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Church Oppa (Joshua/Jisoo Smut)

Summary: The shy little boy next door - complete with a purity ring and church camp certified, not exactly a match for someone who’s spent a fortune in foundation just to cover up hickies. But Joshua caught your attention within minutes and you couldn’t help but hope that God turned a blind eye when you captured his. Smut. 

(AN: Okay I had a lot of fun writing this and it is a little bit shorter than my other ones (5400 words) but eh whatever I hope you guys like it. I focused so much on the pinky ring because when I first saw the Seventeen rings honestly I didn’t know they were band rings, no words of a lie I thought they were purity rings because I had just come from the 5sos fandom and a bunch of people were saying that Luke’s pinky ring was a purity ring and he stopped wearing it randomly after his eighteenth birthday, so… whatever please enjoy the smut and message me feedback! -Tanisha<3)

Empty house - boring. TV - boring. YouTube - boring. Tumblr - boring. Homework - boring. Sunday afternoon - boring, boring, boring. There was nothing good about Sundays and you had no clue who invented them or thought they were a good idea. But, you supposed, whatever day ultimately took their place would suck just as much.

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Do you know if there's someplace that has all these mocaps together or where to look?

Actually, anon. I’ve been keeping a running list of them for my own records so you’re in luck! I anticipate the list will continue to grow but here we go: 


From YouTube, TV etc.

From Twitter, Facebook etc.

From Instagram: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I *think* that’s all of them. But watch, as I upload this we get a new one. I’ll add on to them as we go and if I’m missing any, anyone else is welcome to add them =)

Cielois Social Media HC’s

okay so modern!au cielois is fave and also social media is fave so ive combined the two so here we go.

- Alois has a tumblr (i mean ofc he does) and he has more sideblogs than friends at this point, one for memes, one for aesthetics and the other 10 million just of saved urls that hes not going to use but wont let anyone else have

- ciel having a tumblr but rarely using it.

- alois having a special “ciel” tag in which he tags everything he thinks ciel would like so he can show the posts to him when they’re lay in bed on their phones

- ciel being the queen of snapchat filters thoughhhhh

- you thought alois was gonna be the snapchat whore? think again. ciel made a snapchat just to look at the filters everyday

- “goddam thing wont recognise my face- THE EARS ARE ON MY NOSE”

- none of them really use twitter, ciel uses it to keep himself updated on news and stuff and alois uses it to tweet indirects about teachers.

- same with facebook

- they use it for group chats and keeping up with whose got beef with who.

- alois having a youtube channel (which has like 200 subscribers or something, not that many) just where he posts all the videos of ciel doing very domestic or cute things 

- instagram is an eh for them, ciel doesn’t have one. well he does but its private, alois has one thats all him and ciel, lizzy and Doll just mucking about.

ill probs have more of these in the morning because its 11pm and im dying from sleepiness so im going just watch tv, ill make a part 2 if anyones interested


Summary: AU where Dan is blatantly homophobic, and is very vocal about it. That is, until his best friend and roommate Phil Lester can’t take it anymore and confesses to Dan.


“Ugh, I really don’t like these people.” Dan complains to Phil, leaning back in his work chair. 

His best friend looks up from his laptop, readjusting his black rimmed glasses. “Hm? Who is it?” Phil asks curiously, tilting his head from his position on the sofa. 

“These Youtubers.” Dan points at the at the video of Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley displayed on the screen.

“How can they do that? Gay people are so disgusting.” 

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Epilogue, Keaton Henson.

Some thoughts on this new release. I’m a little worried this means it will be the last we hear from Keaton; the name of the video does not give much hope. Optimistically it could be an end of one era, or marking a change in his music. Either way, the message at the end of the video “EH NLQG” (again using the Caesar cipher shift 3) means “Be Kind”. I’m taking this as being supportive of him and kind towards whichever endeavour he chooses next.

