and other famous criminals of the time

Looking at how much influences the al Ghuls have on the underworld, it really makes you start questioning some small details. For instance, in his time with the League of Assassins Damian didn’t have to hide neither his face nor his name while he worked the members from the LoA and other organizations. And after he has been publicly revealed to be Bruce’s son it really made me wonder how some of the criminals that had met or known Damian thinks now after they found out that the famous Bruce Wayne’s son is Damian al Ghul, the same kid that threatened to cut their head off if they ever tried to interfere with the al Ghuls plans?

So for the first time in months I have time to just do whatever I want and I thought I’d spend the first morning casually raising some points about Percy Weasley because oh boy.

So his last three DADA teachers were Quirrell, Lockhart and Lupin. We know that those are the years that you should be learning duelling, first verbally, then non-verbally, then who knows what Lupin taught the seventh-years but I’m sure it was excellent NEWT preparation, and we know old Perce probably got Os in all his subjets and he would probably need DADA to enter the Ministry. However, this guy also never raised his wand at anyone outside of class. When would he have? He stayed at the Ministry from the second he left Hogwarts to some time before the Battle of Hogwarts, and he was not a participant in active resistance until that point. This guy’s first actual real duels were most probably those in the Battle of Hogwarts. Okay but, how is Percy so good at it without real practice if one of the reasons why Lupin died is beause he was out of practice, not having rushed into squirmishes since August? How is Percy with no prior battle experience the one not only handing out simple Disarming charms but reducing a person to a sea urchin? Don’t get me wrong, stressful work environments must contribute to vivid fantacising about jinxing your bosses like that but how, HOW, is Percy good at real, outside-of-the-class duelling? I need answers.

We know George is that cool person who helps Harry put his trunk on the shelf first year on the train but how many others are struggling with the same problem? And  so is Percy, newly a Prefect, the kind of person who lends a hand to the Harrys of the train who I have no idea how they put their luggage on the rack without magic, or is he like “I am a Prefect, I am an important person who has to do important Prefecting” and just orders someone else to help first years? Or would he just levitate the bags instead of hands-on-help? Ah yes maybe that’s Percy.

So Percy is the only one in the family not in the quiddith team, but we know he is into quidditch, how can he not be? And he bets on it with Penelope. And he goes to the world cup other than as an assistant to Crouch Sr. So he’s into it, okay, stop with the fanfics where he’s not. But then, why doesn’t he play? Well we know he himself is more academic, but I had a thought that maybe because he was the third kid, and all the others were already in the house by the time he was 11-12, so maybe Percy thought he shouldn’t ask for a broom and go for the team if quidditch is not his priority? It would hold the team back to have a teammate who flies a school broom, I imagine, so maybe Percy thought it was better just to skip the quidditch thing and that made him so focused on other, more theoretical things even more so? But this is also kind of sad because what if he wanted to play if he could have?

That said, just wait until Wood hears this story and is like hey Perce you can fly my broomstick– 

What else, what else… Oh yeah, so the Wood thing. I will probably write about my theories in a separate post about what could have been there and stuff, BUT for now, let’s just go with the basic canonical probability that as roommates, Wood and Percy were in each others closest circles at school at least. This means that when Percy is not in contat with anyone from the Order until he contacts Aberforth (and why him? that’s so odd, how did he hear about Aberforth? How can he just contact him??? That is really out of the blue for me.), then the most obvious networking link between him and his family, like, Fred and George especially, not to mention the old quidditch team, all in the DA, not sure if all in the Order but they all came to fight so yeah they were there, super battle-ready, 24/7, so… anyway, so the most obvious link between Percy and his family would have been Wood. But hear me out:

