and other crappy bands


『you never looked at me, not even once, ‘cause you hate me…』


Let’s listen to Boyfriend! (insp.)

Show Snapchat with One Direction

Your alarm blares as you groggily press snooze. The sun is shining through your blinds as you grab your phone. You answer a few texts before moving on to the red circle above the Snapchat icon…

Harry: … It’s a video. It is clearly right before show time. You can see the people bussing and fussing around in the background of the shot. Harry is right in the front and he’s saying things but they are drowned out by the white noise. You lip read “I love you.” The caption says: about to start. Will be thinking of you <3

Louis: … it’s a photo… or 6. You open the photos one by one. It’s a series of shots of crappy selfies that he’s taken with the other band members. They all are in the background and they look confused, as if Louis surprised them, while Lou puts on a duck-face in the foreground of every one. The last photo is a close-up of his face that says: these ugly bastards are not good at selfies… <3

Liam: … It’s a video. You turn up the volume on your phone before opening the clip. It’s a blurry shot of the audience, you can hear Liam saying. “Three. Two. One!” On cue the massive arena shouts “GOOD MORNING Y/N!” The image flashes back to Liam’s face, he blows you a kiss before the video times out.

Niall: … it’s a photo. He’s onstage and the audience is behind him. He’s smiling wide and his arms are out. You can see the thousands of girls making peace signs or hearts with their hands in the background. The caption reads: I love you almost as much as they love me ;)

Zayn: … It’s a photo. You hold your thumb on the screen and the message is revealed. It’s Zayn’s face; he’s sweaty and wearing “show clothes.” He is pouting and giving the camera big puppy eyes. The message that borders the bottom of the screen reads: Break time, great show but missing you </3.