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I live for Louis and fashion. Another thing that I don't feel like people take into account is that by incorporating balenciaga, saint laurent, givenchy, gucci, comme des garçons, etc. into his looks with adidas, champion, fila, etc., he is essentially elevating his existing fashion "brand". This entire JHO promo season has been so spot on in that aspect. People are used to him wearing adidas, they've come to expect that from him, and by continuing to wear adidas and similar brands [1/3]

while at the same time adding in well known high-end designers, it transitions his style without most people even realizing it. It gets them used to seeing him in other brands, and allows him (if he wants) to little by little remove the “athletic” aspect from his style and it wouldn’t come across as drastic or jarring. It would just be seen as a natural progression and evolution of his style [2/3]

Being able to fashionably wear athletic apparel is no small feat, very few people can pull it off and do it well, and Louis aces it. He always looks so on point and put together. That is no easy task. It takes major skill to look flawless in athletic apparel, and Louis does it every single time. [3/3]


How Sony deals with fandoms

I’ve been to an international in-house PR summit hosted by one of my clients this week and nearly fell off my chair when one of the guest speakers was a VERY important person from Sony Music Entertainment. Let’s call him John. I won’t disclose his function and real name because I don’t want to reveal where I was, but based on his title he definitely knows what he‘s saying and has a lot of industry experience.

His speech was mainly  about how to engage with a variety of different target audiences. Of bloody course one of the first slides he showed was a picture of 1D engaging with fans which was supposed to drive the point home that there are some audiences who are more passionate about a brand than others.He mentioned then that he’s worked with 1D on their albums which drove me into a bit of a freeze.

Because I’m embarrassing, I recorded parts of his speech on my phone and wrote the most important things down to share some interesting insights he gave about how Sony manages their artists’ target audiences, crafts their artists’ social media actions and deals with the fact that at the end of the day they always need to get people to buy music.



According to John, they have their very own data-driven digital tool that helps them identify and manage different target groups for an artist (it’s not perfected yet but has been rolled out a lot of countries, I think he said 50?) and see where there might be connections to other artists, who the influencers are, what the specific target groups are or will be interested in and to identify collaboration opportunities.

Target groups are being split into four categories: Fanatics, enthusiasts, casuals, indifferents. These segments are being broken down into even smaller groups defined by age, genre preference, gender and country. They found that the older you get, the less likely you’ll be a fanatic or enthusiast.

How does Sony find this stuff out? Well, they survey polled music audiences of every age in a way that covers either nationally representatives or represent one of the major top tier cities. People shared their music preferences, consumption habits, lifestyle, media habits etc. Sony gathered all that information, analysed the insights and created their own audience understanding tool.

According to John, that way everyone at Sony has access to an interactive map of the world of Sony that looks into segmentations and audiences for every artist while being searchable in a number of different ways. The tool is pulling from real data, but they are also adding to that „with things like analytics of platforms like Spotify where we are able to gather lots of informations about user behaviours and reference that against things that we do“.



John gave the example of Snoop Doggy Dog who had launched a new album (song? Idk) around that time: „There was a week-long debate in parliament around the legalization of Marihuana, so we just jumped on this conversation and did lots of social marketing around Snoop with his rolling papers and his spliffs… so maybe that’s bad taste, I’ll allow you to judge that for yourselves. The point is though that you are also marketing into a wider cultural context. [You need] an understanding how that works and where you can have a conversation that is seamless and not fake, genuineness is quite important.

“The way you can get people to connect is: You’ve got a lot of stuff that you want to say. Start under the assumption that people actually don’t give a shit about 95 percent of it. And then see which are the bits that might overlap. This is where the understanding of the audience really comes into its own. It forces us to think before we jump to execution. The quest for relevance is vitally important.”

