and other guard girls

Many strong girls have similar stories: They were socially isolated and lonely in adolescence. Smart girls are often the girls most rejected by peers. Their strength is a threat and they are punished for being different. Girls who are unattractive or who don’t worry about their appearance are scorned. This isolation is often a blessing because it allows girls to develop a strong sense of self. Girls who are isolated emerge from adolescence more independent and self-sufficient than girls who have been accepted by others. Strong girls may protect themselves by being quiet and guarded so that their rebellion is known by only a few trusted others. They may be cranky and irascible and keep critics at a distance so that only people who love them know what they are up to. They may have the knack of shrugging off the opinions of others or they may use humor to deflect the hostility that comes their way.
—  Mary PipherReviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls
Seriously people...

So, when I walk my dog she is in a full, bright red harness. And when I walk past other dogs I ask her to heel and walk close to me. I’ll put myself between her and the other dog. If I saw someone else doing this with their dog (and the dog in that sort of set up), I would assume they didn’t want the dog to get close to other animals and I’d stay away. If my dog were off leash I’d call them back over, just to be careful.

Why is it that people seem incapable of putting their dogs on leashes?! Or at least training the dog to have good recall so it comes back immediately when you call. 

Yesterday when I was walking Cola, these two dogs started growling and barking and ran over to her. Swarming around her legs and face. They were off leash. The owner tried to call them back and they didn’t respond. Cola started to get super fizzy and I could see where the situation was heading so I was forced to drag her away from the random dogs. I saw the lady again on my way back, the same thing happened and she told me “Oh don’t worry! They won’t bite.” I said to her “That’s fine but my dog might bite, she doesn’t like strange dogs.” She just laughed and said “It might teach them a lesson.”

LOOK LADY. I don’t want to help you teach your stupid little dogs a lesson, how about you train them?. Cola weighs over 25kg, she is a chow chow cross (originally a wild street dog from HK so her base instinct is a lot more “aggressive” than other dogs) and she has very big teeth and a strong bite. I can’t control her if she chooses to attack. She would cause some serious damage to those dogs if she got a hold of them. I don’t want that. It’s traumatic and stressful. And if she actually bit them the owner wouldn’t be laughing and my dog could end up in some serious shit.


A tribute to Moa
May 2011 - October 2017
Barred Rock Hen

All my birds are special, but sometimes you get one that is extra special. Trying to explain why in text, without experiencing her presence… it’s hard. Moa was our boss hen; matronly and firm, but never mean. If a rooster was acting out of line with one of the girls, she was the first to hustle over and chest-bounce him into the next county. During the times that I was without a rooster, she took many of those duties; standing guard, always making sure the other girls were safe.

She always had to be near me. She demanded hugs– she was one of those chickens that would walk up, press herself against any part of your body that she could, and wait for you to hug her. She’d stick her neck out and wrap it around you, like the famous video of the little boy hugging the hen. I don’t really have any photos of this, because I was her main squeeze apparently, and it was extremely hard to get a photo of when you were being hugged. I might have videos but my heart is too raw to look right now. Maybe later. The second to last photo above is the best one I have of this behavior. After the hug, if the other hens were all safe, she’d hop into my lap for a snooze while I pet her keel.

My heart fell earlier this year when she started to show signs of egg peritonitis. We took her to the vet and were able to do several successful procedures to help her, including rounds of medication. Still, her body was failing and her genetics were working against her, as she came from a commercial hatchery where volume takes precedence over health; a rant for another time.

I couldn’t let one of my closest friends suffer. After it was determined by two vets that there was no hope, and as her body grew more and more tired, I took her. While in the waiting room, early morning sunbeams swept in through the large windows and I set her down in them, hoping she had enough energy to enjoy it. Sunbathing was her favorite activity, after snuggling. She was weak, but she quickly assumed the sunbathing position and made soft contentment noises. She ate a pile of mealworms with great gusto with sun-bathing breaks. We saw our vet soon after and I said goodbye to one of my best feathered friends.

Photos are captioned, but if you can’t the captions:
Moa, 3 days old.
A painting I did of Moa, larger than life.
My big lady.
Moa was kind and matronly to the other chickens.
Moa loved to snuggle.
Moa and myself. She was always with me, every day.
Moa would touch her face against mine. She never pecked me. (note: I knew Moa very well and trusted her, but please use care as chickens can accidentally harm you if they get curious, especially around eyes)
Big lady Moa in my lap.
Moa’s last car ride. She had to hug me the whole time. (I was a passenger)
Leaving this earth on a sunbeam. This was before the vet saw us, she’s just sunbathing happily.

This one time... at band camp...

A freshman clarinet (in band we refer to human beings by the instrument they play) got caught off-guard by her period. I guess none of the other girls had spare supplies, and she couldn’t track down her parents. Somehow- despite the warnings from other clarinets that she’d probably get shouted out the door for daring to bother him with this- she went to our band director for help. Our very grumpy, 45-year-old, childless, never-married, male band director.