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Explained: Hotel Mario meme
  • Hotel Mario is a video game that is part of the Mario franchise. It was released in 1994.
  • According to Know Your Meme (archived link), the many cutscenes in the game became the subject of YouTube Poop with instances of such videos popping up in 2008 and 2010. (For more information on YouTube Poop, one may consult the Wikipedia entry on the topic here.)
  • There has been a revived interest in Hotel Mario starting in September 2017 with videos being edited such that they have an unexpected jump cut to a cutscene from the game. Typically used is the first cutscene in which Mario and Luigi can be seen walking together towards the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario says, “Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh Luigi?”
  • The earliest example that the Know Your Meme entry cites for this meme format (in which there is an unexpected jumpcut) is from a tweet made on 21 September 2017.
  • However, earlier examples of the meme have appeared on Tumblr. The format seems to have come from a video posted on 11 September 2017 by Tumblr user @derekstronk. The video is captioned, “HUGE NINTENDO DIRECT LEAK FOR SEPTEMBER 2017”.
  • The meme can take various formats. One format is the aforementioned video-based format. Another format may be image-based in which Mario and Luigi from the game are superimposed onto a different image.
  • The meme may also make reference to the quote Mario says, and so variations on the phrase “Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh Luigi?” are made.
  • Click here to see examples of the Hotel Mario meme.
Only Ones Who Know | Maxwell x Reader |

It’s honestly not my best, but I had feelings and music playing, so sue me.

“Today’s the day.” His deep voice filled the silence that previously encompassed the room. The bride turned from the mirror to face him, a shallow smile wavering across her face.

“And here I wondered why I was wearing this extravagant white dress.”

Maxwell spit out a slight chuckle, removing his hands from his pockets as he stood straight, no longer relying on the doorframe to hold him up. He crossed the room and took her hands in his, gazing down at the large engagement ring. He couldn’t have provided such a stone.

“You look every bit a princess.” The man uttered, gaze shifting from the rock to the real jewel of the room. “I’m proud of you.”

“I am too.” She murmured, looking longingly at the man. “But I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Is this worth it?

“Of course you couldn’t.” He attempted to joke. “Without me, you’d be bussing tables in New York and hardly making minimum wage.”

She’s worth all of my pain.

“Saying minimum wage in this grandeur palace feels like a swear word.”

Maxwell grinned and leaned in closer to her. “Minimum wage.”

“Stop it, you!” (Name) laughed and gently swatted at his chest. They laughed together, her hand still over his heart. Their chuckles died down easy, but the smiles remained, and they were truer than they had been since the night the prince chose his bride.

“You have a beautiful smile.” He said out of the blue. How he longed to be the prince she was marrying in just under an hour.

“It’s called luck and Crest 3D Whitestrips.” (Name) said. “But thanks.”

“Whatever the reason may be, I’m happy to see it. It’s… Been a while now.”

“Maxwell…” (Name) rubbed her glossy lips together.

“I know.” He ducked his head and gently took her hand again, only to move it away from his chest and back to her side. “Best we forget about that.”

“I- Yes. That is what’s best.” The woman loathed to agree with his sentiment.

Maxwell nodded and turned his attention to the clock on the wall. “You’ll be married to a prince in twenty minutes. Are you nervous?”

“More than ever.” The bride sat down in a chair, wrapping her arms around herself. “It’s real now. I haven’t woken up at my crappy apartment in New York and discovered that this was just a dream. All of this happened. All of it.” She gave Maxwell a pointed look. “And I won’t ever forget a single moment of the entire process.”

“Sure you will.” Maxwell looked out the window to the gazebo. Guests were already out there, chatting amongst themselves in anticipation for the royal wedding. “They’ll be replaced with memories of your life as princess and queen of Cordonia.”

“Maybe. But I won’t ever forget about you, Maxwell.”

“How could you?” He turned his head slightly, smirking. “It’s not like I’m dropping off the face of the Earth. You are marrying my best friend, you know.”

“How could I forget?” She mumbled.

Maxwell grimaced and looked at his shoes. He inhaled deeply through his nose. “What was that song you sang to me? The one from when we had too much to drink after that horrible gala?”

(Name) grinned and started singing. “Talking away, I don’t know what I’m to say. I’ll say it anyway…”

“That’s the one!”

“You like that song?”

“Of course I do. You sang it just for me.” Maxwell snickered. “Not very well, but it’s always the thought that counts, right?”

“Oh but of course. You should hear my Alex Turner impression sometime. That rock’n’roll, eh? That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go ‘way…

“I’ll pretend I know who that is.”

“Well then boy do I have some YouTube videos for you.”

“I’ll watch every single one of them.” Maxwell smiled at her. She was adorable.

(Name) chuckled and stood, smoothing out the dress. “What’s it like out there?”

“Everyone’s scrambling right now.” He waved a dismissive hand. “Nothing I’ve never seen before. It’ll all be perfect at the end.”

“I’m sure. Isn’t that how weddings normally go?”

“For the most part.”

“What’s your idea of a perfect wedding?” (Name) asked, walking to stand by Maxwell.

The one where I marry you.