Why are people to connect with a brand/band though? John thinks this is one of the most underused questions when planning an approach. Why is it that they do specific things? He gave an example: „We would normally take a record to radio because we always believe that radio is the thing that breaks the record. But if my core audience, my phase one audience – the people that are gonna give that band its first lift – are on Spotify, what am I doing on radio??“


„The thing is that you don’t start with a conversation around a product. The consumption of the product is the end point of a journey where you built an engagement and a fan. So again, for us that means that when we sit down and do our plan around our next Robbie Williams album, we start with „How are we gonna maximize the engagement around Robbie Williams“? because that will then sell us albums. Not „Okay, we’ll be releasing in a week in November, eight weeks out we need to be here, here and here“. So we’re not doing product launches anymore unless [it is suitable for the target demographic]. We have to built a tension and an engagement around an artist.“



„We run most of our artists social media channels or at least their official  pages, so we are involved in all of those conversations.“

Shocking, I know.

Based on the situation we face in this fandom,with this band, feel free to draw your own conclusions about what this information means.


1.       It’s not news at all, but the existence of their own audience understandig tool confirms it: the 1D fandom is being monitored, segmented and analyzed. Sony’s strategies are tightly tied to that fact. Collaborations or artist interactions such as Louis/James Arthur or One Direction/ Little Mix are most likely the result of a data-driven analysis of whose fan groups are similar and whose are likely to be open towards that particular other artist too.

2.       Again no news, but the example of Snoop Doggy Dog shows that there are strategies behind even the most random photos. Often placements of specific pictures or stories serve a wider purpose. Hello pap walks, hello b**ygate, hello Louis Twitter, hello Liam visibly being linked to L.A.‘s cool singer/songwriter crowd before his first album drop.  

3.       The decision to not promote Louis‘ song could very well have been a logical outcome of the team asking themselves the question „Why?“: Why should we promote his song with huge effort when we KNOW his own fans are going to do it passionately, especially if they think  we don’t give a shit? Why not playing that game in order to make them promo it the hardest way they can?“ Why indeed??

4.       One Direction is a huge deal for Sony. John was talking about a lot of bands during his speech but whenever he was talking about major acts, he always listed One Direction amongst them (along with gems like Beyonce, David Bowie, Adele). He name-dropped them at least 5 -6 times in a 60 minute speech. He really didn’t have to because the audience was in no way whatsoever a target audience. So yes, they clearly have been and are a very huge deal for them.

5.       The part about social media? Well :))))))

Kwami Week Day Two: Chosen(s)

A new problematic fave because of friend and fandom influence how dare you all make me care.

She’s transparent because I’m trying new aesthetics ya feel.

Check out Kwami Week here!

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{How To Start A Digital Bullet Journal}

Before I start explaining how to write a digital bujo. I have to say thank you to the lovely @sushi-studies because of you I get to know GoodNotes so I can start writing xoxo

I’m using iPad Pro 9.7-inch and Apple Pencil
I never used other brand’s stylus before so I’m sorry I can’t suggest or compare the stylus for you.

-GoodNotes 4
This is the app I’m using to write my bujo.
The GoodNotes app is actually a simple note taking app. You can create lots of different notebooks for yourself. It has different kinds of style of papers that you can choose. It give you a feeling like you’re writing on a notebook but just a digital one.
-Photoshop Mix

☞Why I Love Digital Bujo

No need to bring lots of things in my bag anymore!!!
Before I have my digital bujo, I need to bring lots of things in my bag (my bujo, pencil case, stickers, tapes…) Plus if I want to add some pictures on my bujo. I need to go find a printer to print it out first and then stick on. It just waste me lots of money and time on it. Lots of tree die, too. But after I go with digital, everything just perfect♡♡ Although the feeling of writing on the real paper and writing on a tablet is different. But I love it so far!

☞How I set my digital bujo

My setting is just like everyone else. For example, I start a monthly calendar to start a new month. Habit tracking and then weekly planner. My weekly planner change every time when I start a new week. I keep trying new setting when I see someone’s awesome post on tumblr! All the lovely posts give me lots of inspiration.

♛I guess that’s it! Not sure about what else do you guys want to know. And there’s nothing else I can think of to share with y'all right now.

