and other ones will not even show

advice to the signs
  • aries:baby, it's okay to let go. you don't always have to be so damn hard. you're only human, it's okay to not have it together all the time. we'll still love you.
  • taurus:stop being so damn paranoid. your friends are your friends. no one thinks you're annoying. they love you, and everything is going to be okay.
  • gemini:sweetheart, i know you mean well. but not everyone does. you love them, but you sure have a funny way of showing it.
  • cancer:you spend so much time trying to sew everyone up, you hardly even realize you're tearing at the seams before it's too late. invest in a mirror. kind of like on an airplane, put your mask on before assisting others.
  • leo:everyone deserves a second chance. let people redeem themselves, everyone has their bad days.
  • virgo:no one ever got to the top and stayed there by climbing on top of other people. we're all fighting for the same thing, you don't have to do this alone.
  • libra:if you keep going back to what hurt you, you're no longer a victim, you're a volunteer. the definition of insanity is doing something the exact same way and expecting different results. baby girl, you're worth so much more than drunken promises at 3am that are never fulfilled.
  • scorpio:depression isn't a house guest, it's a trespasser. stop feeding it, kick it the hell out, it's not welcome here.
  • sagittarius:change is good. but too much of anything is a bad thing. do you even recognize yourself anymore?
  • capricorn:it's not you against the world. maybe if you let someone in every now and then, you wouldn't feel so god damn lonely.
  • aquarius:people aren't replaceable. drugs only delay the pain. let yourself miss them, it wouldn't hurt so bad if it didn't mean so much.
  • pisces:life isn't this hard darling, I promise you, you're gonna get through it. you always do.

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I can not believe 17 year old harry and 19 year old louis existed at the same like 2012 was a real time period it happened do you understand ? sometimes I have trouble believing it wasn't a figmant of my imagination

sometimes I’m like “I once dreamt that…” and remember it actually happened. 

they couldnt be apart from each other seriously

they were even tapped together and in that moment, it was the most beautiful thing in the world 

shut up harry your fond/thirstiness?/love is showing

i still can’t get over this dance. it more beautiful than the scene on beauty and the beast

cheeky baby louisssssss. 

in conclusion: nope, no one can’t get over 2011/2012 era because it was a wonderful eraaaaaa. 

One of the most exciting things about going to a 1989 show and being a part of tumblr, is that I can look into the crowd and see people holding a sign and be like “oh I know them, they are (username) on tumblr” but I’ve never met them before! And also it’ll be weird seeing taylorswift because I feel like we are best friends who have known each other for so long but she doesn’t even know I exist hahahah

Luke Gets Jelly Of Evan Peters

     You curled up on the couch preparing yourself for another episode of your favorite television show, American Horror Story. As you set up the TV, you beloved boyfriend, Luke, settled down next to you. He pulled you close to him and you both cuddled into each other ready to watch the program. Now Luke wasn’t a real big AHS fanatic like yourself. You absolutely adored the show and everything about it, while Luke simply enjoyed just spending time with you. He didn’t mind what you guys watched. One particular thing you really enjoyed about the show was the famous beloved actor, Evan Peters. You may have had a slight crush on him. All though slight would be an understatement. You practically worshipped him. So once the first Even Peters scene popped up, you were squirming and fangirling in your place, while Luke just sat there awkwardly.

“Oh so perfect.” You mumbled to yourself absentminded, unaware your boyfriend heard. Rolling his eyes “I really don’t see the fascination there is with this guy.” He huffed.

“Oh he’s so perfect. He loves Violet so much it hurts.” You explained. This caused another eye roll from Luke.

“Are you kidding?! The guy’s a freaking psycho killer!” He exclaimed.

“So, he’s learned from his mistakes, he’d do anything for her. He’s so sweet. Tate and Violet are the cutest.” You stuck up for your otp.

“I thought we were the cutest.” Luke pouted. “But if you’re so interested in psychos, then don’t come crying to me when you get yourself killed.” He crossed his arms and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Lukey, are you jelly?”