“Something simple that reflects my relationship with my soon-to-be-wife. And maybe with pyrotechnics.”

A shout of laughter left her lips. “You’re a character, Maxwell.”

Maxwell could only find it in himself to smile and take her hand. “Promise me you’ll give him all of your love.”

“I can’t-“

“You must.” Maxwell urged. “It is your duty. And it is mine to see to it that you follow through.”

“Maxwell, he’s no you.” (Name) confessed, squeezing the taller man’s hand. “He’s wonderful, and sure, I do love him. But I don’t love him in the way that I do you. I wish that-“

“We could find a way?” Maxwell guessed, sitting down on a nearby chair. “You’re certainly not alone in that. But there isn’t another way; Cordonia needs this marriage to work and so does my own house. You know our plight, (Name). It won’t change because we want a Disney ending.”

“I know.” She whispered. “And that’s why we’ll both be attending this wedding. Because it’s our responsibility.”

“I’m… Glad we’ve come to an understanding.” He grumbled.

“I need to ask you something before this next phase of my life begins.”


“Do you love me?”

“With all my heart.” His voice was strained with emotion as he stood to caress her face like porcelain. “And that will never change.”

“That’s all I needed to know.” (Name) whispered and surged up to press her lips against his one final time.

That was it. Their final moment; their final kiss. Once they left the room, there were no more stolen moments, embraces, or words of love. Maxwell walked her down the aisle as a brother of sorts; he would never hold her in his arms again. She married his best friend, a man that was completely in love with her. He would never know the story between his wife and friend; it would break his heart into smithereens to know he’d stepped in the way of such a romance.

No one looked twice at Maxwell’s tears as the prince and his bride kissed to seal the deal. Everyone was crying. Leo, who had showed up at the last minute, was crying tears of pride for his younger brother. Olivia sobbed and was even escorted out due to being a sore loser. Most assumed that Maxwell cried out of happiness for his dear friend. No one suspected a thing. No one ever would. It was a story that went unwritten, unfinished, and unpublished to the world. Time went on, generations upon generations passed, and their hidden romance was taken to their graves.

You are the only ones who know…

Dan’s Livestream // 7.12.16

He’s wearing the sadboys jumper

He will not be wearing a tank top in his new video


“That is Phil’s chin”

He couldn’t remember his password 

He still has a cold that he’s had since Seattle 

He took medicine on camera it’s getting personal

“It tastes like sad rocks”

“We’re not doing that anymore are we?” when asked about the Haru pillow

He missed the company of everyone on tour

GoT discussion

“Dan’s sexy cough voice”

Said tour is literally the biggest thing he’s ever done and he felt very important

Pajama week

Deep discussion about the world continuing regardless of their big happenings

“Thank you for caring”

“I have a feeling that [Austrailia] won’t be the last tatinof announcement”

Pokemon Go

He may just get the Australian version because he wants it so badly

They played Mario Kart last night and Phil won 

He thinks they should work together but Phil just wants to crush everyone

He got very worked up about the whole Mario Kart situation 

YouNow broke nice goin

The airport backpack incident 

“I. Am going. To get. The backpack.” -Phil 

He wasn’t playing Angry Birds he was playing his Star Wars game cmon Phil

Pastel discussion 

He doesn’t know what “pastel” is I don’t know him

Talked about the new Dil video

The light up shoes were a gift

“I got a message that just said Phil. Same.”

They were going to upload a video about the AUS tour but they sold out so quickly 



He tries to remember to floss

He doesn’t know if he’s ready to be a grandpa 

Rosanna is one of the nicest people he’s ever met

They’re making donuts 

“Enjoy Dan and Phil successfully baking”

Talked about their tour documentary on YouTube Red

There’s loads of footage from even before the tour started

He missed the liveshows

Jacksepticeye gets the Dan seal of approval

He doesn’t have like any yellow clothes

He played lots of Guild Wars

He’s proud of Phil for finishing Doom

He listened to Radiohead which he loved but Drake was eh and he loved Death Grip

He loves Bo Burnham 

“On the drugs again. You know Dan.”


He’s going to do another anime recommendation video

They watched Fruits Basket and Death Parade

Talked about the pizza v models incident

“They looked like Haru”

They may make something physical to commemorate tatinof??

