and one of them is a supernatural monster

The types as movie characters/plot
  • ESFP: The fun and outgoing main character that gets warped into a dramatic quest to fight off bad guys and save their best friend
  • ENFP: The hopelessly romantic princess with the over protective parents. Ends up running away in order to follow her dreams which disguising as a peasant.
  • ESTP: The hero that gets to finally show off their amazing skills from years of combat training. They save the town from destruction (and get the girl/boy)
  • ENTP: The asshole type character that tries hard to be disliked, but for some reason, you can't not like them. They end up learning some kind of moral lesson about love
  • ESFJ: The backbone of a family under the apocalypse. They are second-in-command and can be very vicious when their loved ones are hurt. Was probably a doctor as well.
  • ENFJ: The main character that sacrifices themselves too easily for their friends. They end up somehow not dying due to one of their friends pushing them out of the way. ENFJ lives on to be a ruler of some kind.
  • ESTJ: The lawyer character which has to help their best friend cover up some deep dark shit they did. Using wits and skilful people skills, they help their friend escape the law
  • ENTJ: A heart-wrenching story about an underprivileged child and their journey on to becoming a CEO of a huge modern company. Probably a documentary or biography
  • ISFP: A character that everyone thinks is dissociated from society, but ends up being the only one who can soften up the coldest character in the movie. They undergo a heart-warming friendship filled with metaphors and a tragic end.
  • INFP: The main character that discovers they have incredible super powers. Spends the whole movie getting away from the government and saving their friends.
  • ISTP: Probably that character that loses their family or friends during a disaster. Goes on an epic journey to be reunited with them again
  • INTP: Part of a space crew on a futuristic mission to explore the galaxy. The film focuses on realistic problems that a colonising ship would have and showcases the brilliant minds of engineers
  • ISFJ: A heart-warming romantic comedy about two tragic lovers. But there's some kind of twist like a supernatural occurrence separated them or something
  • INFJ: Some kind of fantasy journey with dragons and weird monsters. Ends up being some kind of psychological thriller with a cliff hanger.
  • ISTJ: A character that underwent some tragic event. Used this event to better themselves for mankind. Leads a double life as a successful person and a vigilante (Basically Batman.)
  • INTJ: That main character that everyone suspects is the murderer in a horror movie. Becomes the last one alive. Is actually the killer and at the end narrates how they succeeded. Ends on a cliff hangar hinting that they got rid of all evidence except for one.

anonymous asked:

Just how fit are cheerleaders? What fighting styles might suit them best, given the muscles they use the most? Any weapon suggestions? I'm doing some research, but i'm not understanding it. I always understand your blog, though! My character will be fighting monsters larger than her, if that helps any. Thank you in advance! You're the best!


Cheerleading is a sport, especially in the nationally competitive range. It’s like combining dancing with gymnastics except as a choreographed team event. It’s a grueling sport with athletes who are in pretty incredible condition, and like similar sports runs the risk of serious blowouts in the joints which will result in semi-permanent to permanent injury.

When you’re setting up a cheerleading character, the most important thing to remember is that cheerleading is a team sport. This is a character who is better at working with and relying on others than going it alone. The other thing to remember is that they’re athletes. These are driven, competitive, hardworking, and intense personality types when it comes to their sport. These are the girls who ditch their boyfriends for practice (if they have them), and sacrifice their off hours to being the best they can be. Like any athlete training for the pinnacle of they’re sacrificing a lot of personal/life time to be the best they can be. Netflix has the reality show: Cheer Squad, which may help you some. Bring It On is, of course, a classic.

Remember, this is a character who is used to working in a team when under pressure and has a social outlet. They won’t transfer well to working alone, and you’re going to need to either address this or remember to create their cheer buddies. If you want a similar kind of athlete whose sports background primary gears them for working solo when out on in competition then you want a gymnast.

This is part of the real life dynamic where Buffy the Vampire Slayer really lies to you, because if you went with the cheerleader background you’d end up with twenty girls fighting monsters rather than just one. Only one might have superpowers, but you can bet your bottom dollar the others would be ride or die. For the Sisterhood!

So, what does this net you for starting them as a martial artist/monster hunter? It cuts out a lot of the ancillary issues.

