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Alright, guys! I’m happy to say that I’m finally, finally done with the Christmas requests that I’m willing to do. And can I say it has been a wild ride! I’ve learned so much past these months thanks to these requests and I feel like I’ve really developed my skill since I started this. Thank you guys! It has been fun! :)

Now I can finally focus more on my own projects that I’ve had in mind for ages! Yeey! :D

anonymous asked:

what mech did you guys chose from the jade gate? :o

Michael: Um, the Iron Giant? Duh? I kicked ass using that mech! You should’ve seen how many Squips I KO’d during that final fight!

Jeremy: I chose Voltron. Normally you’d have to have five people to control it, but that was a special case so I pretty much had access to the whole entire thing. It was seriously badass.

Michael: The beginning of that fight was also right after we—

Jeremy: Y-yeah! Yeah. Um, I remember.

Michael: That was totally wild. I pretty much got to announce that we were dating to the whole country!

Jeremy: More like the entire world. Do you know how many stations were broadcasting that battle? Literally the whole planet was watching us.

Michael: That was one of the greatest moments of my life!!

anonymous asked:

Fantasy AU where David and Gwen run a camp to train heroes/Chosen Ones/Kids With Prophecies About Them founded by infamous rogue Cameron Campbell. In reality the camp is a place where people leave kids considered to be burdens on the town/kingdom to either grow up and bring their village some glory or die fighting a dragon. (Either way, problem solved!) The only people who seem to realize this are Max and Gwen (Ex-Chosen One who found out after completing her quest that she was supposed to die).

I love this one!

1. Gwen wants to marry a handsome prince and get her fucking happy ending already. She’s resigned herself to the fact that this’ll never happen and she’s fairly bitter about it. She’s tough, though she downplays it in an attempt to look more feminine and princess-y, and she has scars from her quest that she hides under her hair and clothes. If this “marrying a prince” thing doesn’t work out, her backup plan is to befriend a dragon. She both resents the kids and is deeply protective of them, because they remind her of herself  as a camper.

2. David’s more or less come to terms with the fact that he isn’t some kind of Chosen One (though he won’t admit it, because that’d imply that Campbell was wrong about something), but he’s more than happy to train up these kids and take care of them. He believes wholeheartedly that they’re all destined for greatness, and tends to read “chosen one” and prophecies as vaguely as possible to leave maximum room for them to feel good about whatever they accomplish. He’s a little jealous Gwen got to go on a quest, to be honest.

3. Some of the kids end up there because they’re not … exactly human, and their parents wanted to offload them before anyone in the village found out and had them killed. Harrison has sorcerer’s blood in him. Everyone’s convinced Nurf is part troll or ogre, though no one’s brave enough to ask him, and there’s no way Nikki’s 100% human. They don’t know what she is, but there’s definitely something there.

4. Nerris doesn’t actually have any magical powers – she was offloaded because she’s a runt with bad vision – but she’s convinced she’s a witch and spends as much time as possible trying to learn magic. She hates Harrison so much for actually being able to do magic, because she wants to be “special” too.

5. Max is there because his parents had too many children and couldn’t afford another one, and they figured the camp is better than starving. They told Campbell to just make up a prophecy, and Campbell, in a moment of ingenuity, said that Max’s destiny is to become a world-famous knight that’d create a round table and all that jazz. This leads David (who also had dreams of becoming a knight) to focus extra hard on training Max up to slay dragons and evil wizards, which drives Max nuts because he knows it’s bullshit – if for no other reason than he’s too fucking small to become a warrior. David’s refusal to give up on him or the other campers is infuriating.