and one is monte carlo


Pontiac Tempest Monte Carlo Concept Car, 1961. Created by Bill Mitchell based on a shortened Tempest platform with a supercharged four-cylinder engine. After the Monte Carlo’s show tour schedule was completed, it was presented to Ed Cole, GM Vice President. The car was used by the Cole family until Ed Cole’s tragic death in a 1977 airplane crash. His widow donated the car to the San Antonio Museum of Transportation and it eventually was auctioned to a private collector

6 Days Countdown - Wardrobe edition - 6 Suits

I admit, this is a shameless attempt to fill your dashes with Colin in a suit. Check out the third one, our baby has grown!


1. 53th Monte Carlo TV Festival 2013

2. The Rite , Los Angeles Premier, 2011

3. Irish Film And Television Awards, 2003 (look at this baby colin)

4. Once Upon A Time Season 4 Premier, 2014

5. Irish Film And Television Awards, 2015

6. 100th Episode Celebation, 2016

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A series of never-before-seen letters written by Audrey Hepburn will be auctioned later this month.

The 10 letters were penned between 1951 and 1960 to her mentor and lifelong friend Sir Felix Aylmer. They reveal details of a dramatic decade of the screen siren’s life as she rose from an unknown ballerina to Hollywood fame. In them she mentions her broken-off engagement, marriage, miscarriages and the birth of her first child. The letters are estimated to sell for up to £4,000.In one of the letters, dated 1951, a then 22-year-old Hepburn, wrote: “Would you believe it. I’m in Monte Carlo working on a French picture. The place is heavenly and this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” The actress was referring to filming Monte Carlo Baby, one of her very first movies.A year later she wrote that “with a heavy heart” she had broken off her engagement to socialite James Hanson.“It is all very unhappy-making,” she said. “I fear I thought it possible to make our combined lives and careers work out."This was followed by joy at finding her future husband, actor Mel Ferrer, whom she married in private in 1954."We want to keep [the wedding] a dark secret in order to have it without the ‘press’,” she confided a few weeks before the ceremony, which was to be held “in a tiny chapel with a wedding breakfast after”. Following two miscarriages the final letter in the collection ends on a celebratory note as the actress celebrated the birth of her first child, Sean Ferrer. “Sean is truly a dream. I find it hard to believe he is really ours to keep. I long to show him to you. We all three send our love and kisses, Audrey,” she wrote.The letters will go on sale at the Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia sale in London on 29 June.

Sister: Do you like the picture I drew of you and Katie under a rainbow with a heart
Me: I love it
Sister: I tried to draw that white dress with the red flowers on it she wore that one time
Me: At the 2011 Monte Carlo Film Festival
 …I know too much I basically know all her outfits from events
Sister: Which one did she wear that black shirt at?
Me: Ok you’re gonna have to be a little more specific than ‘black shirt’
Sister: And she had the sword
Me: That’s from the 2009 Inside the World of Merlin BAFTA event
 What’s the one from where she’s laying on the bed and holding the sheet?
Me: 2010 Sven Arnstein photoshoot
Sister: How about that one where she’s wearing that green dress and screaming?
Me: Same photoshoot that one has like over 100 pictures

The Doctor's Daughter Commentary I
  • Russell T Davies: [re: Georgia Moffett] She's so talented, I mean who else would you cast as that
  • Alice Troughton: She's perfect
  • David Tennant: She is terrific in this, yeah. I thought it was Phil who first came across Georgia on one of his jollies to Monte Carlo?
  • RTD: Oh he says that
  • DT: [laughs] He's been claiming it was all his -
  • RTD: He'd claim that he wrote it and was actually playing the Doctor in this scene. Can I just say, Phil who?
  • DT: Yes, Phil Collinson who produced this episode, who is no longer part of our team
  • AT: Sadly missed!
  • DT: But he went off on a jolly - well I say a jolly, it was all pure work - but Doctor Who got nominated for - what was it? The Monte Carlo something or other
  • RTD: He took Freema didn't he, yes
  • DT: Freema and Phil went off to the festival and Georgia was there because she was in another show with her father Peter Davison which had been nominated for something else. So they all jollied around in Monte Carlo for a couple of days