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do you know any good altean!lance and galra!keith fics??

ohhhkayyy, god damn, like tumblr crashed on me as I was like 3 fics away from finishing this so I had to like start all over, like rip me.

and, I don’t have many altean lance fics so most of this is galra Keith and pretty much all angsty. I tried to find some less angsty ones, I don’t know how well I succeeded xD.

Note: I’ll be starting weekly fic recs in April. just and fyi~

Warmth by Rahar_Moonfire

Summary: Lance is Allura’s younger brother. During the mission to retrieve the Red Lion from Galra hands, he gets captured. His guard is a curious Galra halfbreed named Keith who may just be his ticket to freedom. He’s a bit small for an alpha, but Lance is sure he can handle it. A little flirting never hurt anyone after all. The fact Keith is good looking for a Galra and those ears wiggle (so cute!) doesn’t influence this decision. Nope. Not one bit.
Series: 4 Works
            Work 1 WC: 61497 (19/19)
            Work 2 WC: 111883 (32/32)
            Work 3 WC: 133875 (42/42)
            Work 4 WC: 71480 (21/?)
Notes: THIS IS LIKE THE ONLY FIC I HAVE WITH ALTEAN!LANCE AND GALRA!KEITH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. gahgldfkjhsa;d, ok so this is just an amazing series, some nsfw tossed in btw, youve been wared. but over all, i just love this series so much and i need to like catch really bad… i didnt know work3 or 4 even existed… >.< 11/10

Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle

Summary: It was his fault. He shouldn’t have retreated – he should have ran after them, Galra forces be damned, and ripped the red paladin right out of his weaponized hands, shooting the commander dead on the spot.But he hadn’t. Lance stood there, frozen with adrenaline and fear, before backing out with tears in his eyes, justifying it to himself by saying, ‘he won’t get far, we can easily get him back once I have Voltron with me.’He’d forgotten they didn’t have Voltron. He’d forgotten that without Keith, Voltron was nothing.Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.
WC: 28197
Notes: -hands over some tissues- here you will need these. 100/10

I Was Born A Lion by spectralPhobia

Summary: After Keith discovers he is part Galra and Red lion rejects him, there’s only one way he can make himself useful: to join Galra and try to wreck them from the inside, while figuring out a relationship with a guy who turns out to be his biological father.
A comic about one stubborn man’s self-discovery, the challenges of spying, everyone in team Voltron being BAMF, and the universe that needs saving, as usual.
WC: comic, so no words counted by AO3 (11/?)
Notes: Galra Keith because Thace is some kinda of scientist? Uhm yes please. 10/10

your claws in me by burlesquecomposer

Summary: “Oh trust me. When I’m done with you, I won’t be able to stop laughing,” Lance says lowly, and his lips curl farther, and there’s something wild in his stare, and it hits Keith suddenly.This isn’t Lance.
Lance falls under the control of Zarkon’s Druids, and although his friends manage to get him back, nothing is quite the same. Maybe the Galra succeeded after all. Maybe the Galra merely wanted to tear Team Voltron apart from the inside.
WC: 49072 (12/12)
Notes: Rip Lance tbh, this is like really angsty and my heart breaks for Lance. but yes, galra keith is there to save the day~ 10/10

This House Unfinished by boyghosts

Summary: “Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.
WC: 30776
Notes: -cackles- have some tissues my friend 100/10

Dancing Lion, Painted Wings by genericfanatic

Summary: Years after peace has been made between the Galran and Altean kingdoms, The witch Haggar comes for vengeance. The young symbol of peace, the half-galran, half-altean Prince Kalor is lost. His aunt, Princess Allura, and his bodyguard, Shiro, are heartbroken.10 years later, an orphan named Keith sets out on his own, trying to find the key to his past. All he has to help him is a small figurine with a cryptic message, a friendly engineer, a technician and her friendly robot, and a cocky con man with a mysterious, yet familiar past.
WC: 35154 (14/14)
Notes: the anastasia au everyone talks about. and like galtean keith gives me life, but conman Lance gives me more. 10/10

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia

Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
WC: 18010 (6/6)
Notes: Smol Keith is like my fav, hes so cute in this. and Ulaz being a dad just heals my heart, like bless. 11/10

