and one of the only ones who ships these two

There’s a reason Louis has always been a fan of One Tree Hill and the reason is Nathan and Haley relationship: NALEY, aka the larriest ship ever.

exhibit A: two kids that got married at 18 when everyone told them it was a mistake. then they spend the entirety of the show fighting for each other through thick and thin (mostly one big bad Father figure. If you squint hard enough Dan the dad, looks like Simon)

exhibit B: Nathan and Haley always say sappy shit like this 

(ALWAYS in my heart)

exhibit C: Haley is a singer song writer (like the actress who portrays her)

exhibit D:  the slogan: There’s only One Tree Hill // There’s only One Direction.

I rest my case, my heart is content.

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I'm not proud of it, but I actually came out of Prometheus shipping Elizabeth/David so you can imagine my disappointment when I saw Alien: Covenant. ^^;


Well you weren’t the only one… :) I read many Shavid fanfics after watching Prometheus, and they were very good and satisfying. Sure, their relationship in the movie wasn’t great, but it couldn’t stop me from shipping them. I still thought their scenes together were interesting. David was fascinated by her, and she was the only one who didn’t really treat him like crap. Also, they had chemistry. That helped. 

I watched a few interviews with these two, and they were very adorable. Look at them awwww. :)

I can’t say I was happy with what they did to Shaw. I was very disappointed because I think she deserved better than that, but I knew where this was going from the first synopsis they released:

Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world — whose sole inhabitant is the “synthetic” David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

I don’t know if it’s any consolation to you, but it’s clear from the first reports that they wanted to make a sequel about Shaw and David’s adventures at first, and The Crossing actually came from the first drafts for that movie, but they changed their minds at some point… 


So I thought I’d make this to help everyone out.

This is Likely Not All of the Cast.  It is everyone who has, so far, been announced.  CBS has been announcing people two or three at a time.  Why?  No one knows!

  • We don’t know for sure who is regular cast and who is guest cast for the most part. 
  • IMDB offers some info-speculation, but take it with a grain of salt.
  • CBS has never officially said Sonequa Martin-Green is aboard; but she did briefly in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that was mostly about how she can do both Discovery and The Walking Dead.  Why CBS hasn’t said anything is anyone’s guess!
  • We know we’ll have 2 (two) Starfleet Ships AND at least 1 (one) Klingon ship, though not for how long - the Klingons are all so far only listed as in 2 episodes.
  • Sarek is thus far the only previously canon character; he’s only listed in 1 episode yet.

I think all of them are on Twitter?  As are all the writers.  Though all to various degrees of activity.  If you’re interested.

Here’s hoping the next cast announced is three more women, to even things out!

Fandom basic dictionary
  • because getting into fandoms is hard, here's some basic vocabulary for you
  • fandom: a group of people who are fan of the same thing
  • ship: a couple you like and think they should date
  • shipping: liking two people as a couple
  • OTP: one true pairing, your favourite ship
  • canon: confirmed by the original writer
  • head canon: what someone thinks should be canon/could be canon
  • AU: Alternate Universe, what could be if characters were place in different time/space/jobs/etc
  • OC: original character
  • OOC: Out Of Character, not their usual behaviour
  • oneshot: fanfiction with only one chapter
  • smut/lemon: fanfiction involving sex/explicit scenes
  • Mpreg: male pregnancy
  • PWP: 'plot, what plot?' or 'Porn without plot', smut without a strong or clear storyline
  • RP: roleplay, playing to be a certain character
  • slash: gay couple/ pairing
  • yaoi: gay pairing, usually involves smut
  • yuri: lesbian pairing, usually involves smut
  • het: hetero/straight pairing
  • TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read/ summarising
  • fluff: happy fanfictions with a happy plot, very little bad stuff happens
  • !: used to assign a category in fanfiction (example: Dark!Harry (unusual))
  • cosplay: costume play, dressing up an acting as a certain character
  • nsfw: not safe for work
  • crossover: mixing two fandoms (mainly in fanfiction)
  • A/N: author's note
  • beta: (/beta reading) a person proofreads a fanfic before posting
  • drabble: really short fanfic, usually around 100 words at most
  • OP: original poster
  • POV: point of view
  • plot: storyline
  • prompt: story idea given by one person and written by another
  • R&R: read and review
  • TBC: to be continued
  • WIP: work in progress

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Sudden random Jumin V idea~ (my main OTP)

idk I just love the fact that V is Jumin’s childhood bestfriend and that V really understands Jumin inside out~!

