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A warm sunny day blessed Gotham with its rare presence as Wayne Manor had hundred of guests and people gathered in and outside the residence. Inside the room of Richard Grayson him and his siblings gathered in it.

“Deep breaths Grayson,” Damian Wayne leaned against a wall as he starred at his older brother amused.

“I’m getting married,” Dick Grayson had been repeating this phrase to himself as he paced the formally decorated room in a small circle. His siblings stood scattered around him in various states being. Tim for example looked almost as nervous as the groom but that was in partial due to all the caffeine he was on.

“Trust me bro you’ll be fine, if he hasn’t backed out already I doubt he’s going to now,” Jason tried to reassure him.

“My god, my god my god,” his brother’s words didn’t do much for him and he was in a constant state of panic. He was marrying the love of his life, this might just be the biggest day of his existence.

“Alright if you don’t calm down I think I’m gonna have to tell your fiance down there that you guys need to postpone this thing so he can hug you,” Barbara said tapping her fingers softly on her chair in annoyance.

Before Dick had time to reply a tall dark haired woman walked to the room wearing a long black gown with stars across it commanding the room’s attention.

“Donna!” Dick greeted her as she walked over and hugged him.

“You ready for your big day?” she asked her best friend grinning from ear to ear.

“He’s been panicking so damn much please calm him down,” Steph told them as she snacked on the fruit that had been put their for the groom but hadn’t been touched.

“What’s wrong?” Donna asked.

“What if he changed his mind? What if I mess up my vows? What if I wet my pants during them?” Dick put his hands in his face as he ran through every possible bad outcome. Donna chuckled softly.

“I know Wally, he loves you almost if not more than you love him. You won’t mess up your vows mister smooth, and you haven’t wet your pants in the entire time that I’ve known you and I doubt you’re going to now.” she said confidently.

“Thanks,” Dick sighed.

“What you’re going to listen to her and not your own siblings?” Tim said mock offending, everyone in the room laughed. A calm wave of peace washed over the room as it fell silent.

“Dick?” Bruce Wayne walked into the room, a proud smile on his face. “Your future husband’s waiting for you,”

Dick took a deep breath as everyone filed out of the room ahead of him, Donna staying behind with him.

“Thanks for giving me away Don,” he gave his friend a smile, she kissed the top of his forehead.

“You did the same thing for me once, it seemed only right that I should return the favor,”

Arm in arm Donna lead him out of the room and down the hall. Wayne Manor had seemed the obvious choice for the wedding. Cassandra, Steph, Duke and Iris had done an amazing job decorating it.

Looking down Dick could see everyone sitting in their chairs, a few of the younger kids whispering excitedly to one another. The room smelled of flowers and perfume as light came in from the chandeliers and windows. Dick caught Kalder’s eye as he stood in his line of groomsmen, Kalder flashed a comforting smile.

Dick reached the top of the stairs and everyone stood to watch him. But the only person Dick could focus on was the red haired man standing at the end of the aisle.

Blue eyes met green as time seemed to freeze, both faces held looks of utter adoration. It was amazing that either of them held it together as the two were both internally freaking out.

He’s so hot oh my god. Dick’s internal mantra to keep calm was replaced by this thought as he saw Wally.

Oh my lord he’s so cute I’m gonna die, I want to run he’s so fantastic, no stay put I want to marry this man. Wally’s mind raced faster than his feet ever could as he swallowed nervously.

Before either of them realized it, so fast yet too slow Dick reached the aisle with Donna.

Dick let go of Donna as he took Wally’s hand, but not before giving his friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Donna turned to Wally.

“You better take good care of him,” she warned, trying to be stern but not being able to keep the smile from her face. 

“With my life,” Wally nodded.

The two men stood in front of Alfred Pennyworth as he officially began the ceremony, age not being able to keep from from ordaining his eldest grandson’s marriage.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of Richard Grayson and Wallace West,” Alfred began beaming.

But the rest of the speech was a blur to both men standing before him. Dick and Wally both smiling like school children, hearts going a mile a minute. 

Before the two of them knew it they were told to exchange vows, Wally went first.

“Dick Grayson, I’ve known you since I was barely a teenager, and every day you’ve managed to make me laugh in one way or another, whether you’ve been coming up with weird new words, or making random comments, it’s always fun being with you. Your cool ideas and brilliance never stop amazing me, I guess it was only natural I’d fall in love with you. I’ve loved you forever, even when I couldn’t see it myself, and the day you kissed me was the best day of my life. Only now being replaced by today.” Wally announced, a few people laughed quietly, others whipped tears from their eyes.

“Wally West, I’ve never known anybody quite like you. A person who’s been able to make me this happy just by smiling at me, someone who’s fascinated me and made me laugh. When you died I thought I’d never get the chance to tell you how much I loved you, so when you came back I knew I was never going to let that opportunity slip past me again. I’ve been happier with you than I’ve ever been in my whole life, thank you for that. You’re utterly amazing,” Dick said his vows, some kids awwed with big doe eyes as they watched the scene in front of them.

Damian walked forward carrying the rings on a red and blue pillow. The men took them placing them on each others fingers.

“I now pronounce you husbands, you may kiss your husband,” Alfred said happily. The two men leaned forward joyfully and everyone around them clapped and cheered.

I may do a part two of this of the reception and stuff if you guys would be interested int that.

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30 and 57 because why not :P

Why not indeed, nonny ;D I hope you don’t mind me putting a different spin on this one

Malec: 57: “Is that my shirt?” + 30: “So that’s it? It’s over?”

Alec didn’t usually wake up in a stranger’s bed.

That was not to say he didn’t ever have one-night stands; he did. Every now and then, he’d cave in and accompany his siblings out. In a few of those occasions, some guy would draw his attention. From a beer or two up, it was just a matter of time until they found their way out of the party. It worked well, for everyone involved.

But the thing was, Alec usually ended up leaving his hook-ups’ houses before falling sleep. It was just easier that way. No attachments, no intimacy. Both the guy and he would get what they wanted, and Alec would be home before the sun was up again.

So really, he didn’t know why this time had been different. But it had, since he woke up with someone’s head laying on his shoulder, in a bed of silk sheets.

Magnus. That was the guy’s name. Magnus Bane, home designer. Magnus Bane, who had the most beautiful eyes Alec had ever seen, and the quickest wit as well.

Magnus Bane, who was now smiling sheepishly at him. “Good morning, Alexander.”

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Victor Zsasz Imagine

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Requested: “may I request a Victor Zsasz x Reader where the reader first finds out about his real work in a less than ideal situation and is scared at first or needs time to think for a day or 2 before returning to him because even with his line of work she realizes she still loves him?” @hannah-is-a-fail

Victor Zsasz x Reader: Fluff

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Wake Up Call

Harry despises Y/N, but a barista pulls the couple together.  I hope you all enjoy! Feedback and Requests are welcomed! Lots of Love! 

           Her worn sneakers clicked against the sidewalk as she hurried toward the red brick building.  The cool autumn wind brushed away the nervous sweat gathering on her forehead.  Her hands gripped the straps on her pastel pink backpack. The gold watch that she inherited from her grandmother ticked with dread and excitement.  A new school year began.  She loved learning new things but despised the hectic schedule that came with courses. She tugged open the heavy glass doors, entering the dark hallway.  She glanced down at the room number written on her wrist.  She sighed, checking the room number for the fifth time.  One time, she walked into the wrong classroom and interrupted a lecture, resulting in this fear of embarrassing herself again.  She marched into the crowded classroom, beginning her search for the perfect seat.  The first row classified you as a teacher’s pet.  The back row created this tension between you and the professor. The window seats would distract her from the lecture.  She nearly gave up when her eyes landed on a handsome guy.  He looked as if the gods and GQ came together to sculpt this man. His short brown curly hair fell in a tousled mess.  His tanned skin seemed to glow as if the sun pressed delicate kisses on every inch. What she liked the most was his crystal green eyes that shined brighter due to the pastel blue shirt that he wore. The open seat beside him shined with luck.  She shuffled toward him, controlling her breathing.  How embarrassing would it be if she began to hyperventilate around him? Her hand slipped around the cold, black chair and slid it out.  She locked her eyes on the gray stained carpet to avoid making awkward eye contact with the stranger.  She sat down, feeling accomplished in not making a fool out of herself.  She placed her backpack on her legs, unzipping the pockets.  She set one notebook, three pens, and water on the wooden desk.  She cleared her throat, facing the man with the sharpest jawline.  She watched him slowly face her.  She stuck out a hand, caught up by his rosy lips.
“Hello, I’m Y/N.”
Harry smiled, revealing two adorable dimples, “Hi, I’m Harry.”
Harry shook her hand, “Are you a history major?” She wondered, hoping someone else enjoyed history as much as she did.
Harry shook his head, “No, I love learning about the World Wars.  My advisor suggested this class.”
She nodded, “I’m a history major.  You’ll love this professor.  The only part that sucks is that they scheduled this class at eight a.m.”
Harry chuckled, “Yeah it’s the worst.”
She swore that Harry’s laugh sounded like angels giggling.  Harry’s husky voice might be her favorite sound.  Usually, whenever she flirted with anyone, she would tell them a compliment. A compliment went better than cheesy lines.  Her best friend, Niall, constantly used lines and it never worked out in his favor.
“I like your shirt.  It brings out the blueish green color in your eyes.”
Harry smirked, “Thank you.”
She smiled, basking in the happiness her compliment caused.  Sadly, the professor walked in, ending her conversation with Harry.  She sat back, feeling as if this semester would be her best yet.  She chose the right seat and made a new friend.  What could go wrong?
* * *

          The first few weeks sitting beside Harry were amazing.  She showed up early to class, eating whatever snack she stole from Niall’s kitchen.  Harry would be there, reading a textbook or scrolling through his phone.  
“Hi Harry, how are you?”  
“I’m well, how are you?”
“I’m well, what did you do last night?”
Harry would either shrug or smirk, “I had a date.”
Her heart ached at the thought of Harry dating someone.  She pictured the most beautiful woman that she could not compare with, spending an evening with Harry.  Harry would dive into the details whether the date was good or bad.
Other days Harry would tell her about his mom and sister.  His mom worried about Harry’s eating habits, and his sister mocked Harry’s recent obsession with flared pants.  Y/N always reassured Harry that flared pants were totally in style.  
“Do you want to hear a joke?” Harry would ask.
Y/N could never say no, seeing the excitement in Harry’s eyes.
“What is green and sings?”
“What?” She’d wonder, smirking with anticipation.
Harry’s giggles would interrupt the punchline, “Elvis Parsley.”
Harry’s loud laughter would fill the silent classroom, causing Y/N to break down into a fit of giggles.  
“My mom told me that one last night.”
“She has a great sense of humor.”
Those first few weeks created a bond between the couple.  She considered Harry, a friend, and she hoped he felt the same way.  The fourth week brought a drastic change.  Harry showed up to class during the professor’s lecture. He stopped taking notes and instead started sleeping during class.  He decided his dreams were better than learning about British war tactics.  Y/N frowned, concerned about Harry’s grade, but it all fell on Harry.  He was not her responsibility.  The professor hadn’t noticed Harry’s sleeping habits until the day Harry snored during a serious part of the lecture.
“Y/N, could you wake up Harry?”  The professor called out, glaring at Harry.
Y/N nodded, shaking Harry until he jolted awake.  The professor appointed Y/N as the person to wake up Harry whenever he fell asleep. Her notes suffered since she spent a majority of her time shaking or poking Harry awake.  Harry shrugged her hands off his body, shooting daggers at her each time she woke him up.  
“Can you stop?” Harry hissed.
She glared, “Harry if you stayed awake I would leave you alone.”
“You are annoying,” Harry spat out, “No one cares if I sleep.”
“The professor cares and so should you.”
Harry rolled his eyes, “Shut up.  I don’t need a lecture from you.”
She huffed, ignoring Harry’s complaints. Harry’s attitude ended her friendship and birthed her annoyance with the handsome man.
* * *

           She stirred the pot of quick minute rice while Niall flipped the sizzling chicken. George Ezra’s melodic voice filled the tiny kitchen.  She hummed, swaying with the song.  Condensation rolled down Niall’s beer bottle, wetting Niall’s palms with each sip.  
“How’s your morning class?” Niall wondered.
She huffed, gripping the wooden spoon tighter, “I hate it.”
“Why?” Niall raised an eyebrow with shock. She loved every history course she enrolled in.  
She rolled her eyes, “Harry Styles.  He’s a scumbag.”
Niall nearly choked on his beer, “What happened?  You are hardly mean to anyone, but this guy gets called a scumbag?”
She blushed, facing Niall, “He won’t stay awake.  My professor forces me to wake him up, and he complains every time.  I can’t take notes, and my grade is slacking.”
Niall nodded, “That does suck.  Wait, didn’t you mention a Harry like two weeks ago?”
“We were friends.  We talked and laughed, but something changed, “She shrugged.
“Maybe he’s too busy with school and work,” Niall mentioned, leaning against his messy kitchen counter.
She frowned, realizing she hadn’t stopped to think about Harry.  Maybe he was working too hard, and couldn’t help but fall asleep.  Maybe she judged him before she asked what was wrong.
“You’re right he isn’t a scumbag.  I’m a terrible person for judging him,” She sighed.
Niall shook his head, spinning around to fix his burning chicken, “You’re human.  You should bring him a coffee or a snack.”
She nodded, “That’s a great idea.  Now I know why I keep you around.”
Niall snorted, “I thought it was because I have a kitchen in my dorm.”
She giggled, “That’s my second reason.”
Y/N decided tomorrow she would surprise Harry with a cup of coffee from her favorite shop.  She could rekindle their friendship with baked goods and coffee.
* * *  

