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“Would you like to donate your body to science?”

Dr. River and their Blasters. They are just some of the many weapons they created to help protect monsters from humans, and better their odds if another war happened. Eventually they give three of the blasters to others for summons and keep one for themself. 

~ Sol

White trans men are so incognizant of more marginalized trans people’s experiences and are so absorbed in their self victimization they make spaces unsafe for huge portions of the community.

Whether it’s sharing misinformation about trans people who experience transmisogyny or trying to appropriate other experiences to highlight their own - there’s a lot that goes on without critique or thought on the part of other white trans masc people.

We all want to share posts about how trans women or other trans people who experience transmisogyny aren’t safe in most community spaces and how they often are MORE depressed when interacting yet we don’t critically examine the actions of people in our community with privilege who perpetuate harmful, discriminatory behavior.

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I haven't come out to my parents yet and my girlfriend just said "if you're scared to tell your parents that you aren't straight then maybe you are straight"

that’s literally so fucking toxic wtf????? being scared to come out of the closet is completely normal and doesn’t make you straight at all. honestly your girlfriend is really really ugly for saying that especially being someone that is lgbt on top of that like???? your girlfriend???? If my significant other day some shit like that to me i would have broken up with them. That is so insensitive and not everyone’s coming out is the same some are easier than others but no ones experience should be invalidated. you need to confront her about that and tell her how insensitive and unhealthy it is to say to someone in the closet and you can come out when you’re comfortable

Zep is…I dare say…pretty crate trained, now!

I’ve been closing the crate a leaving her for a bit–for a while, now.
But today, We locked her up in the crate on two separate occasions before actually leaving the house. The first one was just for about half an hour, but the second time, we left for two hours.

Both times, she never cried at all as we walked down the driveway and down the street (I crate her outside the house, and I’d hear her if she cried). And when we returned she was calm and laying down; tail waggin at the sight of us. I opened the door to giver her a fish jerky snack (her faaaavorite treat, so far).
The first time, despite the door being wide open, she didn’t even leave her crate until she finished it.
The second time, she left her crate, but then grabbed her prize and went right back inside her crate to eat it. 

This is…probably…the best behavior you could ever even hope for when crate training your dog. And I am just…so pleased. 

My end goal is to have her crated every night–for the entire night. But I don’t want to push her onto that just yet. I’ll see how well she does with a gradual increase of time in the crate, and once I feel comfortable and confident in feeling she could handle 8 hours no problem, then I’ll try the whole night. To be fair, I’m probably more anxious about it than she is… But that does matter. 
Right now, I’m just so pleased that she handles 2 hours like it’s not even a thing. Which means now, I never have to worry about her following me into the local restaurants ever again (it’s been a real problem in the past lmfao since most restaurants around here don’t have…doors…)! I can crate her and feel confident that she’s perfectly chill with the arrangement.

Zeppelin, you’re such a good dog! Thanks for adopting me… <3

THE KUNDALINI RISE is something you can actually GIVE TO & also RECEIVE FROM another person so it is a HIGHER form of COMMUNICATION. It is a method transferring Wisdom that is BEYOND WORDS - a kind of initiation mixed with inspiration for that person to Ascend into a higher STATE OF BEING.

I am now embracing this - instead of being buried in books- It is our time to Experience GOD, not just study others’ experience. It is time to BE LOVE rather than thinking about it. I AM that I AM. If you are truly Wise by being invested in spirit - Say it and Mean it <3

The Kundalini Rise is not ‘sexual’ in the way that the Worldly world (mis)understands SEX, but rather - it IS a SACRED Sexual Energy that is beyond physical matter AND intellectual WORDS. I personally believe it is only given when we HONOR PURITY. Purity is the most underestimated QUALITY we can achieve yet in my opinion, the MOST powerful. It transcends all knowledge which textbooks and Universities can give. This is the Key to us positively affecting THE WORLD. Take care my friends!

