and one of the only ones who ships these two

Fandom basic dictionary
  • because getting into fandoms is hard, here's some basic vocabulary for you
  • fandom: a group of people who are fan of the same thing
  • ship: a couple you like and think they should date
  • shipping: liking two people as a couple
  • OTP: one true pairing, your favourite ship
  • canon: confirmed by the original writer
  • head canon: what someone thinks should be canon/could be canon
  • AU: Alternate Universe, what could be if characters were place in different time/space/jobs/etc
  • OC: original character
  • OOC: Out Of Character, not their usual behaviour
  • oneshot: fanfiction with only one chapter
  • smut/lemon: fanfiction involving sex/explicit scenes
  • Mpreg: male pregnancy
  • PWP: 'plot, what plot?' or 'Porn without plot', smut without a strong or clear storyline
  • RP: roleplay, playing to be a certain character
  • slash: gay couple/ pairing
  • yaoi: gay pairing, usually involves smut
  • yuri: lesbian pairing, usually involves smut
  • het: hetero/straight pairing
  • TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read/ summarising
  • fluff: happy fanfictions with a happy plot, very little bad stuff happens
  • !: used to assign a category in fanfiction (example: Dark!Harry (unusual))
  • cosplay: costume play, dressing up an acting as a certain character
  • nsfw: not safe for work
  • crossover: mixing two fandoms (mainly in fanfiction)
  • A/N: author's note
  • beta: (/beta reading) a person proofreads a fanfic before posting
  • drabble: really short fanfic, usually around 100 words at most
  • OP: original poster
  • POV: point of view
  • plot: storyline
  • prompt: story idea given by one person and written by another
  • R&R: read and review
  • TBC: to be continued
  • WIP: work in progress

The moment Percy saw the keys, his mind flashed images of the dark hovel in which his new family found him. His heart sank in pace with the ship, his mind racing faster than both. He wasn’t even half way through his thoughts when he realised he was running.

Running up the steep angle of the sinking ship, then down into the bowls. He scampered across walls and ceilings and floors, only just seeing the cages through the ocean spray and fog. One empty, the other…

He rushed for the cage, the water pulling the ship deeper down. He tried the keys. One, two, three…

He was out of time, and he cursed silently before roaring “THERE’S SOMEONE DOWN BELOW”

It was up to his family. Who once saved him from a cage. Who would now save another. He had faith in them. Always

What he said: Yuri, let’s warm up in a different spot.

What he thinks: I’m the only one who can see him like this.

OTP Challenge

Thank you @thecrazyexfangirl for tagging me! 

Rules: List 5 otps from different fandoms and tag 10 people. (These are in no particular order)

1. Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki (C’mon… they’re literally so perfect for each other and their relationship is so healthy.)

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2. Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell (I love them and I love how it takes literally 64 episodes to completely develop their relationship… like bro these idiots are hopeless)

Originally posted by shiranu-i

3. Rintarou Okabe and Kurisu Makise (These nerds… kissing for “research”… so pure)

Originally posted by nicorobin

4. Bishamon and Kazuma (After THAT scene… (you know which one I mean) I completely lost it with these two)

Originally posted by odazais

5. Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (I know it’s supposed to be 5 different fandoms but there’s no way I could only pick one ship. Talk about completely RUINING MY LIFE)

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I’m not sure who’s done this, but I tag @allfullmetal @haganehimura @jouissezduprintemps @qtalphonse @puste–blume @lalikaa @zeldamaniac44 @calithildes @haberhugs and  @gentlegecks (I hope you don’t mind!)

Solar Systems

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!!! I rlly wanted to do a little snowbaz fluff since I haven’t done it in FOREVER so ye here is to one of my all time favourite ships who I hope are sharing sour cherry scones and grossing Penny out by being two nerds that are deeply in love.

Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch thought he was safe on Valentine’s Day. Sure, Watford High always had a dance and people where constantly bugging him about who the lucky lady would be, but none of that really mattered. It seemed to be one of the only days Baz could get his true feelings out, and they happened to be for a boy with bronze curls.

The thing with Simon Snow is that he was handsome. He was average height with messes of bronze curls piling on his head and the brightest of blue eyes. His laughter bubbled out of his chest naturally and it infected everyone in the room with a smile at the least. He wasn’t on the sports team, sure, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t popular. Pratically every girl in the school had a crush on him for as long as they could remember, and that’s why, on Valentine’s Day when Simon Snow opened his locker, pieces of paper with notes from secret admirers and little chocolate hearts crashed onto the floor, covering him in a mist of love.

