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Tumblr Gif Etiquette

Ok heathens, I tried to just let this go but now a lot of people are doing it and I’m getting more annoyed. I’m seeing a lot of my gifs reposted without any credit given to me. This is considered quite rude on this site. Especially when some people are taking exact sets I have made and making their own posts with them, not even changing or adding anything. That’s basically stealing my work.

I HONESTLY do not care if you add my gifs to your fic posts or mood boards or imagines. I personally don’t need a credit for that. Hell, I made half of them just for that use, because I love my sister wives and want your products to be awesome and pretty. Though I know there are other people on this site that do want credit for those uses too. But it annoys me when you steal my work without even adding your own thoughts or creativity to it.

General rule of thumb for this site: if you are doing anything that involves saving a gif or picture to your computer and then uploading it back to a new post, you need to ask the person you took it from first. And thank them in your post. Again, I don’t require this personally but a lot of other people on this site do.

Please sister wives, if you like my gifsets, REBLOG them don’t download them and then post them like they’re yours. That’s just rude.

I have to admit, there are moments where I want to shamelessly beg for fest stuff from previous years. Other people are doing it, and they are successful at that too, so why shouldn’t I try it as well? Owning valuable stuff feels pretty good after all.

But then I remember that I do have my pride, that the feeling of having worked for it feels so much better than having it handed over to me just because I posted some blatant lie like “plz my grandma died gimme all ur stuff” or “pls help me with this project, every donation welcome, thx”

I mean, isn’t working and saving up for it part of the fun of owning it? I did receive gifts from other people, and I am still really grateful for that, I really am. But it’s so much more satisfying to look at something and say “Yup, I did it, I was able to afford this thing because I worked for it!”

You’re allowed to be excited about the little things. You’re allowed to be goofy. You’re allowed to be dorky about your favorite tv show, to make blanket forts, to enjoy cheesy movies, even just to sleep with stuffed animals. You’re allowed to do any of the things that make life a little more bearable. It’s fine, ok?

being feminine does not make you a girl. being feminine does NOT make you a girl. being feminine does NOT make you a GIRL. being FEMININE does not make you a GIRL! BEING FEMININE DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GIRL. being feminine does not make you a girl. 

its cool to be fem/fem-aligned and be a boy, be nb, be a girl even. but femininity does not inherently equal GIRL. its nice to remember that

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

Whenever someone plays Panic! At The Disco I have this urge to assert my fan dominance and I start rapid firing facts about them until I know they know that I’m obsessed

I learned like a year ago that fluffernutters are supposedly just a new england thing and that’s been hecking with me ever since then so pls reblog with where ur from and if u know what a fluffernutter is this is for science

I’m really tired of people being hateful towards Kathryn or anyone in Teamiplier. There is literally nothing to hate! She is a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who carries herself  s o  well. She works so hard and is an indispensable part of this team. I admire and look up to her and I know a lot of other people who do too. Please keep you nasty comments to yourself, no matter how much you dislike her.

Stop caring what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget that you have school the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it now. Take risks. Tell secrets. This life is yours.
—  Louise Flory

hello! it’s jaymee (aka. lovebugi / minibugi / jjongibugi)

i’d like to thank the 100+ lovely people that follow me by doing my first follow forever for this blog!

it’s been around 3 weeks (?) since i’ve created this sideblog & i’m really glad to see all the people who continue to support the pd101 trainees since the show ended—whether or not their fixed pick has debuted. seeing all this positivity makes this website such a fun place to be on, and i’m glad to be a part of it.

so, without further ado, here’s a shoutout to all the people who radiate positivity:

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Zodiac Checklist: Libra
  • ☑: Strangers open up to you, people approach you with ease
  • ☑: It may have taken you a long time, if ever, to self amuse, such as getting lunch or seeing a movie alone
  • ☑: Your intelligence can be overlooked or undervalued by many because it surprises others. You are naturally gifted with words and can learn easily
  • ☑: You empathise with your intellect
  • ☑: Many many people tell you how brilliant you are, and how they think the world of you, but on the inside your self consciousness eats away at you
  • ☑: The mere threat of confrontation unnerves you
  • ☑: Because you mean what you say, you think other people do too