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Here, have a couple more - Todoroki and Bakugou might as well have my favorite friendship outside of the squad tbh

I remember seeing a various really good post about the visual references to american comicbook artist in My Hero Academia, like how Stain takes cues from the 90′s edgy anti-hero aesthetic or how the more exagerated mouth expressions are like those drawn by Todd Mcfarlane -especially Bakugo’s.

All that said I decided to specualte myself about what artists inspired All Might design, both the musclebound and the more scrawny version.

The heroic version of All Might has been compared to a Rob Liefeld character due to his absurd size but I think it looks more like how John Byrne drew Superman but with a way heavier inking.

Even his smile looks like an exagerated version of how Byrne drew Supes’ own.

As for his  more humble version, the dropped shoulders that seem to blend his neck and arms, the angular face and the simplistic mouth shape with square teeth remind me mostly of how Mike Mignola draws Hellboy.

A Shin from today’s doodles

Founding the League of Villains
  • All For One: Are you..a real..villain?
  • Nomu: *stares slack-jawed*
  • Tomura: Well, ehh, technically, uhh, nah.
  • All For One: Have You Ever caught a good guy? Like a- like a real ssSUPERHERO?
  • Tomura: Nah.
  • Kurogiri: *shakes head vigorously*
  • All For One: Have you ever tried a disguise???
  • Kurogiri: *resumes vigorous head shaking*
  • Tomura: Nah, nah.....
  • All For One: ALRIGHT! I can SEE that I will have to TEACH to be..VILLAINS!

so like..hinata and cain, right?

they’re both reckless and incredibly loyal defenders of royalty. they vow to look after each other in order to return the other to their lord, or in case they should ever be separated from their lords. both of them are used to working in a pair as well.

they’re both considered super happy and energetic people who are excited about life in general.

cain is more prideful than hinata, while hinata is more gullible than cain. both can get quite emotional, especially when the other gets hurt.


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Its really obvious which quirk is his favourite in Horikoshi’s twitter sketches