She peeped, “So, um, I started my-”

And then he was like: “AUGGggh I don’t need to know! It’s fine, kid. I’ll… I’ll take care of it, just… please stop talking.”

He drove to the 7-11 next door in his golf cart and bought a veritable variety pack of feminine products, just to cover his bases; and painkillers; and Gatorade because fluids are always good, right? And chocolate, to… appease the estrogen goddesses or something. All of this out of his own pocket. He then had a senior flute take the stuff in the girls’ bathroom, leave it there, and quietly go inform the freshie in need. That way she wouldn’t be singled out by other kids for receiving all this stuff.

I only know who this unfortunate freshie was, because a few years later she was able to laugh about it and tell most of the girls in the band. We never brought it up with the director again, obviously. But we all loved the story because, knowing our band director- and our entire band’s culture- we did not see that coming.

It was Sparta, okay. We were 120+ members and competing in the toughest regional competitions. Band camp was 6 hours a day, 5 days a week even in the dead heat of August, and continued to consume evenings and weekends through the end of November. The assistant director on drills was a Korean war vet who could’ve been dropped onto our high school football field straight out of Full Metal Jacket. The lead director’s disciplinary style was more subdued but just as scary: usually, he’d just glower us all into submission.

This mousy, 98-pound, 15-year-old girl had expected a Death Glare that would turn her into a smudge of ash on the band room carpet, just for having a uterus and a forgetful moment. But instead- in his own huffy, taciturn way- our Fearsome Leader took care of her. Like Bigfoot cradling a little duckling in his giant, hairy hands, it was a sweet gesture that makes you rethink how “scary” the big guy is… but also makes you giggle.

You deserve better than me // Shawn Mendes

Request: Can you do an imagine where y/n is curvier than the average girl but you and Shawn are dating and his friends question why he’s with y/n when he can be with anyone he wants and y/n overhears and gets really sad and insecure?


Sydney was a confusing place. Luckily, all I had to do was climb out of a taxi and I was where I needed to be. If I had to drive myself to the arena I surely would have gotten lost. 

I climb the stairs, flashing my pass that Geoff had mailed me, to the security guards and walk inside. Its warm in the foyer area and I unzip my jacket. 

“Y/n!” I turn around and see Geoff walking over to me.

“Hey,” I smile, giving him a hug.

“How was the flight?”

“Was pretty good actually. I fell asleep halfway over and didn’t wake up until we were landing.” I shift my bag onto my other shoulder.

“I can’t believe you agreed to this. Shawn is going to flip.” Geoff chuckles, leading me around the corner and towards backstage. 

“I can’t believe I’m here either. I’m so excited,” Geoff holds the door open for me and I walk past.

“So I haven’t told him you’re here, its a complete surprise.” Geoff smirks and points to a door at the end of the hallway. “Just through there.”

“Thank you so much for this.” I smile at him and Geoff nods before leaving me alone in the hallway. The door shuts and I take a slow breath, hoping to calm myself but instead my nerves just pick up.

I approach the door nervously, my hand about to reach for the handle when a faint voice stops me.

“So are you still dating that girl, whats her name…?” A man’s voice trails off and I stay frozen.

“Y/n?” I hear Shawn respond and my heart flutters.

“Yeah her, are you still with her?” The guy asks and I await Shawn’s response.

“I am,” 

“Really?” He responds right away, a note of almost distaste in his tone.

“What?” Shawn asks, I drop my hand away from the door handle.

“Its just, you know..” He chuckles. Shawn doesn’t.

“No. What is it?” 

“She’s just so, how can I put this nicely… uh, curvy.” I frown, my gaze falling onto my stomach. I wasn’t that curvy. I mean sure, I wasn’t a stick but I also wasn’t severely overweight. 

“Whats wrong with her being curvy?” I hear Shawn defend me and a smile breaks out on my face.

“Oh come on Shawn. You’re Shawn Mendes, a sex icon for girls, you can have anyone you wanted yet you choose her.” The guy laughs and I glare at the door, wishing instead that he was my target instead of the wood. Another laugh joins in.

“I don’t want-” Shawn’s cut off by the guy.

“Mate, when you go to take photos together, she’s so large that you can’t even fit in the photo with her.” They all laugh except Shawn. I’d recognize his laugh anywhere. I bite my lip to distract myself from the sting of their words.

“Shawn, we’re going out tonight after your show, you should come with. I know this really pretty girl I can hook you up with.” The guy was getting on my nerves. First he says harsh words about my figure and now he wants to get Shawn with another girl. Did he not hear Shawn just say he was in a relationship? 

“I’m with Y/n.” Shawn dismisses the subject and I feel the smile form back on my face. As long as I had Shawn, everything was okay.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” The two Australian’s- judging by their accents- laugh. There’s silence.

