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The Middle Seat

Dedicated to some of my favorite Sam/Harry Holland girls @lovelyimagines and @sam-a-holland !!! Headcanon from Harry’s insta story (✿◕‿◕✿)

Going back home was supposed to be something you looked forward to, seeing your friends and family, and eating home-cooked food. Except, you have had the best time in London for a study abroad opportunity for school. For the past two months, you had learned so much, met lovely people, and had the time of your life. The last thing you wanted to do was leave.

Now, you were sitting in the airport, scrolling on your phone, trying to live vicariously through your photos, already nostalgic, waiting for your plane to board. 

Once the minutes had too quickly passed by, you trudged reluctantly onto the plane, leaving behind the last of London. Scooting by people putting their luggage in the overhead compartment, you found your row printed from your ticket. 

The middle seat, are you kidding me? you thought, irritated. You sighed and sat down, getting your things situated, sticking your carry-on bag underneath the seat in front of you. 

“Tom’s a div,” you overheard someone say. “Getting first class and shit. Leaving us behind.” The voice grew louder as he approached you. 

“Oh, shit,” another voice said, even closer. “I’m supposed to be on the other side.” 

You sat upright after rummaging through your bag to find your sweatshirt and headphones. You looked at the two voices, who had continued to bicker, to find the two looking at you. 

“Oh, sorry,” you apologized. “Are you the, uh, seats next to me?”

The two boys looked at their boarding pass and at the row sign, in unison. They were both quite adorable. One was taller than the other, had brown shaggy hair, and a freckled face. The other wore a hat that showed his red hair through and a sharp jawline. You continued to scan their features, trying to deduce if they were friends or brothers. 

“Yeah, but it’s okay,” the brown haired one said with a smile. “I’ll go around. ‘S not a problem.”

The red haired one sat on your left, getting his bags adjusted: “I’m Harry, by the way. That’s my twin brother, Sam.” 

Twins, you thought with a subtle smile. Nice. 

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Could you please do some Junkrat, Reaper or Genji with a s/o who hides under furniture whenever they're sad or scared! I have a friend who does this and it's adorable ♡ Also I love what you do!!!

So I want to apologize. This was one of the responses I almost had done, and I was just getting ready to hit post but like an idiot I hit something I shouldn’t have. The other responses were incredibly detailed, each with their own unique situations and they were super cute. But I really hate re-writing something I’ve already made, especially when it was as long as I had these three so we’ll see

Update: Worse, I seem to be making them even longer then the previous


  • So he didnn’t know that you hid under furniture when you were scared, nor did he always think of the repercussions of his actions
  • One day he insisted on showing you his work shop, filled of bombs and wires and other weird creations he’d had in the works.
  • It made you nervous but this was Jamison Fawkes, your Jamie, and you wanted to be a good girlfriend. To be a good girlfriend, you wanted to let him show you what he was ever so passionate about…even if it made you uneasy
  • It was all good at first, but then Jamie also insisted on showing you how to wire one of his small grenades. He noticed you standing a bit back, and admittedly he was more focused on your pretty face then connecting the correct wires
  • To his delighted shock, it exploded and sent him toppling off his stool. Laughing, Junkrat thought it was a good blast until he realized you were missing and saw the door click shut to the shop
  • Instantly he felt bad. Even though Jamie didn’t fully grasp why everyone couldn’t have his fascination with bombs, he knew it wasn’t fair to force his hobbies on you…Roadhog had told him that many times.
  • Off he went in search of you, searching every room of the house you both had moved into recently. Every room he went too, he couldn’t find you.
  • Finally Junkrat paused outside the room you declared untouchable to him. It was the one room Jamie wasn’t allowed to enter, likely because it would be clean
  • Taking a breath, Junkrat prepared to have to you yell at him and then opened the door. Blinking, he was surprised to not see you at all. The room was tidy though, and her understood your need to have a room free of him
  • Walking in, Junkrat slowly went around the room, before pausing when his peg leg accidentally kicked something on the ground. Looking down, he noticed your sneaker and….your leg?
  • Looking, Junkrat realized you were hunched beneath the desk, hands over your eyes. Seeing you there, struggling to remember to breath…Junkrat’s eyes softened.
  • Sitting on the floor, he scooted close enough so that his arm brushed yours, making you jump. You looked up at him with teary eyes and tried to take a deep breath.
  • “I’m sorry,” you whispered.
  • Jamie shook his head and reached over to smooth the hair from your cheek, wincing at the slight smudge his fingers left on your skin. “No. I’m the one who is sorry, darl’. Tis me own fault…I shouldna forced ye to go in the shop,” Jamie said with a sad smile. “I…I hope ye’ll fergive me, darl’, I was a right dongo, I was…”
  • Slowly you shook your head, trying to steady your breathing. The warmth of his arm soothed you, and you inched closer so that you fit into his side… he was like a heater, and you loved how warm he made you.
  • “You’re not a…a dongo…?” you said hesitantly. “I just…I get scared easily…And then I ran for the first place I thought I could take cover…I…when I get scared, I tend to curl up under tables or desks…Habit from when I was younger.”
  • It embarrassed you, as a grown woman, that anything could frighten you enough that you had to hide under furniture when frightened…
  • As if sensing your thought, Jamie took your chin and gave you a lopsided smile that melted your heart. “Think it’s kinda cute, honest,” he murmured, pressing a sooty kiss to your nose.
  • Realizing he left another smudge, he couldn’t help the giggle that escaped him. Neither could you honestly, and feeling a bit better, the two of you stayed curled up there under the desk for a long time.


