and other ones will not even show

This is the first fanfic I’ve ever written. And it’s about Clarke’s wait.

You have The 100 season four finale to thank for this. 

I go through many of Clarke’s daily logs, with an ending that I hope will be a welcome twist. Shoutout to the calculator on my phone for helping me count the days. 

Enjoy, my loves. Feedback is welcome. 


“Bellamy, if you could see me right now…” 

Clarke huffed a laugh, and winced. Her face was still grotesque, even after nearly two months of healing. She’d taken to doing some research in the lab, studying the chemicals on hand and eventually testing a salve, which had come out a sticky green and currently coated her features. She had caught her reflection in one of the computers and immediately grabbed the radio. 

Her smile faded as she studied the other screens, the feed showing the ravaged terrain outside the sealed doors. 

“I don’t know how anyone could still be alive,” she whispered. “I don’t know how I’m still alive. But you are. All of you. Because you have to be, or I’ll kill you.”

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And again, it doesn’t matter to anyone...

No one cares……that’s what I have to get into my thick skull.

Anywho, I miss having attention on here. I’m gonna be straight to the point with you, because, like, who cares if I get called names again?? Like an attention whore??? I know I don’t.

I remember when I used to get more likes on my posts, but, as it is for most people, little or no reblogs. Because no one really seems to care about what I have to say.

If you can prove me wrong, and get over five reblogs on this post(by my followers, other than the ones I’ve tagged), then that’s an acomplishment. I like to be noticed. I love to be heard. It makes me feel better about my art, my writing, myself, even if I never show it…

That’s probably why I’ve been so depressing lately…I miss having attention…..I miss people reminding me that I matter to my followers, family, and friends.

The lovely ones here, that keep reminding me, are @nothingbuttrash, @pastelturf, @multifrisk-y, and @merebear11. Some of my closest friends(I would say). I honestly don’t see how they can at the least put up with me, but, here we are. I wanted to say thank you to the people that help me to keep going, even the ones I have not mentioned. So, thank you. Thank you for caring, and for staying with me…even if I am an attention whore……and a sadistic, messed up piece of shit…thank you.

Dark Chocolate|2|M

Originally posted by ngocanne

Pairing: Reader x Jung Hoseok 

Genre: Smut, minor fluff and angst. 

Words: 6,190

Warnings: Slight Dom/Sub, orgasm denial, overstimulation. 

A/n: Wow this took me awhile to finally write! I hope you like this part as much as the last. Hopefully, it will quench your thirst~

Part 1

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I love that even without marriage, Victor and Yuuri call each other soulmates/boyfriends. Your Masq Victor and Yuuri is one of the characterizations that I love in this fandom. Also I love that they give each other matching set of guns,etc. Even without I love you, they clearly show how much they love each other. I also love that Victor always hums the tune of Stay Close to Me. Keep it up, Ash!

Because they are soulmates :) they don’t need marriage to prove that! <3 And thank you so much, I am really happy with how I’ve characterised them too, and that’s not something I say about my own work very much haha. 
And yes, I am really big on show not tell if people hadn’t figured that out by now, and their actions say it all. Thank you T_T 

you know what, my biggest issue isn’t even that floriana is demoted to recurring, it’s that in her place, white and straight characters are being promoted. maggie is a lesbian, one of the TWO non-straight characters on that show, and is now going to get even less than she did in season 2 whilst lena gets more and more, even though as a guest star she already got more than maggie and james, and at times even j’onn. and mon-el monopolised screentime in season 2, as well, which added to the taking away of others screentime (including alex)

they won’t promote sharon to regular, which would mean finally a woc on the main cast, so yeah, white/straight characters are gonna be the majority of main characters on supergirl season 2 along with the sidelined black men and lesbian but whatever, that’s fine according to apparently everyone at the cw and on that show and i shouldn’t have expected any different. i guess i had false hope, again

So Isak is probably going to be the one getting hurt because of something happening online…. it’s so clear that Sana wants to expose Sara but she also knows that there are others involved who are completely innocent…

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What you do think is better, the book or the show? Why?