We’ve got someone who is: courageous, fearless, a high achiever, nicely conditioned, flexible, with an athletic history which means she’ll breeze through endurance training and the vast majority of basic physical conditioning has been taken care of. She’s got a running start.

You can push her a lot harder in basic training than you can your average recruit who starts with zip. She’s got more control over her body, so she’ll adapt faster. Cheer is just far enough off the basic combat move set that the two shouldn’t conflict too badly when it comes to her currently conditioned reflexes. Coming out of a background in choreography, she’s going to need some retraining for her timing and gets more comfortable with free flowing chaos.

If you wanted a character with parkour for a background, then this is one which can be adapted fairly quickly.

Monster Hunting:

So, you’ve got a big decision to make on the Urban Fantasy front for how this character is going to go about fighting monsters and solving crime. So, I’ll break it down by some of the big supernatural shows.

The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” - The Buffy modus is essentially fisticuffs. You get a superpowered heroine whose essential means of fighting monsters is punching them out. There are a few other weapons here and there like crossbows, axes, and swords, but guns are persona non grata. You get magic from the support characters and someone else does the research.

In the end, Buffy’s approach to the supernatural is fairly limited on the combat front with the interesting bits happening in other parts of the narrative like the character’s personal relationships. If you want a pure human approaching the supernatural from a combat perspective then Buffy is not right for you.

The “Supernatural” - The Winchester brothers… aren’t quite human, but close enough. This model is The X-Files and Urban Fantasy Private Investigator. Your character is more of a Jack of All Trades. They need to be able to do it all: research, fighting with a primary focus on guns, and investigation (especially in the early seasons). This is “determine what the monster is and figure out how to kill it” mode with the occasional problem that can’t be solved. 

The “Charmed” - Magic is the solution. This is where the primary solution to defeating the monsters is through magic. Magic is the weapon, and the focus, and normal weapons are mostly useless.

Unless they’ve got some sort of special, mystical weapon or a setting clear on its rules, a character who hunts monsters needs a fairly wide array of skills because the ancient monsters of myth, folklore, and fairy tales often require diverse solutions that are all fairly specific.

The decisions between guns or not, the level of technology your character will be using/relying on, their skill at researching and hunting down hidden truths in forgotten folklore, and their flexibility with alternative solutions are all on the table. Whether your setting has a “barrier” between the mundane and supernatural world is also a big decision as that will affect what level of strangeness your character can get away with.

When looking at a “standard” weapon for the character to carry, you want one that will fit a wide variety of situations or the ones the character is most likely to encounter.


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i-just-want-a-loki  asked:

Yknow, since I'm already here with that other question and you seem really helpful. Have you got any tips on how to make sure my characters aren't Mary Sues? I've been called out on it before

No problem!  My personal advice here is, first of all, don’t be too concerned with whether or not your character qualifies for Mary Sue-dom.  The concept of a Mary Sue was born in a 1970s Star Trek parody fic, in this case encapsulated by a fifteen-year-old and unrealistically perfect Starfleet Lieutenant.  

In the internet’s eyes, however, it has since become synonymous with basically every character who isn’t an edgy antihero, and have seen the term applied to characters like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Charlie from Supernatural, Rey from Star Wars, and…well, basically every new character besides Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars trilogy, really. 

And yet these are all great characters!  Folks on the internet just love to nitpick and take issue with them.

That said, if you want to avoid meeting the more specific standards of a Mary Sue – i.e. an unrealistically perfect character who is impossible for the audience to relate to – there are some tricks you can try to make them more rounded:

1.  Endow them with flaws.

This one is obvious, but even kind or benevolent characters – who are most frequently accused of being Mary Sues – should have character flaws that will inhibit them and create conflict in your story.

Let’s go back to Rey from Star Wars, for example:  the goal of the story is for Rey to become a Jedi and presumably defeat the First Order.  The flaw keeping her from attaining that goal is the fact that she’s afraid, she’s bound to the past, and she wants to return to her desert home planet to wait for someone who will probably never come back.

Does this make her a bad person?  No.  But it inhibits her from what she needs to do and keeps the plot moving.

