and ordered new glasses


So these are the new glasses that I ordered 😳 I really like them & find they suit me. Also they remind me of Clow Reed☀🌙 

Also, also, I impulsively bought some Snorlax slippers today 💞

Birthday Shenanigans

Ignis Scientia X Reader

A/N: just because it’s this precious bean’s birthday today, I thought I would make something kinda cute for all of you!!! So I hope you enjoy! Also please understand that this is most definitely in a different universe, one where everyone is happy and no one is hurt or dead. :)

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Out of the Frying Pan (14/?)

“It was,” Killian said, answering before he considered the emphasis his voice had instinctively put on the past tense.

“Was?” Killian didn’t respond and Robin nodded slowly, eyes widening with understanding. “Ah, of course.”

“Don’t get all smug on me.”

“You going to tell her you love her and want to make out in hallways as soon as you get to set tomorrow, or you going to hold off until after you’re done filming? Or, better yet, maybe you can start making out in the makeup room.”

AN: I am constantly screaming thank you to @laurnorder who is the best and fixes all my mistakes. Lots of friendship this chapter. Like. A lot. 

Hanging out at Ao3 and tag’ed on Tumblr

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anonymous asked:

Were glasses/spectacles available to high class in regency?

Yes! Spectacles had been around for centuries by that point, however they were often considered a sign of old age and infirmity, so people would avoid being seen to wear them (particularly women.) The 1780s saw the invention of the lorgnette–that is, a pair of glasses fixed to a long handle, which were then held up to the face, rather than worn with over-the-ear wires or bands to hold them in place. Napoleon was known to use scissor spectacles, which were also held up to the face, rather than worn–this seemed to be the preference of the rich, with the use of scissor spectacles and lorgnettes popular among wealthier people, whereas poorer people might have to put up with wearing spectacles. Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in America in the 1780s, so they certainly could have been available in Regency Britain.

Corrective lenses were still made by hand, and so would not have been likely to be available to poorer people, though middling-genteel folk could probably have budgeted enough to afford a pair if they really needed it, of varying qualities, second-hand, from a pawn shop or a traveling peddler, though the widespread availability of spectacles wouldn’t really come until the end of the 19th century with advancements in manufacturing and mass-production techniques. Richer folks could have ordered their own custom-made new eye-glasses from a jeweler’s shop.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder Miss Bates was so grateful to Frank Churchill for fixing Mrs. Bates’ spectacles so she could wear them properly! It might have been a fearful expense, even simply to have them repaired, otherwise. Jane suggests having a spare pair of spectacles, and Miss Bates readily agrees with her assessment, but this must be out of affection and respect for whatever Jane says or thinks, as I cannot imagine it would be easy to make the Bates’ economies stretch to allow for a second pair of glasses for poor old Mrs. Bates!

There’s a wonderful essay available here in full, detailing some of the history around the science of ophthalmology and corrective lenses in Jane Austen’s time, as well as how she deftly weaves it into Miss Bates’ chattering about her mother’s eyewear.

How They Would React To You Wearing Glasses- Evan Peters Preference

Tate- Tate would love your glasses. He’d love how perfectly they would frame against your face still showing your amazingly good looks. He would love watching you play with them or push them up as you watched TV or read. Tate would take your glasses off of you before he wanted to cuddle or make out with you. Either way it signified something good was about to happen.

Kit- The first time Kit saw you in your glasses he couldn’t help but smile. He told you that they made you look very distinguished. Kit would love to kiss the spot on your nose exactly where your glasses stopped, which would often make you blush.

Pre-death Kyle- Kyle would think that your glasses are adorable. Sometimes he would steal them from you and put them on. He would give a pretty good impression of you while wearing them,” I’m (Y/N) and I’m the cutest person to ever exist.” Him saying that would make you blush and would most likely turn into Kyle hugging you from behind. He’d put your glasses back on you and give you kisses.

Post-death Kyle- Kyle would probably ask you why you had to wear your glasses all the time because he loved being able to look at you without anything obstructing his view. He would still think they are cute. Kyle would take them off of you and clean them up for you to make sure you could see perfectly clear. As he would place the glasses on your head, he would give you a kiss on your forehead.

