and one of my favorite movies


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

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Hi. I reblogged your post about the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and then got an anon asking me to elaborate on the thematic complexity of the film. Given it was your post, I was wondering if you'd write a bit more on the subject? I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)


I’m honored that you reached out to me about this movie; it’s one of my favorite films of all time, and I could write novels about it if I could.

Now, consider this: it’s 2004 and we’re seeing Prisoner of Azkaban for the first time. We as an audience have just gone through two films that mapped out the typical hero’s journey; Voldemort’s the antagonist, and Harry’s the hero that vanquishes him. Black-and-white narratives, clear borders to who’s noble and who’s evil. However, in PoA, we realize that these borders are actually very ambiguous, and Alfonso Cuarón exploits this concept quite beautifully in this film. 

Take the title card. 

Have you noticed what’s different from its predecessors? 

The logo’s no longer golden. 

It’s silver and gray, displaying both lightness and darkness in every letter. In fact, the very location where the logo floats around emulates light in a dark environment. Out of context, we can’t figure out where it even is, whereas in the previous films, we clearly see the logo floating around in the skies. This tactic foreshadows that there’s going to be a sense of ambiguity in PoA over what is good and what is evil, instead of giving us a clear cut story of the noble hero getting introduced to a magical and mysterious world [the golden logo with a stormy background in Philosopher’s Stone] or the valiant hero defeating the malignant villain [the sun shooting through the dark clouds in Chamber of Secrets]. Some examples of moral ambiguity in PoA include Sirius Black, who gets sent to Azkaban for a crime he didn’t commit; Remus Lupin, an inherently good person, but labeled as evil by society in the end since he’s a werewolf; Pettigrew, an individual that turned to the dark side out of cowardice and fear, instead of devotion to Voldemort. 

PoA’s title card can also be taken more literally; since this is the transition film that’s going to set up much more heavier tones in the future, we’re going to be exposed to a lot more dark elements of the magical world in this movie. 

Here’s a scene where Cuarón again emphasizes lightness and darkness, but with different thematic meanings. 

We see a snowy Hogwarts, where everything is light until…

…the camera focuses on the clock and Harry behind it, who’s completely enveloped in darkness. 

In contrast, his classmates play and prank each other in the light snow while they get ready to go to Hogsmeade. 

Just from this single scene, Cuarón displays that Harry, surrounded by darkness, will always be separate from the other students at Hogwarts. No one in Hogwarts has dark forces threatening to consume them every waking moment. Everyone’s still able to enjoy the happiness and privileges of childhood innocence, while Harry’s had that innocence snatched away as a baby and grows constantly aware that a dark wizard plans on destroying him. This difference can also be seen without much cinematic analyzation; since Voldemort killed Lily and James, Harry’s had no one to sign the permission slip that allows him to go to Hogsmeade trips (Vernon and Petunia would have never signed it even though Vernon made a deal with Harry; let’s be realistic). 

Now, let’s talk about one of my favorite shots of the film. 

The camera zooms in on the dark Grim residing within the light tea cup, foreshadowing the dark forces that Harry must face. However, I also love this shot because it’s the second time we see the Grim as an evil omen—a red herring for the audience to consume. Cuarón wants his viewers to be afraid of the literal black dog and for them to associate it with evil, which fools non-readers into believing that Sirius Black is who the Grim was foreshadowing, since Sirius can turn into a literal giant black dog. However, once watchers get informed that Sirius is innocent, they finally realize that the evil force wasn’t Sirius after all; it was Pettigrew, who with his escape, finally turns the wheels in motion for Voldemort’s reemergence, and thus puts Harry in grave danger. 

Another great scene that shows many thematic layers? Our first glimpse of the Great Hall. 

The candles and the flames at the sides of the walls give the Great Hall a warm, golden atmosphere. However, we also see the tall windows behind the choir, dark with rain and lightning—a stark contrast to the rest of the Hall, implying that this comforting, light atmosphere of Hogwarts will be short lived. In addition, the choir sings an ominous song to the students, with lyrics lifted straight out of the Three Witches’ dialogue in Shakespeare’s Macbeth (”by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”), a famous Elizabethan play that coincidentally also analyzes moral ambiguity. 

With this discordant atmosphere, Cuarón gives us a sense of uneasiness despite the welcome and safe environment of Hogwarts we’ve grown familiar with in the previous two films. The message? There’s a greater form of darkness coming, so strap yourselves in: this ain’t your typical Columbus narrative. And he certainly delivers on this part; other factors besides Voldemort portray the darker areas of the magical world and there’s no happy or satisfactory victory to celebrate at the end of the film. 