You kissed his cheek. “Awe, it’s okay Lukey. It’s just a tv show. You’re still my favorite and the best boyfriend ever.” Luke smiled at your words and kissed your lips.

“That’s right baby.” You snuggled back into his chest to continue watching the program. Luke kissed your forehead and whispered into your ear.

“I love you more than Tate loves Violet.”

I really hope you liked that! Please please send in requests! 

-Evie :)

@breehunterfitness: We all start somewhere. The photo on the left was in my early 20s. At the time without even realizing it I was over consuming calories and not exercising. Eventually I became fed up and knew if I didn’t make the necessary changes it would only get worse as I got older. It was time to make a change and in the end we are ultimately responsible for our own destiny. I got my act together and started setting goals. In the beginning of my journey I went from one extreme to the other and neither were necessarily healthy. It took me years to find balance and now I want to show you the way without having to make the same mistakes I did. All you have to do is be ready for change and willing to make the commitment to yourself. 12 weeks of your life go by so fast and I am living proof it can be done. With what you learn from my program you will have the knowledge to make this a lifestyle.
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I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a certain pic of Chris wearing one of those newsboy hats/drivers caps. I can't find it anywhere. Would you happen to know what I'm talking about? I need it for something :( anyway, if you have it, please send it along!

m It’s sad that I even remember stuff like this haha, but these are the ones I remember for sure, there are probably others (Hope one of them is the right one)

Top Left is from Paleyfest 2011, Top Right is from ‘Best in Drag’ benefit show, Bottom left is from William Rast/Target event, Bottom right is from MTV appearance 2011.

(Pretty sure they’re all the same hat)

Tony Goldwyn Wants Hillary Clinton To Guest Star On 'Scandal' & She’s Not The Only Powerful Woman He Admires

When it comes to any Shonda Rhimes show, there is never any shortage of powerful female characters, and Scandal is certainly no exception. From the fiercely independent Olivia Pope to the badass antics of Abby and Quinn, women have become this show’s bread and butter. And according to Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz on the series, it’s something he’d like to see even more of in the form of 2016’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Bustle recently had a chance to catch up with Goldwyn at the 2015 Matrix Awards, where he revealed how much he’d love to see Hillary (along with several other strong female figures) come on as a future guest star. And I gotta say, I kind of love the idea.

“Hilary Clinton, come on,” Goldwyn listed as one of his top Scandal cameo picks. “Michelle [Obama] would be awesome. Oprah would be pretty good. How about that?” Yes, yes, and hell yes, is all I have to say on the matter. I mean, any of these ladies would be a perfect (albeit temporary) addition to the ABC hit’s ensemble. We’re talking about a show that highlights just how strong and powerful women can be in the political arena, which is something that everyone in this country needs to be well aware, especially as the coming election approaches. And if anyone knows how to handle such a topic, it’s Olivia Pope.

Speaking of which, Scandal’s love of powerful women is very on par with what the Matrix Awards is all about, which seeks to honor outstanding women in the communications industry. So since Goldwyn was there as one of the event’s presenters (he was honoringElle Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Robbie Myers), I asked which of his female costars he’d love to see honored there if he could. And here’s a hint: it’s very in keeping with our love for Olitz

“Wow, they are all incredible,” Goldwyn stated. “But I’d have to say Kerry [Washington]. She’s just extraordinary.” The actor went on to explain: “You know, in a lot of ways, a lot like Robbie Myers — who we’re honoring today — she’s someone who does so many things at the same time and does it with such grace and humility and she gets it done. Kerry’s an incredible human being.” Say it with me now: “Awww!!!”

Of course, Fitz, much like Goldwyn himself, has nothing but admiration for his on-screen leading lady. Fitz always turns to Liv for advice and values her opinion above all others. So is it safe to say that this President is a feminist? “Oh god, no question. Of course,” Goldwyn responded. Then he certainly still has my vote. Hats off to you, my friend!