“Well, I guess,” Shawn finally says and I feel my stomach drop. I step back away from the door until I hit the wall. I couldn’t comprehend what I just heard. I felt dizzy. I could hear my heart thumping. The door opens, distracting me from my thoughts.

I look up and I meet brown eyes full of surprise. I can’t seem to get any words out.

“Y/n?” His voice sounds shaky. I don’t look at him, I can’t. All I can hear is ‘what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her’ on loop inside my head.

“Why aren’t you moving- No way is this the chick? Dude this is Shawn’s girl.” I look behind Shawn to see a dark haired man looking over his shoulder where a second later, another man appears. “She looks better in person as well, not as much-” He gestures to his sides. I had to leave.

Without meeting Shawn’s gaze, I hastily pull the door open and slam it shut behind me. I don’t stick around to see if Shawn’s following. Why would he when he can meet up with the other girl tonight?

I race back past the security guards and practically fly down the stairs. I stop at the base, unsure of which way to go. I’d never been to Sydney before. 

“Y/n!” I turn around. Shawn’s taking the stairs two by a time. Making a quick decision I walk quickly towards the park that’s surrounding the left side of the arena. “Y/n wait, turn around.” 

I ignore him, pretending not to see the wondering eyes from strangers as we were starting to cause a scene. 

“Please, let me explain.” I hear him call, his voice desperate and vulnerable and it stops me.  

I turn on my heels, facing Shawn. “Explain what? That I basically heard you agree to meet up with other girls as long as I didn’t know.” I glare at him. “And thanks for sticking up for me when those guys basically called me fat. Oh wait-” I pause, my searing gaze never wavering. “As long as I didn’t know about it, it won’t hurt me.”

“Baby, Y/n, please,” Shawn pleads, taking a small step forward but I take one back. “I was just agreeing with those guys to shut them up. I have to deal with them- they help out with sound.” 

“You’re Shawn Mendes. You can do whatever you want, fire whoever you want.” I nearly shout, my anger growing.

“Y/n, I haven’t seen you in nearly 2 months. I don’t want to spend our time fighting over something stupid.” Shawn runs a hand through his hair, making the strands fall across his forehead.

“Something stupid?” I ask, my eyes widening.

“Wrong way to put it.” Shawn rushes to say but I’m not listening.

“Calling me fat is stupid now is it?” I sass, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Y/n..” Shawn stresses. “Please can we not do this right now, I missed you and I want to spend the small time we have together happy,”

“Shawn you don’t understand!” I cry, tears welling in my eyes. “What they said hurt! Telling you that I was overweight and you could get someone better, that hurt.”

He wraps his arms around me, pulling me into his chest as their words finally sink in. 

“You deserve better than me,” I sob, gripping his shirt. 

“Y/n, no don’t do this to yourself.” He rubs my back gently, trying to soothe me with words. “You’re beautiful and amazing and I’m so lucky to have you.” he tilts my chin up to meet his eyes, wiping my tears away with his thumb.

“I swear I only said that to shut them up, I’d never want anyone else but you. Ever. Not when I have you waiting at home for me.” He smiles, trying to cheer me up. “Please come back with me, I’ve been writing a song and I want to play it for you, see if you like it.” 

He gives me a hopeful expression.

“Are you still going out tonight?” I ask in a small voice, peering up at him.

He laughs, stopping when he see’s my mortified expression. “Are you kidding me? Why would I go with them when I have you here.” He brings me into a tight hug, squeezing me against his chest until I wheeze.

“Shawn,” I groan, and his arms fall.

He grins sheepishly. “Sorry, I just love you a lot,”

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“I don’t care,” snapped Victor suddenly, the air humming to life around them. Mitch shot forward, putting his hulking form in front of Sydney, and Victor caught himself before he lost control. All three seemed surprised by the outburst, and guilt—or at least a pale version of it—tightened in Victor’s chest as he considered the other two, the loyal guard and the impossible girl. He couldn’t afford to lose them—their help, he corrected himself, their cooperation—certainly not today, so he drew the energy back into himself, wincing as he grounded it.
“I’m sorry,” he said, letting out a low breath

Just Go With It (Bucky Edition) - Part 1/3

Summery: Based off the plot of the movie Just Go With It, Bucky wears a fake wedding ring to pick up girls but when he meets ‘the one’ he finds it hard to explain the wedding ring. Asking for your help, you have to convince Bucky’s girlfriend that you’re his wife but you’re getting a divorce. A week in Hawaii changes things though…

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader (ish)

Word Count: 1,964

Warnings: swearing, little angst (not really)

A/N: This is my entry for @sgtbxckybxrnes movie au writing challenge. I love this movie, its one I can re-watch many times and not get bored of it so writing an au with Bucky was so much fin. This is part one of three. Hope you like it, happy readings!  (PS I suggest going to watch the movie if you haven’t seen it already.)

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*gif creds to owner*

Your best friend Bucky ran into your apartment in a rush completely out of breath.

