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Actors AU (Please open image in a new tab if it’s too small!)

I know loads of people have probably done this AU already but I wanted to do a short comic on it too. So basically no one died and they’re all actors in DR3. It’s what actually happened, seriously ;w;

you can set yourself on fire || kidge week day 1

A/N: so so so i actually saw @88bulletsart​‘s kidge week prompts but i really wanted to write for @kidgeweek​‘s prompts as well so here you go. super late. i really hope none of you mind! 

i’ll be writing for both weeks tho, so expect a hell of a lot more of my writing! title is from crazy=genius by p!atd. and yes, i will base my story titles off p!atd songs and lyrics coz i’m panic trash 

Prompt: Burn

Summary: Pidge may or may not have accidentally singed herself in one of her technical endeavors but lucky enough Keith was quick to help out.

It was no secret that Keith was the most observant of all the paladins of Voltron, second only to Shiro who somehow managed to pick up on…well, everything. The only real difference between the two of them was that the older paladin would rely on this skill when in battle and rarely outside of it. Meanwhile Keith can’t help but notice all the little things in their daily lives.

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In the rational light of morning, that whole episode now seems like a lie. A big, fat lie. Everything in it, from the sheer OOC-ness of Sherlock and John to the odd lack of the usual Sherlock soundtrack throughout to the way the episode was pieced together and shot. I understand each director has a different style, but they have always been good about consistency across the board. Until The Six Thatchers.

So for the first time, I’m honest to goodness banking on Moffat’s and Gatiss’ history of lying to get me through this.

A snippet of “The Holiday”, A Everlark/Odesta Fic

I’m so not creative with the name (if you have suggestions–I’m open), but I did a little switch so there is what some people would call a bit OOC-ness, Though I don’t think that anyone can make that call except for Suzanne Collins.

Any-hoo, enjoy this unedited version, which is totally subject to change.

Happy Sunday!


District 12

“Honestly, Annie,” he griped at the stoplight. “You’re getting paranoid.”

This is what she got for dating someone from District 1.

Gloss, beautiful and golden, couldn’t hide anything if his life depended on it. He lived, lavishly and lasciviously, because of his Romanesque features and the money provided to him by his acting career as well as his doting parents—socialites of their opulent district.

When they first met, Annie realized that they would make a great pair. She was driven; nothing but a PR intern for District 12’s local businesses, but willing to go the extra mile to get an account. It had led her to District 1 where she began working as a PR rep for District 1’s luxury goods, producing ground-breaking commercials and beautiful advertisements to elevate the already-rich.

It had been during one of those commercials that Annie Cresta met the handsome Gloss Marshall, actor and socialite.

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Sorry for the OOC-ness.
A story about Okita and his (imaginary) daughter. Inspired by a conversation I heard on a bus between two middle-aged men. One was complaining about his teenage daughter dating behind his back. The other one laughed, remember how hard you were trying to sneak girls out when you were a teenage? Now it’s your turn to worried about your own girl?

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Man I don't know how to tell you this without sounding rude but your Sans is really ooc, like Megalovania mode isn't his only mode and even if it was, he still displays his two core traits of being lazy and comedic while fighting the person that killed his brother. You Papyrus is pretty good but the Sans isn't even the same character.

You know, I AGREE! Sans from my UT Mob AU is OOC compared to the game. I used to be really worried about this (as I like to keep characters as canon as possible), but came to accept this fact because of two reasons: first, I believe much of Sans’ lazy and nonchalant attitude stems from “giving up” due to resets that he cannot control (or at least amplified because of it). Since there are no time shenanigans in my AU, Sans needs to care more than he would like. Second, this story focuses a lot on Sans’ point of view, so it’s a bit hard to keep him mysterious.

I do get what you mean though! I tend to cringe when characters become OOC without some sort of reason. XD


Intermission before the next (½?) chapter hits the fandom like a brick.

I really want to know what Chang Ge thought about slashing Sun back at the Temple…The guy seems to suffer physical pain A LOT because of her.

Also….I made a tumblr for nsfw stuffs (…most likely just cgx nsfw stuffs…).  Fair warning though: ooc-ness is involved.

Bleach Olympics

As requested by @bluechaosshark​ :)

Sad about Bleach? Why not just read Bleach Lists, where Bleach exists in a bubble of humor, OOC-ness, and Bleach characters saying “dude”? For instance, today we’re going to imagine that the Olympics take place in the Bleachverse! What sort of stuff would we see?

1. Ichigo wins 10 metals…in 7 different sports

Ichigo: Didn’t even mean to win that last one.

