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"The Theater of War" | Ch 1. Learning Through Suffering
By Brian Doerries – Read by Adam Driver
"The Theater of War" | Ch 1. Learning Through Suffering

I finally started The Theater of War audiobook, narrated by Adam Driver. What made me pick this up was an older post titled Moral Injury, Tragedy, and Kylo Ren about how Adam’s experience as a former marine, his involvement in theater, and knowledge of Greek plays may have informed his portrayal of Kylo Ren who is quite a flawed and tragic character in his own right. 

As @arrivedmadpointed out, Adam has worked closely with author Brian Doerries since his days at Juilliard. He also runs a non-profit org that brings plays to those in the military, so this is a subject that he cares deeply about. 

If you don’t have time to pick it up, I highly suggest this 5-minute talk done by the author. This audio clip is an excerpt from chapter 1. Transcript is below:

We love stories about well-intentioned flawed characters because they make the most compelling drama. Also, as Aristotle pointed out, we take no pleasure in watching morally flawless people suffer. 


In other words, tragedies depict characters making mistakes rather than inherent flaws in character. I know I miss the mark every day. I often have to lose my way to find the right path forward. Making mistakes, even habitually and unknowingly is central to what it means to be human. 

Characters in Greek tragedies stray, err, and get lost. They are no more flawed than the rest of humanity. The difference lies in the scale of their mistakes which inevitably costs lives and ruin generations.

At the same time, being human and making mistakes, even in ignorance, does not absolve these tragic characters of responsibility for their actions. Had they fully understood what they were doing, they most certainly would not have done it. But they did it all the same. It is in this gray zone, at the thin border between ignorance and responsibility that ancient Greek tragedies play out. 

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5 am headcanon

all right, time for another 5 am headcaon (even if it’s not really 5am).

Let’s talk Minato assigning Kakashi to ANBU.

Now I’ve heard Minato criticized for this move often and I don’t necessarily agree that it was completely healthy for Kakashi myself.  However I can see why Minato would do something like that and I’ve got some headcanon about it so here we go (feel free to repost, share this around, or use it yourself if you want to).

When we see Minato approach Kakashi about being ANBU Kakashi’s in a hospital bed reading a book.  The book’s title is (I believe) something along the lines of ‘How to Die Like A Shinobi’.  Which pretty much tells you Kakashi’s mindset.  He’s lost both his teammates, though what he sees as his failings, tacked on with the residual of his father’s earlier death and Kakashi is locking himself down into an ‘all that’s left is to die well’ mindset (open to interpretation but I don’t think I’m really reaching with this one).  Now, Minato may be hokage and busy with that, having had to hit the ground running but it’s obvious he’s still keeping track of his student.  He wants to help Kakashi, wants to set him on a healthy path, wants to give him an order and structure that will help keep him from falling off into darkness but what can he do?  He can’t pay him the one on one attention he was once able to thanks to his new position and its responsibilities and Kakashi doesn’t strike me as someone that would be approachable directly with ‘I’d like to help’.

ANBU answers directly to the hokage, it’s his personal group of shinobi, closer to him every day than the other shinobi that work in and for the village.  If Kakashi is in ANBU he’s right there for Minato to keep an eye on and that’s a reason right there for Minato to assign Kakashi to ANBU.

But I’ve got headcanon for another reason Minato might have wanted to do that.

Kakashi has a tendency to shut himself off from others, to be a loner and after a certain amount of time, that’s detrimental.  His team helped him open up - but now he has no team.  Minato can’t just put him on another two man team.  It’s a betrayal, in a way, of the team Kakashi would still consider himself a part of (Obito and Rin)(Gai was a third member for a while in the anime but I think the point still stands) and I don’t think either he or Minato would have wanted to see him working in tandem with two others even if Kakashi would have accepted that.  But Minato knows that Kakashi needs to be around people, he needs to have people relying on him and be forced to work in tandem with them as part of a team.  ANBU is large enough, loosely structured enough that it can be a team surrogate of sorts without the binding tightness of a permanent three man team.  Minato hoped that it would give Kakashi a sense of place and purpose that he would be willing to accept.  Do ANBU do the darker, harder, more dangerous jobs?  Yes.  But it’s already been proven that you don’t have to be ANBU to get damaged emotionally or killed.  Kakashi needs challenges to focus on and simple ranked missions aren’t a challenge for him any more.  He also needs an outlet for his frustration and a way to prove himself, prove to himself that he can be there on time and save the day even if it won’t ever completely soothe away the times he wasn’t.  He needs something to focus on and something to bind him back into society and the company of others.  And, just maybe, he needed to be able to hide in the shadows for a while away from village whispers.  ANBU provides all of those with the addition of letting Minato interact with him daily and keep a personal eye on him as well.

