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Yeah yeah yeah but…domestic Shiro/Matt AU. Where they're happy. That's it.

👏🏻 let 👏🏻 them 👏🏻 be 👏🏻 happy

But in all seriousness,,, heck yeah. Love me some good domestic AUs.

Shiro would be the boyfriend/husband who gets flowers for Matt all the time, gets him little gifts he knows are significant and never forgets an anniversary. He would make Matt feel loved.

Meanwhile, although Matt is forgetful, he never lets Shiro forget how much he loves him. He shows his affection through mother hen-ing him, through soft touches and kind words, through giving Shiro a shoulder to lean on.

They would be the couple who are disgustingly cute in public even without more pda than simple hand holding. They would frequent small shops and family-run businesses, they would get to know so many people and everyone would love them.

They’d live in a small one-story house with a dog and cozy furniture and each other, and they would love each other so much.

the get down

look the fact of the matter is this: most white ppl for some reason feel like they cant relate to the characters, experiences, struggles, and identities of this show prob because they do not see themselves represented on this show. something like stranger things is easily relatable to white audiences because there are little to no cultural undertones in the show. hell even if there were, we’d still be having this convo bc it still stands that stranger things has mostly white central characters (all white except one black kid), while the get down has ALL nonwhite central characters. even the secondary and tertiary characters are nonwhite. this is a show about a group of inner city black and latinx kids trying to make it in the bronx during the 70s, the kind of show i and so many other (particularly black) people have been waiting for, and it’s getting glossed over for shows like stranger things bc white people prefer to reject that with which they feel they cannot identify. but newsflash @ whites you dont have to identify with every character in a piece of entertainment in order to consume, enjoy, and uplift that media lmao so get another excuse perhaps bc us PoC have been watching you guys speak for/represent us since the dawn of time

my season 2 wishlist:
  • maybe a glimpse at the old paladins 
  • more of g3 
  • diplomatic mission with paladins dressed up in traditional altean clothing please I am begging
  • more alien planets and worldbuilding 
  • lance flirting with aliens (all genders and shapes) 
  • hunk lance keith and pidge having time to be the children they are and to enjoy themselves and smile PLEASE 
  • rover 2.0
  • more galra worldbuilding 
  • maybe let us know if pidge’s family is even still alive 
  • give lance more badass moments 
  • maybe release the trailer come on people 
  • allura and coran laughing and being happy
  • shiro not dying I ship shiro and life 
  • I know I shouldn’t be asking this but shiro angst I know this
  • just give me angst in general
  • klangst 
  • dude maybe show their families on earth
  • does shiro even have a family, i ask you
  • let us know more about shiro’s ‘champion’ era
  • what’s up with shiro and keith’s backstory why do they know each other let us know
  • parallels with season one/ particularly episode 2
  • something with the same emotional intensity as episode 9
  • (or More) 
  • lance cradling keith in his arms come on it’d be both adorable and hilarious work with me here
  • trust falls that’s amazing team building 
  • flashbacks. backstories. pls 

GOT7 always look after each other when they’re together, even with a shit team we don’t have to worry THAT much because they have each other. but when jackson is alone in China, he has no one to lean on or support him. we’ve seen him on his own and without assistance e.g. not having an umbrella when it’s raining/sunny or spare dry clothes in several pictures from show recordings, and that infuriates me so much bc he will never show when he’s struggling and will always put on a brave, strong, happy face for us. @jype start fucking looking after jackson, he works his ass off and sacrifices his health for you, it’s disgusting and cruel

Bahorel really likes diy stuff and one day decides to try doing something. It ends up horribly but he is determined to succeed so he asks Feuilly if he could help him with the second try. It turns out Feuilly is sirprisingly good at it so they make a few more things. Maybe they even start a youtube channel/tumblr/other social media where they show some very useful diy-s with inexpensive materials and then become famous.

