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No one can deny that the Koopalings are huge dorks. They all have unique interests, like Morton with construction and Lemmy with the circus. But which Koopaling is the biggest dork of them all? I firmly believe that it’s Ludwig.

I mean, look at this guy.

He marches to the victory theme during award ceremonies. No surprise there, since he’s a composer and a show-off. But still. He’s the most intelligent and cultured Koopaling as well, and has a lot of talents, so he must’ve spent a lot of time on studying and stuff like that, all for his own benefit.

So…the biggest dork ever? LUDWIG VON KOOPA.

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If i were to write a fic about Ethan as Moriarty, who would be your suggestions for the other characters? I'd say Matpat as Sherlock would work. Steph as Molly? Perhaps Nate (natewantstobattle) as John??

Looks like you’ve got a pretty good handle on things already, friend. :) 

Tbh, I haven’t really put a whole lot of thought into the other characters, other than Markiplier as Irene Adler. Tyler as Sebastian Moran, maybe? 

There are so many options, haha. It could totally vary, depending on the story you want to write. :3

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the worst trope is the one where a character writes a memoir or something based off the lives of the other characters in the show and then it’s a huge success within that world……i couldn’t think of anything more conceited or annoying tbh

Calling all Ace/Aro/Bisexual/Biromantic/ Pansexual/Panromantic/ People who’s identities get erased- People

I’m making a short film at school and I’ve decided I want to theme it around erasure. So if you’ve ever felt and erasure within or out of the lgbtqia+ community for your romantic/ sexual orientation then please tell me about it on anon. I want to get this film as accurate as possible and as I’m only gay and haven’t felt this personally, I’d like other’s to share their stories. When the film is finished, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to share the film on here because of privacy reasons (it might be filmed in our school uniforms), but I will notify and thank all of you for your contribution. So if you would like to contribute your story, then please come to my inbox or messages and share. Thanks :)

Why Don’t You Kiss Her? | M.C

Inspired by this song.

AN: I’ve been wanting to write something about this song for so many years. I find it so fucking beautiful and underrated. Maybe listen to it when you read it? I feel like it could be the perfect soundtrack in a film, oh my god. 

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You and Michael had been best friends for the longest of time. Your personalities were so alike that it was like you shared one. There was nobody else who understood each of you like the other did. In fairytales, that’d make you destined for each other. 

You’d spent yet another weekend with your bestie, doing the goofy stuff you’d always done - played video games, watched movies, walked the dog, pigged out on takeouts, the usual. Now it was Sunday afternoon and you were on the sofa which turned into a bed which was supposed to be guests, but being lazy assholes who loved your comforts, you guys always opened it up. You were binge watching some show on Netflix as you snuggled next to him. Your legs were tangled as he held your torso close to him. This was totally normal, you both always got up in each other’s personal space because you were both clingy as fuck and totally tolerated the other person. 

Your mind was set on the show you were watching, but Michael’s was someplace else. He was concentrating on the beautiful soul he held in his arms, taking in your scent of your signature shampoo that lingered in your hair, noticing all the little details on your face and focusing on your expressions you bared as your attention sat with the TV. Everything about you was perfect, so perfect that it was as if a world famous artist had created the beauty that sat before Michael. 

You’re the best of friends. You share your secrets. You know everything that was on his mind; all except one thing, that is… your best friend was truly and utterly besotted with you. He was scared to admit it, but heck, maybe… just maybe… he loved you. But what he was certain on is that he really did have feelings for you. Whenever you were near, he had strong and prominent desire to never let you go. 

It had been going on for long enough; too long maybe. That’s when Michael began to internally converse with himself to decide what the fuck to do. 

Why don’t you kiss her? Why don’t you tell her? Why don’t you let her see the feelings that you hide?

Don’t be so stupid, he thought. He was so afraid to make the first move. Terrified, even. Because one touch could immediately cross the line. But would that even be such a bad thing? 