I could go on about Prisoner of Azkaban, but I’m afraid that’ll make this post too long for anyone to read! But thank you for the ask; it was so much fun to analyze this film again.  

For more info, Nerdwriter1 has this beautiful video of this film and I think this user has a simply amazing analysis
Rupert Grint: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me
Rupert Grint shares 25 things you may not know about him with Us Weekly — read more

1. I can carve almost anything into the end of a crayon: William Shakespeare, the Statue of Liberty, Gordon Ramsay wearing a fez. Anything!

2. I am definitely a nocturnal creature. I am not a morning person.

3. I currently wear a baseball cap with cross-eyes stitched on the front. It really creeps people out.

4. I like hats. It was an early ambition of mine to be a hat designer.

5. I can’t tell time on analog clocks. The purpose of the big hand and the little hand has never come naturally to me.

6. I’ve never attempted any extreme sports, and I consider running short distances an extreme sport.

7. I am an ambassador for the children’s charity Starlight.

8. My guilty pleasures are Costco pizza and watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

9. I wanted to be an ice cream man when I was younger. So when I was finally old enough to get my driver’s license, I bought an ice cream truck. In hindsight, it wasn’t the most practical first vehicle.

10. I carried the torch for the London 2012 Olympic Games. And now I use it to store pens.

11. My phone screen saver is a painting of my dog.

12. My dog is named after Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

13. I stole Harry Potter’s door number from his house on Privet Drive.

14. My nickname used to be “Poop” because it sounds like “Rupe.”

15. My favorite artist is David Shrigley.

16. My lucky charm is a fake Cher driver’s license.

17. When I was 5, my school asked me to write to media mogul Rupert Murdoch to ask for a donation to fix the pool, their logic being, as we shared a first name, he’d feel more personally invested. It was never repaired.

18. My favorite book is Rant by Chuck Palahniuk.

19. I like to watch Bollywood movies.

20. My karaoke song is anything by Oasis.

21. My favorite television shows are Brass Eye and The OA.

22. The best thing I own is a musical Alessi kettle.

23. While I was filming Snatch on a street in England, a guy gave me a five-pack of socks that he designed.

24. I want to visit Canada to see a narwhal. I’m not sure they exist until I see one.

25. I can’t dance. My body won’t allow me to.

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I finally caught your ask box open! Can I have some Sasha Braus facts? She's my favorite!

Is one of the healthiest in the squad, loves squirrels, wants to cosplay Kate bishop, can’t watch a movie with archers without her criticising the depiction of archery in it.

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Name: Alyona

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When did your blog reach its peak: somewhere in december or january i think

Do you have any other blogs: @yellow-lens-shit for reblogs

Do you get asks regularly: yup. really happy bc of it

Why you chose your URL: it was just a random shit but then my bro was like “yo that’s because you look at the world like through yellow glasses?? bc u r really cheerful and loving and like everythink yellow/sunny??” so now on i’m gonna pretend that’s what my url was originated from

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anyway the les mis fandom needs more poly content or i swear to god i will choke someone (it was originally for the paste thing but it's also a request for u to give me polyamorous headcanons)


One of my faves is
Enj/Ferre/R or Enj/Ferre/Courf



Ferre and R were basically best friends that started hanging out over their nerdy interests and then just kind of fell into a romantic relationship out of the blue
They started holding hands while watching their favorite movies and cuddling and it just HAPPENED
Ferre was interested in Courf before but he seemed like such a play boy and all his relationships lasted at most 3 weeks and he didn’t want to just be another fling to him so he kept his distance
Grantaire liked Enj of course but has been trying to move on and not let his affections for him dictate his life and he genuinely loves Ferre
Enjolras was a confused dude who liked both Ferre and R and didn’t know how to deal with his feelings and just didn’t address it
And they all sort of
Slowly mold together over time and it’s very balanced and loving and awe


—I can’t even tell you how much I require structure and order in life. I am currently lacking those things in some areas. And it’s messy. I know what I need to do, but that will always lose to what I want to do. I simply lack self-control. And the mess just keeps getting bigger. *shrugs*

—I need to visit my family more for happier occasions. Funeral this week. Another one. Too soon. Too sad.

—Soon daughter’s schedule will be half-days and outings, and movies instead of lessons. Summer is coming fast. Time to plan.

—One more week before the tourist season officially starts, so we hit our favorite restaurants this weekend. We probably won’t see them again until October.

—The sparrows are bullying my hummingbirds. That shit just don’t fly. And I even helped them when a blue jay was trying to take over their birdhouse. Ingrates.