Someone from their tour team gave him a llamacorn pinata 

He put on the Gatorland hat

Phil video spon 

Talked about Bates Motel which he highly recommends 

They saw The Conjuring 2 in theaters which he loved

“I’m glad that you’re smiling”

He wore the weed jumper so much because it didn’t wrinkle too badly

He doesn’t think he watches enough comedies


Discussion on how people are uneducated on BLM 

Yes he supports gay rights as he’s said before

Heterosexual pride was started as a joke but people got upset about it and got it trending and attention 

Basically the internet is good and bad and everything is confusing lmao ^^

Undertale genocide route is a maybe 

“Hello Hawaii how are you?”

They did 5 videos with the Fine Bros so look out for those

He wish he could’ve hung out or filmed with Nathan Zed

His opinions on dick is “nice” idk don’t even ask

He has like 40 pairs of earrings but he only wears his plain black ones

He was in love with their NASA tour guide #willneverforget #phandivorced

Opinions are terrible

Vaping (not actually don’t come complaining to me about this its a joke)

He ate lots of pancakes but not as many as Phil

A cheeky leg

Filming a DINOF video soon

“It’s the little things”

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there seems to be a lot of matching going on... if it's alright if i would also like to ask for one if its alright, im intp, i don't talk to too many people, i watch a lot of youtube, i'm good at singing, and i try to draw. i have long brown hair and blue eyes. i like to walk around at night look at the stars, don't like crowds or loud noises. nature walks are great. i love to dance but i'm awful at it lol. and i don't know what else, its ok if im too late lol i just thought this looked like fun

Eh, it’s late but why not, ‘ll do it!<3


You two will spend all day watching youtube going from one youtuber to another. Like to sing too, but rarely does it cause embarrassment, so he need someone like you to drag him out of his shell a bit. Loves night walks and stargazing, especially seeing the northern lights. He’s an introvert as well so personal indoor dates will make you both happy.

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red velvet - what type of music do you like?

Well, I like general of Rock and Metal. From Old to some New. There aren’t good Rock or Metal bands right now, sad eh? Here’s some bands that I love; KoRn, Evanescence, AC/DC, KISS, Gorillaz, Type O Negative, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, etc etc. I also love those people who makes music of video games, especially horror.

Here’s some of music games I love. - MandoPony - Survive the Night. - VideoGameRapBattles ft. MandoPony - Sprung the Springtrap.

One more - DAGames - Build Our Machine.

Luke Brooks Imagine Request

PDA- Luke Imagine


You and Luke have been dating for a year now, and everything is going perfectly. You and Luke make as much time for each other as possible, but when he gets breaks from tour, you guys are absolutely inseparable, just like it is now.
He and the boys get a 2 week break from their tour to come back to Australia, and so far you and Luke have spent every single second together. Both your parents understood the sacrifices you each made for your relationship, so they left you stay with him when he would come back for breaks. Naturally, you are very close with the other boys, but you and Luke were very good at keeping your relationship private. You had kept your relationship a secret from the fans for 8 months, and you and Luke were strict about not showing any PDA in front of the boys or the fans. Luke didn’t want the boys making fun of him, and you both knew how protective the fans could get of Luke. But that’s not to say that you weren’t all over each other behind closed doors though.

