and one of them is kenzi

You know what was the one thing Lost Girl got PERFECTLY?

The Bo/Kenzi relationship. There is and was no better brotp in television.

I mean…

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LOOK at these two.

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There are a lot of sisterly relationships on tv now, but none of them beat these two.

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I’m never gonna stop fangirling over these two

i. I was five years old with big brown eyes and dark skin to match, with a wild mane of curls more sporadic than my catch-me-now mind. on my first day of school I met a blonde girl who had already lost her first tooth and she gave me a piece of candy every time I let her tie my shoes.
ii. seven years old, I knew what wasn’t considered normal but I knew that I didn’t want a boy holding my hand, I didn’t want a boy chasing me around on the playground, I didn’t want a boy pulling my hair and teasing me and calling me names. to this day I wasn’t sure if I didn’t like the boys or I didn’t like the abuse.
iii. sixth grade wasn’t a good time for anyone but everyone wasn’t twelve years old and sitting at a crossroad. one road was paved and prepped with flashing lights and directions; my entire life I’d learned how to navigate it in the darkness, through snow and storms and tears. the other avenue was scary and I knew I’d never return if I chose to stroll down that street.
iv. fifteen tally marks and fourteen names on the back of my journal. I was counting my age and I was listing the girls who had ever made me feel something. it’s not a feeling you learn about in schools. I became my own teacher and I corrected my own mistakes, my brain and my heart covered in a red ink pen for errors.
v. is there any right way to explain a love story? written words or whispers, the possibilities are endless. I’ll pack my pockets full of symbolism and begin to speak, metaphors littering my language like love notes that missed the garbage can. i started adding an s to the beginning of the character’s name and I never cared about the genre as long as I could tell the tale.
vi. she told me she wanted a setting sun and falling flower petals and dates that meant nothing engraved into her skin. I told her that whether she was a blank canvas or hanging in an art gallery, she would always be a masterpiece.
vii. I tie my own shoes now, and I don’t tend to frequent playgrounds but when I do, I climb to the top of the monkey bars all on my own and no one can reach me. I’ve learned how to make my own maps and I’m out of space on the back cover of my journal but I have empty novels waiting for what I have to say. I have allowed myself to grow and there is not one thing that I would shrink myself for.
viii. I love watching the sunset.
—  an eight part love story

i am rly so proud of the original dance moms girls every single one of them!!! brooke is going to college, paige is happy as sunshine, chloe slaying jobs, kenzie free from abby can be kenzie again and working on her music, nia in a damn off broadway play and booking movies, maddie doing everything under the sun booking movies, tv, books, touring with friggin sia!!! most of all they freed themselves for that bitch abby, and all look so so beautiful and happy!!


gif meme: Lost Girl + favorite platonic relationship (requested by anonymous) 

I haven’t hated you for a long time. You’re the only one that gets my predicament, Wolfie. And you make me laugh. 

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I know after the book thing a lot of people are sorry for kenzie etc but honestly both the zieglers are and were not that innocent, kenzie trashed jojo and always acted so annoyed by her when she first came on the show also she was the one saying that chloe never called them after, made some questionable videos... Not really a chloe or a nia

no, she’s not as nice as chloe or nia

but very very very few people are

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Do you have any fics where adult Sherlock raises kid john or vice versa? John raising kid Sherlock? Along the lines of No Intention by KeelieThompson1? Pretty please?????

You know, during the time I didn’t know about ao3 and I was reading all my fics on, there were a ton of fics like this. Like, one of them got de-aged and had to be taken care of. So I looked through the stories I had marked there and I guess I didn’t favorite any of them, I’m sorry I don’t have any fics like this I can rec :(

But there is a comic like this

If you know a fic like this, please reblog or reply with a title and author or a link!

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  • name: melissa
  • nickname: missa, smellymelly, mellybear
  • sign: pisces
  • height: ahhhh
  • orientation: aaaaaaaaahh
  • ethnicity: Italian
  • favorite fruit: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t like fruit
  • favorite season: winter
  • favorite book: ahhhhhhhhhhhh what are books
  • favorite flowers: weeds
  • favorite scent: was about to say takeaway food lmaooooo
  • average hours of sleep: maybe 8, depends
  • dogs or cats? cats
  • number of blankets i sleep with: none currently, it’s too hot, if it’s cold one.
  • favorite fictional character(s): maybe Kenzi from Lost Girl. She’s so great and deserves better friends, and fuck them for taking her love away, kill the main characters instead cause they boring wth
  • ideal trip: take over someone else’s body
  • when this blog was created: awhile ago
  • birthmarks: no birthmarks only moles
  • number of followers: 11
  • something embarrassing: my face, my body, my personality duh!