—Daisy dawger is having a hard time getting up from the floor. I hate this part, watching them get old so fast. :(((

—My eyes are sticky and burning today, so no, no makeup today. And no photos. Time for a new beauty regimen, and by that I mean any beauty regimen. And for the record, despite my half-assed but well-intentioned efforts, I am not bikini ready. Or tight-clothing ready. I’m more like yoga-pants-and-oversized-tee shirt ready. Just deal and stop beating yourself up, already.

Can someone please be kind and rewind this weekend? It went way too quickly!! Happy Sunday, lovelies!! :)


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Name: Ronnie (or is it?)
Nickname: Ronnie, Ro, boo, Fergie (I’m 99% sure I’m forgetting some)
Gender: female
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Ethnicity: basic white girl
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Height: 181cm (5′11″ I think?!)

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Last thing I googled: rob dyrdek

Favorite Bands: twenty one pilots

Favorite Solo Artists: I don’t think I have any :(

Song stuck in your head: young and manace by fall out boy

Last movie I watched: I think I rewatched Lucy

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When did you create your blog: november 2013 (wow)

What kind of stuff do you post: my son poods and also whatever I want

When did your blog reach its peak: uhh no idea
Do you have any other blogs: personal (@ronniemeg-shameless plug) and a few more but those are secret ;)

Why you chose your URL: cause ain’t no party like a pewdiepie party (only 90′s kids will remember)

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How many blankets do you sleep with: One

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Dream trip: UK! actually all around the world, but UK comes first

Favorite book: Chasing Red

What I’m wearing at the moment: homer simpson shirt I turned into my pajamas

I tag whoever wants to do this! go ahead, you have my permission

If it wasn’t for Zack Snyder, I doubt we would ever come to the point where we could have a discussion dedicated to Wonder Woman solo movie. He took a different approach to super hero movie genre and I loved it. Do people actually want DC be Marvel 2.0 or they want it to be its own thing? I prefer the latter and if anything, DCEU has been its own thing ever since Man of Steel, which is now my most favorite super hero movie to date.

Even though I’m thrilled to see Wonder Woman movie, the success of the movie does not make previous DCEU movies look bad. If movies were constatnly trying to look “like this” or “like this one” and “like that”, they wouldn’t be original. DCEU movies look how they want, not how critics would like and the audience of such movies is out there and proves critics being wrong.

I’m kind of digging the portrayal that DCEU uses and see it kind of like “Could these super heroes exist in a world like ours?”. Because at the end of the day, Earth in comic books is pretty much designed for these characters to work that positive and that colorful way. DCEU’s Earth is close to ours, where people are ready to question literally everything, sometimes it feels like you can’t move at all without being criticised, especially on the Internet, which is shown in BvS where Superman’s actions are discussed on the news, even though he is doing the right thing, saving people and stuff, media and governments are still trying to see some selfish goals behind all this act, even though “maybe he is just a guy trying to do the right thing”. I think if people tried to get DCEU from this kind of perspective, maybe they would be digging it too.

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What comics critics/reviewers should one follow? I'd love to read people, especially on Marvel and non-Image indies, but I have no idea who to look at. The only opinions on comics I ever see often are from angry fans on Facebook comments, and I'm not very trusting of these types for quality.

I wanted to answer this properly, so I’ve jumped on my laptop so I can link to everyone’s Twitter.

Here’s a big list, not comprehensive, but a good chunk of my favorites. I’ve listed more than just comic book reviewers too, because a lot of my faves talk about movies, TV, books, etc that have ties to comics and superheroes. Most of them are my friends, or at least people I know a little bit, but some of them are just people whose work I’m a fan of. I’ve listed everyone alphabetically too so there’s no particular order aside from that.

Keep reading

I’ve never done this before but I decided to give it a go.

Hey my name is Jessie, I am 14. I live in Texas (USA) and only speak English (sorry to any non-English speakers). Want to hear some fun facts about me? Well I am a high school cheerleader( I promise i am not a snob). I am 4'9. I love food sm. I am not going to lie I don’t like reading,
I am a movie watcher. When I do read it’s usually fan fictions. So I am going to begin with my favorite thing now ig.
• Favorite artist/bands
Harry Styles, Niall Horan, One Direction, Childish Gambino, Drake, J Cole, Marina and the Diamonds, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Beyoncé. I am always open for a recommendation of music!

•Favorite tv shows
13 reasons why, Jane the Virgin, The Fosters, American Horror story, Bates motel, Izombie and I’m looking for more to watch.

•Some of my hobbies
Cheering, gymnastics, softball, makeup (I aspire to be a makeup artist one day).