I am often one to choose the book in this kind of question, as I feel books often go into a deeper and explain more. However, in this case, I’m going to be perfectly honest and say I don’t think one is better than the other. I adore the book, it’s been in my top five books since I read it I think… six years ago? And I genuinely like Margaret Atwood as an author as well.

I think the story they are telling in the show is more in depth than the book, purely because it can be. We see so much more of each character and know what they’re thinking. In the book, of course, everything Offred (June) hears is heresay. We can’t prove anything that she hears. It was only ever speculation her name was June, even that was never confirmed. Fred’s last name was never mentioned, we only knew his first because Of-Fred. The epilogue lead to speculation he was Fred Waterford, which we now know is true. The show has been able to expand on characters (and with a more diverse cast), and I love that.

I think the differing time periods also makes it hard to determine. The book was published in 1985 and it’s clear it’s set sometime around there with the references that are made, pertaining to the 70s and 80s. The show is set around 2015, and social media is obviously more widespread. This makes for a different story. You simply couldn’t have an identical story 30 years later with the rise of social media, and social media activism. I actually have a hard time believing some things purely because of how prevalent the internet is in our lives these days. So I think the show and the book were always going to be vastly different. I’ve found it much easier to connect with the characters in the show than I did in the book, and that’s partly because we see it from their eyes too, but also because June’s character is different. She herself is far more rebellious and risky than she ever was in the book. And, again, I do think the time period of 2015 would make an impact of that.

I haven’t really answered your question, I know. Because I can’t. I think the book is an incredible work of writing, and it remains one of my favourite books. I think the show is a brilliant show. As to which one is better? I can’t answer. I think they both have their merits and they’re hard to compare. Though I haven’t read the book in quite some time. I have been meaning to pick it off my bookshelf and read it again, but I keep getting caught up in other things. There have been a couple of moments where I had to pause and think (or even Google) “did that happen in the book?” because I just wasn’t sure. So I think I would have a better answer if I had read the book more recently.

I just know that before I started watching the show, in my head, I wanted it to stay true to the books. Little changes, here and there. But I wanted the ending to remain the same. I won’t say what, because I don’t want to spoil people, but the more I watch it (especially after episode 7), the more I’m starting to see the show as separate, and I’m starting to want less and less for the ending to remain the same as the book.

Not sure if that was the answer you were looking for though! Thank you for the question, it definitely made me think :)

(Hi there, if you’re seeing this, then I’m talking directly to you. Because, I think we as a role playing community need to have a sit down, a nice little heart-to-heart.

I’ve been lurking around Tumblr since way back when it was mostly people posting pictures of black and white filter-heavy lawn chairs and talking about music no one’s ever heard of. Back before geeks and nerds and socio-political discussions were about.

Before there even was a role playing community on this website. That was a mystical time where you could trim your posts, tags worked as intended 50% of the time, and there was something missing…

Around maybe, 2013, this site became hateful. And I mean passive aggressive tagging, anon hate raids, bullying people off characters/the site whole. Stalkers pretending to be other people, doxxing, death threats. I’ve seen this site produce some of the most wicked and hateful things on the internet.

And for what? We’re hobbyists. Be we nerds of comics, games, anime, movies- we, as role players, are fans of a thing playing to the tune of what we like. Now, I won’t admit we’re all perfect, amazing writers, but we are all one thing. We have one thing in common:

We’re people. We have jobs, schooling, family, friends, hobbies- passions. Every last role player is someone looking at a monitor, a laptop, a phone- adding people to Facebook or Skype or Discord. Attending conventions, forming lasting friendships. Even more than that sometimes.

So why all the hatred? The anxiety and bitterness? Lately, I’ve started doing a specific thing. Every night, I find someone I follow. Maybe not interact with, doesn’t follow me, etc. I find them, go to their page.