  • Literally, the man spent an entire day trying to find you
  • Uppon noticing you weren’t there at breakfast, he searched for you in the halls.
  • The bathrooms. The Training room. The Hangar. Common Area.
  • No matter where he seemed to check, no one had seen you once this morning. And Widowmaker refused to use her recon visor in a building FULL of people, because she’d never be able to tell everyone apart.
  • Frustrated, Reaper had to give up for the evening. Duties had to be dealt with, and his frustration only grew more when you failed to come to practice.
  • Messages were sent to your phone. Oh yes, the big bad reaper has a cell phone-you made him get one and his only contact is you (his choice, not yours). When you don’t answer him, he almost breaks his phone in anger
  • Later that evening, he goes back to his room. Like a bachelor suite, it comes equipt with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and small living room space. Its large and enough for a man like him.
  • You still haven’t answered, he notices, and kicks his boots off at the door. Where ARE you? He’s starting to get worried at this point. Are you okay? Are you injured? Had something happened to you?
  • Growling, he started across the room when something caught his attention. One of the kitchen chairs was pulled out, and Reaper knew he hadn’t gone into his kitchen this morning.
  • Frowning, he took off his mask and placed it on the table. No one was in the room as far as he could see. Then he thought…
  • Looking under the table, Reaper was stunned to see you sitting there with your knees to your chest, looking lost in thought and gazing into space. God, had you been here this entire time?
  • Crouching, Reaper felt a burst of annoyance.
  • “Hello?” he growled. “Have you been here all day? What the hell, y/n, you missed practice!” he snapped.
  • For a moment you didn’t respond, but when you did you looked at him in surprise. “Oh…hi Reaper. Didn’t see you come in,” you murmur, as if he hadn’t spoken. “Sorry, am I in your way?”
  • Reaper could only stare for a moment, before he let out a long sigh. “Y/n, why are you hiding under my table? And why haven’t you answered my messages?” he asked finally, staring at you hard. He wanted to remain intimidating-you should be scared.
  • For a moment you blinked, then you pulled your phone from your pocket. Showing him, you gave him a rather sad smile. “Its dead. Sorry. I didn’t realize…and I’m thinking,” you said, putting it away.
  • “What could you be thinking about that takes a whole day of sitting under my table?” he asks, scowling now, but there was a touch of worry. You were known for having good days and bad, and despite his rough nature, he did genuinely care.
  • Hesitantly, you give him another smile that just broke his undead heart. “Life, I guess. You. Me…Us. Talon. I just…its one of those days. And when I start thinking of my unending existence, I like to do it under the table. Which…is weird, I guess, but its comforting,” you murmured, resting your chin on your knees.
  • For a moment, you thought that Reaper was going to chew you out anyway. No need to take pity after all.
  • Then after a moment, Reaper eased himself onto the floor with a grunt, sliding beneath the table with you. He didn’t like the cramped space, but it was worth it to pull you against his side. 
  • “Whatever. Next time you want to contemplate life beneath my table though, call me. I’ll join you. We can be miserable together,” he grumbles, and you can’t help the small giggle that escapes you. The two of you were never miserable together.
  • “Okay,” you murmured, pressing your face into his chest, his fingers rubbing gentle circles onto your shoulder. “I’ll remember that for next time.”
  • Having a supportive, though evil, boyfriend was a perk you were blessed with.


  • The two of you were laying in bed one night
  • Genji is the only one who is very aware of your need to hide under furniture when your scared or sad. He thinks its cute, but it can sometimes be problematic if he’s looking for you
  • Tonight though, the two of you were sleeping when you began to get restless. You were having a terrible nightmare, one that scared you so bad that you shot straight up in the bed
  • Heart pounding and your lungs struggling to take in air, you couldn’t calm yourself
  • Genji felt the shift of your weight in the bed and started to wake up slowly. 
  • “Y/n…” he yawned, slowly rolling to face you. “Are you…” 
  • Eyes catching sight of your face in the pale moonlight, he sat up abruptly and immediately was awake. The tears pouring down your cheeks had him incredibly concerned, and your shaking had him gently rubbing your arms.
  • “Shhhh baby, its okay,” Genji said softly, eyes full of concern as he pulled you closer. “Did you have a nightmare, sweetheart?”
  • Clutching your chest, you struggled still to get ahold of yourself but managed a nod, unable to speak around the sobs that threatened to choke you.
  • Genji pushed the hair from your face and tried to murmur soothing words. You didn’t seem to be calming and Genji knew that there was a good chance only one thing would work.
  • Shoving the blanket and pillow off the bed, Genji looked at you. 
  • “C’mon,” he says gently. “We’re sleeping under the bed tonight.”
  • Eyes flickering up to his, you managed a small nod. It surprised you that he remembered this trait of yours to hide under the furniture when you were scared, as it was very rare that things frightened you. Then again, Genji had always been observant that way and remembered the small things…
  • The two of you climbed beneath the bed
  • Immediately, Genji pulled the pillow beneath your heads, and facing each other you two found yourself in a blanket burrito as he wrapped it around you both.
  • Cradling you, you pressed you face in his neck, knowing it couldn’t be easy for him being in this incredibly cramped space.
  • “Do you feel any better, y/n?” Genji asked softly after a few minutes, though he already knew the answer. He could feel your heartbeat against him, feel as it slowed to a steady beat gradually. Could hear your breath as it evened out as you calmed.
  • Slowly, you nodded, closing your eyes as you tried to press closer. Genji was so comfortable, you thought hazily, but the nightmare lingered at the front of your mind, preventing sleep.
  • “Don’t think about it,” Genji says softly, as if sensing your thoughts. “You are okay, my love. I’m okay. The team is safe…And I love you,” he whispered. Those words always sent a tingle down your spine and you couln’t help the smile that tugged at your lips.
  • “I love you,” you whispered, wanting to believe him that all was okay.
  • After a minute or so, Genji began to hum. He hummed an old tune for a very long time, and you had realized he wouldn’t sleep until you did. Luckily, the sound of his voice was quite soothing and helped to lull you as you lay there nestled into his arms.
Fictional Character Analysis: ISTJ