Wood kind of represents this special person in the whole wartime evironment, who is talented and plays for a team that people know and cheer for and support and follow and he’s probably on some fan’s T-shirt or quidditch cards or something, even if he’s a relatively new player. (Although, it’s been 3-4 years by DH.) These things just happen when someone plays for a proper team/club. So it’s REALLY WEIRD if he goes “missing”. Super embarrassing for the government, however strong in their power, like, I don’t think the Ministry, even once the DEs have taken full control over it, can just terminate Oliver Wood from Puddlemere United, without everyone noticing that this is openly odd. These things cause outrage, even in the worst of times. I want to compare it to the Blood in the Water water polo game between the USSR and Hungary at the Melbourne Olympics 1956, just after the Hungarian revolution had been smashed into smithereens. Or, when the British government tried to use Lord Montagu, Peter Wildeblood and Michael Pitt-RIvers along with a dozen other high-profile court cases as a deterrent for offenders of laws against homosexual practices, at the time criminal offences, but then all that really happened was that the public was outraged more at the police’s entrapment tactics rather than condemn the victims of this increased wave of arrests and harrassment (so called “Lavender Scare” after the Red Scare), AND it lead to the Wolfenden Committee and their report in 1957 and subsequently the decriminalization of homosexuality between men over 21 in 1967, so the police really pissed against the wind on this one simply by going after famous people. Even if the law and executive forces have it in their power to strike down on anyone, all equal before the law after all, if they touch popular celebrities, there is public outcry no matter the regime. So my point is, Oliver Wood to me represents that person: he is super suspicious, he is known to have been quite close friends and teammates with not just Harry Potter but the Weasley family and so he is suspect but he is also someone who can’t just go missing overnight. He would be watched, he would possibly be brought into the Ministry on account of sports stuff but then interrogated in Yaxley’s office, I don’t know, but he would be able to walk in and out of the Ministry as number six from Puddlemere, on quidditch business, something none of the other Order members can do, if you think about it. Arthur is too much under scrutiny and no one would know if they randomly put him in Azkaban, but if they do that to Oliver Wood, even if the Prophet doesn’t report it and even if quidditch seasons were possibly on halt at the time, people will know and it’s weird so the gov wouldn’t really opt for any of that. Therefore, Wood is Percy’s guy, if he wants to contat the Order. Which, he did.

Percy seems more guilty than holding a grudge after A Very Frosty Christmas, to be honest, and it’s like he is doing this for his own as much as for his family’s sake not to contact them too soon, even though he says it’s been coming on for a while, the whole openly going against the Ministry… But… he was so ignored, probably super forgotten about when they realised he REALLY doesn’t keep in contat with his family… So he was in THE BEST position all throughout this, to mess with the system from the inside. Think Broy in the Michael Collins film (minus the execution). Only, he would have been better at it than Kingsley was. Percy never slipped up. That makes him excellently positioned to know everything, handle everyone’s files, read everything and copy everything and not be noticed. For all we know, he could have been acting of his own accord whenever he could, randomly sending out warnings to Muggle-borns before they are unjustly brought into the Ministry. And the better he did this, the less we would know. I imagine he would randomly mention this over Christmas dinner 1998, and everyone would be like YOU DID WHAT? And maybe for the first time in his life he wouldn’t brag but just shrug and say it was the least he could do if he wasn’t out there duelling Snatchers. There’s a really cool German film called The Lives of Others, and Percy could have been perfectly placed to be a cavity in the system unnoticed like that spy guy Wiesler. We know about people like Xenophilius beause he messed up by openly publishing anti-Ministry material but, I mean, Percy wasn’t even important or suspect enough to be put under someone’s Imperius Curse. This is incredible. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.

I will probably have a lot more to say later but yes I find Percy’s character so interesting because of all the unexplored potential that you may find parallels in if you dig up stuff from the Cold War era, regardless of the country. We all did this, spies, surveillance, it was a thing in all continents, and I would have loved to see more of this in HP. You have Lupin who infiltrates werewolf circles, you have the head of the Auror office Kingsley working for the anti-gov Order, with Tonks of course, and you have people like Percy who are powerful for their blending into the world of files and secretaries, and Wood who could be the darling of the sports scene, supporting the resistance while in the public eye, like artists or singers would be. The ultimate double-agent was Snape, of course, but it’s more about his inner emotional state with him, and his dubious loyalty, like is he a good person is he not, that kinda stuff, but I want to see more of these alternative ways of very realistic insidemanship from the resistance, which we might not hear about much because they did their job well.

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idea: lindholm family annual photo, but every time they take the photo (on christmas) theres more members of the family. at first it was just torb and wife, then there started being Children, then cat and turret, then bastion/ganymede, rein and brigitte, other old ovw members, New recall members (cough cough dva lucio) and it just keeps growing until their "lindholm family christmas photo" includes about 50 ppl, including world famous celebrities and several internationally wanted criminals

That’s really sweet, and I can imagine it as a montage which makes it even better.

I worry about him, constantly.

Following this recent post by @impossibleleaf, which related the tooth in the glowing skull to a gold front tooth in The Stockbroker’s Clerk, I thought I’d take a look at this story and another Doyle story that features a gold front tooth: The Man with the Watches. The latter is not exactly a Sherlock Holmes story; it’s one that was written after Doyle killed Holmes in The Final Problem but which features a Holmes-type mystery and a Holmes-type detective. Spoilers for both stories ahead.

First, a quick recap of The Stockbroker’s Clerk, which is one of several Holmes stories on the theme of “this offer is too good to be true”. The client is a man named Hall Pycroft, and he’s been coaxed away from a good job offer to instead work for a man with a gold tooth (Arthur). Meanwhile, Arthur’s brother Harry impersonates Pycroft for the sake of a stock theft. When Harry makes his move to steal the stocks, he is killed: his skull is shattered by a blow from behind. In his grief, Arthur tries to kill himself, but Holmes stops him, and makes an observation about brotherly love:

“You see that even a villain and murderer can inspire such affection that his brother turns to suicide when he learns that his neck is forfeited.”