That’s why it was easy for Baz to slip the note in his locker. It’s not like Simon would notice anyway and it was the best way for Baz to finally let this silly crush go. So that’s why he took out a pen the night before and a crisp sheet of paper, and wrote in neat cursive writing:

“Dear Simon Snow,

I don’t expect you to read this. I’m sure that you have tons of other things to do, going along your perfect life and such, but I thought that I should take this opportunity to say the truth.

If the world was a solar system, you’d be the sun. The brightest one in the galaxy, burning on for ages and ages without ever flickering. You’d be there every morning, waking me up with your joyful smile and telling me goodnight with a sleepy kiss. I would be a planet, orbiting around you for years on end, not once drifting away as I begged to get closer and closer, but something always held me back. So I’m stuck in this endless loop of you, seeing your toothy grin in the morning and hoping to get a goodbye in before you disappear again.

The truth is, I know my emotions are just a fantasy. They could never be reached by someone like me, of all people. But still, I do hope that you find love, Simon Snow, for you, of all people, deserve it the most.

With lots of love,

Your secret admirer.”

Baz folded the letter up, not thinking twice about it as he shoved it his satchel, tossing and turning about what the next day could bring. Before he knew it the sun broke across the skyline and his phone chimed, telling him it was time to get ready for school.

During first period he asked the teacher if he could use the restroom and slipped the note into his locker.

Penny’s eyes widened at the stack of chocolate and cards, looking at Simon.

“What’s all this? I thought we said we weren’t giving each other Valentine’s gifts.” Simon ran a hand through his curls.

“These all showed up at my locker,” he murmured. If it was possible, Penny’s eyes widened even more.


“I know Penny. How do I make it stop?” She picked up a cheesy card that said, “Be my Valentine,” and snorted.

“I don’t think you can make it stop, Simon. Everyone thinks you’re the handsomest boy at the school.”

“But I’m not….” Simon says, his mind wandering to other candidates. Penny gave him a look that said, “keep telling yourself that,” and stole one of his chocolates.

“So are you planning on reading any of these ‘confessions of love’ or are you just gonna throw all of them away?”

“You think I’m a monster?” Simon says accusingly. Penny rolls her eyes.

“Of course.” They spent their lunch picking over the cards, gagging at how sappy some of them were and giggling at how freakishly cheesy most where. None of them really stood out to Simon, even though he wishes they did. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and it was getting kinda… lonely. Suddenly, Penny erupts into a fit of giggles that never seem to stop.

“What is it?” Simon asked, glaring at her. She tried and failed to suppress her laughter as she handed him an letter written in black ink and neat, slanted, cursive.

“Get a load of this,” she said, watching him eagerly as he read through it once, twice, three times…. He wrinkled his brow.

“What is it Simon? And don’t say nothing because I know that face.” Something tickled at the edge of Simon’s thoughts, begging for attention. His mind was suddenly filled with images of someone he remembered. An old friend that drifted away. A very handsome friend.

“Penny I… I think I know who wrote this…” But that couldn’t be right, could it? They haven’t talked in years, and all he ever did was glare at Simon whenever he had the chance. But this had to be his writing, write? And even if it wasn’t, there’s only one person on the planet that was as romantic as this to make Simon feel his heart flutter even the slightest.

“I… have to go.” And with that he rushes away, leaving Penny staring after him, more confused than she’s ever been in her life.

“Baz!” Someone called out from behind him. Baz took a deep breath, wondering what on earth this could be about.

“What do you want, Snow?” Baz says, turning around to see a flushed Simon clutching a wrinkled piece of paper tightly. His hair was even messier than usual.

“I–” he fumbles over his words for a second before he holds out the piece of paper.

“Did you write this?” Baz doesn’t even have to look at it to know what it is, but he does anyway, cringing the whole way through. He then looks up levelly at Simon, his expression what he hopes is neutral.

“No Snow. Why would I write you a love letter? Not happy with just the ladies fawning over you?” Something in his eyes must betray him though, because Simon steps forward.

“Baz. Did you write it?” Simon says seriously. Baz doesn’t answer, trying to remain calm as Simon inches closer and closer.

“You did, didn’t you?” Baz gulps, knowing that now he ruined everything. Simon is suddenly so close that he can feel his breath on his face. Baz looks anywhere but his eyes, then realizes that’s a mistake as he looks at his lips.