SUBMITTED by anonymous

As I mentioned in the INTJ write-up, the ISTJ seems to get a complete reverse presentation that they do in fiction. Whereas real-life INTJs are seen as super deep and complex but cardboard stereotypes in fiction, the ISTJ on the other hand is typically considered a boring work drone in everyday life but is pictured as very versatile and colorful in fiction. Albeit it is often because they are usually thrown in ridiculous situations where their need for safety and control is thrown to the wind. Watching a character try to make sense out of non-sense or ever changing circumstances is always entertaining. Even the more stereotypical, uptight and conservative ISTJs are typically the ones to dish out biting commentary time after time, making them often the most quotable characters of their show/movie/franchise. If only people realized that we are actually more often than not like this in real life, as opposed to humorless cyborgs. Oh well….

Introverted Sensing (Si): Unlike the ISFJ who’s Si appears to be a rich and colorful palette of images, experiences, trauma, joys, fears, desires etc. The ISTJ’s Si appears more in what we stereotypically associate with it, by which I mean, being controlling, by the book and shunning new ways of doing things. Hence why you always seem to have an ISTJ sidekick in hero movies or crime dramas, you know the one, he always keeps the protagonist in check, reminding him that “Shooting first and asking questions later” is not cool. In slasher movies, this trait of theirs is especially infuriating. Refusing to acknowledge any danger, super-natural entity brought to life, that a knife-wielding manic is on the loose etc. They are simply just begging to have a machete lodged between their eyes, which is usually what ends up happening. Take that, rational, uptight skeptic! BUT there are a few ISTJs here and there who display the really cool side of Si. Those action heroes and warriors who are naturals in their element, kick people’s asses and take names. The only way for bad guys to get the drop on them is to surprise them at every turn in which their Inferior Ne might freeze them shut, but even then it’s ill-advised to try to rid someone who is a natural in their field of interest. 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Much like the INTJ (real or fictional) the ISTJ is rarely a pro-active control-freak boss, but rather uses Te to judge the world in a very rational, no-non sense fashion. Any ISTJ will tell you that this skill or view is a God send. It prevents us from being taken for a ride. Even if Inferior Ne fails to look for hidden motives, Te will always ask if this makes sense and Si will chime to say “UNLESS it looks completely legit, don’t go for it’’. This is also an important part of the ISTJ character. They are natural bullsh*it detectors. They may over-do it sometimes, but better safe than sorry. On a more negative note however, Te is often responsible for the ISTJ minion to follow orders and get results at the expense of their inner morals (Fi) or looking at the bigger picture (Ne). Therefore, no matter how cool an ISTJ subordinate is in fiction, chances are he/she will get very little characters development and soon enough their comeuppance, something that is less likely with ISFJs who give in to their repressed rebellious side sooner it seems.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): A paramount trait of ISTJs that is not mentioned very often is their ability to balance humility with pride/authenticity. ’‘I’m a simple person with simple values, but just TRY to make me waver from them, I dare ya!” is something a lot of ISTJs fictional or real live by. Tert Fi tends to be especially strong in ISTJ characters. They deeply believe in their cause, often to the point where they think sacrificing their own lives to protect what they believe in is worth it. In the same way of the IxFJ’s Tert Ti, the IxTJ’s Fi is their own bullsh*t threshold and rebellious zone. (It’s a Pi-Dom thing). And you best believe your fictional ISTJ will tap in to it at some point, even if it’s at the last minute. For instance Darth Vader “Dude, that’s my own SON you’re frying to a crisp…..NOT cool!’’. This makes the ISTJ more human and relatable even if their are slow with this function. 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Unmovable in their belief and way of doing things, the ISTJ’s inferior Ne is not so much something that screams at you through the screen, but is rather heavily implied. For good or bad, we come to accept that ISTJ characters have a steady MO and even if they are forced to step outside their comfort zone, they will soon return there. It’s… kinda both charming and annoying at the same time, really. 

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How would the axis react to opening their front doors and seeing lil kiddos asking for candy while dressed up in shabby Halloween costumes?

