and other people do too

You’re allowed to be excited about the little things. You’re allowed to be goofy. You’re allowed to be dorky about your favorite tv show, to make blanket forts, to enjoy cheesy movies, even just to sleep with stuffed animals. You’re allowed to do any of the things that make life a little more bearable. It’s fine, ok?

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

Tuesday Fic Rec #8

You Won’t Have to Reach Out for Me by lissa_bear | stiles/derek | nr | 5.8k |
(Ao3 only)

Stiles is having trouble holding himself together and he’d do anything to have Derek’s hand on him again–needs the relief like he needs oxygen, maybe more–which is exactly why he can’t let Derek touch him.

Because Stiles knows Derek, knows exactly where he ranks his own pain in terms of importance, and he knows that Derek would ignore the pain completely if it meant giving Stiles something he needed.

Stiles refuses be a source of pain for Derek–there are too many other people lining up to do the job–so he makes sure to hold himself at a safe distance.

You know, the summary on this one kind of tells it all. I love Stiles’ attitude, that he doesn’t want to let Derek take his pain because he doesn’t want to hurt him.

Fever of 103 by @authorkurikuri | stiles/derek | g | 0.5k |

Stiles sighs and resigns himself to his fate - death by werewolf cuddles.


Aftereffects by Dira Sudis ( @dsudis ) | stiles/derek | g | 1.4k |

Stiles lives with the aftereffects. 

A post-season 3b fic with a very sweet ending. Stiles learns to cope with all the things the nogitsune left him with. It’s short and sweet and lovely. 

The Fox and The Wolf by @yourlovelyalpha | stiles/derek | t | 12k

Derek finds an ordinary fox, that is until the gold tendrils begin to leak out of its leg wound.

This is so cute I love Fox!Stiles and combined with adorable photographer Derek. I just love this fic a lot. Deacon isn’t stupidly cryptic, Kate didn’t succeed in killing the Hales, and Stiles has to figure out how to shift back to being human again. It’s just adorable and I love it. 

Yeah? Yeah. by @pale-silver-comb | stiles/derek | g | 2k

As soon as Stiles got near enough, Derek pulled him into his arms. Stiles immediately melted into it, burying his face in Derek’s neck and let out another sob, not knowing how much he had needed the contact.

Stiles comes out to Derek.

Em is the best at giving me the feels. This is so sweet and lovely I love it. Everyone should have a Derek to come out to in their lives. <3<3<3

Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



anonymous asked:

do you have any favorite build cc?

ok so i don’t really have that much build mode cc so i just picked a few of my favorite things from buy mode

1. Neon peace sign

2.  S2 Ikea Chair

3. Old Mill Ivy

4. Bubble lamp

5. Trunk coffee table

6. City living posters

7. Wall microwaves

8. Potted-piary Plant

9. Felt letter board

10. Faceted floor lamp


Why do I always get more gratification from ships that go from “I fucking loathe you” to “hey maybe they’re not so bad I guess they have some redeeming qualities” to “holy shit this is my person” more than regular ships why is this trope so appealing to me

Lazytown Characters as Stuff I’ve Done

Inspired by @bonafide-worst@glannis-heels​ and @deweyart

Sportacus: Doing the most menial things in the most complicated manner possible.  Like making tea. Or the bed.  Or washing my hair.

Robbie: Slept through nearly the first two months of my life. I had to be woken up by my mother to eat, and she had to wake me up often because I fell asleep while eating.  I was perfectly healthy.  I just loved sleep.  Still do.

Stephanie: Named each and every one of my stuffed animals and said goodnight to them all lest they be sad.

Ziggy: Tried to be a superhero and yelled at a lumberjack cutting down a tree in our schoolyard.  I was five.  I was just standing there yelling at him from like 10 yards away.  I had to be dragged inside.

Pixel: Modded videogames back in 1997.

Stingy: Had my own special piggybank I named Penny and never let anybody touch it ever.

Trixie: Replaced all the chalk in my 4th grade classroom with rolls of white paper meticulously taped together.  Super bummed that the teacher never used chalk that day.

Mayor Meanswell: Offer everybody who visits me tea. 

Bessie: I contemplated dying my blue hair once.

Jives: Fell asleep in the middle of lunch and curled into a ball on a chair.  The picture is still hanging in our hallway.

Glanni: Could walk in high-heeled boots the first time I ever wore them, baby.

Ithró: When I was a baby, I agressively said hello to every person that I saw pass by

- Everything is fine, I promise.

The more this storyline goes on, the more I feel like Robert cheating was not the massive twist to this storyline, like I original thought. There just has to be another big twist that is about to come our way, and maybe we’re going to like it? Am I being delusional and way too positive? Or do other people see it to?

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do