and other bands i dont really recognize

Hey guys sleeping with sirens is great right. Yea Sleeping With Sirens. You know the band. Not the lead singer Kellin Quinn. The whole damn band is great. So why the hell dont i see pictures of the other members on my dash. Where the hell is justin and gabe. How about jack and nick. Kellin isnt the only talent in the group so wtf. Recognize the whole god damn band please and thank you.

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What do you love most about Twenty One Pilots? :3


i really love the fact that  twenty one pilots interacts with the fans, and im not just talking about meet and greets and talking to them and them coming out after every show and twitter and dont even get me started on their live shows but im talking about right down to the core of who they are; the music. their music isnt about getting drunk and having sex or a girl who didnt call them back 3 years ago, no. twenty one pilots music is about you, they make you feel better and make you dance and get up and they let you know that you’re not alone. it makes you feel safe and no there arent a lot of bands that directly address self harm, depression, suicide, mental illness, ect. but not only do twenty one pilots recognize these things, they dont glorify it. they say hey yes this is a nasty thing but you can handle this. you can get over this, you can do it alone but you dont have to im here to help, but i need you to want to help you. not only that but they do it with a catchy beat. they saved my life and so many others but also its really nice just to get up and lose yourself in their music.