and other ones will not even show

I think the best thing about Keith and Lance is that these two hated each other in the beginning of the show

But slowly as it went on, even though they still didn’t agree with everything that they did and they still had some arguments, you can tell that they started to care more about each other 

Look at Keith being concerned for Lance

(I can’t get over this part, he was so impatient for him to come out because he wanted him to heal so badly)

And look at Lance after he found out that the Red lion was attacking the base in the Blade of Marmora episode, he knew Keith was possibly in danger and he looked so concerned for him

(Especially the way he says “Allura?” too)

Lance and Keith’s relationship is slowly progressing as the seasons go on, and I personally think that it will be the most valid in season three now that Shiro’s gone. 

Shiro was always the one that came between them so that they would stop fighting. Now that he’s gone and they’re probably going to have to find him, they’re going to need to work together (not just as teammates but as friends/acquaintances too).

Their relationship was set up to reach this point, rivals at first, but when they both lose something important to them, their bond/connection/team work matters now more than ever. 

We already know that they actually are a pretty decent team when they want to be

(Getting out of that elevator together)

(Going on missions)

And there are so many more moments, but now it goes beyond Voltron and it’s a matter of can they work together as Lance and Keith, and not just as Lance and Keith the paladins. 

That’s going to be the ultimate test, but I personally think they can it’s just a matter of how and when. They’re going to be very important to each other in season three, I can tell. 

 like i’m really unhappy about the fact merlin was a servant for the entirety of the show right, but my favourite thing is that he must have been the top bitch at this castle. like there must have been a chief of the servants, obviously, and it’s not even the fact he’s a very likeable person, but it’s also due to the fact everyone knew what happened with other arthur’s servants.

the fact that he made it, and then never left, and you could get shit done with merlin, he must have been kind of the top figure in the backstage of the castle. obviously not everybody liked him (like the cook), but he must have had people idk, saving him spots, or freeing others because they know how busy he is.

they would always know they can come to him and he actually has ins everywhere, including arthur, and he must have had a lot of contacts, and a lot of people owing him favours which they probably didn’t mind very much. some would probably find him napping off in different places and just find him a special merlin blanket. or give him food when he was running around and he probably forgot to get some for himself. 

idk but it’s a nice thing to think about, and just the fact that merlin’s clothes (which were only seen worn by HIM) george decided to copy bc clearly arthur must have liked those is telling you enough. merlin was just the top bitch at the castle.

  • <p> <b>Random person:</b> Can you stop shipping everything??<p/><b>Me:</b> Well, I'm stuck on my small boat in this ocean with many ships around but I can't get on any one of them because they may all drown any moment<p/><b>Random person:</b> Why did I even ask...<p/></p>
Nashcon 2017 things

because I haven’t seen a post like this yet (it’s probably been done anyway tho)
- gold row a seats 37 to 42 never showing up and greatly irritating r2 because those are the best seats and they were sold but the people who bought them just didn’t show??
- “go jacket off”
- organ vs piano, “pianist”, “fiddling with my organ”
- r2m were asked if they could switch parts (meaning roles) what would they do with each other’s parts, and r2 immediately started talking about how they’d fondle Matt’s…parts.
- a certain someone with a suspiciously high voice with a weird attempt at some accent started going on about how much r2m love Misha and how one of them, but they wouldn’t say who, even calls his wife Misha (it was Misha, of course.)
- Misha saying he stopped doing Cooking Fast and Fresh with West because his kids got camera shy and “it’s espionage”
- “where’s Samantha?”
- a little girl dressed as Iron Man going on stage with Sam
- j2 in hysterics over “bumhole” (edit: I have been informed that it was actually “bunghole”. Pretty funny either way though.)
- Jensen responding to a question with “I got it! I don’t know.”
- Jared talking in an exaggerated southern accent and Jensen saying that was his new fear
- Jared being scared of bears because “they’re big”
- Jared’s version of talking with an accent is saying where he’s from
- Jensen thought the ending of Supernatural should be left open for the movie a couple years later, but Jared said they need to die because as long as they live they’ll be hunting and having a movie afterwards “isn’t ending it Jensen”
- Mark Sheppard saying if he was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing, it’d be Donald Trump: “it’s called taking one for the team”
- Mark S replying to a fan introducing herself by name by saying “no you’re not, you’re perfect”

