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So I actually freaking met Jared Padalecki in my home area of Pittsburgh. It was a dream come true. Yes, I am the same height as him, and yes my name is also Jared (and our birthdays are three days apart AND sacrifice is apparently both our favorite episodes). I only got a little bit of time with him but he was super nice with me and everyone else and it was a truly awesome experience. I got autographs from other cast members (they signed on the art work I have previously posted on my blog) and I was shocked at how nice they all were. It was just a great weekend. Love that show, love him, and love them all.

Edit: Also, I just felt that there was something I should add. Another reason that this was so special to me was that Always Keep Fighting was something that Jared created but also became very important to me. It’s mind blowing to me that someone I look up to deals with the same stuff I do. I obviously couldn’t say anything about that during the photo op not was I going to and distract him from the many other fans who waited with me (besides I was so star struck I only got a few words out he made 75% of our ten second conversation about our heights haha). It meant a lot to meet the guy that this campaign and tries to help other people.

anonymous asked:

How do you guys deal with fans? Are they fun or lik invasive? Your opions basically

Jeremy: I love them! This has been my dream for like, a long time, and its so great to be recognized! 

Michael: Theyre cool. Once someone found out my home address and phone number, which was pretty scary, but other than that theyre cool. Its pretty hard to talk to them with anxiety and all, but yeah.

Rich: Dude some of them are great but others will, like, push me to get to the others. It sucks.

Jake: Theyre good until someone asks about your sexuality ://

Chloe: Theyre pretty chill. A lot of times ill be like, chilling somewhere in like, starbucks or something, and theyll swarm me but its fine.

Brooke: A lot of them are ok but sometimes they get mad at me for things i cant control, like how soft my voice is.

Jenna: Theyre awesome! I tell them stuff about the other cast members if they ask and i take pictures with them and theyre all really nice!

Christine: Im shorter then most of them so its hard to take pictures and stuff, but i love them all!