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I'm crazy and I like it

So I think I finally found an appropriate song for Ieyasu. “In A Needle” by The Used.
Even though I haven’t done his route yet I can already see I’m gonna be Ieyasu trash 😄. (Like my floofy friend @cottonballwithmustache )

“You suck me in and spit me out, I cannot control the feeling, poisonous kisses from your mouth that leave me so addicted”

And finally I have found an appropriate song for an slbp lord from one of my favorite bands. I feel accomplished! 😂

So I have “Happier” by Ed Sheeran for Toshiie, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran for Masamune, and I think of Hideyoshi when I listen to “Shape of You” also by Ed Sheeran….but it could work for Shingen too I suppose. So I need the rest. If anybody has any songs they associate with any of the slbp lords let me know. (And let’s try to get a My Chemical Romance song in there since I love them too….or Matchbox 20 🤔)


@gabibakos tagged me to post my favorite band shirt, thank you! I’ve got two, my tour shirts from last year’s leg of The Book of Souls World Tour; they’re my babies and I love them so much ❤️
I tag @withfreyjaonourside, @william-shakespeare-jr, @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross, @sunrise-has-gone, @gedddylee, @geekymetalhead, @hushaidcamool, @joeybelladonna, @night-witch-of-the-butts, @annihilation-your-masturbation, @evonthunder, @darthnihilvs, @metallicula and @the-heavy-metal-viking

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Hey my name is Angie omggg and this is all about ~moi~ My favorite band ever is one direction 😍 I'm a boss-ass bitch (but talk to me though, i love everyone omg) I might be young but honey don't let that fool you i got something to say 😗 (on my blog omg) I H A T E mangos and i'm in LOVE with every dog on earth ❤ don't leave your dog around me he'll go missing *teehee* (my laugh) Boys hit me up if you got alotta schmoney i need a sugar daddy 👅 (my bf poor) Oops was that > 5? omggg


What in internetnation (no regreetttttsss)

Hi there!
My name is Evie, I’m from the USA and I am 13.
In one sentence to describe myself I’d say “I like to qualify as a nerd but not a geek there’s a difference.” I also love memes if you couldn’t already tell lololol.
I speak fluent English and I’m taking Latin but that doesn’t really count seeing as you can’t really speak it.
Little fun facto about me: I play clarinet in my middle schools band and like to make up words.
Music, games, outdoors, drawing BUT tbh I’m not good, animals and photography (a little) and a bit of theatre. I’ve also always really loved England! I would love to visit there one day it’d be pretty lit! I also lovveee traveling! Some favorite bands include: TØP P!ATD PTX and many numerous more.
FANDOMS (the big topic):
Okay let the list reign on:
Gravity falls
The mortal instruments
Dan and Phil
5sos (?)
Here’s a warning: if you don’t like Dan and Phil then turn away rn because I will probably force you too watch them bc quite frankly those two adorable dorks are my life XD

I am also very sorry I use “XD” so yeah XD

I’m very adaptable when music comes to terms.

The perfect pen pal:
I just want someone who i can get to know and relate to and laugh and have fun with. Maybe skype and possibly even get together irl one day?i would be prepared tho I rant about a lot of stuff kind of like I’m doing rn oops XD
I’m too shy to come talk to you but if you contact me I’ll gladly talk!
Someone around my age would be nice but whatever is fine
Little interesting facts:
I’m a Taurus
I’m more like Dan than Phil
I may be shy but hurt the ones I care about and I will fight you
I aspire to move to England and start a YouTube channel like *COUGH COUGH* dan and phil *COUGH COUGH*
I’m a HUGE fangirl be ready XD

My Tumblr is ChickenTheDino feel free to msg me! If you’re from another country that’d be so cool!
My tumblr blog is trash I don’t post anything good but oh well it’s fineeeee XD

I’m very nervous to post this so let’s see how this turns out here I goooooooo

My favorite things in a fanfiction

• When one sits on the others lap for any non-sexual reason.
• One of them is cooking and the other wraps their arms around their waist.
• Comfort cuddles
• When one of them is insecure and the other refuses to let them think of themselves that way.
When one of them is an angry ball of rage and will only be calm and happy when their s/o is around.
• Band AUs.
Kissing and then being picked up so their legs are wrapped around the others waist.
One of them is a jock and will always give their team jacket to the other.
• 5 + 1 (these depend on the topic).
• Comfort during an anxiety/panic attack.
• Coffee AUs.
• Morning cuddling.
College AUs
Small one wearing tall one’s clothes.
When one of them is asexual and the other one hundred percent respects that and will do anything to make them feel comfortable.
• Sick fics.
• Saying “I love you” without directly saying it.
High school AUs.
• Friends playing matchmaker.
• Falling for the best friends brother/sister
• Youtuber AUs.
• One is a cinnamon roll that needs protection and the other is a brutal rebel and if anyone hurts their cinnamon roll they will destroy them (if you’re familar with my posts, you know how much I love this one).
• Meeting the parents and the parents are so accepting of the relationship.
• Friends noticing hickies and embarrassment ensues.
• Saying their first “I love you”.
• Height difference cuteness where one of them is super short and their s/o will always pick them up to make them eye level.
• When they get locked in and that forces them to confess.
• Sloppy make outs.
When the relationship is already established.
When one of them is scared to fall in love but ends up loving the other too much and so when they kiss for the first time they just say “fuck it” and freaking go for it.