           Niall bounced in line, eyeing the people in front of them.  Y/N rolled her eyes, scrolling through her phone.  Niall huffed for the tenth time, glancing over at Y/N.
“They need another barista.  Twenty people are waiting for coffee, and she’s taking forever.”
Y/N placed a hand on Niall’s shoulder, “Calm down.  She’s doing the best she can.”
Niall scoffed, “You are only supporting her because you find her attractive.”
She blushed, looking at the beautiful barista, Angie.  Her smile lit up the entire room.  Her long hair bounced with each effortless step she took.  Y/N recalled complimenting her recent hair color, hoping Angie caught on that Y/N was smitten with her.
“Well, she’s beautiful.”
Niall nodded, “She is beautiful.  Maybe I should use my line.  Is there something in your left eye because you’ve been looking right all day.”
Y/N burst into a fit of laughter, clutching her stomach, “Niall, that is the worst one.”
Niall bumped her hip with his, “Shut up. I’d like to see you flirt with her.”
Y/N quieted down, “I can’t.  She’s out of my league.”
“You are beautiful; she is beautiful. You two could be great.”
She grinned, “Thank you, Niall.”
Upon seeing Y/N, Angie’s smile grew wider.
“Hey, how is my favorite customer?”  She asked, winking at Y/N.
“I’m well.  How are you?”
“It’s been busy.  Are you grabbing the usual?” She asked, scribbling Y/N’s order down.
“Yes, but I need to add another coffee. I plan to surprise a classmate with a cup of the best coffee.”
Angie clutched her chest, “You are sweet.”
Y/N blushed, “Thank you, can I ask you something?”
Angie nodded, “What’s up?”
“Would you like to have dinner with me?” She asked, feeling her heart race with anxiety.  
She pictured Angie laughing in her face, but she giggled and nodded.
“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me. Niall bet me that it would take another two weeks,” She answered.
Y/N laughed, “I hate that man.”
Angie chuckled, “Well, give me your number.”
Y/N nodded, scribbling her number on a cardboard cupholder.  Angie grinned, looking over the number.
“I look forward to our date.  Tell Niall that he owes me twenty dollars,” She called out.
Y/N nodded, walking out of the warm shop with her two coffees.  Niall waited outside, sipping on his cup of tea.
“Did you ask?”
Y/N smirked, “I have a date with her.”
Niall cheered, clapping a hand on her shoulder, “I knew you could do it.”
The chill wind blasted against Y/N, drawing her attention to the two cups of coffee.  She hoped Harry would accept her gift.  
* * *

           Harry stumbled through the door later than usual.  He plopped down next to Y/N, stretching his tired limbs.  His eyes bugged out when he saw the coffee cup sitting on his desk.  He raised an eyebrow, wondering if the person in an earlier class left their coffee there. Harry picked up the warm cup, catching sight of pretty handwriting.  Y/N bought him a cup of coffee and apologized for not treating him like a friend should. Harry’s heart fluttered as he faced the woman.  She glanced over with a smirk but quickly turned to face the board.  Harry felt terrible for treating her badly.  Lately, he had been busy with his job, and his courses weren’t making it easier.  He treated everyone badly because he needed sleep and space.  He didn’t expect it to hurt the one person he cared for.  He planned to ask Y/N out to dinner three weeks ago, but he couldn’t fit time in for her.  Harry sipped the coffee, and nearly moaned at how delicious the brew tasted. Vanilla and hints of nutmeg snuck out past the roasted bean flavor.  Harry focused on the lecture, deciding that it was time he changed his attitude. Occasionally he would glance at Y/N, admiring the glow that surrounded her.  Harry pondered what had her glowing.  Was it the possibility of their friendship blossoming?  After class, Harry hurried to catch Y/N before she left.
“Hey, thank you for the coffee.  I’m sorry about lately.  I haven’t been very kind to you,” Harry winced, rubbing the back of his neck.
Y/N waved him off, “Don’t worry about it. We all have those moments.  I’m sorry for not asking if you needed help.”
Harry smiled, “It’s okay, can we be friends again?”
Y/N giggled, “I would like that.  I’ll see you later, Harry.”
Harry watched her leave the empty classroom, unaware of Harry’s racing heart.  He sighed, shuffling out of the classroom.  He kept the coffee cup, hoping he could buy another cup from the same shop.  Harry gripped the strap of his messenger bag that kept banging into his hip with each step. He typed the shop into his phone, looking at the directions to the coffee shop.  Harry strolled around the empty streets, breathing in the fresh air. His mind shifted between thoughts of Y/N and work.  Harry opened the glass door for an elderly couple, who thanked him for being so kind. Harry grinned, inhaling the scent of the roasting beans.  He waited in line, admiring the art on the plain white walls.  
“Sir, what can I get you?”  Harry glanced up, making eye contact with the beautiful barista.  
Harry smirked, “Hi, I’m Harry.  My friend got me a cup of coffee, and I would like another.  I can’t tell you what it had in it, but it tasted like vanilla and nutmeg.”
Angie grinned, “That would be Y/N.  She likes to tell people that she created that drink herself.”
Harry laughed, feeling his stomach somersault at the mention of Y/N.  A pang of jealousy hit his gut when he caught the look in Angie’s eyes.  Was she in love with Y/N too?  
“She’s amazing.  How long have you known her?”
Angie shrugged, “I can’t remember.  Once she’s in your life, it’s hard to think that she hasn’t always been there.”
Harry nodded, “I understand.  Would you like to see a movie with me?”
Angie blushed, “You are very handsome, but I am not interested.  Your coffee is ready.”
Harry’s heart sunk with the rejection.  How could he end up with Y/N?  She was perfect.  She deserved better than him.  That’s why he kept dating other girls, in hopes that they filled the hole that Y/N seemed to fit into.   Harry grabbed the coffee, walking out of the shop.  The chilly wind swept up his hair, resulting in his grumbling.  Harry glanced down at the cardboard holder, noticing a number scribbled across with a heart beside it.  Harry furrowed his eyebrows, didn’t she say no to his date? Harry shrugged, adding the number to his phone.  Perhaps this was fate placing him with someone he belonged with.  
* * *

           “Why do you think she hasn’t called me?  She seemed interested right?” Y/N wondered, laying upside down off of Niall’s lumpy couch.
Niall nodded, focusing on the golf match, “Yeah.  She even gushed about you later that evening when I returned for my second cup of tea.”
Y/N huffed, checking her calendar.  Two days ago she gave Angie her number, and she hadn’t called Y/N.  
Niall leaned back onto the couch, stuffing a handful of chips into his mouth.  Y/N sat up, placing her feet across Niall’s lap.  Niall looked at Y/N, frowning whenever he saw tears pricking her eyes.  He scooted closer, holding her fragile figure in his arms.
“She’s insane not to call you.  Would you like to go out with me?”
She giggled, “No, but thank you for the offer.”
Niall chuckled, squeezing her shoulder. She leaned her head on Niall’s shoulder, watching the game with Niall.  During a commercial break, her phone lit up.  Niall’s eyes widened, and she leaped across the room.  She answered the call, breathing heavily after moving quickly to get to her phone.  Niall watched with anticipation, hoping Angie had called.
“Hey, it’s Harry.”
Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Harry, when did you get my number?”
Harry raised an eyebrow, “You gave it to me at the coffee shop.”
“Harry, it’s Y/N.  I did not give you my number.”
Harry froze, realizing the barista gave him the wrong number, “Oh my gosh.  She gave me the wrong number.”
“Who did?” Y/N wondered, standing to her feet.
Niall kept asking whom she was talking to and asking what was going on.  She shushed the Irishman, escaping to the kitchen.
“The barista told me that she knew you. I asked her out, and she gave me your number.”
Y/N frowned, realizing the girl didn’t like her, “Are you sure?”
Harry noted the disappointment in her voice, “Yeah.  Are you upset?”
Y/N chuckled bitterly, “No, I just thought she liked me.”
Harry frowned, “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry.  I’ll see you later.”
“Wait, I’m not doing anything tonight.  I have two tickets to a super romantic movie. Do you want to go with me?”
She smiled, “Sure, Harry.”
“Great, I’ll pick you up.”
She hung up, walking back into Niall’s living room.  Niall jumped up, knocking over his bowl of chips.
“Shit! Who was it?” He asked, bending over to pick up his mess.
Y/N laughed, helping Niall clean up, “It was Harry.”
“Harry?  The guy you hated?”
She nodded, “I don’t hate him anymore. We didn’t talk for a while, but we are friends again.  She gave him my number, but he asked me out to a movie.”
“Is this a date?”
She froze, realizing that Harry asked her out for a romantic evening.  She had a date with Harry Styles.  She had a chance with the man that she found attractive and dreamt of dating.  The man that told her basic stories, but she listened with full attention because she loved seeing the sparkle in his eyes.
“Do you think it’s a date?”
Niall hummed, “I think it might be.”
“Niall, what do I do?  Do I need to dress up?  How do I know?”
Niall gripped her shoulders, “Hey, you need to calm down.  If Harry asked you out, then he’ll be flirty.  You look fine.  You will be okay.”
She nodded, “Okay.”
“Are you okay?”
She nodded, “What would I do without you?”
Niall laughed, “I don’t know.”
The minutes leading up to her night out with Harry were stressful.  Was this her chance of connecting with the curly haired man?
* * *

           Harry parked his car in front of Niall’s dormitory.  He breathed in, attempting to calm his nervous heart.  What would happen?  Should he try to make a move on her?  Would she turn him down or did she feel the same way that he did?  Harry’s worries drifted away the minute he saw her walking toward his car.  Harry scrambled out of his car, tripping over his large feet.
“Hey, how are you?” He asked, hugging her tightly.
She smiled, breathing in his comforting scent, “I’m well.”
Harry opened the car door for her, hoping he didn’t mess up tonight.  She smiled at Harry, watching him step back inside the car.  
“Thank you for the invitation, I felt horrible,” she mumbled.
Harry frowned, “Well, we will have fun tonight.”
She smiled, “You are a great friend.”
Harry smiled, ignoring the pain in his heart when she called him a friend.  Did she have feelings for him?  
“Did you ask out that barista?”
“Yeah, I guess my flirting didn’t work.”
Harry shrugged, “She’s crazy not to like you. You are amazing, funny, smart.  I could go on for days.”
She blushed, “Thank you.  You are amazing too.”
“How did you flirt?”
She rolled her eyes, “It sounds stupid. I usually compliment the person that I have a crush on.  I complimented her hair color.”
Harry nodded, recalling their first conversation.  She complimented Harry’s shirt because it brought out his eyes.  He might have read into that last sentence, but did she try to flirt with him?
“Didn’t you compliment my shirt when we first met?”
Her eyes widened, but she forced herself to nod.  Harry nodded, tapping his fingers on his steering wheel.  Silence filled the tiny car, suffocating her lungs.
“That’s cool,” Harry mumbled, breaking the silence.
She chuckled awkwardly, “Yeah.”
“Was that flirting with me?”
“Yes,” She whispered.
Harry nodded, “That’s cool.”
She groaned, covering her face with her palms. Harry chuckled, keeping his eyes locked on the road.  She lifted her head, eyeing Harry’s expressions.
“Why are you laughing?”
“All this time I’ve been going insane.  I didn’t want to have feelings for you because you were better than me.  I even thought this was just two friends hanging out, but you like me.”
“You like me?” She gasped.
Harry nodded, “The day I met you, I liked you.”
She blushed, “Can this be a date?”
Harry smirked, “It can be whatever you want it to be.”
She snorted, shoving Harry’s arm playfully. The handsome stranger in her class was now her boyfriend.

Soda’s Happy Birthday

Summary: The greasers are all little and celebrating Soda’s 8th birthday.

A/N: Dally’s not mentioned because I didn’t feel he would be in Tulsa at this time. Also, sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for. @johnny-cade-07

“Mommy? When’s my party?”

“As soon as your friends get here, Sodapop.”

“Well, Steve said we had to go get him.”

“His dad’s not bringing him?”

“No. He said that he’s mad because Steve didn’t clean his room.”

“Did Steve tell you anything else about his dad?”

“He says he drinks mean juice. It sounds funny.”

“Does his dad do anything when he drinks mean juice? Yell? Hurt him?”

Soda shrugged, pulling a bouncy ball out of his pocket and bouncing it on the floor.

Mrs. Curtis sighed. “Alright, Soda. Let’s go get Steve.”

She grabbed her purse. “Boys! We’re leaving!” An 11-year-old Darry came from his room, trying to fix his watch. And a five-year-old Ponyboy walked in from the backyard with a stick.

“Hey, mom. Do you think we’ll be able to pay for my lunch fee at school? Timmy needed lunch so I gave him mine and had to get another one.” Darry wondered.

“How much do you owe, sweetheart?”

“Uh, like, $7.50…”

“Darrel Shayne!”

