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I think all Literature Majors and Language Majors should watch Fune wo Amu.

But even if you’re not in our of those disciplines, I think there’s a lot one can learn to appreciate in the beauty of words.

I hope more people will come to watch it.

I won’t be making commentaries for this series since I think everything that needs to be said is said – that just goes to show you how poignant and well-written the story and dialogue are.

The characters have so much to offer and each are so rich.

I recommend this show for those who enjoy Natsume Yujinchou and other slice-of-life animes that take a more slow, but compelling, approach to storytelling.

I cannot encourage you enough to at least try the first episode.

You’ll find yourself somehow being inspired along the way.

I love how gay Yuri on Ice is, but I do not love the fact that a lot of people are only looking at that, and not at other characters. One example is Yurio. In Episode 3, tons and tons of people were celebrating the gayness after Yuri’s performance. I didn’t see a lot of people talk about the fact that Yurio left behind his and Viktor’s promise without any argument, the fact that he showed vulnerability after thinking about his grandfather, or the fact that even in the midst of a breakdown he kept on going with his performance and finished it. Yuri on Ice is pretty gay, and I love that, but it isn’t all about that. There is a lot more to it.

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I don't understand why people want to just write Victor off as a shallow asshole character already. Like why do this when the show seems to be hinting both he and Yuuri will become genuine friends? Even stranger when it comes from people shipping them, it's so weird when people ship a pairing and seem to hate the other half and go on about how they don't "deserve" the pure one. Don't people want them to be equals?

Same, anon, same. Imho, there is nothing pointing to Victor being an asshole or abandoning Yuuri. Everything from OP to ED and inbetween shows how they will grow together. Just because Victor isn’t being entirely open and spilling his life to someone he’s just met doesn’t mean he’s going to be plotting or evil. Just cautious, maybe even scared. I don’t get it. Why put yourself and so many others into a tizzy? Just enjoy the ride. Cause ya’ll are making me and this precious man sad.

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Tsukishima still being sarcastic and polite whilst dissing Kageyama lol.

Look who used to hate volleyball and never wanted to overly exert energy. He’s now fine with all that, even more he is willing to adjust with Kags!

And what’s cuter is that Hinata srsly pays attention to Tsukki’s meals. This isn’t the first time he talks about Tsukki’s eating habbit.

Haikyuu shows their relationship develpment of team members well. I mean they all now are familiar with each other’s unique traits and power.. It also always have that one or many panels that I like xD.

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I just imagine that Cas just let the Winchesters have that moment of privacy for the reunion which is why he wasn't there? Like maybe they wanted him to be there but he waved it off and went off to look for Luci.

Yeah… That’s what I was assuming :)

It would have been nice though to have the scene where he tells them he’s off, and makes that decision for himself. The episode basically lacked all Cas on his own stuff - just checking in by phone or showing up when other people were involved - so we don’t have anything really of where he was at from this episode, emotionally or anything of his process while working alone, almost like they were scared to write him acting independently. If he made these decisions it’s all off-screen and no one’s mentioning him even going out. 

(I like to imagine as well he drove Mary to get the take out chicken wings and pie :P Especially like, “You want to stop and get Dean some pie” and Mary is like “Really?” and Cas is like “TRUST ME ON THIS” and yeah then he set Mary on them with a pie and went to idk unload all the bales of hay in his truck)

Fortunately next episode is by Berens who likes Cas a lot as far as I can tell from his writing of him, and because Cas was so absent, if he didn’t already make the decision to leave, we have an option for him to be at the Bunker before he sets off anyway since they never said he WASN’T there… Or if Crowley comes to him while he’s off somewhere, Cas will probably actually be doing more than leaning on a car (which, like, A+ truck full of hay modelling this episode) so we can find out more about what he does in his downtime away from the Bunker… :P 

(I’m still fascinated by the clip from next episode where Cas isn’t wearing the trenchcoat. WHO IS HE. WHAT HAPPEN. These are the plot hooks I live for.)

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How would 2p Yandere (Allies or Axis) react to finding out that their S/O stalked them back?

2p America / Allen Jones: “Awe babe, that’s so creepy ad cute.” He would find it adorable that they liked him so much that they wanted to know what he was doing and if it was safe. He would admit that he did the same thing after he found out.

2p Russia / Viktor Bragnski: “You like me too?” He doesn’t care one bit that they stalked him, only that they love him as much as he loves them. He finds it comforting in a way because he believes it shows him that they’d do anything for him. He would love them even more for it.

2p Romano / Flavio Vargas: “Wait like how did we not run into each other when we were checking in on each other?” He would be a little confused on how they never ran into the other, but it would quickly be replaced by pure joy. The only reason they would stalk him is if they were as in love with him as much as he is with them. At least he won’t have to worry about figuring out ways to attract his attention.

2p Japan / Kuro Honda: “What exactly did you see me do?” At first he would want to know exactly when they had stalked him before realizing that whatever they saw couldn’t be too bad since they’re still willing to be with him. He will be happy that he doesn’t have to take them away by force.

(I couldn’t choose which group I should do so I just did random characters)


[PIC] INFINITE for The Star Magazine November issue

Sunggyu: “As idols, we are not at a young age anymore. Compared to the past, we will be working even harder. Even in 10 years from now too, I still want to go on the stage as INFINITE.”

Sungyeol: “In the past, we used to fight a lot, but now, we are just one family. We get to know what’s in each other’s minds just by looking at each other’s eyes, our relationship is solid like that.”