If there’s anything you want to know, ask ask ask! I won’t bite :) Even if you’re too shy then just be one of my nonny ♡ xoxo

Helmut Lang

“With more and more Tokyo-style (or was that Osaka?) bistro-cafés popping up in Kyoto, the one-time sanctum of quaint old coffee shops, the “sushi café” opened just a year ago in a student area nearby Kyoto University and Kyoto University of Art and Design. The owner-chef is the son of a famous Kyoto sushi master, who did his times apprenticing at the family sushi bar before going independent. His new little space has an eatery on the ground floor; a small gallery above that and a penthouse on top where he lives – home and work all nice and cozy together. He may be new as a café proprietor, but he’s been on Helmut Lang for ten years now. Back in his Tokyo college days, his life was changed by a visit to the Via Bus Stop boutique in Shibuya Parco. Oh, he tried other designer brands, but Lang was the only one that really did it for him. “Now I don’t even went to buy anything but Lang, and even thought of making Lang the shop uniform! At present there’s nowhere in Kyoto that sells Lang, so he sometimes goes on shopping trips to Nagoya or orders on-line from New York. How many outfits does he have? He himself has lost track, he’s got so many. "And just look at this…” He flips out his mobile phone and there on the screen – the Lang logo. Such a passionate young man.!“

every time i want to buy shit on amazon

99 out of a 100 amazon reviews for a thing: this thing helped me so much. great quality AND quantity!! it worked immediately within 1 day and i havent been using anything ever since! its better than every other brand. its a miracle product :-) i love this thing. 5 stars

1 (one) single amazon review for this thing: WHATEVER YOU DO DONT BUY THIS!!!!!! this thing was a TOTAL ripoff i hate it!!! I TRIED APPLYING IT AND IT LEFT BRIGHT RED MARKS ALL OVER MY FACE!!!!! IT ALSO MADE ME SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS AND GAVE ME A RASH AND ALSO MADE ME LOSE THE ABILITY TO SMELL FROM MY RIGHT NOSTRIL!!!! 1 star because at least it smelled like lavender

my indecisive easily influenced ass

Littles and Caregivers on a Budget

As a little, theres also material things that we want, whether it’s a new stuffie or some diapers. For Mommies, Daddies, and Caregivers would love to be able to treat the little one, but lets face it, that stuff can get pretty expensive, espcially if you are in school.

*In deeper voice*


Here are some tips to help you save some mula

1) Diapers:

   There are some littles that are in to wearing diapers and we want to wear good brands that a comfortable and cute, like DC Amor or Bambino. Well those brands will start burning a whole in wallet. For a cheaper alernative, try Always Discreet Underwear. They are really comfortable, hold a good amount of liquid and is half the price of what the other brand are. Also the design of them aren’t too bad, so they’re pretty gender neutral. (Every thing a found came form amazon, so just click each brand for the link)

2) Stuffies 

    Yes stuffies. The kryptonite for littles. We love them to death, but some can start to make their way to the $30 range. To avoid that, go check out local dollar store. I have a family dollar near me and they are selling Webkins for like 2 dollars. Most of them might be small, but aye it’s something.

3) Reward/Chore Charts: ( More for the Caregivers)

   Being a student,you know that you have no time on your hand and can barely afford a pack of noodles. So how can I have are reward/chore for my little? Well, use an app! They tons of these apps! A really cute one that I like is ChoreMonster.

So I know this is not a lot, but this is just some of the things that I deal with. If you have anything you want to add, feel freet to do so. Or you can just message me and I’ll add it for you.

Hope this helped

Stay little my friends.

The End is near...

”Mattel just held a presentation about 2016 and all their brands. They removed MH out of their “core brands” portfolio and moved it to the “Toy Box”. Brands from the Toy Box usually have a lower budget and get less attention from Mattel. The reason for it is because Monster High’s sales kept declining after the reboot.

Some people never understood why MH got a reboot in first place. Here’s the reason: MH didn’t sell half as much in 2015 as in 2012. That’s sad considering they had very little products out in 2012.

Wanna know what the meaning of this is? The Monster High reboot didn’t help a thing. Their sales just kept declining last Fall. They invested so much into the comeback and didn’t even get more money. Meaning that MH (just like every other non-core Mattel brand) will die very soon. EAH is officially dead after 2017 and MH will soon follow. At least until Mattel has a new successful brand that replaces MH. Just like MH replaced My Scene in 2010.”

Infos from muhabagci on Instagram