Ashes, Ashes by vagrantBreath

Summary: Everyone knew their kitten was destined for something greater.No one guessed it was Voltron.
WC: 26639 (20/20)
Notes: Keith raised by the BoM technically makes him Galra right? xD Hahah no, he does have ties, but yeah i love this, hes a sheltered little shit and its great. 9/10

Purple Marks and Bleeding Heart by TeaParade

Summary: Mark #223-code-violet, Lance’s newest job, is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron, a specialist group designed to take out the universe’s worst of the worst. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is. And Lance is having a very hard time.
WC: 52377 (12/?)
Notes: Sniper Lance and Galra Keith. literally one of my fav pairings. like straight up (tho nothing about this is straight in any sense really) 11/10

To See Blue Skies by BoyBitingDemon

Summary: He scoffed as he watched the fight below, the crowds going wild at the two fighters in the arena. They had such poor taste for entertainment these days.He heard a small sound of amusement from the one sitting next to his standing form, ever vigilant.“As if you were any better your first time in the arena.” They murmured under their breath, a small smile sneaking onto their face, pupiless gold eyes focused on the fight below, but their attention solely on the person standing guard next to him.“I must have have been somewhat impressive to catch the eyes of a certain prince now wasn’t I?"The prince snuck a glance towards the taller, whose face was hidden behind the helmet they wore."You caught a lot more than just my eye that’s for sure.”
WC: 5947 (4/?)
Notes: i,, just love this fic? Like Galra Prince Keith and Champion Lance, you can’t really get much better than this. 10/10

If Only I Could Cry TheSlytherinMudblood

Summary: Galra biology differs from human biology in many ways. For example, Galra are purple. They have yellow eyes. The mammalian ones are able to purr.They also lack tear ducts.
WC: 586
Notes: this is short and sweet (read angsty sorry not sorry) 8/10

The Master of Disguise by NireYllek

Summary: “Wait, what that doesn’t make any sense.” Hunk protested.Pidge shook her head with a tsk. “It does if one of us is disguised as Allura.”Pidge flashed a smirk in Lance’s direction. “I’m sorry, why are you looking at me?” Lance protested. Something in Keith’s brain clicked, he looked at Lance and then at the Princess.Put a little make up on him, a wig, and a dress and he could- OH my god.
WC: 33596 (6/6)
Notes: Tbh, this made me giggle so much. Lance dressed as Allura and Keith and his gay awakening™ just give me life ok. 10/10


hockey edit meme: 2/4 lines/d-man duos

Zdeno Chara and Brandon Carlo :

“Nineteen years, eight months and eight days separate the 19-year-old Carlo and 39-year-old Chara, who was born on March 18, 1977 and is in his 20th year in the NHL.

“We haven’t really talked about it or anything,” Carlo smiled. "I’ve seen quite a few tweets that he was drafted in ‘96 and I was born in ‘96, so it’s pretty cool for me to be around a guy with that much experience in the league.“

“It’s exciting to have someone who literally when I started playing NHL, was born, and now, he’s on my right side,” Chara said with a big smile.

The tandem of Chara and Carlo is special, and Chara genuinely knows that.

“It’s kind of two contrasts - but I like it,” he smiled.” 


Sensing something just ahead, she slowed and brought the blaster up. A figure stepped out from behind a tree. It was the nightmare, and he was wielding a lightsaber unlike any she had ever seen in the stories she had read. Its beam was an intense, burning red like a controlled flame, and near the hilt, a pair of shorter beams shot outward, perpendicular to the main shaft. She fired, again and again. Each shot from her blaster he deflected with the lightsaber’s beam. Almost as if it were a game, she thought in terror as she continued to fire. He was playing with her. Until, evidently, he tired of it.

Heartbreaker, Gatekeeper

Pairing: Dean x Donna

A/N: Again - still not out of my hiatus but I found a little time tonight so here you go. An aesthetic of one of my fav pairings :D

This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this aesthetic is: Smoke and Mirrors

She knew him better than any woman he had ever been with. She knew his life. She knew his world and she saw past all his smoke and mirrors. She broke down his well constructed walls a little by a little. Slowly he let her smiles and laughter fill his life.