And Minato does keep an eye on him, as shown with his conversation with Sarutobi where he shows his worry about his student and his uncertainty that he might not have made the right choice in assigning him to ANBU.  Minato has no road map for this kind of thing.  Konoha isn’t very good (read that as: is horrible) at dealing with the psychological repercussions of the lifestyle its shinobi lead.  Minato is doing his best to give his student what he thinks his student both needs and will accept and Sarutobi’s suggestion about watching over a pregnant Kushina brings a huge relief to Minato you can see on his face.

The rest is canon.

Was assigning Kakashi to ANBU the best choice?  Maybe not.  Maybe other people can think of better choices.  Minato worked with what he had and made the call. 

And when Kakashi signed in for his ANBU uniform, he dropped his book about how to die in the trash.

Doubt Any Of The 9000+ Folks Who Reposted That Scooby Pic Will Read This, But I Might As Well Say This To Those Who Will

I don’t know why people think I’m crapping over modern styles of animation when I said the ORIGINAL original model sheet of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You from series designer Iwao Takamoto felt fresher than a lot of modern cartoons.

I stand by that comment, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of modern cartoons. That’s nonsense. Loving Cartoon Network and Warner Bros’ current output, especially Wabbit, Be Cool Scooby-Doo, We Bare Bears, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, and Bunnicula (and I’m looking forward to the revival of Powerpuff Girls this spring). I watch PBS Kids more than many folks my age (largely because I’m watching it with a two-year old genius) and enjoying shows like Curious George, Arthur, and Nature Cat. Harvey Beaks on Nickelodeon is probably one of the best cartoons on the air today, especially since Gravity Falls is coming to an end on Disney XD.

I love cartoons. I loved cartoons a lot longer than some of you Tumblr readers have been a live, and I will love cartoons until the day I die.

I’m not a snob about animation at all. Whether it’s cartoons from Japan, France, Australia, China, South Korea, Nigeria, Ireland, London, Vancouver, Atlanta, New York, or Los Angeles, I love it.

So many different styles all over the place.

And I love it all.

For the most part.

Some shows do have stiff character model designs. Barely any movement or fluidity in them. You know, no animation. You mostly see ¾ views of these characters in action,  Some shows cheat by having long panning sequences and only showing mouth movement. Modern tools does tend to limit some animators, but others can do magic with what they have.

Toon Boom, probably used by more professional animators for television, is a great tool when used by capable artists. Some shows look mechanical while others look flawless. When character designs look flat and lifeless, people do have a fear about the final product and often derides the production, almost sight unseen, as another Flash cartoon.

I hate the derogatory use of “Flash cartoon” as much as I hate the term “The Dreamworks smirk,” which predates the studio by decades. That reputation has plagued the studio so many times, and to be honest, their marketing department need a lot of help. Everybody involved with Trolls HATED the first promo for the film since the film is NOTHING LIKE THAT, but the damage is already done.

Thanks, Fox.

But yeah, I make no apologies for loving the initial feel of the Scooby-Doo characters. They’re teenagers of the late 1960s. They’re cynical by nature and a product of their age. And that scared the living crap out of CBS and their affiliates. A bunch of hippie beatniks in a psychedelic van going around the country solving mysteries? Can’t have that. Might scare the children. So they softened them, and the characters continued to evolve from this:

to this:

to this:

to this:

to this:

But it always goes back to this:

That last one’s from animator/character designer/comic artist Jerome K. Moore who spent some time at Warner Bros and certainly evokes the spirit of Iwao Takamoto’s original designs.

In the end, it’s the same characters, just different looks, none lesser than the next. I bet the same folks who erroneously faulted me for “throwing shade” at modern cartoons are the same ones who still throws hate towards Be Cool, Scooby-Doo for not being Mystery Incorporated, any new DC Comics cartoon for not being Young Justice, and will continuously hate any new version of any older property.

