and one of them is kenzi

You know what was the one thing Lost Girl got PERFECTLY?

The Bo/Kenzi relationship. There is and was no better brotp in television.

I mean…

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LOOK at these two.

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There are a lot of sisterly relationships on tv now, but none of them beat these two.

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I’m never gonna stop fangirling over these two

i. I was five years old with big brown eyes and dark skin to match, with a wild mane of curls more sporadic than my catch-me-now mind. on my first day of school I met a blonde girl who had already lost her first tooth and she gave me a piece of candy every time I let her tie my shoes.
ii. seven years old, I knew what wasn’t considered normal but I knew that I didn’t want a boy holding my hand, I didn’t want a boy chasing me around on the playground, I didn’t want a boy pulling my hair and teasing me and calling me names. to this day I wasn’t sure if I didn’t like the boys or I didn’t like the abuse.
iii. sixth grade wasn’t a good time for anyone but everyone wasn’t twelve years old and sitting at a crossroad. one road was paved and prepped with flashing lights and directions; my entire life I’d learned how to navigate it in the darkness, through snow and storms and tears. the other avenue was scary and I knew I’d never return if I chose to stroll down that street.
iv. fifteen tally marks and fourteen names on the back of my journal. I was counting my age and I was listing the girls who had ever made me feel something. it’s not a feeling you learn about in schools. I became my own teacher and I corrected my own mistakes, my brain and my heart covered in a red ink pen for errors.
v. is there any right way to explain a love story? written words or whispers, the possibilities are endless. I’ll pack my pockets full of symbolism and begin to speak, metaphors littering my language like love notes that missed the garbage can. i started adding an s to the beginning of the character’s name and I never cared about the genre as long as I could tell the tale.
vi. she told me she wanted a setting sun and falling flower petals and dates that meant nothing engraved into her skin. I told her that whether she was a blank canvas or hanging in an art gallery, she would always be a masterpiece.
vii. I tie my own shoes now, and I don’t tend to frequent playgrounds but when I do, I climb to the top of the monkey bars all on my own and no one can reach me. I’ve learned how to make my own maps and I’m out of space on the back cover of my journal but I have empty novels waiting for what I have to say. I have allowed myself to grow and there is not one thing that I would shrink myself for.
viii. I love watching the sunset.
—  an eight part love story

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Hi, I'll never say it enough I love your blog and your work, you all bring another perception of the functions and the types! I have a question about loop and grip what would be the difference between an INFP on a loop and an ENFP in a grip, and between an ENFP on a loop and an INFP in a grip?

You know how a four year old acts, right?

Tantrums. Uncontrolled emotions. Little concern for others. Kinda selfish, petty, and above all – immature.

Imagine that four year old never grows up. They stay four forever.

Now picture your inferior function as that four year old.

Grips are where your inner four year old comes out to play. There’s no other functions there. Just the four year old.

This should tell you the difference between a loop and a grip.

If your inferior is a four year old, your dominant is a wise old sage, and your auxiliary function is a semi-mature wizard-like soul, and your tertiary function is a semi-sane teenager.

So, when you’re having a grip, it’s the four year old.

When you’re looping, the wise old sage is yelling at the teenager to grow up.

Think about how a four year old might use Si or Te.





Don’t type yourself based on loops. It’s fairly common never to be in one, and if you are in one, that’s a bad place and you’re no good to either yourself or the world at large and need to get out of one, stat. 

Remember, in typing yourself and others:

ENFP: turns everything into a joke to deal with it.

INFP: does not do that.

What do Veronica Mars, Chloe Sullivan, Elizabeth Bennet, and Kenzi from Lost Girl have in common? They are all ENFPs. And they do… what? Wisecracks. Jokes. Cover up their feelings with smart-ass behavior, to avoid talking about how they got their feelings hurt. They don’t have to think about a comeback; they just have one. All the time. Instant wise-ass. You think that’s a character-driven myth? Think again. Ne-doms don’t need to pause to think. They do it on the fly, and 98% of them would rather amuse themselves or make you LOL than have a serious heart to heart conversation. They are hilarious. HELL-AR-IOUS.

