and other songs cuz its

One time I was preparing to French exam during English lesson while listening to Alexander Rybak’s song “Kotik”. In other words: during English lesson I’ve been listening to Russian song by Norwegian singer, while thinking in Polish to learn French.


It’s all for love
I will do anything for my love
I will do anything for your love


Leo Ladies // Confident. Dignified. Independent. {Kgirl songs for ALL the independent Leo ladies!} // [LISTEN]

Excuse Me - BESTie // Falling In Love - 2NE1 // AHH OOP! - MAMAMOO & eSNa // Damaged Lady - KARA // Holler - Girls’ Genration -TTS // Hurricane Venus - BoA // Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x) // Female President - Girl’s Day // Good-Night Kiss - Hyosung // Shake That Brass - Amber ft. Taeyeon // Don’t Touch Me - Ailee // Adrenaline - Girls’ Generation -TTS // I Don’t Need A Man - miss A

EDIT: I changed the pics so they’re cooler lol

also tiffany is a leo thats why i used her for these basic-ass pics