feel free to add on!! I know I missed a heck of a lot

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I’ve been seeing some posts saying that people who want black paladin lance are being unfair toward keith since the things we judge keith for things lance also does. Many of us are not ignoring the fact that lance is not a perfect leader but rather that between him and the other paladins, aside from shiro, he has the most leadership traits and potential. The Balmera episode did show how good lance’s leaderships skills are. I just felt that I had to say this.

there isn’t such thing as a perfect leader, everyone’s gonna have their own flaws that’ll cause an issue one way or the other

even Shiro wasn’t always perfect with his actions as a leader too so saying that Lance would be “perfect” isn’t really……true

of course Lance isn’t perfect? he’s not flawless?? he is impulsive and hotheaded and pretty cocky. not to mention, he can get distracted really easily too and is all about getting the approval and praise of others. he isn’t as intelligent as Pidge or handy with engineering like Hunk, he isn’t as skilled in combat as Keith is, and he isn’t as diplomatic as Allura. obviously he has faults. his thirst for praise and being the “best” and the “hotshot pilot” can easily distract him from taking things seriously enough. and you know what? he can be pretty selfish sometimes too. the way he expected there to be a parade after they freed the balmerans was a selfish thing to expect, and Keith even called him out on it too. and he’s all about flirting and finding love, so that too gets in the way of his duty as a paladin. he almost lost his lion because of that.

however there are soooo many reasons why people want him to lead. i’m not gonna bother listing them out because i’ve already done it before (just go through my black paladin lance tag)

but basically what i’m saying is yeah, Lance has faults too, just like everyone else. no, he’s not perfect. there is no such thing as a perfect character.

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tbh last one out of beach city gave me such bad secondhand embarrassment

Last one out of beach city had every problem I had with Pearl episodes bundled into one badly written fanfic:

-she obsessed over Rose (here it REALLY pissed me off bc it literally takes back all that character development she had in Mr. Greg)

-she put Steven’s life at risk

-Amethyst was treated poorly (I mean thank god she was no punching bag but it really shows how Zuke sees her)

-A creative and interesting premise that could’ve gone to any other character

-some lesson for Pearl that we already learned about (this one didn’t even make sense. Since when did Pearl care about how amethyst sees her?? Heck I don’t think amethyst found her boring anymore)

-no garnet

-being aware that this was clearly someone’s fantasy being put into play (and lol what do you know she was)

-Lauren “queen of the gays” Zuke making it bore the hell outta me

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I'm not super familiar with the love live scene anymore, but what happened?

Aqours had their First Live this weekend and Rikyako, Riko’s seiyuu, missed a note while playing the piano (which she started to learn how to play 3 months ago for the performance) and I’m guessing anxiety got to her, she panicked and broke down crying, the music stopped, everything was put on hold.

But the other members rushed to her side to comfort her, the whole audience, rather than boo’ing because the show was stopped, turned their lights to her image color and showed their support, basically signaling that’s it’s ok and all.

From what I can tell, no one’s giving her shit for that mistake, but the fact that she started to cry in the first place is leading me to believe, that even if no one else is mad at her, she herself might be her biggest critic right now and I really don’t want her to hate herself because of that.
And oh yeah, she’s also saying stuff like, that’s she a failure as a professional (even if everyone thinks it was a good performance), that she betrayed the people that believed in her and she seems to blame herself for making everyone worry.

So, us fans worrying might make her feel bad, but how can we just not worry, that’s the dilemma I’m having right now.

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Do you think Edd comes off as the main character of the series?