Like how V helps Jumin to choose his new assistant after the previous one quit(Jaehee route) and how he is the only one who can nag Jumin when he make any mistake..

These two so precioussss aaaaa

Any JuminV shipper here ? Www we could be friends ! (I kinda sad this ship didnt sail much in the fandom)

who the outsiders boys would be in the outsiders fandom

Darry- the one who manages to stay out of drama
Soda- super generic blog probably dedicated to dallas or johnny
Johnny- writes quality fics
Steve- one of the only fanart people
Pony- one of those annoying asks people, u kno the ones, who are like “I want a ship, I hate socs and wear leather jackets and hate children” like bitch just say u want dallas
Dallas- starts shit with everyone
Two Bit- only posts memes
Tim- barely ever posts but when they do it’s Quality™
Curly- is into super obscure characters like he’s got a blog for that Jerry guy

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Teru and Ritsu

Teruki & Ritsu: Kiss/Cuddle/Fight

“Hey, otouto-kun, it’s easier to think about kissing once you get the first one out of the way.”

Gosh, it’s taken me like all evening to loosen up D: Anyway, I don’t really ship Teruki with anyone but Mob in any serious sense because I think Mob is the only one who has some cut through on Teruki’s personality. I feel like Ritsu would be an easy conquest for Teruki hahaha. I do headcanon that Teruki thinks Ritsu is cute in a semi-insulting way because he doesn’t take him seriously at all. I went with kiss because I don’t think they would really fight and cuddle actually seems like the more intimate option for these two.

  • What I say: MikaYuu isn't incest
  • What I mean: Incest shouldn't be overused and smacked onto non-existent ships of a two characters who don't even exist to the point where CSA survivors aren't even taken seriously anymore.
  • CSA survivors are people who actually exist and have feelings, they should be the ones protected instead of two non-existing drawn characters who have no feelings whatsoever.
  • Saying that MikaYuu is incest is such a horrible mind set because not only does it push the idea that all Asians (and everyone in general) that have the same last name are all related, but that survivors should suffer with having the same last name with their abusers.
  • Some orphanages change the last name of the children they are keeping in to their last name so the children wouldn't have to suffer with having the same last name as their abusers, as they wouldn't want to be associated with them.
  • Survivors would feel like they have this huge and loving family, being associated with non-abusers is a wonderful feeling that all survivors deserve to feel.
  • And the fact that anti shippers dare to have the heart to call this disgusting, is disgusting itself. - From a CSA survivor

I think it’s extremely unfair when people blame two actresses of queerbaiting when they show us some support.

There’s a big difference between saying “Oh, you never know what could happen… Keep watching!” and saying “I know where the shippers are coming from. Once you put a scene out there it will be perceived differently by different people and that’s OK. It’s how this works and all the views are valid even though the writers may not have written this way specifically.”

The first one gives hope, false hope. It makes us believe it will happen eventually even though it might not to. It’s just cruel. You keep watching until the very end… to end up in utter disappointment (also, there’s the teasing aspect of it. They keep selling and promoting it, misleading the fans. A cruel move too. And yes, I’m looking to a certain someone from the Riverdale cast. THAT. THAT’S queerbaiting at its finest, my friends. I’ll mention the cast and production of PP too, they mean well, at least I think they do, but teasing us relentless with Bechloe to promote the movie just to let us down later is kinda wrong).