Would she just turn away? Or would she promise me that she’s here to stay?

Come on, Clifford, you dumbass, he mentally scolded. You can’t keep living like this. It’s been too long. You’re obviously not going to get over her that easily. If you don’t find out how she feels, you’ll never get over this. 'Cause she’ll never know if you never show the way you feel inside.



You looked up to pay the blonde beauty attention. Something about you looking so natural on a Sunday made you so beautiful. Of course, you were always beautiful in his eyes, but seeing the real you, the rawness of reality, it made his heart swell. 

His tongue felt as if it had twisted, his stomach feeling knotted and a lump grew in his throat. 

Say something, you fuckhead. Something, ANYTHING. 

Instead of finding the words, Michael stared in your eyes, which were waiting with curiosity with what he had to say. That’s when he went into autopilot. He leaned towards you and captured your bubblegum lips with his slightly roughened ones. Taken back by what had just happened, you froze in a daze. Unsure of what was going on, but a feeling you had never felt before - especially towards your best friend - overtook your body, signalling for you to comply with the actions. You began to kiss back, which somewhat shocked Michael. He was beginning to think he had ruined it. Destroyed the friendship of a lifetime. But you had proven him wrong. 

He pulled away but was too scared to look at you. He looked down to his lap. You weren’t sure why he was being so shy; it wasn’t normally his kind of behaviour around him. You lifted his chin to bring his minty green eyes to look at yours. 

“Hey, where did that come from?” you asked, half giggling. 

He let out an exasperated sigh. 

“I like you, Y/N… I like you a lot. I have for the longest of time…. Being your friend is without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me…. I’ve been blessed with some incredible opportunities in my life, but the single most incredible thing to have happened is you walk into my life…. I’ve harboured these feelings for some time, always too scared to tell you… but being your best friend has caused those feelings to strengthen to the point where I can’t hide it anymore….” 

He looked down at your bewildered face. 

“I’m sorry…”

You brought his face closer to yours, just an inch away from your lips. 

“The only thing you should be sorry for is not telling me sooner.”


“I had no idea until you just kissed me, but every atom in my body danced around with passion and excitement. I guess I’ve had feelings, too, without even knowing. Had you told me sooner, we’d probably be steps ahead of where we are now,” you giggled. 

A smile grew across his face with utter happiness. You closed the inch gap between your faces and pressed your lips against this, softly kissing him. There was a wave of euphoria that sparked around both of your bodies. He placed his hands on your face to control the kiss with more passion. Your fingers tangled in the silk of his hair, really letting your lips tell the story of the emotions that ran through your bloodstream. 

As you finally pulled away, he leaned his forehead against yours. His lips stretched upwards almost to his eyes with the ecstatic feelings he was feeling. 

“Be mine?” he asked sheepishly. 


Dutch abbreviations

🔹a.h.w. - als het ware - in a way, as it were
🔹a.s. - aanstaande - next, forthcoming
🔹a.u.b. - alstublieft - please
🔹bijv. - bijvoorbeeld - for example
🔹ca. - circa - about, approximately
🔹dhr. - de heer - sir, mister
🔹d.w.z. - dat wil zeggen - that means
🔹e.a. - en andere(n) - and other(s)
🔹e.d. - en dergelijke - (and) such
🔹enz. - enzovoort / et cetera - and so forth, et cetera
🔹i.e. - dat wil zeggen - that means
🔹i.p.v. - in plaats van - instead of
🔹i.v.m. - in verband met - in connection with
🔹jl. - jongstleden - last (year, month, week, etc.)
🔹m.a.w. - met andere woorden - in other words
🔹m.b.t. - met betrekking tot - concerning, with respect to, with reference to
🔹mevr. - mevrouw - madam, miss
🔹m.i.v. - met ingang van - as of [date], from, since
🔹m.n. - met name - mainly, especially
🔹mw. - mevrouw - madam, miss
🔹n.a.v. - naar aanleiding van - as a result of, on account of
🔹o.a. - onder andere - among other things
🔹p.m. - per maand - per month
🔹p.u. - per uur - per hour
🔹p.w. - per week - per week
🔹t.a.v. - ten aanzien van / ter attentie van - with regard to
🔹t/m - tot en met - up to and including
🔹t.o.v. - ten opzichte van - toward(s),
🔹z.s.m. - zo spoedig mogelijk - as soon as possible