“I need you to be my wife that I’m getting divorced with!” He yelled causing you to knock over the lego tower you were building with your son Jackson.

“James holy poop, you can’t just barge into my house like that,” you say putting down the lego and crossing the room to calm your friend.

“Please Y/N the whole ring thing went wrong and now I need someone to pretend to be my wife and convince the girl I’m with that we’re getting divorced.”

“Whos the girl?” You ask curious to who your best friend was putting this much effort into.

“Her name’s Natasha and I think she may be ‘the one.’”

“Since when do you believe in ‘the one?’” 

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female awesome meme: [1/10] female characters who deserve better » elide lochan

It was the sound of Elide’s weeping - that girl of quiet steel and quick-silver wit who had not wept for herself or her sorry life, only faced it with grim determination - that made Manon snap entirely. She killed those guards in the hall. She saw what they had been laughing at: the girl gripped between two other guards, her robe tugged opened to reveal her nakedness, the full extent of that ruined leg-
Her grandmother had sold them to these people. She was a Blackbeak; she was no one’s slave. No one’s prize horse to breed. Neither was Elide.


“I don’t care,” snapped Victor suddenly, the air humming to life around them. Mitch shot forward, putting his hulking form in front of Sydney, and Victor caught himself before he lost control. All three seemed surprised by the outburst, and guilt—or at least a pale version of it—tightened in Victor’s chest as he considered the other two, the loyal guard and the impossible girl. He couldn’t afford to lose them—their help, he corrected himself, their cooperation—certainly not today, so he drew the energy back into himself, wincing as he grounded it.
“I’m sorry,” he said, letting out a low breath.

for @aristotlemendoza

so i worked as a lifeguard when i was 17 in the dead heat of summer and i could tell you LOADS of stories about the assholes i encountered (like the one lady who just sunbathed at the pool and forced a guard to go on stand and watch a pool she wasn’t in) but this is about my first manager.

as a new guard and 17, i was one of the two girls there and the older of us. towards the middle of july, both of us got heat exhaustion and really couldn’t work effectively anymore bc we were on the edge of passing out at all times. we weren’t used to to this sort of thing, nor had we done it so we didn’t know what to do. i have called in twice to work and that was one of the times bc i couldn’t stand up without getting dizzy. he seemed good natured about it and told me to rest up and come in tomorrow. when i came to work the next day (the other had also taken off the previous day apparently) he started snidely commenting on how he deals with this all the time we shouldn’t have gotten sick and i straight up said, listen, you’re 27, been working the whole summer unlike both of us, and have been doing this for years.

i probably wouldn’t have said anything to him if i wasn’t one of the only girl guards and i knew the other girl wasn’t gonna say shit and bc i know he’s a bit of a sexist asshole. so fuck you man, you don’t get to police how other people react to 100+ degree heat without breaks or proper hydration.

It was the sound of Elide’s weeping-that girl of quiet steel and quick-silver wit who had not wept for herself or her sorry life, only faced it with grim determination-that made Manon snap entirely.

She killed those guards in the hall.

She saw what they had been laughing at: the girl gripped between two other guards, her robe tugged opened to reveal her nakedness, the full extent of that ruined leg-

Her grandmother had sold them to these people.

She was a Blackbeak; she was no one’s slave. No one’s prize horse to breed.

Neither was Elide.


Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows

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Photographs Jonathan Byers x Reader Part One

Fandom: Stranger Things

Characters: Reader & Jonathan Byers

Word Count: 409

A/N: So this is my first Jonathan Byers fic so I hope you all enjoy, even though it may not be that good.

Some music was playing from the radio. The curtains were lazily pulled so that only a strip of sunlight filtered into the hazy room. The two teenagers lounged on the mattress that was lying on the floor, passing a joint back and forth between the two of them. Photography film canisters and Polaroids were scattered along the sheets, random shots of smoke and each other filling each frame. In some of the shots, they were smiling, and in others, they were caught off guard, making the perfect candid shot. The girl reached to grab a small stack of Polaroids and shuffled through them, as if reliving the memories that had just  occurred a few minutes before.

“Hey, Jonathan?” She asked, still looking at the pictures. The boy raised his head, obviously dazed and confused.

“Hmm?” He grunted in response, taking a long drag from the joint that dangled dangerously from his fingers.

“Do you think we’ll still be friends when high school’s over?” She asked. He smiled in response, a soft chuckle escaping his lips.

“Yeah, I think so Y/N. I mean, I’m going to NYU, and you’re going to Cornell, it’s the same state. We could see each other on weekends if we want to.” Jonathan said, nodding his head along to the song that was playing from her stereo. A long, comfortable silence enveloped the two of them before Y/N softly sang the last verse of the current song.

“Remember what the dormouse said, feed your head, feed your head.” Jonathan giggled as the words escaped her mouth, ruffling his hair and pushing it back, away from his eyes.

