and one that is actually dead

every time i see the “quit telling everyone im dead” meme all i can think of is that one part in tbl when percy crashes his own funeral

annabeth: percys dead

percy: quit telling everyone im dead!

annabeth: sometimes i can still here his voi- HOLY FUCK YOURE ALIVE YOU ASSHOLE

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You really hate puns don't you Chara?

*I do not.
*I actually quite enjoy puns and jokes.
*If I am the one who makes them.
*…Mrs. Dreemurr’s jokes are not bad, either.
*Mr. Dreemurr’s jokes are… not intolerable.
*They are charming in their own right.

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Quick! Every anime fan list your favorite anime(s)!



OH MAN WHERE DO I START?! UUUUHHHH lots of magical girl anime, actually - but I like the ones that get a little crazy!! Can’t be too boring, you know??

Hmmm…I dunno if I could name one specifically but those tend to be the ones I like the most!! Maybe Madoka Magica?? Maybe~


*Zig seems to continue an endless list of both familiar and unfamiliar shows*

people joke about multigenerational names as a fanfic thing, but like


me: I’m right here?

mother: You shoud check Facebook, you’ve got a zillion birthday wishes. Even your aunt Mary!

me: Dad’s aunt? Uhh, she’s dead

mother: Oh, one of your cousins, I guess.

me: Hmm, was it Brigid? She uses her middle name like me, but she’s actually Mary Brigid.

mother: I don’t think so

me: Could be the other Mary Elizabeth, but I don’t think we’re FB friends. Katie, that’s Mary Katherine, but I don’t think her either … Oh, was it a Maguire?

mother: Actually, I think it was

me: That’s Rosemary, Mama.

As much as I love Kavaxas as a villain, I can’t get past the fact

I applaud TMNT 2012 for stepping up the darker tones and actually showing dead bodies and everything, and acknowledging they’re dead (with the ghosts in Ep. 4). And no hate towards Kavaxas—he’s now one of my favorite villains (he’s actually threatening and really kills people). Just a bit surprised, that’s all.

…The younger kiddies watching at home will be traumatized! Lol :D

My mom had this boyfriend, Billy. He did a lot of drugs, so I’d stay away from him… so he wouldn’t hit me.One time, he was on this… this yellow couch in the courtyard. His eyes were closed. He was smiling. He looked like he was sleeping, you know? So I just kept sitting next to him. Just pretending that he liked me. But he didn’t wake up….


I didn’t want to think about all that stuff again…

  sometimes… i can still hear his voice.

head canon: Instead of toffee betraying Ludo and throwing him out of his castle Toffee actually tells Ludo some of his plan and Ludo accepts and tells all his minions to do everything Toffee says.

Ludo actually sits on toffee’s lap while Toffee’s talking to Star who is so confused but thinks the two look adorable together, but when the wand is about to explode Toffee Puts Ludo in the crystal box Marco and Star were in.

Ludo actually believes toffee to be dead and yells to Star “you took away the one thing I cared about most so I will do the sam-” then he gets thrown into the portal like in the episode. 

Ludo in the wild does happen and he still finds his wand,it takes him awhile to realize it but he finally realizes that his wand was actually toffees arm so every time he’s sad or emotional he’ll turn the wand around and place his hand on toffee’s made of bones one and talk to it like toffee was actually with him (which he always was but Ludo still thought he was dead).  

Even with the pain of carrying the wand around and having it as a reminder of what he lost Ludo still does it because he knew that’s what toffee would have wanted.
Christine Evangelista Reveals What It’s Like Working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead

“No Negan nightmares here! According to Christine Evangelista, working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead is actually a dream.“Jeffrey’s awesome,” Evangelista, 30, told PEOPLE Now of the actor, who plays the infamous Negan on the hit AMC show.

“[He’s an] unbelievable actor,” she added. “I mean, there’s not one scene that goes by where he’s not doing a four-page monologue!”



lance: keith’s a hothead! he’s probably going to shoot first and ask questions later, except they won’t be able to answer his questions, because they’ll be dead!

shiro: what? keith? no, that’s ridiculous, he wouldn’t hurt a fly,

[a few episodes later]

keith: one more step and the king gets it

shiro: keith, that came out of nowhere!

lance: [john cena voice] are you sure about that

When Mrs. Norris is temporarily paralyzed after indirectly seeing the basilisk in Chamber Of Secrets and Filch at first believes she’s been killed, he breaks down into violent sobs. That is not how a grown man, particularly one as usually heartless as Filch, reacts to a dead cat. Once he finds out she’s only been petrified, he still viciously attacks Harry, who he believes to be responsible. No one outside of a Cathy comic has ever loved a cat more than Argus Filch.