Sungjong: “Dieting is really hard, but since I want to show the best side of me, I will endure that. That’s why, I have been called “fairy-dol” lately. (smiles)”

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Honestly, if Daryl was the one to get the bat, it would have been more fitting because he's Rick's right hand man and the most popular character on the show. Sadly, AMC can only function because his stupid merchandise is like 99% of the company's finances so it sucks that other character's are probably not going to get the character development they deserve, because AMC thinks we need 5 episodes of Daryl and his man pain

agreed, which is another reason why it bothers me so much when daryl fans say they should “follow the comics” because 1) daryl doesn’t even exist in the comics and 2) if we’re going by that logic, then they would kill the fan-favorite, rick’s “brother”, just like glenn was in the comics. it’s amc’s fault in the first place that 99% of their money comes from daryl fans, because they decided to give him all the “badass” scenes and push the other characters into the background. if they treated all their characters equally instead of playing favorites then we wouldn’t have this problem, but by now they’re too far up his ass for it to ever change.

Strong brotherly love does NOT=unhealthy, codependance or romance!

I am so SICK of Sam and Dean’s love for each other being referred to as an unhealthy codependence. I love that such a beautiful, strongly bonded brotherhood is being shown on TV. Most shows would have us believe that men aren’t able/aren’t allowed to show platonic love for one another. God forbid we admit men have feelings. *eyeroll*

In fact it’s because this type of love is so rarely shown that so many people have to go and ruin the beauty of it by putting a romantic spin on it. Like it makes it more “okay” for that much emotion to be shown or something. People, yes even men, can love each other deeply without there being anything beyond friendship/ familial feelings.

And even though the show has called their brotherhood unhealthy and codependent I still applaud for them for showing it.

We need more strong, platonic love shown on TV between men. Maybe then men will stop being afraid to show they care about each other.

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I just noticed Bonnie is the only one directly looking at coffin-Elena. She's even looking at it with a mournful expression. I wonder if it's suppose to be because she can't ever be with her friend again or that coffin is a reminder that once Elena comes out of it, Bonnie goes right in??

Would make sense for Bonnie to be more preoccupied with Elena than the other characters because of that looming over her head, maybe. I doubt it will actually play out like that, but wtf do I know, lol. I mean, if any show would actually go through with something like that, it would be this one. So  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Class creator Patrick Ness: ‘The lack of LGBT representation on screen is harmful’
Speaking at the world premiere of the new show, Patrick Ness was asked why including openly LGBT characters was so important to him.

“Also, one of my fundamental beliefs is that one of the ways to change the world is to act as though the world has already changed. Nobody under the age of 20 is going to blink at Charlie and Matteusz.”

Jordan Renzo, who plays one of those LGBT characters, Matteusz, explained that playing a gay character in the Dr Who universe was made “quite easy” with the help of co-star Greg Austin.

He continued: “Obviously we’re aware that there’s been some controversy about it, but to us, it’s no different to any other relationship in the show, it’s just about telling the story of the dynamics and the ups-and-downs.

“There was no problems with it at all, it didn’t even come up until people outside what we were doing brought it up.”

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i love reading your explanations of things ha! but i'm also just thinking that people are taking the show too seriously? like yeah there are a million obvious plot holes but no one watches the flash because it's believable? i don't know maybe i'm too simple minded lmao but i'm enjoying the third season?

I’m enjoying the third season, too. It’s leaps and bounds better than season 2 so far, even with the continuity problems introduced by flashpoint. But I know others feel the narrative has betrayed its characters, which is valid. It’s just not something that turns me off because I’ve read and watched plenty of time travel stories with equally flimsy logic, Heck, I made it through the comic book flashpoint storyline, which destroyed decades of canon that haven’t been set right yet lmao.

I’m just happy Iris is getting more screentime and better quality writing, and I do honestly believe the latter is happening right now. I’m happy to see her work slowly being integrated into the plots, which almost never happened in S2, and I’m very happy to see her and Barry getting a chance to develop their romance.

@starlightbydaylight respondeu a sua postagemI’m still thinking about San Junipero because it’s…

I’m fairly sure there’s been other gay characters in the show as it is an anthology episode format where each ep is totally unrelated to the others. Also, this is one of the very few episodes to end happily. Black Mirror is wicked twisted and typically super depressing, so this was an amazingly refreshing change of pace.

this is even better. “wicked twisted and typically super depressing” and a happy ending? are you saying that you can have happy gays even in dark shows? wow. game-changing. 

"This is her blog"

And she can say whatever she wants……..well yes, it is your blog and with that statement what you put on that blog pretty much sums up your character. And when you attack one persons family unwell family member on a blog that is the subject of a show that doesn’t mean shit to anyone’s life except for some enjoyable viewing,….well there is your character in a nutshell. Please….don’t try to play the “I’m so right about those two costars” because none of us know anything. We are here for the fun and enjoyment of others…not this hatefulness between two opposing sides of a fandom. How cruel and spiteful you horrible lowlife of a being your are…not even going to use human as a description for you because that would be too good for you. Just stay on your own damn blog and stay away if you have nothing respective or decent to say. If you can’t oppose a difference of opinion in a respectful way than just don’t say anything….your blog is disgraceful but I guess you learned from the best of spewing hate

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I don’t want to feel it. I don’t think I can. I don’t think I even want to.