Images: maryannerussell; gladiatorsandheartbreakers/Tumblr (2); ABC

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I don't think ive ever seen you talk about Azoff and Harry and stuff, what do you think spot that whole theory? I think maybe he's just around for when harry goes solo, like to help or even manage his solo career. There's no evidence at all that they're involved with One Direction our the other boys at all.

I feel like there’s a lot of stuff going around right now about this. Whats going on guys?

I am actually very interested in the boy’s hanging out with the Azoffs, even if it was originally only because I’ve been watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians for like seven years and I had already known that name and seen Shelli Azoff on the show. In fact I just rewatched the episode with Kim’s baby shower, she held it at Shelli’s house, they call her Aunt Shelli.

But anyway, did you forget this picture?

I know it’s a small pic, but that tiny lady in the middle between Harry and Liam is Shelli Azoff. 

I have no doubt that Harry and his family are now incredibly close to the Azoffs, but I feel like the band wouldn’t be pictured together with a giant “one Direction” in the background for no reason, especially for god’s sake if Harry was going solo to be managed by Irving or Jeff or even Shelli.

On top of that, I do believe them when they talked in the James Corden interview about staying together and continuing to tour. 

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Hello! I'm not sure if this has been requested before, but I'd love to hear (when they're older and have their own place) how Kinjou, Naruko, Teshima, Aoyagi, Fukutomi, Arakita, Manami, Izumida and Ashikiba might ask their partner to move in with them?

Nope, this hasn’t been done before! What a cute scenario~

Kinjou: He had brought up the topic of cohabitation casually in conversation before, always in a roundabout way so they wouldn’t suspect he was planning to ask them anytime soon. Kinjou slid the key into their pocket one evening, and when they asked him about it, he showed them his matching one with a smile and asked them if they wanted to move in with him.

Aoyagi: Aoyagi presented them the key to his place in a decorative box one day, not bothering with any more dramatics than that. They were very comfortable with each other and often spent days at each other’s places, so it seemed like a natural progression to live together.

Teshima: He took them out to an extra nice dinner, waiting to ask them until the end after a small speech about how he felt about their relationship and how important they were to him; even though he was all but certain they would agree, he had a lot of nervous energy, unable to sit still.

Naruko: He asked them if they would help him go apartment hunting “for his aunt and uncle", who were looking for a small, cozy place, promising it would be a fun date. In reality, he was looking  for the two of them–when they stated which was their favorite, Naruko confessed what he was up to and asked them if they would move in with him.

Arakita: There wasn’t enough space for two at his place–not for a long-term basis, anyway. Arakita knew he wanted to live with them, so he threw caution to the wind and just tossed some potential places he had found in front of them, telling them to pick one so they could move there together already.

Fukutomi: He approached the topic bluntly rather than being romantic; he wanted to make sure they would feel comfortable living together, and if they, too, felt it would be a good move for their relationship. Fukutomi mentioned it would be a good financial move, just in case they were uncertain.

Izumida: Izumida took a long time to finally ask them to move in, deliberating over whether it was the right time and if they felt the same way. He took them on a long, pleasant walk through the public gardens and asked them there if they would move in with him, bringing up all the reasons both practical and romantic that he felt it would be a good move.

Manami: He asked them on a whim one day if they wanted to live together; his nonchalant tone and smile belied just how serious he was about them moving in, but it showed in his attentive posture. Manami didn’t want to waste time coming up with a cute way to ask if being straightforward would get them there quicker.

Ashikiba: Ashikiba told them point blank that he wanted to see their face every morning and every night, and politely asked them if they would move in with him so that would be possible. He hadn’t put a lot of thought into it aside from imagining what it would be like to be so close all the time, but he figured he could count on them to help figure out the logistics.

here’s the thing. I’m not completely a fan of rap music, I will occasionally listen to it if it comes on but it’s not my favorite. but let me tell you, I am a HUGE fan of Nicki Minaj. although I don’t like her genre, her songs are great and I’m sure if I liked rap I’d absolutely love her albums. what I like most about her though is her character. she is one of the better role models out there today.

she tells her fans to stay in school and get good grades. people even bring their report cards to show her during meet and greets. but you don’t like her because she swears in her songs.

she supports women and tells girls that it’s okay to dress however you want and to lift each other up. she shuts down misogynists. but you don’t like her because she wears revealing clothing.