“What? I was just tryin’ to help!”

His mother sighed again. “I’ll talk to your dad, ok?”

Darry nodded, then the four went out to the car. After Mrs. Curtis made sure her boys were all in safely, she got in too.

“Ponyboy Michael, put that stick down now!” Mrs. Curtis demands, looking through her rearview mirror.

The youngest Curtis threw down his stick and crossed his arms, glaring.

“Don’t pout, Ponyboy! You shouldn’t have been wavin’ that thing around!”

It was quiet, then Darry piped up. “Mom, are we goin’ to the store today?”

“In a little bit.” She answered, pulling into Steve’s driveway.

Mrs. Curtis got outta the car to go talk to Steve’s dad. As she did so, Steve hopped into the car.

“I don’t like you.” Pony states, kicking at Steve.

Steve stuck his tongue out at him.

Pony gasps. “I’m telling!”

Darry laughed, then turned to the back seat to face Steve. “What happened to you?” He pointed to Steve’s busted lip.

“Oh. This?…uh, I fell down.” Steve stuttered.

Darry nodded, noting this scenario. The four boys watched as Mrs. Curtis came from the house, smiling.

“How would you like to stay the night at our house, Steve?” Mrs. Curtis asks.

“That would be cool.” Steve answered quietly.

“Alright.” She patted Soda’s leg. “Anyone else we need to pick up, Soda?”

“Can we go get Keith?”

She smiled. “Of course we can!”

They all headed over to get Little-Bit Mathews, who was out in his front yard with the Shepards boys and a little Johnny Cade. They were playing baseball.

Johnny was at bat. He swings, hits the ball, it flies. “Homerun!” Curly Shepard yells.

Johnny ran fast, a big grin on his face. But they all stopped when they heard a car horn. “You guys wanna go to Sodapop’s birthday party?” Darry called out his window.

“Count me in!” Little-Bit Mathews cheered, running to the car.

“Us too!” Timmy Shepard agreed, motioning to the other kids.

They all shoved their way into the small car, then they all headed to the store. “Now, I need a favor from you boys, alright?” Mrs. Curtis announced. “You all have to be on your best behavior, ok? Or you go back home and you don’t get to come to the party at all, understand?”

There were a few weak voice that answered with a ‘yes.’ Mrs. Curtis parked her car in the parking lot, then turned to her car full of kids. “Do you understand?”

'Yes, ma'am.’ echoed through the car.

“Fantastic. Let’s go.”

They got up onto the sidewalk and Mrs. Curtis handed Darry a dollar. “Take half the boys and go over to the bakery. Please and thank you.”

“Alright.” He replied. He took Johnny, Timmy, and Curly to the next door bakery.

That left Mrs. Curtis with Pony, Soda, Steve, and Two-Bit. She looked at the older kids. “How about you boys got get my groceries, then meet me at the front?” She asks, holding out a list.

“Why do I have to get groceries? It’s my birthday!” Soda whined.

“Hey, don’t complain. At least you’re with your friends, right?”


“Now, go on. And don’t get in any trouble.”

The three boys nodded and walked away.

“Mama! I wanna go with them!” Pony exclaimed.

“No. You’re gonna come with Mommy, ok?”

The five-year-old began to cry. “But I don’t want to!”

“We’re gonna get a present for Sodapop. Don’t you wanna do that for Sodapop? Hm?” She spoke softly.

He nodded.

“Alright. Let’s go, then.”

~ ~ ~ ~

When everyone got back to the house, the kids ran around. Mrs. Curtis took a seat next to her husband on the couch. He was reading the newspaper.

“So how many of them are stayin’ the night?” Mr. Curtis asks with a smile.

“Just one.” Mrs. Curtis smiled back.

“Is it Steve, again?”

Mrs. Curtis nodded.

“I need to talk some sense into that father of his.”

“Believe me, I’ve tried.” She sighed, then planted a kiss on her husband’s face.

The real party began when Mr. Curtis started a bon fire and came outta the house with a banjo. Everyone sang 'happy birthday’ and Soda had the best 8th birthday ever.

~ ~ ~ ~

Adventures in Babysitting

Spencer Reid x Reader One Shot

Word Count: 2611

A/N: Spencer Reid with children will be the death of me. Slight, vague-ish Morgan arc spoilers. Tbh, I got carried away with this one haha. Please leave your thoughts, comments, questions, and requests!

Summary: A date gone wrong, an apartment full of hyper little boys, and maybe a couple of snuggles.

The team was spread across the jet in various stages of consciousness. After ending a case in San Diego late the previous night, Hotch set up the team’s flight back home for early the next morning.

You were half-awake, using Reid’s shoulder as a pillow. The young genius was already wide awake, zipping through a thick novel. His steady breathing and rhythmic page turning lulled you into near sleep. You could hear Hotch and Rossi talking about weekend plans and Garcia tapping away at her laptop.

Your eyes cracked open at the heavy sigh from the blonde across from you. JJ had been on the phone earlier and from the disgruntled look on her face, you guessed the call hadn’t gone too well.

“Jayje?” you grumbled, voice thick with sleep. You waved off JJ’s apologies for waking you up, letting out a huge yawn. Spencer flashed you a small grin down as you lifted your head off of his shoulder.

Emily had a knowing smirk on her face when you glanced towards her. She was the only one on the team who knew about your more-than-friendly feelings towards Spencer, all thanks to a night that involved way too much tequila and way too little filtering between your brain and mouth.

“Did something happen?” you asked, using a stretch as an excuse to give Emily a warning nudge to the shin. She shook her head before turning her attention to your dissapointed-looking blonde coworker.

“Will and I had plans for tonight but my usual babysitter cancelled and no one else can cover for her.”

You knew that JJ and Will rarely had any alone time while juggling two young boys, so you knew they deserved at least one night out.

“I can babysit,” you offered. You’ve babysat for JJ before and you loved having the boys over at your apartment.

“Really?” The hope in her eyes told you exactly how much time JJ and Will needed some time to themselves. You nodded. “Y/N, you’re a lifesaver. As much as I love my boys, you have no idea how chaotic the house is. If Will and I could just get a few hours of us time…”

“Oh, us time, huh? I plan on having plenty of us time tonight, too” Emily waggled her eyebrows suggestively, poking JJ in the side. JJ laughed, swatting Prentiss’ playful fingers away.

“Take all the us time you need, Jayje. I don’t have anything planned,” you insisted.

“Actually, you do.” Garcia shuffled over from her seat, plopping her computer into your lap. “Y/N, meet Adrian. More specifically, meet him tonight at 8 for drinks.” Your gaze flicked back and forth from Penelope and the handsome smiling face on the screen in front of you.

“Pen…” you groaned. “What did I say about setting me up?” Penelope had a habit of trying to set you up on dates with ‘spectacular, gorgeous’ people. Keyword being trying. You always turned her down, harboring that small flicker of hope that Spencer might reciprocate your feelings.

“Ohhh, come on Y/N! You always say no. Just this once please, please, please, please, please, pl-”

“Penelope, no. I already promised JJ I’d babysit,” you argued. The technical analyst pouted, but perked up once more as she gestured animatedly towards Spencer.

“Reid can babysit! The boys love their Uncle Spencer! Right, JJ? Reid?”

You glanced over at Spencer, who put his book down in favor of observing the conversation around him. Would he saying anything if you went out on a date?

“Y/N, you should go on that date. I’d be happy to babysit for JJ,” he said, launching into a long speech about all the fun he and his godsons could get up to. You couldn’t help the sinking feeling in your stomach. Here he was, the guy you had been crushing on for the majority of your BAU career, encouraging you to go on a date with someone else. Your chances with him were even lower than you thought.

“Right, Y/N?”

“Huh?” You pulled away from your thoughts to see Penelope’s wide smile.

“I see you’re already hypnotized by those beautiful, green eyes.” She took her laptop back and headed back towards her seat. “I’ll come over later to get your hot self ready for your date with Adrian, lovey,” she called over her shoulder.

Emily flashed you a quick look of concern. You ignored her, pulling your blanket up over your shoulders and turning to face the window.

You weren’t sure what was in store for tonight, but you sure hoped it would help you shake the feeling of sadness for the end of a relationship that never even started.

You sighed into your drink, feeling utterly out of place in a bar full of happy, drunk partiers. Garcia had cleaned you up well, but you’d do anything to trade this tight, black ensemble for your favorite oversized sweater and cozy socks.

Handsome, green-eyed, accountant-who-plays-tennis-on-the-weekends (according to Garcia) Adrian was late. It was 5 minutes to 9 o'clock and he had yet to show up.

You sighed, making the executive decision to leave. Garcia was in for a stern talking-to about this supposed “perfect guy” for you.

When the cab driver asked for your destination, Spencer’s address fell from your lips automatically. You usually found yourself at his apartment on Friday nights for takeout and movies. You were sure he wouldn’t mind help with Henry and Michael, anyways.

Almost an hour alone at the bar gave you a lot of time to think about your feelings for Spencer. You figured that if you were able to keep your feelings to yourself after all this time, it wouldn’t hurt it he never found out. He obviously didn’t have the same feelings and that was okay. Your friendship trumped anything else between the two of you.

The cab dropped you off in front of Spencer’s building. You climbed up the stairs, feeling very overdressed for a usual Friday night with your closest friend. You tugged your dress down uncomfortably before knocking on the door.

As soon as the door opened, you were hit with the overwhelming sounds coming from inside the apartment. A crying baby, a repeated banging noise, loud shrieks of laughter, and strangely enough, wild animal calls.

“Y/N?” Spencer’s eyes did a quick once over, making you feel awfully self-conscious. You pushed those feelings away, observing your friend’s completely disheveled ensemble, hair messier than usual, and what looked like spaghetti sauce on his shirt. The baby in his arms had the same red sauce smeared across his cheek.

“Hi, Spence… um, is that Hank you’re holding?” you asked, confused as to why the smallest Morgan was here.

“Uh, yeah, haha. I received a couple of surprise guests tonight.” He opened the door wider, ushering you in with a jerk of his head. You walked in to take in the scene before you.

“What is going on in here?”

Henry was crawling on all fours around an iPad playing some animal documentary, mimicking the animal noises coming from the screen. He made a very convincing elephant. Baby Michael was rolling around in a pile of pillows, alternating between crying and gnawing on one of his little socks. You did a slight double take at the sight of Jack Hotchner doing a headstand against the wall.

“Hi, Y/N!” he shouted happily. “Look what I can do!” 

It seemed Hank and Spencer weren’t the only ones with spaghetti sauce all over, each boy had red smears on their clothes.

The chaos of the room definitely didn’t match the faint strains of classical music in the background.

“Spencer, why didn’t you tell me you opened a daycare?” you teased, going over to give each of the kiddos a hug hello. You gently tugged the sock out of Michael’s grip and picked him up, bouncing him on your hip to stop his tears.

“Hank came by with Henry and Michael, JJ and Will are on a double date with Morgan and Savannah.” You smiled, glad the two couples had a chance to spend time together. “Then, 30 minutes ago, Jack showed up because Rossi ‘scored’ dates for him and Hotch at some jazz lounge. So I’ve got a full house tonight.” He shrugged as if he had four kids racing around his apartment every night.

“Well, lucky for you, Dr. Reid, I am here to help,” you announced, bumping your hip against his as you made your way to his room. “I’m gonna borrow some clothes, ‘kay?” You closed the door behind you, muffling his response.

“As much as I appreciate your help, what about your date with that accountant guy?”

“How’d you know he was an accountant?” you asked, placing the baby on the bed to search for that shirt you always borrowed when you were over.

“I, uh, asked Garcia earlier. She called to say she couldn’t help babysit tonight and it just, um, came up, I guess.”

You tried not to read into that too much, he was probably just asking as a friend. You opened the door, carefully passing Michael into Spencer’s free arm so you could wash off your makeup in the bathroom.

“Didn’t work out. Stood me up. And now I’m here,” you answered shortly.

After washing your face, you start to run a bath for the two messy babies. “Spence, bring the babies in here for a bath. How’d they get spaghetti sauce on them anyways?”

Spencer laughed, placing Hank and Michael in the shallow water. “Henry was trying out card tricks over dinner and got a bit overzealous in his efforts.”

You couldn’t help but reach up and wipe away a smudge of sauce on Spencer’s cheek. He smiled softly, sending a pleasant fuzzy feeling throughout your body. You quickly turned back towards the boys splashing around in the claw-footed tub to hide the blush on your face.

“Hey, uh, I’m sorry about your date, Y/N.”

You gently rinsed off the giggling babies, sighing deeply. “It’s not your fault he didn’t show up. He just wasn’t the ‘perfect guy’ Garcia told me he was.” Hank and Michael let our twin shrieks of laughter when you ticked their bellies. “Towels?” You unplugged the tub stopper as Spencer picked up Michael to put him into clean clothes.

“C’mere, Hank, Auntie Y/N’s gonna dry you off.” He stretched his chubby brown arms up to you, making you smile. You blew a raspberry on his cheek, pulling his onesie on.

“You deserve better, you know”

You looked at Spencer, with his tousled hair and baby in his arms, eyebrows drawn with concern. Your heart skipped a beat.

“Thank you, Spencer. But I’m okay. It’s not the first time romance hasn’t worked out for me,” you said airily. You hear the older boys calling for you from the living room. “Duty calls.”