2.  Allow them to make bad decisions.

Even the most amazingly good people have made genuinely terrible and sometimes inexcusable decisions.  This is a part of life and a part of being human.  Allow your character to make at least one huge mistake, that negatively affects them and the people around them.  Then allow them to atone for it, be forgiven, and forgive themselves.   

Let’s take a look at Supernatural, for instance.  The three main guys are heroes, right?  They’ve saved a ton of lives, their motivations are almost always benevolent, they look really pretty when they cry, et cetera, et cetera.  Yet one of them caused the apocalypse out of a demon blood addiction, one of them tortured souls in Hell, and one of them lied to the other two and unleashed an army of flesh-eating monsters.  

And yet their still heroes and the audience still roots for them, because the show allows them to work to atone for their actions, and the narrative offers them forgiveness – in the viewers’ eyes if not their own.

3.  Allow them to fail.

No one succeeds 100% of the time, and someone who does will likely not be relateable to your audience.  

Allow for miniature failures along your character’s journey, at least one moment where it appears the haters have been proven right.

And last, but certainly not least, let there be at least one moment in your story in which it genuinely doesn’t look like the hero will win.  Let it appear, for a moment, that victory is utterly impossible and all hope is lost.  Because let’s be honest, life just feels that way sometimes.  

Several examples jump to mind here, as this is almost always as memorable as the actual victory itself:  in Moana, after Maui has abandoned her, for example, and her grandmother’s spirit tells her it’s okay to give up.  Or in Salem’s Lot when (spoiler alert) all Ben’s allies have been killed except a precocious, traumatized ten-year-old boy.

The Martian (the book, as I haven’t seen the movie) there are certainly at least ten or twenty points at which it looks as though Mark’s survival is impossible.  

The key to a truly compelling character is to show them stacked against immeasurable odds and then winning.  

(Or losing, if you want to get depressing and nihilistic about it, but I’m a sucker for happy endings.  So let’s say winning.)

I hope this helps, and happy writing! <3 

beta kids scooby doo au

john is fred because he’s the leader, but instead of being acutely aware of this, just kind of ends up being the guy the other kids follow when he suggests doing things like going to a haunted house because he just watched ghost busters again and is feeling it

rose is daphne, very interested in cryptids and the like for both her own interests and her somewhat journalistic motivations. instead of being the one commonly kidnapped, she disappears with the monsters because she very much wants to talk with them. one time she meets a vampire and they fall in love.

dave is shaggy, not actually all that interested in heroism, but enjoys hanging out with his friends and taking selfies with weird shit they find.

jade is velma, the genius of the group, who is fairly unfazed by the creatures themselves, scolding them when she gets annoyed. she was the least surprised when some of their cases ended up not being phonies in masks, as she grew up in supernatural elements herself.

bec is scooby but instead of being a talkative, scaredy-cat dog who loves food, he is a silent omnipotent first guardian. jade carries around irradiated snacks in a little box.

anonymous asked:

Okay but now i'm really gonna need the story of you summoning, meeting and befriending Satan when you reach the optimal follower count. Pretty please with Jenny on top!?!?

IT’S TIME (I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for a week)

The coffee shop is nearly empty, patrons heading home to dinner and family and sleep. The parking lot outside is quiet and dark, cars silently gliding towards the road, sweeping their headlights briefly over the store front before sliding away. The baristas are more often in the break room than behind the counter, scheduling next week’s shifts and discussing how exactly they’re going to distribute the closing tasks today. They know that the customers who are left are fine, fresh refills in their cups and the knowledge that another is but a holler away.

The author has been observing the slow trickle of people for a while now, casually flipping between the novel she’s supposed to be writing, a bullet point list of interesting facial features, and a crockpot recipe she’s trying to convince herself she really wants to try.

(She does not know why she think she should enjoy crockpot shepherd’s pie. She just knows that she should enjoy it.)

She is one of three customers left in the store. There is a man she’s affectionately named “The Wizard” for his tendency to drape his coat over his shoulders like a cape. He is huddled over his tablet and might be near tears as he scribbles something out. The other customer is a woman the author knows quite well, but will not acknowledge. It is not because of her needle-like teeth or the script written carefully across her shirt or even because of the off-putting cackle the woman seems fond of.

It is because there is some trouble the author knows she should not engage.

So she ignores the woman-who-will-not-be-named and focuses on her computer.

