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An anon said write a Giriboy scenario. So here it is. JSP. Siyoung is such a daddy to me. 

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In Korea when you’re famous you are often shipped with other people. You started your career in rapping at a really young age.You always dreamed of being a rapper at such a young age. We began to upload your music on varies music websites. You had so much talent. But no one really paid attention to you. Nor would they give you the time of day. But Swings saw your talent. Your talent was out of this world and of course he did everything in his power to sign you. And of course he made it just in time. You signed with Just Music and they treated you like family.

Since you were the only female you were treated like a sister. A baby sister. You were also the youngest out of them all. They all treated you like a baby sister. Protecting you, making sure you were okay, and other things of that brotherly nature. They all did, except Siyoung. He just saw you a beautiful, smart and talented girl who fits in with the guys. And he loved that about you. The both of you like each other. Not even like, you both loved each other. You couldn’t tell him because he was your label mate. You thought dating within your own label could be bad for business. But Swings wasn’t having it. He knew how the both of you felt about each other. He forced you both to stay in a room with each other until you both admitted your feelings. After 2 hours of being in a room alone with him, you finally said it and he said it back. 

You’ve been with him for 2 years now. It’s been the best two years of your life. There was just something different about Siyoung. That you couldn’t find in any other man. You recently released a full length album. You were having a concert in Busan. Of course the guys came with you. On this album you collabed with a fellow rapper who isn’t under Just Music. You collabed with The Quiett, Dong Gab. You looked up to him because he was legendary. You’ve always wanted to collab with him and you got that chance. He was a really cool do. Your song which he featured on was very very, very sensual. Listening to this song you’d probably have to bathe in holy water afterwards. And you were going to perform that song with Dong Gab. Siyoung of course hated that you didn’t want to collab with him for a song like this but he claimed to be over it. 

Last minute you and Dong Gab were told by your manager that you two should look like a couple. “What do you mean look like a couple? How are we supposed to do that?” You asked. “This song is very sensual so how about some teasing, grinding, stuff of that nature.” He answered. You didn’t feel uncomfortable with it. You were just shocked. It’s called acting. You’ve done stuff like this before for many concerts. But the guys you’d collabed with weren’t legendary like Dong Gab was in your eyes. You accepted and went to your dressing room, putting on the rather tight outfit your stylist had picked out for you. She also did your makeup and hair. You had to admit. You looked amazing. From head to toe, absolutely stunning. You went backstage to find Dong Gab on his phone. “You ready for this?” You asked. He looked up and saw your amazing outfit. He gave you a thumbs up and you both walked to the stage. You were going to start of the night with the song. 

And of course the crowd was already cheering and you guys didn’t even do anything yet. Finally when the music hit you were in completely actress ready to act. Siyoung was watching from backstage. Let me tell you. He was upset that Dong Gab’s hands were all over your body. He was even more upset that you were all over him as well. The crowd was probably louder than the music because of the show they were getting. You ended the little performance by grinding against him and he put his arms around your waist while having his head on your shoulder looking down toward your cleavage.

He left the stage and you continued your show. After the concert you went back to your dressing room to be met by Siyoung looking extremely angry. “Why are you just standing? Come here!” You could tell you were in a lot of trouble. You walked over to him and looked down. He picked your chin up to make you look at him. “Do you know how much trouble you’re in?” He asked softly. “No. Can you tell me?” “Don’t expect me to be nice to you tonight.” He whispered in your ear. It sent chills down your spine. You could only smile. “Were you jealous of Dong Gab oppa?” You jokingly asked. “Yah! Don’t call him oppa when you don’t call me that!” He whined. You only chuckled at how childish he was acting. You ruffled his hair and took his glasses. “Do I look cute with these glasses on?” “You know damn well I can’t see you right now. Give them back.” “Nope. You just won’t be able to see what happens next.” You said before smashing your lips against his.

I hope this was okay. I hope you enjoyed. Sorry for any mistakes. Thank you for requesting. Keep em’ coming. Admin June. 

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Idea: Ghosts only exist as long as someone who remembers them is alive.

More tragic idea: Two ghosts become friends, but then one of their distant descendants dies and one vanishes, leaving the other ghost alone.