I like cartoons just like you do, even more so. That’s what this Tumblr’s all about. I embrace it all and always will. Get to know me, and I’ll show you the world of animation.

Let’s have fun.

In case anyone was planning to ask me about it (which is unlikely, as I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about my love for To Kill a Mockingbird on here before, but just in case), I am not going to be reading Go Set a Watchman.

This isn’t because I can’t stand the thought of my beloved story being “ruined forever” or whatever sensationalist things people are saying about the new novel.  I’m not going to read it because I am absolutely sure that the publishers exploited Harper Lee to put this book out.

Harper Lee was very clear, for decades, that she had no interest in publishing another novel.  She could have polished and published Go Set a Watchman after it was apparent that To Kill a Mockingbird was a success and a classic, but she didn’t.  She hid the manuscript away in a safety deposit box instead.  Her publishers were begging her to write another novel ever since the success of To Kill a Mockingbird, and I highly doubt it’s a coincidence that Go Set a Watchman was announced just months after Alice Lee, Harper’s sister and lawyer, died.  It is possible that Harper Lee just happened to change her mind at age 89, right after her sister’s death, and having previously suffered a stroke?  Sure, but I doubt it.  I know there was an investigation into the possibility of coercion that turned up nothing, but I flat out don’t trust those results.  And above all, I can’t accept that Harper Lee, so meticulous in revising and editing To Kill a Mockingbird, would choose to release a completely unedited, unpolished first draft of the same work.  Especially given that she famously hated the publicity her first novel gave her.  Agreeing to let the publishers put out a second novel after her death?  That I could maybe see.  While she’s alive?  No.

Finally, even if the publication of this novel weren’t sketchy as hell, I just don’t have any interest.  Why would I want to read the unpolished, very different first draft of a story I enjoy as it is?  This is being called To Kill a Mockingbird’s sequel, but it really isn’t.  It’s more like an alternate universe with worse writing.  For one thing, the outcome of a very important plot point in To Kill a Mockingbird has the opposite outcome in Go Set a Watchman, and for another, Atticus Finch is a completely different character.

And I don’t say that because I can’t accept Atticus as anything other than flawless white Jesus.  All people have internalized prejudices.  All people have flaws.  But the Atticus who responds to being asked why he’s defending a black man with “I do my best to love everyone equally” is just not the same person as the Atticus who has such abhorrent views on black people that his own daughter compares him to Hitler.  Characters change between drafts.  Sometimes they become entirely different people, and that’s the case here.

Also, I’m just not interested in reading a story about the Finches that isn’t narrated by Scout.

So yeah.  There’s my two cents.

I hate when people try to defend maiko/slam zutara by saying “Mai is the only one who can handle Zuko”. Like not only is that pretty messed up rationale for a relationship, but it’s just not true? Like what is the basis? That Zuko is hot-tempered and impatient? Mai’s cold, cool, and apathetic? Zuko’s hot-headed, warm, and empathetic? They’re parallels? Is that it? Because you don’t have to be cold and uncaring to be able to shut down BS. Like Zuko does have a tendency to get angry, and impatient, etc. sure, he gets better through the years and stuff, but it’s still a flaw he carries. 

But, that doesn’t mean Mai has to be cold and uncaring and downright mean to Zuko to “tame his fire”. It’s not like the guy’s in this unconsolable rage 24/7. Katara isn’t some fluffy, subservient bunny who’d put up with BS. She’d call Zuko out the way Mai has sometimes, but Katara would probably handle it a lot more maturely. Katara also would be a supportive figure. The same with Zuko to Katara; Zuko would support Katara wholeheartedly in her career. Zuko got excited and proud for Mai’s success and strength and growth. He’s a supportive person. He supported Katara in her mission to find her mother’s murderer, too. Zuko knows how to accept and deal with Katara’s flaws too. They both accepted and could manage one another’s flaws as beautifully shown in The Southern Raiders. The accidental chemistry with these two is uncanny.

lardo headcanons bc there’s not enough of my wife in this fandom tbh!!!