I think that the most interesting aspects of this story are these: an ambitious man named Pycroft who has been replaced at work by someone who is up to no good; a gold tooth as identification; one man pretending to be his own brother; profound grief over the loss of the brother.

“Your loss would break my heart”. (His Last Vow)

… Why caring is not an advantage, under the cut.

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au! (false alarm - the weeknd): Jeon Jeongguk is a police spy who discovers a plan of the most famous gang in Seoul: assault the main bank of the city. So he pretends to be a normal citizen on the day of the assault and goes to the bank. As planned, the assault happens and he becomes a hostage of Kim Taehyung, the gang leader. But unlike expected, Taehyung keeps Jeon to himself after the robbery. After meeting the other side of the criminal leader, Jeongguk finds himself torn between his duty as a police officer and an endless attraction for Taehyung. Which side will he choose?

Plot twist: At a time when Taehyung is vulnerable, Jeon shoots him, but ends up missing the sight. They get into a fight and Jeongguk calls the police while keeping Taehyung under the gun. But Kim immobilizes him and takes the gun. Then he says: “I hope the next time we see each other, we’re not on opposite sides” and runs away.

sorry for my bad english

Unpopular pairing: Junkrat x D.Va Headcanons


  1. If you dislike male x female pairings, please ignore this post.
  2. If you only plan to respond to this post with “but my ship is better than your ship because xyz” please ignore this post.
  3. This post is not meant to disprove other ships or to compare this ship with other ships. All ships are valid.

If you’ve got an open mind, please read on!

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17.05.29 Kizoku Tantei EP7 Selected Kizoku Scriptlines - Aiba Masaki [English, Spoiler alert]

(At tent after crime scene investigation)
Secretary: Who are you?
Gozen: Right… Sensible people call me this.
Kiriko: Kizoku Tantei. Splendid. Ah…
Gozen: Well well. Are you not the beautiful famous tantei-san.
Sales Manager: Do you know him?
Kiriko: Yes. We met at parties for several times.
Gozen: To meet you at the crime scene is my honour.
Daughter: Crime scene?
Wife: What are you talking about?
Son: My father committed suicide.
Kiriko: No, this is clearly a crime.
Sales Manager: Kiriko-san.
Kiriko: What a pity, I think President Tokura was murdered by somebody.
Wife: What is your evidence, such arbitrary deduction.
Kiriko: I not yet have confirmed evidence. However I owe President Tokura. I can’t just leave it out. Please would you let me investigate the truth of his passing away.
Gozen: This is quite a thing. In one crime there are two tantei.
Kiriko: I don’t mind this. I want to have a contest against you.
Gozen: I am fine with this, while on my hobby I am a man who never goes easy with others.
Kiriko: Don’t worry. I shall be the one who find out the truth first.
Gozen: It’s been some time. Such sense of excitement.

(After reading Tanaka’s information)
Kiriko: Could you gather everyone? I knew who the criminal is.
Gozen: Hou… So let me appreciate your skill, would you. I look forward to it. Famous tantei-san.

(Nazotoki, when wife bowed to Kiriko asking for making it a suicide case)
Gozen: Beautiful flower blossoms towards the sky, Mitsue-san. It should be men who grovel before ladies.
Female secretary: You… That person killed another person.
Gozen: No. Mitsue-san doesn’t confess committing crime. She only said that she wanted to treat her husband’s death as suicide. Please, have a seat.
Son: What is it about?
Daughter: Is there another person who is murderer?
Gozen: Yes. I shall reveal this now and save Mitsue-san. Yamamoto, tell them.
Yamamoto: Noted.
Sales Manager: Please wait. Do you not do deduction?
Kiriko: That person is such tantei.
Gozen: Your understanding helps. Continue, Yamamoto.
Yamamoto: Yes, Gozen.

(After nazotoki, secretary wanted to kill wife)
Daughter: Mitsue-san. Why?
Son: Why did you keep quiet. If you haven’t done it you should well say you haven’t!
Gozen: So you are the man who inherits this family? Even little, just consider others’ feeling. Her beloved one devoted himself on his company and family, in order to protect them, this lady bowed her head.
Daughter: What is it about?
Gozen: Mitsue-san, even being misunderstood by her family, tries her best to support her husband and the company. And then now when her husband passed away, she decided that she has to guard the family and company herself. Therefore by all means she wanted to conclude the issue with suicide. Towards such strength, I express my whole-hearted respect.

(To wife) However, Mitsue-san. When your most beloved person passed away. Just let the tears burst is fine. Such thing would be excused by your husband in heaven. (Wife cried) Mitsue-san。(Played magic to get handkerchief to Mitsue-san) Please feel free to use it.

