and one of my favorite people

Honestly The Curse of the Colonel is one of my favorite Japanese urban legends…

Basically the Hanshin Tigers baseball team had a major victory in 1985 and fans went WILD and stood on a bridge chanting the player’s names, and every time they said a name a fan that resembled the player whose name was said would jump into the canal

BUT there was an american player on the team named Randy Bass and the crowd wanted to include someone who looked like him too, but there were no white people around so they snatched a Colonel Sanders statue and tossed it into the water as an effigy

after this the Hanshin Tigers won nothing for 18 years! The rumor began to circulate that throwing the statue into the canal had angered Colonel Sanders and he had cursed them and wouldn’t allow them to win until they retrieved the statue. Obviously many attempts were made to find it, but no one was successful.

In 2009 the uper body, lower body, and right hand of the statue were found when police thought it was a dead body, but the left hand and his glasses are missing and the Hanshin Tigers still have not won anything. It is said they will continue to lose until they find the last pieces. Here’s the colonel though!

You know what? I’m done with friends who don’t give a damn about me. Friendship is a two way street and I’m done being the one trying to keep the friendship alive. I’m tired of being left on seen, I’m tired of them saying “You are one of my favorite people” and then ignore me for months because you know what? I don’t believe you, actions speak louder than words and they don’t even bother to try with words, I’m sick of their “I miss you” from every few months, if you really missed me you would try to talk to me insted of just sent me an “I miss you” when you remember I exist after a few months. I’m sick of their empties I love yous. I deserve better than this.

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Do you have any favorite fics? :) (except your own haha)

Bughead fics? :)

WELL! I am currently in the middle of reading Pieces of My Heart by @lazydaizies and I’M SO IN LOOOOVE. I’m one of those people who usually has to read a fic once it’s completely finished so I am enjoying this one so much right now. It’s a masterpiece! 

Now, I love dark/supernatural fics. So here are a few of my favorites in that category: 

My Body’s Broken, Yours Is Bent  by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency (THIS ONE IS PROBABLY MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BUGHEAD FIC IF WE’RE BEING SO HONEST? LIKE IT’S A JUST ONE SHOT BUT I RECOMMEND THE HELL OUT OF IT.) Also The Serpent and The Swan! I’m a little behind on reading the chapters (because I suck) but I’m going to catch up on it this weekend and I’M SO EXCITED.

Werewolves of Riverdale by @bughead-fic-request is absolute GENIUS. This fic is everything I love, supernatural beings and action? COUNT ME IN. It’s just a one shot as well, but it’s so freaking great. I highly recommend it. 

LITERALLY EVERYTHING BY @cooperjones2020! MY DARK!JUGGIE QUEEN. I need to catch up on all of her fics this weekend too, because I neeeeeed my fix.

and because i love angst so much: 

ain’t no sunshine (when she’s gone) by @lusterrdust is so heartbreaking and beautiful. i adore it.

There’s evil in your heart (it wants out to play) by @juggydunes is a freaking GEM! If you love crime shows and stuff like this, THIS IS THE FIC FOR YOU! 

And any and everything by my two absolute favs, @itstenafterfour and @bettydooper. They write the best one shots! 

I’m kind of bad at keeping up with the reading because I usually get so caught up in my own writing, but since I’m taking a small break from writing so continuously, I’m excited to read up on all the fics! Hopefully my list will grow but for now, these are my favs. :)

this banner is lowkey terrible sorry hey! so i just reached 600 followers (this was originally going to be for 500 but i never got around to it whoops) which is crazy because i never thought i’d get more than 50!! a huge shoutout to all my followers and mutuals who have stuck around and another to the ones who have recently clicked my follow button! i can’t believe people actually like my blog and it means so much to me

so basically these are going to be aesthetic moodboards based on your name! (like i’ll make a moodboard using things that your name reminds me of)

in order to get one you have to:

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i’m also planning on doing a follow forever so hopefully that will be out sometime this week!

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Okay so I couldn’t get this image out of my head. The idea of Oak with that oak tree tattoo from Roseville is one of my favorite things.

I only had my one pen so I tried my best to do shading 😅 I hope you like It!

Love you Steph! 💕💕💕💕 - Britt



Happy Fursuit Friday, everybody! :D Whether you’re a new furry, or have been one for awhile, here are some of my favorite tips for people who want to get more involved in the fandom!


ffnet |  

 Why did you pick the name(s) you are using?

 I think I was originally going for City Mouse? But basically every single name I could think of was taken and I had this story that I was dying to post, so I just picked some random combination of my nicknames.

