree with you in the moment, and then later on decide against it.

Scorpio ♏ — Scorpio is the “no judgement” type. They’ve seen the darkest parts of humanity and know just how awful people can be. They’ve also seen this darkness in themselves, and so they can’t fault others when they falter from time to time. They can be paranoid as fuck though, and constantly read too much into a situation//hear things that aren’t being said in an argument. When they’re emotionally invested in you it is the greatest blessing, as well as a monumental curse.

Sagittarius ♐ — Fun as fuck. Sagittarius is always willing to try new things and meet new people, and there’s no better travelling partner so long as you’re not the type that has to rigidly stick to a pre-set plan. Sagittarians can roll with the punches and always come out on top, they’re also lucky as all get out. They’re not exactly the reliable type when it comes to emotions, however, and might just peace rather than trying to actually work anything out.

Capricorn ♑ — Capricorns are easily some of the funniest people that live on this planet, though you certainly have to have an appreciation for dryness. They’re also another sign that treats everyone the same regardless of their background, though it’s true that they can get caught up in their image and that has a negative effect. Goats are the second most delusional sign, right behind Pisces. They traverse their lives with blinders on, and rarely are willing or able to perceive or tolerate things that don’t fit into their very narrow view of the world. They’re the type to climb ruthlessly to the top, not noticing all of the people they crush in their ascent.

Aquarius ♒ — Aquarians are enormously smart, assuming you don’t get one that has learned to play dumb in order to get what they want somewhere along the line. They will talk to you about pretty much anything, and barring it being a subject in which they are passionate (there are many) they will listen with an open mind and non judgmental stance. I love the fact that anyone with heavy Aquarius is in to some weird shit, as it makes them fascinating to get to know. Do I even have to mention the god complex? It’s so overplayed with Aquarius, and yet it’s also so pervasive in their kind. Which is similar to them all thinking they’re unique little snowflakes and outcasts without realizing that they do indeed fall into one category by labeling themselves as such.

Pisces ♓ — Easily the most compassionate and caring sign, Pisces would give the shirt of their back to a friend in need. I adore the way they fuss over their surroundings when they’re hanging with someone they care about. Are you warm enough? Is it too bright in here? Is the television too loud? They’ll steadily make small adjustments and if you go with the flow you’ll be much happier for it. They, however, go with the flow a little too much, and it makes them FLAKY AS FUCK. I abhor the type of person that backs out on plans over and over again, and if a Pisces is not in JUST the right surroundings they’ll flake on you every time. Don’t even bother with dinner plans for next week, just text them last minute.


Comic inspired by the handplates AU by Zarla’s, the only Undertale reinterpretation that really touched me.

It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world, but at least we put a lot of effort into it(probably that’s what my teachers said to each other when I graduated). Tried my best to draw in her style.

@zarla-s, sorry for the dumb questions and thank you for answering them.

Wingdings: “DRILL” and “TAP”.

Versão em português.

Now some details:

  • Unintentionally, the very center of the comic is Papyrus’s soul.
  • I am pretty sure that blue magic would allow Gaster to control the hand but I find this scenario more interesting.
  • That thing is called “tap”. When a hole is done, you use it to make an internal thread so screws can fit in. This works for metal, I am not sure if bones work like that. Those papers are on display basically for you, reader.
  • They are fragile because they are hard, kinda like glass. They also are expensive. I think that Gaster most likely finds more upper halfs of them because the lower half would be stuck in something.
  • If I remember it right, Sans wasn’t able to hear Papyrus screaming, but I keep imagining he hearing a low indistinguishable sound and that is Papyrus.
  • You may think that Papyrus was too amazed by the idea of being tortured a bit more, but I think he was extremely confused.
  • You may have noticed(now you have) that Papyrus’s ribs are marking his clothes(if that can be called “clothes”), but trust me, it’s better this way.
  • I do have that yellow screwdriver, that safety glasses and that lamp(it is very usefull), the papers are actually part of my material about technical drawing, and the nametag was inspired by my mom’s nametag.
Getting by Without Friends

2. Learn to enjoy your own company. See it as a time to reflect on your life, and really think through what you want for yourself.

3. Find different things you can do, and enjoy, by yourself. Also, developing new interests will stop you feeling bored.

4. Spend time looking after a pet or animal. Pets are consistent, loyal and reliable. They’ll never hurt your feelings, and they’re good company.