It’s as she’s typing out “charming slouch, neck extended, a home out of his spine” and “add twice amount of onion” that she gets the notification.

The notification.

“Oh fuck,” says the author. She has not prepared for this at all. (This is pretending that she would have prepared for it with prior warning.)

(She would not have.)

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Velma Dinkley: A 17 year old Junior at Coolsville High Class of ‘75. Seen by all as quiet, calculating, and reserved, she has a difficult time making friends outside of her six siblings.
After school Velma goes straight home to assist her parents on the family farm, so while she is bookish she is also quite sturdy. Her eldest brother swears he’s seen her hoist a full grown pig over her shoulder, but this claim has yet to be proven. The Dinkleys moved from West Virginia to California nine years ago and as a result she has quite the accent when her temper is lost. 

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The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 2) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Morning After”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, & Reader

Author’s Note: Some of these chapters may end up feeling kind of frivolous or tedious or like I’m explaining for the sake of explaining, but I swear, there is a lot of foreshadowing that happens in this series, and understanding y/n’s backstory is generally important. 

Summary: AU where Stiles’ “vision” happened and everyone ended up going to school near each other. Stiles and Scott live together and go to school at University of California at Berkeley. They think that they have escaped the supernatural drama that engulfs Beacon Hills on a daily basis, at least during the school year, until one night in the middle of January, they happen upon a girl fighting two grown men in a park.

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three

Originally posted by farmakov

“Oh come on! Vampires, really? Does this mean I have to read Twilight now?.” Stiles complained.

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Hi! Do you have a tag for Magic!stiles? It's one of my favourites

we have a magic!stiles tag but here are some more!

Indelible Marks (2 works| 275,695 | Rated M)

The house never burned. The pack is strong. Derek will never need to be the alpha, and his sister is a troll. (Actually, most of his family is like that.)

Derek is an apprentice tattoo artist, and Stiles isn’t old enough to get ink of his own yet. But that doesn’t stop him from being interesting…

Castle On The Hill (5/5 | 10,793 | Rated E)

“Is everything okay?”

“Define okay,” Stiles lets out a small, resigned, breathy laugh and wets his lips with his tongue, head still bowed.

“Is that fire I can hear?”

“Yeah, I’m burning my clothes.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“They have blood on them?”

“Scott hasn’t said anything.”

“I – Scott doesn’t know.”

“What?” Derek’s voice falters slightly and Stiles swallows again, trying to remember how to inhale “how does he not know that your clothes are covered in blood?”

“He knows about the blood, he – he doesn’t know why it was there.”

“Oh,” Derek says, pausing for a moment, “why was it there?”

“I killed someone.”

Safe Mind (1/1 | 4,434 | PG-13)

Derek goes missing for a while and comes back full wolf. Only problem is that his mind has gone wolf too, and for some reason the only one he’ll allow near him… is Stiles.

A Thousand Fiery Suns of Angst - Just Press Play (2 works | 20,934 | PG-13)

All Stiles wants from life is to learn to control his magic, keep his grades up, and not die horribly while saving Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. It’s all going pretty well until Derek Hale, werewolf extraordinaire, has to go and ask him on a date. That asshole.

flint & tinder (9/9 | 43,593 | Rated E)

Casting spells, chasing monsters, wooing your coworkers and fucking them in their offices - it’s all in a day’s work for Stiles Stilinski. 

Time to Begin (1/1 | 20,752 | PG-13)

Stiles learns some heavy-duty magic, and Derek convinces him to send him back in time to fix all the mistakes he’s made. But Derek ends up making things worse, and Stiles has to think creatively to save him. And everyone else, including their younger selves.

Humans Are the Galaxy’s Weirdos

I don’t know if this idea has been done before, but my idea of an ‘aliens think humans are weird’ thing.

Aliens understand the basics of human cinema and media, at some levels it’s meant to provide enrichment and entertainment in different measures.

Instructors show those under their tutelage video productions meant to enrich and educate them in a way that engages them. Perhaps it brings in knowledge that the teachers themselves may be unable to articulate properly, as it would need an expert in a subject they themselves are not well versed in. This is understandable.