No, the series as a whole is definitely about Eddy.  There are a lot of episodes that do specifically focus on Edd, but ultimately Eddy’s goals drive the show, and it becomes really clear in BPS that it is his story.  One could look at it this way: without Edd, the show would lose a lot of heart and good character dynamics, so it would be a whole lot less interesting and probably not enjoyable because Eddy would not have someone to offset his chaotic antagonism towards the other kids (like, wow this world would be cynical), but it would still be possible to create plots with conflict.  Without Eddy, not a whole lot would happen.  There would not really be conflict with the other kids.  No scams.  No hijinks.  Would Ed and Edd even be friends?  

So yeah, both worlds are very depressing, but one of them could theoretically still function as a show (and honestly there are a lot of shows that have the problems that this show would have- not a lot of interesting ways for characters to interact, and nobody pulling the more selfish characters back to say “Hey, wait a second, that’s not right!”  I think Eddy would go way too far in an incarnation without Edd and I do not think he would be nearly as likable…. and poor Ed would be along for the ride with nobody to remind Eddy to value his friends.)  The version of the show without Eddy would not be a show at all, just a bunch of kids living mundane lives.

Or maybe it was Plank’s story all along.

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headcanons for what nekoma would be in a fantasy au? like mage, adventurer, dragon trainer, etc

I love me some AU’s tbh


• Dragon Trainer

• comes from a family of dragon trainers and knows all there is to dragons and is very fond of them. Spends more time with them rather than humans, they don’t make him anxious. Though Kuroo is an exception 

• after growing up he realized that Kuroo has been looking the same no matter how long time has passes and he is getting worried. 


• Mage

• the strongest one in the kingdom and has a large reputation of being a great magic user, also to be a bit of a goof. Usually hangs out in the magical forest to collect bits and pieces for his potions

• he and Kenma has known each other since forever also even though Kenma ages.. Kuroo haven’t done that for years.. hmmm


• Mage-in-training

• he once showed up one day on Kuroo’s doorstep and asked him to become his mentor. To which Kuroo hesitantly agreed to. 

• He is a good mage if he focuses, but he is impatient often and loses focus so it usually results in smaller explosions. But he’s learning!


• (?)

• he lives in a cottage deep within the forest and is friends with Kuroo and Kenma, he spends his days sitting on his porch and meditates usually

• no one really knows what he is, who he truly is, what is his real name- his birth name. How long has he lived? There’s an old legend telling about a young man that once fell in love with the ruler of the forest but.. hmmm is it true


• Adventurer

• no doubts about it, he needs to travel and go on a journey to see the world! all that energy needs to be put to use and so off this man goes to find the many peculiar things that exist in this fantasy world

• a very knows adventurer as well but usually uses aliases because he don’t want to be recognized 


Hey! As you all know, February is #HockeyIsForEveryone month. Unfortunately, a certain team didn’t get the memo. The Dallas Stars have done nothing to help include their LGBT+ fans and the one night they were supposed to.

I’m not saying that using Pride tape, making a video, or anything else other teams have done would magically make homophobia, queerphobia, or hate disappear from the NHL. No, what I’m saying is that this obvious play by Stars Management shows that they’re not willing to take that step. If they refuse to even put tape on their sticks, they will NEVER include us.

I would like to point out that the players themselves most likely do not have any say in this. It’s management that we should be angry with. It’s a management that we should riot against.

Myself and others have decided that this is enough. If the Stars are worried about alienating part of their audience with Pride Night, they’ve certainly done it-And not with the people they meant to. No, it’s time for a revolution.

Please, take a stand for what’s right. Hate in sports is a serious issue and it’s time for me -and you- to fight back. Please use the #DIYStarsPride on twitter and tag @ DallasStars as well as You Can Play and the NHL itself so they know that we’re here and we’re angry. @DIYStarsPride is our hub so tag us in any tumblr or twitter posts or use the hashtag #DIYStarsPride to get our-and their attention.