Hunting was Dean’s life. He never thought a woman, much less a woman like her would fit into his world. He never thought any woman could sweep him away the way that Donna did. The best thing about her was that she didn’t even know what she was doing to him. She didn’t see how intoxicatingly beautiful and how smart and tough that she was.

That was Dean’s favourite thing about her. She had broken down his walls. He was all in now. He wanted her more than anything and he told her that when he asked her to marry him. Dean would never forget the gorgeous smile that lit up her face that day or the way she beamed when she gave him her yes and he gave her his.

Now Dean’s real work began. She had allowed herself to love him but he also knew that Donna still expected him to break her heart. She still expected him to leave her for someone better, but Dean wouldn’t. He wanted to show her that there was no one better than her. There was no one more deserving of his love and he was actually the one out of her league.

There was times where Dean thought all of this was a dream, that she wasn’t real, but she was. She was more real than anything in his life and she wanted him as much as he wanted her. With Donna Winchester at his side, Dean knew there was nothing this crazy world could throw at him, he wouldn’t make it through.

Keep reading

, I squealed so hard. Some of my OTP. This is based of a fanfiction written by @pinktatertots99 

The fic was shown to me by my friend @minty-zombie

It’s called “War’s End Kiss” and honestly it’s one of my favourite photographs ever taken.  Seeing my favourite pairing in that story made me squeal so hard. Since I’m too shy to go talk to the authors of my fav fictions, I resort to quietly drawing fanart. 

Also, I’m considering on starting an ask nico blong. Let me know if you think I should. 

[AO3] Plumeria

Title: Plumeria
Author: bottomchanyeol
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Flower Shop!AU, Fluff, Slight!Angst

Summary: Chanyeol is not what you expect in a flower shop owner, covered in tattoos and red hair. Baekhyun is his new favourite customer.

Note: You learn so much about the meaning of flowers. I seriously love how much thought & care the author put into this! And the story is just the right amount of romance paired with humor. One of my fav settings of characters ever!

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Hi..I really love your blog since Taejin is my new fav pairing. I want to ask you " Did Tae ever feel jealous toward Yoongi ? Like he felt it against NamJin. Because Jin seems to be very close to Yoongi and always boasted that he is the best roomate for Jin.

Hello there Najlakookie,

Thank you for the love and I’m happy Taejin is your new fav pairing.

Perhaps you have missed it but I did a Jealous V analysis on one of my latest masterposts where there is a bit of Yoongi, you can read it here:

Blank Tae or Jealous Tae?

I’m sorry there is not much to say about V being jealous of Suga so this will be  more of a BTS business strategy kind of masterpost, i hope you don’t mind. 

I think V is not jealous cause he and Jin currently go out with Suga and J-Hope quite often so whatever he experiences there, is not a motif for jealousy to him. And as I said, V just feels jealous when there is a public push of Jin being shipped with other members, I think he would not be able to live with the other members if he was non-stop jealous of Jin, he’d have a stroke! Sure he doesn’t like Jin to be touched or give his attention to nobody else but I think he sees Suga as the least threat amongst the members. I suspect that’s cause he knows Suga better than we do, or cause Suga could be in a relationship.

Like for instance, on this funny moment where Suga was holding Jin in place. V was not ok with any of what was happening, but not cause of Suga. He was not ok with the situation of his Jin being exposed and subjected to any hand that wasn’t his. But the only thing he did about Suga was placing both his hands way down on Jin’s derriere like his body language was saying “Let me check and make sure you all understand that I am the first one here, marking a territory that is mine”. He was way more annoyed with Jungkook’s enjoyment of the slap, Bangtan’s cheering and even Rapmon who did not even touch Jin!

LOL the way V touched Jin’s derriere is like so loving, like Jin’s booty is the most precious treasured thing. HA!

LOL Jealous Tae vs Bangtan: but look at his ultra tense body language and the “how dare you” pose at Kookie and Rapmon!

So even though I do think Suga respects and appreciates Jin a lot, I don’t really see that much of a deep emotional bond between them. Don’t get me wrong, they adore each other, but they are definitely not romantically interested on each other.