There are some humans whose whole careers revolve around producing video content meant to entertain and elicit enjoyment from other humans. This is also understandable. It is meant to produce laughter and smiles, which in turn helps humans release positive hormones which affect their mood and chemical constitution in beneficial ways.

However, there are some pieces which they are unable to understand why humans would wish to produce and consume such pieces of media for any purpose. No matter how hard they try.

Fleet Admiral Smirnov and her mate derive enjoyment from curling up together in the main recreation center and watching films depicting two humans engaging in courtship before forming a romantic bond. They have been together for over ten bi-lunar cycles, they are in no need of instruction of how to form such bonds. And they claim they know how to work through difficulties in their relationship. So it is unlikely they use it as a manual for resolving conflicts.

A few members of the non-human crew are slightly unnerved that the humans seem to have media revolving around other humans being injured, mutilated, or even killed in ways of escalating gruesomeness and - quite frankly - medical improbability. To a variety of responses. While those such as Medical Officers Gonzalez and Jones simply appear bored and comment snidely on the medical inaccuracies, others such as Terminal Technician DiAngelo and Warp Engineer Balewa look vaguely unnerved and sick and tend to avoid the room when such things are in play. While still others like Flora and Fauna Study Scientists Aberman and Sabola actually laugh at these productions. None of their fellow humans seem to find this odd or unnerving, and none of your non-human crew’s observations deem either of them to exhibit traits which one might associate with a desire to see their fellow human crew members harmed for amusement. (Outside the normal human parameters of taking amusement in the superficial misfortunes of others, of course).

Variety is usually the case here, unless the media in question exhibits humans mostly getting knocked around and getting up from injuries which should have much harsher effects as if hey were nothing. In such a case, all of the humans watching will normally be laughing.

There are media examples which seem to revolve around humans going through supernatural experiences involving the deceased or other monsters of their legends or imaginations. They are asked time and time again why they would watch something which makes their heart race so, or which makes them afraid of going anywhere in the ship’s halls alone in the dark for a while after. They answer that they enjoy being frightened by these things for fun. All others are perplexed.

Or even the films which seem solely intent on causing the audience to release liquid from their eyes. Usually by unfortunate events occurring, or the deaths of one or more of the characters in a dramatic and unfortunate fashion. While some are immune to these types of films, more than one new non-human medical recruit has been left baffled when, after attempting to assist a human exhibiting what is meant to be a textbook sign of pain, are told that they are fine and have no injuries that need treating. Perhaps it makes sense as a way for humans to release emotions for therapeutic reasons? But honestly, most of the rest of the crew agree that it’s just. Humans.

A Day in the Life

Characters: John, oldest Winchester sister!reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester.

Words: 2000

Warnings: A teeny tiny bit of blood, a little bit of a language (probably just one word or something), a little bit of fluff. Nothing bad at all in this one.

A/N: So I was debating whether or not to post it since it’s a bit similar to stuff I’ve written lately, but then again, I felt like I needed to post something, and some of you even seemed to want me to post it <3 

Have you seen Shameless? I’ve only seen a handful of episodes (started watching the other day) and this is a little bit inspired by Fiona taking care of the other siblings. I think it’s cute, so yeah, just a fun fact I guess. Also, this is pre-series (my favorite thing to write) and pretty much focused on the reader and her life.

So yeah, hopefully this is okay for now and I’ll try to vary the fics more until next 

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Your name: submit What is this?

You looked down at the fresh fake IDs you just made for you and your dad, pictures of the two of you staring back at you as you thumbed through the thin stack. Reaching the Impala, you opened the door, and sat down, stuffing them into the glove compartment for now. You would need them for the investigation you were continuing tomorrow, going undercover.

Nowadays, you and your dad split up for the most part of the cases, during basically all of the research. It was fine, you were young — 21 years of age — but still good at your job. You did have quite a lot of experience contrary popular belief, judging by your youthful appearance. Since you graduated, this was what you did 24 hours around the clock, hunting was the only thing that made up your life. That, and taking care of your baby brothers, of course.

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/r/LetsNotMeet AU

After an incredibly scarring supernatural experience that still had a happy ending from when they were little, Character A decides to share their true story on the subreddit, “Let’s Not Meet.” Many people read their post and comment on how terrifying it must have been, how disgusting the monster was who put them through such at ordeal at such a young age, etc….but there was one comment that chilled Character A to the bone.