(To Yamamoto) Yamamoto.
Yamamoto: Yes.
Gozen: Tell Misawa my recommendation. Tokura Electrics is somehow a company with virtue. The agreement should be proceeded appropriately.
Yamamoto: I shall follow your wish.

(At tent, conversation after nazotoki)
Kiriko: Ha… I lose. Completely lose.
Gozen: Do you know? The most humiliating behaviour towards kizoku.
Kiriko: Well? Um… To disclose the neta of magic trick?
Gozen: When I fight seriously, you eased up.
Kiriko: What is it about?
Gozen: You looked closely to the thread that dropped. When you saw the thread with both ends sharp you noticed that Masako-san was the murderer. But you didn’t mention her.
Kiriko: What should I have done that?
Gozen: In order to connect Mitsue-san with her family. You have known that Mitsue-san is a considerate person. Therefore you did an unsatisfactory deduction so as to lead others to know that the lady protects the family to her best. By so Mitsue-san’s genuine wish will be revealed and the misunderstanding between the family members would be solved. And then, you thought that at last I shall point out the murderer, didn’t you. And I was used in your scenario.
Kiriko: Kind of arbitrary deduction. Don’t you not do deduction yourself?
Gozen: I do. If the rival is beautiful person like you.
Kiriko: If so, is it fine for me to ask one thing?
Gozen: Anything. To fulfill ladies’ wish is the responsibility of kizoku.

(Kiriko wrote something on her notebook and showed it to Gozen)
Kiriko: Do you recognise this name?
(Gozen’s face turned very serious)

(After Kiriko left, Gozen looked at the paper again)
Gozen: Did you hear it?
Suzuki: Yes, Gozen-sama.
Gozen: What do you think about her?
Suzuki: Very clever, a person with charm.
Gozen: I think so too. What a pity. That we shall not meet again.
Suzuki: Yes.
Gozen: I shall leave her to you. Make sure to kill. Suzuki.
Suzuki: Noted.
Gozen: Not to let people close to her discover, don’t neglect the surveillance.
Suzuki: Noted. (Suzuki operated on her laptop, then Takatoku updated Giri and Giri was changed to Suzuki’s voice)

(Gozen burned the paper. The paper wrote Masamune kore masa, “政宗是正”)

This episode’s ending:-
- Nakama-san’s cast changed to Giri and Suzuki
- There is a little birthday cake next to Maya-san’s name.

Lito and Wolfgang as Funhouse Mirrors

Originally posted by kevinkeller

I’ve said it before, but this special confirms it: Lito and Wolfgang are funhouse mirrors of each other. They diverge and converge, equal and opposite, illuminating each other. I absolutely adore how these two play off one another, so let’s dive in.

Lito and Wolfgang begin the series in situations that seem on the surface to be very different. Lito is famous, adored, a successful actor. Wolfgang is a small-time criminal who lives in the shadows. But their situations are actually much more similar than different. Both are trapped in a web of lies: Lito in his lie to the world about being the perfect straight macho leading man actor, Wolfgang hiding his hatred of his abusive family and his extraordinary skills in crime. 

Their stories continue to take remarkably similar turns. Wolfgang’s secret from his family that he’s been stealing from under their noses results in his chosen family, Felix, getting terribly hurt by Steiner and co. Lito’s insistence on defending his secret results in his chosen family, Daniela, getting abused and hurt by Joaquin. 

As we know, each one is the other’s key to resolving their problems. Lito helps Wolfgang get revenge on Steiner; Wolfgang helps Lito free Daniela from Joaquin. But that’s not the end of their mirroring.

Both Lito and Wolfgang have their secrets revealed. Wolfgang kills his family, and now everyone knows how much he hated them, and that he has the power to be a crime lord in his own right. Joaquin releases the pictures of Lito, and now everyone knows that he’s gay, that he doesn’t live up to the macho ideal for a leading man.

And what are the consequences of the dramatic reveals of their secrets? Again, they’re the same. Wolfgang loses his home, his safe space, the locksmith shop that was horribly violated when Felix was nearly killed there, and now he is rootless. Lito loses his home, his safe space, the apartment full of beautiful interior decor that was horribly violated when the sex he had there was revealed to the world, and now he is uprooted. Lito is offered the chance to retaliate by suing Joaquin, but that wouldn’t be true to the principles of who Lito is, so he refuses. Wolfgang is offered the chance to claim his own criminal empire, but that wouldn’t be true to the principles of who Wolfgang is, so he refuses.

But here’s where the stories diverge.

Lito reclaims space, finds a home where he can lay down his roots: his home of origin, with his mother. He took a terrible risk going to her, but it paid off, and now he has a place where he can be accepted again. Wolfgang hasn’t found that yet, the new space where he can lay down roots and be himself. I suspect that if he is going to get there, he is going to have to do what Lito did: open up, be vulnerable, take a personal risk. It just might pay off.