But let me go back to the subject and explain why Jin and Suga’s bond has being widely fan serviced on the comeback:

On a marketing point of view, I do think BigHit is creating a buzz with the rap line + SOPE + the roommate card cause, after this year’s hyung line and Jin’s fandom rant, they need to reinforce the hyung line

This is a much needed change since this fandom often pays attention just to the Maknae line and BigHit has ignored the importance Hyung line for too long. Basically they have not promoted the Hyung line efficiently so far. They need a strategy change that has been ongoing with SOPE and previously with Nam’jin.

The Rap Line and Sope push to promo the Hyung line.

And Taejin sowing love here and there: Taejin has being sightly promo here and there, most notably on DNA mv (no surprise there since BigHit has constructed the entire BTS MV theory about Taejin as a romantic pairing) and DNA choreo and also getting more space for cuteness and mutual shoulder attacks.

Since Nam’jin has proven to be highly accepted but complicated in an internal level (since Jin and V grew inseparable), the producers have changed how Jin is seen by the fandom, transforming him into what I like to call multi-ship Jin. Namjoon is also a fluctuating member, engaging the rap line, Jimin and Taehyung in a more fluid manner and being gradually set apart from Jin. 

Detaching Nam’jin just a bit: Like recently when Jin said he and Rapmon had dinner but they have nothing interesting to say. It’s like the marketing saying, see we are still Nam’jin and they are still cute but ya know, Nam’jin is not really so close. 

Jin talks about Taejin and Sope having a dinner with PD Bang: Jin said he had a double date dinner, Taejin and Sope with their producer. Again reinforcing the Hyung line, praising the producer but subtly sowing Taejin.

Jin is now universally shipped and this works very well since Jin himself is an easy going person who is the best on BTS to understand and put in practice the marketing strategies with a business man mind. 

Cause the Jin fandom was so vocal about the mistreating of Jin Big Hit has decided to push Jin with as many band members as possible cause they believe this is what the Jin fandom means when we say we want Jin to have more space in the band. 

Of course this has been proven problematic for V due to his territorial and jealous nature, and this is a subject I often talk about.

I hope this quick explanation has helped you understand a bit more of why Jin has been fan serviced and pushed with the Hyung line lately. In a way I feel that the comeback has been beneficial to the Hyung line, especially J-Hope who’s having the spotlight he deserves and to Taejin who have more lines and more freedom to PDA. And it also removed the unnecessary heavy load out of Jimin and Kookie’s shoulders. I myself am quite content with the change.

Lots of love.

Friday five

1. I’m finally home. Work is always crazy on fridays in my field but it didn’t feel like torture like my last job. We blasted rap music and oldies and laughed and danced all while getting our work done and it’s just such a positive environment. And let’s not forget the overtime pay 🙌🏼

2. I know I’m not “fat” per se, but I feel like a whale most days. I’m in a shopping mood so I ordered a scale from amazon and a pair of black booties bc duh

3. I came home, lit candles, poured a drink and put on my music. And what was the first random song that played? Neko Case “hold on, hold on” which is one of my all time fav songs so I’m taking that as a good omen

4. I get the Friday after thanksgiving as a paid holiday so bless this upcoming 4 day weekend

5. Has anyone ever seen the YouTube video “third grade dropout”? They played it as an inspirational video at work yesterday and it really struck a chord. Its about hitting rock bottom and continuing to keep standing and trying. Watch it if you haven’t, bring tissues


@jkam3327​ requested:
Oh um hi, wow your like my fav writer ever, like really your like the best, um ok well I was hoping you could a marvel fic if you do those. Maybe one where peter tells the reader that hes spiderman after asking tony and she doesn’t believe him. Then he puts on the suit and takes her for a swing (like in the amazing spiderman) the stop at a building and kiss. Sorry thats a lot. Thanks a ton😁😂

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: None I don’t think. Maybe bad proofreading. A bad title 

A/N: Flattery will get you nowhere my friend. JK JK luv you. Quit acting like a stranger! I changed it a bit hopefully you don’t mind! It takes place before HOCO and after Civil War. I watched Thor Ragnarok today too!

