and one of the most listened to of mine

Fitzgerald, Ella (1917 - 1996)

Marilyn’s favorite female singer, and one of the greatest of all jazz voices, known at the height of her career as “The First Lady of Song.” Discovered at sixteen, Ella was a world renowned singer for over half a century. Marilyn was an avid listener, with a more than passing interest in Ella’s remarkable clarity and phrasing. Music coach Hal Schaefer recalled that Marilyn “loved to sing, she sand well, and she just adored her idol, Ella. The most important influence on Marilyn’s vocal art was, in fact, a recording I gave her called ‘Ella Sings Gershwin.’”

Marilyn had an opportunity to show her appreciation in a unique way. Ella told the story in an August 1972 article in MS magazine:

“I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt. It was because of her that I played Mocambo [an L.A. club]. She personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately, and if he would do it, she would take a front table every night. She told him - and it was true, due to Marilyn’s superstar status - that the press would go wild. The owner said yes, and Marilyn was there, front table, every night. The press went overboard….After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again. She was an unusual woman - a little ahead of her times. And she didn’t know it.”

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.

Mid Ayr - My Mayhem  

The Smiths - This Charming Man

La Dispute- Stay Happy There

Oceans Ate Alaska - Taming Lions (Acoustic)  

Foster The People- Helene Beat (Acoustic)

 Bring Me The Horizon Cover My Sammy Irish- Shadow Moses

Telekinesis - Coast of Carolina  

SOKO- I’ve Been Alone Too Long

Ben Howard- The Fear

Arctic Monkeys- Fake Tales Of San Francisco

Oh Wonder - Shark  

Red Hot Chili Peppers- This Velvet Glove ( thanks to mylittlesparklingsecrets)

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

anonymous asked:

I had a friend mention that if I don't find any good pots in about a week that I should quit SA because I'll be considered a bad SB. Is that true? She has no personal experience but has been researching this for longer than I have.

Wow, please stop listening to your “friend” because she has NO IDEA what she’s talking about. First of all, I’ve seen sugar babies that didn’t settle for a particular SD for YEARS into their sugaring career. Now I will say most girls change up their profiles or make a new and improved one after about one - three months if they’re not finding the kind of men they want to attract.

The thing with SA (and every other sugaring site, really) is that it’s a salt mine, meaning that most of the men on that site are total fakes, scammers, or looking to find a girl who has low standards and just wants to eat out somewhere somewhat nice a few times a month in exchange for intimacy.

The real POTs/SD’s know that the other men on the site are mostly disgusting because they’ve heard it from other potential SB’s and from the men themselves, and they usually bring up how terrible the other men are before I do. I’ve never had a good POT judge me for letting previous POTs go or for the length of time my profile has been active.

It will most likely take you more than a week to find a real, steady SD. It might take you a month, it might take you 6 months, it might take you a year or more. This really depends on the men in your area and what you’re personally looking for in an arrangement. 

Honestly, If your friend thinks she can find an SD in a week then her standards are most likely very low and she should re-evaluate what she considers sugaring. 

If you want me to be real for a minute the very few times I’ve seen a SB say she landed a SD in a week she was either

A. Living in an extremely wealthy area, was a fair bit lucky, looked like a Victoria Secret model and loved sex

B. A roleplayer just pretending to be a sugar baby for attention

C. Had very low standards for what she considered a SD

Please stop listening to people who have no or little experience in the bowl.

'How a Critic Picks the Best Albums of the Year’

by Zack Zarrillo

David Greenwald, writing for The Oregonian and asking the question “Is it possible to hear too much?”

I worry that best-of lists are for a minority: for other writers, obviously, and the occasional super-geek reader as interested in discovery as all these billion-dollar tech companies wish people actually were. I haven’t done any surveys on the subject, but I think the average listener wants to find out about a couple new bands a year and call it a day. Maybe five, tops. I understand that: listening isn’t a full-time gig for most, or even a hobby, it’s just a thing we do for fun, and turning on Pandora’s a lot easier than updating your bullet points every Tuesday.