Feelings? Pfft, what, you can’t take a joke? =P

Who doesn’t find life funny 24/7? INFPs. They have fun, sure, but life is way more serious, and intellectual, and deep than that. They will not shy away from those probing, heart to heart talks that give ENFPs hives. They are introverts. BIG CLUE: DEEP. DEEP. DEEP. FiNe deep. Freaking deep, okay?

Lemme give you an example of NFPs.

Scenario: Friend promises to take NFP somewhere, then doesn’t. NFP finds out she went with mutual friends instead. NFP does not ask if person forgot them (F), and…

INFP: Feels insulted. Spends some time truly FEELING. Decides based on those feelings whether to forgive and move on or shut down this friendship. Once they get past the hurt, their Ne kicks in and provides different reasons as to why or how they got left out, the person’s motives, etc., but they have to work through the hurt and feels first. And then they’re fine. But nobody is ever gonna do that to them again, or they’ll hear about it (inferior Te).

ENFP: Caught off guard, disappointed not be part of the group (extrovert). Dismisses their own feelings or laughs it off, while coming up with various reasons why they were left out (Ne-dom), and bouncing them off what is rational (Te) (well, I live a long way away; it would be inconvenient to invite me, I get it; gas money and all; if that’s the case, I’m not insulted, since it makes sense). Never speaks of it again, but might secretly feel insecure about it FOREVER (inferior Si).

- ENFP Mod

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If you get the chance it'd be awesome if you could draw my dude Tucker. Even if you can't thanks for doing this for the community! I'm Lesbian and proud!

there he is!!!

Done for the LGTBQ art giveaway (closed rn)!
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Aaron x Katelyn w twins
for @alexanderthenotsogreat

The twins were born first, Kenzie Marie and Katie Anne, on June 3rd. (Poor Aaron, his cousin, wife, and daughters are all geminis.) Both Aaron and Katelyn were worried about how Andrew would treat the twins, but were pleasantly surprised by his passive acceptance of them. Both girls loved their Uncle Andrew and Uncle Neil. Andrew gave them one of Sir’s kittens and Neil taught them about sarcasm when they were far too young to learn. They like to backtalk and ask questions, but Aaron and Katelyn are both very patient and are willing to answer questions kindly and teach them the in and outs of polite conversations without resorting to fists. Aaron was worried to repeat the cycle Tilda showed him with Kenzie and Katie, but he never does. He gets frustrated with their pestering, sure, but is always grateful that they trust him enough to always speak their mind. He encourages them to never accept opinions until they’ve thought for themselves first and to discover things for themselves, both alone and together. He raises two of the most intuitive critical thinkers Andrew has come across in his years as a college professor, and he gruffly tells Aaron this over drinks one night. Aaron maybe cries. He was so afraid to be a bad dad.

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keith is trans

this isn’t even a hc anymore it’s the word of god

  • he’s terrible when it comes to binding. he wears his binder way too much and falls asleep in it about once a week. everyone gets together to try and confiscate it during the nights but when keith finds out about it he gets just a bit too close to stabbing all of them 
  • he explains that he understands how bad it is, but the thought of not having his binder with him at all is terrifying. he does agree to try and fall asleep in it less, though
  • he started hormone replacement therapy about two months before they found the blue lion, so going into space where he wouldn’t have access to testosterone was really scary at first. but as it turns out, pidge is able to help him continue transitioning in space. she is literally a genius and no one knows how she did it but no one questions it since it works out
  • the first person he came out to was his dad, whose first response was literally “yeehaw!” 
  • keith didn’t know what he’d expected from his dad, but when he thought about it, that was really the only response imaginable for him. he was a little nervous at first but two days later his dad said “son, could get the phone?” and keith had never been more willing to pick up the phone before. he was 9 years old
  • the next time he came out to someone, it was to some of the friends he made before going to the garrison. he’d expected them to react just as his dad had, but it didn’t go so well. that was when he started to have attitude problems.
  • coming out at the garrison didn’t go as well as he wanted it to either, but he managed to get the word out that his name was keith. after a while, the instructors got used to calling him keith as well. none of this helped his attitude problem, though
  • there is a myth that the green paladin of voltron will electrocute anyone who misgenders him. this is not a myth. she will do it and she will not hesitate
  • the other paladins stick up for him too. if someone misgenders keith, hunk will burn their food. shiro will give them the death glare. lance purposefully annoys the hell out of them until they take it back. 
  • anyways keith starts to feel really supported and having friends is actually really cool? one night, while he’s giving his knife a bath (washing it) he smiles to himself because he really loves them and he could never have imagined having such supportive friends before
  • also red is extremely defensive of him. as we all know, you do not fuck with keith unless you want her to actually tear you apart for offending her son
Photoshoots With The Twins Would Include

