and one that is actually dead

Honestly, I love Lotor and I do believe the best of him as a character, but I wouldn’t actually be surprised if his alliance with Voltron isn’t going to go all the way the first time- not because I believe for a second Lotor’s gonna sell out Voltron to Zarkon or Haggar, but I think it’s a very real possibility a situation could contrive to make him choose between the generals and Voltron, and Lotor’d almost absolutely choose the generals.

I say this for the simple fact of via Sincline, we have another Voltron running around, and this makes me pretty sure that in one form or another, Team Sincline is inevitably getting back together- and, also, that we will probably see Voltron and fully-actualized Sincline fighting each other.

Because like let’s be dead honest here, if you have two Voltrons, the amount of desire both you as a writer and your audience have for Ultimate Combining Robot Cage Fight Of Destiny is immeasurable. Why the hell would you even have two Voltrons and not have them duke it out at least once.

And from more of a plot perspective: doubling the output of Voltron per Voltron is not a little deal, it’s a massive advantage, and I can’t possibly think that it’s one that the writers would just hand our heroes without making them go through hell over it.

There’s also the fact of, frankly, Lotor going to Voltron because he has no other options, wounded and defenseless and throwing himself at the mercy of the least likely people to murder him, is not a foundation for a satisfying arc. It would, personally, be much more satisfying if that didn’t work, if Lotor took time on his own and went back to being- not a villain, per se, but a potentially dangerous neutral party not afraid to cross them. And then, at some point, under some context, from there, for reasons other than survival or necessity, Lotor comes back and chooses to reconnect with Voltron.

Because I’m positive they’re going to end on good terms. On the deeply-held-morals end of things they agree on too much. The generals are, again, the only thing I can see tempting Lotor away from Voltron and they themselves probably wouldn’t do it on purpose. They’re like him- fighting for survival, not really villains, but willing to cross lines that our heroes aren’t. Even then, we see this thing where when they do cutthroat things, they clearly see it as dirty business and tend to behave guiltily about it. Lotor all but explicitly says the generals are right to be angry at him over Narti, Zethrid looks miserable telling him their only option for survival is turning him in, and Acxa visibly grimaced before walking forward to take out Lotor in the first place.

call no man happy - 6

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He Tian sent a slightly dazed Mo Guan Shan to bed, flopping down on the couch with a sigh. He was frustrated with himself and, to a lesser extent, Mo Guan Shan. 

Sure, he obviously shouldn’t have left the envelope in such an obvious place, that was stupid and reckless and he was surprised he hadn’t been struck with a lightening bolt or turned into a pillar of fire.

He did, however, receive a text from one of his many betters.

“You are so fucking stupid.”

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Last one - then imagine the guilt after snapping out of it and realizing what we'd done, holding Mark's dead body in our arms. Rip Mark and r i p our sanity.

honestly wasnt thinking that morbid but oh god

maybe! a trick! mind games. hes not actually dead.

maybe the attack never happened. mind games.

or, we snap back halfway through it and mark thinks it was a weird joke

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Hey Fifth! Don't know if you remember me but I'm an oldish Inazuma fan just coming back after being away from the last 7ish years. You're probably one of the few inazuma fans with a name I actually recognise! I was wondering if you could recommend me a few Inazuma tumblr blogs I could follow here since most of the people I used to follow are dead :( I also heard there was an Inazuma discord floating around here, but although I'd like to try it, I'm kinda too shy to go on haha.

Welcome back to the fandom! Your name looks super familiar! A lot of my old fandom friends don’t follow IE anymore so I know how you feel! 

Here’s some awesome people who have A+ content and will literally brighten up your day when you see them on your tumblr feed/ the IE tag (probably missed a lot but these are some of the ones I can think of from the top of my head):

@aishakami-arts (and all blogs) @ygreczed @linabigface @inazuma-eleven-translations @inazumaelevenconfessions​ @inazuma-eleven-lover @atsuyafubuki10 @iuniu @huyandere @zafiro-satoshi (and all blogs) @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 @lynneryon @xsakulumix @tsuri-ouji @minty-ocean @kiarikakawaiii @vraberika @shiroporn @ichiroutas-other-eye, @fuujinnomai @inavember

And there’s no need to be afraid of joining a discord server - the people of the IE Fandom are probably the nicest fandom people I’ve met! There’s a link to the the first one on @inazumaelevenmoments​ somewhere a couple of posts back when someone was asking the same thing and new one for writers that I recently reblogged on IE moments too. 

It would have improved the narrative if Shark and Rio switched places during the whole ‘Astral is dead’ arc, and here’s why:

This is Shark’s big problem. He’s the one with the existential crisis between being human and Barian. Why not have him dissociate so bad that he becomes comatose or catatonic or have there be a real big struggle with this instead of him giving up so easily. Go more into his headspace.