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The "only one writer" argument doesn't even make sense, though. Plenty of times some detail of a character's back story is specific to an episode that may have only had one writer, or one primary writer. Are those things non-canon because the other writers didn't gather and agree on them beforehand? If one of the series writers wrote Picard and Q with that intention then it is part of the canon background. Maybe not all of it, but it certainly can't be dismissed as one writer's opinion.

This is interesting. You’re right, because on a show like Star Trek where there have been quite a few writers, canon becomes more than just the product of only one writer’s imagination. Canon is the whole thing, written by different people and sometimes changed or altered later on.

This really changes the way we perceive ‘canon’.

I was thinking, someone said Zeke wouldn’t have sold out an arena in ‘96 if he became famous in the '80s, but could that have just been a reunion show?

I mean, I do think if he popped late he could still be a selling out artist, but if not, if he popped around the '80s (which I’m sure he did, because I read that season two (not part two, but season two) is going to take place in the '80s), then by mid to late '90s MC Books could have just been doing a reunion show. Or filming a DVD, or even doing a tribute show. Maybe he made it with one or more of the other guys, but they died in '95? So the show in '96 is a farewell? I don’t know. I just think there has to be a reason he’s still that level of relevant almost 20 years after his origin story.

Oh!! Maybe there’s an NWA-Straight Outta Compton, thing going on? Maybe The Get Down we’re watching on Netflix, is actually the “movie” of Zeke’s life, and the performances we’re seeing him do as an adult, is the reality aspect of it all? So then once the season or series ends, an audience would have watched The Get Down, and then the actual actors get applauded for playing Zeke and Shao and so on, while Daveed is still the “real” Zeke. I don’t know. Maybe my imagination is getting too far away from me, lol.

The Junglock Theory

I love analyzing this show through the lens of popular tropes. But for the record, I do not believe that every romantic trope which appears in Sherlock was necessarily inserted by the writers on purpose–some, undoubtedly, but not all of them. No writer is 100% in control of the influences that slip into their work.

Rather, I see these tropes as an explanation of why I and so many others read the show as a romance. These archetypes, the building blocks of what we identify as romance, get baked into your unconscious–the more you consume popular media, the deeper these associations go. Certain associations are bound to differ based on a person’s values and upbringing, but there are universal overlaps. And that matters. That’s how, even if the writers really did have no intention of creating a romance (and this was all just a spectacular…accident?), I would argue that it still is one. I see what I see because I was trained to see it that way. 

But the other side of this coin: It’s fair to speculate that the tropes which unconsciously influence the motives of the readers may have also influenced the motives of the writers. For example, I doubt that Steven Moffat specifically set out to write an arc that closely resembles that of one of his apparent favorite movies, The Princess Bride. But he did. That just…sort of…happened. And that is enormously telling about his priorities as a writer, with this particular story, with this particular genre. Where it might go, what he might do next…I’m just saying, if the writers were telling a love story, it would look a lot like this. 

Daiya No A Act II - Chapter 46

It’s finally out, been waiting for this!!!! 

So, like any others how had predict Seidou lost the match. This showed how bad Seidou’s play is although they did have a good start. Not only that they gave 5 runs in one inning which already in late game, the batters also couldn’t score against Amahisa Kousei. However it appeared that they did at least score 1 run at the last inning but didn’t manage to connect. They really have a lot to reflect, well minus Sawamura. Sawamura really save them or they will be even more humiliate.  

I felt at bit sorry for Zono since he is that last hope for the team when he is in slum. He probably felt so much pressure. 

This is one of the part that I like in this chapter. There we saw Narumiya and Miyuki exchange looks. I really wondered what they were thinking? 

According to this, it seems like there’s no Kantou Tournament for Seidou. There’s kinda have pros and cons with this news. The cons is that they couldn’t play anymore match sadly, however this means that they have much more time for them to settle their team issues because there’s a lot of holes. At least in my eyes. 

When usually player would cry due to lost, Seidou didn’t because they knew their play that day didn’t deserve tears. I think they knew what they did wrong and probably after this they will work harder. 