It said “I can’t wait to see you again.” 

Supernatural Spinoff Wayward Sisters Starring Kim Rhodes Eyed at The CW

The CW is taking another stab at a Supernatural spinoff, this one built around Kim Rhodes’ Sheriff Jody Mills.

According to Deadline, which first broke the news, the premise for the potential offshoot — tentatively titled Wayward Sisters — will be introduced in a Season 13 episode of Supernatural. Here’s the conceit: Sheriff Mills (Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy, will team up as a supreme monster-fighting force.

“Unlike the original series, which centers on a biological brothers, Wayward Sisters is about a sisterhood of girls in a foster family,” per Deadline.

The project is being shepherded by Supernatural writers-producers Andrew Dabb, Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia, and Robert Berens.


Title: Broken - If It Can Bleed Part One

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader (next part), Sam, Cas (one line, though he’s not seen.)

Word Count: 2300

Warnings: Blood, reader is badly injured, implied violence, maybe a swear word or two.

Series Summary: The reader is a genetically enhanced assassin who’s on the run from her creator, but what will happen when she get’s taken back to the bunker by Sam and Dean? Or falls for one of the Winchesters…

Author’s Note: Okay guys, this is part one of that assassin story I told you about! I’m not 100% sure how long it will be at this point but right now my guess is around 7 parts, not too long, not too short, and I hope you guys are as excited about it as I am! If you want to get tagged in the following parts of this please send me an Ask or add yourself to This List. Feedback is always appreciated, and enjoy!

If you would like to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     Light streamed in the in through the glass your cheek was currently pressed against, stinging your eyes in the seconds you managed to keep them from falling shut again and warming your sticky, blood-covered skin. It took you all of one shuttering, raw breath to remember what had happened - the fists and claws, the panic and pain. They’d found you.

     Recognition surged through your thoughts as your heightened sense of hearing picked up on the powerful engine of the vehicle you were in, speeding down the road surely faster than what was legal. You were being taken somewhere - you were being taken back to her. No. You couldn’t allow that, you couldn’t go back.

     Not now, not ever.

     You didn’t have time to formulate a solid plan, didn’t even stop to think about the extent of your injuries and whether or not you were even capable of executing one, and flew solely on fear and the guttural need to get away from the people holding you captive. So with what sorry bit of strength you had left you fumbled for the seatbelt pressing in on your slashed chest, curled your hand under the seat to let your claws discreetly slid free, and then –

     “How much longer ‘till we get to the hospital?”

     You paused at the unfamiliar voice.

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You’re Not A Winchester Pt. 3

Title: You’re Not A Winchester

Author: theimpalaiscrying

sister!reader x Sam & Dean Winchester

Words: 2, 076

Warnings: Angst, swearing, mentions of depression, tears.

A/N: I think I’m proud of this piece, so enjoy! Don’t forget the tissues!

Originally posted by sammyseyebrows

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Another mythological comparison of Inuyasha.

“ All youkai are the ruins of humans. Youkai continue to exist both inside and outside humans. They wish to return to a human form, but are unable to do so. They live in fields, mountains, seas, grasses and trees, full of sadness at not being able to return to a human form.” - Abe Masamichi

This is a quote that I pulled from the book: Japanese Demon Lore by Noriko T. Reider. Which aside from so far being an interesting read as far as the history of Oni and their many representations in both myth and fables. It also has a section that covers how youkai are represented in anime and Inuyasha is one of the examples used. I wanted to share a couple of interesting points from this section in case anyone was interested. For me this was a delight as my headcanons surrounding my muses in particular are heavily inspired by mythology. 

The white dog in Japanese Folklore. 

Through medieval times the dog was seen as not only a trusted companion but as a creature associated with the dead. That was due to the fact that dogs often ate the corpses of the dead left without proper burial. Or dug up the corpses that weren’t buried deep enough. People who saw this began to believe that the dogs were retrieving the soul to bring to the other world. 

This brought up the opinion that dogs were in tune with the supernatural forces around them. Some even capable of developing their own powers. There are many stories of dogs saving their masters from supernatural threats. Or protecting people from the dangers of yurei and youkai alike. 