And I send them a short little message. Off anon. Telling them how great they are as people and RPers. And I do one thing very specifically that separates it from generic responses:

I mean it. I have now sent out seven. Not everyone has responded or posted, some likely deleted. The point isn’t recognition. It isn’t to gain followers, it’s not to promote myself.

It’s about putting others first.

We’re all people, with our own problems and heartaches. That’s all. Nothing more or less, just people.

I’m not asking for anyone to like or reblog this, that’s not the point. What I will ask is, once a day for a week, sending someone on your list you don’t talk with a message telling them something nice, and mean it.

There is so much honest toxicity within the role playing community, most of us have been involved with it in some form before. You have a chance to do something about it, so do it.

Make it a better place for everyone. Because everyone deserves to smile.)
jenೄ on Twitter
“do you ever look at your otp and think : I have chosen the right idiots to be obsessed with”

Oh yeah, all the time. It’s sadly a bit rare to see, but I love it when I come across a multifandom shipping video on YouTube, or one of those “List your OTPs from X different shows” memes and I see TwelveClara - or ElevenClara - placed alongside well-established and well-known ships from other shows. And (especially in the videos) they look so damn good besides the others. I’m not going to say better because I’m not out to knock another fandom’s ships. My point is DoctorClara holds its own perfectly well, even when placed head-to-head with ships that have been more direct (love scenes, people actually saying “I love you”, snogging). And it does the heart good to see it.

i’ve mentioned before on here (maybe a couple years ago) that my mom babysits/is a nanny, right? and i’ve mentioned how she’s turned a couple of the kids she baby-sat into low-key kpop fans. 

a couple years ago, i think i wrote about one of the little boys that really started liking all the songs she played while she was at work, and he’d even ask her to put on the songs and he’d always dance to them. 

and i’ve prolly mentioned her most recent little girl she’s babysitting for a couple years now

anyways, her name is Elliot and my mom has been playing soOOO much BTS and other kpop songs, this little…5? year old girl (my mom has been babysitting her since she was a baby) is a BTS fan,,, she’s always asking my mom to show her pictures of “V” on her phone

she thinks he’s “very very cute!!!” 

and the most recent funny story is 

last weekend, my mom told her about BTS appearing on the BBMAs so !!

my mom texts me

and she’s like “Elliot’s mom texted me this morning saying: So apparently I have to record a “”bonton boys”” concert on Saturday night…Do you know what channel it will be broadcast or how do I spell that group name?”  (lol not concert but shhh)


also my mom told me, after they watched it together, Elliot said that Taehyung looked “amazingly beautiful” 

i’m constantly laughing at my mom converting little kids into kpop fans 

this is a 50+ year old- Eastern European lady !!! and she’s making a small “Army” slowly but surely 

ok thanks for reading bye 

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Hi! Could you do the "you don't really love me-" secret relationship prompt for Yuto plz and thanks <3

Secret Relationship ⎢Always Accepting

Being insecure was a fault in itself. Being insecure and in a relationship with a person made up to be perfect was an issue. Or, eventually, it would be become one. The trick was, when the problem began to show it’s head, it came from the so-called ‘perfect person’ – who also proved to be an insecure person. At times, even you forgot that idols felt the same emotions that you did.

“It’s my only day off,” Yuto gave a huff, arms crossed as you so passively applied your makeup in the mirror. “My next one won’t be until next week and we haven’t even seen each other in – let’s see – a week!” He flashed an imaginary watch, emphasizing his point.

You sensed the agitation in his voice. He wasn’t angry per se, though you could tell there was something else brewing in the inside of his mind. Yuto wasn’t an easily offended person. He was irritated, but at more than the subject at hand. “I already told you, I can’t miss my friend’s party. This isn’t just a celebration for nothing, she got a promotion.”