The second one validates our views as one of the many possibilities and states that they’re all fine, sure it gives you a sparkle of hope too, but it’s honest. It’s not deceiving, you know it’s possible it won’t happen.

At the end of the day, it’s not the actresses fault, you see? It’s not even up to them, they don’t write the shows. They could very well ignore us, pretend we and our ship don’t exist *cough* I say J you say Mo *cough* or… they could see us, interact with us and make us feel supported and loved. Make us feel like we belong and what we see is valid and beautiful.

With that in mind, I believe what Katie Mcgrath is doing with Supercorp is great! She’s doing the right thing and I think other actors should follow her example. She’s being honest with her fans, loving, caring and supportive . Sign fanarts, fanfics and other stuff of the ship doesn’t mean she’s saying “Look, it will happen, just wait and see!!!”, no, she’s saying “I see you guys. I think it’s amazing all the love you have for these two characters”. She chose to embrace her Supercorp fans and for them, for me, this means SO much.

So moving on to Lana now. When the whole cast, the writers, production ignored our existence or treated us badly in general, Lana was the only one who acknowledged us and Swan Queen. She was the only one making a real effort to make us feel like we belonged and a little more safe in a fandom full of hatred. I’m relatively new to the fandom and I know she wasn’t always like this, Lana made a lot of mistakes along the way, but she tried to be better and I believe she’s a good ally now. At least she didn’t avoid us like the plague like her co-star did… *cough* Again, I say J you say Mo *cough*

So to sum this all up… Show support and some love to your queer fan base is NOT queerbaiting. It’s not them fooling their fans into believing the ships will become canon eventually. It’s them saying that we matter!!! When you’re surrounded by toxicity and bigotry all around in your life and in fandom, this support, this validation from your favorite actresses? It’s the only thing you have to keep going. It means a lot and they’re such simple gestures really, so don’t blame people like Lana or Katie… Blame the writers that put innuendos and romantic undertones IN ALL THEIR SCENES, make parallels with other canon couples, coordinate their wardrobe, make them FILL PERFECTLY ALL THE DEFINITIONS OF TRUE LOVE THEY SET UP (sorry, I’m still bitter about it. Fuck you Adam and Eddy!). Blame the actors that act like we’re not here or just plainly use us to promote themselves and their shit show. Don’t blame the only ones trying! Especially when one of them it’s a WOC and already has to deal with this racist, misogynistic, homophobic industry. It’s just not fair to do so.

In an AU where Jack never went to Samwell, the Samwell Men’s Hockey team wins a contest to watch the Falconers play the Aces in Las Vegas. In a twenty-four hour period, the following things occur:

- Ransom, Holster, Lardo, and Shitty organize and execute an extravagant yet tasteful double wedding using Shitty’s family’s money

-Whiskey wins $274,548 on slot machines he’s not technically old enough to use 

-Tango loses $274,493 at game tables he’s not technically old enough to be at

-Bitty has a threesome with not one but two NHL stars

-No one can find Dex except for Nursey, who is handcuffed to him in a Denny’s parking lot

-Chris “Chowder” Chow, sunshine of everyone’s lives and the only person to get back to the designated hotel by curfew, has to deal with all of this before the coaches wake up from their hangovers and realize that they’ve missed their flight home.

