and open photoshop

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oh god your icon and header are so so pretty. how do you doodle on them?

thank you !!! :”)
i use photoshop to doodle & there’s two ways to go about it which is either:

  • 1. doodling yourself 
    • self explanatory, but doodle whatever you want onto your image! creativity is endless 
    • for me personally i like to play around with the thickness from around 3px to 6px & i use the “hard round” brush  
  • 2. downloading “doodle packs” 
    • which a bunch can be found here 
    • all these packs contain doodles that other people have drawn!
      all you do is open them in photoshop, browse through the doodles and drag&drop the layer that the doodle is on, onto your image :’)
to everyone putting together their submissions...

just some love from us to you! 

even if you haven’t quite started that word document for that drabble draft or touched your tablet for that lineart or opened up photoshop for that edit, we wanted to wish you the best and encourage you to keep trying and keep doing! 

submissions are due in about half a month — and that is actually a lot closer than we all expect — but we wanted to remind you that we’re right here with you and supporting you all the way!

low on inspiration? feel free to send us an ask! seriously, we love blabbing about shiro, allura, and the two of them together.
low on motivation? just think about how so so good shallura is.
low on esteem? we’re telling you: you’ve done this before, and you were brilliant, and you can do it again. because yeah, you’re fucking brilliant.
low on new music? hey, jules and i are always rocking out to something, and we have plenty of playlists and songs to share!
low on battery? well shit, go get your charger.

thanks all! you are all so wonderful and good to us and we have loved what has come in so for to our inbox and await what is yet to come!


hogwarts subjects 

  “Three times a week they went out to the greenhouses behind the castle to study Herbology, with a dumpy little witch called Professor Sprout, where they learned how to take care of strange plants and fungi, and found out what they were used for.”


Prince Oh showing you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。