“You know, you have a really good voice. I’m not surprised that you’re going into theater and stuff. But honestly, anyone would be lucky to have you.” She smiled at his words as he raised his camera slightly. She put her head down, bashfully and let out a small giggle, the marijuana clouding her mind and thoughts. Jonathan reached down for his camera, mesmerized by her.

As she heard the soft click of the camera shutter, she looked up to see Jonathan looking at her through the lens. Her stomach dropped and her heart started to flutter quickly. To see him so in his element was astounding. So lost in the film and in the smoky haze, is what made her fall for him. But her photogenic beauty is what made him fall for her.

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Title: Coach Negan (Part 7.)

CHAPTER TITLE: The First Home Game pt. 2

Character(s): Negan and Reader (pre-apocalypse/AU)
You showcase your skills at your first home game.
Word Count: 2,578
Warning: Just Negan’s colorful vocabulary! 
Author’s Note: HUGE THANKS TO @brexja FOR BEING MY BETA!!! <3 

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Negan had chosen a diner for a meeting, which barely lasted an hour. In fact, it wasn’t really a meeting at all; it was more like an insanely, much needed long pep-talk. You and the rest of the team certainly didn’t mind. You all needed Negan’s wise words to get you through the first home game of the season. Back at the gym, you changed into your uniform, tucking in the jersey. You stared at your reflection and beamed, staring more at the uniform than yourself. You were actually playing basketball at a collegiate level. It wasn’t just a dream anymore.

Taylor was already sitting at the bleachers. It was the first home game of the season, and so many students, teachers, and parents were attending in hopes that this year would be different from the last. You heard the cheering and the music from the locker room, so you decided to sit down and stare down at your shoes. You were nervous, but you were just glad that you weren’t starting.

You could hear your heart beating against your chest. A trickle of sweat rolled down your temple, and the nagging thoughts entered your mind. You were thinking negatively, but the rest of the team knew you were all capable of being a much better team than the previous ones. You told yourself repeatedly that you were meant to be on this team. You tried out for this basketball team amongst other girls and you were one of the ones that were chosen. You were here for a reason.

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Thimble 16화

1화 2화 3화 4화 5화 6화 7화 8화  9화 10화 11화 12화  13화 14화 15화 16화 17화

You weren’t supposed to be there. No one really was, out of palace servants crowding around you, but again no one would be there to tell you to go back to work, because every single of your superiors were out there in the field.

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That's My Line - *Request*

SO SORRY IT TOOK SOSOSO LONG @smilealwayslivelife! HERE IT IS (sorry it’s short too oh goodness this might be bad)


You smiled at the guard at the door as you have your ticket to the lady next to him. She checked it before giving it back you you. You also shot her a smile as well as the other guard before entering the venue. The screams of teenage girls filled your ears as you walked into the middle of the crowd, cheering. You’d gotten to the show right after Jazmine started her set, so it was quite loud already. You cheered as Jazmine finished in another ten minutes or so. She thanked the crowd before introducing the boys. For this, you took your chance and made it to the front of the crowd, cheering loudly once again.

The boys all came onto the stage, starting off the show with ‘Taking You’. You screamed and pumped your fist in the air, and at that moment, a pair of dazzling blue eyes were laid upon you. You locked eyes with Daniel as he knelt down and clasped your hand before moving on. His eyes stayed on you as you turned your gaze to the other boys. You continue dto dance and party throughout the whole show, especially during 'Something Different’ and 'Perfect’. The whole time, however, Daniel kept his eye on you, entranced. He’d never seen a girl so full of energy and excitement that was, at the same time, so beautiful. After an hour and a half, the show ended. Waiting for the crowd, you got out your phone and took a picture to upload on Instagram and then Snapchat. You waited a few more minutes before you grabbed your stuff to go to the after party.

“That was so awesome!” A girl gushed to her friend as they walked by. “I’m pretty sure Jack was staring at me the whole time!”

“Oh my gosh!” Her friend squealed and you just smiled to yourself. These boys made people so happy.

You got into the after party with the VIP ticket you’d bought online. The guard let you through as you shot him a smile and entered the room. Girls were everywhere, smiling and talking and squealing. You got in line and waited your turn.

Daniel spotted you when you were fifth in line, a little ways away from meeting the boys. His eyes widened and he was in a daze throughout the next few pictures. When you finally got up there, he waited patiently as you hugged Jonah. You then went to Jack, Zach, and Corbyn. Daniel was last, but his hug was tight and made you feel safe. It made you sad, to think this was a one-time deal.

“Can I have your Insta?” Daniel asked, and you looked at him with wide eyes.

“My mom always said to follow my dreams.”

You burst into laughter and clutched your stomach as Jack looked over.

“Dude, that’s my line!”

Daniel just laughed and smiled as you tried to calm yourself down.

“Yes, you can have my Insta. Will a Snapchat also be added to the package?” You asked him innocently, and Daniel grinned.