Hahaha… I don’t know what to say in this part because even though Koushuu didn’t like his senpai, I know deep down he respect Sawamura. He went to Seidou because of that senpai, right? 

And it seems like Sawamura attract fans. XD hahaha… Kousei is pretty interested with Sawamura. That guy even want Sawamura’s LINE so that they can be friends. Well, I do understand that Kousei wanted to know more but really, this guys have no manner after all. What is this with genius people, lol?

and Koushuu just show his love for his senpai. hahaha… I really need to see Kousuu and Eijun battery more. 

Now, it’s rest time for Seidou and lets enjoy the next match. Who will win? The winner from east Tokyo or the winner from west Tokyo?? I bet its Inajitsu. Mei probably show a magnifies performance. I think this match is the battle against the pitcher/catcher. WHO GONNA WENT TO FINAL?

My entry for oc week 3 >.<

Mora lives in a world where monsters called Evigs is slowly dominating the humanity. She is a new student in a school for future exorcists, people who fight these monsters.

Mora has white hair and ver dark, brown eyes. Due to some unknown disease, she also wears a mouth mask that covers most of her face. Mora doesn’t show much emotions on her face because of the mask. She’s also very shy and doesn’t really know how to connect with other people. Deep inside she’s actually a very kind person who wants the best for others.

Otherwise, not much is known about her and no one semmes to know where this mysterious girl came from, not even herself.

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wait you like op characters right why not make one of them fight error sans is the most feared sans even other sans from other aus fear him because when he shows up everything dies

Have u seen error almost Destroy the whole kingdom with just 3 blasters?

No ?


Im sorry

 Glancing out the window, Ilise watched him stomp across the street before turning the corner. The bouquet he had brought was a spot of vivid color against the cobblestones, a spill of lilies and carnations. Several children darted into the street to retrieve loose flowers and they waved them overhead as they ran from the scene of Trevor’s little hissy fit. 

 Lips pursed, Ilise shook her head and let out a slow sigh. Some men could take a rejection and others couldn’t; Trevor was obviously one of the latter. But really… Who showed up two days after hearing that someone was injured and whipped out a (cheap) engagement ring? It was ludicrous and she’d told him as much. 

 …after she’d stopped laughing so hard she’d nearly spilled her tea. 

 Geoff hadn’t brought up marriage to her in over a year and she wasn’t about to entertain the idea from some upstart who’d shared her bed three times. Really, Trevor wasn’t even very pretty. The man had a divine chest, but you couldn’t very well flaunt a half-naked man on your arm the way you could someone with suitable looks. 

  A flick of her wrist closed the drapes and Ilise caught up the charming cane that Typhonius Amrata had given her the previous year. Now she had occasion to use it, and while her hobbling wasn’t particularly graceful, it did sway the silk fringe of the skirt she’d chosen. One did, after all, have to look the part at all times, and her part was externally an ornament. 

 So few people ever realized that when she was flitting about and giggling while Geoff was speaking seriously to them, she was listening to everything said and that she and her brother would discuss it afterwards. And they never realized just how often she and Geoff listened to each other’s criticism. …well, in regards to business, anyway. 

  He’d have quite a bit to say about Trevor; Ilise smirked as she made her way back to her chaise. She looked forward to hearing it–especially the “I told you so” that would be coming–so she could remind him yet again that he needed to find someone to marry within the upcoming year. 

 After all, it wasn’t her responsibility to ensure Charbonnet Shades had an heir to inherit it.