Originally posted by tomshollandss

“Well, well, well. Look who it is.”

Leaning against the doorframe, Y/N stared at her sheepish boyfriend outside her apartment door.

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry I haven’t been around lately, I-”

Peter bit his lip, cutting himself off, sighing at her expression. “And there’s no excuse for this is there?”

Y/N shook her head. “No. No there isn’t. But I’ll hear it anyways.” 

“I-” Peter tried to force himself to finish the excuse (the lie) he thought up of on his way here. I got a Stark internship and I lost track of time while I was there.

But he couldn’t. Instead he took her hand and began to lead her up the building stairs. 

“Peter, what are you-?” Y/N tried to pull her hand away from his, but he held on. 

“I don’t think I’ll be able to tell you, so showing you is better.” He said determinedly. 

“I’m in my pyjamas!” Y/N hysterically whispered. “Where are we going?” 

“Just trust me on this okay?” Peter pulled her close, looking at her desperately and solemnly at the same time. 

Relaxing slightly after a few moments, she nodded. Soon enough they were standing on the roof of the building and Peter began taking his clothes off.

“Um.. Whoa? Peter?” Averting her eyes, she stared at her feet. 

“Oops. Sorry. I didn’t- I mean, I’m not naked.” Peter cleared his throat, spreading out his arms for her to look at him.

“You’re Spiderman.” She deadpanned as she looked at his red and blue suit.


Peter rocked back and forth on his heels, waiting for her to react somehow. 

“I’m dating Spiderman.”


Exhaling, she nodded, processing the information. “Okay, that’s a good truthful excuse to ditch me for a couple days.”

“You just believe me?” Peter asked slowly, incredulous. “J-just like that?”

Y/N snorted. “Well that definitely doesn’t look like a rip off costume. It also explains the countless bruises and disappearances.” She shrugged. “I’m just happy I have a reason now. Don’t you do anything stupid now though.” 

Peter gave her a salute, placing his hands on her waist, smiling. 

“Yes ma’am. Now what do you say we go for a swing?”

“Oh, now I don’t know..”

“C’mon!” Pulling her closer, Peter looped his arm around Y/N tightly, pressing a kiss to her forehead and jumped off the roof, laughing at Y/N clutching onto him for dear life.

“Have you done this a lot? With people?” Y/N shrieked as they swept past buildings, over roofs and cars.

“Yes! Don’t worry! I’ve done it with criminals!” Peter yelled back.

“That’s reassuring!” 

“I’m here to take you to jail!” Peter pretended to scold as Y/N peered up at him. 

“For what?” Y/N now looked down at the sights below and immediately felt dizzy.

Landing on a nearby rooftop, Peter helped Y/N regain her balance before kissing her soundly. 

“For stealing my heart. Very serious crime if I say so myself.” 

author/fic recs!

ok so its 11:45pm its stiLL TECHINCALLY FANFICTION WRITER APPRECIATION DAY so here we go (also these are in no particular order i just went down my list of people im following lmao)

  • @sincerlyyme MAMA WALNUT MY LOVE hoLy shit everything and anything written by walnut is the best. (read the walnut fic) my fav is group therapy
  • oh and last but not least, the one and only @pacman-tattoo tris is overall such a great and genuine person and she writes amazing fics too?? wow. i rly love control but countdown turned me into a low-key rich girl tbqh

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please, please, please rec something thank you

I know :( and I’m so sorry It’s been so long since I’ve recced something. I have 3 other ppl in my asks, asking about fics, so I’m just going to do a little bit of everything. All Sam/Jared centric, since he is the love of my entire life. Hope you enjoy <3


Threw Away the Sun

:  Word Count: 11,090 type of hurt - Blindeness 

AU. Six months after John Winchester goes missing on a hunt, Dean Goes to Palo Alto to find a psychic.Title is from the song “Bad Company” by the band of the same name.Character death is not Sam or Dean. 

Warnings: non-con mention, but nothing like that actually happens, violence, abuse, Sam/Dean
Side Note: I love this story so much. I’ve read it more times than I can count and although it does have a terribly sad story line, the end is happy and sweet.