5. Talk to other people that you meet casually (at the checkout, in a queue, or when you’re ordering some food). You’re likely to find you get a warm response – and that will remind you that you’re actually OK!

6. Don’t let this bad experience undermine your confidence. Keep reaching out to others, and one day things will change - and you’ll find other people who like to be with you.

Okay can we please stop saying a fandom is “ruined” if it’s got a lot of NSFW art?

I see so many people saying “I don’t want Bendy and the Ink Machine ruined like FNAF and Undertale were.” Ruined, bitch, where? Ruined just because it has a fuck ton of NSFW art? No.

It’s completely respectable if you are a person who doesn’t like NSFW art of your fandom, but it’s also okay if you do. So can we stop SHAMING NSFW art and the people who create it/enjoy it? Let people enjoy what they want. It’s not that hard to say “Not my thing.” without making myself or others feel like shit for being openly NSFW type people. Mind your own fucking business and respect people’s interests even if they aren’t your own. Damn.

Got me lit the fuck up tonight.

Mutual respect in a fandom is important. STOP SHAMING. Your fandom… OUR fandom is not “ruined”.

So you can prepare:

I am sure many of you already know of the project that I accidentally started, but we as a collective are going to be writing a Media Textbook/Case Study on Johnlock (this is based on the aspect of queerbaiting, but if it becomes canon, I’m interested on creating the same thing but about lgbtqia+ media representation)

I want you all to know that this is here so come Sunday if you are distressed and need to get it out, you know where to send your content. We can work out logistics and maybe I’ll end up opening a google doc if this takes off, but if you have anything pertaining to these contents (or other chapter suggestions since this is a rough outline (also sorry about the fish theme, I was bored)) please private message me and then I will give you my email so that you can send me your pieces of work and I will put it in this book. 

Analyze the text, rant in an essay, give me fan art or graphics, help me edit and format, whatever you want to do, this is a way to express yourself at an academic level. Use what you have skills in to help out. I will be writing the introduction as well as parts of the PR chapter! 

It will be incredible no matter what happens to put together something that could effect learning and representation for years to come. 

 We want to be heard, and putting together a comprehensive guide to this situation will be effective. 

And just so you know, I do still have hope that Johnlock is coming, either way, this compilation will be worth creating! 

Okay, thank’s for listening, this might fail an of course I can’t guarantee it but, tagging people who expressed interest or I think should know about this (idc if you were joking lol) below the cut!

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So, the Ghoul School gang is in a volleyball tournament against the boys from the other school.

This results in a lot of interesting things, such as forced perspective shots that makes Shaggy look tiny…

…bats hitting volleyballs so hard that they teleport straight through the net…

…and plenty of other fun frames.

However, mid-way through the game, we learn the boys are going to cheat to win! Oh noes!

They also talk about their cheating loudly, right by the net… so, wait, can all the people around not hear what they’re saying? I mean, they were talking to people all the way across the court at that volume before….

Whatever. Anyway, they decide to do said cheating via a physics-defying remote-controlled ball, which you’d think would raise some immediate eyebrows from the spectators.

Even without that, though… is it just me, or does this scheme seem way too easy to catch? 

He’s suspiciously holding the remote openly, on the court, in broad daylight, while talking loudly about how he’s cheating. Can no one see or hear him while he does this?

Or here, when he does it again?

Or here, when he does it yet again?

Or here, when he does it yet another time?!

I mean, sure, there’s willing suspension of disbelief and all, but this just seems a little silly. How can no one s–

…wait… is that a….



Now you’re just messing with me, aren’t you, Hanna-Barbera?

basic things you should know about your main characters
  • how is their relationship with their family
  • what are their beliefs, if they have any
  • what is their motivation (preferably something unrelated to their love interest/romantic feelings, bc people care about other things, too, kthx)
  • who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming
  • what are their plans for the future, if they have any
  • how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour (i mean. you can’t tell me a character is shy then have them do things shy people wouldn’t do, like?????)
  • how do they feel about things they cannot control? 
  • and last but not least: 

The existence of Jorge Joestar, a JJBA novel ,is not known to many. I think everyone deserves to know about it.