Awww the little kiddos are doing there best! I had a couple of shabby halloween costumes too so i feel

Italy: Veee ciao ciao piccoli mostri! Here here candy for all!<3

Germany: It is good to see the young enjoy themselves. Here is some Kinder bars, they are both tasty and better for the body than other candies. Have a successful night young ones and be careful for any danger.

Japan: Ah, you all look great. May I suggest a few things? While giving out tons of candy to tide them over, gives them a few simple advice on how to improve their costume for next year. He is a cosplay master

Romano: Here you are little brats. Enjoy the candy. Acts grumpy, but is smiling. He loves Halloween night, seeing all the children prancing around in happily in cute outfits. Even tad shabby ones are great to see, shows that they are trying and deserves lots of candy

Prussia: KESSESSESS HEY THERE LITTLE KIDOS! HERE HERE TAKE THIS! gives them candy AND a roll of toilet paper so they can TP a house. All fun stuff. Next day Prussia will go around and help clean up the TP mess in the neighborhood tough, he is coughsomewhatcough responsible

Austria: Will be working with Hungary. They will both be outside and she’ll pass out candy, and if cold night, cups of hot coco. Austria will be playing the piano, nice background music for a fun night. What the kids don’t know is that there are a few jump scares (remote control,they don’t want to scare little babies) and when they see someone coming up, Austria will pound at the keys, scaring the kid and bomb jumpscare will pop up! Those that don’t run away gets lots of candy, but Austria will randomly pound at the keys again freaking the kids out thinking something else will jump out.

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So what's up with you and gazette? 😋

i just dont like them at all and its pretty difficult to not be surrounded by them 24/7 as a Dir fan since most other fans tend to love the gazette lol WHICH IS FINE but my lord. MY LORD. their online presence is just inescapable. i’ve just accepted that i’ll see them 234234 times a day as i scroll through tumblr because i’m pretty sure if i unfollowed everyone who reblogs gazette i’d be left following like 5 people lol. I’VE TRIED to like them, I’ve listened to like three of their albums and I’ve even been to one of their shows, randomly, but I JUST CANT GET INTO THEM I’M SORRY. I WISH I COULD BE A GAZETTE FAN SO I COULD ENJOY THE NEVER ENDING SUPPLY OF GAZETTE RELATED CONTENT ON TUMBLR.COM. THAT IS ALL

Musical theatre has a huge problem with male entitlement. Even in shows that are led by a woman, there’s a good chance that men are given the spotlight for long periods of time, or their bad actions are excused, or their creepiness (or outright abuse) is treated as funny or cute.

black panther showing the marvel universe how the “the villain is the protagonist but evil” is done right using intelligent character design, telling dialogue, FOCUSING THE CAMERA ON THE OTHER GUY FOR MORE THAN 1 SECOND, having the other guy be michael b. jordan even though that ones harder to replicate every movie but hey it helps

I don’t really know what this is, but I wanted to talk about it so … !

I just love the fact that Vani always try to hide his scars. Physicals one and Psychologicals one. Like, he always have his gloves, and when you look at how he dress himself, you can’t see any skin before his neck. And it hurt to think that just by seeing him without his gloves, we already saw two scars. And both of those times wasn’t really his will to show them. For Vanitas’ biting mark, it has been to proove himself in front of the vampires, not really because he wanted to really show it. For the other one on his arm, he probably have not even realise that it was showing. I think he is either ashamed of his scars or either reluctant to look at it or to show it, by fear of thinking about how he got them. Or maybe he just don’t anybody enough and won’t show a random person his weakness.

I think the day when he would trust someone enough for showing this person some of his scars, it would be something really important for him. I mean, we don’t know that much of his past but he lived with Moreau and Vanitas of the Blue Moon, as a child. It’s not the best childhood memory a human being could have, and for now, he never really talk about either ones by himself without not having the choice because of the situation, or having to explain himself even if he don’t want to. That’s why I really want to see him talking about it without being pressed to, just because he would finally feel like it and finally move forward.

(Because I’m pretty sure whatever he say about it he can’t move forward for now, he is still thinking about it and he let his memory of thise events hurt him and change the way he act, talk and think) Just think about all the others he is probably hiding …. ! Plus he always lie, at a point where he probably lie at himself too. Even if Noé and maybe Jeanne start to understand what he truly want to say when he talk, they still have a hard-time understanding him. And I think he don’t understand him himself. Like his gloves and his clothes, liying is his way to protect himself from seeing his own scars and I think it’s really intelligent to show a character like that.

Jun, you’re a fucking genius. (As if you had not already proove it with Pandora Hearts … !)

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Johnlock is canon in BBC universe. S4 is just a bad AU fanfic from the same authors. At least this is how I try to see it now. And I didn't even care about Johnlock so much. But S4. That was not BBC Sherlock. Not the one I feel in love with.

