and one of le waist grab

Kissing is hard for Enjolras and Grantaire.

For one thing, Grantaire is hard to reach. Enj has to stand on tip-toes, grabbing handfuls of his sweatshirt to pull him down and get access—and R has to steady him with both hands on his waist to keep him from tipping over on top of him (not that he’d mind that particularly). And Grantaire can’t help but make cracks about his height when this happens, which means a few minutes of light teasing and arguing before any actual kissing happens.

Also, Enjolras likes kissing Grantaire. This might not seem like a problem, but when every kiss makes Enjolras break into a grin, it can be hard to keep going and find any sort of rhythm. Grantaire often finds himself having to rest his forehead against his boyfriend’s and stare into his eyes while he tries to recover enough to regain control over his own face.

Grantaire has some bad habits, too. When Enjolras leans in, he pulls back, too distracted watching his face to remember what they’re supposed to be doing. This frustrates Enjolras to no end, and roughly half their arguments after getting together are based around whether “I was staring at you” is a good enough reason not to kiss someone immediately.

Of course, they don’t let this stop them. But as any of their friends can tell you, every goodbye peck turns into a ten-minute event as they try to get it just right, without erupting into giggles or overbalancing or getting distracted just watching each other. And don’t get them started on the fiasco that was their wedding kiss…