Ichigo: Just saw some people fighting. Thought I’d help.

Ichigo: Guess I’m not bad at fencing.


2. Yoruichi: Is ridiculously photogenic while running, Usain Bolt style

Soi Fon: Look at this picture of Yoruichi-sama, smiling as she runs!

Soi Fon: She knows she’s going to win and look good doing it!

Yoruichi: Still like photographing your crushes, huh, Soi Fon?

Soi Fon: Y-Yoruichi-sama!

3. Yammy: Holds up the “#1″ fingers whenever he wins

Byakuya: Odd. I could have sworn you were 10th.


4. Hiyori: Gets thrown out of soccer

Shinji: Wow. You sure got those red cards fast.


5. Karin: Does not get thrown out of soccer

Karin: Man, the Olympics are something.

Karin: Uniforms, rules, and a lack of monsters.

Karin: I barely know how to play under these circumstances.

6. Kenpachi: Can’t be put in team sports

Yumichika: You weren’t really supposed to do the whole relay yourself, you know.

Kenpachi: Old habits.

7. Hitsugaya: Is distressed by the picture the media uses for him


Hinamori: But you always look mad, Toshiro!


8. Halibel: Is very happy with her bronze

Halibel: Intellectually I know that silver would have been better. But I am very pleased.

Apacci: Psychologically, bronze is supposed to be better to win than silver!

Halibel: Because everyone likes the number 3 as much as me?

Apacci: Uh

9. Aizen: Talks a big game

Aizen: The gold metal platform will no longer be empty.

Aizen: I will be standing on it.

Tosen: Actually there have been many medal ceremonies already.

Aizen: Don’t interrupt me when I’m monologuing.

10. Yumichika: Does great on the floor show

Kenpachi: But how does he make the sparkles follow him

Kenpachi: How

11. Hinamori: Is rumored to be rude

Hinamori: I-I’m not rude!

Hinamori: I don’t hug my opponents after matches because I don’t want to get STABBED!

Hinamori: How is that hard to understand??

12. Grimmjow: Gets disqualified, like, immediately

Grimmjow: Nobody said punching wasn’t allowed!

Ulquiorra: It was gymnastics, Grimmjow.

Title: At 3 In The Morning

Ship: Germerica

Summary: Alfred finds Ludwig crying in the kitchen in the middle of the night covered in baking flower…

CW: None

A/N: Okay, so this was a thing that was being discussed at one of ladybeemer‘s livestreams a few weeks (maybe a month) ago. Firstly, Ludwig stress-baking. Secondly, something that could make Ludwig cry. I just wrote out as a kind of vent a few nights ago. I didn’t delve into why but we discussed Ludwig feeling useless/unable to protect close friends/family. Sorry in advance for any OOC-ness!

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Title: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder
AU: Flower shop across the street from a Tattoo shop AU
Summary: Rei loved flowers. Big, small, extravagant, or simple – they were always beautiful. An art form that had no appeal for him, however, were tattoos. So when he came in early one day to open up his family’s flower shop and saw the sign, Samezuka Tattoos, he just about had an aneurysm.
(Part 2 of a gift for the Queen of RinRei. fallen-lucifiel. I’m glad you enjoyed part 1! Sorry this took so long! Writer’s Block punched me repeatedly in the face for a long time. I also apologize for every typo you see because I haven’t been able to type to save my life lately!)

When Rei re-entered his family’s shop, he felt flustered.

Not only was he embarrassed, but he was very confused.

All this time he had yearned to once again see the attractive and interesting jogger he had met a week ago on one of his deliveries, but this wasn’t the way he had imagined their reunion.

To be honest, Rei wasn’t even sure how he had pictured it.

Maybe once again on a delivery run (too fairy tale) or maybe they would make an encounter at a park during the Hanami Festival (even more of a fairy tale).

But to see him again at a tattoo shop and to discover that he was one of the owners of said tattoo shop?

That was a never a factory in the long list of possibilities Rei had came up with, and he had calculated just about any plausible or no.

And the way the encounter came up, seemed the most surreal out of anything he came up with.

“Er, I’ve returned.” Rei said at last as he finally calmed his breathing. He had tried his hardest to return home without looking as if he were running while trying to do so.

Yuu was the one to say something first, coming inside the shop from the back door “Welcome back, son.” Considering his good mood, Rei was pretty sure that the deliveries had went well. 

“You too, Dad.” Rei replied. He straightened out his collar and looked back at Samezuka, but he looked forward once again. Looking in the direction of where he just came from was the last thing on his mind, regardless of how tempting it was.