“Look what we made, Y/N!” Henry said proudly.

“We can watch movies in it!” Jack was just as excited by his friend.

A mountain of blankets and pillows and cushions were piled up on the living room floor, swamping the two boys lying in it. The opening sequence of Finding Nemo was playing on the TV.

You and Spencer exchanged looks before joining the boys, placing the babies in the middle of your little nest. It was nice, being snuggled up with all of them. You felt Spencer wrap his pinky around yours and didn’t fight the smile that was taking over your face.

This wasn’t exactly how you thought tonight would end, but it sure was better than anything you’d hoped.

You nuzzled into the soft fabric underneath your cheek, slowly waking from a slumber you don’t even recall falling into. The last thing you remember was Dory and Marlin talking to the Australian sharks.

You lifted your head from where it had apparently migrated onto Spencer’s shoulder during your nap. You rested your chin on his shoulder, opening your eyes sleepily.

“Hi,” you mumbled.

Spencer replied with a grumbly hello.

You sat up, jolting to full consciousness at lack of children around you. “Spence, where are the -”

An extremely smug Derek Morgan stood in the middle of Spencer’s living, holding a sleeping Hank. JJ mirrored his position with Michael in her arms, Henry and Jack giggling behind her.

Their smirks grew even wider when Spencer shifted, bringing his head onto your lap and draping his arm across your thighs.

“Reid,” you hissed, shaking his shoulder roughly, “Reid!

“Rise and shine, pretty boy,” Morgan teased.

That got the doctor’s attention.

“M-Morgan! JJ! How did you get in my - What are you - I-” He scrambled off of you. He tried stuttering out explanations, failing to make sense with his babbling.

JJ held up a hand and gave Spencer a silencing look that only a mother could perfect. “I guess you forgot you gave Morgan an extra key. We just wanted to say thank you for watching the kids tonight, Spence. And I’m glad Y/N came over to… help.” Her eyes twinkled knowingly. “We’ll take the boys off your hands now. Jack’s with me, too, so you don’t have to wait up for Hotch.”

She herded Jack and Henry towards the front door, waving cheekily on her way out.

You gave Derek a pointed look that clearly said GET. OUT.

“Have fun, kids,” he winked and strolled out the door after your blonde coworker.

You could only sit in silence, feeling your cheeks heat up at his implications.

You heard the patter of feet rushing back to the apartment.

Henry stuck his blonde head back into the room. “Y/N! Uncle Spencer likes yooooou!” he sang, before rushing off as quickly as he came.

The slam of the door echoed through the silence between you two.

You fell back onto the bed of blankets, reeling from the little boy’s words. Could Spencer really…?

He copied your actions, his arm pressed up against yours.



“You like me?”

“Y-yes. I do like you, Y/N. A lot. I just thought you’d never see me in that way. But please don’t go on anymore dates. Especially with accountants who don’t realize what an amazing girl they’re standing up at the bar.”

With a sudden rush of new found confidence, you swung your leg over Spencer’s torso, hands boxing around his head. His expression morphed into one of surprise, tinged with a hint of desire.

“No more dates with accountants,” you agreed. “Because I like you, too, Dr. Reid. A lot.”

You cut off his reply with an enthusiastic kiss. His wasted no time in responding, hands coming up under your borrowed shirt to rest upon the bare skin of your back. He seemed timid at first, but you were quick to change that.

Your fevered kissing came to a halt at the sound of both of your phones going off. You groaned and pulled away reluctantly, grabbing your phone from where it was sitting on the couch.

“This is Dr. Reid.”

“Y/L/N speaking.” You jerked the phone away from your ear, protecting your hearing from the high pitch squeals coming from the speaker.

Garcia, you mouthed to Spencer, who had an amused look on his face. Prentiss? He nodded in confirmation.

All you could make out was Spencer, picture, snuggling, and Morgan, but you had a pretty good idea what had her all wound up. 

You locked eyes with Spencer, silently agreeing to deal with your nosy friends later.

“Goodbye, Penny.”

No! No! Wait! Y/N, wai-” You hung up the phone and tossed it to the side next to Spencer’s discarded phone.

“So where were we?” Spencer asked cheekily, stroking his fingers against your waist.

“Let me give you a little hint.” You reconnected your lips hungrily.

Yup, you could deal with Garcia and Prentiss later. Much later.

Seriously. Spencer with kids kills me. In a good way. 

Well ! This took me forever ! This is an AU for 2X05 “The Weaponizer”. I hope you like it! {FF] or [AO3]

Where The Demon Hides

Chloe was digging a hole in the floor with her pacing.

She was worrying her phone in her hands, her jacket already on, her long ponytail swinging left and right with every new step she took. She kept pushing the button to bring the screen to life, counting the minutes since Maze’s call.

She was up to thirteen when she finally heard the knock. She opened the door before Dan was even done, leaving him to stand there with his hand in the air. She grabbed her car keys from the bowl and automatically checked that her weapon was in its holster on her hip.

“What’s the emergency?” Dan frowned. “You said…”

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Rising from the Ashes Chapter 2

So this is an early birthday present for @loubuggins, who has been such a sweetheart and all around delight on here and on FF. I hope she enjoys this.







“I’ve got it!”

It all happened so fast.

Starfire was busy bouncing the six month old Chloe on her knee when suddenly she hiccuped, accidently setting Starfire’s hair on fire. Starfire yelped and in the process, tossed litte Chloe across the room. Fortunately Raven had been reading on the couch when she went flying overhead.

“STARFIRE!” she used her powers to grap the girl mid-air, and slowly lower the giggling girl to the ground, but the alien princess wasn’t paying attention. Instead she was zipping about the common room attempting to put the fire out, but was, instead, setting off all of the fire alarms. Of course this in turn woke Raven’s month old violet haired, fair skinned son, Hunter, who had been napping in a swing by her feet, and the one year old Mar'i who had fallen asleep on the couch.

“WHAAAA! WHAAAA!” Both children cried.

“Drake!” Kole casually called from the kitchen, telling the others that this wasn’t the first time they’ve dealt with an incident like this.

“I’ve got it!”

Drake leapt into the air grabbing Starfire mid-flight, and using a small fire extinguisher he made sure to keep on him at all times, put out the flames that were making Starfire’s hair even redder. Once the fire was out, she darted to her daughter.

“Shhh it is okay my little Bumgorf.” Her attempts to sooth her weren’t landing considering Mar'i wasn’t able to hear her mother over the beeping of the fire alarm overhead.

“Will someone shut that alarm off!” Raven shouted as she rocked her son, who was still shrieking.

Suddenly the alarm’s cut off, leaving the common room silent except for the cries of Raven and Starfire’s children, and the giggling and clapping Drake’s pink haired daughter who hadn’t stopped laughing throughout the entire incident.

Cyborg sauntered into the common room, the cries of his niece and nephew beginning to die down. “I had a manual override installed since the last time you guys visited.” He said heading towards the living area, his eyes finding Chloe who was still clapping and laughing. “I get the feeling someone ENJOYS setting the fire alarms off?” He glared playfull down at the pink haired girl, but she only stared back at him with cobalt blue eyes that were almost as large as her own head, and giggled again.

“Does she EVER cry?” Raven asked. Hunter had finally calmed down, but didn’t look like he was going to sleep anytime soon.

“Here and there,” Drake responded. He layed down sideways behind his daughter, handing her a few toys so he could play with her. “Like when she’s hungry, or grumpy, but other then that she just kinda stares. Like she’s trying to figure you out or something. It’s a little … creepy.”

“It is not creepy,” Kole came from the kitchen bringing with her a tray of refreshments. “I think it’s cute, and shows just how smart she is.” She set the tray down.

“Kole you didn’t have to go to the trouble,” Starfire told her.

“Yeah your a guest here, we should be taking care of you.”

Kole shook her head to Raven, “It’s no trouble at all. It’s the least I can do, after all Cyborg is giving Chloe her sixth month check-up today, speaking of, how is she?”

Cyborg took a seat on the couch, grabbing one of the glasses. “Well everything for a normal kid is perfectly fine. She’s the right height, weight, maybe a bit small, but it’s nothing to get to worried about. As for the other stuff, well, I’m not sure what’s ‘normal’ for a half dragon kid.”

“Believe it or not this is normal,” Drake told them, “Think of it like pooping, burping, and sleeping for normal babies, It’s just something natural that babies do, and in this case she’s just a half dragon baby, so it’s natural for her to set things on fire.”

“Friend Kole has she ever burned you?” Starfire asked.

Kole gave a nod. “She has, but it wasn’t anything Drake couldn’t heal, and I think she’s learning that she shouldn’t burn mommy. Only daddy.” She smirked at her boyfriend who only rolled his eyes.

“What about her diet?” Raven asked. “Does she need anything … extra? Like Farah needed blood?”

“I’m able to breastfeed her, but she’ll need one meal a day that is super heated.”

“And that gives me an excuse to feed her from a bottle.” Drake smiled as he cooed to his daughter. “Huh, that’s right, so daddy can feed you, huh?” Chloe laughed again slapping his face with her tiny hands.

“I’m surprised she’s showing powers this early, mine didn’t kick in till I was five.”

Drake shrugged. “As I mentioned, this is natural for her, but she’ll get better control over them as she gets older, and once she hits her teens, she’ll be able to train as a dragon knight.”

“Has she shown signs of your powers yet Kole?”

She shook her head, “Not yet Star, if she ever will. I honestly haven’t thought much about it.” She looked over to her daughter, a sad smile coming to her face. “I’m just glad she’s here.”

Drake met his girlfriends gaze with a smile, “Me too love,” The two shared a quick and loving smile, before Drake went back to playing with his little girl. While the Titans watched the baby girl play with her father the tower suddenly began to rumble and slightly quiver. Their ears picking up the sounds of the tower walls starting to crumble.

“Friends, what is-” Suddenly the walls imploded, their eyes unable to see exactly what was happening, but something was coming at them, breaking the tower to pieces as it moved. “EEP!” Starfire clung to Mar'i and bolted for the only exit available, which in this case meant crashing through the window, her body shielding her child as she flew.

Raven pulled Hunter as close to herself as possible, then vanished into a dark black portal underneath her, and out of the way of the attack. Drake grabbed ahold of Chloe, changed into his dragon form and headed for the window, Kole leaping onto his back as he took flight.

“WAIT FOR ME!” Cyborg leapt from the couch grabbing onto Drake’s tail at the last second.

The Titans reappeared at the base of the tower on the rocky island below. “What just attacked our tower?” Raven asked, her son screaming in her arms.

“I know not!”

Cyborg crashed beside Starfire, “What the HELL!”

Drake lowered himself to the ground, “Do me a favor Cyborg, and don’t GRAB my tail like that.” He smacked the bionic teen across the head with the tip of his tail. “Now what was-” Everyone looked up towards the roof of the tower. “Oh-”

“-my-” Starfire’s mouth fell open.

“-… god … ” Raven put her head in her hands.

There on top of the destroyed tower was a full sized, fire-breathing dragon.

A very GREEN full sized fire-breathing dragon.

As they stood with open mouths at the verdent reptile, a small golden-yellow butterfly fluttered towards them from the roof, before changing into Raven’s blonde headed daughter, Farah. “Mommy! Mommy! Look!” she excitedly pointed towards the dragon, “I asked daddy if he could change into a dragon and he DID!”

The green dragon swivled it’s head to look down at the Titans below, Raven being able to recognize the look of guilt ANYWHERE in ANY form Beast Boy was in. She turned to the eight foot tall dragon knight. “Drake … why is Beast Boy so … large?”

Drake changed back to his human form, Kole still clinging to his back, and Chloe in his arms. “Well, REAL dragons are about the size of two jet airliners … .”

They all looked back at the dragon atop the tower, Kole leaning her head close to Drake’s ear. “So … this mean his is … . bigger?”

Chloe must be very smart, since she immediately started giggling at her mothers joke.

Artwork done by myself.

Chloe Cynthia Daniels


Prompt:  could you please do one , where the reader is in a relationship with Morgan and is kidnapped and he rescues her? With a lot of fluff if you dont mind?:)

Rating: T

Trigger warning: Kidnapping as the title suggests

Written for: anonymous

I stood up from my desk in the BAU and stretched my back and legs. My back popped quiet well releasing some of the tension that had built up. It was a quiet day in the BAU which was always a good thing. At least there weren’t any serial killers on killing sprees, so we’d all get to sleep in our own beds tonight. Well, not all of us. There were two of us that often stayed at the other’s apartment which only made sense since Derek Morgan and I had been dating for eight months now. We both sort of lived at each other’s apartments though we hadn’t really considered moving in together. It would have saved us both some money in the long run.

I looked toward Derek’s office where I could see him still working away on the files from the day. Normally, I would have stayed until he left, but I just couldn’t take sitting behind the desk any longer. Everyone else was starting to leave anyway. I gathered my belongings and walked up to Derek’s office. I knocked on the door and waited for him to tell me to come in.

As I entered the room, he said, “Hey, gorgeous. Are you headed out?”

I nodded and said, “Yeah. I just can’t take anymore tonight. Your place or mine?”

“You’re place is closer. Head on home and relax. I’ll be headed that way shortly,” he told me.