• You sitting off to the side and stealing food from the snack bar
• Them secretly asking the photographer if you can be in a few of the photos
• You getting mad when the photographer agrees
• Taking pictures with them after a few minutes of useless argument
• “Fine, fine, but just one.”
• Taking about seven-thousand, really
• Grayson making you guys do hella cheesy poses
• Ethan wanting to take badass looking pictures
• You not having a preference - just wanting to be done
• Goofing off with them between photos
• Messing up their hair so you can have a little break
• Them hitting you with props
• Helping them choose which pictures to put on Instagram
• Refusing to let them post the pictures where you were caught off-guard
• Feeling kind of awesome at the end of your first professional photoshoot with your best friends

Lost Girl: Mackenzie "Kenzi" Malikov [ENFP]

OFFICIAL* TYPING by thedarkmonarch

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Kenzi is fountain of random, yet essential knowledge. She’s survived on the streets for years as a result of her adaptability. Kenzi’s one-liners can diffuse many tense situations between the main cast. However, due to her need for stimulation, she doesn’t remain in one frame of mind for very long, which can grate on her friends.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Unlike the more openly emotional Bo, Kenzi keeps her emotions to herself. No-one can get a read on what she’s feeling. However, Kenzi has very strong convictions and morals that she would rather die than violate. She’s very vulnerable and empathetic to the suffering of others, particularly those who have been victimized.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): In spite of her lack of formal education, Kenzi is very smart. Her tricks and guile have not only kept her alive on the streets, but have solved quite a few cases that she and Bo have investigated. Kenzi’s not above being brutally honest with those who really need a kick in the pants to move forward.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Abused by her father, Kenzi prefers to keep her past under wraps. No-one knows much about her origins, until she tells them. This leads to uncomfortable moments when those close to her dig too deep.

*Mod Note: Changed to official because I know it’s correct. - ENFP Mod

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Could you write a poem about that moment when you realise you can trust someone with your heart?

The last time 
I gave someone my heart
it ended in a war
that left me with scars
I vowed to never trust anyone
with my heart again 
Putting up walls to protect it
but you see 
overtime the way you loved me
I started to lower my defences 
and you even kissed my scars 
making them somehow disappear 
and I found myself one day 
saying I love you too 
and I knew in that moment 
my heart now belonged to you

- kenzie lawson

Jack Kelly doesn’t keep much of his art private.
On the contrary, he’s proud of what he does and proud to show it off. There’s are paintings as sketches hanging up all over his apartment and given as gifts to friends and family. He never minds explaining what a certain one means to him, why he chose a certain color, how exactly he decided to highlight a certain piece of a larger artwork.
No, Jack Kelly is far from shy about most of his art.
But one sketchbook is hidden away. Under his mattress, or hidden in a sock drawer, or tucked behind all his other sketchbooks, just kept out of sight of people other than him and his boyfriend.
And in that sketchbook are some of the most intimate moments of his life.
Crutchie sleeping softly, the blankets only just covering him.
His family, together for a holiday.
Eventually, his wedding day, the morning after with Crutchie curled into his side.
Their daughters sleeping soundly, or watching a movie with Crutchie sitting on the floor with them.
The cat on top of Rosie’s head, Kenzie with a paintbrush tucked behind her ear.
Some drawings are just too intimate, too close to Jack’s heart, too able to show exactly how he sees his world, to be shown off.
So that sketchbook stays tucked away.