Go wild! Write emails, make signs, tweet, get their attention. This isn’t an attack on just the Stars. It’s an attack on the hate and discrimination in hockey. The Stars? They’re our step one (1). We have thousands more to come. Be a part of it.

I’ve gotten interested in modding The Sims 4. Originally, it was just a desire to re-tune some of the things in the game that I found annoying. I think I’m starting to see some of the larger possibilities, though.

Something I’m working on right now is implementing something akin to the celebrity system from The Sims 3, and I think I’ve made pretty good progress. 

The picture above shows one of the effects of becoming even a D-List celebrity–other Sims will start snapping photos of you with their smartphones.

(I’ve tweaked things a bit since I took this screenshot, so they actually have to be facing you, and some other requirements.)

I mean, I’ll probably never have it perfect, because I made a rule for myself that I wouldn’t touch any of the game’s original tuning files. I handle everything through the injection of a single trait that gets applied across the board, and the rest of the magic happens largely through proximity buffs and broadcasters, as well as three new statistical commodities that get attached through the trait.

It has been fun. I guess I’d probably like to make it available through modthesims someday if anybody turns out to be interested. I don’t know if anybody will be. Maybe it’s just a me thing.

02/07/17 Datalounge post (Thank you who ever you are.)

👏🏻👏🏻 Some reasonable thoughts on the casting, too much at stake to put the show at risk…for hiding a sexual preference.. READ ON:

➡️ I ’m going to open myself up to all kinds of abuse here since we can only have one viewpoint but here goes:

Starz is unlikely to have cast a gay actor in the role of Jamie unless that actor was entirely in the closet and no one in the industry, and possibly even personally, knew of his orientation. Other roles have had gay actors, of course, but this role could not. Here’s why: the fan base is just too committed to the books, too old, too straight, too female, too conservative, highly romantic and highly invested in imagining themselves as Claire and Jamie as their dream lover. The show only brought out more of these types of fans. The book fans already had an opinion of who Jamie was and he wasn’t gay. Fans of these kinds of books consider it their job to weigh in on which actor is right to cast for their ‘book boyfriend’. The backlash when the actor comes out or is outed would be bad for the studio, bad for the show, bad for the actor (actually not really his fault), bad for the author, bad for the casting agents, bad for the bottom line because it bursts the romantic bubble of the straight storyline. Sam could still be gay. I’m not saying he isn’t, but it wasn’t a good studio decision to cast him if he is. He was an almost unknown actor before this and picking a straight actor would have fit their image better. It’s not like the show was casting any big name actors and needed the perfect big name to play Jamie and their big name happened to also be a famous closeted gay actor. They were all unknowns. Starz isn’t likely to have cast a lead actor, Jamie or Claire, for this show simply because they are gay. Yep, that’s totally un-pc but if you think studios don’t still practice this kind of discrimination for financial reasons, you’re living under a rock. It’s business.


reply 200


It’s been a while. I hope you’re doing well in any current endeavors. I hope you have people in your life that are bringing out your genuine smile of which I was so fond. You know the one. Not the one you’d show people to make it seem like everything was alright when it wasn’t, but the true, heartfelt one. And most of all I selfishly hope we find some way back into each other’s lives in some form or another down the road, even if it’s not in the way we’d both prefer. You’re an amazing girl and I’ll always wonder what could have been.

Be happy.

This guy you used to know

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literally for a month now all I can think of is a drink that adds babies to your belly and speeds them up in age to match the others. like a guy pregnant with eight month triplets filming himself, swallowing it down, moaning and rubbing his tummy because it's growing /right there/ and just not being able to stop touching himself. and promptly going out to buy three more bottles. LIKE??? someone give me this I will pay in love

EVEN BETTER: they add time accelerators. so you’ve got a scrawny guy just barely showing with one, and he downs four drinks with a five-month boost and within minutes he’s burst through his shirt and pants just groaning at the sheer weight and new pressure of everything and he can feel them all growing and it’s /fantastic/. LIKE