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8, 15, 24

8. what musical artists have you most felt connected to over your lifetime?

I feel like I’ve found the most connection to Fall Out Boy. There’s just something about their lyrics that always has me coming back to them. 

15. five most influential books over your lifetime.

[This one had me thinking for a good half an hour. Thanks Joe.] In no particular order: The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin, Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya (if manga counts), The Winnie Years by Lauren Myracle, and The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osbourne (particularly her non-fiction installments because I’ve always been a giant nerd)

24. have you ever felt like you had a “mind-meld” with someone?

I think so, yeah. I’ve actually had this happen with multiple people (mainly you and Vin)
Sympathy for the Demon

Description: John has been very careful about hiding his true identity, but some things are impossible to conceal under the watchful eye of Sherlock Holmes. Who, as it turns out, has a few secrets of his own. What will change between them when the truth is laid bare?

Review: This one is different than what I’m used to. Although, I did like the Angel/Demon dichotomy but I’m not sure how I feel about John and Sherlock actually being possessed by an angel and demon, who are the actual characters. I don’t know if I was supposed to cheer for the angel and demon or the John and Sherlock hosts?? So that was a little confusing.

Rating: Mature



Had my little sister( @kohai-no-deny ) draw this for me; it was a lot of fun to goof off while she drew it, haha. @linesporadic ‘s Virus never fails to amuse me with his paranoia regarding random acts of kindness, especially blown kisses, so what better way to get him accustom to them than his Saitama blowing him one in pure shojo style? (PLEASE ACCEPT THIS OFFERING SENSEI OTL) Please excuse how OOC Saitama is, but I think it fits the comic It appears that the camera also flipped which arm is amputated, RIP… 

I need an AU where Shepard was the one to die on Virmire and it’s Ashley and Kaidan who go on to become the heroes of the galaxy together. Because honestly, just think about how much of a toll it would take on them, fighting side by side to stop the galaxy from falling apart. Both struggling to keep up with the demands of being the people to step into Shepard’s shoes. The long talks they have about whether they’re doing what’s right or not, and all the second guessing that goes on. Because they’re not Shepard, they don’t have the same absolute belief that they’re doing the right thing. They always argue about what the right thing is. Kaidan wants to save the most amount of people possible, he thinks about the individual people burning to death, but Ashley’s trying to save the entire galaxy not just a handful of people every mission. The arguments they get into about whether or not they need to ask for more help and where to turn to for help. The quiet moments where they’re sitting side by side, the reports waiting for them but neither one wanting to go back to them because it’s what Shepard used to do. The brief looks they exchange during missions that says “Oh God, Shepard would totally do that”. The absolutely loneliness they feel without their best friend there with them. The identical looks of exhaustion on their faces when they finally get to the Citadel and are forced to make a decision. The last few seconds they have together before one of them sacrifices themselves to save the other. The heartbreak the other carries with them for their rest of their life as they realize that both of their best friends is gone and that they’ll never be able to look at them again. The aching loneliness that follows them for the rest of their life.

  • hylands: one episode, no fanfare, hardly mentioned again
  • lukasiaks: one episode, no fanfare, only brought up again to lie about
  • zieglers: a whole fucking story arc about their departure, a party, a cake, speeches, delegations, a visit from the president, a mural painted along every street in LA, a national week of mourning

Taylor! Hey girl, it’s Maddie (the tall one in the first pic) Remember me from the whole Aunt Becky fiasco? Well I am flying all the way from California to see you at the KC 9/21 show with some of my best friends Emz and Kenz. I’m flying to Oklahoma to meet up with them, and then we are going on a road trip to KC. Me and Emily were lucky enough to have met Kenzie recently, but I can’t wait for us all to be together for the first time! I am so grateful to have them in my life, and have only you to thank, Taylor. We met because of you, and I can never thank you enough for putting these babes in my life. Emily thosegeorgiastarstoshame is going to be in the bstage pit with drinkingmaplelattes and me and Kenz tayslaysinscreamingcolor are going to be in section 122. I can’t wait to sing and dance all night. LOVE YOU taylorswift

Kenzie, 29

“My style is inspired by coral reefs, sharp grass, and loose fitting feelings. I enjoy wearing clothes that are one-of-a-kind and have neat prints on them. I rarely buy items brand new because it costs too much and I often end up with buyers remorse. Now I’m wearing Insight jeans I bought second hand, my (current favorite) jean jacket I bought at a thrift store in Paso Robles, Blundstone Boots, and a tee-shirt from Mollusk.”

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