Yuu put down his map, “Your mother told me about the little job she put you on.” There was a mischievous grin about the older man’s face, and Rei wanted it to go away. “Did you make any new friends?”

Rei narrowed his eyes and looked away. It went against his policy to be respectful to all those older than him, but it was better to be silent than to accidentally snap at his parents when they hadn’t did anything intentionally wrong. 

“I’m sure you’ll hardly encounter them at all, Rei, so it’ll be okay.” Yuu said, sounding as if he made his own decision. His blue eyes reflected with concern, but he didn’t add anything to his sentence.

The youngest Ryugazaki still didn’t say anything, but made a gesture that could’ve meant anything from ‘okay’ to ‘I don’t mind’.

But he hoped his father was right.

He didn’t want to see anyone from that shop for a long while. “Where’s Mom and Riku-niisan?” He finally realized that he hadn’t heard a word from them after he got back. The work table had been cleared of everything and cleaned up, except for the permanent green stain from the constant plant juices on it.

“They took the truck the moment I got back.” Yuu answered. “That was a pretty big arrangement so the more hands the better. So I’m here manning the deck.” He patted the phone playfully.

“Oh.” Rei looked around wondering what he could do for the moment. “Are there any more orders for today?”

Yuu shook his head, “Not really.” He set his map down. “I’m just lookin’ over a few minor things is all. But how about some new display arrangements? We got those new carnations, after all.”

That sounded like a good idea.

“I would really like to do that.”

“Just don’t touch the pink ones,yet,” Yuu warned, his voice riddled with humour. “You’re Mom will have a fit.”


“So it isn’t a fish shop?”

Rei felt one his eyes twitch at his friend’s deadpanned response. “Haruka-san,” Rei started, voice strained. “Is that honestly the only thing you actually listened to through out my entire complaint?”

Haruka blinked; and in the extensive knowledge Rei picked up on during their years of friendship, he pretty much knew what the answer was. “Yeah.”

Rei held back a screech of indignation. What else could he expect from someone as apathetic as Haruka?

They met in their first and second years of middle school, Rei in his first, and Haruka in his second. Rei had joined the Gardening Club and was in the middle of watering the plants, one of the many jobs he had, with a water hose when a strange black-haired second year had requested being hosed at.

Rei said no of course, but the mysterious boy didn’t listen and ended up taking the hose and spraying himself.

“This school has no pool, so this’ll do.” The boy had said.

Then he proceeded to strip down to the conveniently worn swim suit under his pants and a young Rei flusteredly had to convince the boy to put on his clothes as the other members of Gardening Club watched on with disturbed and amused expressions. That was the first time Rei brought his pterodactyl screech into existence.

It was the start to an unlikely friendship and Haruka had stuck by his side since.

Or maybe it was the other way around, Rei wasn’t sure. But he was sure of the fact that despite Haruka’s quirks it would be strange living without their interactions. Though occasionally they were tiresome– usually one didn’t have to practically act like Batman on call when it came to keeping their friends from stripping in public to swim in water fountains; but Rei digressed.

Haruka had many redeeming factors, and helping out at the shop was one of them.

Which was why at the moment, Haruka was helping Rei de-thorn a fresh shipment of roses. Which was also why Rei figured now would be a great time to relay the events of what happened the previous week.

“So it isn’t a fish shop?” Haruka repeated.

Rei sighed, “No, it isn’t a fish shop.” He laid a new thornless rose on the table and reached for another that had yet to lose their own. “It’s a tattoo shop.”

“Ah,” Haruka replied. “So you’ve met the owners yet?”

At the sound of that question, Rei stopped what he was doing and fell into his thoughts. He had met the owners of that shop all right.

“Jog Man-san?”

“Flower boy!” The maroon-haired man grinned, pleasantly surprised. “Didn’t think I’d be seeing you anytime soon.” 

Rei wasn’t paying attention though. He was too focused on the amount of tattoos– no, he was too focused on the fact this man had any tattoos. On the man’s right arm, there was the head of a shark breaching out of the water, the water splashed about rapidly, and the kanji for shark lied in between it. Then on the left, was a long dark brown line -a branch?-, and it curled down to the forearm and there were occasional sprouts of cherry blossoms. There were also petals, drawn in the manner of soft falling, with a few whole blossoms falling as well.

Subconsciously, Rei’s grip on the box of cookies tightened.

Jog Man eventually noticed Rei’s staring, “Oh, right.” He looked at it himself. “These were made by Sousuke, the guy over there.”

Rei snapped out of it and turned diagonally in order to face both of them. “Er, hello.” He bowed halfway, his voice soft.