But it actually gets weirder. To say that Mrs. Norris is an exceptionally smart cat would be like saying Superman is an exceptionally strong dude. Filch and Mrs. Norris often work as a team, patrolling different areas of the castle for misbehaving students. Getting caught by Mrs. Norris is as bad as getting caught by Filch, because she will fetch him straight away. This means that Mrs. Norris has memorized the school’s rules, understands them, and recognizes when a student is breaking them. In the first book, Hagrid tells Harry and Ron that he suspects Filch has trained Mrs. Norris to follow him specifically. You’ll recognize all of these as things cats can’t do. (It’s been theorized that Mrs. Norris might be part Kneazle, a cat-like magical creature with superfeline intelligence, but Rowling has shot it down.) She also shows up on the Marauder’s Map, while other animals don’t. It’s almost like she’s a person in the body of a cat in a magical universe where that exact thing can definitely happen.

The Untold Story Behind The Hogwarts Cat

I don’t understand people’s beef with CGI Tarkin.

Some of y’all seem to have a problem with CGI Tarkin in the new Star Wars movie Rogue One but let’s get some things straight:

The man has been dead for at least 22 years, so there’s no way to bring him on screen, right? “Why not recast him? They did the same with Mon Mothma.”

They sure did and they sure did recast Tarkin before in Episode III, but nobody talks about this abomination for good reason.

The good news was it was only a cameo from a distance in the film.

It’s unfortunate though because Wayne Pygram is actually a really good actor. I just wish they did a better make-up job.

So that was an example of recast. 

People argue that the CGI looks fake and looks better in movies like James Cameron’s Avatar but here’s the thing: it only looks good because the entire world was CGI and contact with actual reality was kept to a minimum. The scene where Sigourney Weaver’s human character is carried by the Navi through the forest actually looks pretty fake. 

The entire time, “Tarkin” had to be in contact with real cast members beside him so of course there’s an uncanny valley effect. Have you looked at the job they did though?

Original for comparison:

Certainly better than what happened in Episode III. Besides, the uncanny valley would probably work in his favor since he IS a villain. They’re supposed to be unsettling.

Guy Henry and the people at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) worked hard and did a damn good job AND they brought Peter Cushing back from the dead. Appreciate the skill, enjoy the damn popcorn, and enjoy the damn movie because Rogue One is a damn good movie.

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Felicity was the perfect companion for an experience like this. The size of this film is very new for me and I had the perfect friend and confidante to talk about all the fears and things that you have to go through and overcome, you know?
                                                                    ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫
I’d seen Diego in Y Tu Mama Tambien, which I had been a big fan of when I was growing up. I just thought it was the coolest film ever. It was excellent working with him. He and Jyn in the story have a very lovely dynamic, and he’s very open, very collaborative and easygoing, and loves drinking espressos in true Spanish style…

modern au revolutionary set headcanons

Alexander Hamilton
● puts his hair up in a messy bun while working and forgets that he stuck his pen in there
● really loves star wars and had a crush on both luke&leia
● once wrote a trashy novel which he doesn’t talk about. EVER.
● is actually very good at cooking but can only rarely be persuaded to do it
● cut his hair bc he knew everyone was going to lose their shit
● really needs glasses but never wears them
● constantly walks into stuff bc of that

● sometimes pretends not to understand english at all to get out of parking tickets or awkward situations
● is actually too smooth to ever get into awkward situations
● has three plants which all have names
● one of them is dead but he refuses to acknowledge it
● he read John the first Harry Potter book because lil Jacky was forbidden from reading them as a child bc religious parents
● he did the voices
● buys homeless people lunch
● actually flosses

Hercules Mulligan
● best dressed at all times
● looks like he will drink you under the table and then beat you up with it but is actually a straight edge vegetarian who gives his tired drunk friends piggyback-rides home from the bar so that they don’t drive
● the dad friend. obviously.
● he plays the guitar but no one knows?
● has never lost a game of mario kart (or so he claims)
● gives the best hugs

John Laurens
● isn’t that into turtles but people still send him pictures and videos of them all the time? (other people have an embarrassing emo-phase that they never get to live down and he…well he had a turtle-phase)
● the worst at cooking
● doesn’t even have a kitchen, only orders in or is given food by concerned friends (hercules)
● likes space - both outer and personal
● only owns two pair of shoes
● is really into video games and claims to have beaten Herc in Mario Kart
● the issue is not settled

fanon YOI things i’ve accepted as canon
  • makkachin is immortal  
  • phichit is the best friend and best wingman anyone could ever ask for, and would help yuuri katsuki bury a body if he asked (even if yuuri didn’t ask, and phichit came back to their apartment in detroit and saw a dead body and yuuri panicked over it, he would nonchalantly be like, “i’ll get the bleach, you start the car”).
  • victor is actually terrible at most things, but because he is so beautiful and good at skating, no one has really ever had the heart to tell him.
  • victor “my husband” katsuki is the most extra.
  • Everyone Loves Yuuri 
  • when yuuri and victor inevitably have children, yurio will be the Cool Uncle/try to adopt them and raise them in a healthy environment that doesn’t involve being exposed to yuuri and victor’s yuuriandvictorness on a regular basis
  • yuuri and victor will have been married with children for five years and yuuri will still wake up one morning and be like, “victor, what are we?”
  • Victor’s Foot Thing Is Everyone’s Thing