This is So Fuckin Hot and he’s just going to get bigger and bigger so fast, groaning and moaning at all of the pressure and motion inside of him

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I was quite surprised when i learned that the end of 6-1 was not the end of the show because it definitely felt like it. Other than that, being a newbie in the fandom (finished binge-watching TW a week ago), i think the show went downhill after 3-2. Plus, such a wasted opportunity to flash out and explore Stiles-Derek dynamic, jeez! Even shipping aside, it was one of the most interesting relationships on the show and gave us glimpses of "real" Derek. Grrh.

Welcome to our Hell!

The worst thing just happened to me. I invited my boyfriend over to watch a cartoon with me on YouTube (even worse, one that got outed as the one with a huge fictional crush in it), and somehow, it managed to get even WORSE. I’m about to show him a specific scene, and type the name of the show in the search bar. I had forgotten to use my other account for searching, so what’s the first thing he sees? “(show title) tickle” I nearly SCREAMED. He immediately gasped and started laughing, and started tickling me all over, like, “if you were so desperate to look, why didn’t you just ask for some?!” I’m never going to live this down. LET ME DIE.

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Nice that you think it's funny to laugh at another artists humiliation. Even if you don't give a fuck about la la land those creators put hard work into their craft and that fact that you don't feel even a little bit of sympathy and are just bashing them really shows your maturity. Just cos it's white dudes that created something doesn't automatically make it awful. In fact you make things awful by pinning black against white and immediately hating smthn just cos a white person created it. Sad.

on one hand you’ve completely missed what my opinion actually is and i would love to correct you but on the other hand i dont care about your white tears???? who’s up next

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Okay, but seriously, why were Ed and Edd even friends with Eddy!? All he ever did was take advantage of Edd’s intelligence and ingenuity and Ed’s strength. On top of that, he treated them like shit ALL the time. The other kids seemed to like Ed and Edd when they weren’t working with Eddy to take their fucking money. I don’t think there is a single girl in that show who didn’t flirt with Double D at one point or another. Seriously, Edd was a total dick, and caused 98% of the conflicts in the show, and they would have been way better off without him. They called him out on it sometimes, but the episodes always ended with them making up because they understood ‘friendship’ or something. The best ending that show could have had would have been Ed and Edd telling Eddy to fuck off, so they could finally make some real friends.

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I get that Barisi fans are hugely disappointed with this season, but I feel like it's presumptive of some Barisi fans to talk as if because *their* ship may not be as popular/getting new canon as previously, that the entire SVU fandom is "dying". That isn't so. There are still plenty of people actively creating content for and talking about other ships and characters, including ones who-*gasp*!-haven't even been on screen in an episode for 3-5 seasons or more! Barisi doesn't = all of SVU fandom.

Anon, I honestly wish I were only disappointed in this season for Barisi-related reasons. That would mean I’d still be able to find some excitement in the show, while being a little bummed out because my ship wasn’t getting any action. That’s a pretty standard fandom experience for shippers of non-canon or obscure pairings. Like, I still loved The X-Files, even after they killed off Krycek and, with him, my Krycek/Skinner fantasies. I still enjoyed Lost even after Jack and Juliet were toast. I still loved Person of Interest even after my two main ships (Carter/Reese and Shaw/Root) were literally killed. I wish that were the case with SVU.

I’ve made several posts about my issues with this season. I guess the main one would be this post, but you could also read any one of my episode analyses, none of which even mention Barisi. To reiterate some of my main issues, I find the messed up scheduling to be an added source of incoherence, because no character is allowed to have any type of growth, not when we’re watching episode 14 before we get to see episode 7. The supporting characters have all been reduced to cardboard cutouts.

And, the worst part is, even Benson, who is the protagonist, has regressed in terms of her personal story. We no longer see anything about her life. She’s front-and-center when it comes to working with cases or helping victims, but who is she? What does she do when she’s not working? We used to see her with boyfriends, with Barba, with Noah, with Lucy (though I think that actress is currently unavailable). When the main character has no personal growth, how can the rest of the characters expect any?