I bent over and placed a kiss on his lips saying, “I love you. Don’t work too late.”

“I love you too, (Y/N),” Derek replied.

I readjusted my purse and bag on my shoulder as I walked out of his office. It wasn’t often that Derek sent me home without him. He’d usually follow suit whenever I told him I was heading out, so I knew whatever he was working on must have been important. I rode the elevator down to the parking garage alone. I also noticed that the parking garage was mostly empty. I was just about to reach into my purse and find my keys when everything went black.

*time skip*

I wasn’t sure how long I had been out. It had been long enough to be taken who knows where. As everything came back into focus, I looked around the room to analysis my surroundings. It looked like a standard garage. Based on that observation, I assumed that my kidnapper was probably an amateur. Hopefully that would play into my favor.

*Derek’s POV*

I got up to leave maybe thirty minutes after (Y/N) had left. Though it was a quiet day in the office, I still couldn’t wait to get home and fall asleep beside my girlfriend of eight months. I had never imagined myself settling down, especially with (Y/N) because she had always been such a close friend. Everything just kind of fell together for the two of us, and I couldn’t be any happier. As I walked through the parking garage, I noticed some items tossed across the ground. Though I was exhausted, the profiler in me had to assess the situation. As I arrived at the scene, I noticed that the belongings were all of (Y/N)’s. Without hesitation, I immediately called the rest of the team back in to the BAU.

When Garcia answered the phone, I said, “Get me the feed from every camera in here. If this guy was dumb enough to leave behind her ID, he probably completely himself on camera.”

“You got it. We’ll find her Derek,” she said.

“When I get my hands on that son of a …” I began.

Penelope cut me off saying, “I’ve got his license plate. I’m running it now. Annnddd I’ve got an address. Sending it to your phone… Now.”

“Thanks mama,” I replied before hanging up and speeding off in the way of where (Y/N) was being held.

*Reader’s POV*

I sat there tied to the chair listening to the unsub talk. He had been talking for a while telling me all of the horrible things he wanted to do to me. It felt like it had been at least an hour since I had awoken, but he hadn’t done anything yet. I was assuming that this was his first kidnapping.

As he was talking, I noticed people stealthily walking past the window in the garage. I knew from those movements that Derek was coming to save me. The team quickly broke into the garage and apprehended the unsub. Derek untied me from the chair and pulled me into his arms.

“I was so scared that I had lost you,” he mumbled into my hair.

I explained to him what the unsub had done and said, “Honestly, I don’t think he was ever going to do anything. He was too nervous.”

“I’m just glad you’re ok,” he said looking deeply into my eyes.

He walked me to the ambulance to get my head checked out where the unsub had knocked me out. I was thankfully cleared and wouldn’t have to go to the hospital.

As we walked to Derek’s SUV, I could tell something else was on his mind, “What’s wrong? Something is bothering you, and I’m getting the vibe that it’s not entirely related to me being kidnapped.”

“(Y/N), I’ve had something on my mind for the past couple of weeks. When I had discovered that you were kidnapped, I thought I’d never get the chance to talk to me about it,” he told me.

“What is it, Derek?” I asked as he stopped to face me.

He slowly got down on one knee and said, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), you are the most important person in my life. I almost died at the thought of losing you. I love you more than life and want you in my life forever. (Y/N), will you marry me?”

Tears poured down my cheeks as I said, “Yes. Of course I’ll marry you.”

He pulled me up and into kiss as the rest of the team cheered behind us.

On the Edge

Characters- Jared x Reader, Jensen and Misha

Words- 2385

Request by @ri-wantstorunaway- Hey I was wondering if you could do a Jared x reader where reader (who is also and actor on the show and Jared’s girlfriend) has been a HUGE part of the Always Keep Fighting campaign but after the hate gets to much she breaks and try hurting herself and or coming suicide? Please? If its too triggering then sorry.

Warning- Self-harm. And attempted suicide. Yeah, big warnings for this one. Uh yeah. And like one or two uses of the word shit. Opps?

A/n- If you guys ever need to talk message me. Anyway, yeah. Enjoy. Feedback is much loved. My ask box is always open unless I say otherwise.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Jared was an inspiration to the world, and to you. Knowing that you’re letting him down broke your heart. You were one of the reasons he started the Always Keep Fighting campaign. He was so proud on how far you came and how far he has come that he needed to share it with the world. You were happy to be a part of it. Now Jensen and Misha started one of their own and it’s gotten huge too. You were on set with the guys late and they were over tired. And that showed. They were doing stupid shit and you couldn’t help but laugh.

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Ponyboy’s twin sister

> you’re 3 minutes older and don’t ever let him forget
> as little kids you literally talked to nobody else at school, you were born with a best friend and you had a secret language and made up games and all the cliche twin stuff
> your teachers and parents worried about you and Pony not developing enough socially, so you branched out more and more the older you both got
> your mom was literally your hero, whatever you couldn’t talk to Pony about you went to your mom with (especially as you started to mature and got your period and boobs and stuff)
> (your mom had to explain to Pony why you couldn’t share a room anymore after that. he was heartbroken but you still watched the sunset together every night before bed)
> your dad taught you how to read and write, and when it came time, to play football, baseball, and basketball. he made sure you were great at all of them because you came home from school once and asked him why girls weren’t allowed to be on the school teams.
> when you were little you would always try to wrestle with Darry, and he’d be afraid of hurting you because you were sort of a scrawny little kid. but you could hold your own with him for the most part until he started working out and building muscle (you kicked his ass in a football game once, but he was never mopey or pissed about it, just really proud)
> Darry helped you with homework a lot and whenever he learned something new in class, he taught it to you.
> you used to copy Soda a lot when you were little, follow him around, repeat what he said, etc. because you thought he was the most tuff person in the world, and it annoyed him at first, but after he talked to Mom about it he started to use it to make sure he was a good influence on you — he sobbed and sobbed when he dropped out of school because he was so afraid you’d do it too, or that he wasn’t a good example to you anymore
> you always found it harder to relate to other girls because you grew up surrounded by your brothers and the gang, but your mom made sure you and them all knew that girls are tuff enough and god help all of you if she ever caught anyone saying anything sexist or objectifying
> the boys would instinctively come to your aid whenever you got slapped on the ass or cat-called by any other greaser or any soc, but they learned pretty quick that they didn’t have to because you could handle it
> also, your mom secretly took them all aside and scolded them — she didn’t want you to think you needed a man to defend your honor for you
> the only thing she would not budge on was rumbles, but it wasn’t because you were a girl. she didn’t want any of her kids (whether biological or the “adopted” sons from the gang) fighting like that. of course they all still did, but you were a terrible liar, so they never brought you along.
> (Dallas still gave you fighting lessons on the regular so you would know how to throw a right hook without breaking your thumb on the next guy who wolf whistled at you)
> you didn’t smoke — you just had no desire to.
> after you and Pony did a unit on space in science class one time, you checked out all the astronomy books from the library and learned every single constellation by heart. you watched the stars whenever you were out at night, and the only reason the boys didn’t tease you or Pony too much about it is because they knew you weren’t afraid to beat them up and you had a quick tongue.
> you had a gigantic crush on Johnny Cade and everyone but Johnny knew it until the day you kissed him in the lot — you went steady for about three weeks until your parents’ accident, and you ended it: you still had feelings for each other but it just wasn’t the right time to be in a relationship. he was very kind and understanding about it.
> when your parents died, you locked yourself in your room for two days. Ponyboy slept outside the door until you came out the day of the funeral. when he had his nightmares, you returned the favor.
> in addition to sports, you took ballet classes from when you were 5 to when your parents died — you just couldn’t afford them anymore, and you couldn’t bear to see Darry work another job to pay for them (you know he would have if you didn’t lie and tell him you were quitting to focus on school)
> Darry was just as hard on you as he was on Ponyboy, but for different reasons: he didn’t use his head enough, and you used yours too often to sass your teachers, principal, and the Socs. you still brought home good grades though and were pretty respectful to Darry, so there wasn’t much he could realistically say about it.
> you didn’t doubt Darry’s love as much as Pony did, but sometimes you still found yourself asking where your big brother went and who replaced him.
> the night Darry hit Pony and he ran away, Soda clammed up; you screamed at the top of your lungs and asked why in the world Darry would do that, Mom and Dad would be so ashamed, how could he, you didn’t even know who he was — basically everything your mom would have said if she were there
> (you cried the whole time though — every time you got mad you cried and the gang knew not to press that button)
> you snuck out to look for Pony and Johnny later that night after Darry and Soda fell asleep — when you ran into Dallas, you bullied everything out of him. when he told you Johnny killed a Soc and why, you passed out cold on the ground and he had to carry you back home. he was careful not to wake anyone, and you could never thank him enough.
> Darry tried to apologize to you a million times but you didn’t speak to him for the five days Pony and Johnny were gone. you blamed him for everything and he knew it. Soda tried to bridge a gap, but it didn’t work. you weren’t mad at him for it though, and talked to him like normal, and even cried to him every night
> you made Dallas bring you along to Windrixville to see Pony and Johnny. when you saw your brother again it was like a missing piece of you clicked back into the right place.
> (you wanted to kiss Johnny more than anything right then, but didn’t want to frighten him because of all he had been through)
> when the church was on fire, you ran inside right on Ponyboy’s heels to save the kids in the building. you broke your arm when you landed too hard on the ground after jumping out the window (actually Pony pushed you out), but weren’t burned, and you refused treatment until you knew the others were taken care of first.
> when you saw Darry and Soda at the hospital, you almost knocked them over; you held on to Darry the longest and kept apologizing to him until you were out of breath. you kept thinking how he smelled and felt just like Dad holding you there.
> during the rumble, you didn’t fight because of your arm, but even if it wasn’t broken you still probably wouldn’t have fought. you stayed with Johnny instead, and you made sure his mother stayed away, and you made sure the nurses were kind, and you made sure that he wasn’t alone or afraid for a second. you knew he was getting weaker and weaker, and it was breaking your heart, but you stayed. you wrote down his letter for Pony and put it inside “Gone with the Wind.”
> (years later, after working to put yourself through college, you would become a nurse yourself)
> when Johnny died, he told Ponyboy to stay gold, and he squeezed your hand; you knew he was saying, “thank you.”
> you followed Dallas out of the hospital, running after him and demanding he tell you where he was going because you knew he was about to do something crazy. he told you to get lost and pulled out his heater, and you were so scared and overwhelmed that you turned and ran home. when he was killed that night, you blamed yourself.
> you stayed by Pony’s side night and day in the few days he was sick; Soda and Darry took shifts and tried to get you to do the same, but like hell were you going to leave him.
> eventually, you got married and had kids of your own: all boys.

(Prologue) Love in Time

Pairing: Yoongi Min x OC

Genre: Angst, Light Smut

A/N : This is my first story in a while, so bare with me. I’m super nervous, by the way.

-Admin Moon

Min Yoongi came from a place where one could spot idols, actors and those who just had beautiful faces walking down the street in South Korea. But in his very own personal opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world was currently standing in the bathroom. When he had woken up that morning, he found her in the bathroom wearing her white swimsuit, standing in front of the window trying to catch relief from the hot day. Feeling sweat run down his face, he ran a hand over it to wipe it away. Not wanting to sit on their makeshift bed anymore, he walked towards the bathroom door frame to lean on it, and let his eyes roam over his girlfriend’s body in quiet appreciation. Her warm golden skin glistened with damp heat, and her hair was thrown into a messy ponytail. It wasn’t a look you’d see on a famous person in public, but he still felt himself go hard, thinking about all the things she deserved to have done to her. They’d been living together for almost 5 months, he still could not believe she belonged to him. That this beautiful woman in front of him had chosen him. Although he had top floor apartment with no air condition and his bank that had less than twenty dollars, she still chose him and made him feel like the luckiest guy ever. As if sensing his gaze on her, she turned around and flashed that gorgeous smile of hers, the one that always made his heart soar to the sky.

“Hey, babe,” she said, her voice as lively as ever despite the exhausting heat wave. “You always move so quietly, it’s like you’re a cat.” He let out a small chuckle, “Change ‘cat’ to ‘panther’ and then I’ll agree.” He wanted to join her in front of the window, but he still had to do his workout and shower after that before he had to start his shift. But, like always she made it hard for him to stay focused on his daily plans, she looked at him with a smug grin, “It’s like you Koreans are assassins are something!”

That made him stop for a moment. Having grown up in the Bangtan crime organization, there were certain talents he had. From handling and selling guns, selling drugs and handling other illegal things such as bribery, one picked up certain skills. Yoongi started accompanying his uncle, Sungmin, one of their organizations enforcer on retaliation killings at the age of thirteen. Since his father was a prominent figure in the organization, he was groomed to take his father’s place one day. Four years later his father had been killed by a spoiled prince from another crime organization, Oh Sehun, whose own deceased father had been considered a friend of the Bangtan organization. Sehun and Yoongi had gone to the same private school like the rest of the Bangtan organization kids did. 