You and him bonded over hundreds of things it seemed, and about two months later, he asked you out on a date. You gladly accepted, and that date led to a second - then a third, fourth, fifth, and so on. Eventually he asked you to be his girlfriend, which you accepted with a few tears in your eyes. Needless to say, you two gave Corbina a run for their money as the cutest couple.


so… yeah…

when i was in màngo today this rly pretty girl with fluttery hair walked out alongside another girl and beeped at the door. she carried on going while the other girl was stopped and then cleared by the security guard. pretty sure my girl was a lîfter so i spent the next few hours fantasising about having a cute lîfter gf with silky hair😖😖😍

Thief (Part 4)

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Violence, Torture, swearing. 

AN: Double update again tonight because I got my butt in gear and managed to edit this post as well. I was going to queue it but then though ‘fuck’ it I love my followers and i’ll post it as well. 

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“What exactly are you hoping to achieve here Bellamy?” you didn’t like having your hands bound behind you back like this especially as it seemed he’d finally learnt to knot the ropes correctly to stop you slipping them. “Lincoln won’t answer your questions and neither shall I”

“And why is that Y/N?”

“Would you talk if this situation was reversed? If it was you in bonds and me wielding the questions would you give up your people?”

He sighed “No I wouldn’t” going over to a stool he pushed it over to you motioning for you to sit. “Finn is probably going to die, you were the one who told us that”

“Finn will die there is no probably. The poison is unstoppable without the antidote”

Bellamy took the stool opposite you leaning his elbows on his knees, staring over at you. “I’m not an idiot Y/N. You walked into our camp only wanting to help Finn a man you met for what 5 minutes?”

“Not for 5 minutes” you cut in “more like weeks. We’ve been meeting for weeks now”


“I found Finn outside the walls only days after escaping. He wants….” You laughed but it was without humour “soon to be ‘wanted’ peace and wouldn’t that just be better for all of us?”

Bellamy honestly seemed shocked at your statement. “You were talking about peace between the two of us. Peace between our people”

“Yes. Is that honestly so hard to believe?”

“Coming from the thief who stole all our ammunition?” he scoffed crossing his arms over his chest “yes I find that very hard to believe”

“Believe what you will Blake, you’re right though I walked in here only wanting to help yet I’m once again tied up with my friend blooded in your ship” you stared straight at him without blinking. “You wonder why we attack you. Yet what reason have you ever given us to trust you?”

Bellamy’s mouth was set in a thin line “and you’ve given us so many of those reasons to trust you as well. Your people drew first blood Y/N”

“First blood? You have no idea what you’ve done Bellamy Blake of the Sky people” you hissed angry now at his seeming self-righteousness.

“What we’ve done?”

“Those ‘flares’ you fired at the Ark to stop your people being sacrificed. They landed on our villages. Whole communities of women and children wiped out while you all were celebrating” Bellamy had paled at your words clearly as unaware as Finn had been at the damage they had wrought. “So tell me, who out of the two of us is the real monster?”

He didn’t get chance to answer because Raven burst into the tent, clearly furious.


“Finn’s losing this fight Bellamy and the other one won’t talk, we’ve tried everything. So it’s her turn”

Bellamy surprised you by standing and placing his body in front of yours. “We aren’t hurting her Raven”

“She’s a grounder Bellamy”

“She’s a grounder who walked in here of her own free well to help us Raven. We are not hurting her”

Raven scowled looking around him to glare at you still sat on the stool Bellamy had given you before.

“She doesn’t look like she’s helping much”

“You’ve tortured my friend and threatened to do the same to me. Not much incentive to help you is it?”

“Finn is going to die” Raven insisted yanking at the sudden hold Bellamy had on her to calm her jerk towards you. “You came here to save him…”

“And I still would”

“What?” she went limp in Bellamy’s hands. “You’ll help him?”

“I said I would. Let Lincoln go and I’ll save Finn”


“No” Bellamy cut her off making Raven stare at him in horror. “Save Finn and you are free to go Y/N, but Lincoln stays here”

“Then you have your answer Raven, it isn’t me you need to be torturing”

“Bellamy” Raven grabbed is hand to pull him out of the tent but he wouldn’t go. Turning back to you instead.

“The last time I left her alone to talk she vanished with the whole stock of camp ammunition”

“I’m tied up remember”

“That didn’t matter last time” he came around you to actually check the ropes around your wrists were still in place.

“You have my word Blake. I won’t move from this spot until someone comes to get me”

He didn’t look like he believed you but Raven grabbed him once more eyes pleading as he relented and allowed her to drag him from the tent.

No sooner had he left than a young girl who looked startlingly similar to him appeared in front of you.

“You’re a grounder. You know Lincoln?”