I agree that s4 is not the show i fell in love with. I don’t think i would have fell in love with it and got so invested if that’s how it would have been, maybe i would have watched it from time to time…. like i watch any other shows that i am not invested. I do care about Johnlock so it’s still a sore spot! but in my mind they are cuddling in 221b sofa watching a film,maybe sherlock is clipping his toe nails hahahaha and john is telling him that he’s going to clean up after he’s done 

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Yep. If Iris did something heinous, it's "Off with her head!". With every other women on the show, they get a free pass. It's like haters breathe down Iris' neck waiting for her to inhale oxygen so they can complain.

bIris doesn’t even have to do anything heinous for the self conscious losers to come out and berate her for existing. Iris is EVERYTHING their fav will never be or dream of becoming. She sits in a role that threatens their very being, she is the one true love of their beloved hero and those simple-minded idiots cannot handle it. On one hand I love it because I love watching them seethe. On the other hand they are directing a lot of hate through the character to Candice which is such a coward move. Also quite baffling but when you see the faces of the people who do it, it makes sense. Basically nobodies who will never get the time of day to be with a woman like her. 

Which is baffling considering out of the whole cast Candice is the only one who connects with her fans and goes out of her way to meet them at Cons. Today I legit saw a post advocating for Patty to return in Iris’ place because she is “strong.” I also saw someone wishing that Caitlin turns out to be the real Iris West because she saves the day. Excuse me but, I do believe that is the very fabric of the Iris character: strong and saves the day. Hell she literally saved Barry’s ass from Savitar. 

Originally posted by rainbow-purple-unicorn

The funniest part in all of this is that even though the Iris character is written badly at times, Candice still manages to come across as likable and so damn talented it’s a wonder why she was never the centre of the show (I guess alongside Barry) until the last two seasons. Another hilarious point is that so many complain about Iris yet substitute their favs in her role. Anyway, they can continue to cry in their parent’s basements because as much as they say they cannot stand Iris, critics and execs in Hollywood stay praising her and that’s what’s most important. 

She is bae, Grant already said this and she is queen as many of us see her. 

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I am aware that this poster is pretty terrible, but if the idea of a Chucky movie existing in the Hannibal TV show aesthetics appeals to you even a little, you should check it out. Don Mancini is becoming a really solid genre director (he also wrote or co-wrote all the other Child’s Play movies as well as Hannibal) in his own right. It is also cool he is getting some queer voices and ideas in there. Jennifer Tilly is great in her cameo. This one connects to 2013s Curse of Chucky’s narrative, so you might get more out of it if you see both. Though you can certainly just enjoy this one on its own on its own terms. It is a very visually interesting movie. 

“While I’m super glad you like this one OC, the unsubtle favoritism is making me feel shitty about my other OCs. Especially since that OC isn’t even MY favorite. Which is okay, we all have differences! But you never show any interest in my other characters and you’re constantly asking me things about this ONE, it gets a little discouraging for the rest.”


Be proud!

Even if your faves didn’t win, did you see how many votes there were? Past months don’t even compare to the volume of votes received.

Don’t be bitter because we lost on mwave, we know our boys are great and we must show respect and recognition for others.

Every one worked hard. 💕

Ignore Chanyeol dabbing that piece of sh

I know I’ve spoken a lot about FNAF in the past… at least one theory, my fanfiction, my AU, the headache that was Sister Location, my versions of the characters, but tonight I wanted to just talk, one last time, about the games as a whole, and the impact they’ve had on me.

I think it’s safe to say at this point that FNAF has joined the ranks of things that have had a hold on me—shows, movies, etc., that have had me hooked, and really influenced me. The other three being Danny Phantom, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the 2003 FullMetal Alchemist. And even they weren’t as much of an addiction to me as the Five Nights at Freddy’s games were. Now, when I say ‘addiction’ here, it’s actually a good thing. Let me explain:

Back in 2015, when I started work on Poor Little Souls, I honestly didn’t expect it to get as big as it did. It was just a fanfic, among all the many other Five Nights at Freddy’s fanfictions on But even now, when I look at the story, I honestly think that that was my big start. I loved writing the story, and people really loved reading it; to this day PLS has gotten the most faves, follows, and reviews out of any fanfiction I’ve done. I had people asking me to do audio read-alouds for their YouTube channels, asking if they could do webcomics, and even offering to publish the story for me. All of these had different outcomes: some good, some bad. The person who did the read-aloud did maybe eight videos, which I loved listening along to (is that egotistical?) before deciding to stop and delete her YouTube channel altogether, because, in her own words, she needed to actually get her life together and grow up. I don’t fault her for this; I’m kind of in the same boat. Plus, she did say that she might return one day and finish what she started, so there’s that.

After a lot of waiting on my part, the first person who initially talked about wanting to do the webcomic version of Poor Little Souls admitted that it was hard for them—they’d try to draw and redraw a page, only for it to come out wrong, and they actually only wanted to draw Mike’s confrontation with (spoiler alert) Jeremy at the end, anyway. After I made the announcement on my Tumblr, another artist seemed to decide to pick up the slack, and drew the first page for the story. All these months later, that first page is all I have seen of the comic in question. I’m not angry or disappointed however; I know better than anyone that life just happens sometimes, and plans can change. I don’t know whether or not that person is still planning to do the webcomic, but I can honestly say that if they changed their mind, I wouldn’t be broken up about it at all. Just having that one page, to me, is a huge honor, since it shows that people really liked my story, and while I would be flattered to see a story I wrote in webcomic form, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I don’t want THIS to be what defines me as a writer and creator (more on that in a few).

