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heyyyy! You’re learning german? Cool!! German is my mother language so maybe I can help you with some media for improving your german. v cool and up to date.


  • german rap. hugeee scene. from ghetto to deep
  • germany also has pop music
  • do you know “schlager”? don’t listen to it.

my fav artists 

  • CRO (v good, pop & rap)
  • Marteria
  • SXTN (girl power yea)
  • Knontra K
  • Mark Forster

spotify playlists


  • don’t read the classics if ur german isn’t v good. even I sometimes don’t understand them so
  • Marah Woolf & Kersin Gier write ya literature & are one of my favorite authors
  • try the german trans of books you already read
  • “Die Seiten der Welt”


  • “Luke, die Woche und ich” is a comedy show & very funny (he’s also a youtuber)
  • watch german news
  • “Fack ju Göhte” (u won’t regret it)


Danny Rand Week : Day 01

A favorite scene.

First meeting between Danny Rand and Colleen Wing. 

(Sorry i’m really bad to make great post) 

I have a lot of favorite scene. One of my favorite is this fisrt meeting. Danny was so cute when he spoke chinese to seduce Colleen. Yeah, no doubt, there were flirting. And i know to this moment that they will be together ! 

Returning from our sixth commercial break a bus door opens its hatch.

Jonny is immediately startled.

This is one of my favorite scenes of Jonny in the movie. It’s mysterious. Almost unsettling. It’s coming from the perspective of the bus driver. An adult. 

Jonny has rarely left his neighborhood. All these people including the bus driver are strangers. Jonny would rather be near faces that are familiar to him. Having social anxiety has always held Jonny back. Or rather the kids never wanted to get to know him. That’s another reason why the kids won’t accept the Eds. 

Middle school tends to be a tough time for all. Everyone feels that they need to like the same things in order to fit in. And if you don’t like the same thing you’re outcasted. Not that Jonny minds. He never deserved a friendship with the kids. It took the kids years to realize that all the Eds wanted was to be accepted.

Jonny deserves better post BPS.

This is an interesting scene where a few quarters slide off from Plank paying for bus fair.

It’s a little creepy seeing how it’s implied that the adults tower over the kids. Jonny can’t even reach the bus fair. It makes the scene more uncomfortable. He’s the only kid on this whole bus.

I have mentioned how Jonny’s mental state grows worse at the end of the movie. I think it is has been deteriorating for a while now. In the first few seasons he hung around with the cul-de-sac kids holding conversations. Then he spends all his time with Plank making mischief. This must be Jonny’s way of a call for help. He doesn’t understand what is going on. Nobody will help him. 

The kids ignored him throughout the whole car chase at the beginning of the movie. 

Then there was the episode Between a Rock and an Ed Place. Nobody showed up to his party except the Eds. The only reason the Eds went was because they thought all the kids were going to be there. Each kid gave off a pathetic excuse. They never cared for him. All those times they let him hang out was only to make the Eds jealous. Although it’s sad how the Eds are tossed aside Jonny has nobody. They don’t wrap their minds around this boy who talks to a piece of wood.

I can never see a friendship lasting between the Eds and kids. Although it’s satisfying to see the movie end on a high note, remembering how these kids tormented the Eds day after day makes you wonder how everything is going to work out. If they will.

I love this screenshot.

An actual bus!

We have seen cars and even a mail truck before.

The reason why this image is set at an unsettling angle is because they’re at the end of the town. Jonny is being taken away from his safe zone in a vehicle he has never been in before.

Cartoon physics can’t get him out of this. He has to face reality.

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anonymous asked:

man, it's already season 2 but i don't think i'll ever get over the last minutes of episode 4 when we find out that jug has been living in the drive-in, that just broke my heart

Tell me about it! That moment killed me! It’s one of my favorite scenes of the entire show, and even if it makes me sad, it also makes me so so emotional! His words about the drive-in and everything… God, it makes me wanna cry!

In reference to this, even in the midst of my having a problem, I still found something in the problem that I liked: what Bo-Katan’s words suggest about her as a person now. It suggests that, in the roughly twenty years it’s been since we saw her last, she has changed and grown as a person. I know that sounds fairly basic–it’s been twenty years; of course she’s changed. But it highlights something about this show that makes Star Wars: Rebels one of my favorite shows of all time. The characters feel more like real people than they do toys to be taken out of or put back in the toy chest as needed. They don’t feel like they cease to exist whenever they’re off-screen. Even when we don’t see them, they’re still changing, and learning, and growing.