Despite being an official release, it can easily be described with “700 pages and more of pure madness.”The plot is so twisted it’s almost impossible to fully understand what’s even going on, or what logic hides behind it.

The big premise is that Pucci resetted the Dimension not two times, but 36 ,which brings us an incredible quantity of altered character and absurd events.

Such as:

( From the wikia itself)

Now other than destroying SC’s plot and serving us enough Kars to start an army, this novels also comes with some beautiful remake of already existing characters and new ones.( sometimes showing little interest for the time-line or logic itself. )

Little example:

Now,after the adorable image of FV flying around singing a certain song and having a funny happy family, we can  expect things to remain on this level of weirdness,right?



By this point,You’re probably wondering how far can this novel go. I’ll leave you with a true masterpiece.

tfc characters as things ron swanson said
  • Nicky: Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.
  • Kevin: There will be alcohol so I will go as well.
  • Aaron: When people get too chummy with me, I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know, I don't really care about them.
  • Andrew: I'm just gonna stay angry. I find that it relaxes me.
  • Neil: The less I know about other people's affairs, the happier I am. I'm not interested in caring about people.
  • Matt: There is only one thing I hate more than lying-skimmed milk, which is water that's lying about being milk.
  • Dan: If there were more food and fewer people, this would be a perfect party
  • Allison: I like saying 'no'. It lowers their enthusiasm.
  • Renee: The government is inefficient and should be dissolved.
  • Wymack: I also think it's pointless for a human to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it.

Aromantics: reblog and tag which aro flag you prefer!

(There might be others, but these are the only ones I’ve seen)

You can still reblog if you aren’t aro, but obviously I’m mainly interested in the opinions of aromantic people, since it’s our flag. Also this is just for my interest, not the decide on an ‘official’ flag or anything like that.

Somewhere in My Dreams


Finally!! I want to thank @percyyoulittleshit and @falloutside for doing a great job organizing the big bang. It’s incredible that we can get together and do things like this as a fandom. I also want to thank everyone who participated in the big bang this year! I can’t wait to look through all of the other things that have been posted!

On that note: this is a Percabeth Werewolf AU. This is Part I. There are two more parts that are going to be posted. This AU has been heavily influenced by both Twilight and the Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles. I took the aspects of the wolves and packs from both of those series, so if you’re really interested, go forth and check them out! If you have any questions or comments about this AU, just send me a message bc I would love to talk to you! 


Trees blur past as Percy stares out the window. The long, two lane road is near deserted and fully surrounded by thin, tall trees. It’s rare that they pass by any stores or homes other than just a few; even those seem to be quiet. The forest here is thinner than his home, which makes him nervous. He doesn’t like for the trees to be thin. It gives room for secrets to slip out and enemies to slip in.

He shifts his gaze ahead to stare out the windshield of the truck when Jason reaches out and turns the radio down. The atmosphere goes from peaceful and quiet to tense and difficult in one second.

“Hey,” Jason says, voice soft and slow. “We don’t have to do this.”

“What else are we going to do?” he asks tiredly. They’ve been having this same argument for days now. “Start a war?”

Jason shrugs, glancing over at him from where he’s driving. It’s just the two of them. Alpha and Beta. “We would win anyway. You know that the pack would follow you to war if we had to.”