But when Sehun shot down Yoongi’s father outside a building where they were going to meet, the Bangtan-C.M.B crime organization alliance came to an end. Sehun had meant this as a way to display power, but that was ultimately his downfall. After burying his father, Yoongi had hunted the new lord at his house on the outside of Seoul. He had been passed out on the couch when he found him, woke him up, slit his throat and watched the life slip from his eyes. In order to avoid a war between the two organizations, his uncle began acting as the interim in his stead until the time came for him to take his father’s place and arranged for Yoongi to go to school in the states. Yoongi had enrolled at the University of Dallas in the business administration program. With his education along with his Bangtan brothers, they vowed to make the crime organization into a legal organization. Jaisa turned everything around in his world, for the better, she had nothing to do with the crime world. He could live a simple life here in Dallas with the woman he loved the most.

“Suga?” He snapped out of his memory. Only his Jaisa would call him by that name, no one else dared. People usually didn’t joke with him, because the look he always had on his face. But for some reason ever since he met Jaisa, she would pick on him and get away with it. “What were you just thinking about?” She asked with a concerned look on her face. He looked around the apartment, “I was thinking about you, and how you deserve better than this apartment.” He said as his eyes then landed on her. “Suga, stop it,” she rolled her eyes, “There are people who would love to have this apartment.” Of course that would be her answer, that’s her answer to everything in our lives. While she was working on her Masters in Communication, she also volunteered at a local food bank, so of course she would see things and talk to other people about their daily lives. But he knew her better. She had grown up as a pampered daughter of the Mayor of Marble Falls, a town known for making steel. Her father had cut her off for dating Yoongi. Before they started dating she lived the life of luxury. But now, she no longer had access to anything, all because she fell in love with him . 

“Suga,” she let out a small cute laugh, “I need you to do a small favor for me.” She walked past him, to sit on the edge of the bed, “I don’t have anything to wear, but a miniskirt and tank top. And I don’t know what I’m going to do for underwear.” His dick jumped to the image of her in nothing but a miniskirt. Now it was his turn to roll his eyes, he walked over towards her only to glare down at her. She peered up at him with a smug look on her face, “Having said that, could you be my sweet sugar and do a load of laundry for me?”

Over the last five months, Yoongi had learned how much Jaisa hated doing her laundry, so she always begged him to do it for her. “I don’t think you would want me walking around campus with only a miniskirt on, do you?” she asked, her sweet voice becoming sweeter as she talked. “What if I forgot I didn’t have any underwear on and bent over in front of people?” He shook his head in disbelief, but played along, “If I do decide to do your laundry, what do I get in return?” Holding his gaze, she reached up to the rim of his shorts and boxers, and slowly pulled them down releasing his manhood. “I think you know the answer to that already,” she stuck out her tongue and ran it across the delicate underside of his penis, taking him into her mouth for a few moments before pulling away. He let out a small desperate sigh, “You know back at home, girlfriends do their own laundry and also their boyfriends.” She continued to hold his gaze as she stroked him, “Mmm…hmm, I think I should demonstrate what could happen if I go to class wearing no underwear.” She stepped over towards the open dresser and pulled out a miniskirt. 

She turned away from him, and slipped off her white swimsuit and put on the miniskirt. She knocked over the plastic cup of pens sitting on the dresser and gasped, “Oops, I better pick this all up!” She bent over at the waist, giving him a peek of her glistening wet pussy, “I really hope you can’t see anything back there!” Before he could stop himself from being caught in her trap, he was behind her, sinking his dick into her. “I will do your laundry, Jagi, but you have to be in this position when I get home tonight.” She braced herself against the dresser as he pistoned into her over and over again. “Yes, yes, yes! I promise, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Thank you so much!” she cried out. Yoongi wasn’t sure if was talking about the laundry or the sex they were having, either way he didn’t care. He pulled out of her and fell back onto the bed, taking her with him to the edge of the bed. He positioned himself at her entrance, and slowly pushed inside of her with his hands gripping her hips. Riding her and loving the way her hand fell back onto his shoulders in lustful abandonment, as if his sex was like a body numbing drug. The sounds of slapping bodies filled the apartment, until she came with a loud satisfied cry and he released into her with a long flow of Korean words. 

She relaxed against him, moving her hands underneath his, “I don’t know what you said but I wholeheartedly agree.” He gripped her hands, and whispered in her ear, “When I come home tonight I want you screaming my full name, not this silly ‘Suga’ name.” She laughed and moved her hips against his, “If that is the case, I can’t wait until tonight.” He nuzzled his face into the back of her neck, loving the way she felt against him, “I really love you, Jaisa. You do know this, right?” She got up from his lap, so she could sit on his lap facing him, “Of course, and I love you dearly.” He kissed her on the lips, “Good. I will make you prove it later.”

But when Yoongi returned home that night after work, Jaisa was nowhere to be found. In fact, upon returning home he found the apartment dark, which filled him with worry. In fact, she hasn’t even come to visit him at work during his shift. As he walked home from campus, he promised to take Jaisa into town to get her a cell phone the next morning. So when he found their apartment empty, rather than panic and lose control, he chose instead to focus on finding her. As he flipped on the lights, he forced himself to think about the simple gold band. It was the reason why he only had twenty dollars in his account. He wanted to take her to a nice restaurant after he proposed, so he’d had to wait until he got paid again. He imagined her only condition to marrying him might be to do her laundry, a condition he would gladly meet if it meant he could get to spend the rest of his life with her. Standing in their empty apartment, an uneasy feeling came over him, and he realized why when he looked around. Most of her stuff was missing. He eventually found her note, laying on a pillow, after he found out she had cleaned out her belongings.


I’m sorry my sweet sugar, but I can’t live like this anymore. I really tried, I honestly did. But now I want my old life back. Please take care of yourself, like I know you can. You’re a hard worker, and I know you can make it if you put your mind to it. That’s what I loved about you. Please concentrate on trying to better yourself, and don’t try to find me, because you won’t. I never want to see you again. I’ve made up my mind, and I’m sure this is the best for the both of us.


Six years later, Yoongi had made a name for himself in the business world. The world knew him as a ruthless business man, after he graduated from business school. Most people who knew him thought it was of his personal background. But they were wrong, only he knew the truth. A foolish girl by the name of Jaisa ripped his heart out one night years ago, when he least expected it. And afterwards he thought it would be natural to be heartless from that point on.

(Chapter 1, coming soon…)

disgraced | jungkook

a/n: all i could think about was a fallen angel au when the first short film for wings came out.

word count: 1.6k

summary: curiosity was a pure thing, something he had believed in wholeheartedly… until he found himself on the earth with his wings scorched off his back.

The harmonious voices had once rippled through his mind constantly, offering a serene sound in his head as the bristles of his brush streaked across the blank canvas. His wings were a blinding white, larger and held more grandeur than the older angels and he was proud of them. Against the never setting sun, his wings cast a shadow on his easel but Jungkook didn’t mind as he peeked above the canvas to glance at Taehyung whose wings squirmed when he thought his younger friend wasn’t looking.

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Married with Children

Rucas one shot. As requested by @oliviaaaaa24 , Lucas and Riley are married, and they have a daughter and son. They are both teenagers. It is based off of that gif set and then people talking about Lucas freaking out over a boy wanting to date his daughter the way Cory did with him. I’ll link to it later when I’m not on mobile.

Riley and Lucas had been married for about sixteen years now. They lived in a beautiful apartment in Manhattan. Lucas got through his vet schooling out west, and was able to open up his own practice in New York. Riley had become a photographer and free lance writer for various magazines. They were as in love as the day they met.

They had a fifteen year old daughter, thy named her Amare, the Latin word for love. They would call her Mari for short. They also had a son who was thirteen, they named him Michael, because Riley always liked that name. They wanted to have more children, but Riley came down with a condition that caused her to have a hysterectomy. Lucas was very supportive during her treatment.

Amare was starting her sophomore year of high school, and Michael was entering eight grade. They both had a great circle of friends.

Farkle and Smackle had a couple of kids of their own. They went to a private school, but Farkle decided it would be a good experience for them to go to a public school for the rest of high school. Their son Derek would be a junior, and their daughter Lora would be in ninth grade.

Riley was excited that her close friends’ children would be in the same school as hers. Maya’s kids lived too far away to be in the same district.

Amare didn’t know Derek too well. They had met a couple times, but it was years ago, when they were in elementary school together.

“Mari, I want you to look out for Derek and Lora. You’ve been in the school for a year now, and they don’t know their way around.”
“Alright mom, I can do that.”
“Thank you, have a great first day!”

Amare got annoyed with her mother’s cheeriness sometimes, and other times she was thankful for it. She could barely remember what Derek looked like. Times like this she wished Michael was a year older. That way he could have helped Lora out and she would only have to worry about one of them.


She heard a voice say. She turned around and saw a tall, Zac efron-esk figure before her. Her jaw nearly dropped. He seemed rugged and different from most boys at her school. This was really uncle farkles son?

“Yeah! Hey, I can’t believe I found you. My parents told me look for you this morning.” He gives her a quick hug. “Lora is at some freshman orientation thing so she should be all set.”

Amare leaned back against a set of lockers. She had goosebumps from their hug. She had never been so nervous around a guy before.

“What’s your schedule look like?” She mustered together a question.

He handed her a paper with al of his classes. Her face lit up.

“Looks like we have a couple electives together. Film crit and chemistry.”
“Great, it’ll be nice to have a familiar face to look at.” He leaned in a little close. “Especially one that is so beautiful.”

A few weeks went by and the two had become pretty close. Derek entered her friend group, and her girl friends knew he was off limits. Amare would look at him like he was the moon. She didn’t tell her parents much about him, just that they became friends. They hung out almost every day after school. Riley told her after day light savings to come home right after school, so her and Derek started doing homework in their room. Lucas was not informed of this.

“Riley, I’m home!” Said Lucas, after a long day of work.

Riley came rushing into their mud room. She hugged and kissed him like she did every day.

“Let’s skip dinner.” He said holding onto her.
“What do you mean, you’re always starving when you come home.”
“Let’s not be responsible adults for once. Let’s go do it.” He kissed her again.
“Don’t be silly. The food will get cold. We can do that later. Besides, Amare had a friend over. Do me a favor and tell them dinner is ready would you? I’m going to call Michael and see if he’s on his way back from soccer practice.” She pecked him on the cheek, and grabbed her phone.

Lucas went to Amare’s room. The door was half closed, which was surprising. When he walked in he saw a boy very close to her face, and realized it was Derek.

“What is going on in here?!”
“Dad! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”
“Wanna try that again?”
“I mean, we were just doing homework.”
“That didn’t look like homework.”
“Come on Mr. Friar, don’t you remember what it was like to be our age?”
“Yes, I do.”

Lucas ran towards Derek. Amare didn’t have a bay window that could be climbed in and out of, so Derek made a b line for the door, but not before Lucas could grab onto one of his boots. Derek almost fell but caught his balance. Lucas threw the boot into an open bucket that Amare kept at the end of their bed.

“What happened, where your other shoe?” Riley asked as Derek ran into the kitchen.
“Your husband happened.”

Amare and Lucas walk in. Riley starts laughing.

“When you said friend, you didn’t say guy friend, a little warning would have been nice. You think this is funny?”
“Honey, you stole his boot.”
“Your point?”
“My dad used to do that to you all the time.”
“Wait, what?” Asked Amare intrigued.

They all sat down once Michael got in.

“When your dad and I were young, before we were even official, your grandpa was really nervous about us. So any time he found Lucas in my room, whether we were there as a group, or just the two of us, he chase him out and end up grabbing one of his boots. I eventually had quite the collection.”
“You never gave them back? That’s really weird.” Said Michael.
“I asked once, but she told me no.” Said Lucas, who had calmed down a bit. “I get it now. You’re my little girl Mari, I don’t want you alone with boys.”
“Dad I’m fifteen, it was bound to happen some time.”
“Alright, so what’s going on? Do you two like each other?”
“It’s okay Mrs. Friar, yes sir I do like your daughter, a lot.”

It was silent for a couple of minutes.

“And with your permission I’d like to take her out on a real date…this weekend.”
“You want to take me on a date?”
“Yeah, if you want.”
“I do! Oh mom and dad please say it’s okay, I really like him.”

Later that night Riley and Lucas were in bed.

“I’m proud of you.” She said.
“Because you agreed to let her go out with him. Our daughter is going to start dating. Derek is such a sweet boy.”
“I’m going to kill Farkle for producing such a good looking son.”
“Smackle has good genes, and you saw that glow up, Farkle had it going on in high school.”
“I can’t believe I’ve turned into your father.”
“You’re not him, you just have a new found understanding for what he went through with me. If you had a pair ice reaction to walking in on your daughter almost kissing someone, it would be weird.”
“Yeah you’re right. Just a new chapter in our lives I guess. I should call your dad and see what he’s doing this weekend. I could use some more insight.”
“I’m sure he’d love to spend some time with you.”

She smiled big at him. Riley always had this glow about her that drove Lucas crazy, even after all this time.

“How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Make me want you.”

He gave her a lustful look. Something he really appreciated about marriage was that no one could tell them they couldn’t or shouldn’t be doing it. She grabbed him and kissed him. She always knew how to make him feel better.

That weekend was Amare’s big date with Derek. He took her out to eat and ice skating. The two of them ended up falling on top of each other. Amare did not get a lot of her fathers coordination. She looked up at Derek, grabbed his face and kissed him. He kissed her right back. They almost started making out but an employee told them to move it along. He dropped her off at her place, and asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted happily.

