and other sappy shit

LIKE yall hanzo and mccree are so fucking gay! for each other! no more sadness im ending it all they do sappy shit all the Fuckin time god

hanzo makin mccrees fave breakfast foods and kissing his cheeks all the time and sending him super gay texts when they’re apart with like.. at least 15 emojis of various kinds

and mccree is a Big ol gay and likes to come up behind hanzo and like wraps his arms around him and they just sway in place for a while. and they are like vines when they sleep like they’re completely tangled up in each other.

hanzo reads on the couch a lot like all curled up into one side of it and mccree just plops down on the couch and hanzo instinctively lowers his legs so mccree can rest his head on his thighs, and hanzo just gently pets his head while they do separate things (hanzo reading while mccree naps or plays on his phone or sth) but they are TOGETHER and they love each other fkgjdfkgfjd

like jst… yall…… they are in love……….

callison takes miami 🌴

BoKuroo headcanon dump because I’m trash and I suck


  • On April Fools, Kuroo stole all of Bokuto’s hair gel. 
  • They call each other “sweetie” “darling” “sugar pie” and other sappy shit and see which one of their boyfriends gets pissed off first
  • Bokuto gave Kuroo a cat plushie for his birthday, and, on Bokuto’s birthday, an owl plushie was waiting for him on his doorstep so they could match. 
  • One of their favorite pastimes is going out in Kuroo’s car, rolling the windows down, playing songs and yelling the lyrics out as loud as they can as they drive down the road. 
  • They both have Vine accounts, and tag the videos of all of the stupid/funny things they do under the hashtag #justbrothings
  • Bokuto is very easily distracted, and makes a simple trip to the grocery store a 4-hour exhibition that ends with the two of them getting kicked out of the local zoo for attempting to steal a great horned owl
  • When Kuroo was just getting to know Bokuto, when he first saw Bokuto with his hair wet/not spiky, he audibly screamed becAU S E W HAT THE HEKC
  • Bokuto has a very memey sense of humor but Kuroo literally looses it when he sees/hears the word ‘succ’
  • Speaking of laughing, everyone in the neighborhood knows when the two are together because their apartment sounds like a hyena and an owl are coughing their lungs out
  • The two literally sucked each other’s dicks ‘just to see what it felt like’
  • They once saw who can chug two liters of Coca-Cola and it ended with Bokuto getting his hecckin stomach pumped
  • They play with each other’s hair ALL THE TIME it’s kinda weird
  • They like to do shitty prank calls to all of their teammates but everyone knows who’s calling within the first five seconds of the call because of the distant cackling in the background
  • Bokuto can’t sing. no. nope. not a note. bUT HE CAN RAP LIKE HELL
  • when Kuroo is mad he acts like a pissed off cat, i.e. looks Bokuto deadass in the eye, grabs a vase or something and smashes it in front of him with no remorse in his eyes whatsoever
  • Kuroo snores
  • They both got piercings together, Bokuto has a helix piecing, and Kuroo has two lobe piercings on each ear. 
  • the randomest words can make them laugh, like, it’ll be completely silent and then Kuroo just whispers “cucumbers” or “deluxe toe gaps” and they’re both dead


  • Because Bokuto is a l0zer, he couldn’t grow the balls to tell Kuroo “I love you”, so he learned how to say it in German instead. After Kuroo figured out what he had said, he had informed Bokuto on how fitting and sexy he sounded when speaking German. 
  • Kuroo is very sensitive around the waist area, so Bokuto likes to torture him by grabbing it and running his hands down it in public. 
  • While being confronted, someone asked Kuroo “what are you, gay?”. Bokuto, being right next to him at the time, stuck a middle finger at him, grabbed Kuroo in a dip, answered “YES”, and proceeded to make out with him. 
  • Poor Bokuto can’t stay still when he’s trying to go to sleep, so sometimes, Kuroo forcefully holds him against him to keep him still, pressing kisses to his forehead every so often. 
  • Kuroo sounds like a kitten when he sneezes. The first time Bokuto heard it, he dropped everything and ‘AWW’d at maximum volume, making sure that every single one of his teammates knew that his boyfriend is adorable. It was in the middle of a semi-final match. 
  • Bokuto has a very muscular, very prominent, very FINE ass. Kuroo likes to squish it while making obnoxious sound effects. 


  • Due to Bokuto’s mind going a mile a minute, he suffers from breakdowns when he can’t get anything through and becomes very frustrated. Tears are streaming down his face, he’s stuttering and hiccuping, and clenching his fists like crazy. The first time Kuroo witnessed one of these episodes, he nearly started crying too.
  • The first time the two got in a fight, Bokuto was hammered after a night at the bar and Kuroo was really pissed off at an event in volleyball. The night ended with Bokuto crying in his pillow and Kuroo laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, wanting to take back every breath he had uttered back then. When Kuroo woke the next morning, he had 17 apology messages from Bokuto, one nearly a paragraph long, along with 2 or 3 memes to cheer him up.
  • When Bokuto was finally diagnosed with BPD, he called up Kuroo on his way back from the psychologist, voice breaking with every word. Kuroo had met him at home with a massive bear hug, and a big bottle of Mountain Dew (Bokuto’s favorite soda). 

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FUCK how could i forgET mitch is super bashful when he gives jonas presents. and he probably does it a bit. not A LOT but he probably tries to spoil jonas as much as he can. jonas loves it and it makes him feel loved and happy. either way its super super cute when mitch tries to give him something and hes super blushy..aaaA

BASHFUL!!!!!! MITCH!!!!!!

Mitch wants to spoil Jonas… be a good boyfriend… he always sees on tv and irl that boyfriends give their significant other presents and all that sappy shit and he wants to do the same….

He just wants Jo to know that he loves him and is always thinking of him AND GUGGHGHFH

im haunted thinking about how louis and harry chose who got which tatt for each complementary pairing i have no head canons or theories to offer about these conversations im literally just haunted by the thought that after they chose the rose/dagger or the anchor/rope or any others they had to sit down and say some seriously sappy shit about each other to sort out who got what and im haunted

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Honestly, what do girls think of valentine's day? There's this one girl who's not my girlfriend, but I love her, and want to do something cos I care about her - would it be wierd?

For me personally I like it. If someone got me flowers and a card that would be amazing even if it wasn’t a significant other. Girls like being drooled over and sappy shit and Valentine’s Day is a great way to get that one girl’s attention


i wish you knew what you mean to me and how your name plays in my head like a song on repeat when i try to sleep at night