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Dating guide for scorpio
  • Scorpio x Aries: This would be a VERY intense relationship, but if you don't both work really hard to see things from both perspectives chances are it will either burn out or dissolve into fighting over time.
  • Scorpio x Taurus: Opposites attract and you'll balance each other out really well if you can get the momentum to start something more than friendship (which is harder than it sounds). Just make sure that the Taurus knows how much you care about them and this could be a beautiful relationship!
  • Scorpio x Gemini: I really can't see this working out; opposites may attract but you just might be TOO opposite here. For a possibility of this being a good relationship, you'll both need to make sacrifices and give/take in the beginning, and afterwards the relationship will require a lot of maintenance to keep the spark from dying.
  • Scorpio x Cancer: Yes please!!! You have a lot in common but enough differences to keep things interesting. Also, you'll both adore each other and want the same from the other, leading to some incredible chemistry.
  • Scorpio x Leo: This would be difficult to say the least. You might feel like you're just giving and not getting anything back from the Leo, and this could start a bit of a chain reaction of passive-aggression. Learn to accept each other's differences, though, and maybe you can make this work!
  • Scorpio x Virgo: This pairing is one of those fairy tale couples in the beginning; smooth sailing with almost no rough weather. However, if either of you gets tired of the steady consistency from this relationship, things could get even more rough than you want.
  • Scorpio x Libra: Quite similar to Scorpio x Gemini but a bit deeper and more emotional. That's a plus, but at the same time there would still be the problem of how opposite your relationship needs are.
  • Scorpio x Scorpio: One word: INTENSE. Go for it, tiger, but you might reach a point where you need to slow down and take a deep breath, maybe even a break. That's okay and don't be afraid to communicate those feelings to your partner. Chances are they feel the same, and building that communication is crucial in this relationship.
  • Scorpio x Sagittarius: Depth certainly wouldn't be a problem in this because you're both extremely deep and insightful people. Even if this pairing doesn't work out, chances are you'll both learn a lot from this relationship that can be carried onto future ones, making it well worth it!
  • Scorpio x Capricorn: First thing's first, you'll need to get each other out of your shells or else this relationship will be doomed. Once you do, you'll learn a lot from each other and this could blossom into something beautiful, but if you go into things before you're truly open with each other, this could lead to some serious fighting and the whole thing may be downright toxic.
  • Scorpio x Aquarius: This would be such an honest, down-to-earth (ironically enough) relationship; the cute, quirky kind that you see in movies. Your ups and downs will be at their extremes, but if you hold on tight you could get something like a movie ending from this, too!
  • Scorpio x Pisces: I honestly ship this as friends more than as a relationship. As a relationship, things would start out more awkwardly than ever and you'd hit tons of rough patches because of how different you are from each other. The one big thing for this is to expect the unexpected.

Okay Voltron fandom, can we talk about some guys that we’ve been overlooking?

Thace has friends.

This is the best shot we have of them- it’s the bottom-right corner of the official poster from season 2. They are very clearly talking and hanging out. The way they’re positioned and the fact that Thace is actually having a good time- when literally every face we’ve seen from him in canon is vaguely despondent or irritated-looking- tells us something interesting is going on here.

Here’s the first interesting thing: we’ve seen these guys in canon.

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r u KIDDIN me with that deleted scene like look they are such an old married couple, chirrut saying “yes yes” and waving his hand in the general direction of where he knows baze to be and meanwhile of course baze is actively doing shit that will Get Them Out Of There and could chirrut be helping? of course he could. is it more fun to stand there and troll his husband about his staunch atheism? absolutely.

and baze physically dragging chirrut out of the cell, he is not gentle but only bc he knows he doesn’t need to be?? they know e/o so well i’m? no one else around them may as well even exist the rest of the world is just static you can tell they’re each easily the most interesting thing to each other for miles around in every direction

and they’re both grinning as they escape because explosions? rogue pilots? this is the most fun they’ve had in years and also because they both know the other one thinks they’re full of shit and they’re both totally fine w/ it and it’s hilarious to them god they’re so in love ok this whole movie was basically Baze and Chirrut’s Second Honeymoon (With Probably Only Slightly More Revolution Than the First Honeymoon)

I got to the conclusion that if the writers break Bughead up for Bar/chie, Riverdale will lose 3 amazing opportunities:

- giving the example that girls should value themselves by choosing a relationship that actually makes them grow as a person, healthy and supportive instead of choosing a guy that already rejected them, when he had his whole life to like them back, and now is only interested because now someone else has that girl’s attention;
- having a cool guy protagonist, that cares about other things, instead of only relationships, and also is a good, supportive person that wants his friends to be happy;
- keep the magic spark in Archie and Veronica’s relationship, since it’s clear he liked her at first sight and she likes him too (but they still can’t be together because of Betty. Since she is moving on, soon they will be able to get closer).

See, I really don’t want that love triangle to happen. Not only because I ship Bughead, but because I’m so tired of seeing toxic relationships, drama, stories centered in romances, jealousy and envy on TV. My wish for Riverdale is to leave the drama for the main plots and Cheryl (since she loves to cause it lol), but not between the core four. All I want for them is happiness and to find comfort in one another (which is something Bughead already has, so now I’m waiting for that with Varchie. And please, CW, keep it that way!).