Even more tragic idea: Ghosts of famous or important people hanging around for a really long time, forming a small community, watching as some fade into obscurity and others gain historical significance, living in fear as some names cease to be published even in history books, knowing at any point a random scholar could croak and take a ghost with them; while others live on, forced into continued existence by the whatever legacy history has twisted into staying relevant, experiencing close calls as their fame surges and wanes with different generations.

within certain circles (not gonna name any names), there’s this really bad bit of liberal discourse which states that economic inequality can only be addressed in terms of increasing the economic power of the poor, and never in terms of reducing the economic power of the rich, and that if you ever attempt to address economic inequality in terms of reducing the economic power of the rich, that makes you a ~mean hateful bully~ or whatever. 

there are a few reasons this is incredibly silly- the first and most obvious being that since wealth is, among other things, a representation of resource access, and resources are finite, so thus wealth inequality without some measure of redistribution is not really plausible.

but another equally important factor is that the wealthy are able to harm other people without experiencing any consequence for it- a famous example being that wealthy teen who killed 4 people through reckless driving and was let off easy due to “affluenza.” or the current example of the DAPL, where construction on the pipeline continued illegally because the company can afford the fine and still stands to make a net gain if the pipeline is built. 

i think it is transparently obvious that a solution to economic inequality which gave everyone the ability to cause harm to others without significant consequence would not be ideal. this issue with economic inequality specifically cannot be addressed in any way other than by stripping economic power from the wealthy.

any framework which treats the notion of reducing the economic power of the wealthy as off-limits is a framework which is constructed in such a way as to hamstring the left.


David Tennant on the Graham Norton Show 2011 Gifset- When I say David Tennant is great to his fans, I really mean he is great to his fans. Because even in this highly inappropriate situation he still went ahead and signed an autograph for that other naked man in that gym. Most other famous people would probably have yelled for security or tell them to leave them alone, but not David here. He grabs the paper the other man was holding and carves something in it and hands it back to him. Gotta love him.

A dress fitting at the fashion house of the Sorelle Fontana in Rome,  1953

The Fontanas were 3 Italian sisters and designers: Zoe, Micol and Giovanna. They set up their atelier in Rome in the Via Liguria in 1943. Six years later Linda Christian selected one of their dresses for her wedding to Tyrone Power in Rome, 1949. After that they were asked to design dresses for Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and many other Hollywood and European stars and other famous people.

for sniccolo

I’d like to personally thank Jared Padalecki for making the AKF campaign because while I may not be depressed or sad all the time, I occasionally lapse and the only thing which stops me from crying or screaming in public is the thought that the campaign exists. That there are other people fighting the same feelings, some of them as famous as Jared and others as ordinary as myself. Always keep fighting xx

Personal Question List

Question lists have been popping up quite a lot recently, but a lot of the questions are making people define themselves in boxes, or defining themselves by comparing themselves with others (either movie characters or famous people) or ask about other things that are just constructs of society. They are questions people feel safe to answer, safe to let other people know the answer to. But it doesn’t really give the space for anyone to really be themselves, or to help people understand themselves better. There is no space for personal understanding or growth. Therefore, I thought I’d make a list of questions that actually gives people a chance to get to know themselves better and hopefully also help them to find out what they do want from their life, and how to get there. I’ve decided to not be a total perfectionist about anything I’m writing here, and to just post what I come up with. If anyone wants to add more questions to the list, feel free to do so.

The questions are to be taken as guidelines for answers. All answers are correct and there is no such thing as a wrong answer. Your answer doesn’t have to be within the bounds of the question; you are unique and you can’t be put in a box anyway.

Your answers are yours and they’re mostly meant to be given to yourself privately and in brutal honesty. But if anyone feels like sharing their answers, I am sure there is a lot of beauty to be seen and a lot to be learned from by other people.

  1. What is your favourite place that you can reach within half an hour?
  2. What is your favourite place on the planet?
  3. What does your ideal holiday look like? Have you had that holiday lately?
  4. If you could go anywhere you want, where would you go? Is anything stopping you from actually going there?
  5. What element do you feel like most: water, earth, air or fire? Why?
  6. Do you consider yourself more be like a pencil, a pen or a paintbrush? Why?
  7. What colour(s) do you like best in nature?
  8. What colour(s) would you like your surroundings to be?
  9. Is there anything you wish you could learn? Is anything stopping you from learning it?
  10. What kind of work would you really love to do? Is that your current job? If not, can you do something about it?
  11. What does your ideal home look like? Do you have that home? If not, can you do something about it?
  12. What is your favourite food?
  13. What do you think about the food you eat on a daily basis? Do you enjoy it? Does it make you feel good physically and does it make you feel good about yourself?
  14. What do you love most about your best friend(s)?
  15. If you have a partner, what do you love best about them? If you don’t have a partner, what is something you’d value most in a partner?
  16. What do you love most about yourself?
  17. If you could change anything about your personality, would you? And if so, what and why?
  18. Is there anything about yourself that you feel you have to hide? If so, what would happen if you didn’t hide it?
  19. Is there anything from your childhood you are still angry/upset about? Does it affect your daily life? Is there anything you can do to help yourself resolve it?
  20. Have you got any unresolved issues with your parents? Is there anything you can do about it to help yourself resolve it?
  21. How do you feel when you think back at school/high school/higher education? Why? If there are negative feelings, does this still affect you in daily life and is there anything you can do to help yourself resolve it?
  22. If you could say anything you’d like and the person you’d say it to would forget what you said right away, is there anyone who you’d like to say something to? (For example how they have upset you, or that you love them, or a secret you wish you could share with someone.)
  23. Do you have any fears considering other people or interaction with them? Is there anything you can do about it?
  24. How do you feel about change?
  25. Do you trust life?
  26. What is your happiest childhood memory?
  27. What is your happiest memory from the past year?
  28. What is the happiest moment of your life?
  29. What are you proud of?
  30. What do you want other people to remember you by?
  31. What do you want from your future?
  32. If you could have anything you want, right now, what would it be? Is anything stopping you from having it? (Hint: it doesn’t have to be a material thing.)
  33. If you could do anything you want, right now, what would it be? What is stopping you?
KBTBB - Protection (part 1)

