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To be honest, I think Facebook isn't the greatest place in the internet world. It seems like a melting pot hole for rude and disrespectful people.

(tru tho)

others are telling me to disallow fb reposting altogether (since most pages ‘forget’ to credit anyway) but ehh we’ll see


sara [lighting carter and ray on fire]: it’s called being SUBTLE about your FEELINGS and I happen to be an EXPERT

SMH as Tinder Bios Part 4

the long-awaited sequel to parts 1, 2, and 3

Bitty: I love brunch and soup…but not at the same time

Jack: Pudding tastes better with a plastic spoon

Ransom: I call myself Justin, but you can call me later tonight ;)

Holster: I love chee cake call me the McCheese

Shitty: I don’t really like shirts

Lardo: Professional dog petter

Nursey: Don’t ask about iguanas they creep me the fuck out

Dex: I’m a technician, but I can’t fix stupid

Chowder: I like how everyone here just wants to see each other’s dogs. I thought Tinder was superficial at first but I get it now. Dog pictures.


Whiskey: If you’re looking for someone to eat celery with, swipe left. I only fuck with lettuce.


Kent: My cat smells like maple syrup and is named after a character from Bob’s Burgers

Tater: Luv lizards

OKAY the sound of rain at night when you’re trying to fall asleep is literally the most relaxing thing to hear. Its like the rain is just washing away all your worries and the negativity out of your life.