“So what if I did, Snow? It’s not like it’ll matter.” That’s when Simon does it. That’s when he acts on the emotions that have been brewing inside of him for years, confusing him even more. That’s when he realizes that for once, he is actually in love as he pulls Baz to him, placing a soft kiss on his lips. Then, he whispers so softly that it sends chills down Baz’s back, “You. Me. Dance this Friday.”

Baz has never felt happier.

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This just in: the only healthy ship is between two characters who were born on the same day, at the same time.

At no point in their lives has one ever been 18 while the other was 17! Amazing! So! Healthy!

Bonus healthy ship points:

+They also have the same job, make the exact same money (but obviously work at different places!! Otherwise there would be competition for better review scores! Which would lead to an imbalance!)

+(Or, they go to the same school, have the same grades, take the same classes. If one needs a tutor that means they are not ~equal~)

+Neither one is white. But they also are not of the same race.

+They are not straight. Or in a hetero relationship (bi and pan doesn’t count if they are in a het relationship uwu)

Stay tuned for the next issue of “what is anti approved”

@ellieptical replied to “okay just to get into the smallest bit of rogue one wank…”: i don’t ship them, and some of it is definitely racism but i also think (cos it happens in so many fandoms) that it’s that so often an unhealthy toxic relationship is portrayed as romantic that shippers now see it and cling to it as being something to aspire to. I’m noticing it a lot more at the moment, and it’s worrying on both racist and also glorifying toxic abusive relationship levels.

on the one hand, I’m not going to stand here and pretend I’ve never shipped anything that’s unhealthy or ended in death, but the glorification of these behaviors is especially concerning as an Adult Woman who’s lived a little bit. between tfa and rogue one there does seem to be this - well, it’s two observations so far, so it’s not a trend, but - pattern of people willing to overlook main major characters to ship the (usually only) female lead with the most toxic creepy dude in the movie.

who also happen to be the only major white male character in either movie. 

worse, in neither case are kylo ren or krennic presented as romantic in-text. this is a purely fanon reaction.

so yes, I think both racism and toxic relationship glorification are driving this, but especially when there were many other characters to ship jyn with (or ship her with nobody!!!) they went with director of the death star construction, kidnapper of her father, murderer of her mother in sufficiently large numbers.

it’s almost like - what if han wasn’t white in the OT, right? what if there was intense chemistry between leia and han but then people were like… “hey why don’t we ship her with tarkin. remember the chemistry they had back in the first movie!?”

hence my side-eye.

at the GPF, otabek just turned 18 on october 31, yurio will be 16 by march 1. they’re literally only 2 years, 4 months, and 1 day apart. when they met in barcelona, otabek was an adult for only two months. also, most people who ship them either age them up or ship them without sexual connotations - there’s a reason why the popular otayuri memes are ‘there’s no one home/i’m sure they’ll come back’ or ‘we can do adult stuff now [holds hands]’ types. hell, i’ve seen protective victuuri as well. popular tropes are slow burn, waiting, and friends to lovers, usually up until yurio turns 18.

usually, i would side people who are against a ship with one underage participant, but this isn’t the case for otayuri. if they had met earlier in the GPF, would there even be an uproar? 

i would also add that the show itself is possibly conscious of the age issue, that’s why they’re purely platonic until the very end of the first season. 


Calling the All Out!! Fandom!

Because I’ve ordered a lot of things I don’t have room for, and I’d like to share the rugby love with anyone and everyone who maybe can’t afford to buy a whole set of keychains/straps, I’d like to see how many people would be interested in a box split!

I’ve already ordered more than one of some of the sets above, decided I only wanted one or two from each set, and would now like to share whats left with you!

Each charm would be 8-12 US dollars, based on the type of charm, and shipping will be discussed on a case by case basis, as I know we have alot of fans outside of the US.  I’m willing and able to ship to countries outside of the US.

If you are interested in a box split, please send me a message (through messenger or ask off anon), or reply to this post, with which set you would be most interested in along with which character(s).  I’ll place my final order, and make a proper post of whats available after I see how many people are interested!

(and yes, there will be Ebumis available)

Info about each set people the cut :

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Remember Imagine- Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by stydiaislovestydiaislife

A/N: What I wanted was for Lydia to admit her love to Stiles as she had told Scott and Malia earlier this season but ofcourse the writers said no. I LOVE the Stydia ship this season but I’m a fan of reader inserts even more!!

Prompt: Y/N, Scott and Lydia make contact with someone they can’t completely remember. The only one who never forgot Stiles was Y/N, Lydia has known something/one was missing but didn’t get why.

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Okay; so me and my friend have talked about this for a while and I really want to put it out there.