I’m sure that at least a few of you know already that some time back, someone stole Poor Little Souls and published it without my permission, putting it up for sale on a few websites such as Amazon. Well, I’m happy to announce that at the time of this writing; I’ve more or less resolved the issue. I contacted websites such as the aforementioned Amazon, Bookdepository, and Abebooks; along with Blurb, the company that published the story in the first place, and successfully gotten the story pulled. I did, however, do an IBN search before the story was pulled, and found that the sneaky bastard has spread the story, MY work, to a couple other websites, some of which don’t give me the means to contact the administrators to let them know of the theft. I’ve done all that I can, but the story is still out there in at least some places. So for any FNAF fans reading this, if you ever see a book titled ‘Poor Little Souls’ on any websites, know that that story was stolen from me, from, where I posted it under the username Shadowfang14. And I don’t think I’m the only author that ‘Karl Berry’ person has stolen from—some time back I did find his website/web page, and found some other works from other popular things, including a Croods coloring book. Spread the word: Karl Berry is a story thief.

Anyway, back to the story, and FNAF as a whole, itself. This is going to sound weird, but in spite of everything that’s happened, both with the story and in the actual fandom, I don’t regret a thing. In a weird kind of way, FNAF gave me a great platform to work with—since almost all the characters are blank slates, writing and developing them, fleshing them out, in both PLS and then later through roleplays, made me a better writer. I could project whatever traits and personalities I wanted on the characters, and ended up creating some really good, really HUMAN characters I ended up falling in love with, and now that I’m not into FNAF anymore, I can bring them back as fully original characters in my own stories; changing some names and other minor details while keeping their original personalities intact. And there are one or two ideas from the games I like enough to incorporate into my own stories; albeit while putting my own spin on them and not having them be the main focus; so that it doesn’t come across too much as a rip-off, or just an ascended fanfic. As I’ve said, I don’t want a fanfic to be what I’m best known for.

While I was always planning to make this post, I originally intended to save it for the end of the year, or close to year’s end; something symbolic, you know? But not too long ago I did some looking, and thought a lot about things. Out of curiosity, I visited the DeviantArt page of the first person who originally asked to make Poor Little Souls into a webcomic, and was surprised, and honestly, a little flattered to see that they still have the original folder, including a picture of my Mike. I won’t hold my breath though—as said, we’ve talked about it, and I’ve accepted it and moved on. Shortly after visiting DA I went back to my Tumblr and browsed the list of people I’m following. There are quite a few FNAF blogs I’ve been following that haven’t done anything for up to a year, some two years, and I think it’s pretty obvious by this point that the FNAF craze is dying, or already dead. It was inevitable—trends come and trends go. Remember five years ago, when everyone was talking about how amazing and groundbreaking Adventure Time was? Or when Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock had so many combined fans that if you weren’t part of the infamous trifecta that was Superwholock, you were mocking it?

I still have a couple mutual followers who are still having fun with FNAF—some with RPing, and I know that one person is (or was, I’m not sure) planning on making a fan game with their animatronic OCs. And that’s great, you guys keep doing that. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the games and lore. As for me, well, I actually did leave the fandom earlier this year, going as far as to draw a comic saying goodbye to FNAF. I did come back for a couple weeks last month, but to tell the truth, part of the reason for that was guilt out of just leaving a couple RPs dangling from before I left, and the other half was out of nostalgia. I really loved, and still look back fondly on, the RPs I did with my versions of the characters, but it’s time to face facts: that time is over. The first two games in the series are three years old now, and nothing will ever be as much fun as those RPs I did way back when. Even if Scott Cawthon keeps making more games, any threads I do now with my versions of the characters just won’t have the same magic that my past RPs did. And if he doesn’t, well, I’d just be beating a dead horse.

At the time of writing this, I’ve finally finished a lingering FNAF RP I was doing with another person, and am on the cusp of finishing a fanfiction that I’ve been working on since April. It’s not FNAF, but it is related to two other fandoms that are on their way out as well. Once I’m finished with that story, I can focus all my time, energy, and creativity into my comics/graphic novels, and I’m looking forward to that. @wind-the-music-box , @hatsume-meiku, @manglethepiratefox01, @five-or-so-missing-children, @symphoniaxregia, and  @jack-the-purpleguy-rp it has been really fun RPing with you guys, and I’ve loved interacting with your muses, but I just feel that, for me, the FNAF ship has sailed. Also, to those FNAF blogs who started following me late, or who started following me after my temporary resurrection of the AU, I’m sorry we never got a chance to interact.

I promise that you will see Mike, Ian, Hope, Tricia, Travis, Melody, and all the others again in my stories: whether they’ll be fully webcomics, fully printed graphic novels, or both I can’t say for sure; and as mentioned there will be differences: different names, slightly different character traits, but at their core they’ll still be the same characters you’ve come to love, and I’ve come to love writing.

i mean some peoples art literally is one of my reasons to live like ik im not the most positive person in the world but art rlly makes me happy like i rlly dont know why bUt it just does. even for myself sometimes its actually nice,, sometimes i actually like something and thats ok.

like every once in awhile i make something that im actually proud of. ik this one piece i did back near valentines day. m still proud of it like even though its severely outdated i still like it.

then some of my most recent stuff m proud of. because every once in awhile i go back and look at old art and it just makes me amazed how much i improved in such little time.

i mean if i could show a good comparison rn i totally would

but ya. its alright to feel proud in somethig youve created. you dont have to be within the group of people who constantly put others above them because they believe they themselves bad or not good enough.

