and ordered new glasses


So these are the new glasses that I ordered 😳 I really like them & find they suit me. Also they remind me of Clow Reed☀🌙 

Also, also, I impulsively bought some Snorlax slippers today 💞


The Mei-related selfies I took at Katsucon. During the day I wore the Chang-e Lunar New Year skin and in the evening I just threw clothes on that made me feel like I was a sexy librarian au.

(Junkrat is @jii-dragon!)


anyways I need new glasses and ordered a few antique frames for super cheap… these ones are huge and impractical but I low key love the owl eye thing going on here 8)

The other day my doctor upped my prescriptions so I took an extra xan last night before bed (the prescribed amount) and had the best sleep I’ve had in months. Problem is that shit is addictive apparently and you can go through withdrawals after a few higher doses, so I’m taking just one tonight even though I feel like I don’t really *need* it. I just can’t miss any more work until my trip next month so, as my Dr said, I need sleep!

I wish I had something cool to update on but all I’ve been doing is managing this health stuff, working, being anxious about travelling, and doing online shopping. Maybe when I have all the stuff I ordered I can do an ~outfit post~ because my new glasses will be here too!

So….let’s get some organizing done shall we?

^^ For those who are new to my blog (mainly those who found me through my hardenshipping fics) This is goign to be my continuing AU Master Post. Right now I have two main AU’s going on. The Parent (with Extended Family) AU, and the Merged Teams AU.

Merged Team AU (the fics are in order)

1) Sex Pollen

2) Blindness

3) The Homura-Okabe Complex

4) Countless Nightmares

Side stories (no particualr order)

1. New Arrangements 

2. Maxie Always Has A Comeback

3. Those…Glasses

And Merged Team AU minor facts

Now for the Parents (with Extended Family) AU (aka Pw/EFAU)

In order (Hardenshipping)

1. Turns Out…They Were Much More

(part 2 is in the making I swear)

2. What Do We Call Them?***

(currently outlining part three)

Side Stories for Pw/EFAU (no order)

1. Hide and Seek

2. Ice-Cream

3. Time to get Away***

Side Stories for AbsoluteControlShipping (in order)

1. Plushie

2. Touch

(Sequel to Touch is in the process)***

So there is is so far. 

A coworker made me feel cool today :D

So we’re at work and Shay and I are talking about how I ordered new glasses this weekend and went with a really expensive set of frames that amongst other things, are stainless steel. He asked why that was an important future as I am not terribly fashionable (he didn’t say that, I am just saying) and I showed him the current frames I have that aren’t stainless steel and explained that there’s something really weird about my body because the frames (metal, not stainless) are literally slowly dissolving and rusting from being in contact with my skin. I then explained that I don’t wear jewelry for a similar reason and that I have had leather watch bands rot to pieces while metal watches rust.

He looks at me, looks at my glasses, and then says “So… you’re telling me that you have a superpower?”

anonymous asked:

What disney movie would you like to see turned into a live action film?

Dani: I think it would be interesting to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame made into a live action film. I am EXTREMELY excited about the new Cinderella. I even ordered “glass slippers” to wear when I go see the movie along with a Cinderella t-shirt!

Jen: Treasure Planet- I know maybe I sound repetitive but considering CGI and new technology that movie could really be taken up a notch with the space scenes and John Silver’s cyborg body parts.

Good afternoon everybody!

We are thrilled to let you all know that we are fully stocked and have a ton of new jewelry for you to choose from.

Orders have arrived from BVLA, Anatometal, NeoMetal, and we have new glass goodies from the fine folks at Gorilla Glass.

Here’s one example of a new piece we got in from BVLA. 14k yellow gold millgrain bezel’s with genuine Garnet cabochons.

Come see all the new options!

Monterey, CA

And there it was again, that nauseating pang of hunger that was now affecting her tolerance for the top shelf. She was tipsy, but it didn’t matter. Right now, everyone’s pulse was drumming in her ears and the guy chewing tobacco as he waited in line for the bathroom was a lip smack away from getting drained…Lexi was exhausted. Letting out a heavy sigh, she downed her moonshine and ordered a new round, sliding her glass across the bar. When the bartender didn’t grab it in time, she heard the glass shatter and saw him go to clean it up. Before he could even let out a hiss of pain, Lexi was blind sighted. Blood. The scent engulfed her senses. Lexi’s gaze darkened, a trance overcoming her as the man stood up and began to run his deep cut under cold water. Why he was letting his blood go to waste she couldn’t tell…All she knew was that her mouth was dry, and that she was leaning in. 

Before she could get close she felt someone grab her arm and pull her back.