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and even if it’s been a long time since the first contemplation of sunset’s never-ending violets, you see, the eyes are still craving for their dance over the sky; this is how i’d like us to experience each other

the glee i feel when i see someone shit-talking The Young Turks (TYT) b/c of cenk uygur’s denialism and its shitty name is like….unmatched by most other feelings i experience

like yea there’s enough hate to go around the more the merrier

Ludger Will Kresnik:

I like to think Ludger Kresnik suffers from severe anxiety and depression. He is quiet and reserved. He is also humble and empathetic. That is why he cares for Elle. He lives without his parents, raised by his brother. He understands loss and can feel the pain others experience from loss. That’s a big reason why he is there for Elle. He doesn’t talk much but you can tell he has a big heart. He wants the best for everyone. He may have had a depressing passed and be depressed but he tries to make anyone around him happier and not go through any of the pain he has gone through. He doesn’t bring uo his past because he doesn’t want others to pity him or feel bad. He would rather keep pushing forward and have those around him move forward. I love Ludger because he doesn’t speak much, yet says a lot. He can be interpreted many different ways by the players. I love the interpretation I have on him. It resonates a lot to me and seems to be the best fit. Of course he may not seem like that to everyone but I truly think that most people agree, or if they haven’t thought about it, can begin to think of him this way and end up agreeing. What do you think of Ludger? Do you have a different interpretation?

Fic Rec

Fic author self-rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.  

I was tagged by @levele3 (thank you darling)

(Seriously, choosing between all of my Strange Magic fics is haard)

1. Little Talks (Strange Magic)

In Which Bog King Accidentally Traps a Fairy in His World.

2. It Takes Two (Strange Magic)

Bored with royal life, Princess Dawn contacts her older sister Marianne Dale - estranged from royalty after their parents’ divorce - and arranges a week-long switch so each can experience the other’s life.

It all, of course, goes horribly awry when Dawn meets Marianne’s neighbor, a cheerful musician named Sunny… and Marianne meets the king of the neighboring country…

Shenanigans ensue.

3. Might As Well Face It (Strange Magic)

AU where Tell Him never happened and Marianne and Bog go their separate ways after the main events of the movie.

4. Hold You Tight (The Immortals)

A collection of Daine/Numair. All across the quartet and afterwards - platonic, romantic, and anywhere in between.

5. Come On And Dance With Me (Maleficent)

Former Ballroom champion, Maleficent Moore counts herself lucky that she can even still dance at all, and is content with life as an instructor. That is, until one cheeky, raven haired man joins her class.

And she gets to meet the daughter of her former partner.

Imma tag: @suzie-guru, @endorathewitchwriter, @cinderfell, @vicious-rhythm, @humanityinahandbag (and anyone else)

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i just wanted to tell you that sayuri (then corpora permutavere and the others) drastically changed my experience as hq!! fic reader. you give something very unique to this fandom and your fics are so refreshing, with their themes and tones and execution, more mature than the others. i'll be ecstatic to read the next ch of sayuri. the time you need to take for writing it doesn't matter. it'll be worth it. (just please don't abandon it, please XD. we're too hooked at this point). all the best <3

so there has been a sayuri anon stuck in my head for months. regardless of intention, it came across really condescending. whenever i try to update the story, it’s basically all i can think about. and then i’m paralyzed. so i am going to try to keep this ask in my head instead. thank you thank you thank you for your kind words, it’s like you knew just what to say to make me feel good.

this really brightened up my night.


i always have to stand up for the hq fandom. i mean, there are definitely a lot of… ahem…. tales as old as time out there, but there are also just a lot of fics. i have read so many surprising refreshing amazing stories, and i know there are even more in the ships i don’t read. my advice always is: search by kudos, then go into the middle, because with a few exceptions, that’s where all the gems live. trust me, there are plenty out there. 

but seriously, thanks again. this ask meant a whole lot


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now


By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.