“I do”

“Can you help him? Please?” begging she crouched beside you “this is all my fault, he got hurt because of me” she grabbed your upper arm “you have to help me save him”

“And how do you expect me to do that?” you asked her curiously. “I’m tied up and in case you hadn’t noticed there’s guards everywhere surrounding Lincoln in a dropship with only one exit”

“Save Finn” excitedly she yanked at the knots of the rope, freeing your hands. “Saving Finn will create a diversion and we can get Lincoln out of here. There’s a hole in the wall you can get out of it leads into the woods around the back of camp”

Rubbing your wrists you got to your feet “you’re either a very foolish or very brave young girl. Standing there telling your enemy that there is a hole in your walls defence”

“And are you going to help me or hurt me?”

“Against all known reason I’m going to help you. I need Lincoln’s medicine pouch, it has the antidote to the poison in it”

“It’s upstairs”

“Figured. Can you get us up there?”

She nodded the two of you slipping out from the back of the tent and heading towards the ship. The girl led you to the far side pointing up. “There’s a lose panel halfway up, opening it will put you on Lincolns level. I’ll meet you there”

You nodded turning to the wall finding an easy hand hold you scaled the ship waiting at the panel until from within you heard a man’s voice.

“Octavia! Bellamy forbid you from being here”

“Well Bellamy isn’t here”

You moved the panel and slipped behind one of the guards while the girl, Octavia apparently, kept the other distracted. You wrapped an arm around his neck and pressed on the pressure point leading him to drop instantly into unconsciousness. At the crash of his body the other one spun looking shocked at you and his now unconscious friend. You waved at him watching as from behind him Octavia lifted and crashed a pipe into his skill dropping him as well.

She raced to Lincoln while you found his medicine roll. “Lincoln where’s the book?” you asked him, speaking English for Octavia’s benefit.

“In that one’s jacket”

Following his nod you found Lincolns note book in the jacket of the boy you’d downed. Quickly finding the right page you pulled the correct antidote out taking it over to Octavia.

“Give this to Finn. Half now and half in another 12 hours. Don’t forget the 2nd dose, the poison won’t realise him without it”

Octavia took the vial. “I won’t forget” she cast one more look at Lincoln. “The hole in the wall is exactly opposite the hole in the ship. Follow the tunnel along and you’ll come out in the woods. You won’t have long”

“We won’t need long” with Octavia’s help you freed Lincolns hands helping him stand. Octavia gave him one last look before heading to the hatch.

“I’ll lock it behind me. Go fast”

“We have to hurry Lincoln. Can you climb?”

“I’ll manage” he gritted his teeth and followed you down the dropship. You found the hole in the wall exactly where Octavia had said it was.

“Go Lincoln” you pushed him in first. “Quickly”


You were halfway gone at Bellamy’s shout. Surprisingly he was alone not surrounded by other delinquents coming to capture and tie you up once more.

“Y/N I can’t let you leave”

You smiled at him. “Are you going to stop me Bellamy?” he plainly looked torn as you came out from the passage standing close to him.

“You know about the passage, about our defences. How am I meant to let you leave?”

“I guess you’ll just have to trust me” acting on pure instinct you reached up pressing your lips against his, Bellamy’s hand went to your hip to steady you as he kissed you back.

Lips tingling you smiled at him once more before stepping back leaving a stunned Bellamy stood there as you vanished into the passage. Lincoln was waiting at the end leaning against the wall.

“Everything alright?”

Touching a finger to your lips you nodded. “Sure. Come on Lincoln we need to get you back to the cave”

Grunting he reached out to lean on you. “Energy’s nearly gone”

Letting him rest on you with your arm around his waist you helped him into the forest and back towards the cave.

anyway, in that one episode of Veronica Mars where Wallace’s psych class recreates the stanford prison experiment is so good!! I don’t really remember the Veronica plot but I love the experiment plot because – rider strong guest stars as a spoiled kid who treats the experiment as an excuse to be a dick from the beginning, but the other guards (from the background shots, it seemed to be mostly girls and people of colour) weren’t acting like that at all

Wallace is a black man, and the other guard with speaking parts is a woman, and their attempts to ‘break’ the prisoners are non-violent and involve more clever & critical thinking, whereas Rider’s character shouts, denies the prisons beds and pee breaks, and gives them the worst food he can get away with, and deprives them of sleep

Basically the writers of this episode got the fact that the experiment was biased and that people from different backgrounds would react differently to it, and I just love that episode so much it’s one of the few episodes from season three that I like to think about

(Also, on the prisoners side, Logan - who’s been arrested before, remember - reacts so differently than the other prisoners. He’s casual, he doesn’t react to the taunting, he just sits back and fiddled with things and occasionally snaps at Rider’s character. [as a side note, if his reaction to being arrested is so blasé, that probably speaks wonders to Neptune’s police force. Especially as Logan reacts the same way in the experiment as he does when Lamb is nagging him.] Other prisoners get agitated way more quickly, and that one kid who’s name I can’t remember literally has a mental breakdown)

Remember Us Pt. 3

“Teen Pop/Rock band 5 Seconds of Summer is officially back on their world tour which starts tomorrow night and fans are going crazy”, the news reporter for E! said.