Best of lists are funny. I make one every year, but I rarely read through other lists, and I don’t necessarily make mine for others to read. I like reflecting back on my own list from years in the past and seeing how my tastes have or have not shifted. As I try to jumpstart my column back to life, I think I’ll be writing about my favorite music of the year so far, but who knows if anyone will take those recommendations in stride. 

My bed is the most uncomfortable place to be, other than my very own skin. The saddest thing is that I’ve known myself much longer than some poor mattress. I haven’t been able to sleep for months. Namely, Insomnia is one thing and a harsh back-stabbing mattress laden with springs is another. With the both combined, I’m forced nowhere else but into my very own mind to listen to my thoughts until I fall asleep. Some people do most of their thinking throughout the day or in the shower. Most of mine spring up here. To think, one day my bed will be shared with another.His Fingertips meeting mine.Another hand there to hold mine, I will be able to share my midnight thoughts with the love of my life. He will share his with me. The regrets, the hopes that make our heart pound, the things that make us afraid, the things we don’t like about ourselves. Where the absence of our guard is present. The reason the sky has clouds today and the next does not. The most inconceivable thoughts of God. What we’re going to do with the worn furniture piece and the eight jars of nuttela we just had to buy because they were on sale. Remembering we forgot to return our redbox movie. What we’re going to eat for breakfast in the morning. Where our eyes alone can hold conversation without words.The one place my child will to ask to stay with me and mine because he’s afraid.
But that is on the other side. Bed is leisure and solitude. The place you sit to wonder what the heck just happened. It is the space you never want to leave somedays. The reason you’re staring at the ceiling when nostalgia wakes. Where your mind confronts your complacency. A whirlwind of relentless pounding memories and embers of the fragmented ones that somehow never seem to die away. The look on their face when they not only broke their silence but your heart. The sound of her laugh. The painful occurrence you can’t understand. Not to mention, where you dump stuff you’ll put away later. Where the dance of tossing and turning begins. Where you’ve woken up panting glad that it was just a dream. A place of reclusion when the world gets too heavy. The place to hide away from everything. It’s funny. We used to do the same when we were kids right? You’d think we’d learn that the blankets can’t save us from everything now. But sometimes it’s the only thing you trust holding you while you’re crying in the dark.
How ‘bout it then? If you walked into your bedroom to find your mattress thrown out on the street you’d be at a loss. Earnestly, searching down the culprit. To others a bed is a cold stone in a cave or a wall underneath an overpass that just about keeps them supported. I still cannot sleep but I find that it is not within my reach to resent this bed.
—  Bed

I think I’ve finally gotten to a place where I feel at peace with this Osric shitstorm.

I’ve seen and listened to both sides. And I’ve heard the full story. And I do get it.
Nothing Aileen said was false, but none of it was 100% true either. It is her side to the story. Aileen is not in the wrong for telling people these things. It is her way of dealing with what has happened.

However Osric isn’t in the wrong either. He is definitely not 100% squeaky clean on some of the things he has done, and he admits they were mistakes. Details of that are not mine to share. But his side is his side, and yes, it’s skewed some too.

All I can say is this is the same as most breakups. If you only listen to one side you get a skewed view. If you listen to both it evens out. Don’t jump to conclusions on either side and realize you are only seeing part of a large, complicated story.

And send some love to both sides cuz they could both use some love and support right now.


6 favorite albums I was tagged by


and she did 8 so I’m gonna cheat and do 8 too b/c it’s so hard to narrow it down 

 Ok so mine are 

Suck It And See//Arctic Monkeys (2011) I don’t really listen to much **alternative rock** anymore but tbh honest I’m pretty sure I have every one of Arctic Monkeys songs and I know the words to most of them and I’ve seen them live so they’ll always be a fave 

Electra Heart//Marina and the Diamonds (2012) The whole concept of this album is amazing. How she creates a persona to embody female stereotypes to point out the ridiculousness of how society views women I love it I actually did a presentation on it for one of my classes this semester and it was so fun. And obvs the music itself is just A++++ this may be the ultimate fave. I also saw her on the lonely hearts club tour and u bet I’m gonna see her when she tours this fall 