I’ve decided to make a chart for families

okay, so, for MY IMAGINES

The Flash:

Barry has three kids (as of now): which are Tyler (the oldest, 16), little rambunctious Joey (he’s like 4, very wired) and baby Nora (she’s 6 months)

Cisco has one son, named Oscar (he’s about 7)

Caitlin has two kids: a son, Alex (he’s 9) and baby girl, Veronica (she’s barely 3 months)

Iris and Eddie, cuz I ship them, have four kids: Ashley (she’s 11), the twins, Jack and Kenzie (they’re 8) and Simone (she’s 2)

Wally has a daughter, Rosie (she’s 3)


Sebastian has two kids(right now): Logan (he’s 10) and a baby on the way

Kurt and Blaine have one son, Dylan (he’s 3)

Rachel and Finn/Jesse have three kids: Mariana (she’s 13), Collin (he’s 9) and Carrie (she’s 6)

Brittany and Santana have two kids: Tyler (he’s 7) and Lindsey (she’s 4)

Marley and Jake have one daughter, Lydia (she’s 1)


gif meme: Lost Girl + favorite platonic relationship (requested by anonymous) 

I haven’t hated you for a long time. You’re the only one that gets my predicament, Wolfie. And you make me laugh. 

Burnt Cake (Vatya) - Kenzie & Polly

Authors note: This is a little drabble (I repeat; drabble, this has only like 600 words) my friend Kenzie and I wrote. This is very domestic established relationship Vatya fluff. Feel free to see this as what would happen circa one year after ‚spur of the moment‘ and ‚see you in the morning‘. (its what I imagine happening) We might continue this as little domestic Vatya series but we don’t have any more concrete ideas at this very moment so if you have a domestic or just established relationship Vatya requests please send them here. And now, we hope you enjoy this fluff fest! xx

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This blog and @goddamnititdazai are my literal life line. I check them everyday multiple times a day so I dont miss updates

@goddamnitdazai Apparently we’re a package deal lmao

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^^^^(me solidifying our special bond with a gentle beard rub, as one does)

The Real Good Stuff

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Pairing: Dean x sister!Kenzie, Rick Grimes, Bo x friend!Sam
Word count: 1,018
Warnings: Swearing

Part 5 of Family Ties

Dean, Kenzie, and Rick had made it into the door- just barely. All three were breathing heavily, leaning against the walls. “Let’s just hope they don’t have a family reunion going on downstairs.” Kenzie said once she had caught her breath enough. “Hey, did you pack the grenade launcher?” Her blue eyes met with her older brother’s green ones.

Rick looked at the two of them, his expression a mix of fear, and confusion. “You have a grenade launcher?” He asked, hoping that for some reason he’d heard that very wrong. Why the hell would they have a grenade launcher?

“Yeah.” Kenzie nodded. “Well, see, our dad was a Marine. Sometimes he’d collect old crap, even if it didn’t work.” She explained, talking with her hands. “Dean liked to take things apart as a kid, and he actually got it to work. Dad didn’t know whether to be pissed or proud.” She had a small smile on her face.

Letting out a soft chuckle, Dean nodded. “Uh, I don’t think so, I’d forgotten about it.” He shrugged. “I was grounded all summer, but I was still allowed to have friends over. I just couldn’t leave the house to play.” He added. “But, I figured we’d get Sam and head home. I can break out all Dad’s other old useless crap. See if I can fix anything else.”

“Do you have grenades for it?” What use would it be without them?

Dean smirked. “We live in Georgia, pretty sure we could find some.” Kenzie grinned, knowing what her brother was getting to. “How many gun shops do you think are in fifty miles of right where we’re standing?”

Rick shrugged. “A lot?” It was no secret guns were a hobby.


“Wouldn’t they be wiped out? The first thing that people go after for this?”

Kenzie licked her lips before speaking. “Generally, but not many people will try to get into things with bars. So, the real good stuff will likely be sitting pretty, up on display.” She beamed. “Plus, someone’s panicking, trying to be quick? How many are going to check past the main room?” Her hands were on her slim hips.