Sam Is…: Word Count: 5,993 type of hurt - hell trauma

Dean gets Sam back. 

Warnings: none

Away to Darker Times: Word Count: 30,680 type of hurt - um everything??? 

Finally hunting on his own, Dean makes a trip to Stanford to visit Sam, only to find his little brother’s gone missing. And when he finally does stumble upon him in a dark twist of fate, Sam is not the boy he used to be.

Warnings: Prostitution, drug addiction, Sam/Dean
Side Note: This story is so so painful, but it hurts so good. Your daily dose of protective!Dean is there along with handsy boys ;) and off topic, but the author of this story has other amazing works, and as far as I can tell, all of them are bottom!Sam/Jared!!!! 

With Spit and a Prayer: Word Count: unknown but it’s long. Type of hurt - non-con 

Dean is possessed. Unpleasantness ensues. 

Warnings: graphic non-con (between sam/dean) and violence and a lot of other dark things, so if you’re sensetive to that kinda stuff, please don’t read <<33

The Repeated Image of the Lover Destroyed: Word Count: 103,024 type of hurt - non con

Sam is a prostitute. Lucifer owns the contract that keeps him in the brothel. There’s definitely something between them—but in their world, flesh comes at a price, and real happiness is far more difficult to keep intact.

Warnings: Sam/Lucifer, Eating disorder, graphic non-con, graphic self harm, graphic everything.
Side Note: So this is another one of my favs, and although I don’t really like Samifer, like ever, this fic is so beautiful and amazingly well written, like just trust me on this. I also really loved the relationship between the two and how it progressed. And since I am just a sucker for hurt!sam, it doesnt really matter for me what pairing it is. So if you’re the same, I would really suggest reading this.

Catch Your Death: Word Count: 22,000 type of hurt - sick!sam 

When Sam finds the ghost of a young man who was bullied to death and is now strangling young women, he just wants to put the spirit to rest. But he’s coming down with the flu. He’s having a crisis of faith. And frankly, Dean’s being a dick.

Warnings: Sam/Dean some violence but nothing too awful
Side Note: Been awhile since I read this story, but what I can remember about it, is that it was super cute and fluffy with some hurt!sick!sam, and caring!dean. Plus its long enough to ease your cravings!


Sunday Maybe Monday: Word Count: 21,810 type of hurt - abuse

Jensen is a short order cook. He works, he sleeps – it’s enough. Then one day, Jensen notices Jared.

Warnings: abuse, violence, murDER, age!gap, and one, very very veryyy brief bottom!jensen scene. Blink and you’ll miss it
Side Note: Probably my fav j2 fic. super sad and cute and everything in between, plus there is some pretty amazing fanart to go along with it.

Rivers Till I Reach You: Word Count: 51,724 type of hurt - mental illness

Jensen’s life is falling apart; with his formerly booming business going bankrupt, he’s losing his girlfriend, his money and his direction. To add insult to injury, he finds himself doing community service as a janitor in a mental hospital after having racked up one too many speeding tickets. But between scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors, Jensen saves the life of a young patient named Jared and is shocked when he follows him home. Weirdly, Jared seems insistent about wanting to stay with Jensen despite them being strangers, making every further discussion futile. Running out of time and too compassionate to leave Jared all alone, Jensen makes a momentous decision: instead of escorting the shy young man back to the hospital like he probably should, he lets him tag along to his brother’s wedding, and together they embark on a journey through the summer-hot, golden South that will shake both their lives to the very foundations.

Warnings: suicide, abuse, hunger strike, drug use, poor Jared baby :(
Side Note: Sad story line, but such a lovely fic altogether. Don’t let the tags scare you away because it’s more happy then anything else. And the ending will totally melt your insides. BELIEVE ME.

Out With the Old, In With the New: Word Count: 9,301 type of hurt - abuse

Jensen suffers physical and mental pain during the war. Afterwards he leaves his old world behind in the hope he might be able to start a new one. Jared is a boy who seems to move into his new world and stay. Can these men - both damaged in some way - start a new life in a new world?