Wedding News

I need time to give this more thought…3am here but these are some quick notes. Firstly, the whole MM shitshow has been poor taste from the outset. The sheep ‘hustler’ sure knows how to hustle! Everything about their relationship though has screamed fake to me and still does. Did I see love at Baftas? Not between them that’s for sure! I didn’t see love standing in the queue at the airport either. But Sam has made the effort to attend MM’s brother’s wedding and since he’s been hanging out with him and his girl and MM that would make sense. But there’s more to it than that. Sam HAD to be there for their shitty fake relationship to continue…the narrative just can’t end all of a sudden. That’s why I assumed the map was innuendo . He can’t NOT be at this wedding and yet turn up for Caitriona’s award. They know we would find out he wasn’t there. It’s disappointing he is because it means Sam is still stuck in a fake relationship for a while yet. If anything we will just see more Blind Items as a result. It’s not doing him any favours in that department that’s for sure…they can’t fake it well. December shareholder vote wasn’t that long ago…I think it’s all about business 'integrity’ at the moment and creating the illusion that 'they tried’ with others but couldn’t fight the LOVE in the end. There is a business story that needs to be maintained a while longer IMO. If Sam IS with MM (which I don’t think he is) then Sam and Caitriona truly are the lowest forms of human scum on the planet and here’s why… 1. Top of the list is their treatment of an amazing group of women through the use of their LOVE for each other to source money for their charities. There are some here I know of who have given and had trouble paying for their heating so…scum. Caitriona ending her 'When I was Young’ campaign with Sam building the hype and cashing in and Sam taking over the BAFTA dress auction…of course a generous Shipper bought it…scum. 2. Sitting back and watching Shatner harass and belittle these women yet keep them feed with their LOVE.Scum. 3. Attend a Women’s March and tweet pro woman’s issues yet behind the scenes manipulate these women with their LOVE…fucking fake scum. 4. Actively feed Shippers with dirty emojis (mostly oral sex…the birthday love OMG), Cree’s Heughan Talks leading up to the sudden appearance of MM at Bafta (smells like Lionsgate taking the helm), rings in videos (Christmas '15 and recent PCA thanks), 200K love, baby bump love, birthday love, GG love (including the Favourite Couples dig), Sam’s IG shrine, Matt Robert’s wedding anniversary love, Lemon and Hugs, 1am Fists (Sam’s), 'So Proud’, “wifey” wifey, Hubs, Hubby, charity crossover, Hantlers, OMG the list goes on and on… Caitriona did not take her SO to GGs. She did not thank her SO at Bafta. Did that not say something? She can’t even celebrate these wonderful moments with him. That’s how tight the fucking reins are on these two at the moment. And if Caitriona can’t even freely enjoy such events with her SO, then Sam sure as hell has to attend a wedding in Georgia! For those who need to let go I completely understand. You feel there is only one explanation. But for me there is also only one explanation because I just cannot see these two people as low life, unsophisticated, cruel scum. I see love. That I’m Scottish Irish decent and stubborn as all hell of course has nothing to do with it! I’m gonna ship on through this fucked up storm motherfuckers.

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The “science wing” of our high school was four classrooms in a square, connected via a storeroom so the teachers could move through them without having to loop through the halls. The teachers that controlled that part of the kingdom were some of the best weirdos in the building.

In one corner was an older man who’s voice was so good at putting people to sleep that his pass rate was actually pretty low. People fought to get a good grade simply because they couldn’t manage to stay awake long enough to absorb any of the material.

Next to him was a hardass who would only let kids use a specific bathroom in the school. He liked running chemistry experiments where students would light various chemicals on fire and determine what they are based on what color they burned. It was during one of these experiments that we learned, much to our horror, that he is totally colorblind and was relying 100% on our abilities to tell one unmarked chemical from another since the test would tell him nothing. 

The other two were somewhat of a shipping legend among the more romantic of the students. Both were married (to different women, not that it stopped us from talking) but were apparently friends in college or something. The end result was a playful kind of banter between them that lasted all year and amused the students to no end.

We would be having a test in one room, everything is deadly silent, when a periscope sloooooooowly emerges from the storage room door behind the teacher’s desk. It glances around until someone notices it and snickers. Teachers head whips up, periscope is GONE. Everyone calms down, he goes back to marking papers. The second teacher sneaks through the door, tip-toes behind the first teacher, makes faces at him while we struggle to maintain composure. First teacher whips around in his chair but the second teacher has silently booked it out the door and into the hall. This went on all exam. First teacher thought he was going crazy until he finally caught the imp and chased him out of the room. 

Another day had the first teacher tired and stressed out from family issues so we were on a light day. Second teacher came in and randomly started giving first teacher a shoulder massage. The sound of manly purring had most of the girls in class in a state of crazed hormonal overload.