Eisuke X Soyru X Mc X Revance

You were sitting in penthouse in excitement, even when both your childhood friends (Eisuke + Soyru) cared about you. They always had this hate about you near boys. You even had argument about your age, your 26, but Eisuke wouldn’t give a damn.

But today was one of Eisuke’s famous IVC party’s, honestly you thought they were stupid. Seeing other famous people, and address them by their last name. Even your not famous or even a bank account filled with billions of dollars. The only power you had with the bidders was the organizer.

It was your job to invite famous guest, and to order any theme that Eisuke wants. But you loved choosing the music. At last month’s IVC party, you hired a violinist. Many people commented on how graceful and beautiful on how the violinist played.

But you were now excited, since you were going to hire Revance to come play here. As you write down the address and the paycheck on the letter. You gave your farewell and wrote Eisuke’s name on it. Lastly, you stamped it. And placed it with the the other envelopes that were suppose to be given to the other guests.


The day…

“Guy’s!!! You won’t believe it,but Revance is here.” As the bidders lingered in the lobby, you silently fangirled behind Soyru. As you watched Revance.

“Why do I feel like you did this.” Eisuke sighed as you, and him and Soyru walked up to the receptionist desk to meet Revance

You clinged on to Soyru’s arm, even how professional you were. You love Recance, you still have to remind Baba to steal you a few posters of them later.

“Hello Mr. Sasuyama, it looks like you’ve gotten my letter.” Eisuke gave him his gentle smile, and took out his hand for Mr. Sasuyama to shake

Mr. Sasuyama took Eisuke’s as he gradually Sholes it,a bit nervous by how a billionaire would contact him

“Of course Mr. Ichinomiya, you are a very busy man. And I love your hotel!.”

“Yes,but please call me Eisuke. We will be thanking you for having Revance preform here.” Eisuke gave him a smile, but turned back

“ Oh! , I almost forgot, Soyru, Mc, both of you are in charge of making sure that Revance is comfortable here.” He said over his shoulder

Both Soyru and you turned your heads at the sound of his voice,watching the smirk that was on his face as the elevator door’s started to close

You turned back to your newly-quiet guest, Soyru mentally cursed a bunch of profanities quietly under his breath. you smacked Soyru lightly on his clothed chest, hoping he didn’t act too rude.

You outstretched your right hand as the other hand was clutching your clipboard tightly.

“Hi!, My name is (First) (Last). I’m the hotels and Mr. ichinomiya’s personal organizer. I mostly run the meetings and the parties that are established here.” The first person to come shake your hand was Ryo Chibana

“ Thank you for welcoming us here,it’s a pleasure for us to sing here. It looks like you already know us, so there no need for formal introductions.” You smiled at Ryo, as he shook your hand gently

“Don’t worry and call me Mc,that’s what everyone here calls me.” You giggled, releasing your hand from his

“Is there any questions you would like to ask me before we send you off to your room’s.” You said politely

“Is there any place quite to listen to music?.“(Takashi)

“Yeah,these rooms are sounds proof.”

“Is there pool here or a hot tub?.” (Iori)>/p>

“Well both.”

“Is there a place to play video games?.” (Kota)

“Honestly, only my suite has all the world’s video games.”

“Do you have clean rooms here?.”(Ryo)

“Yep,they are the finest.”

“Are you reliable to be near us at all times~?”(Nagito)

“Hmm.” You hummed in reply

“Did anyone tell you,you that your very beautiful.” Kyohei gave you his pearly smile

This triggered Soyru,even when he wasn’t paying no attention. Soyru swooped in as he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you closer.