I think the reason these two work so well as funhouse mirrors plot-wise is because they’re funhouse mirrors of toxic masculinity. It dominates both of their lives, filling them with violence and lies. Wolfgang has embraced that toxic masculinity, but he struggles with it terribly inside. Lito has embraced it in public, but rejected it in private, and he’s still struggling with the consequences of that. Lito is further along in the journey toward healing his relationship with masculinity, and Wolfgang needs to follow in his path.

Name: ‘The Author’ (Has gone by other names)
Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them
Sexuality: Pansexual.
-TAKEN OR SINGLE: Single, but he does have someone he considers to be his 'Lover’.
1.) Author is much older than you would expect- He refuses to say an exact age but it’s somewhere between 900-1000 Years.
2.) Author has gone by many names over the decades of his life- due to criminal activities and hiding his partial immortality. You may just recognize some of them; seeing he has become famous in many ways; many times.
3.) Author loves to read and write! His favorite novel is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and he /highly/ recommends it!
Fluff or Smut?: Smut, but if he has a partner or lover you will find he quite enjoys just sleeping together and sharing a space and hugs. He’s been alone for many years so he is quite touch starved.
Friends or foes: Author has made plenty of allies and Enemies over the years, but friends? Not many. His closest is Wilford at the moment but even then- they seem to have a love-hate relationship most of the time.
Tattoos? Yes, actually. He has two, a small King piece from chess on his ribs and a /very/ detailed and ornate fountain pen trailing after a oddly shaped scar on his leg. Birth marks? No, but he /does/ have a few freckles on his shoulders and collar bones. As for scars he doesn’t have many. The biggest is on his leg we discussed earlier. The rest are all on his hands- small nicks and cuts from constantly breaking open small wounds from writing- and many across his knuckles; they appear to be from punching something- or someone repeatedly.

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Hello! If it's alright, can I have a few prompts about for a story about world with superheroes and supervillians? Like rough premises to build together a story? Thanks!

1) A hero who’s superpower conflicts with their greatest fear. For example, someone who is terrified of heights but can fly. They have to overcome this to defeat the villain.

2) A super villain who just wants to be normal, who thinks power corrupts so works to eradicate all super powers from the world which brings them in conflict with the hero who wants to keep their powers.

3) A superhero and a super villain who are dating and in love, and neither of them realize what the other does in their free time because of voice distorting/various things to keep their aliases hidden from the world. Or any close relationship works for this really, you get the point.

4)  A super-villain who started out as a famous super-hero, but every time they saved the world there was always another problem. They become less tolerant of criminals, and more like a really gruesome vigilante by the time the story begins. A new super-hero is trying to stop them, though of course the villain thinks they’re the super-villain. 

5) Long-standing rival super villain and a super hero who have to work together to meet their goals/save the world.

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i want to get into other comic editorials besides marvel and dc, could you recommend me what are some good ones and what comics should i read?

Sure can! I’m not sure what kind of genres and characters you’re specifically into, so I’m gonna go for broad-spectrum stories here.

I highly recommend getting a Comixology account. It’s really well-organized, delivers your comics to whatever device you want to read them on, and makes it a lot easier to access work by smaller publishers. For real, just explore their browsing options and click on what looks interesting to you! That said:

Image Comics: Image is really coming into its own–I’m starting to hear people refer to a “Big Three” instead of a “Big Two” and while that’s sort of a hilariously backhanded insult towards the industry, it’s also exciting. Right now, Saga is one of the biggest series in comics, a fantastic space opera with amazing art and characters and imho, it deserves all the hype it gets. The Walking Dead is Image’s most famous book–I haven’t read it (zombies aren’t really my thing), but check it out if your'e so inclined. Sex Criminals has made a pretty huge splash with just 4 issues, so now is a great time to jump in. Some other popular currently-running series include: Chew, Alex +Ada, Pretty Deadly, Lazarus, Velvet, Fatale, East of West, Morning Glories, and Rat Queens. I’m not caught up on all of those (okay, I haven’t actually read East of West or Morning Glories yet but my friends love ‘em), but they’re all fairly roundly enjoyed. Some older/completed Image comics I’d recommend are: PhonogramI Kill Giants, It Girl & The Atomics, Girls (haven’t read that one yet, but my friend liked it a lot), Nowhere Men (ditto), Mara, and The Pro. Image Expo revealed a lot of exciting new series in the comic year–I’m particularly excited for Ody-C, The Wicked and the Divine, Shutter, Bitch Planet, and 8house. Image is honestly fairly accessible as comic publishers go–just browse their website/comixology page/Wikipedia entry and look up what looks interesting!