Nicki teaches people to accept all of the qualities you hate about her. props to her.

story time. 

So a while ago, when I fist started Tumblr about three years ago, I met a girl. We will call her Violet. Violet was pretty chill. She became my follower and after several months messaged me. We started talking and I followed her back. Throughout the year we stayed in touch, talking and stuff. On top of that, she was really into exhibitionism, meaning she really liked to show others her body. 

So, almost naturally as we started talking more and got closer, Violet started sending me random nudes. When she was getting ready to go out, after a shower, before she went to bed, before breakfast, after working out. Basically, at very random times. I never asked for them or even recall sending her any, but she kept sending them. When snapchat came out, the amount of nudes increased like..a lot. It went from getting one or two  a week, to one or two or even more daily. 

Then, one day, Violet found a guy. I was really happy for her. In the whole time that I knew her, I don’t recall her ever having a boyfriend. She started to post a lot about him on Snapchat and on her blog. Understandably, the nudes stopped. We kept keeping in touch but since she was always with her boyfriend, it became less and less the amount of times we talked. 

Then, one day, I realized it had been over a month since I had heard anything from Violet. I couldn’t remember the last Snapchat story she posted, or the last time I saw her blog on my dashboard. So, I decided to send her a Snapchat but I couldn’t find her on my list. Then I went to her Tumblr and it wasn’t there. I went on Facebook and her profile was nowhere to be found, same with her Twitter. 

And basically that’s why I think Violet was murdered by her boyfriend. 

The end. 

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Of the three, Cait, Sam and Tobias, Sam worked the hardest to get in shape for his role as Jamie. All he had done before, prepared him for it though, including being able to allow other men get very close to him.

Yep, this is true. He changed himself completely, gained 2 stone, even changed his accent (he’s a Scot but a Lowlander, residing in London for 10 yrs, so his natural accent is much softer originally than what he speaks in the show).

He’s had his fair share of gay roles before, both on screen and on stage and never shied away from anything. Like he said in one interview - it all sort of came together for him when he was cast in Outlander, couple of years earlier he maybe wouldn’t have been able to be Jamie but all his previous roles kind of prepared him for it. 

He deserves all the awards for his embodiment of Jamie Fraser. It’s downright perfection.

Warning, spoilers for the next upcoming episodes!! Above is some photos for the next few episodes. Below is a personal discussion on them, with additional photos not given above. Particularly a criticism of how D&D are handling Daenerys’ character in the show. 

Keep reading


It’s been two years and I keep realizing all over again how much you changed me. I don’t trust people with myself as easily now. I’m more suspicious, still just as willing to listen but not nearly as willing to speak. But as much as I hate that you hurt me, I’m grateful to you. You showed me how to make others happy in the simplest of ways, even if it was just an act for you. And you showed me that I can’t do everything, can’t fix everyone, that I need to put myself first because no one else is going to. You taught me some hard lessons and even though I’m glad you walked out of my life, I don’t regret the things that happened up til then.

I am glad I never let myself actually fall in love with you, though. You didn’t take very good care of the hearts that others gave you. 

- J

J-Hope Appreciation Post

This is an appreciation post for J-Hope y'all, it’s been stuck in my mind ever since the trending hashtag to ask him to leave the group and I just have to vent this out.