The mysterious jogger that Rei found to be very attractive was the owner of this shop? And he had tattoos?

“So what brings you here?” Jog Man shoved his hands into his pockets, bending a knee in order to stand in a slouching position. “I never thought I’d ever see you come in here since you said you weren’t all that fond of tattoos.” Ah, so he remembered the conversation they had.

“Er, well.” Rei averted his gaze feeling even more awkward as he felt eyes burning in the back of his head. “My mother wanted me to deliver these to you both, a hospitality offer, if you will.” Rei shoved his the purple box forward, hoping one of them would grab it.

Sousuke was the one that did.

“What are these?” He asked, shaking the box lightly causing Rei to flinch inwardly.

He hoped there wasn’t a crack in any of the cookies he mother worked hard on.


Jog Man smirked, Rei hated it and loved it at the same time. “I didn’t know you were a baker as well as a florist, Flower boy.”

Rei fought down a flush, “Please don’t refer to me as that.” It was embarrassing. But maybe he had it coming considering he did refer to the man as ‘Jog M-

“Mind telling me your name then?” Jog Man asked. 

“Rei.” The blunette answered and he cursed himself for how fast he answered. “Rei Ryugazaki.”

“Rei, huh?” Jog Man held out a hand, “Well, I’m Rin Matsuoka.”

Haruka’s voice cut off Rei’s flashback, not that there was much to remember in all honesty. “Rei.”

Rei jumped slightly, pushing up his glasses. “Y-yes?”

“I asked if you met the owners already.”

Rei nodded and moved onto the next rose. “Yes. Their names are Rin-san and Sousuke-san.”

Haruka blinked, then looked back down at the rose in his hand. “Ah.”

They didn’t say much afterwords and Rei was relieved. He was too out of it to want to continue on with it.

Rin Matsuoka was an anomaly.

Maybe not to the standard eye, but to Rei, he was. And a dangerous one with pointy teeth.

Not only was he attractive, but he had tattoos.

Large tattoos.

But what made the fact worse was not only did Rin have the tattoos, a fact that still made Rei feel extremely uncomfortable, but he looked good in them. In a way, it made him look even better.

It was confuzzling.

How did one look attractive with tattoos?

How did tattoos make one look attractive?

Rei didn’t understand.

And he wasn’t sure he even wanted to.

“I’m sure you’ll hardly encounter them at all, Rei, so it’ll be okay.”

The boy remembered the words his father told him and his grip on his knife tightened. I disregarded his art preference, I’m sure he won’t want to anyway. 

Then to add insult to injury, they were going to be in a close proximity to one another until one shop was gone.

Violet eyes looked back up and peeked at the shark-styled shop from across them. He could see Rin perfectly.

Rin was leaning across a counter, slouching lazily as he drew something. Rei was positive he was drawing something, probably a new tattoo design to add on to his display. The maroon-haired boy moved his hand around too much for it to be writing.

Rei could also see Sousuke. He was on the other side of the counter and looking at what Rin was doing. The two of them seemed close. Very close.

Rin chuckled at something.

Probably something Sousuke said.

Was Sousuke a funny person?

Rei’s grip tightened even further but he loosened it, calluses were not beautiful.

Neither was the closeness that Rin and Sousuke had with one another, yet Rei had no place to try and correct them.

Flowers and Tattoos; Tattooists and Florists.

They lived in two different worlds entirely.

There were boundaries, an invisible line that kept them apart. Rei knew that, appreciated that, respected that. He relished it, in fact. He never liked tattoos to begin with so that just made him enjoy staying on his side of the line even more.

But then there was Rin Matsuoka.

Someone who actually made him want to rethink his theory now that Rin had shown up with his… regrettably attractive arms, and face, and smirk, and hair, and his tattoos. 

And that made Rei want to teeter over that line, even just a little.

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I agree I think Bellamy has learned that he alone is not responsible for Octavia and you cant save someone who doesn't want to he saved I just have a hard time believing that he would ever be able to 100% let that go given his upbringing. Does that make sense? Like, trust me we all want Bellamy living for himself but If the writers decide to make it seem as if he no longer cares about O and her well-being I would be shocked. And also confused because that would be very OOC in my opinion.

I agree that he will always be very affected by his upbringing. It was traumatic. But he has experienced even more brutal trauma on the ground, in part brought by his own sister. If anything could shake his deeply engrained childhood beliefs, it’s probably that.

I wouldn’t be worried about potential OOC-ness, though; they’re not going to write him not giving a crap about O. His strong sense of family has always been a huge part of his character. Even if he distances himself a bit, he always will care to some degree.