but i mean like dont be too confident to the point where you think everything you draw is absolutely perfect and theres no mistakes. oh you may think this is a good sign because you are proud of yourself ! yea its a good thing but like if its too high then it gets annoying(probably, i dont have any experience with these types of people since i was sorta surrounded by people who had negative outlooks on their own art) because, viewers or your audience, could notice these mistakes. and whenever you tell them they shrug it off and these mistakes dont get fixed because “there are no mistakes”. ya see what im getting at here?

and then its alright to not be okay with it. because this sometimes leads to having the motivation to work hard to get where you want. it leads you to practicing till you feel like you accomplished something or felt like it was better. this is from my own experience though. i was very hardworking in trying to make everything right. though its not completely today and i still feel like it could use some work. but in summary from experience, i felt that it was so bad i had literally forced myself to try new things.

but then i understand some people dont have the motivation to do so nowadays. but really. try not to let that stop you. find yourself a role model to look up to. look at others art, study how they make up the anatomy and anything else. i usually watch speedpaints to study how they start the sketch and try doing something with their sketching technique.

i was my own motivator. i practiced when i was alone and isolated. there was nobody there to tell me i could do this and that and i would get better.

although this probably isnt good advice since i still have a lot i need to go through. i still feel as if its important. and maybe at least someone out there needs a boost.

Design is by me

Name: Familiar
Gender: Male
Relationship: None
Sexuality: Pansexual
Magic: Telekenetic
Species: Dog

Personality: Familiar likes gems and he likes to flirt. He flirts with a lot of people, but mostly with ladies, sometimes one or two might even get a small crush on him. The only other monster that actually has a crush on him is 47 but she is too shy to tell him. Familiar is very reckless and will get himself into stupid situations. He’s very brave though and won’ turn down the opertunity to be the hero, he’s a bit of a show off. He has amnesia and hated the fact that he can’t remember his past, but he doesn’t think it was interesting enough for him to need to remember anyway.

Story: Came from the Four Plains Kingdom after he got amnesia and traveled around the continent until he met Andy. The two stuck together and through their adventures, Familiar started developing unrequited feelings for Andy. The two settled down in the 8th section of Monsternia. Familiar does his best to keep Andy away from Muse and Kuruption, who he is very mistrustful of.

Emotional Consent

I’ve always been hesitant to post about this because I’m worried people will take it as a personal offense and I just want to say in advance this isn’t “@ anyone” or a callout even

I just feel like emotional consent as a concept is rarely talked about and therefore it’s often breached unknowingly (hence why I don’t never get mad at anyone specific for breaching it), and also I think it’s important I make this post. I didn’t learn what it was till I was older, and most people don’t.

Essentially “emotional consent” is a mutual understanding and willing agreement between both parties when discussing directly emotional or potentially emotionally loaded questions.

I’m going to start with examples, and I know it might feel bad at first if you recognize you do some of them (it’s okay, we all do from time to time), but please keep reading because I promise I’ll get onto alternative dialogues and solution

Here are some examples of what a breach of emotional consent can look like- not all the ways of course, but the major ones off the top of my head:

  • Venting to someone without warning or established boundaries this can look like starting a conversation by venting, or detailing graphic information seemingly out of nowhere and without effective trigger warnings. This can put people in situations where they feel like they have to respond, even if they’re not emotionally equipped, if they’re busy, or if they don’t have the spoons. Of course, usually this wasn’t the intent of the venter, but still has the same effect. FYI- this includes celebrities, social media icons, and people you admire. 
  • Talking graphically about sex, masturbation, or anything in that range without warning or established boundaries this can look like anything from sharing a funny sexual escapade with your friends, and dirty jokes, to sexual harassment and telling someone hows bad you want to fuck them despite not knowing how they feel about it. Sometimes in these scenarios, people can appear visibly comfortable in attempt to fit in and not seem prudish, or to avoid awkward confrontation. This can also be especially sensitive because this is a topic that can very easily and unexpectedly bring up traumas and insecurities along with the discomfort, and it can perpetuate rape culture.
  • Using pet-names and romantic implications, even platonically, without established consent this one was tough for me to swallow at first because I love pet names and I love using them platonically to show love. But even more, I want the people I love to feel comfortable and safe around me. Some people have deeper more negatively charged, or more intensely charged feelings around pet names than I do, and I wouldn’t want to subject them to that. Some people are also comfortable with certain pet names and not others. Also things like calling platonic meetups dates, cuddling, and platonically holding hands mean different things to different people, which is important to respect.
  • Showing people media or sending articles or news with heavy emotional content either without warning, or with the expectation of discussion part of this is about including trigger warnings, and making sure viewing triggering content is optional in spaces and interactions we have control over. Another part though, is the fact that we often expect people to have interactions and discussions with us about emotionally charged topics, including politics, crime, oppression, natural disasters, etc. without fully understanding how this can affect the other person.
  • Telling someone they’re the only person you feel comfortable telling something to, or be open with this one sucks because it usually (except in cases of abuse) comes out of genuine care and wanting to make the other person feel special. That being said, no matter how you phrase it, it can put a massive responsibility on the person that similar to my first example, can make them feel obligated to help even when they’re not in an appropriate place to. 
  • Expecting people to share personal or intimate information a lot of times we ask emotionally loaded questions because we care about and are interested in the lives of our loved ones. That being said, if we’re not careful people can really feel obligated to share information they’re not prepared to, or don’t want to process at the moment. This can look like “How’s your health been?” “How are you handling [life event]?” and “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

so now the more pleasant part! What can it look like to prioritize emotional consent instead- these correspond in order of initial bullets