When did you start writing?

February 2015. My first Richonne fanfic was the first
piece of creative writing I had ever done.

Something you think will surprise most people about you?

 Um…I doubt anything would. I feel there’s so [too] much of me in my writing so there’s little mystery.

Which is your favorite story that you’ve written and why?

I have such a soft spot for And Then We Get to Live. Whatever “my style” is, I think it’s right there in those stories. Some of my favorite scenes I’ve ever written are in that series.

If you could revamp any one specific characters personality or look
which one would it be and why?

I suppose Andrea. Comic Andrea started off young
and inexperienced, but she was tough and gutsy, so that feeling of having something to prove worked for me. TV Andrea, however, was a grown woman based on appearances and casting, so that characterization and arc never rang true to me.

How did you discover fan fiction? 

I’m dating myself with this one, but I stumbled
upon X-Files fanfic when I was way too young to be reading it. After that I took a break for a long time until Richonne caught my eye and made me seek it out again.

How did you become a fan of The Walking Dead?

My dad was a huge fan and tried to get me to watch it for the longest time, but I resisted because zombies. Eventually I caved and watched an episode then I was hooked and binged to catch up ASAP.

If you could change the entire back drop of the show, what would you change it too?

Oh, I would love nothing more than to see these characters pre-ZA in a family/relationship drama like Parenthood or This Is Us.

Who do you think should have more storylines?

Out of who’s left? Give me more Carl and Aaron.


What have you learned or improved on in your writing? 

That I absolutely can not predict what will strike a chord with readers, so don’t even try. Lol. Just write what you love and be thoughtful and truthful in doing so. In my mind you can never go wrong that way.

What resources, if any, do you find helpful when writing?

I don’t have a specific resource I use. If I have a question or issue, I typically google it and review several sources to come up with a consensus.


Team Family Face off

  • Eugene .vs. Daryl-

Jeez…like right at this moment? Daryl.

  • Tara .vs. Andrea

 Ugh, also hard…right at this moment, Tara.

  • Beth.vs Abraham


  • Hershel .vs. Lori


  • Sasha .vs. Tyreese


I’m bored as all karking hell and I hurt too much to do stuff sooo…I call upon the powers of the internet (aka you people) for some entertainment!

So, two questions!

One, out of selfish indulgence, what of my stories are your fav?

Two, what are your people’s favorite movie?

Love (the bored) Moddy

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Do you have some favorite blogs? I'm new and in need of following some good ones! I LUV UR BLOG SO SO SO MUUUCHHH

Hi!! welcomeee  💙 💙  and thank you for love my blog  💙
you can follow my:
favorite mutuals / tumblr friends / people who reblog my spam :)

@ffionns (if you love FionnW follow this blog, is my favorite about him)

:if i miss someone sorry, everyone of my mutuals are so important for me:

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what're your favorite movies? i dont know why but you seem like the kind of person whod be into some really good ones

I am! i have absolutely impeccable taste. some of the best. 

some of my favorite movies (not exhaustive, just off the top of my head):

  • The Love Witch
  • They Look Like People
  • Sound Of My Voice
  • Beyond The Black Rainbow
  • Banshee Chapter
  • Excision
  • Martyrs
  • Hausu
  • The Holy Mountain
  • The Beyond
  • Videodrome

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I love the #jonerys moments in this episode! Oh, and for that last anon, I'm not a woman. One of my favorite parts from the episode which doesn't seem to be getting much mention is Tormund saving Jorah when they're flying away. Tormund seemed like he was about ready to go for Jorah's throat after finding out he was Jeor's son. I just love seeing all these characters having to put aside their differences and actually forming some camaraderie with each other.

It’s such a misconception that the only people who like Jonerys are women or just ‘tumblr girls’. I’m actually surprised myself how popular they are. And even if you don’t care for it, there’s so many other things to like about the show. I actually loved the banter between the wight hunt crew - Tormund and the Hound are so hilarious together, Jon and Jorah moments were great, Gendry bickering with Thoros. People just choose to hate the whole episode just because of their salty feelings about Jon and Dany.

ID #86441

Name: Ayla
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hello! My name is Ayla, I’m 16, I’ll be 17 in late October. I am bisexual. I’m going into my final year of high school. I speak English and am currently trying to learn to speak Polish (I am only at the starting phase of the process, I am no where close to be able to hold a conversation in Polish). I live in a very small town, which is one of the reasons I’m looking for a pen pal. Where I live is one of those “everyone knows everyone” towns. I have a great interest in learning about other people’s cultures/ ways of living and just getting to talk with people, talking to new people is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m honestly really shy and terrible at talking about myself (which I’m sure is pretty obvious).