• (since I keep seeing people add it and I enjoy it on occasion as well) Fake dating. 

And that’s it so far. I’ll most likely add more to this list later. Feel free to add your own. : )

I’m so happy to finally be able to finally be able to share this!!

This was my piece for Gold Medal: A Yuuri on Ice Fanbook (featuring only Latin American artists woo!!)

The’re strolling down Coyoacán (the municipality in Mexico City where my mom grew up, and where I spent most of my childhood holidays), with pecked paper hanging over them (one of my favorite Mexican aesthetics). They’re both wearing Otomí embroidered shirts (Victor is wearing a belt as well), which is my favorite indigenous textile pattern, and embroidered wrist-bands with their names on it (a very silly Mexican souvenir you can get at mercaditos). 
Victor is having a bollo (they have other names in the rest of the country, but we call them that way in Monterrey), which is basically ice cream in a plastic bag. I added this bc it’s a thing you see almost everywhere, and Yuuri is having an elotito with spicy chile. Because elotitos are the best  (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

I hope you like it!! 

remember that one interview during mitam promo with grimmy where harry had to use that voice app and it was SO OBVIOUS that everyone in one direction loves and enjoys each other???  what a great interview.  It really warms my heart.  


When the truth walks away, everybody stays
Cause the truth about the world is that crime does pay
So if you walk away, who is gonna stay
Cause I’d like to make the world be a better place

Rapunzel the Thief

During my most recent fever daydream I started thinking about alternative universes in “Tangled”. One of my favorites was one where Rapunzel cuts of her own hair in order to escape Gothel and the tower. OBS: Rapunzel just knows that “mother” has lied to her, but she has no idea that she is royalty. 

After wandering the forest all alone and depressed she bands up with ((fellow orphan)) Flynn Rider and becomes a well known thief. Later, during a break-in into the castle Rapunzel realizes who her real parents could be, but before she can meet the king or queen she is captured by the guards and is sentenced to death.

The rest is up to you. But a happy ending is obligatory. :P

- Ow!
- Hold still.
- Why did they have to be pink?
- Ask the cook. It’s his jeep.
- Thanks, Todd. You know, for someone who constantly talks about what an asshole he is, you’re quite a good friend. 

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
→ 1x05 Very Erectus

(i drew a version with the jeep n the machine but i got too tired to finish it, but i’ll put it up as soon as i do!)

cute crush asks

ok, send me a question and your answer to that question in regards to your crush or significant other then i’ll answer about my crush (bc don’t we all just wanna talk about our people??)

1: Do they drink coffee?
2: Are they left or right handed?
3: How do they do their hair? Facial hair? (If they have it)
4: What’s their favorite animal?
5: What is their relationship status?
6: What is their favorite band/singer?
7: Are they more a cat or dog person?
8: What does their laugh sound like?
9: Do they know multiple languages? Which ones?
10: How old are they? How old are you?
11: One word that describes them.
12: Do they have any pets?
13: What is their favorite TV show?
14: What is their favorite movie?
15: What car do they drive?
16: What ethnicity and/or nationality are they?
17: Where did you meet them?
18: What was your first meeting like?
19:  What is their zodiac sign? Are your signs compatible?
20: What month is their birthday?
21: What is your favorite outfit on them?
22: Are they good texters?
23: Your favorite feature about their appearance.
24: Your favorite thing about their personality.
25: Do they make you laugh?
26: Do you make them laugh?
27: Are they good huggers/ kissers?
28: What is your favorite “flaw” that they have?
29: Are they nice to strangers?
30: What is the funniest thing they have ever said?
31: Saddest?
32: Weirdest?
33: Cutest?
34: Ever dreamt about them? What happened in the dream?
35: How tall are they? How tall are you?
36: Do they have a booty?
37: What are their hobbies?
38: What are their talents?
39: What would your dream date be with them?
40: Does anyone know about your crush/love?
41: What do you guys have in common?
42: Do they go to the gym?
43: Do they go by their given name?
44: What is their favorite color?
45: How far apart do you live from them?
46: What song reminds you of them?
47: Do they listen to a lot of music?
48: What do they smell like?
49: If they were in a book (protagonist or antagonist or supporting character, up to you) how would the writer describe them?
50: How often do you see them?
51: The last text/ message they sent you?
52: The last thing they said to you in person?
53: What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you in front of them?
54: Do they have any tattoos or piercings?
55: What color are their eyes?
56: What is their clothing style?
57: What is one thing that makes them really special?
58: Will you tell your crush your feelings?
59: How long did you know them before you started falling for them?
60: Was there a defining moment when you knew you liked them?

i want to get over you, but i also visit your profile every 15 minutes, i want to forget you, but i also listen to your favorite band and watch your favorite tv-show, i want to find somebody new, but i also compare them to you, no one’s better, their kisses will never ever get me drunk just like yours did, i want to be happy without you, but i also can’t fall asleep without the thought of you on my mind, i want you to never call me and never message me again, but i also check my phone every 5 minutes hoping that maybe there’s a call from you.