  • Starting vague and asking if it’s okay an example dialogue could be “I’m feeling crappy about [blank] are you up to listen to me talk about it?” I also love to add “or should I try [alternative coping method/talking to someone else right now?]” to the end of that if I have one so the other person knows if they say no I have something to turn to. Another example could be “Would it be alright for me to vent right now? FYI it may include mentions of [possible triggers] so if you’re not up for it right now I understand?” or simply “Are you comfortable with me talking about [blank?]”. Also talking to a celebrity or idol “You really helped me with [blank]. I don’t know if you’re comfortable with detail so I won’t elaborate, but I really appreciate it.” or “You really helped me with [blank.] [An explanation about what specifically helped or inspired you in more detail rather than graphic description of the event.]”
  • Again! You can just ask example dialogue can include “Can I mention something about my sex life?” “I have a joke but it’s dirty so I want to make sure thats okay with you” “Can I say something nsfw?” “Is everyone here okay with sex mentions?” 
  • Asking still works! Example dialogue can be “Thanks [petname] (are you okay with me using that or would you rather I don’t)” “Are you okay being called [petname]?” “Are you comfortable with [intimate platonic act]?” “Do you want to [intimate platonic act]?” “I’d like to [intimate platonic act] if you’d be okay with that”
  • Ask/Warn ahead of time or clarify you don’t need response example dialogue “I want to process [news event] but I know it’s heavy so I wanted to ask first” “Jsyk this article contains [possible triggers] so don’t read it if you think it’d be harmful to you]” “Can I ask your opinion on [charged topic]. If you’d rather not, I understand” “[thought or link to article] FYI no need to respond. I just wanted to share.]”
  • Show you’re appreciation in other ways using phrases that show appreciation but don’t implicate responsibility like “Thanks for being here for me whenever you’re able to” “I really appreciate being able to talk about this with you” “It means a lot to me that I can feel so comfortable and open with you” “Being able to talk about this with you has been really helpful for me and I’m really glad I was ables to.”
  • Asking with an easy out or optional response examples include “Hey, I know you’re dealing with as lot and grieving right now so I absolutely don’t need a response, but I wanted to remind you if you need support in any way I’m available and have time right now.” “Do you want to talk about [emotionally charged life event] or would you rather talk about something else right now?” “I know it’s hard to talk about these things and I understand if you can’t, but I want to remind you that when you can and want to I’m available and won’t judge you.” “Would venting be helpful or draining right now?” “What’s the best way I can support you, or are you not sure right now?”

Sorry this became a long ass post but I thought it was important. I should also add that the exception of course is therapists and counselors, crisis hotlines, or other people trained and already prepared to cope with these things. but besides that- try and emo responsibly. 

Shadowhunters NYCC Panel

Just a few things from the panel

 ( @alecbaene , @immortal-husbands )

  • Isaiah says that at the beginning of s3, Luke is suffereing from “one hell of a hangover”
  • After Ollie confronts Luke about being a werewolf, his protectiveness over the pack shows even more, especially with Maia.
  • Alisha said that Simon’s deal with the Seelie Queen will have a negative effect on his relationship with Maia. “She’s kind of obsessed with him.”
  • Alisha has more seasons with the other girls in s3
  • Matt is concerned for Alec, as Alec’s stress levels are growing higher, which is an issue because its just at a time where he is reaching the more complex parts of his relationship with Magnus.
  • The mortality/immortality issue will be explored
  • Kat is excited for the stunts, especially because theyve just filmed their first ever dual wire stunt
  • Izzy is the new weapons master at the NY institute
  • “Jace is a workaholic”
  • Lilth will be played by Ana Hopkins. She appears in the first few episodes.
  • Javier Munoz, from the broadway show Hamilton, will be joining the cast, as an adversary of Magnus Bane
  • Lilth is coming for Jace because he hurt Sebastian. Her blood runs through Sebastians veins and he is as good as her son
  • S3 will air on April 3rd
  • Alisha said that she loves how the realtionships are expanded upon and develop more fthan what is in  the books
  • Jordan will appear, but his story line will be different than in the books
  • If Matt were to give advice to Alec he’d tell him to “Relax and think things through.” 
  • Alisha would tell Maia all about forgiveness.
  • Matt and ALisha were discussing werewolf/vampire “relations” and how super speed can be handy ;)
  • Kat would tell Clary to “Trust her gut”
  • Isaiah would tell Luke to “buy some earmuffs and blindfolds because he doesnt want to see what goes on in that boathouse.”
  • We’ll get to see more of Luke’s backstory and the trauma of going form being a shadowhunter to a werewolf.
  • Cleophas will return
  • Matt gave his love is love shirt to a fan, he also signed it, thn the cast all came down to hug the fan
  • Alec’s individual journey will be explored. He starts off as having a lot of political capital and goes through his journey in the clave….and thats that
  • Isaiah said the fandom is like, “you guys are like a warm fuzzy blanket in front of a fire”