Does the scene still feel a bit manufactured, and a tad OOC for Sabine? Yeah. I’m not saying it’s completely outside the realm of probability for her to act that way, but it still feels like something manufactured to undermine her confidence, again. But the scene still happened in spite of me, and as I have to accept that it happened that way, I do appreciate that it suggests that Bo-Katan isn’t so set in her ways that she can’t learn to see things differently.

Ten Questions Tag

Tagged by @knightedwriter Thank you so much, I love these questions!

1. What’s your favorite story idea you’ve ever had?
Poly Pirate Adventure. In which my most flirtatious (and unlike me) character gets washed out to sea, picked up by privateers, and tries to get two people together but ends up being sucked into the relationship, too. Among so many other complications, because it wouldn’t be my writing without thirty subplots.

2. Which character loves soap operas?
Kellan. Hands down. Reysia would enjoy them as well. So would Ysandren, he’s quite dramatic. It makes me want to write a crack scene of them all in one room together watching their favorite soap.

3. How many major characters have you killed off?
Zero. I’m not a character death type of writer. I write tend to write characters who have already had enough bad shit happen to them, I like my stories to be more hopeful.

4. What’s your ideal setting for writing?
Comfortable. Cup of tea next to me. Right now it’s sunny, but chilly outside and the leaves are completely orange and yellow on the trees in our backyard so I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table so I can watch the leaves fall while I write. Usually I’m in my bedroom so no one will bother me.

5. Pen and paper or computer?
Computer. I like to start new ideas on paper, especially if they’re just character ideas or ideas for scenes that aren’t fully formed yet, but once I’m writing, I need a computer. I almost type fast enough to keep up with my own brain.

6. Pick a character. What’s one cute quirk people would love about them?
Drys is romantic to the point of being in danger of being gushy. He dotes on Dreya and feels a need to constantly make her feel special.

7. With the same character, what’s a trait that people might not like about them?
Drys is the type of person who walks in a room and asserts command, no matter where he is. It comes with the territory of being a military commander and a High Lord.

8. Do you have a set goal for words to write per day or do you write as the feeling strikes you?
I write five days a week, only giving myself two days off, just like work, except I usually take my off days on days that I am working my day job. I usually set a “small” goal and a “big” goal everyday. On days that I come home from work to write, my small goal is 2k words and my big goal is 3k. On my days off from work when I’m writing, my small goal is 3k and my big goal is 5k. Basically, if I’m really not feeling it when I sit down to write, I make myself at least get my little goal down. If I’m really in the groove, I let myself hit my big goal and then I stop for the day so I don’t experience burn out. NaNoWriMo will be a different story haha.

9. Post a recent sentence or two that you’re particularly proud of. Why are you proud of it?
A few sentences from Shadowhand:

I stood up quickly, evading his grasp as he tried to catch my arm, “She has my dad, Drys.  I can’t wait to go after her.  I just stayed to make sure that you would be okay while I’m gone.”
“I can do this, Drys.  I have to.”

It’s a turning point in Drys and Dreya’s relationship that very much ends up reflecting how far they’ve come in trusting each other. It wasn’t in any of the previous drafts of Shadowhand. I’m proud of myself for realizing that I needed to split them both up in order to further both of their character development.

10. What do you like most about writing stories/poetry/etc.?
Writing keeps me sane. I get to live in a world other than the one that my physical body lives in and I need that to keep myself balanced. I have always had an extremely vivid imagination and writing gives me an outlet for that. I love telling stories and escaping to worlds that I’ve created in my own head.

Tagging @mcubed35 @lizard-is-writing @bcopp @boothewriter @tsfennec @sapphicauthor Here are ten questions:

1. How did you get the idea for your current WIP?

2. What is one strange writing habit that you have?

3. Planner, pantser or plantser and why?

4. What are you writing goals from now until the end of the year?

5. Do listen to music while you write? If so, do you have playlists to link?

6. Tell me about your favorite character. When did you come up with them, why are they your favorite?

7. Why do you write?

8. What made you decide to become a writer?

9. Do you have an author that you look up to particularly as a writer? Do you recommend anything in particular by them?

10. What is your biggest weakness when it comes to writing?


Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)


stranger things cast friendships: Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapp

“Things I love about Millster: 1. Laughs at my jokes when no one else does. 2. Holds my hand when we’re watching scary movies. 3. Is the best prankster (one of them). 4. Is sooo cuaatee. 5. Is there for you no matter what. Love, Schnipper.” 


LANNISTER WEEK: Day IV - One Episode → 4.06 The Laws of God and Men
Do you wish to confess? Yes, Father. I’m guilty. Is that what you want to hear? You admit you poisoned the king? No, of that I’m innocent.