IDW: IDW is mostly licensed stuff, but they put out Locke & Key, Parker, and The Rocketeer. A lot of their licensed stuff is pretty decent actually, so take a look and see if they do comics for any franchises you’re already into.

BOOM! Studios: The Adventure Time comics are all fantastic–they play around with side characters the show could never devote any real time to, pull in all kinds of cool webcomic talent and just have a whole lot of fun in a lot of different ways. I’m not into Regular Show, but I hear the comics are pretty good too. BOOM! also did Irredeemable and Incourruptible, which I’ve heard mixed things about but got enough buzz that you might want to check it out. CBGB was pretty cool too.

Dynamite: Dynamite has rebooted it’s Red Sonja span of comics recently, with Gail Simone at the helm–we’ve got everything now from Queen Sonja, to Tales of Red Sonja, to Lil’ Sonja. I’d recommend you start with the first issue of the revamp and go from there. Beyond that, there’s a lotta classic cheesecake at Dynamite, from Dejah Thoris to Vampirella, which, yes, is capital-P Problematic but I had a lot of affection for them as a kid looking for any women in comics, so I’ll toss them in here. :P. Oh, and American Flagg which I read a tiny bit of years ago. I honestly remember nothing of it but it’s fairly well known.

Abstract Studio: Abstract Studio is actually just Terry Moore’s own publishing company. Strangers in Paradise is his most famous work, a loooooong and complicated love story between Francine Peters, an all-American good girl and Katina Choovanski, a punky bad girl with a tough backstory. SiP is not perfect and probably ran past its expiration date but I totally love it and rec it wholeheartedly. Rachel Rising is Moore’s currently-running series and I urge everyone to check it out too because Moore is thinking of ending it due to financial concerns.

Top Shelf: Lotta good stuff at Top Shelf. Alan Moore has published some work here, most prominently From Hell. Blankets is here as well, probably one of those most well-known and accessible graphic novels around. I’d recommend Essex County, Alone Forever, Chester 5000, Owly, and March. Honestly, I’m seeing tons of stuff on the TS Comixology page that I’ve never heard of before but now really want to read!

MonkeybrainBandette is adorable and fun and also appropriate for all ages. I’ve heard really interesting things about High Crimes, Subatomic Party Girls and The Double Life of Miranda Turner.

Archie Comics: cough Afterlife With Archie cough

Fantagraphics: Fantagraphics is where you’re going to find Love and Rockets, one of the absolute pillars of the alternative comics world. They have done an amazing job of making 30+ years of work accessible to new readers–check out the Guide to L&R on their website. Fantagraphics stuff ranges from collections of older work like Nancy, Carl Banks’s Disney comics, and the old EC horror titles to weirder, more avant-garde stuff, so I highly recommend digging into their website on your own to see what you’re into. Some stuff I’d recommend: Hip Hop Family Tree, Meatcake, Wandering Son. I highly urge you to check out their stuff for yourself though–none of these publishers have a unified universe or voice the way DC and Marvel do, but Fantagraphics least of all.

Oni Press: Well, Scott Pilgrim of course. But also: Wet Moon, Salt Water Taffy, Hopeless Savages, and Queen & Country. Again, like Fantagraphics, there’s no unified voice here.

Slave Labor Graphics: If you’re looking to feed your inner goth kid (we’re talking the one who wears Tripp pants and listens to Good Charlotte specifically), you’ll find Nightmares and Fairytales, Gloomcookie, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Lenore here. They’ve…kind of peaked, tbh? And a lot of this work is out of print now (but pretty cheap if you buy it used on Amazon), or severely dated. But it’s still worth a look, I think.

Vertigo: Vertigo is technically a DC imprint, but I’m going to put it on here anyway as it’s really it’s own separate publisher, in terms of content. Vertigo has put out a lot of stone-cold classics over the years, and a lot of interesting little stuff that maybe didn’t take off the way Sandman did, but are still worth reading. I recommend: Fables, Sandman, Preacher, 100 Bullets, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Y: The Last Man, Scalped, Pride of Baghdad, Cuba: My Revolution, My Faith in Frankie, Swamp Thing, Sweet Tooth, We3.

Dark Horse: Empowered. I love Empowered so much (though be warned that it’s basically softcore. BUT IT GETS AMAZING TRUST ME.) The Avatar: The Last Airbender comics are good, if you’re into that series. The Fifth Beatle got a lot of buzz this year. You’ll find all the Hellboy stuff here, and Sin City. Oh, and Blacksad, which is fantastic. That’s all I’m really familiar with–definitely look into Dark Horse on your own and see what piques your interest.

There you go! Phew. I hope that was helpful.

anonymous asked:

Damn i feel so sad for Iron 😟😟😟 im... Idk how to feel about it, its not the fact about what he did but what will happen with him now...