Warnings: abuse, ptsd

(sorry there isnt much hurt!jared. I’ll do more later, promise!)


Take Two

: Word Count: Unknown J2

Jensen fucks Jared senseless, but Jared refuses to let him pull out when he’s done. Instead he wants Jensen to get hard inside him and fuck him all over again.

Say You Wanna Put Your Hands On Me

: Word Count: 4,174 J2

Joining a gay porn site just to get close to his crush probably isn’t the most logical thing Jared’s ever done.

Bet my life on you

: Word Count: 2,779 J2

The crazy thing is, Jared’s not even drunk when he agrees to offer up his virginity in a game of poker. Of course, he could use the money, and hell, he’s always wanted to fuck Jensen, so really, it’s a win-win situation.

You’re Possessing Me

: Word Count: 3,232 Wincest

Dean goes looking for something to get himself off to–he’s in no way expecting to stumble on porn vids of Sam. But now that he has, he’s becoming obsessed.

The Other Times:  

Word Count: 5,600 Wincest

Dean realizes that Sam is growing up (among other things)when he accidentally sees his little brother in a few compromising positions.

Supersize Me, Sammy

 Word Count: 15,673 Wincest

Dean finds a huge dildo in Sam’s bag and it’s all down hill from there.

Hope y’all can find something here that you like <333


Shou was raised around kind of a ‘simple but stylish’ ideal; when he got a piercing he only got one, and he only got enough studs to always have an appropriate one (silver, gold, diamond, and his birthstone - turquoise).

It started with just the occasional broken pair, but by now Shou probably has like, 35 different earrings from Teru pinned to a banner in his room. Wears a different one every day.

Sometimes Teru buys pairs just so they can match.

anonymous asked:

There is no fan child of Zeke × Tatiana or an artwork of them having a child together in FE ECHOES: SHADOW OF VANITA. Have you ever thought of creating one to make the fans and yourself happy?

this is legitimately, unironically, my favorite ask I’ve ever gotten. Just because they’re so sure my happiness would increase with the existence of Zeke and Tatiana’s child. I don’t have any ideas right now for a kid but I might in the future just because I love this ask so much ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

anonymous asked:

have you got another Dylan headcanons?

OKAY so I have a lot of headcanons but a lot are like just short ideas so I’ll just give you a list of some of my favs

-          If he hadn’t gone into medicine, he’d probably have ended up doing a doctorate in History or something because he loves the past and history and the difference between the two, and he’d probably be the professor who wears tweed and has a pair of horn-rimmed glasses who knows EVERYTHING about like literally everything you could ever think of

-          Dervla’s more than just a pet to him, and one time she gets sick and he doesn’t know what to do, because it’s as if she’s his child, and he rings Zoe in a panic like “she’s got a temperature and a poorly foot and I think she might have a lung infection” and Zoe just takes a deep breath and is like “why do you think she’s got a lung infection?” and then reminds him that something called a vet exists and he’s like…oh shit yeah I forgot about that

-          He’s a fan of Ed Sheeran, more so than he’d be willing to admit

-          He doesn’t tend to celebrate his birthday, because of a poor family situation as a child, but for his fortieth the team decide to organise him a celebration, Dylan Style. So there’s no party (because a) the last Party they had coincided with a car going off a cliff and b) that’s not Dylan’s style) so there’s just a bunch of them sat reading and drinking whisky sitting in silence listening to music, until Dylan just tells them all to start talking bc he appreciates the fact that they actually did something he wanted for a change

-          His biggest pet peeve is people who don’t appreciate what they’ve got.