No one will really know what his real attitude is like, we can only speculate as we are all fans, but from what I’ve seen from all the tv shows, the variety shows, the BTS updates and vlogs… Hoseok strikes me as a very good-natured person. He always tries lightening up the atmosphere for the others and for us, even when he’s tired, even when he didn’t get any sleep, even when he gets hate for being the sweet, hyper Hobi that he is. Do you remember his post about him late at night, practicing hard because he’s been targeted as someone not worthy of the group? Do you remember how he blamed himself for everything, when it wasn’t even his fault? It strikes me that maybe he was always insecure about his role in the group, because Jungkook and Jimin’s dancing skills on par with his, and Namjoon and Suga’s rapping that defined them

I hope that he realized just how amazing he is, that his Dance skills are NOJOKE and always blows my mind. He may not know it, but every time I’ll watch their Performance, my eyes no matter how much I wished to ( granted i don’t) will always find him, always look for him, always admire his flawless moves like he was born to do so.

Did you guys also notice how much he’s improved in rapping? He may not be the best, but I love his voice, I love that rawness distinguishing him, I love his vocal color… And not only that, but he can sing.

I don’t even know he’s so underrated, because he’s one of the most talented artists that has inspired me, and I just want to let him know that, screw the haters, because to us, he’s the most precious lil’ hyper kid lightening up ARMY’s days.

whats everyone thoughts?

  I feel like one of the best ways to learn is by watching others. I wouldn’t mind if another girl watched my shows or entered my chats to learn from me.. Like  I remember before I started doing cam, I was so curious and would enter other girl’s shows to see how they interacted with guys. I of course didn’t stay in their chat for longer than 3 minutes, I think thats over doing it.. but Its really a great way to learn and to improve your own shows. One of the best things I learned from observing other ladies was to stop using the key board so much and actually talk.. Once i started talking cash just started flowing in. Also referring to the guys as “babe” or “hun”, even though I hate it, it actually works very well.  Just 3 days ago I wondered into another girl’s show and saw that she charged in public chat for little requests like “flash boobs”, “booty shake”, “stand up”, ect. Let me tell you something- that’s genius!! you know how many guys come in to my chat asking to stand up or turn around and have to say “yes, on private”? so many lol. So yea. Whats everyone thoughts on this? would you be upset if another girl watched your shows or?

The Three Times Tony Stark Showed Weakness (and the one time he didn’t.)

read it on the AO3 at

by stormfirej

Tony Stark dislikes showing weaknesses to other people, even the ones closest to him.

The three times he shows weakness is to Steve Rogers.

And those are the only three times.

Words: 1391, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Yea, ok. I am the naive one for not taking people words for Louis being with Harry even if Harry was seen with fans in public places. Fine. on the other hand the smart one, will be telling me it is part of the plan or management fault when Harry eventually comes out and start dating someone else. As for Louis, hate to burst your bubble but i don't even think he came out to himself. I will give it 5+ years and shading off his homophobes friends to come terms with his sexuality. Cheers.

And that was a low key Larry, people. True colors showing now.


Coming back from my break temporarily to say that IT’S HAPPENED.

The one pro of nz being so ignorant is that liberal politics and gender bullshit was virtually unheard of. But last night on one of the most popular news shows in the country, a trans girl went on with their parents and they complained about how they’re not allowed in the girl’s bathrooms and changing rooms. Everyone’s talking about it. It was talked about in History class. It’s torture. Now that trans girl is allowed in those female spaces and it won’t be long until every other female space is destroyed.

Everyone’s gonna find out I’m a radfem soon because of this shit. They don’t even know what a radfem is. They’re comparing males not being allowed in female bathrooms to the segregation of blacks and whites. I’m so mad. For fucks sake. I don’t fucking want males in the same bathroom or CHANGING ROOMS as me. Everyone can fuck off.

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It's really sad/disturbing how much of the family's behavior could probably be explained by this situation. It's one thing if it's total coincidence and the girls and boys actually WANTED communal rooms or learned from watching the way their parents hug other people but if any of these wacky rules are a direct result of what Josh did...I don't know what to think of the last 10 years of watching this show anymore

I know how you feel.  Like…I had fun snarking on the family, but I always thought those rumors were just rumors.  Not in the “oh Josh would never do that” way but “surely even Michelle and JimBob wouldn’t just pretend something like that never happened.”  Lesson learned: never give anyone the benefit of the doubt, ever.