Even separate, those two were pretty awesome. First teacher had a soft, kind voice and loved to do practical hands on experiments like making soap or brewing our own root beer. Second teacher had enough plants in his class for it to feel like a greenhouse instead of a classroom, and he was fairly absent minded. At one point, he walked smoothly into the class, scooped up a marker, paused just as the marker tip hit the whiteboard, his eyes slowly widened and he yelled “OH SHI—-” and RAN out of the room leaving us all stunned and confused. About 2 minutes later he came back carrying a huge plant. Apparently he had left it in the girl’s shower room to leetch something out of the soil under the water and forgot about it. I wish we could have watched him trying to sneak into the change rooms in the middle of class to steal a plant! He was also responsible for the plague of crickets that tormented us during final exams. The crickets he was breeding as food for his lizard got loose and spread through the school. Imagine trying to write a final in a huge silent gym with the odd chirp sounding for no apparent reason. So annoying…

America’s involvement in World War I began with the sinking of the British civilian cruise ship Lusitania by a German torpedo in 1915. The German government had warned Britain to suspend tourism during the hostilities, because German ships weren’t going to discriminate between civilian and military vessels when they got trigger-happy. Nevertheless, the Lusitania embarked from New York to Britain on May 1, under the captain’s naive impression that the Germans wouldn’t really blow up a cruise ship full of innocent tourists. Over a thousand people died when Germany called that particular bluff.

As with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and basically any tragedy ever, there are conspiracy theories that say the American government allowed the attack to go ahead because they wanted an excuse to enter the war and start whooping German ass. But when it comes to the Lusitania, that idea is a little more plausible.

For one thing, the official story at the time was that two torpedoes launched by a German submarine sank the ship, but it’s since been proven that only one torpedo was launched. The cause of the well-documented second explosion remains a mystery, which is like Viagra for the kinds of people who Google jet fuel temperatures on their lunch break.

5 Insane Historical Theories That Actually Make Sense

Peter Quill Imagine

Hii! Can you maybe write a Peter Quill imagine where they’re dating and she’s also from earth (but she goes back like twice a year or something to see her dad), so she makes him a mixtape?

“Are you sure you don’t want to come,” you asked your boyfriend again for the hundredth time. You were going on one of your trips back to Earth to see your Dad, who you only get to see twice a year.

“I’m sure,” he looked down at his feet before looking at you. “I just don’t think I’m ready to go back yet.”

“I understand.” You gave him a long kiss then grabbed your bags. “I love you and I’ll be back in a week.” You went into the smaller pod and turned to wave goodbye to Peter one last night before you pressed the detachment button and went flying into space.


You docked back into the ship, grabbed your bags, and opened the pod’s door and as soon as you stepped onto the ship you were greeted by your smiling boyfriend. “There’s my girl,” he wrapped you in a big hug and pressed a sloppy kiss to your cheek. “How was your trip? How’s your Dad?”

“It was good. He was great. Asked me a lot of questions about you.”

“I’m a great guy, who wouldn’t want to know about me.”

“That’s true. I mean, you are the one and only Star Lord.” You two walked back to your room and you shuffled through one of your bags. “Hey, I got you some things.”

“What?! It’s like an early Christmas,” he cheered and jumped on to the bed next to your bag.

“Here. Open it.” He unwrapped the small square present to see a clear CD case with ‘Star Lord’s Mix Tape Vol. 1.’ His face lit up.

“You made me a mix tape! Sick.” He flipped it over and read the tracks on the back.

“I thought I’d make you one with the hits from the 90s since you already have the 80s. But,” you reached back into your bag and pulled out something behind your back, “since you have lots of music to catch up on I got you something else.” You handed him the small box and he looked at it confused.

“What is this? Is it another Zoon?”

“That’s an iPod,” you chuckled. “I downloaded tons of songs and playlists other people had made. It’ll take you awhile to get through all of those.”

