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Imagine Sebastian

Imagine making Sebastian a Devil’s Cake on 06/06/16, aka “Devil’s Day”, and singing happy birthday to him, cause it’s only fitting~
Imagine him being totally delighted, and teasing you about how much you cared about him, but also complimenting you on how well you made the cake 🖤
(Alternitavly, imagine making the cake with him and having a lot of kisses snuck in as you did~)

Imagine singing Happy Birthday to him, and watching him blow out the candle. Maybe his wish was for something really cute/sweet/romantic involving you and him, or maybe it was just to be able to give you lots of kisses the rest of the day. (Or maybe both~?) Either way he’s the biggest sweetie pie to you as usual~

Also imagine getting kisses from him when you bring the cake out to him, getting kisses from him when you’d both finished eating your slices, getting even more kisses later that night~ Lots and lots of affection. Lots of cuddles. Lots of Sebby Kisses ❤️🖤

I’m always so confused whenever other fans praise Bellec and dis Elise.  I mean, Bellec was a fanatic anarchist who was more willing to destroy a chance at peace with the Templars and to see Paris burn than he was to actually focus on keeping France from ripping itself to shreds under the influence of Germain’s new group of Templar fanatics.  If he hadn’t started destroying the Assassins from inside out, they might have been able to stop the Reign of Terror and make sure that the citizens no longer lived in fear of Germain’s men, and that the people could truly be free.

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Ubisoft needs to employ some of the true AC fans posting on this blog, and others out there. There are some excellent ideas and insights coming out, but honestly I don’t think Ubisoft cares enough about the deeper meanings and the little things about the Creed to pay attention to them. I think to them Assassin’s Creed is simply there to make money, and that’s all they look for in the next game. Call me cynical.

image from madeinmasyaf