“Oh, sorry would’ve known you had a jealous boyfriend.” Kyohei said

“Actually, it’s a jealous friend. But I would compare him as a jealous brother.” You said, as you moved away from Soyru’s death grip

“Oh,this is Soyru Oh, he takes care of all of the security and security cameras that are in and outside the building. But please call him Soyru.” You smiled gently

“Actually it’s Mr. Oh to you guys. But let’s continue to your rooms, courtesy by Mc and Mr. Ichinomiya.” Soyru gave one last glare as he walked off towards the elevator

“I’m so sorry for his rudeness,I’ll talk to him about it.So please follow me.“ Your smile trailed off as you turned around,staring daggers at Soyru’s back as you trailed behind him with Revance


You sat in your room tapping your notes for the VIC party on your Ipad , already getting many phone calls from certain chefs.

You looked outside,the over coming night taking over. You got prepared,as you placed your Ipad under your pillow with the plug plugged in.

Your consistent that Eisuke was going to give you more work then you already have. It was so like him to do so. Let’s just hope that today will be different


After some googling and collecting ideas for the “famous autistic creators” post I realized one thing - there are a lot of autistic people out there, and have always been. That’s why “autism epidemic” is nonsense, and that’s why autism prevention or compulsory autism “cures” (like conversion therapy) are also nonsense.

Autistic people have always existed and made a huge impact on science, technology, art, culture and the entire human civilization. You cannot erase us from the history of humanity. All autistic people matter.

Serious question: why do we have to justify who we ship with meta and conspiracy theories? Is there  reason we can’t just say, “ I don’t care what the writers wrote those characters as Gay or straight, I’m shipping them in the way  see fit!” I don’t understand the need for justification or the tendency to evangelize about it. I’m not trying to be dismissive, but  think back to Kirk/Spock and Starsky and Hutch and other famous ships where people shipped them knowing that the writers absolutely would never, never, ever “approve” it. Just trying to get my brain around it. 

I see all these celebrities all kind of hanging out with one another and I’m very suspicious of whether they’re actually friends or not. As soon as famous people of my generation get near each other - you know who I’m talking about, your Cara Delevigne and Kylie Jenner people - they’re all a tight group and I don’t really know what they represent. People just want to be in photographs with people. ‘Squad goals’. The phrase makes me die.
—  Matty Healy
  • Friend: What would you do if your books started taking off and you had money?
  • Me: Buy better food. Catch up on my bills. Get my dog a nice bed, probably.
  • Friend: No, like REAL money. Like, famous people money.
  • Me: ...Buy food for other people. Help other people catch up on their bills. Buy other people's dogs nice beds, probably.
  • Friend: Oh. ...I'd buy a yacht.
Some Facts on Dreams and Dreaming

1. Most dreams are based on visual images (Except in people who were either born blind, or who lost their sight at an early age). Occasionally, dreams will include sound and touch.

2. The normal rules of logic do not apply in dreams. For example, the dream may be taking place in one location – then, abruptly, the dreamer is translocated to a completely different place.

3. Most dreams occur in a house – but this is usually not your own home. The most frequently reported room is the living room. People rarely dream about their work place or school.

4. The most frequent scenario is the dreamer plus two other people.

5. Famous people seldom appear in our dreams. The vast majority of people dream about people who are significant to them, especially if there is an ongoing conflict.

6. Mundane activities (such as brushing your teeth) rarely appear in dreams.

7. Dreams tend not to be happy events, and the three most common reported emotions are anger, sadness and fear.

8. Some themes are so common that they are reported the world over. These universal themes include the loss of a tooth, falling or flying, exhibition, arriving late for exams or other important events, and being chased or attacked.

9. Cross-cultural research indicates that our dreams reflect normal life events in our own country and culture.

10. There appear to be some differences in the content of dreams between the two sexes. Specifically, women are more likely to dream about their children, family or household activities; men are more likely to dream about strangers, violence, sexual activity, achievement, and outdoor events.

Similar Zarry Quotes

“I hate the word celebrity. I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, thinking of yourself as a celebrity, because then you somehow automatically think that label makes you superior to other people.“

- Zayn Malik, Highsnobiety

 “I hate the word famous. It gives you no substance. It’s not like, oh that guy was really nice, or that guy was funny. It’s, oh he was famous. And I just think that… it’s just weird. I hate it.”

- Harry Styles, This is Us

“An alien spoke to me in a dream,”

- Zayn Malik, Glamour Magazine 

“I’m not saying I believe in aliens, but you know what I mean.”

- Harry Styles, Another Man