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Touring With The Twins Would Include

• Random convenience store stops for snacks
• Getting hype with them before they go onstage
• Handing them their microphones (that they probably forgot)
• Both of them ambushing you with hugs after they get messy in one way or another
• Them threatening to taze you if you don’t take a selfie with them
• Taking pictures for their Instagrams
• Watching Netflix with them on the road
• Taking goofy pictures next to every landmark you can possibly find
• Them taking ridiculous pictures of you after you fall asleep
• You being on their SnapChat Stories 25/8
• Helping both of them prank each other on the tour bus
• Emergency Walmart stops
So this is my first thing like this🤷‍♀️ requests are open!

i am rly so proud of the original dance moms girls every single one of them!!! brooke is going to college, paige is happy as sunshine, chloe slaying jobs, kenzie free from abby can be kenzie again and working on her music, nia in a damn off broadway play and booking movies, maddie doing everything under the sun booking movies, tv, books, touring with friggin sia!!! most of all they freed themselves for that bitch abby, and all look so so beautiful and happy!!

The Maniac Who Stole My Heart (Kai Parker)

Imagine having a child with Kol and another with Kai, and they like to spoil the girls in attempt to prove who is the best father and win your heart.

I sat on my porch, as I held little Sapphire in my lap, as her sister Kenzi ran around the front yard. Sapphire and Kenzi are my daughters, but they don’t have the same father. Kenzi is Kol’s daughter, and Saph is Kai’s. I know how that sounds. That I go for the most homicidal maniacs, but in reality I see the good in all people. However miniscule that fraction may be.

Both Kol and Kai spoil the girls, and honestly I find it adorable, but I just don’t want them to grow up, thinking that I am a slut, but I’m not. When I had Kenzi, I loved Kol, then he died for a few years. I was heartbroken, but when he came back, he stayed in New Orleans, and messed around with a witch. Then I fell for a certain homicidal witch named Malachai Parker, once he was released from the 1994 prison world.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it did. It might have been when he used his magic that he stole from the Mystic Falls barrier to save Kenzi when she ran out into the road.

Also, right as he got out of the second prison world, he came straight to me, and found out that I was pregnant. I had been reluctant to tell him, thinking that he would be angry, but he was actually happy for me, for us, but he said that I had to take Kenzi and go, because things were about to get bad. That was two years ago. Now Kol and Kai visit regularly to try and become their favorite, or rather my favorite.

A car pulled up in the driveway, and I recognized Kol, he had his normal smirk on his face. I used to love that smirk. Now it just annoys me. I don’t know why, maybe because it took him a while to even call me. A little while longer to even show his face.

A few seconds later, Kai pulled up. Oh dear. This is about to get extremely awkward.

Kenzi ran up to Kol, and he gave her a little charm bracelet. How adorable. When Kenzi saw Kai, she ran to him, and Kol looked slightly upset. He walked over to me with his normal arrogance, and held out his arms for Sapphire. She looked wary, but I handed her to him nonetheless. He gave her a little doll, and she clapped her hands in glee. Ah. Little manipulative Saph, my little angel, truly Kai’s daughter.

“Hello, Lissa. How are you darling?” Kol asked.

“I’ve been better.” I said, annoyed. I stop up, and walked over to Kai.

“How are you?” He asked, but he was glaring at Kol who was holding his daughter.

“Not looking forwards to this.” I said to him, as I gave him a quick hug. I could feel eyes on me , and I turned my head to see Kol glaring at us. Well, mostly Kai. Is he really going to try and fight with the leader of the Gemini coven? How idiotic can he get?

“Your friend over there, is not happy.” He said.

“I’m aware of this, Malachai.” I snapped, as I picked up Kenzi, and I walked over to Kol, and I knew Kai was right behind me, in case I had a fit. Or as the doctors call it, a severe series of muscle spasms that is similar to a seizure, that can be caused by stress.

“Kai, I’m fine.” I said to him.

“I’m not taking my chances, Lissa. You’ll drop Kenzi, and you could get hurt if you’re not restrained properly.” He said.

“Kai, you only know this, because you were at my doctors appointments, and most of my occupational therapy appointments.” I said.

“At least I was there.” He muttered. I shot him a look, but I knew it was the truth. Despite all of his evil tendencies, he’s always made sure to be there for me. Kol on the other hand…

“Lissa, let me hold my daughter.” Kol said. Kai grabbed Sapphire from him, and I handed Kenzi to Kol. I was grateful, because I began to feel my muscles tighten.

“I need to sit down.” I said. I grabbed onto Kai’s arm quickly, because he was the closest.

“Kol, hold Sapphire.” Kai said, and quickly handed his daughter off.