“There’s like a thousand songs on here,” he gasped.

You leaned down and gave him a quick cheek, “Better get started on it then, Star Lord.”

Hi, I’m really sorry to bother but I’m extremely worried about Bri (voltron-and-chill67). The anti-shipper that has been harassing her just posted this a little while ago. Is there a way we can contact Tumblr staff about their suicidal thoughts?

There is. I’m sure you’re familiar with the report function, and you can report a Tumblr user as a danger to themselves. This will alert the staff and resources can be sent their way.

But beyond just doing that, and don’t get me wrong I’m not singling you out here because you haven’t done anything wrong, you know what we can do? Not tell people to kill themselves. Not trivialize it when they say they’ve tried or will try. Or how about we just don’t take fandom and made up characters SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY? Look, I don’t give a single fuck what your thoughts on otayuri are. I don’t care if you’re an anti or one of the biggest shippers on this website. This, what’s happening? This is toxic. I almost lost a friend last night to this toxicity. I almost relapsed myself because of it. In fact, several of our mutual friends were in a similar headspace as me. In other words, much as I love her and was beyond worried about her, and as glad as I am that she’s okay, Brianna wasn’t the only one that could have been a victim here.

Because of one asshole who thought that trivializing suicide because of two made up characters was a good idea.

I’ve been lucky enough not to get antis on my blog, and I’m sure that after posting this, I’ll be getting some, but my point still stands. Otayuri, or any other ship for that matter, is not worth someone’s life.

“I’m more of a nekoma gal myself” I say, reading only seijoh fics, reblogging only seijoh fan art, learning every detail about everyone on seijoh, crying that oikawa tooru never made it to nationals

Strangers No More

“Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden). The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one.”
… It is when two such persons discover one another, when, whether with immense difficulties and semi-articulate fumblings or with what would seem to us amazing and elliptical speed, they share their vision - it is then that Friendship is born. And instantly they stand together in an immense solitude.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

For those who don’t know, a little history…

@caitcrumbcake was the second Tumblr blogger I ever made contact with. She was here for the SamCait ship (a Cait passenger for the most part) back in the very early days of innocent tomfoolery. She was funny, I thought, and wrote some fun fanfic. Most importantly, she was the one still awake and on Tumblr late at night when I couldn’t sleep. I needed a friend and I found one. There are times in life when what you need most is a stranger with a strange perspective and it was one of those times for me in life. We got along quite well. 

As things around here got more and more ridiculous, she stopped playing in the fandom. Also she relocated to Bum Fuck, other side of planet Earth. I’m not kidding. Literally. Other side of the planet. 16 hour time difference in the winter. It became quite a challenge to stay in touch. But stay in touch we did. We have made the effort. 

So yesterday….

I woke up and shared my coffee with crumbcake. In person. She was sitting in my ladies’ lounge and we chatted while her wee bairn played on the floor. We talked like we always do about everything and nothing. I made her oatmeal for breakfast. 

While I was waiting for my bath to run, I pulled up Tumblr to see what was on the agenda for the day. I saw the ridiculous post. I laughed. I rolled my eyes. I said hey to eternity and then went about my day. Crumbcake and I didn’t waste a second discussing that picture. I didn’t bring it up. I didn’t know if she’d seen it or not, but in my mind that is for Tumblr. 

What happens on Tumblr, stays on Tumblr. Usually. Sometimes though…..

What happens on Tumblr is that someone flies 8000 miles to attend a family wedding with three small children in tow and then drives 600 miles out of thier way just to spend 24 hours hanging out with you. 600 miles! That’s insane! I still can’t believe she did that. 

I see so many friendships on here amongst the bloggers and everyone says that’s why they stick around. What are you guys waiting for? Go meet your crumbcakes! 

