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“Me?! I would never hackle and snarl and make scary unholy growly noises at another dog, you’re crazy Mom!!”

Look at this sweet face. :P He ignored the bully dog while it bounced around and hackled and growled. He ignored it while it followed us past it’s yard. He ignored it when it did the same thing on our way back. He even ignored it when it trailed right on the husband’s heels despite us yelling at it to go the fuck home. Then it got too close to the stroller and I was 5000% sure it was about to be a dead dog. It would have been a dead dog if the husband hadn’t been holding the leash. Kaiser gave it one growl and about ten seconds to back off and that was it. He did a really athletic flying leap, I was impressed.

I guess it’s time to start carrying the Really Fucking Big Stick on walks again.

People who ridicule and make fun of others for not being to able afford things / being poor really piss me off. Some of us got bills to pay, living pay check to pay check isn’t fucking easy and it’s so hard. But we survive and we try to make ends meet so yeah that means we can’t afford certain things like band merc because it’s not a necessity, because the water bill is more important than buying albums. It’s not something that we can just fix by getting a job cause guess what the money you earn with a job has to go towards keeping a roof over your head.

i went straight from my scumbag stoner Slippin’ Jimmy phase right into my useless sadsack Cinnabon Gene phase.

@god when do i get to blossom into the beautifully tacky, energetic, flamboyant piece of shit that i know i am on the inside?

i’m gonna make a corny ass AMV of that song from mulan, but it’ll just be a slideshow of Saul Goodman pictures.

*paisley ties, clashing shirts, and greasy comb-over pics*
♫ when will my reflection show who i am inside? ♫


I don’t think Dean or Cas are really the types of people to confess their feelings/have a heart-to-heart so easily. I think their relationship would just kinda happen, a kiss, maybe more, but they wouldn’t stop to put it into words so soon.They’d probably be “together” for months before they actually approach the subject “are we boyfriends?”

anonymous asked:

i dont consider it classism because there are also plenty of people w/o money who still wouldnt take the offer????????

That doesn’t subtract from classism. I mean just, because a person doesn’t absolutely have to do something doesn’t mean they aren’t being oppressed?

I mean to put this in another similar context by using some shitty anecdote that maybe you’ll get what I’m trying to say:

There was some shitty guy who use to harass me all the time who knew my family was poor, and knew I never had food at home. To try and get me to spend time with him he would offer to buy me lunches and shit, because again he knew my family never had food because we were poor as shit. I turned him down every time because he was actual shit. That doesn’t make what he was doing any less classist just because I didn’t take him up on his manipulative and classist offer to buy me food when he knew my family didn’t have food and he knew I didn’t want to spend any time with him at all.

So what happened here:

1) guy knew I needed/wanted food because I was poor

2) guy used this information to further harass me

this is classism. [and sexism but i don’t think anyone is disputing the sexist points so i’m sticking with defining the classist argument and all that bullshit]


Anons assumed that the mod needed tuition paid for, because a lot of the mods talk about being poor frequently and all that shit, and just our general blog topics revolving around classism among other shit. 

so what happened here:

1) Anon is assuming mod needs or wants college tuition paid for due to an assumption of the mods assumed need/want of money.

2) anon uses this information to harass the mod

…. this is classism. 
[and again probably sexism but we’re defining classism]

My hopes for the Pitch Perfect Sequel
  • Another, longer riff-off
  • Speaking parts and humorous back-stories for those two characters in the Bellas that were ignored the whole movie
  • Lily and Donald
  • Fat Amy (Patricia) and Bumper
  • Seriously that riff-off better be fucking perf
  • Incoming freshmen recruits
  • More Benji
  • New A Capella group that is hated by both the Bellas and the Treblemakers
  • I cannot emphasize enough how amazing that riff-off must be