No Mythologies to Follow//MØ (2014) I need MØ to put out a new album ASAP this one is so good and all her other singles and collabs and the spice girls cover and the walk this way video #aesthetic is bomb I need more from MØ asap b/c I know it’ll be good 

Oops I Did It Again//Britney Spears (2000) I think this was the first album I ever got, I think my grandma got it for me for Christmas and I was a CD player fiend at that time so I was jammin. Now I can go back to it and there are honestly so many bops I just want to choreograph music videos when I listen to it 

Matangi//M.I.A (2013) I got this album right before 2013 Xmas break and I just listened to it the whole 9 hour drive to ski slopes and then my grandma’s. Didn’t really fit the scenery but it’s such a good album that all flows together I love it

Pure Heroine//Lorde (2013) This and no mythologies to follow both came out my freshman year in college so I associate them with with walking from my dorm to work and back and the same applies that I need more music from Lorde ASAP I know she orchestrated the mockingjay soundtrack and that is killer too. She just has such a good voice and the music is so good ok 

Another Eternity//Purity Ring (2015) See the album thing is tricky because I felt like it had to be albums that I loved entirely and knew all the songs off of and I listen to a lot of songs by themselves and then don’t like much else by the artist or whatever but I knew when they released begin again that this album was gonna be good and I was right! All the songs were good whereas on Shrines I have to occasionally skip just because I’m not feeling all of them but all the songs on this album are bomb 

Froot//Marina and the Diamonds (2015) My mother ending our wait with this gem of an album I love Marina I love the fruit theme so colorful and delicious it’s just so great I love my momther 

 Ok I bet u weren’t expecting me to talk about my albums but too bad 4 u I wanted to tell u about my choices and why they’re my faves and whatnot Anyway I tag

ktsunequeen lobbygrl dawningdays petmermaids candythongs doughnutdiva

and if u wanna do it do it and tag me! I always forget ppl to tag


I was tagged by missparker​ to choose my favorite albums. These are mostly old favorites because I so rarely buy entire albums anymore! But these are all albums which I have listened to, and could still listen to, over and over again.

  • When Harry Met Sally… Harry Connick, Jr. - This was one of the very first CDs I ever bought.
  • Flood - They Might Be Giants - I associate this song SO strongly with my 10th grade year, and with a certain group of friends. 
  • Rattle and Hum - U2  - I dated a guy in high school who was a HUGE U2 fan. One day I was helping him paint his sister’s bedroom and he stuck this tape in the boombox and we listened to it over and over again. Strangely, even though most of U2′s other pre-1995 albums remain associated with my ex in my mind, this one doesn’t. This one feels like mine.
  • X - INXS - I listened to this a LOT in high school and college.
  • Ten Summoner’s Tales - Sting - I was browsing in a music store when I realized I was really enjoying the music they were playing. So I bought the album. Each of the songs on this album is a story, which I love.
  • Linus and Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi - George Winston - This is basically all the music from the Peanuts TV specials, and it’s wonderful. I especially loved this album because when I was taking piano lessons in high school, I played a few of these songs.
  • Stunt - Barenaked Ladies - Thanks to “One Week,” which got huge radio play in the late 90s, I bought this album and fell completely in love with BNL’s sound and lyrics, and immediately bought every single one of their albums. They’ve been my favorite band ever since.
  • Everything to Everyone - Barenaked Ladies - This album was released around the time my older daughter was born, and I listened to it over and over again in the car as I drove around Phoenix that first year of her life. 
  • Walk the Moon - Walk the Moon - Have you seen Walk the Moon’s fantastic videos with PS22? I Can Lift A Car is my favorite.

I low-key, no-pressure tag: ellie5192, whythursdaynext, pepperf, johnspuddlejumper, geekinthejeep, and anyone else who wants to do this. :-)

Apply to be my friend plz

I’m in desperate need of a friend not because I’m going through something dramatic or anything but just because I lack a friend someone I can txt most the to n e and will still respond even if I’m being boring that will tell me about their life as well as listen to mine we could even talk on the phone if wanted… Any one interested

No one will ever be able to make me let go off the headcanon that Sam randomly wakes Blaine up in the middle of the night to talk about things that is so important that it can’t wait until morning. Even through it’s not really important at all. And most of the time when this would happen Blaine would just cuddle up to Sam listening to him while being half-asleep. Other times he would angry push Sam out off bed for waking him up. And sometimes Sam is the one pushing Blaine out off bed because Blaine is refusing to listen to him.