Yeah. Its annoying and stupid how these cases go in Korea. People who get caught with drugs get such a hard time. They almost NEVER live it down. They’ll always have it brought up and used against them.

  •  G-Dragon, who had such a small amount in his system that his story (as big of a lie as it sounds) is probably true. Always has it brought up against him even 5 or 6 years later
  • Park Bom who had pills for a mental illness and the police even let her go had it brought back up all these years later and has done a bunch of damnage to her career
  • Daniel Chae who did his time in jail AND promised to do military service. His career was ruined now he’s back in the US.
  • E-sens gets so much shit thrown his way and even if he comes back probably won’t live it down.

Yet, people who have done EXTREMELY shitty things are allowed to have a career and prosper without it constantly being brought up

  • Brave Brothers was for all intents and purposes a human trafficker among other various criminal activity. Still has his own entertainment company and is not losing jobs as he’s been producing for some of the most famous peeps in Korea.
  • That guy who killed someone and tried to cover it up? Still on TV
  • Idols who have admitting to basically groping women in their sleep and oher sexual assult? Gets defended
  • Kim Hyun Joon, admitted domestic abuser? Gets defended and will probably still have a career when he comes back
  • Nickhun, drunk driver who ran someone over? Gets defended and has it swept under he rug.

Like this is SOOOO ass backwards and just crazy to me. 


CultureTV: LAW & ORDER Casting (franchise)

1. Samuel L. Jackson (1991) / 2. Jennifer Garner (1996)

3. P. S. Hoffman (1991) / 4. Hayden Panettiere (2001)

5. Kerry Washington (2001)

Beginning in the 1990s, the LAW & ORDER franchise had the best casting of any show on TV. No other series in the modern era can boast as many “Before They Were Famous” actors. Offering a few photos here and more to come. None of these actors were famous at the time they were cast in guest-starring and bit roles.

i love legends of tomorrow so much

just the PREMISE of it all– a bunch of criminals travelling across time trying to save the universe but instead somehow starting fights with famous people, setting off wars accidentally, seducing monarchs, stealing artifacts, just generally getting involved in other peoples’ drama, and then at the end of the day somehow bumbling their way into greatness is just, honestly, the Best.

i love this show.

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I saw this in a post on tumblr, it didn't have scans but it said that the protag's initial persona is Arsène, likely from Arsène Lupin the famous phantom thief? If this is true, what do you think about it?

I saw it and read up on Lupin immediately. He really seems like a perfect fit:

  • He’s a genius who does all martial arts under the sun and sucks at being humble.
  • He steals more for the thrill of trolling the police and rich corrupt people than anything else.
  • He’s also very charming with the ladies and generally a pacifist.
  • Society loves him because he steals only from douchebags.
  • He’s got a respectful rivalry with Sherlock Holmes.
  • While Lupin starts out as an enemy of the law he more and more starts basically playing vigilante and helping the police catch criminals from the shadows.
  • And finally, he’s a patriot, who hates the Victorian system and a lot of his thefts had political reasons. Someone who just goes “screw the system” at any given occasion. 

Seems like a perfect fit for our chair-kun, doesn’t he? 

I expect the others to have famous literary/legendary figures as well. If Sakamoto had Robin Hood, I’d be overjoyed.

Btw, this isn’t the first time Personas were taken from literature. Yosuke’s “Jiraiya” is actually a famous literary figure as well and does not stem from mythology originally. 

Voltage Fandom Public Dirty Secrets

I understand that with more followers come more responsibility. With that in mind, I know that whatever I am going to post in my blog will be viewed by a lot of people. Actually, I am hoping that it will reach even those who do not have a tumblr or facebook and are part of the Voltage fandom.

So I want to dish out a few of these “public dirty secrets” as I call it because they are simply the cancer within the fandom that not only me but a few of us do not tolerate and are ashamed of, but nobody talks openly about it. I am not advertising them. I am condemning them. So if you think they are awesome ideas then you are the lowest scum of this earth and you should think twice about your purpose in life.

Public Dirty Secret #1
Free route underground society

It has come to my knowledge for quite some time now about the existence of an underground group that rips the screenshots of whole paid app routes and share them in their super private group. It was once a hot topic of conversation among us here on tumblr. People had them reported to Voltage Inc and Facebook. But because they were private, it was impossible to shut them down, as far as I know. They started on facebook and they move around. I don’t understand why the admins of these pages do what they do.  Are they doing it for glory? For notes? For likes? Are they so desperate for love from their poor follower leeches?  To the admins of that site, nobody cares about you guys, they only care about themselves, so just drop this stupid group and live a life without guilt.

Like I said, I am not advertising this group here. What they do is despicable beyond measure. I know who the admins are and they should be ashamed of themselves. More than a thousand people are part of that group. Can you imagine the loss in revenue for Voltage?