Then there is the deeper belief that some dogs can become trans-boundary creatures, allowing them to travel between this world and the underworld. Making them excellent guides to those who dare tread in the world of the dead. One such story is told by a priest named Kobo Daishi, who’s trek to the sacred grounds of Mt. Koya was only made possible by the aid of a magical white dog.

The story of the Yasha.

In Indian Buddhist mythology, a Yasha is a frightening and violent monster. There is a story where a Buddhist Guardian by the name of Bishamonten crossed paths with one particularly ferocious Yasha, a beast so wild and uncontrollable that it looked as if killing it was the only solution. 

However Bishamonten opted to instead subdue the Yasha, calming the demon and giving it a greater purpose. In the end the Yasha became a protector and kin to the Guardian. 

Tsuchigumo: The Earth Spider. 

There are a few youkai spiders through out japanese mythology, but the Tsuchigumo has some of the deepest roots. It’s one of the oldest recorded youkai and it’s name can be used to refer to other things. 

In the very earliest years of Japanese history Tsuchigumo was used to refer to people who did not conform to society. Either because they were outlaws, pit dwellers or those who simply defy the emperors divine rule. Essentially a Tsuchigumo was a person destined for hell. 

Unfortunately Tsuchigumo was also a derogatory term used to refer to the indigenous people of the land, or anyone who did not share the same physiological features of a typical Japanese person. Or anyone in general who lived apart from society. Which is where the ‘pit dwelling’ part comes in. 

Asking For Help

Request: “hi! i loved ur supernatural fic, i wanted to request one where ur a hunter and you’ve been working on a case for ages & ur about to finish but the Winchesters swoop in & start working it. You run into them at the scene of whatever it is & they don’t take you seriously until you pull a gun on one of them & pin the other to the floor. the monster pops up you were so focused on the boys & it takes you by surprise and they save you. After, you let them crash at yours & cheeky sam smut pls? thanks xx”

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2238

Warnings: smut

“And was your mother acting strange at all recently, before she left?” You asked the timid child softly. For 3 months you had been tracking the damn Changeling, but you had only figured out recently that this one in particular was fond of taking the form of mothers, rather than children.

“She…” the little boy buried his teary face into his grandmother’s sleeve, clutching to her as he croaked out his response hesitantly. “She hit me.”

The grandmother gasped, patting a comforting hand on his head as she shook hers. You were about to further the investigation when there was a ringing at the door.

“Who could that be?” The grandmother mumbled to herself, uneasily pulling the boy gently from her side to get up and greet whoever came to visit. You turned back to the shaking figure, reaching out a hand to hold his.

“Don’t worry Thomas, the woman who hit you wasn’t your mother. Your mother loves you too much to ever hurt you.” You whispered.

“Did Mummy get abducted by aliens?” His big blue eyes questioned.

“Kinda-“ You hushed as the grandmother came back in, accompanied by two tall men. You frowned, your guard already being put up as the two looked a little sketchy.

“Uh hi, think you might’ve been misplaced here, we’re taking the case.” The shorter one of the two relayed, flashing his badge. You narrowed your eyes, suspicious as to why the actual FBI would take an interest in a missing person’s case like this one.

“May I ask what your names are?” You inquired, placing an open palm in front of them. They both passed you their badges for inspection.

“Holt and Langdon.” The taller one chimed. You still viewed them suspiciously. You turned back to the boy who was now shaking, clutching the fabric of his pants tightly in his small hands. You walked over to him, crouching down to be at his eye level.

“I’ll be right back.” You cooed, giving his arm a comforting squeeze. He nodded, and you stood, walking past the agents while signalling for them to follow you outside. Once the door had closed behind you, you turned to them.

“I want the truth. You can’t be FBI.” You spoke sternly. “Hunters?” You asked.

The two shared a look, then slowly began nodding.

“I’m Sam Winchester, and this is my brother Dean.”

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On the origin of monsters

Hiveswap’s out, and as always, it’s theory time. Today I want to talk to you about the monsters that kick off the game’s plot.

Now, first and foremost people are going to note that with their eyeless faces and green insides, they look an awful lot like the First Guardians. Obviously, they’re much weaker in comparison, with actual first guardians being enough powerful enough to sterilize planets and kill universes. Also unlike first guardians, they seem to black rather than blank white. What’s up with that?