Abbreviations used in text messages:

🔹ff - even - for a moment
🔹gwn - gewoon - just
🔹w8ff - wacht even - wait a minute
🔹suc6- succes - good luck
🔹sws - sowieso - anyway, anyhow
🔹das - dat is - that is
🔹tis - het is - it is
🔹drm - daarom - therefore, that’s why

Dutch people also use things like wtf, lol, lmfao, brb, etc.

Thank you very much for your feedback a while ago @borkingwhale

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thoughts on akashou??

Akaashi and Daishou hate each other, period. They’d only get along for Bokuto’s sake, when bokuto’s back is turned daishou and akaashi are making faces at each other and flipping each other off but they’re all smiles as soon as Bokuto turns back around. Lbr… they would wind each other up nonstop bc akaashi gets easily pissed off and daishou gets pissed off that akaashi retaliates 🦉🐍

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yea, please don't let any drive-by negative anon stop you from spreading positivity. your posts today have definitely made me feel better, and just think—for however many people like your posts there's many, many more who will just read it and smile, and feel better about the day. also, i can guarantee there's many others out there who are on your side and just too shy to say so. heck, i'm usually one of them. so thank you for spreading positivity, and helping others do the same :D

Thank you hun, means a lot ❤

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All those hands clenching gifts are killing me. So maybe one day, Dean and Cas would be cursed to hold hands all day by a witch. They'd be like "It's so inconvienient! How are we supposed to fight when we're attached to each other?" but secretely, they'd be relieved to have an excuse to hold each other. And maybe a little sad to have this curse removed.

This is such an old ask it’s about 12x10 but now 12x12 went and made it even worse and I just uncovered this ask and AAAAAH.

I kinda want to write this which was why I was stashing it but now I just want to scream about them holding hands and letting go too slowly and how they NEED this :P

So I’m guessing they’re just really harping on that lingering touch still

and the spell isn’t even ABOUT hands

It’s like… one of those awkward “compel you to reveal something about yourself” spells that have people acting on embarrassing secrets all over town… Like I guess 6x06 but with actions instead of words. And people getting crazy enough to make the news with all this awkward acting on stuff moments

And Dean and Cas go investigate some hot spot of these events, and bump into the witch, and bam, they’re cursed. 

Except they just grab each other’s hands, and BAMF hunter husbands take down the witch anyway

but then they’re STUCK (eh, the 12x11 model is perfect for how these fan fic things happen… Get rid of the witch so they have some time to stew on it)

I guess it can be as easy as Sam has to go find some magical artefact that the witch’s power came from or something idk

Anyway Dean and Cas finally have to face up to the fact that literally the only thing they’ve been able to think about since the barn is how they wanted to hold hands some more in a non-”i just nearly died” way

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okay so I have a thing that I want to talk about but i'm kind of too scared to do it off of anon because i'm worried people will take it the wrong way and attack me about it. but I wanted to talk about Tyler because on the live stream, they were all talking about how they're in good shape but Tyler was saying he's just gained a bunch. also I feel like he's been really sad recently? idk, i don't think it's bad at all if he's been gaining weight but i'm just worried about his mental health ig

(This is a long response, I’m sorry.)

I don’t think anyone would get mad if you talked about it off anon (or at least I wouldn’t, and I’d hope other people wouldn’t either). But I totally get it if you want to stay on anon.