Jimmy- Jimmy would love seeing you in your glasses. He hadn’t seen very many people that actually had them on all the time and would love that you were one of them. If you ever took them off he would make sure to keep track of where they were. He didn’t want you to hurt your eyes by not wearing them. If things started to get hot and heavy between you two, he would take off your glasses before laying you against something so you could continue what you were doing.

James- James would like your glasses, but would often ask you to take them off. He would love seeing your face and would often say,”Everyone should be able to see your full beauty.” Most times he asked you to take them off would be at formal events you were attending together. James would understand that they help you keep your eyes in good condition and would probably order you a new pair every week.

Rory- Rory would think your glasses made you pretty attractive. He’s always just had a thing for people who can pull them off well. If you ever weren’t wearing them he would ask where they are and tell you that it would be better for your eyes if you kept them on.

Edward- Edward would like your glasses, but he would rather you not wear them. He loves seeing the exact frame and shape of your face. Just like any other piece of art, he would want to see all of your features.

Partner (end)

parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | end

extras: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

genre: Fluff

wordcount: 2632

synopsis: You’ve been helping BTS co-produce music for as long as you can remember. Because of that, you’ve spent most of your career working alongside Min Yoongi. On the cusp of achieving a dream you’ve all worked so hard for, another wish is realized along the way.

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i think once i finish up this second fullbody i’m actually gonna open up bust commissions. i’ll be paying for my driving school stuff soon which is going to obliterate my bank account, and i really need some new glasses (i tried ordering off zenni but the place i got my script refused to give me a PD and i tried measuring myself but apparently fucked up because these are Not Right so i have to return them asap but am out money in the meantime)

so i guess like, in the next week or so… keep an eye out for that? it wont be a selective thing, i’ll take whatever, probably 5 slots at a time for $20 colored shoulder-up sketches

would there be interest for that

We’re Dancing Now

Request: “Hey, love your writing so much! Could I request something where the reader is some sort of ambassador for the first order or some position where she would have to go to balls/fancy dinners, and she gets all dressed up and Kylo sees her and is like really shocked at how pretty she is. And all the other guys on the ship think she’s beautiful and make jokes to her and stuff. Sorry if this is a really shit plot but i think it could make a good piece of writing x”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 959

Warnings: none (I think)

Kylo leaned against the table, surveying the party as he swallowed the last of his champagne. He scowled as he watched all the officers he hated, dancing and conversing. If Snoke hadn’t insisted that intergalactic relations were important, Kylo would’ve been staying in his quarters tonight.

The First Order was currently holding a casual ball, and had invited many great allies and some neutral rulers, in an attempt to sway some to their side, and strengthen the bond between already existence alliances.

Kylo scanned the room again, growing bored because he wasn’t interested in starting conversation with any of the people here. That was until he spotted you. You were an ambassador who served under him, and your work was related to a lot of the diplomatic affairs that the First Order ran into. He would normally engage in small talk whenever he ran into you on board, as you were one of the only people on the ship that he respected, and you weren’t afraid of him. He noticed that you were attractive, but usually he was too busy with tasks to think about it any further. But tonight, he couldn’t ignore the fact that you looked like an angel. Your hair was slightly curled, framing your face that had been lightly accentuated with makeup. You wore an elegant red gown, that cascaded down your figure, hugging in all the right places and loose where it did not. There was a man, obviously flirting, who was standing beside you. Kylo didn’t realise he had been gawking until your eyes met his, and you hurriedly walked over to him, waving off the man who was attempting to talk to you.

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Shaken, Not Stirred || Suga


Summary: Gang AU. You landed a bartending job at the famous Black Out Night Club and you had become well aware of two things. (1) Black Out was the hub for all things gang related. (2) You were sure something was strange about a particular BTS Gang Leader.

 Word Count: 1,158

A/N: Thank for the request my dear! I hope you enjoyed it! Expect many more scenarios over the next two days y’all!