Now; we ship Sabezra, as do quite a lot of people. But I just want to say; there are two kinds of Sabezra shippers.

One kind who only see the REAL shipping moments; where the moments aren’t just them touching and glancing to each other… But the moments where they care and worry about each other; give each other those heartwarming smiles. That kind of thing. 

The other kind are the people who see Sabezra in every little thing. All Sabine and Ezra need to do is look at one another and people class it as CANON SABEZRA. 

I don’t see why so many people think that us shippers are all the second kind of shippers. Personally, I don’t see Sabezra in everything. A lot of scenes I just see them helping each other out as team members should; but then there could be that one small scene that relates to there ship and gets me excited.

Then there are people who moan at us because Sabine and Ezra are ‘Siblings’ *Sigh* Are they adopted? No. Are they blood? No. Do they both see Kanan and Hera as parent figures; well yes. But that doesn’t make them siblings.

I see Sabezra in the scenes that imply it; not in them looking at each other or talking to one another. 

Not all us shippers go crazy over a scene the two of them are in; and it kind of annoys me that every non shipper I’ve seen think we are. 

Ugh; I’m done for now. But seriously… We’re not all SABEZRA CRAZY and think every single DAMN SCENE means romance. 

It was the sound of elide’s weeping - that girl of quiet steel and quick - silver wit who had not wept for herself or her sorry life, only faced with a grim determination - that made Manon snap entirely.

She killed those guards at the hall.

She saw what they had been laughing at: the girl gripped between two other guards, her robe tugged opened to reveal her nakedness, the full extent of that ruined leg -

Her grandmother had sold them to these people.

She was a Blackbeak; she was no one’s slave. No one’s prize horse to breed.

Neither was Elide

- Sarah j Maas, Queen of shadows

Patrik Laine #1

Requested by Anon:  Since you made two imagines that didnt show patrik laine in very good light (no offence about that btw i loved those imagines auston is love) then could you do a patrik laine one? about being his lesbian best friend and walking around in winnipeg maybe meeting some fans who start to ship you, and just teasing each others and genuienly having fun and nice time!:)

*I hope you like this one!! I had fun writing this. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 947

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Dropping the ice cream wrapper in the trash can, your best friend and the only guy you are willing to sleep with – if and only if he pays you a million dollars – looked at you with crazy eyes, “so you went on the date?”

You shoved your own ice cream in your mouth and shook your head, “she didn’t want to watch the game.”

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So everyones talking about Keith piloting the black lion and stuff.

But like, no matter who pilots black and becomes the “new leader” there WILL be an empty lion left over. Now if we go along with the events in classic Voltron, Allura would pilot one of em.

Except its been pretty well established that shes the only one who can open portals for the ship.

So there are realy 2 ways this scenario can go

1) Allura DOESNT pilot a lion and they find a temporary paladin to fill Keith’s role

2) Allura DOES pilot a lion and they find someone else to pilot the ship.

Both are interesting, though out of the two I think the second is more likely to happen. 

Besides that it’d be incredibly interesting as it’d likely involve delving into how Allura’s powers work and how difficult it might be to find someone who could fill her role (would also be a kickass way to introduce a new character)

If Clarke is the brain
& Bellamy is the heart
& Raven is the hands

Then I think Wells would’ve been the soul

He would’ve been working overtime to make sure they kept their humanity where others had wavered
He was the only one who took the time to bury the two dead boys from when they drop ship landed
Even in the books, when he was the one behind building log cabins for everyone he wouldn’t move into one until there was enough space for everyone

The show would’ve been so different with Wells still in it, leading with Clarke and Bellamy

Dating Loki would include:

  • So many pranks.
  • Sarcastic couple.
  • So much sass when you’re in the same room.
  • Being best friends with Thor.
  • Which Loki hates.
  • Sif not liking you.
  • Because of that one time you pulled a prank on her.
  • Hating Odin as much as Loki does.
  • Being the only one who can calm Loki.
  • You’re the only one he listens to.
  • Knowing where all the portals to other realms are.
  • He makes you wear green sometimes so you match.
  • Being obsessed with how hot he is.
  • Trying to stop the Chitauri Invasion.
  • Understanding why he can’t stop now.
  • Being terrified of Thanos.
  • Passionate make outs in empty hallways.
  • So much hand holding.
  • Hickies all over you to show you are his.
  • Him getting jealous when you talk to other men.
  • God forbid someone touches you.
  • Thor shipping you two.
  • Frigga loves you.