Amare walked in with a big smile on her face. Her parents were cuddled up on the couch watching tv. Lucas saw the smile on her face.

“Oh god, he kissed you didn’t he?”

She sat between them.

“I have a boyfriend now. So kissing will happen.”
“He asked you to be his girlfriend?” Riley asked excitedly.
“Yup. I couldn’t be happier. I should call Cat and let her know what’s up. I’m going into town to visit her tomorrow by the way. Aunty Maya said you should come with me mom.”
“Oh does aunty Maya finally have a free Saturday?”
“Yes she does.”
“Then I guess it’ll be a girls day.”
“Perfect. Well I’m going to my room. Night guys, I love you.”

Amare hugs Riley, and then Lucas. He holds her extra tight for a second.

“You know dad, you’ll always be my number one guy, you’re not going to lose me.”

Amare went into Michaels room to tell him everything. They were really close.

Riley snuggled back up to Lucas.

“Hear that daddy, she’ll always love you.”
“What have I told you about calling me daddy?”
“Oh you don’t like that daddy?”
“Riley stop it.”
“But, daddy…”

Riley started laughing, and so did Lucas.

“I’m having brunch with your dad tomorrow.”
“Oh brunch, how fancy.”
“He’s going to laugh in my face when I tell him I’m worried about her.”
“Yeah probably, but only because it’s so ironic. We used to get so annoyed with him not knocking and making it difficult for us. Now you’re gonna start doing the same to them.”
“Will you try to stop me?”
“No. I’ll be concerned too, but I’ll let you do the dad thing. I think Michael has a crush on Lora. Don’t ask me how it happened, but it did, and I should really help him with that.”
“Sounds like a plan partner.” Lucas said thickening his southern accent.
“Oo yeah give me that southern drawl.”

The two giggled and kissed, and then went back to watching tv. Love, marriage, and children, oh how sweet it is.

Workout and Make Out

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Rating: PG (for le minor smoochy-smoochy)

Original Idea: I can’t even remember.

Notes: It feels like I haven’t written a Pietro romance for a while. Dang. I needed me some Sokovian Speedster.


I winced as something touched the tip of my nose. I was sleeping. “Mmm,” I muttered. I felt it again. It felt like a kiss. And then I felt thick stubble brushing the side of my face. “Get off,” I mumbled tiredly.

“Dragul meu, where would I be without you?” an accented voice asked carefully from next to my little twin-size bed. I didn’t remember giving my boyfriend a key to my NAF bedroom—though I guess he wouldn’t need one given he could vibrate the lock off. I’d have to ask Tony to come up with some innovation that kept him out for when we fought.

“Prison. Definitely prison,” I remarked sleepily—and sarcastically.

“Come on, printessa. Wake up!” he pleaded quietly, giving me another rub of his stubble.

I groaned with complaint. “If I get up do I get a kiss?” I teased.

“You could get more if you want,” he retorted playfully.

I rolled over so I was facing him. “Go away so I can change,” I ordered. He laughed and ruffled my already messy hair. I slid out of bed in an oversized T-shirt and comfy cotton PJ trousers and fell on his chest. “Kisses.”

He chuckled, kissed the top of my head, my forehead, both cheeks, both eyelids, the tip of my nose, and my lips. Then he tugged on my sleeve. “Okay. I know this shirt is mine.”

I shrugged nonchalantly. “That’s what you get when you cuddle with me at three AM watching Disney movies,” I commented sarcastically, putting my hands on his chest and pushing him out of my room. “While I’m getting dressed, do me a favor and tell Wanda that she and I need to watch Pride and Prejudice at some point, please?” I gave him a cheeky grin and closed the door. Once I was alone again I looked down at the T-shirt I was wearing.

Oh. It was his. I totally hadn’t noticed.

I shrugged, got ready, and went outside. Pietro was leaned against the wall, playing with the Smartphone Tony got him for his birthday. “She said she’s free Friday afternoon but Friday evening she’s going out on a date with Vision,” he remarked to me nonchalantly. I raised my eyebrows.

“Ooooh! A date!” I muttered sarcastically. “So what did you get me up for?”

Pietro smirked. “I’m scheduled for a workout and I thought you might want to come keep me company.”


“Well, I like hearing your voice. It distracts me from the sweat and the pain and the strain of working out.”

“So basically you want me to come sit on the floor and tell you about anything and everything.”


I shrugged. “Okay. I’m down for that.”

We ended up in the private gym—hence the scheduling—and Pietro got started. He actually started by having me lie on the ground, on my back, and him doing pushups. Our heads overlapped but my toes were on the opposite side from his—so we pretty much made a long line. He always came down far enough to give me a kiss and a wink before pushing himself back up. I’d just sit and chat and laugh.

What could I say? The guy was a sweetheart. He often came off as a sassy, cocky little twerp who didn’t care about anyone but his sister. In reality, though, he was a big softie. Sometimes he’d pick me up and put me on his hip like an infant and just run around. Other times I’d be in his arms.

The two of us were in a very fun relationship. I was ten inches shorter than him, which meant I could hear his heartbeat when he hugged me and made for a lot of strange antics (the day he came back to the NAF with a bedazzled step stool being one of them). We always managed to get in some sort of trouble with someone. I was pretty sure half the gray hairs on Tony’s head and all of Bruce’s ulcers came from our shenanigans. We liked goofing off. So what if we accidentally bumped the fire alarm while we were running past it?

When he was done, he stripped his sweaty shirt off, rubbed his face with it, and threw it at me. “Ew, sicko!” I snapped as he cackled. I waded the wet material into a ball and hurled it back at him.

It clocked him in the face.

It was my turn to cackle. I ducked under the next flying thing that he sent at me—a dodgeball—and ran off, locking him in the private training gym. Shirtless, he stood near the glass with his hands on his hips, one eyebrow raised. There was a Not funny, princessa, expression to his entire demeanor. For a moment I wondered if he knew he could just put his hands on the glass, vibrate them, and shatter it. He already knew how to get past a lock. How was this any different?

“Let me out,” he said calmly, hands on his hips. I couldn’t really hear him but I knew what he was saying. I took a few steps away from the door, grinning widely.

“What are you doing?” Wanda asked from behind me. I turned and waved.

“Nothing. Just locked him in.”


“He threw his sweaty shirt at me.”

She laughed. “In that case, just leave him there,” Wanda remarked. Pietro gave her an affronted look, mouth dropping open. Wanda shrugged, looped her arm through mine, and started to lead me away. Once we were around the corner we fell on the floor laughing. Vision drifted by at some point and stared at us, but we were too busy cackling at her older brother. We could hear him hitting the glass from around the corner. I wasn’t even sure why it was so dang funny. It just was. The look on his sweaty face, the frustration, the hands-on-hips. It was too much for my tired brain and it was funny.

“We’ll let you out when you shower!” Wanda told him when we finally rounded the corner again to see him still standing there. I was surprised he hadn’t thrown a dumbbell at the window yet to try and break it—or that he hadn’t tried his speed yet.

He vanished for a few moments and came back with his hair completely sopping wet and a towel around his shoulders. He’d changed from workout trousers to jeans but was still shirtless. “Happy?” he demanded. Wanda held out her hand in my direction, palm up, indicating she wanted the key (which was pointless because she could likely unlock it with her mind). I ignored her, approached the door, and unlocked it myself.

Pietro blasted out in a blur of blue, throwing me against a wall but keeping me from getting hurt. “I want to kiss you but I also want to light you on fire,” he growled angrily.

I grinned, putting my tongue between my teeth cheekily. “You know you love me,” I teased, stroking his lower lip with my thumb. I saw Wanda choke back a giggle and slip eerily away. He sighed heavily and gave me a hungry kiss.

“I do. That’s the problem.”

“How is it a problem?”

“Because you distract me. And sometimes… I can’t be distracted,” he said between kisses. I slid my fingers through his soaked silver-white, wavy hair and leaned closer to him. His fingers flexed on my upper back, holding me closer to him. 

“Yeah, but without me you’d definitely be in prison.”

“Why’s that, dragul meu?”

“You’re too reckless.”

“Yes, but you love me.”

“I do. That’s the problem,” I copied.

Nalu: 23: Meeting on a Train

Here’s to the two who asked for 23, hope you guys like it :)


One of the suckiest things of having motion sickness, was well, transportation obviously. I couldn’t drive myself, even with the medication that was supposed to help me overcome it, so I was forced to take the train whenever I wanted to go somewhere. It was always late when I came on, the cars were usually empty, except for those few people who lingered when it seemed like they had no where else to go.

I usually just kept to myself, trying to focus on not throwing up if the train decided to hit a loose track. There was this one person though, a girl who always sat against the window next to the poles they had for support. I sat facing her from the side, so it was sort of hard to not end up staring at her for the majority of the ride. She was pretty, she had really nice eyes that I saw sometimes, when they were open at least. She was always tired when she came on, and she always fell asleep as soon as she sat down, using the pole as a pillow. It was cute, no matter how rough the ride she never seemed to wake up, and this happened every day.

We sort of had a thing going, I mean, I didn’t know her name or anything, but I’d like to think that we were at least familiar with each other. I wouldn’t say that she was dependent on me, but I did like to think that it sort of was my job to make sure she didn’t sleep straight through her stop. The first time I saw her everything was normal and peaceful, before she woke up bolting for the door, but shut in her face. Even after that, it still was a habit of hers to doze off when she got on. The next time she almost slept through her stop I decided not to be a douche and tapped her awake before she missed it again. She thanked me and stepped off, and since then that was sort how things went. She would fall asleep and I was the one to make sure she didn’t skip her stop again.

Which, looked like how today would go as well.

I watched her and a few others step onto the train car, separating all different ways, and smiled as she made her way over. She gave a sleepy smile back, brushing back her blonde hair behind her ear and sitting across from me. She sighed and set all her bags down next to her, pressing the pole up against her temple and shutting her eyes. I don’t ever really think she notices she’s asleep until she’s running for the doors. I smiled subconsciously at that. She was just really cute, okay?

The train lurched forward again after another stop, pushing forward another headache and making me shift uncomfortably. I’d gotten used to this train by now, thankfully. When I first started riding it I was nearly puking at every stop.

Tonight was worse than usual though, it kept lurching and halting back and forth, as if the conductor couldn’t make up his mind whether to stop or not. Either that or the breaks were faulty. The girl and I still had a while to go before our stop came up, our ride was pretty long from all the way downtown.

A sudden light appeared from the windows as the train sped by, suddenly screeching to a stop at the last minute. I quickly grabbed onto the railing next to me to keep me from bashing my head into the wall behind me, but heard a shriek come flying towards me. A body crashed into mine, my arms involuntarily catching them as their head bumped into my chin. The train finally stopped completely, a groan coming from the lady currently in my lap.

I froze. She froze. I stared into the familiar hazel eyes I only had seen from far away, and heard her struggle to get the words out of her mouth. She gave a nervous smile, laughing awkwardly, “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t-”

“Awake, I know,” I finished, offering her a smile of my own. “It’s okay.”

I help her sit up from between my legs and nearly got her to her feet again, before the train shot forward, letting her feet slip and fall back into my chest. I grunted of pain, but forced it down in my throat. Damn, I hate the train. My stomach churned threateningly.

She let out another awkward laugh, pushing herself up and balancing herself. “Gee, I just really love bothering you huh?”
I shook my head, smiling, “You don’t bother me.”

Her face turned a little pink, turning away quickly to pick up her duffel bag from the ground beside her.

“I guess this is just another sign I shouldn’t be sleeping on a train. Next I’ll probably be mugged or something.” She joked, laughing weakly.

I helped her pick up some things that fell out of her purse, “It’s alright, I’m sure I could scare them off if it came to that.”

She brushed her hair behind her ear again, looking modest while on her knees, “You don’t have to do that.”

I shrugged, trying to force down the grin I felt taking over my face, “Common courtesy. And you look like you could use all the sleep you could get.”

She fixed up all her bags and sat back down, next to me this time. “Two jobs. Sort of, I don’t get paid for one, but it’s the same amount of work.”

I rose an eyebrow, “Why are you working there then?”

“Long story,” She sighed, “But I have to pay a favor to some guys that my father never did, so I have to do it for him.”

“Sucks to hear,” I said, not really understanding.

She gave half a shrug, looking to me with a gleam in her eyes, “Yeah, it helps though to have someone help you out every once in a while.”

She gave a small nudge to my shoulder with her own, “Thanks for making sure I don’t miss my stop. It saves me a lot of time to not have to go back around to my street again when I miss it.”

I gave a closed smile, puffing up my cheeks at the feeling in my gut, “No problem.”

She swayed her legs beside me, letting the quiet thump of the train tracks fill the silence between us.

“I’m Lucy by the way,” She spoke up.

I looked over, grinning subconsciously, “Luigi? That’s a weird name.”

She glanced back to me, her jaw slack, before catching the gleam in my eyes and letting out a weird kind of laugh. She must’ve noticed, because she immediately stopped and covered her mouth.

I felt my stomach twist again as I stared at her, but I was beginning to think maybe it wasn’t the train anymore.

“I’m Natsu.” I introduced.

She nodded, swaying her feet again with pink cheeks. I felt the train lurch to a stop, and the doors crack open to the empty station outside.