Part 2 >>

You sighed as you cracked your neck, attempting to work out the kink that had formed over the last few hours of your shift. ‘6 hours left…’ You thought to yourself as you dried your hands on a nearby rag.

The thumping beat of the bass line washed the though away almost immediately, bringing you back to the reality of the club beyond your position behind the counter.

Black Out was one of the most popular clubs in Hongdae - considered to be the hottest place in Seoul. And, less than two months ago, the acclaimed club had sought out to hire a new bartender to replace one of the regular workers. When word got out, there was a flurry of excitement with many hopeful applicants that you had somehow gotten swept up alongside. Miraculously, you were the lucky individual who had been hired.

Your best friends were both amazed and filled with anticipation; both at the fact you had managed to land such a well-paying job and that they could now use you as a connection to get into the always packed club.

Two and a half months on from your hiring, you had come to know every inner working of Black Out; their guests and regulars, the drinks and VIP selections and the secrets within the dark coloured walls.

“[Y/N],” your co-worker called over the sound of the music, “don’t leave me hanging, I can only mix so many things at once.” He smiled at you, sliding an ice filled glass towards you on the counter. “Mai Tai me, ASAP.”

“I’m on it.” You answered, stopping the glass with your left hand while fishing out a bottle of orange curacao from under the counter with your right.

As you mixed the drink, you felt a familiar presence begin to linger near the bar. “The usual, Namjoon-ssi?” You asked, not bothering to look up.

“Make it two of Yoongi-hyung’s usual [Y/N]-ah.” He corrected, watching as you poured the mixed Mai Tai into the glass and passed it back to your co-worker. You nodded in response, grabbing two more glasses to begin the new order.

“What’s on your - erm - agenda tonight? Anything too illegal that you can’t tell me?” You asked off-handedly as you mixed the drinks. Shaken, just the way Yoongi preferred. Namjoon laughed at your comment.

“Oh, there is always illegality on the agenda, [Y/N]-ah.” He answered. You rolled your eyes slightly and continued on.

One of the most intriguing things you had learnt while working at Black Out was the copious amounts of gang activity that occurred in Hongdae alone. In your short time working there, you had served a countless number of gang members. You had memorised personal orders and preferences for them all, as well as their go-to drinks for the ladies that vied for their attention. You never understood why most of the girls in the club went for a bad-outside-the-law type of guy, but it entertained you to watch each girl try and fail.

It was even more comical to you when they got shot down by the notable Min Yoongi - one of the key members of the BTS Gang. From the past week of shifts alone, you had counted twenty different girls trying to talk to him and subsequently fail - one after the other.

Beside its hilarity, the situation confused you.

Min Yoongi was, from what you heard, a fantastic mobster, often killing the competition (figuratively and literally) in the illicit drug trade across Seoul and Daegu. The man was ruthless, power and had half of the Seoul underground afraid of the mere mention of his name. He could have any girl he wanted if he felt like it, but he never did.

Why not? That was still one of the many mysteries you had yet to discover.

“Namjoon-ssi, quick question?”

“Go for it.”

“Yoongi-ssi,” you began as you poured both drinks out, “he knows that he could get laid on the spot if he wanted, right?”

At your remark, Namjoon guffawed loudly over the music, loud enough to make his gang members stare at him in curiosity.

“Oh, he knows.” Namjoon confirmed as he wiped his eyes. “He just doesn’t find them very interesting… They’re too easy; he’s always been one for a girl who took no shit from no one.” He explained. He glanced back to where BTS sat, locking eyes with the subject of the discussion. Yoongi raised his eyebrow at the two, almost cocking his head to the side in confusion. Namjoon simply smirked, implying something you would have never caught.

“I see…” You mumbled, continuing to finish their order off. “Well, there are your drinks - putting it on your tab or Yoongi-ssi’s?” You inquired as you passed the drinks to the man standing across from your. He shook his head.

“My tab - but charge hyung for a tip for you.” Namjoon determined, sending you a wink to solidify their secret. He felt another smirk cross his face, knowing his hyung was still watching them from across the club. You laughed and shook your head, punching the order into the register under the bar. Without another word, Namjoon retreated back to the unofficial BTS section, both drinks in his hands.