Rio has already been in one bullshit coma, she doesn’t deserve another one. She should take this time to develop her character and actually get to do something. 

I would have loved it if Rio and IV tag dueled against jelly fish guy. It would have put a nice conclusion to their meeting that connected IV to Shark in the first place.

Rio and IV confronting each other again. 

Rio and IV saving Shark

Rio doing more in general as Shark goes more into a struggle against Barian and stuff

The narrative just…Makes more sense but of course it didn’t happen. 


{HeY GUYS! No, this blog isn’t dead, i’ve been having a crisis ;;; i just wanted to thank you all for 500 followers!!! It’s actually 509 because i got to this late, but !!! i said for five hundred i would draw one of the characters, and i did! Reaver had the most votes, 9 or 10 i think, and my drawing skills aren’t anything special, but i hope you like it !Im going to post it later, but i just wanted to thank you guys and reassure you all that this blog is NOt dead :) ! Thank you thank you thank you!!]

wade is a demon hunter that set up shop in a little town in the middle of nowhere that’s supposed to be right on the edge of the doors to hell, he actually rolled into town still wearing a priest’s vestment and hid out at the local abandoned church, he wasn’t expecting people to show up to the dusty old stone church that following sunday and had to bullshit his way through an impromptu sermon which is how he accidentally became father wilson, much respected priest

it actually works out pretty well for him, all things considered, he’s got all the right tools and knows enough latin to drive out the demonic pests that have been plaguing the town, the townsfolk celebrate his one month anniversary of living there and he gets told that most holy men end up dead within the first week

wade is a little weirded out at how everybody here is totally normal and still just take all the magical bullshit that happens to them in stride, like he’s already exorcised three people and one of them was a grandfather who’s family just kept him chained in the living room, it’s an involuntary habit for most of the people living here to flip back over any upside down crosses they see, they’ve got a water tower full of holy water that feeds into the towns drinking water, it’s the real thing too, he’s tested it

wade is instantly suspicious of the bright young stereotypical rich boy that never stops smiling, he’s never at the church and nobody seems to know who he’s talking about when wade asks about him, oddly enough he gets his answers from a group of kids who’re out in the cemetery shouting insults at gravestones to scare the dead out of rising again

the kid’s name is peter, he attends the local high school and gets perfect grades, he doesn’t have parents or a home or really anything, he just exists and besides grading papers and avoiding him in the hallways, no one acknowledges his existence, when he asks why, the kids say that a girl once asked him out on a dare and was never seen from again, one of the kids says that they used to have a dog but the dog started barking at peter and dropped dead when peter looked at it, the dog started smoking when they tried to bury it so they had to burn fluffy instead

so wade is pretty sure that he’s in over his head, the peter kid is everywhere, whenever wade looks up peter is there, smiling, it’s fucking unnerving, he can only guess that he hasn’t been killed yet because he hasn’t left any openings for peter to use, being paranoid as fuck has it’s uses

so wade sets a trap, he cleans the church thoroughly and kneels in front of the alter waiting for peter to realize he’d cracked the cross held by the church’s patron st margaret statue, wade has the biggest shit eating grin on his face when he hears peter scream, the grin dies when he feels a burning hand grab onto his arm and sear his flesh, wade screams as hellfire scorches his body and he catches a glimpse of peter as he was meant to be seen, beautiful and terrifying all at once

wade woke up the next day buck ass naked on the church floor with peter angrily kicking him awake, peter is fucking pissed and it’s because that trap wade had laid that was supposed to turn peter to stone didn’t quite work, peter had grabbed onto wade intending to take the man with him and accidentally bound himself to wade instead

the townsfolk put two and two together pretty goddamn easily when they see wade’s horrific disfiguration and peter sulking in the back of the church, so that’s how wade sort of bound himself and a demon together for all of eternity and cursed himself with immortality, on the bright side exorcisms are so much fucking easier now that he doesn’t have to do any work, most demons and monsters are terrified of peter and vanish as soon as he shows up

peter is understandably angry, he keeps killing wade out of spite and generally tries to make wade’s life hell, in retaliation wade sings exorcisms in latin and has a spray bottle full of holy water he carries around, peter is actually a pretty good cook when he doesn’t put poison in the food

nobody questions wade when he sticks peter in a priest’s vestments and forces him to help clean and restore the church, at this point they just let wade do whatever he wants since he’s the one keeping their demon problem under control

wade isn’t good with the whole social aspect of his job, he’s been invited to so many community functions and dinners with families and he can only avoid them for so long, people actually speak to peter now and he takes great pleasure in making wade as uncomfortable as possible