-          Helping people is the reason he went into medicine, and so any form of unnecessary bureaucracy (read Sam Strachan) irritates him no end, and he just wishes that each department could get enough funding without stupid meetings and proposals and stuff because the patients are the most important things

-          Now that Zoe’s gone, he actually really gets on with Connie. They differ on some things, of course, but he knows that patient care is at the centre of her ethos, regardless of whatever else is going on in her life, and they share a lot of the same interests. With a few differences, they’re almost the same people

-          He’s one of the strongest, most vocal Labour supporters in the department (they’re all Labour, with a few Lib Dems and Greens thrown in for the fun of it)

-          He perpetually doesn’t understand the department’s need to bet on EVERYTHING but sometimes he participates, not because he actually really cares about the result, but because he wants to mess with the team

-          He’s taken a step back from some of the team and its fun-ness since the whole Seb thing, because even though they’re great people for the most party, he can’t quite get over the fact that nobody supported him against the allegations. And he’s beginning to deal with this a bit better, but it’s always a niggle in the back of his mind

-          His holidays always seem to fall between January and the end of March, when Connie realises that he’s got like the full entitlement left and makes him book them all

-          Rihanna is his favourite child ever, and he’s actually started to book off her birthday week because he wants to spend time with her – though it’s a “passing fondness” if anyone else asks him

-          He hates running, but Elle makes him get involved with the Holby City Consultant Running Club that they make Connie establish, because they don’t want her to be sad and alone

-          He cares a lot more than he’s willing to admit

I got caught up in reading a bunch of the SW novels (read the Catalyst novel, you guys, it’s DELIGHTFUL and I think it really helped get me ready for Rogue One!), so this week I’m doing another compliation set on a theme: STAR WARS MODERN AUS.

NO WAIT COME BACK!! I had a hell of a time getting into them at first, I mean, what’s Star Wars without the laser swords and aliens and space ships and people being space monks?? But then I realized, oh, it’s a chance for these assholes to maybe be happy in a different universe or a chance to examine them from another angle. I wouldn’t suggest starting here, get your fill of more canon-based fic first, then come back when you’re hungry for more of this kind of thing, because it’s pretty amazing when you’re in the right headspace for it! (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

Dear Fellow Traveler by Glare, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, human au, 17.4k
   When strangers Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker both miss their flight, they become unlikely partners in the quest to get home. A modern road trip AU.
Plot Twist by skywalkersamidala, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, human au, 10.1k
   The supposed love triangle between Mr. Skywalker, Ms. Amidala, and Mr. Kenobi is all their students (and even their fellow teachers) can talk about. The only thing is, no one at Coruscant High School can figure out exactly which of them are together.
Negotiation by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, nsfw, modern au, serial killer au, 30.4k wip
   Over a year ago, Coruscant Police Detective Anakin Skywalker vanished without a trace while hunting the prolific serial killer known within the media as “The Negotiator”.
i could teach you (but i’d have to charge) by pdotschuy, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, modern au, school au, 7.1k wip
   ( aka: that high school teachers au that literally no one was going to ask for, but needed to be done. featuring: anakin and ahsoka terrorizing the entire school, the clones as secretaries, and obi-wan, who definitely deserves a raise. let’s not even talk about dooku. )
A Sky Full of Stars by rubberbird, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 15.7k wip
   True love never did run smooth.
the comfort of this house by FoxGlade, obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke & leia & cast, 3.9k
   seven excerpts from a life where everything went right
Master by ARightCharlie (nerddowell), obi-wan/anakin & padme & quinlan, NSFW, human au, dom/sub, 6.6k
   “You know, it’s not kind to play with your food,” Quin told Obi-Wan as he glanced between his friend and the undergrad Obi-Wan was currently toying with.
let me photograph you in this light by QueenWithABeeThrone, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme & han & luke & leia, human au, 14.4k
   Obi-wan Kenobi and eight things he learns about Anakin Skywalker after Anakin comes to work for him. (alternatively: Obi-wan and Anakin make it work, amidst vigilantes, terrible tea, and kidnapping attempts.)
ghost coast by bloodonyrsundress, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & padme & barris & cast, NSFW, human au, supernatural au, 19.6k wip
   chapter six features more magic hand-wavey garbage, a supernatural #squad meeting in a graveyard, and ambiguous sandwiches.
In Color by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme & qui-gon & shmi, modern au, soulmate au, 13k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is six years old the first time he marks on his skin with intent. His classmates whisper to one another about soulmates on the jungle gym at recess or over toys during free time. They smear colorful paints on their skin and delight when, sometimes, there’s an answer. First graders do not understand the intricacies of the concept, but they know that soulmates are a good thing to have. Another person, who is a perfect match to you. What more could a lonely child want?

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