Yoongi glared as the younger male reapproached them. “Know your place, Namjoon.” He threatened, making his gang laugh at his sudden shift in behaviour.

“Wow hyung, from stoic to angry in just a few seconds. That’s a new record.” Hoseok laughed, earning himself a glare.

“Don’t worry hyung, [Y/N]-ah is still all yours to confess to when you’re ready.” Namjoon consoled, although there was a slight teasing undertone that laced his voice. The hidden joke made the others laugh again.

“Yah - take it easy on him. He’ll do it when he’s ready.” Seokjin defended, making Yoongi sigh. He rubbed his temples and reached for the second drink in Namjoon’s grasp.

“Thanks for the help, but you don’t help.” He mumbled, sculling half the drink in one swig.

“Aw, hyung, you’ll get her - I don’t think [Y/N] noona is seeing anyone. You just have to, go up there.” Jungkook attempted to cheer him up.

Yoongi nodded, signalling the end of their conversation. It was too fickle - too comical and stupid to believe that the great Min Yoongi couldn’t find it in himself to confess. It baffled him. You just did something to him. He considered you to be his breath of fresh air, but all you did was suffocate him a bit more.

His gaze slowly settled onto you behind the bar, mixing another drink for one of his associates. You mixed the drinks with ease, without any strenuous thought to your task. It was one of the most impressive things about you, bringing a small smile to his face.

He was determined that he would confess soon.

Just maybe after a few more rounds of liquid courage.

17617 + 18617

260/? + 261/? - 167/365 + 168/365: another two days of doing practically nothing lol why am i having such an exciting summer?

went to town for an opticians appointment and got my new prescription. also found something new that’s wrong with my eyes yay. chose my new glasses and got those ordered, then headed home. ended up sitting outside and enjoying the weather for most of the day. we bbq’ed for lunch, then had tacos for dinner, and my parents went out, so i stayed in and just watched trash tv all night.

slept in and went to lunch with my parents in a local park. spent most of this day as well laying out and enjoying the sun, acquiring a mild sunburn while i was at it. picked my brother up as he was coming back from a cabin trip, then continued lazing in the sun. 

anonymous asked:

can you recommend me some good music (either bands or music creators - idk how you call them, but basically what you can find on soundcloud type a music). i really like arctic monkeys, the neigbourhood, led zeppelin, rhcp, i also really like acoustic and chill music

Ok I could go on forever but I’ll just name some bands I love in particular!!! Check out my Spotify though bc it has 95% of the stuff I listen to in there somewhere!!

The Black Keys
Glass Animals
The Kooks
Joy Division
New Order
The Police
The Cure
Bon lver
The Raconteurs
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Cigarettes After Sex
The Kinks
The Rolling Stones
Pink Floyd
Passion Pit
Tame Impala
Petit Biscuit
❤️❤️ enjoy!!! ✨✨

Roleplay (sam drake x reader)

A/N: This my the very first request i got. Thanks a lot to @missdictatorme  this beautifull idea. I hope it’s good. Aaand, English isn’t my first language.

Words: 815

@missdictatorme :Can you write one with Sam, where he, Nate and Sully are at the Rossi Estate, and the reader is with them to help them out. So Sam is approached by a woman and they start flirting (first Sam likes it, cuz he left out a lot in prison lol), but the woman suddenly says something that Sam doesn’t like, like makes a comment about something without realizing he hurt Sam, and he asks for help through his earpiece, and the reader comes over and pretends she’s his girlfriend, and they get very touchy and flirty in front of the woman, and she becomes emberassed and leaves :D

You’re sitting on a bar chair struggling with the skirt of your red velvet dress thinking the possibility of dying in this place. C’mon now, there’s a high possibility of dying here and with that thought you take another sip from your Johnny Walker and gaze around the hall, Extremely bored. Damn rich people and their stupid taste of music

You catch Sam standing among the crowd. He is close enough for you to see his little scars on his face. He has so many flaws that attracts you to him even more. Even though, it only has been twenty minutes since you met him.