I don’t get why I love this headcanon so much.


So thesometimesam, avantgardeners and justaskyourgayfriends tagged me in this 6 recent albums thing, so here’s mine.

1. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

One of the most iconic albums of all time,TBH. Had it on endlessly preparing their concert earlier this month, but they cancelled it, so I’ve renounced them for a while. But I can’t argue with the quality of their music.

Favourite track: Second Hand News

2. 1989 - Taylor Swift

One of my few ‘driving CDs’ that have pride of place in the glove compartment. I had a spiritual experience listening to it for the first time, I won’t lie. First half of the album is better than the 2nd half, but it’s still quality overall.

Favourite track: I Wish You Would

3. Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Another ‘driving CD’. Few dud songs, but good for a sing-along. Plus, I adore a bit of 70s/80s in my day-to-day life.

Favourite track: Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Suede

4. The Holiday OST - Hans Zimmer

My go-to chillout album. Usually played during long journeys or periods of boredom. It’s just beautiful and amazing and I can’t listen to it enough

Favourite track: Gumption

5. OneRepublic - Native

Lots of inspiring, life-affirming songs on here; ‘Something I Need’, ‘Feel Again’, ‘Life in Colour’. Haven’t heard every song, but I’ve loved every one I’ve heard so far. 

Favourite track: I Lived

6. Cloud Atlas OST - Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek

Same principle as The Holiday OST, I always put it on as a chillout album. It soothes me.

Favourite track: Cloud Atlas End Title

I put it out there for anyone who wants to do it, cause between Sam, Alice, and Matt, most of my mutuals have probably already been tagged…

Rhett Miller in Conversation with Black Prairie’s Chris Funk

On the surface, Rhett Miller and Chris Funk are unlikely collaborators. The first is something of an alt-country legend, fronting cult favorites Old 97′s while maintaining a lower-profile but just as respected solo career. The latter is a sometimes-Decemberist, sometimes-Black Prairie multi-instrumentalist who is far more accustomed to backing others than he is enjoying the spotlight of a frontman like Miller. But when the two came together to record Miller’s most recent solo album The Traveler with Black Prairie, those differences became complements.

The resulting album is one that mines the best of both worlds – Miller’s confessional songwriting (most of these tracks were culled from Old 97′s leftovers, and as such happen to show Miller’s softer side) and Black Prairie’s virtuosic musicianship come together for songs that are vibrant, organic and reminiscent of the feeling of a live performance.

We at AS got to listen in on a conversation between Miller and Funk about their time together recording The Traveler.

Click here to read the conversation…

xarilin asked:

do u have any tips for cheering up when you feel sad bc??? i need it;;

i cant promise my tips will help u get through ur sadness cos its different for everyone, but i’ll certainly try my best.

what i usually do is listen to classical music (favourites of mine are vivaldi and chopin) because it helps me calm down and relax. look at pictures and videos of Pomeranians, one of the most happiest creatures in this world!!!!!! watch one of my favourite shows/movies to get my mind off of things. and if im really feeling it i would play a video game, preferably a favourite. uuuuh, i cant think of anymore, hopefully something helps :’u be happy my friend <33

I will always have a soft spot for you. It’s hard for me to come across people who I really click with. And I mean REALLY click with. From the moment I met you, we instantly connected. You got my fucked up sense of humor and most importantly, we listen to the same music lol. We can shoot each other the vaguest look and we would know exactly what was on each other’s minds. I guess that’s why I value our friendship so much, even though you made it seem very one-sided at one point… mmm ANYWAYS
Now that circumstances are changing, I started really reevaluating our friendship. I’m moving forward into the next chapter of my life and I can only hope that you’ll still be a part of my journey. I hope you’ll keep your promises because I always keep mine.