I prefer someone around the age between 13-16. I don’t care what religion or race you are. Please do not try to be my internet friend if you are racist or homophobic. If you want to be my internet friend the best way to talk to me is through my Instagram or snapchat. I use this on the daily, but you can also talk to me through tumblr or twitter.
Instagram- @jessie.henryy
Snapchat- @jessie.henry
Tumblr- harrystyles94niallhoran (don’t use very often)

If you are going to contact me pls tell me when you do just be like hey I saw your pen pal thing on tumblr or something. Hope to talk to you soon!

One of my favorite Kamen Rider things is during movies or when there’s a big rider meetup and they all transform at once and it’s just fucking noise. 


Just all at once and it sounds like just a loud-ass hum of fucking sounds. 

It’s so satisfying. 

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while i do think that people should see wonder woman, don't go lying about how it has no advertisement, i've seen plenty/a LOT of advertisement. there's no need to lie for a movie to be seen.

You know my favorite thing about my Wonder Woman post getting attention? The fact that I’ve had about a million anonymous dudebros in my mentions/inbox/ask box continuously calling me a liar and that WB is doing a good job and not being sexist. Since I don’t have the time nor the patience to reply to every single one of you- I’ll post my response here. The date of the original post (which no one took the two milliseconds to check) was posted April 30th, up until that point no one had seen a single fucking commercial without having to actively seek it out. Now, since I wrote that post over 3 weeks ago- it would stand to fucking reason that now, a WEEK before the damn movie opens in theaters, you and the rest of the world would come across a trailer. And as for calling me a liar, why in the frilly gay hell would I lie about something that I assumed would reach MAYBE 40-50 people? And in case you don’t believe that, here are some articles on the subject:

Articles of which could’ve also taken you .02 seconds to look up before feeling that you were entitled to anonymously insult me by calling me a liar just because you have some bloated sense of self-importance that just because YOU saw a trailer, well that MUST mean the rest of the goddamn world has seen it as well. Have a nice day 🙃

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last song you listened to: DNCE - Cake By The Ocean.

last movie you watched: like, 20 minutes of Pokemon the Movie 2000: The Power Of One. It’s my favourite Pokemon movie tbh.

top three fictional characters: Porrim, Aranea, Dolorosa.

top three ships: DAMARANEA, Portula, and either Pormeen or Meentula I can’t decide.

books im currently reading: Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee. It’s a great book but I have the attention span of a goldfish, as they say.

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Relationship status: Complicated

Favourite colour: Cobalt blue

Lipstick or chapstick: Lip gloss

Last song I listened to: “No Children” by The Mountain Goats

Last movie I watched: I’ve probably watched something on Netflix but I don’t remember. The last one in theaters was Fantastic Beasts (I had to escape my parents’ house for a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner). I liked the niffler.

Top three TV shows:
I don’t really watch much TV so I’m having trouble coming up with favorites. I have a soft spot for Supernatural although I haven’t seen the past few seasons. I’m enjoying The Magicians (not as good as the books, of course). I just saw the new season of Master of None pop up on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch that.

Top three characters:
1. Ignis Scientia [FFXV]
2. Basch fon Ronsenburg [FFXII]
3. Let’s call this a tie between Gladio [FFXV] and Balthier [FFXII]

Top three ships:
1. Gladio/Ignis [FFXV]
2. Basch/Balthier [FFXII]
3. That’s pretty much it :P

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What are your thoughts on La Jetee? I had to watch it twice and I've understood what a cool feat of filmmaking it was. Like I still get chills from the line "As in a dream, he shows her a point beyond the tree, hears himself say, "This is where I come from ..."

La Jetee is one of my all-time favorite short films! It’s quite different from most dystopian science fiction stories I’ve ever come across. It definitely is a cool piece of filmmaking, an inspiring example of how much filmmakers can do with very little. I saw it twice last year, back when Criterion used to stream their movies on Hulu and have a weekly free sampling of selected films. My favorite aspect is Trevor Duncan’s romantic score, especially the Girl Theme. It’s a lot like Bernard Hermann’s Vertigo score, with lots of repetition and the same kind of yearning in the melodies. Even the woman they got to play the girl from the past kind of has a Madeleine Elster vibe, though of course she’s a much warmer character.

I’ve heard La Jetee dismissed as being nothing more than a pretty slide show, and I think that is unfair. The still images serve an important function: to remind us of our own ephemerality, to evoke how our past is remembered more as a series of “snapshots” and images, never full. Their use also makes it all the more striking when we do get a few seconds of a moving image in the middle of the film.

I heard Terry Gilliam kind of remade La Jetee with Twelve Monkeys. I love La Jetee and I love Gilliam’s style, so that combination has it on my watchlist!