Some of my interests include:
Reading, some of my favorites are: Orphan Train, The Girl in the Blue Coat, To Kill a Mockingbird
Music, to be honest I’ll listen to nearly any genre
When it comes to movies/tv some of my favorites include: Run Boy Run, Colonia, and the 100
I currently think of anything else thats even remotely interesting about myself.

Preferences: I would prefer to only talk to people between the ages of 16 and 19 and people who support the LGBTQ+ community other than that I’m not picky

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I actually believe there was a line in the second movie that literally said Kovu wasn't Scar's son. Nuka said it I believe. Something like. "He's not even Scar's son, he just took him in."? I'm not even sure if Kovu is Zira's son, based on that. Could just be an orphan lion that Scar brought to Zira to care for. Sorry if you really didn't care enough to have this ask, just so rarely see Lion King stuff I wanted to help maybe. oTL

nono it’s ok, the lion king is one of my favorites movies i love talking about it (specially about Kovu. i love Kovu)

yeah i remember that line. But when i looked into blogs, people were always questioning who’s son exactly Kovu was, there were a lot of theories saying that Zira abducted him from another pack. But i was watching the Lion Guard clips and they tell there that Scar chosed Kovu to be his heir, who was Zira’s son.

I mean yeah, it could have been that Kovu wanst her son, but if that was true, then Zira wouldnt have taken Scar’s death so personally. According to the TLG, the reason why Zira was loyal to Scar is because of Scar’s decision of taken Kovu as his heir. That would make Zira’s plan more believable tbh: if Zira was an outlander from another pack and Scar allowed her not only to stay but to have one of her children as his heir i would have been loyal to him too lol.


Art Fight 2017 Art Dump! (4)

Ignoring that I completely forgot to post this (I don’t like queuing on my comp..) Here’s the last of my Art Fight 2017 attacks! I had tons of fun this year and it really motivated to get into shape with Patreon and streaming. I showed myself I can draw fast! I am incredibly grateful to the people who make Art Fight happen as it is a very positive event that I encourage EVERYONE to take part in next year!

I’ll be making a post featuring a few of my favorite attacks at me from this year soon!

As for my attacks, which one was your favorite?

my favorite republican facebook posts are always the ones the end in “let’s see which of my followers has the guts to repost this.” like it’s a challenge, like people are afraid to share their beliefs. maybe, republicans, you should be afraid of the people who have the guts to share their own thoughts instead of the people who are forced by fear into repeating what they think you want to hear.

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy~! Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity~! ๐ŸŒผ

lovely random things || anonymous 

//. — Thank you, thank you !!!!

1. My parents & my siblings ( my child milo — who is a cat just a heads up at people ) love them dearly !!! Even though we’re not a perfect family and have lots of ups & downs. But I wouldn’t trade them no matter what.

2. The Iron Giant —- Okay, honestly that movie makes me happy ;-; it’s sad, but I MEAN if you’ve seen the movie, it’s amazing and it’s beautiful and I love it. It’s my favorite !! It’s the one movie that I hold close to my heart ;w; when i’m sad i tend to watch it <3 ( on repeat ) 

3. @watcherandshield & @pearlofruins  ( my bffs // penguin & boo bear ;w; )  @rosereigned ( my ray of sunshine / yoshi )  @killthebxy ( my tol  beautiful son ;w; ) @wolfqueennamedstark  ( my falling angel ;w;  my sansa ) // seriously L I S T E N : all of these people are just a joy and I love them, kay? kay. Like I can make a bible about these people.

4. Hazelnut coffee. don’t even at me. 

5. I love baking !! I love it so much !!!!! ;w; I get so excited when I make cookies and they come out pretty !!! and same with cake and anything I bake !!! Baking is so fun and ( well so is cooking okay ) — like especially if it’s from scratch. 

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(2/2) Second of all, thank GODS for this blog, 'cause until I discovered you I'd been directing all my questions of the "my character is mental and I don't know what to do" variety to a friend of mine in medschool, and since one of my favorite things to do is creating characters who are challenged in various psychological ways, she's begun shamelessly avoiding me... So I'll definitely be back, but for now, a quick question: are schizophrenics capable of violence?

The first part of this ask didn’t come through, sorry! 

And to answer your question… schizophrenics are just as capable of violence as any other human being on the planet.

Mental illness can do a lot of things, but it doesn’t strip a character of their inherent humanity.

Please also note that people with mental illnesses are more likely to be the victims of violence than commit it.

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