• I love this guy , because he loved me when I didn’t love myself 💛 I was insecure, down and didn’t think that I was even close to being loved 😍 & that even though I didn’t look like other girls it didn’t matter because no one could ever be me 👫 the guy that drops everything and run to my rescue and he doesn’t want to ever see me hurt ever again, but he actually showed me the real 💕 he showed me that they are actually people out there who actually look at your heart and not the outside 💯 & even though we only been together for 5 months those are the best 5 months of my life 😘 my mom loves you , my family loves you 💛 I love you 😍 I’m so glad that I found you 🙂🙂 your apart of my life now & I want to keep it this way ✨ you so different from those other guys *sighs* I love you PUD 😘😘

keith headcanons just ‘cause i’ve been staring at his goofy mullet for so long in photoshop lately:

  • dog person, but is a cat at heart
  • really sensitive movie/tv watcher, if he cares about the movie/show he doesn’t want to miss anything. he’ll get frustrated with others when he can’t hear a joke or he’s distracted during an important plot point
  • prefers to watch with closed captions on
  • smiles to himself every time he reads [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING]
  • has gotten into multiple altercations at more than one fast food restaurant
  • (usually the local 24-hour mcdonalds)
  • when he chews gum he pops it, loudly, without remorse, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it
  • has never paid more than $15 for any article of clothing, ever
  • maybe it’s maybelline, maybe it’s that he only can be bothered to wash his hair once a week
  • he doesn’t give even half a shit about what people think of his hair but just for his own sanity + to keep it out of the way when he hasn’t had the time to get to it, he has a bunch of hats… baseball caps and beanies mostly. he throws it up in a low pony/bun, slaps on the hat and he outtie. but that’s only when he gets so grody even he can’t handle it
  • always has at least (1) one hair tie on him at any given time. just in case. all the girls at school knew they could hit up keith if they needed one
  • goes to a family-owned corner store for all his lowkey shopping needs because major corporations (+ capitalism in general) give him hives
  • does his laundry at the laundromat. he’s the dude who waits until he has nothing but the clothes on his back and sits on the washer in his grimy black undershirt and boxer briefs while the little old ladies tut at him and offer him butterscotch candies
  • doesn’t drink any soda except for fanta
  • hardcore netflix binger. keith, it’s been 72+ hours. house of cards can wait. please go to bed
  • gets that Warm Fuzzy Feeling® whenever someone shows him casual verbal or physical affection because he is love-starved okay he needs that Platonic Good Good™ pat his shoulder call him pal he needs it to survive
  • vending machine junkie, he’ll eat anything out of those things
  • (also they’re easy to get quick food from for cheap… a Must on his budget)
  • can and will get an attitude if u interrupt him when he’s in the middle of something. u should have known better
  • zero to savage in .3 seconds
  • watched teletubbies as a kid

And yes, I mean all. I don’t care if you’re the ones hating or not but this fandom needs to clean up their act. From starting fandom wars, to the masturbation video, and now hating on Hoseok’s sister because she posted a picture with somebody who looked REMOTELY like one of the members?! How much worse are we going to get? We might as well start showing up to their dorm and start harassing them in person. I don’t see how you could go any further without it being fucking illegal.

Let’s start with the little stuff. Stop commenting on other videos about BTS. Just fucking stop doing it. I don’t want to hear your excuses as to why you’re doing it, it’s annoying and disrespectful. Do others do it on BTS’s videos? Yes. But do they do it so much that you can’t even see things about the actual artist the video is for? No. They don’t. That is why we are targeted, because we don’t know when to stop. So I’m telling you, STOP. Let’s also stop assuming that every damn artist in the Korean music industry is copying BTS. Sampling is legal, things get recycled, and I can promise you that not one of Bangtans songs, as well as any other artists, are completely, 100% original. So shut up and just enjoy the music.

Now, the things listed above are annoying, but they can be ignored. Sending a video of yourself MASTURBATING ON YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE straight to the boys is NOT okay. It never will be and its fucking sick. I have never been more disgusted in my life, nor have I ever seen something like that in any fandom (and I’ve been in many). I can’t even express in words how terrible that is. And the fact that there were ARMYs who wanted that person to send more is absolutely revolting as well. Learn some fucking self respect as well as respect for others. Sending videos like that and telling the boys how much you want to fuck/rape them is sexual assault and you could face some serious charges for that. Stop doing/promoting such disgusting acts.