“Your friend is always throwing a party for something, or going on some random outing that she’s invited you to. You’re with her more than you’re with me.” How could he forget the several times that you came home late, while he came home early to surprise you. He would say nothing, and sometimes even lie as to not cast guilt; saying that he got home only minutes before you did. However, now, he wasn’t afraid to pull punches.

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I think ED don't even know what this storyline is lol unless it's trying to break the boys down and throw every possible soap cliche at them surprise wedding,separation,prison,drugs,ons,reunion,5 week holiday,big reveal,pregnancy reveal wow they've been through a lot anyway maybe they are going to start from scratch making them stronger,showing how they can get through all of that and come out of it more in love than ever but who knows,do even ED and Iain know

Yeah, I don’t really know, nonnie.

I like to believe they are creating a power couple here, showing the audience and us and the other characters on the show that they really can get through anything and come out stronger and better for it.

I don’t think this storyline will break them, I really don’t.

(I think Iain doesn’t understand yet that you can have strong drama and good stories for a soap couple without any drama in their relationship but with drama that they face together, which is unfortunate.)

on the grande concert tragedy.

my thoughts are with everyone affected by the Manchester Arena tragedy. please be safe, be respectful, and help out where you can. when reading up on this horrible incident, be sure to check your sources and to not believe unconfirmed rumors. only trust verified reports from officials and news outlets with a history of ethical reporting. be respectful of the families/victims and DO NOT attempt to politicize this until more is known. DO NOT donate to any gofundme’s or other fundraisers until an official one has been verified by authorities/the victims – unfortunately, a lot of horrible people like to scam good samaritans this way in the aftermath of these events.  many people are dead and even more are hurt. show COMMON DECENCY and BE GOOD to one another. there’s going to be a lot of broken hearts and mourning parents tonight. there’s going to be a lot of people in pain. keep THAT in mind before everything else. 

ajcaimi  asked:

Hey Dana. I was wondering if you have any plans to develop and pitch a show of your own. If you do, what advice do you have for people who want to create their own show?

I did have plans to pitch a show. And I pitched it! And Disney bought it! And now I’m developing it!  It’s difficult and exciting ESPECIALLY because I’m doing all this for the first time. I hope I can show some images someday!

If I were to give one piece of advice to past me, it’d be to get comfortable writing entertaining scripts. As a showrunner the most important thing will be The Show, and 90% of The Show comes from The Writing. It’s difficult to find writers who will 100% understand your vision but if that’s an area you’re comfortable in you’ll never be an dire straits. I had never professionally written a script before my pilot. If I did maybe that part wouldn’t have been as stressful at the time haha. 

But let’s say you’re already good there. You’re good everywhere! 

How to pitch a thing! I used to love making “pitch books” as a kid, though I had no idea that’s what I was doing. It was just fun to develop worlds and characters! So even if you’re in HS or younger, making “pitch books” is a great way to spend your time and practice for the future. So get to it! Here’s just one format you can try: 

1. Cover page with short description of show and a fun image of your main character!

2. ½-1 full page describing your main character/s! (Don’t start with exhaustive explanations about the world, or any legends, or w/e, we’re here bc we want to connect with a character).

3. A couple pages with any other important characters you may have!

4. A page describing the most important relationships between your main character/s and others!

5. Simple 1 page description on how your world works! If it’s too complicated to get on one page, SIMPLIFY! Even the most complicated ideas can be pitched in 1-2 sentences. 

6. Important places! The main characters house? The bad guy’s castle? Stuff like that. 

7. Give em a couple episode examples! That’s where your show comes together, after all. 

And you’re done!

Fill your pitch book with fun images that show off your characters and your world! You don’t have to follow this format exactly, it’s your show, your pitch, do whatever you think will show off your ideas best. If you’re making an epic you might want to dedicate a page to where you want the show to go, and how the characters will evolve. Everything depends on what you want to make. But above all: Make it interesting to read!!! Make it fun to look at!!! Boredom is your enemy, fight against it!!!!