My muscles contracted, and I almost fell over once they relaxed. Almost. I didn’t because Kai caught me. Kol looked confused.

“Fit.” Sapphire said in her adorable baby voice. It’s said that a two year old knows what is going on, but the man I once loved had no clue, but he should since it was technically his fault. When he and his brother got into a fight, Kol pushed me out of the way, and I fell down the stairs of my old house, and I damaged my nervous system, as well as parts of my brain.

“Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on!” Kol demanded, but I began spazzing in Kai’s arms, and he lowered me to the ground, and straddled me, and held my head , then placed his elbows down on my shoulders. I kept jerking, and it was becoming painful.

“Kai!” I cried out.

“Get the kids in the house!” Kai barked. I’m not sure if Kol listened, but at the moment I didn’t care, because I couldn’t focus on anything.

“Lissa, grab onto my shirt.” He said. I somehow brought my hands to his shirt, and I fought the spasms in my hands. He interlocked his legs with mine, to completely restrain me. Then I felt the ebbings of calm slowly coming over me due to a spell. I felt my muscles relax, and it left me exhausted, embarrassed and wary.

Kai got up, and picked me up, cradling me like a small child, knowing that I would be too tired to move. Kai truly understood me. He wasn’t a complete sociopath, he never was. He was just withdrawn emotionally, because of how he was outcasted by his entire family, then locked away instead of someone trying to help him.

I was that person. I met him before he merged with Luke. I had been through it all. He never once tried to harm me, so that made me a target for Damon and the others. Especially once they found out I was pregnant. Elena had been the one to stop them all from killing me, because she knew how it was to love a ‘monster’ and be human, to be able to see through all of the evil and darkness. So I basically owed her my life, as well as Kenzi, and then I realized Elena only did this to get information about Kai, and this nearly got both me, Kenzi, and little Saph in my womb killed. So Kai ended up killing her. That’s why he told us to go.

Kai carried me into the house where Kol was playing with the children. “How did this happen?” Kol asked.

“You.” I said tiredly. I heard Kenzi sigh, and pick up Sapphire.

“You hurt mommy really badly, and she got injured. She said that you were fighting with your brother, and you pushed her down the stairs. Kai never hurt mommy. Leave.” She said, and Kol sat there dejected.

“You can still see them, I’m not going to keep you from that.” I said. He nodded his head, and left, leaving me, Kai, Kenzi, and Sapphire. All one family. All with my lovable homicidal maniac.

Best Dressed Zombie

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x sister!Kenzie, Rick Grimes
Word count: 768
Warnings: Swearing, talk of death

Part 4 of Family Ties

It was Kenzie who spotted a way to the bar. Not that it would be easy, quick, or fun. Seeing as Rick had come looking at the truck, they assumed others would, as well. That left them with a problem. Dean didn’t want to leave Kenzie and Bo with some country cop, but he also didn’t want to leave all their supplies. Kenzie wasn’t going to stay back, as she was the one that was hell bent on getting to Sam. Bo was all that was left.

So, she climbed on top of the truck, and sat, keeping an eye out. Getting into the truck seemed like it would be a bad idea, as did sitting in the back. As long as the walkers weren’t fae walkers, she could handle it.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw the three of them climbing a ladder up the side of the nearest building. Her plan was to use the roofs- or use them as long as they could. She’d noticed that some of them had walkways going across. She just hoped that it didn’t screw them over.

“What the hell is this, a Kenzie sandwich?” She muttered. Dean insisted on heading over first, followed by Kenzie, and then Rick. “You forget that I kicked your ass when we were training.”

He rolled his eyes, not that she could see. “Whatever.” He sighed. “You’re my baby sister. It’s in my job description to look out for you.” At least that’s how he saw it. Rick stayed quiet, just listening to them interact. “That, and if I found Sam, and didn’t have you? I’d be fucked.” He half teased.

She couldn’t help but smile a bit. “Yeah, you would.” She agreed. “He’d deal with you, and then hand you over to Bo-bo.”

Rick was wondering how Bo worked into things. Was she another sister? He was sure he’d figure that out eventually. The sun was beating down on them, and he was more concerned on their task ahead. Getting to that bar.

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