Well, before we can answer that question, we must first answer a different one. Namely, who created them, and why?

We learn while playing through the game that Jude Harley has been tracking the activities of a mysterious cult that appears to have been watching the Claire home for some time. When the monsters show up, he concludes that the two are connected, and he is almost certainly right.

Now, there are a handfull of supernatural beings that the cult could be worshipping, and given the creatures in front of us, Becqurel would be a safe guess, but here’s the thing:** they weren’t trying to scare Joey onto Alternia. If anything, they were trying to cut the power to shut down the portal and eat her before she could go through. **Why does this matter? Because when she did end up there Doc Scratch secured her communication, suggesting that whatever her purpose is, the good doctor needs her in some way to assure that the trolls play the game and universe C is created, something a first guardian would support since their purpose is to make sure the the players survive to enter the session.

It’s not just the first guardians that depend on Joey being there. Pretty much every god-like entity needs them to create the new session. English, Skaia, the Denizens, Billious Slick. There’s only one divine party that outright opposes the start of the game, and if any of these beings would have a cult on modern day earth it’s them:

The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors

Okay, horrorterrors. Makes sense. That’s why the have the tentacles and look so freakish. The cultists don’t want the earth to be meteor’ed, and the horrorterrors don’t want English to be created. Problem solved?

Not quite. We’ve solved one half of the equation, but we still don’t have an explanation for why the monsters look like first guardians. Assuming ectobiology existed in the 90s and the cultists knew about bec, they probably still wouldn’t be able to get his paradox slime since that only gets created if the being you’re trying to appearify is supposed to be somewhere else: not a problem for beings that can teleport.

No, their only option would be to work off the first guardian sequence hidden in the player’s subconscious. But since Rose hadn’t written it yet or even arrived, where the hell were they supposed to get it. It’s not like anyone else had a journal full of repeating sequences of 4 characters, right?

You suddenly understand jack shit

All the creature ever had was the things they could steal - mute silence, before they captured their first voice singing so sweet, a heart salvaged from a savage thing, a laugh traded by a stranger on the road for safe passage. Born from whispers, dreams, fears and made flesh as stories wove together. Names, too, they had a lot of those. They were the only thing they’d ever been given. Witch. Demon. Monster. Strange. Some odd and freakish jumble of parts. Powerful. 

Until, one day, someone gave them a kindness. 

But the creature didn’t know how to keep anything unless they stole it for their own.

Monster Spray

“Daddy I can’t sleep.” Myah murmured rubbing her eyes “There are monsters under my bed.” Sam turned to smile at his 4 year old daughter. He stood and walked over to her scooping her up in his arms.

“What kind of monsters baby?”

“Scary ones Daddy. Make them go away.”

They walked back into Myah’s room and Sam laid her back into her bed. His face fell into a serious expression  

“What’s rule one?”

“I stay under my covers” Myah said mirroring Sam’s look.

“Rule two?”

“Shout as loud as possible for you or Uncle Dean”

“That’s right baby. So next time we follow the rules yes?” Myah gave a solemn nod. Sam smiled at her and bent down.

“What do we need to sort out monsters?”

“Monster spray!” Myah said excitedly.

Sam reached up onto a shelf and pulled down a spray bottle of holy water covered in stickers.

“Ready?” Sam said to Myah. He laid down to reach under the bed and went to spray the bottle when I mighty Roar came out from under it. Sam shot backwards and started reaching for Myah when he realised she was giggling. He could hear deeper laughter coming from under the bed and when he looked, could see Dean curled up howling. Sam didn’t look impressed. He sat on the end of Myah’s bed and looked at his giggling daughter. His expression softened when she leaped into his lap yelling

“We got you Daddy.” Dean was knelt by the bed still beaming

“Yeah Sammy, we got you.”

“Dean I thought something had gotten under her bed, I was fully prepared to kill you.”

“We gotta keep you on your toes Sammy.” Dean said standing and patting his back “I’ll let you get this Bug into bed for real now.” and left. He lifted up his daughter and put her back into her bed safely under her covers. All the excitement must have worn her out because two seconds later she was asleep, a small smile on her face. Sam sat there for a little while thinking. He really was the luckiest man in the world.

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