wade finds out that peter is actually millenia old and he’s been guarding the gates of hell since he was created, when wade asks why a teenager peter says it’s because people don’t question when a teen is alone but they also trust him more because he looks like a child

peter gets very territorial when a vampire family moves into town, wade manages to make a deal with them, since he’s immortal he offers up his blood but it’s not really sustainable because it takes a while to regenerate all that blood so he goes to the mayor and the hospital starts a vampire friendly blood donation program

they just barely manage to kill the werewolf that sneaks into town, it still turns the local doctor, a child and one of the teachers, wade has to broker a peace deal so that the vampires feel comfortable and the new werewolves have protection, it’s a testament to the perseverance of the town when new ordinances makes it so that everybody gets new moons off and it’s just a sort of stay in weekend, wade drags peter along to babysit the werewolves when they turn

when the gates of hell are opened on the day of the total solar eclipse peter tells wade that he can’t fix this unless wade unchains him, there’s no guarantee that peter will fix anything, that peter won’t kill them all, that peter can even do anything, but after all they’ve been through, wade trusts him

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Remember when everyone was eve and no one questioned it?

Oh no, plenty of people questioned it at the time, it’s the people now who are just getting into the series who just have to deal with the fact half the Miku characters in the series are actually the same demon doll possessed by a crazy, dead witch

This time there would be no witnesses.

This time there was just the dead earth, a rumble of thunder, and the onset of that interminable light drizzle from the north-east by which so many of the world’s most momentous events seem to be accompanied.

The storms of the day before, and of the day before that, and the floods of the previous week, had now abated. The skies still bulged with rain, but all that actually fell in the gathering evening gloom was a dreary kind of prickle.

Some wind whipped across the darkening plain, blundered through the low hills, and gusted across a shallow valley where stood a structure, a kind of tower, alone in a nightmare of mud, and leaning.

It was a blackened stump of a tower. It stood like an extrusion of magma from one of the more pestilential pits of hell, and it leaned at a peculiar angle, as if oppressed by something altogether more terrible than its own considerable weight. It seemed a dead thing, long ages dead.

—  Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Chapter 1)

ok so here’s a concept:

  • richie not being able to keep his comments to himself in class
  • richie’s teachers getting sick to death of his hand shooting up constantly
  • richie getting detention all the time for talking out of turn
  • richie getting this shit beat out of him at home when he gets detention
  • richie having detention so many times that he gets suspended
  • richie strolling up to school after the three day suspension w his arm in a sling bc his dad twisted his arm so far back that richie’s shoulder popped out of socket
  • kids in class rolling their eyes and stifling their laughs when richie asks a question that seems genuine and sensible to him but makes no sense to anyone else
  • richie’s adhd isolating him from his peers
  • teachers labeling richie as trouble without bothering to try to decipher what his issues actually are
  • richie not allowing his disorder to affect his grades
  • richie getting yelled out for not paying attention and then aceing every damn test
  • “i understand it the first time, that’s why i get distracted when you have to keep explaining it to everyone else”
  • the boy w the stutter and the dead brother showing up in detention one day bc he refused to give a speech
  • the kid w a fannypack and inhaler being there the next day too bc he straight up yelled at the nurse when she refused to take his temperature for the third time that day
  • a girl whose hair looks like autumn leaves and the orphan farmer boy who hardly talks casually striding in without even bothering to put out the cigarettes that landed them there in the first place
  • a huffy kid stomping in, arms crossed, drops into a desk and grumbles under his breath
  • “it’s not my fault the teacher was fucking wrong. again.”
  • and, finally, a chubby boy coming in, looking sad, offering gum and explaining he wasn’t trying to skip class, he was just hiding from the school bully
  • the rudest teacher in school supervising detention that day
  • “well would ya look at this little club”
  • everyone glancing at each other and grinning
  • the entirety of the losers club making every teacher’s life a living fucking hell from that moment on
  • but also helping each other w their issues
  • everyone leaving their bedroom windows unlocked for richie or bev to crawl into when their houses are unbearable
  • eddie sitting next to richie in class so richie has someone to pass notes to when he has a comment he can’t contain
  • richie carrying a thermometer, bandaids and an inhaler in his backpack for eddie
  • mike listening to bill’s speeches over and over until bill is comfortable enough that his stutter is practically nonexistent
  • stan grabbing mike’s cigarette out of his hand and pretending it’s his own when a teacher sees them bc if mike gets another detention this week, he’s getting suspended
  • stan scribbling down everytime he wants to argue w a teacher in a notebook to show to bill and bill nodding along while stan rants about all these fucking idiots
  • bev shoving and punching anyone who makes fun of ben for anything ever
  • ben buying twizzlers and jolly ranchers when bev quits smoking and throwing one at her anytime she starts craving a cigarette
  • this is so long but wow
  • friends loving friends man