Admittedly, Sonny is my favorite character, so my main gripe with this season (and the main reason I loved Season 17 more than Season 16) is the fact his screentime has decreased and his character development has stalled. Completely. Barba fans could say the same, I’m sure. And they have. We used to get all those little hints about him, the drinking, the pills, the clenched fists, and this season there’s been nothing. And then, Fin fans have been experiencing this for decades, lol. And Amanda, who used to have a tumultuous but very rich backstory, because she thrived in the more melodramatic SVU seasons (14/15), much like Nick, well, she barely has anything to do, either.

But, characters aside, I also find the cases extremely troubling. I disagree with the “message” the writers are trying to send, almost every week. In previous seasons, my disagreements were far more rare. The mommy issues are especially glaring, and the “imperfect victim”/“flawed but relatable perpetrator” theme is getting old. So I can’t even enjoy SVU as a procedural anymore.

Now, when it comes to the SVU fandom dying out, my recent posts refer to tumblr, and the fandom as I experience it. I’m not active on twitter or other platforms (not when it comes to fandom stuff), so my only real exposure to the SVU fandom is tumblr itself. And, of course, I mostly engage with Barisi, Sonny and Barba fans, because that’s where my interests lie, lol. So I’m talking about my own experience, and the relative lack of interest that I’ve seen, at least compared to last season. I assume the people who send me asks about it are also Barisi/Sonny/Barba fans, and that’s why they come to me. To talk about the characters and/or the ship we all love.

I’ve never engaged much online with old school SVU fans (even though I’m actually one of them, and I’ve been watching the show from the very beginning), but I certainly understand they still exist (why wouldn’t they?). First of all, Benson is the constant, so the people who love her still get to enjoy their fave. But I’m sure that fans of older characters are still active when it comes to fic and edits, too. It’s true that people still create content for characters or ships like Benson/Stabler (of course) or Benson/Cabot (my second fave Olivia ship, after Benson/Amaro COME AT ME) or Fin/Munch, or Barba/Huang, or Casey/Chester Lake (pls send me links I love them). For characters they haven’t seen in years, as you said. Some of these fans have probably stopped watching the show altogether and i envy them.

Hell, Barisi itself is a very tiny part of the SVU fandom, and it’s still alive due to fan interest alone, because many of us still create salty content, even though the show is giving us nothing. The SVU fandom overall is also still very much alive, and it will probably never die.

That still doesn’t help me, though :D

I spoke of new fans in my previous posts, but a similar thought applies to old fans, as well. For a fan who has given up on the current content of the show and writes or reads fic for, like, Benson/Cabot (send links for that too, btw!) I can imagine why Season 18 would feel no different than Season 16. Because these fans may have lost their favorite character years ago, and they no longer care much about the ones who are still there. For me, a Sonny fan, well, I’m losing my fave while he’s still there. Same way Fin fans lost him, like, 8 years ago. And, to make matters worse, the show itself is no longer fun or even watchable, sometimes. That has caused a noticeable (at least on my dash) lack of interest.

Is this permanent? I hope not. For starters, this has all happened before. Season 18 is giving me Season 10 vibes. It feels like the start of a huge decline in quality, which will take a couple of years to be fixed. The thing is, the show just might have a couple of years still left in it, so maybe there’s still hope for improvement. A few new writers, a few new characters (which the show sorely needs!), and we’ll be good to go. Maybe :)

Lastly, in every post I mention the fact I’m sure there are plenty(? lol) of people who are still excited about the show. I’ll repeat it here. I do think the show itself is on its last legs, and the fandom has gotten less active overall, as is to be expected after 18 years, but of course people still care. So, those of you who still love SVU (or who no longer watch it but are still in love with Chester Lake or O'Halloran good taste btw!), keep doing you!