Lastly, stop hating on Hoseok’s sister. What gives you the right to do so? You don’t know Hoseok, you have absolutely no connection to him whatsoever. You’re his fan? Good for you, so are millions of others. You are not special and you DO NOT have some kind of permission to tell Jiwoo what she can and cannot do just because you’re “Oppas fan”. Jimin, Jiwoo, Hoseok and all of the rest of Bangtan can do whatever the hell they want because you do not own them, and they are people too. Stop the assumptions and set yourself straight because the world does not revolve around you. Life is a bitch and unfortunately, the one you’re living does not entitle you to tell any of the boys or their family what they’re “allowed” to do. Grow the fuck up.

(If all of this does not pertain to you, thank you. You’re doing it right. I would still appreciate if you were to spread this as I know the ones who have done wrong will not.)

(UPDATE: I am aware that the girl who sent the video to BTS was not an ARMY, but ARMYs are still at fault for encouraging her to post more and applauding what she did. Just because she wasn’t an army doesn’t mean we don’t need to be mature take responsibility. The reason she even got so popular was because of how much attention ARMYs brought to her, both good and bad.)

Bigger version of the final lineup

And so, the MSA redesign project has finally come to an end. It’s crazy to think I started this little project back in April! :U Still, this was a fun project to work on. It was kind of neat to try and figure out the MSA ghost style, and how to translate other characters in that style.In the end, I don’t think I did too bad.

Anyways, thank you all for joining me while I worked on this, both showing support and providing feedback. You guys are great! Also a big thanks to Mystery Ben and his team. If it hadn’t been for all the hard work they put into Mystery Skulls Animated, then this project probably wouldn’t even be around.

I may do another redesign project in the future, but for now I’m fine with the conclusion of this one. Cheers!

Me: I don’t want to get involved in discourse. I want to graze peacefully

Also Me: I just think it’s funny how when Stranger Things came out everyone I followed, of every race, gender, and sexuality, was watching and complimenting it. But then The Get Down comes out and only the black bloggers I follow have anything to say about it.  It just goes to show that POC not only will, but are expected to participate in white focused media but shows with a primarily minority cast are largely ignored by white people. Even the ones who aren’t outwardly racist have these latent biases against “the other”.

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in GM Permanent Record, There's the scene where Farkle comes through Riley's window. When Farkle comes through her window, he opens his mouth as if he wants to say something, but doesn't, so Riley has to initiate the conversation. Farkle wouldn't just come through her window without having something in mind first? Do you think there was something that went unsaid in that conversation?

I think there is something that goes unsaid in every single one of their one-on-one conversations. 

But I don’t think he came there to specifically say anything about how he feels towards her romantically (cause he’s not even registering that yet, at least not completely). He showed up because he always shows up when Riley is hurting. She doesn’t need to say it, no one tells him, no one asks him to go, he’s just always there. Texas, Yearbook, New Year, HS1, PR, even STEM- Farkle just gets it, even when all of her other friends don’t, including Maya. He is the constant in that regard, and there is no way I will ever believe that isn’t completely intentional. That every single time Riley needs someone to understand her, to talk it out with her, to help her figure out her feelings, Farkle is the one that shows up. Not Lucas, literally never Lucas (except maybe in Bear)…always Farkle. Even in Bear, although Lucas is there for Riley and Topanga is there for Farkle, and they deal with their problems separately, they are still dealing with the same issue at the exact same time

In PR it’s just like it was in YB:

Farkle:  Hey Riley, I came over because, well, because I expected this.

Riley: You get me. 

…Aesthetic of their relationship, right there, folks.

Some praise nintendo as this god company that loves fun and can do no wrong but at least sega has some respect for fan creations and understands it can help promote the series.

On top of that sega are making this work for them such as embracing modding with steam workshop, taking taxman and others onboard to do a major project and much more(Hell one time Aaron Webber even popped into a stream to show his support to a mod creator which is pretty damn cool)