You rolled your eyes, “Good for them”, you mumbled to yourself.

“Oh my gosh”, your mom yelled while running into your room, “Is that Calum?”

You let out a fake gasp, “No freaking way!”

“What, aren’t you proud of him”, your mom asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“Extremely”, you deadpanned, “I’m trying my hardest to control my excitement, can’t you see?”

She put a hand on her hip before joining you on your bed, “I heard he was back in town last month, didn’t you two see each other?”

You bit your lip before looking down, “I guess….”

“Y/F/N! You didn’t see your best friend, once boyfriend?! He came back to see you”, your mom stood up and yelled at you.

You looked at her with surprise, “Mom, we talked. We had several conversations, it’s just never gonna be the same”, you shook your head.

“I can’t believe you just let him leave”, your mom rubbed her temples.

“Mom, calm down! He told me how he felt, I told him that he left without warning…and that I hated him for that”, you trailed off, realizing how poorly you had acted.

“Oh my fucking gosh”, your mom whispered, “I didn’t raise you like that”, she lectured.

You rolled your eyes before pushing your head back into your pillow, “Too late now”, you turned the TV off mute and let your gaze return to the program.

“No”, your mom grabbed the remote, turned the TV off, and threw it on the floor, “Get up and leave this house.”

You sat up in shock, “Mom!”

“I don’t care, get the hell out”, she yelled again.

“What the fu–”, you mumbled while putting your shoes on and grabbing your car keys.

“Here’s some money”, she handed you a stack of money from out of nowhere before practically dragging you out of the house, “Come back when you realize who you are.”

You stumbled onto your porch as the door slammed and locked in your face. You let out a frustrated sigh before coming up with an idea.

“Taxi”, you called as a vehicle came to a halt, “Thank you”, you yawned.

“Where to”, the man in the front seat asked.

“To Astoria 2”, you replied while covering another yawn.

“Are you going to a concert”, he asked.

“Uh…somewhat”, you looked down at the time.

“Oh”, the man replied as he slammed on the gas pedal and you were off.

“Thank you”, you said once more after paying and getting out of the taxi to be greeted by screams, “Great”, you sighed as you looked down at the tickets you had printed at your library before leaving your town.

“Enjoy the concert”, a woman said after she glanced at your tickets and you walked into the venue.

“I’ll try”, you grumbled while pushing your way through the fans who were going by first come first serve seating.

Pretty soon your stomach began doing flips as you heard, “Hey we’re 5 Seconds of Summer! Are you ready to rock London?”

You took in a deep breath as you were as close to the stage, and Calum, as you possibly could be. You watched as he played his bass, focusing on the bass, looking at the crowd, everywhere but you. You smiled at his concentration, he really did love this. You had planned to make yourself visible to him during the concert but you had gotten so lost in watching him play that it was now the end of the concert, you had lost your opportunity.

The band had walked off stage, you were the last person in the venue, a security guard was rushing you out, “Excuse me miss, you need to leave.”

“Wait no”, you gasped, “I have to see Cal.”

“Yeah you and ten thousand other girls”, the security guard began ushering you out.

“No–Calum! It’s me! Y/N! Best friend since forever! And….I love you a lot. I would never admit it, but I never stopped loving you”, you yelled to the top of your lungs. It was no use as the security guard had you at the doors of the venue

“Y/N”, you heard your name, “Hey! Put her down!”

You felt yourself being released as Calum on the stage came into view, his face was of pure shock as yours was as well.

“Cal”, you called while running up to him. You climbed onto the stage, tears streaming down your face. The tears were from the rush, your heart, everything was pouring out. You finally threw yourself in his arms, your face in the crook of his neck, “I’m so sorry”, you cried.

He wrapped his arms around you almost immediately, “You’re fine baby, you’re fine”, he rubbed your back.

“I never would’ve told you back home”, you sobbed, “I love you, I never stopped loving you, you’re the love of my life”, you pulled away and wiped your tears. “I had to come down here….my mom”, you sobbed, “You….everything”, you wiped a few more tears.

“Shh”, he soothed your while wiping your tears, “We’re here together now”, he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I love you so much”, you cupped his face in your hands, “I never stopped, I’m glad you came back”, single tears were falling now.

“I-I”, he smiled with a blush, “Love you too, never stopped either.”

You didn’t have time to smile or blush as you smashed your lips onto his, “I’m glad you came back from God knows where”, you mumbled against his lips.

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when your daughter tells you and Bucky she wants to introduce you to her significant other Bucky is completely caught off guard when she brings home a girl bc he was all prepared to intimidate a boy but he can't bring himself to be anything but sweet to the girl like the big softy he is. You tease him later about it and tell him not to worry bc you're not afraid to be mama bear if need be 🐻

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