What’s with all the Bluepulse hate? I looked on this tag to celebrate the new title not be accused of supporting pedophilia!
Bluepulse is in no way pedophilic. A relationship between a 13 and 16 year old is not a pedophilic one. They are both teenagers that are still in school and are probably only two school years apart. I honestly do not understand the argument that it is in any way abusive, pedophilic etc. I can understand how an age gap may turn you off the ship and perhaps you wouldn’t date someone with a three year age gap yourself, but that in no way makes this ship pedophilic. A three year age gap is not a big one. I know people who have dated with a three year age gap at school and none of them were ever accused of being a pedophile. The only thing that is wrong or illegal would be if at this age they were engaging in sexual activities and given their characters and personalities I find that incredibly unlikely. Besides in the new series they will have skipped another 5 years and the ages will be 18 and 21. Are you going to accuse a relationship between a 18 and 21 year old of being pedophilic?

I’ve rewatched the Belly of the Weblum episode. In the episode, we see this symbol…

In the scene, there is a lot of focus put on this symbol. The symbol brushes by for several seconds, being in the centre of the shot and is even shown in flashes on the arm in a few more throughout the episode. The only time that I can think of that a symbol was focused on this hard in the series is when Keith was trying to figure out what the symbol on his blade  meant. So this tells me whatever this symbol means, it holds some sort of important meaning in universe and can point us in the direction of the identity of this Galra, especially with the VLD staff leaving clues about character’s identities in their designs too like hinting at Galra Keith by making his civilian outfit look like the Galra commanders.

Like I mentioned a couple times before, it looks awfully close to this symbol in the first episode that was on Sendak’s ship.

What makes it even more bizarre, like @radioactivesupersonic brought up before me, the fact this was on the person’s armour. The symbol seems to be only used by those who Zarkon deems the best commanders like Sendak, who used it on his ship. We never seen any of the other Galra commanders have this symbol on their fleet…at least far as I am aware. Even Sendak, who is highly regarded by Zarkon, does not have that symbol on his person.  The only person to wear that symbol is Zarkon.

So them being able to wear such a high ranking symbol, despite seemingly floating around in the ranks really sticks out to me.  It’s like if an employee pretended to be the CEO for the same company they worked for, it wouldn’t turn out well.  

With that being said, there are some key differences between the symbol on the Weblum Galra and the one seen on the ship in episode 1. The Galra Empire one has two holes in the centre while the Weblum Galra only has one. The Galra Empire symbol is black or dark grey while the Weblum Galra symbol is blue.

Here is the thing – the more I thought about it – it cannot be the Galra Empire symbol.   In graphic design, you can’t alter a symbol or logo when working on an existing product for another company, including altering its colour or shape. In the field, you are supposed to use only a certain set of pantones (colours) for the logo and that is it.  You can get into a huge trouble, possibly getting fired, if you alter a logo in any major way without special permission from the client.

One could make the argument that maybe it is a coloured flipped version of the logo so it can be placed on the dark background of the armour.    But even then, most of the time when people do that in real life, it’ s grey or white, not another colour completely. And a part of me doubts that Zarkon would be cool with someone making the symbol on one of his soldiers armour be the colour tied to the Alteans – blue.

So this tells me that the symbol has ties to the Galra military and looks awfully close to the symbol of the empire, possibly Zarkon’s family crest, but is still something else. Something we have never seen designed that exact way in the series before outside of that one Galra’s armour.

There is another clue here, that @lydgalaxy mentioned to me, is that it also looks like a hyper styled version of a skull. 

So this tells me that the symbol is a personal emblem of some kind.

Here’s the thing – the crew mentioned during interviews that they want to add symbols and aspects of the old character designs to the new ones, so anyone can instantly recognise who was who by looking at them. For example, they did this with Keith by making him be tied to red and making him have black hair and a mullet just like in his old design.  One way to do that with the Weblum Galra is by adding an emblem that is tied to a character Go Lion/Defender of the Universe we never seen on the show yet to this new character, so that way it nudge at the audience that it is a modern version of that character.  In addition to using the same exact colours on the armour as this old character’s design, only one character in the Go Lion series that I can think of  had a skull as a personal emblem…