I am saddened there are people running such criminal nest and for the followers who like leeches, just suck resources without shame. They have notorious reputation and I personally believe that group is the reason why SITSC stopped being updated.

Public Dirty Secret #2
The Voltage Inc beggars

I am sorry I am using this term but when a stranger messages you on your Facebook out of the blue asking if they can use your transfer code to read routes for free AND totally ignore you after you refuse to do so, then I call them ungrateful rude beggars. Yes, you heard me correctly. I came across one individual doing this and so this is probably a much more widespread situation that I was not aware of. I don’t care if you are 12 or 20 and have no credit card. I don’t care if you are desperate to read Voltage routes. If you cannot afford it, then you should not be playing them to start with. Wait till you grow up and figure out how to earn your own money or ask your parents for an allowance or get a part time job during summer. Going around asking for transfer codes is stealing and to anyone willing to give those transfer codes should know there is a difference between being nice and being an instigator to criminal behavior. DO NOT DO IT!!!

I also heard of transfer code trades. Shame on you if you are part of that group. I know that these routes are not cheap, but if you can’t buy them, there are other solutions. Wait for a sale, or play party games. You can play party games for free if you have time and patience, which is what people without money have in their hands. You know time is money is a famous saying for a reason.

Public Dirty Secret #3
Wattpad and are havens of plagiarism (FB, tumblr and youtube can be too…)

So I heard that a sweet girl from the fandom offered to type up the whole prologue of several apps and post them on wattpad. And why would anyone do that if they are available for free, with images on the app itself? Are people so lazy they cannot be bothered to download the app in the first place? It doesn’t matter if the prologue is free. You cannot copy and paste the story on another medium without the original author’s consent. My fics/summaries are free to be read by anyone, but as soon as someone copy them to another medium without my consent, that is called plagiarism. It is the exact same thing.

But this sweet girl also wants to type the whole route, line by line, on wattpad. Wait what? Why? Because she wants to showcase how awesome the routes are to those who are on the fence about buying Voltage routes. Just because your intention seems noble my dear, what you are doing is also a crime. It is plagiarism. It is a waste of your time and not the right way to advertise Voltage games. They already offer 3 chapters for free in some apps. They can go play party routes which are free. There are other ways to promote the game, giving them out like tissue on the street is not a lawful way to go about it.


All these shameful behaviors are a slap to the face for the hardcore fans who buy and support Voltage Inc as a company. They are willing to spend money to buy programs to rip the routes but not the routes themselves. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

It also cripples the company who can use those funds to create more and better products. The staff in the company work hard, often putting overtime to translate routes and programming the text into the game. They have families to feed, health insurance to pay. You are stealing their livelihood.

Those involved in the above criminal activities will probably just laugh at my post and continue their criminal offense because as long as you are not getting caught, what’s the damage right? I believe in ethics, I believe in karma, and a healthy conscience. I believe that one day, these people will pay for the hurt they inflicted upon others, no matter how detached it is from their lives.

Thank you for reading.

Ezekiel Jones Head canons!

In celebration of finally reaching four hundred followers ( which completely amazes me) here are some Ezekiel Jones head canons for you all to enjoy
( If you don’t know who that is, I feel sorry for you)

*He’s adopted sixteen stray cats and Jenkins secretly enjoys the company when the Librarians are gone,but he complains to Ezekiel about it every chance he gets

“Jones do you have any idea how much trouble it is to feed sixteen cats?”
“Oh come on, you love Molly,Scar,Scratches,Whiskers,Tiger,DumDum, Crookshanks, Ginger,Hissy,Gem,Miss Cuddlekins,Dragon, Madame Claw, Lovely Fur, Twitches, and Snarler! ”

“Dragon is not a proper name for a cat,Jones. ”
“Yes it is, Dragon likes his name,right,Dragon? ”

*He loves going to zoos and gets really excited when Cassandra takes him to famous ones

*He’s attempted to adopt six orphans but Baird keeps taking them back to the orphanage

* He knows every annoying song there is and sings them loudly to bother Baird

*He has breakdancing contests with Jake and wins every time

*He’s fond of sugary treats and constantly brings candy and other sweets home , much to Cassandra’s delight

*Baird once told him he couldn’t cook,so he auditioned for a cooking show and won
She still won’t talk about it

*He visits Jamie every few weeks and leaves her gifts with a note that says “From your friend Jack”

*He watches Criminal Minds and he adores Penelope Garcia and thinks of Reid as his big brother

* He’s a hardcore anime fan and Baird gets curious one day and starts watching shows with him
She has since decided to be like Erza Scarlett and now calls him “Hidan” when he really annoys her

*He sings to Cassie when she’s sick

Send in asks if you want more head canons!