  • grew up middle class-ish; basically her parents weren’t struggling terribly in the money department but they were by no means rich
  • her dad is a high school psychology teacher and her mom is a dentist
  • she has one sister who’s like 4 years older than her and a pain in the ass but they love each other
  • fluent in vietnamese & speaks it pretty much all the time at home
  • has visited relatives in vietnam once or twice growing up & loves it there; she’s always really inspired to paint after she comes home from a trip
  • as a kid she was never disruptive in vocal/physical ways but would just not. stop. drawing on shit. herself, the walls, desks, other children. basically anything that wasn’t a sketchbook. her parents were exasperated af (”larissa. stop drawing on yourself. you’ll get ink poisoning.” “nahhhhh”)
    • she would give herself and the other kids “tattoos” and to this day really really wants to cover herself in tattoos but doesn’t want to get reamed out by her parents
  • childhood role model was rizzo from grease (rizzo is still her ultimate aesthetic)

(under a read more bc FUCK this got long… i love lardo so much)

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BTS Jungkook’s popularity completely overshadows how much V has to offer. I honestly think that V’s range, tone, and control are all better than Jungkook’s. And why is he never included as part of the BTS Dance Line? He’s an awesome dancer and he slays their choreography every time. Literally everything he does is flawless. I worry sometimes that people choose other members over V just because V likes to make weird faces and be goofy instead of looking conventionally attractive all the time.

neonsauce  asked:

Man, I just came to the realization that if Satya was confirmed gay, than I, a mentally ill gay Indian woman, could actually see myself fully in another character and that’s???? Wow???????

blizzard!!! blizzard do it!!! let satya be a lesbian!!!!!! she’s already Perfect™ so let her be The Most Flawless™ as a beautiful gay!!!!!!!!!!! so other wonderful people can look up to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so in honor of christmas and reaching 7k followers yesterday (honestly, i’m still speechless about this and i don’t really know how to thank you in a way that’s way more appropriate than this) i decided to do yet another follow forever


@cptbbarnes is everything. i can’t find words for how much this girl means to me. she lifts me up, she makes me better, braver, she’s just the best friend i could wish for. thank you, for everything. i love you ✨


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A Teacher for Christine (1861)

Christine sat on the divan in the parlor, her voluminous petticoats spread out across it, and even collecting at the floor in a folded heap.  she was waiting for a new teacher to arrive, a teacher of Astronomy. her Aunt instilled in her the idea of a education not limited to house work, becoming well versed in Latin, Greek philosophy, Renaissance Literature, and even a bit of science. but, these subjects bored Christine to death, causing her to sometimes doze off during lessons. she loved to learn, but not about subjects that she paid no mind too!

her interests lied in art, music, and history. she loved to read tales of romance and horror, or books about botany and animals of the Amazon Rainforest. but her greatest passion lie within the Opera where she sang in with such vigor and purpose that people thought of her as a well oiled machine.

Christine was like a swan, beautiful and graceful, with her beautiful Swedish blue eyes, thick and curly chocolate brown hair, flawless skin, and pretty red lips. the other thing people noticed other than her immense beauty was her height of five feet and nine inches which sometimes caused her to be taller than her suitors! but, overall, Christine Daaé was one of the most beautiful ladies to walk the earth, some called her heavenly.

she heard a timid knock at the front door and Christine got up, smoothing her hair and patting her skirts down to make them look neat. she heard Nancy, the young maid of the house, open the door and welcome in Christine’s new tutor.

((Christine’s house))

((current outfit of choice))

shadeyrain-today  asked:

Hi there! I recently saw a post about normalizing skin imperfections. To start, I completely agree. But I have a few questions about the issue to begin with. Do you think that skin imperfections define a person? And do you realized how advanced an artist needs to be in order to make imperfections work on a character? I'm only really curious about why you felt the need to be so passionate about things that some people hate about themselves.

1) Nothing about skin defines a person, nothing about appearance defines a person, human-beings are undefinable whether they have clear skin or not. But “imperfect” skin is NORMAL, it is the NORM, and yet only the smallest minority of characters have anything other than flawless hollywood complexions. 

This leads people who have anything other than perfect skin to define themselves by their skin constantly! To feel like they can’t leave their houses with their actual faces showing, to feel like they can’t show themselves in public before slathering creams and paints all over themselves. Makeup is fine and fun but it should be a choice, not a societal expectation.