Teamiplier kind of had an open discussion on what they thought their biggest flaws are (during the January livestream) and Tyler admitted that he thinks he has many flaws. Mark implied that he thought Tyler was crazy for not realizing that he’s handsome and Tyler admitted he’s insecure about his looks. Tyler’s also tweeted that someone once said he looked like a “fat” kickthepj. 

Something that’s common among athletes and people who work out a lot is that they don’t have a solid sense of what they actually look like. The medical diagnosis for it is Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know Tyler personally so I can not and will not say that that’s what he has. (The only reason I feel comfortable bring this up is because I’m close to some athletes and I’ve talked to them about it before.)

Mostly what I’m trying to say is that if he does has a skewed self body image I wouldn’t be surprised because he has an athletic background. I don’t think he’s really gained that much since he’s moved out to L.A but I don’t really know because I’m not there weighing him. 

What I think is most important though is that we trust Tyler, his friends and his family to know what’s best for him and his mental health. I’d feel really awful if after writing this response people started tweeting him asking him if he has body dysmorphia or if he’s depressed. Nobody likes having their mental state talked about behind their backs and then questioned by strangers (and we are strangers even if we are his fans).

Lastly, the best thing to do, if you want to do something, would be to continue to show support to him by telling him that his tweets make your days better, or by drawing him some art, or by leaving a comment on mark’s videos, etc. The usual stuff. 

Sugar Daddy

You start to become resourceful when living on the streets, finding ways to get what you need and for a while, I went about it all wrong. My actions could have gotten me into serious trouble and then where would I be? Not in a good place, that was for sure.

But then I started to become aware of the women who worked street corners and sometimes I saw men too. The more boyish the man looked, the more he got picked up. Sometimes the men who wanted their services would come back and other times they’d never be seen again, just wanting to get off that one time and then moving on. It was from my observations that I got a better idea of what I could do to get what I needed.

I look eighteen but am much older; I still have that adolescent softness to me that I had resented for ages, because nobody took me seriously as a grown man, but then I became pleased with my features, especially when I began to work the streets and men of all ages and walks of life began to take interest in me.

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(I am both very pleased and not at all surprised I got this thank you<3) 

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: I absolutely ADORE this ship. The fact that they have history together and have ingame interaction was what got me interested initially, and then going through the tag is what got me hooked. 

I personally believe the feelings are mutual, and strong enough that the long distance bond they built writing to each other over the years after Genji left Overwatch and became Zenyatta’s pupil only grew stronger rather than dwindling over time. I also imagine that after Genji’s body was rebuilt, that Mercy spent a lot of time helping him get used to moving around in his new body, checking on him and making sure he took care of himself while he was recovering.  (This stuff is purely speculation based on the fact that Mercy was the one who saved his life, and the panels in the Christmas comic, but I still believe the feelings would be mutual).

I can’t see this relationship as anything but healthy, since I see them developing a closer relationship after all that stuff with the fall of Overwatch, when Genji has already come to terms with who he was now and who he used to be, and Mercy has moved on with her life and begun her studies at Oasis and settled into a more peaceful life. They seem the type of couple to be very good at communicating with each other when they have problems with either each other, or things like work. They could always count on each other to lift the other up again, and be understanding when the other is having a difficult time. 

As for children, they couldn’t have any of their own since…well, Genji is incapable of reproducing (so I assume given most of his body is mechanical) but I imagine the two would consider adopting. They would both be wonderful parents who would have a lot to teach any kid they decided to raise. And they would have a loving and supportive household<3

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And right under foreign women is the dirt they walk on and right under that is American foreigners 😂 I lived in Japan for 3 years and being an American just makes it 10x worse.

Yeah, Americans aren’t really liked here :D My other friend who visits Japan annually has gotten direct insults directed for her, immediately apologized when the person has heard she’s from Finland.

Being a Finn in Japan has the absolute opposite effect (I suspect all Nordic Countries get the same treatment here). You can see people’s eyes lighting up as soon as they hear “Finrando” :D I keep coming across with Moomin stuff and Finnish named products ect. every time I come here haha.