I looked to her expectantly, switching my eyes back and forth between her and the doors. She glanced over, her face clueless and lost, and I had to make myself fight the smile coming on my lips.

“What?” she asked, confused.

I nodded towards the open doors, “This is your stop.”

Her lips parted as she whipped to the station and stood up quickly, “Oh!”

She gave another weird laugh (which I was beginning to think was her normal one), and picked up all her bags over her shoulder, giving me a smile, “Thanks.”

I nodded back to her in reply, and watched her step towards the doors, before hesitating at the last step. She suddenly turned back and rushed back towards me, planting a long kiss on my cheek. I stilled instantly, feeling her soft lips leave my face with a smile. “You’re sweet. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

She didn’t wait for a reply, and hurried off the train before the doors closed. I, still speechless honestly, watched her from the window as the train started to move again. I grinned, finally, and widely as I caught her eyes in mine before she disappeared. I slouched in my seat, crossing my arms over my knotted up stomach and puffed up my cheeks.

I glanced over to who else was left in the car with me and saw an old man, grinning with a toothless mouth. He winked at me.

My eyes wandered away from his, shifting uncomfortably and looking basically anywhere but where he was. I heard him chuckle dryly.

Dear God, did he watch us every day?

Let’s Set The World on Fire(We Can Burn Brighter Than The Sun)

I know the song was around for over a year or two, but I heard an acoustic version and couldn’t let this though die. So it’s a college AU one-shot inspired by “We Are Young” by Fun. (Roughly 2K words and even more roughly edited).

It’s a typical Saturday night for the ‘newly’ single Killian Jones, if you can still say ‘newly’ after a few months(seventy-nine days if we’re counting, but who ever is), and his friends just snuck off to the bathroom with their own party favors while he’s talking up some 'trollop’ as Liam would say.

I sent you to school to get an education Killian, not a series of notches in your belt.

She’s flirty, sprite-like but no matter how much he fingers her blonde waves, they’ll never turn to gold quite like hers.

And alas, at the exact moment the thought flashes through his mind, silky gold flashes through his peripheral. He turns abruptly, letting the lackluster blonde tendril fall from his hands as his jaw falls open.


She’s sitting just across the bar, alone, a drink in her hand almost too quickly. She’s barely slid off her coat.

She’s a beautiful disaster, with tired eyes and a slouch in her shoulders and he did that to her. He let her down. Let her shoulders fall and her smile fade and that’s when it claims him; this miraculous thought that may or may not be alcohol induced.

Change that, even if just for tonight. Dammit Jones bring back the light in her eyes even if just for tonight.

So he strolls across the bar without a word to his companion.

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“It’s called an Obscurus”

NewtxReader Kinda? Reader is an obscurus that Newt finds at the park when they’re just kids. Kinda want to do an epilogue just to explain what happened to her mom and explain a few things but I don’t know yet, up to you guys. 

ALSO, I really didn’t mean to offend anyone with Christianity beliefs. For real, I respect ever religion and I believe it is a beautiful, loving thing and this is just a bad mom being a bad mom. Also, I don’t really know hoe obscuruses work because the Harry Potter wiki doesn’t really talk about them but let’s pretend they can be healed.

Triggers: Religion, Abuse indications.

You could remember it like it was yesterday, the first time you met Newt. It was the most important day of your life. It was the day you learned who you were, the day that everything fell into place. The day you met your best friend and the day you lost a family. 

It was cold, colder than usual in December. It hadn’t started snowing just yet but the air nipped at your nose. You shoved your scarf up higher, trying to cover more of your face. It probably wasn’t the best idea to be at the park alone so late at night but your body felt weird. Restless. it was happening again, the monster. Your mother had told you it was the devil claiming you and that you needed to look to God more, and you tried. For yours on end you kept your face shoved into that book. That book that your mother made you pray with while at the same time smacking you across the face with. But you still read, and read and read, waiting for this feeling to go away. But it didn’t, and it was here tonight, but stronger. 

It hurt, the feeling. As if something way clawing its way out. But you kept it in the best you could. You only let it out once, about a year ago but you fell asleep and it got loose. When you woke back up you had heard the neighbors dog had ended up dead. You blamed yourself for letting it escape, your devil. So from them on you let it claw at you until you couldn’t breath. Until you couldn’t feel. 

“Excuse me?” A voice came from behind you, startling you. You jumped up off of your swing and stepped back. A boy about your age, maybe a year or two older, stood behind you. He was tall for his age, from what you could see, freckles covered his face ear to ear. Around his neck a yellow and black scarf. 

“Stay away.” You said, trying to sound confident. 

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to hurt you. I just saw you were crying and- well- and I just wanted to make sure you weren’t hurt. My mom said that I should try to talk to people more if I wanted to make friends. I figured you might want to talk.” He tried not to make eye contact with you as he fiddled with his scarf.

“I’m fine.” You looked at the strange boy, he didn’t seem threatening at all. “I have to get going now actually.” You began walking away but your chest had a searing pain and you fell to your knees. You grabbed on to your shoulders trying to keep everything in. You couldn’t let it out. Not now, not in front of him.

“Are you okay!?” He fell next to you on to his knees. He watched you as you cringed in pain, worry in his eyes. “Should I take you home?” 

“No!” You cried, knowing your mother would surly punish you. 

“Then, uh, uh, my mother. My mother can help. She works with animals and knows how to make them better so maybe she can help you!” You helped you up before you could protest. Your body was in too much pain to argue so you leaned against him and followed him home. 

By the time you got to his home, only blocks from yours you were almost too dizzy to stand. You were covered in a thin film of sweat and everything was blurry. When he opened the door and felt the warmth on your skin you decided enough was enough. You let your legs give up under you and you toppled onto the floor with a thud. 

“MOM!” The boy screamed above you. He knelled down next to you and shook your shoulder trying to get you to stay conscious. “Mom!” He screamed again, even more frantic. The last thing you remember was the sound of feet rushing down a set of stairs ad then everything was black.

You had finally woken up to the sin shining in your eyes through an unfamiliar window. Your body ached all over and your head was pounding. On the other side of the room you could hear a man and a woman’s voice whispering. The woman seemed to be in favor of helping you more. 

“She’s ten, I’ve never seen one live this long. We need to help her.”

“I think we need to contact the Ministry.”

“They will treat her like a lab owl! She is just a little girl.”

“But we can’t help her like they can.”

“Why not? We just need her to realize her potential. She needs to learn how to control her power, and then it will go away, right?”

Just as it was getting interesting, your head began to pound and you couldn’t help but moan in pain. Both adults looked up at you who was now trying to sit up and rushed over to you. The same little boy stood in the doorway and watched.

“What time is it?” You asked, holding your head.

“It’s morning. It’s been a couple days dear.” The woman said, leaving down to your level. 

“What!” You cried, “No, no, no” All the pain disappeared when the thought of what your mother would do to you when you finally got home. You used all your strength to try to scoot yourself out of bed but both of the adults pushed you back in and held you down as you tried to squirm away.

“She’s going to kill me!” Tears began pouring out of your eyes. You finally let yourself be defeated and stopped struggling against who you assumed to be the boys parents. 

“No, no, dear. No. We won’t let her hurt you ever again.” The mother ran a finger across your cheek to wipe away the tears and cradled your face in her hands. After a few minutes of coddling, you calmed down, now willingly laying against the fathers shoulder as the mother stroked your hair. 

“What’s going to happen?” The freckled boy finally spoke up, still in the doorway. Behind him now stood another boy, older, more intense, more angry than worried. 

“We are going to talk to the Minister and we are going to get everything sorted out. But for now, you need to rest.” The mother and father stood up, smiling.

A few days later you finally had enough strength (without your adrenaline kicking in) to make your way around their house. It was big with many rooms with lots of mysterious pictures hanging on the walls. Their eyes almost seemed to follow you. It was strange to you because you swear you’ve been to this side of your neighborhood before but you had never seen this house.

“The do actually move you know.” The boy, who had wondered into your room a few times while you were trying to sleep, said. He had told you his name was Newton, but Newt for short. He brought you sweets when his parents and older brother, Theseus, a name much less cooler than Newt you thought, went to bed.

“What do you mean they move? The pictures?” You asked, your eyebrows knitting together.



“Can I show you something? If you’re feeling up for it, of- of course.” Newt looked at the floor, embarrassed to ask. 

“Please.” You said, somewhat excited.

He had taken you to his back yard, very carefully, of course. He was afraid his parents were going to be home any second and his brother could come down stairs and see you. You had to be very quiet. He looked around every corner to make sure there was no one there.

“Where are we going?” You whispered almost directly into his ear. You were holding on to the back of his shirt, almost afraid you could get lost. He hushed you with a finger over your mouth.

He had taken you to the shed in the back yard and stopped before opening the door.

“Don’t freak out.” He said, looking you directly in the eye for the first time since he met you.

“Okay?” You said confused. He tugged the door open and slipped you both inside.

Instead of a shed like yours that help oils and cans, his was much more fantastic. Impossibly fantastic. It was bigger on the inside! Above you flying beasts soared almost to the ceiling that was at least six stories high. Around you, large nests with the bird/lion beasts were scattered on the floor. Some nests were on perches that hung from the ceiling. The building was lighted with floating candles and decorated with bowls and troughs of food for the beasts that surrounded you.  

“I must be still sleeping.” You gasped in awe.

“They’re Hippogriffs. My mother raises them.” Newt smiled, “I try to help her from time to time. But most of my time spent in here is when I sneak out at night. That pair over there,” He pointed to a pair across the long floor, “They have an egg that will hatch soon. And that pair is training their baby how to fly. And that one-” 

“Newt.” You stopped him. “What is all of this…?”

Newt looked at the floor, unsure of what to do.

“My mother didn’t want to tell you yet, but you need to know, because, because I don’t want you to die. You’re my friend. I like talking to you.  And you’re the only person that listens.”

“Wait, what?” 

“You’re a wizard, er, a witch. You can do magic. This is all magic.” He gestured to the building around him.

“I’m a witch? What? Witches aren’t real. What about me dying?” You got closer to him, you wanted to pull all of the information out of him. He was being slow, you needed everything now.

“They are real. They are. Haven’t you ever on accidentally broke something when you were mad or sad? But not with your hands, no, with your mind. Or maybe when you were happy things around you started to move. It’s magic, (Y/N).” He had a grin on his face, as if this was good news.

“My mother is going to kill me. She will kill me, Newt. I’m a freak!” Your eyes began to fill with tears.

“No, no! You’re not a freak. There’s millions of witches and wizards. It’s normal. And- and your mom is never going to hurt you again. My mother talked to the Minister, you can live with us! You can go to Hogwarts next year with me. You’ll be a year behind me of course but-”

“Stop Newt!” You cried. You were so lost and confused. This was all so much. You breathed deeply, trying to calm yourself down. 

“What about me dying?” You said when you finally calmed down a bit.

“My mother, she, um, she, uh. Well.” He thought for a while. “When wizards and witches try to hide their magic, they, um, it builds up, and it, well, starts killing them. It’s called an Obscurus.” He looked at the ceiling, trying to find the right words.

“I’m going to die?” You almost screamed.

“No, no, no.” He grabbed your shoulder trying to calm you down before you began crying again. “Were going to save you, (Y/N). Were going to teach you to let your magic go, were going to let you be free. It’s not going to be easy, I don’t think. But mother says you’re a very powerful wizard being able to keep your magic in for so long.”

“So” you sniffled, “I won’t be in pain anymore?”

“You’ll never be in pain again as long as I’m around.” He half smiled and grabbed your hand. “I can protect you.”

You began to cry again, but this time not in fear, but in happiness. 

“Thank you, Newt.” You whispered, feeling unafraid for the first time in years.

“You know, I bet you’d be a Hufflepuff like me.” he laughed.

anonymous asked:

I desperately need: Teacher au where all their students ship it

He taught 8th grade science. It wasn’t always what he envisioned for himself, but his mom was a math teacher, and he realized sometime in college that some of the best times of his life were spent in her classroom after school, tutoring her students and helping grade papers. He liked standing at the front of a room, putting on goggles, showing his students how something worked. He loved seeing the shine of understanding, the absolute excitement in their eyes when he put together yet another experiment for their enjoyment.

Like today. Today, they were in the courtyard enjoying the unusually warm October weather, mentos and diet soda set aside. They were briefly touching on chemical reactions in class, and he was also trying to quiz them on an older unit on surface tension, but he could tell that his students were a little impatient. They eyed the ingredients and whispered to each other, giggling with turned heads as if he couldn’t see them talking because they weren’t looking at him.

“Alright, alright. I think it’s about time we moved on to the fun part, don’t you guys think so?” Barry said, grinning when every single one of his students brightened. “You’ll need to split into groups of 3 for this experiment. Each group gets one bottle of soda and one bag of mentos. But first,” he said, “I’m going to make a soda bottle rocket. Have any of you ever seen this?”

A few of his students hesitantly raised their hands. He smiled back at them, and then picked up his own unopened bottle of diet coke, along with six mentos; he had only given his kids two, for the sake of safety and cleanliness, but he was a teacher. He could handle this. He opened the bottle of diet coke, and used tape to secure his mentos to the cap before screwing it back on and shaking. His students’ eyes went wide as the pressure built inside the bottle and then: He threw it on the ground.

The bottle exploded.

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