Are my exclamation points making this easier to understand? GREAT!!!!!

Now get out there and pitch some things cause I want new shows to watch.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

RETROGRADE PLANETS [IN THE BIRTH CHART]: A retrograde action is a planet slowing down. In contrast to the velocity of the Earth, it appears to be going backward. No planet ever goes backward or leaves its orbit. It is always moving forward. The apparent backward motion of a retrograde is simply the loss of velocity. The Sun and Moon never go into retrograde motion.
Retrograde planets represent work that must be achieved in this lifetime because it was not accomplished or reconciled in a past life.

MERCURY RETROGRADE: A Mercury retrograde usually occurs every three months, so that there are three or four Mercury retrograde periods per year, each lasting exactly twenty-one days. When Mercury goes retrograde, if you were born during a Mercury retrograde, it is a time to really make contact with yourself. You will be inspired and moved to recognize your ideas and thought processes with clarity.
When a person is born with a Mercury retrograde, he has a communication problem. He can tell you what he thinks, but he can’t tell you what he feels. He doesn’t make contact with his emotions because Mercury blocks it. There is also difficulty communicating with the self.

VENUS RETROGRADE: If you were born during a time of a Venus retrograde, your inability to appreciate the self is obvious. You are unable to express self-love. You don’t know how to get what it is you want or how to satisfy the self. You must learn not to expect such things from others but, instead, develop them within yourself.

MARS RETROGRADE: The inability to act is created in a Mars retrograde. It is as though you have been victimized by others because you are not using your aggressive qualities correctly – you either don’t know how to be aggressive or you fear aggression. You water down your energies. This does not make for a happy person; it creates a person who internalizes his aggressions and anger. This is dangerous because a retrograde Mars can lead to brooding or nursing old wounds and, eventually, to health problems ranging from ulcers to anxiety. Angers that cannot be externalized wind up being internalized, which impacts one’s health. Retrograde Mars in a chart indicates the inability to displace its natural energy in a positive or productive manner.

JUPITER RETROGRADE: A retrograde Jupiter usually leads to an overbearing individual, especially if placed in the fourth house – it is a tyrant in that house. It creates an inability to empathize with others, which results in an insensitive and isolated individual.

SATURN RETROGRADE: Saturn retrograde relates to self-worth. The inability to judge oneself accurately shows up in a retrograde Saturn. Saturn, as a maturation planet, puts your self-worth into proper perspective. People who tend to place more importance on themselves than others will certainly learn the lesson – Saturn will restrict them until they balance their own worth with the worth of others.

URANUS RETROGRADE: For those born with a retrograde Uranus, the action of Uranus, which is slow, becomes even slower. The unique and unconventional quality of Uranus ceases to be because something is underdeveloped or undeveloped that must be caught up with. This creates the late bloomer, one who doesn’t readily discover his rare individuality.

NEPTUNE RETROGRADE: Neptune in retrograde is a humdinger. Neptune is a difficult planet, so in retrograde action the negativity of Neptune becomes prominent. Neptune has a depth that can be lifesaving; but when it turns retrograde, it goes underground and doesn’t resurface. All of the wonderful concepts, ideas, and creative forces that are generally in Neptune when it is well-aspected will produce irrational fears and anxieties when in retrograde position. These fears are considered irrational because they are usually not created within the context of this lifetime, but from past-life issues and unfinished business.
If born with a Neptune retrograde, it is necessary to maintain faith and courage in the face of all challenges.

PLUTO RETROGRADE: Pluto is generational. During its long revolution, many people will be born within each of its aspects. If Pluto is in retrograde motion, which it is for about six months of the year, half of the population will be born with a Pluto retrograde. This group of people is not necessarily going to act according to the rest of the group. These individuals will, sooner or later, stand out within that generation. They will either be famous or infamous.

—  Ada Aubin and June Rifkin, The Complete Book of Astrology

there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco