and one is marrakesh

  • Irene : I have responsibilities, I can't just leave whenever I want to. I mean, do I think about it ? Sometimes, All the time. It'd be so easy to start a new life, get a pair of glasses, buy a leather jacket, and roll my own cigarettes. But I'd never do that because I am an adult.
  • ----- 5 minutes later -----
  • Irene *sunglasses on* : My name is Samantha De La Cruz and I would like to buy a one way ticket to Marrakesh.
  • Joy : Irene what are you doing ?
  • Irene : Nothing, just setting a new lif- the table. Setting the table.
Evak in Marrakesh

Am I the only one, who isn’t excited over the idea of Isak and Even going to Marrakesh? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the idea of Isak and Even going on a vacation together, and Marrakesh is an absolutely beautiful and interesting city to visit… But the thought of them having to hide their sexuality in public bothers me very much.

They are young and in love, and are very affectionate with each other. They have come such a long way the last half year (especially Isak). They are proud of themselves and each other, and they don’t want to hide who they are… As it should be!

But in Morocco it is illegal to be homosexual. You can go to jail for homosexual activity! As horrible as it is, it is not uncommon in a lot of countries. But would I want Isak and Even to go on their first romantic holiday in a country where they basically can’t be boyfriends? Hell no!

If they did end up deciding to go to Marrakesh I actually hope they did bring the rest of the boy squad or the balloon squad, or all of them. Make it a guys trip and forget about romance. But I do hope they decided on another location for their first vacation together.