He’s tapping his fingers on table nervously. You can’t help but think about what’s in his mind. You probably have been staring at him longer than you should therefore it startles you a little when Sully speaks next to you,

“You okay, kid?” he has his cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.

“Yeah. Why…wouldn’t I be?” you ask trying to look away from Sam.

“I don’t know. You’ve been acting like you’ve never been in this bussiness since we got here.”

“Well, I’m alright, Sully. Where is Nate, anyway?” you have no clue where he’s at.

“He’s on his way to electrical panel like we planned. You sure you okay?” of course you’d it all planned. How could you forget? but you only roll your eyes at him, with that you turn your gaze to Sam once again and instead of seeing him alone you see a woman standing next to him.

She is tall and has long light brown hair swept to one side. She is talking with Sam and her narrow green eyes are never leaving his. Damn, she is beautifull. They seem to be in a very interesting conversation however, Sam looks like he’s more interested in her body than the conversation. Who could blame him? He had been in jail for over decade. 

“So, what are you seekin’ tonight?” Sam asks apperently he’s more than happy to have a woman between his claws.

“Nothing specific, maybe a couple of necklace.” she says. Her accent is thick, probably Italian, you think. You hear them through the earpeice.

“I bet there will be good ones but it seems like you’re gonna have a lot of opponents.” Sam says gesturing all the people around them. I wish I didn’t have to be a criminal tonight, he thinks eying her body head to toe. 

“To be honest, I don’t understand why people have such an obsession about these stuff. I’m only here because my father wanted me to. I knew a guy who was obsessed with dead people’s junk like a child crying for candy and it dragged him to his death. Isn’t it stupid?” she said. Oh, she did not say that, you think to yourself. That was  the story of your life. And Sam’s and Nate’s and Sully’s… “Did she really say that?” Nate speaks through the earpiece. 

“I think so.” Sully says near you, ordering a new glass of whiskey.

“Right.” Sam says with a disappointed laugh. It’s obvious that he’s annoyed by her remark. All of her charm disappeared suddenly. 

“I pity them.” she says. Jesus, she needs to stop right now! 

Only this time, Sam doesn’t reply to her, instead, “A little help here.” he whispers through the earpiece. 

   “I got this.” you say before Sully could react. 

You walk pass people and finally reach Sam and woman who have been quiet for a couple of minutes. You stand by Sam and put your one hand on his shoulder. “Hey, babe.” you give him a warm smile  “You seemed bored here so I came.” you say leaning closer to him. He surprises by your action but rolls with it. “Well… I was till you got here.” he says and slowly puts his hand down on your waist. When you think it’s the time you look at the woman standing in front of you two, you say,

“Do I know you?” 

“I don’t think so. Beatrice.” she says slightly irritated. “(Y/N)” you say shaking her hand hard enough to annoy her even more.

 After the meeting session you look up to see Sam’s impression, he looks impressed. 

“Maybe I’ll get you a nice necklace, ha?” he says refering to what the woman said earlier. “That would be nice.” you say and wink at him. 

“I need to go now.” Beatrice says before sprints from you, her face is red as she ashamed badly. 

You both laugh hard once you make sure that she’s far enough not to hear you. 

“Woman, you are the vixen.” Sam says. He’s still keeping his hand on your waist.

“But it helped, right?”

“Yeah, thanks.” he says pulling you closer to him.That was nice to play his girlfriend. You could only wish it was real.  

its been like a few weeks since, but as far as my glasses go, i went in. apparently 20/20 vision is just a lot shittier than i remember it being. the right eye was off only about a quarter, but they ordered a new lens and popped it into my glasses

none of it cost me anything.

also i’m a conflict avoidant coward, so i never actually did say anything about the subpar response to me trying to tell them my prescription was off lmao. i basically said “I don’t think I’m getting the most out of the glasses I have” and everything was over pretty quickly. it did take like a full seven days to get the replacement lens in, when my glasses took three days to arrive, but that’s whatever