2) An artist DOES NOT need to be advanced to draw skin imperfections. That is a nonsense excuse. It takes literally no effort to draw a zit, or freckles, or a birthmark or anything else. This is even more ludicrous than when someone says it’s sooo much more complicated to draw fat people than it is to draw skinny people. We only think it’s more complicated because it’s not normalized. We’re not taught it! We’re not, as artists, expected to learn how to render complex skin, same as we’re not expected to learn how to draw fat characters! Not because it’s more difficult, but because of society saying “no one wants to see that”. It only takes a minute to look up a reference and learn.

We’re expected to learn how to draw beautiful. skinny. clear skinned. perfectly symmetrical young people, especially when designing women. But all it takes is a moment outside of your comfort zone to realize that adding “imperfections” ADDS to a character! We expect artists to learn how to render folds in clothing, how to draw the complex forms of ears and eyes and hands, but adding a zit is too complex? That is garbage of the highest caliber.

3) I don’t feel the need to be passionate about this, I just am! I’m just an artist who happens to be very aesthetically compelled and inspired by complex skin types and human variation. But, at the same time, what better to be passionate about? 

Even most “body positive” campaigns I’ve seen only have clear skinned women, at the most with freckles. People who have scars, acne, eczema, birthmarks, skin discoloration, etc. are real and they are everywhere, yet they are all but invisible in media. These things are still ridiculously stigmatized. And THAT is why people hate themselves.

I’m just one voice, but I’ve had DOZENS of messages sent to me telling me that just because I say I love zits and want to see more acne in characters, a person feels better about themselves! I’ve had people tell me that they’ve started liking their selfies, that they can look in the mirror and see nothing wrong, for the first time in their lives! What could possibly be bad about that?

The more we normalize complex skin, and the more people with complex skin see ourselves depicted in art and media, the better we will feel about ourselves and the more confident we will become. That is good for everyone.

I’m proud to be ace because... (Responses)

I have every right to be

it’s who I am. Being ace wasn’t a choice, but it is still an important part of my identity.

I really like cake!

It’s who I am and you should never be ashamed of yourself, regardless of what other people think. Their opinions are irrelevant

I am a flawless celestial being just the way I am

i’m proud of who i am. this isn’t just limited to my being ace, but to most things. being ace is one of my many aspects and I am proud to be me, to exist, and to live my life as only I can. I wear my ace ring with pride and if someone asks or the topic gets very sexy, i just might bring it up. I’m not ashamed of it. I’m proud to be who i am, and I’m proud to be ace, and I’m proud to therefore be a part of such a (usually) loving and supportive community. ^.^

I like it being part of a really inclusive and positive comm

I like being part of a positive and inclusive community my relationships show that you can have love without having sex

The puns, the community, and why not?

I know there are other people like me, and we all are going though the same things.

because we are unique, our community is amazing, we are surviving in the world that is throwing sexual attraction in our faces, we are literally rebelling against society’s standards just by being ourselves and also naturally - because I am asexy and proud to be me

despite the ace-phobia I deal with I really can’t picture myself as anything else

I can provide a unique perspective, unhindered by personal bias for a certain gender. I can see past sexual tension, lust, and other communication/relationship difficulties because I literally don’t even experience those types of feelings. Being ace is all I’ve ever personally known, and while I don’t always fit in because of it, I find it something unique and entirely positive. Plus, there are a ton of adorable ace jokes ^.^

It’s who I am.

Other People: “Give up on Klaroline, they aren’t even on the same show anymore.
Me: "Nope. Never will. Klaroline is endgame no matter what.”

Other People: “Give up on Sansa/Sandor (SanSan), they will never be together.”
Me: “Nope. They’re soul mates, and I fully support the gravedigger theory. I’ll never give up on either of them. Individually or as a ship. My ship is flawless.”

Other People: “Give up on Belle and Rumpelstiltskin (Rumbelle), it’s a doomed ship.”
Me: “Ha! Nope, I’ll go down with this ship. They’re soul mates as well.”

Other People: “Give up on Carol and Daryl (Darol/Caryl). They aren’t even around one another and it looks like Beth and Daryl will get together.”
Me: “Nope. They’ll find one another again. It was Darol from the beginning. It will always be Darol for me.

Call me stubborn, call me delusional, call me whatever you like. I will never give up on my ships. Doomed or not, they are canon and endgame in my heart. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a Klaus, Sandor, Rumpelstiltskin or Daryl of my own ;) (These gifs are NOT mine)