It was a regular Wednesday with the boys, and you guys were all eating breakfast together in the Brooks household. Beau and Jai were laughing about something, and you were leaning against Luke while he hugged you into his chest.
“So, do you guys want to go to the beach today? It’s gorgeous outside?” Jai said.
“Yeah that sounds awesome!” You said happily. You absolutely loved the beaches of Australia. After you all finished eating, you and Luke went off to his room to get ready.
“Which bikini Lukey?” You held up two of your favorite bikinis, one that was blue and had a circle cut out in the middle of the top, and then a pretty scandalous black one that you bought specifically for this reason. Luke raised his eyebrows, and immediately picked the black one. You winked seductively, feeling unusually confident, and stalked off to the bathroom to change. You stripped off your pajamas and threw on the bikini. It flattered you perfectly, making you look gorgeous and thin! You fluffed your hair up gently, and then walked back into Luke’s room.
“Hey babe have you seen my- woah.” He breathed out when he turned around and saw you, licking his lips. He pulled you into him, and he leaned in to kiss you, but you turned your head so that he kissed your cheek instead. He groaned and you giggled.
“Your such a tease.” He whined. You laughed. You both grabbed the rest of your beach stuff, and you threw on a pair of shorts and muscle tee that scooped low around the arms. Luke tried 3 more times to kiss you, each time being met with a cheek, and him telling you that you are a tease.
You both bounded downstairs to see that the other boys were all ready and just waiting.
“Is everyone ready?” Skip asked, and everyone nodded. You all got into the big van, Beau driving with Jai in the front, then Skip and James, then you and Luke. Everyone else wasn’t paying attention, they were all too busy talking about the next video they were going to film, but Luke was completely focused on you. He was getting touchy, and making sure that he pulled you into him, leaving little space between you.
“Come on, just kiss me.” He whispered in your ear. You smiled and giggled, shaking your head.
“Nah, I don’t really want to.” You teased him, and his eyes darkened slightly with lust. He wore a familiar look on his face. He exhaled deeply, and kissed the top of your head.
“You look gorgeous.” He said breathily, moving his face close to yours. You slipped your hand under his shirt, and started tracing his muscles, something you knew from experience that he loved. He tensed immediately under your touch. You looked at him innocently.
“What?” You asked him sweetly.
This completely set him off. Before you could even react, his lips made hard contact with yours. You smiled into the kiss, Luke’s spell washing over you like it does every time you kiss. He shoved his tongue into your mouth, expertly moving his hands gently over your body. Things got heated quickly, and you soon had both hands tangled in his hair, tugging it gently every few seconds. He moaned quietly, and you bit down softly on his bottom lip. His grip around you tightened, and he was practically crushing you against his warm, toned body. But you didn’t mind, it was the best feeling in the world.
Everything else around you disappeared as he pulled away to catch his breath, and you saw that the lust had completely taken over his eyes. He kissed your jaw hard, and then worked his way down your neck, making sure to leave lots of good marks. You whimpered softly, and he kissed a little more gently.
He pushed you up against the side of the car, re attaching his lips to yours in a dizzying and passionate kiss. You traced his arms now, before you gave in completely and balled up his shirt with your fists, tugging at it hard.
“Holy fucking shit.” Skips voice interrupted your perfect moment, and both you and Luke sprung apart. All of the boys were looking at you guys with their eye brows raised. You felt the extreme heat creep up your face faster than you could explain yourselfs. Beau whistled.
“I didn’t know you guys had it in you.” He said, surprised. Luke pulled you into his chest, and you saw that he was blushing madly too.
“What, were dating it doesn’t matter.” Luke stuttered, and Jai flashed him a thumbs up. You made a face at Jai.
“So does this mean you guys actually DO have sex?” Beau asked, as if it was some impossible thing. The other boys started laughing, and you and Luke looked at each other. You both started laughing really loud too, but for another reason.
You and Luke go at it like bunnies, at least four times a week. The boys looked at you guys weirdly as you laughed at your own personal joke.
“Have you guys ever even?” Beau asked, more serious this time. Luke straightened his back and caught his breath.
“Three times last night actually.” He said truthfully, and you slapped his chest, blushing harder than before. The boys jaws dropped and Beau nearly swerved off the road.
“Your kidding?” Jai said incredulously, raising an eyebrow. You shook your head.
“Three times last night, and two times yesterday morning. I couldn’t walk at lunch.” You said, and you immediately clapped your hand to your mouth, in disbelief of what had just come out of your mouth.
“Go Luke!” Skip shouted. Luke kissed your forehead lightly.

You all finally got settled on the beach, and you were just about ready to start tanning. You slowly took off your cover up, and exposed your bikini. All of the boys immediately stopped what they were doing, and looked at you with mouths wide open.
“Damn.” James muttered, loud enough for Luke to here. Luke raced up to you, and blocked your view from the boys.
“Y/N I love you and that bikini, but PLEASE but the dress back on. I cannot stand other guys looking at you.” He gestured to the boys, who were all standing their awkwardly. You felt a pulse of confidence run through your body.
“Lets give them something to look at then.” You whispered. Luke’s eye darkened again as he got the hint, lowering his head to kiss you slowly. He was such a tease, so you deepened the kiss by pulling him closer. His tongue delved into your mouth, in a heated battle with your tongue, and you could feel your heart begin to race wildly. Luke grabbed the back of your thighs, your signal to jump. You did as told, and wrapped your legs tightly around Luke’s waist. He moved his lips down to your neck again, sucking gently and taking your skin between his teeth.
“I love you so much.” You breathed, throwing your head back. He stopped kissing you for a second to smile his gorgeous smile at you.
“I will always love you more baby.” He said, before kissing you again passionately.
“Hey lover birds, you wanna not?” You heard James quip from behind you, and Luke turned around.
“Eh shut the fuck up.” Luke yelled, and you attached your lips to his neck. You nipped at it hungrily, more desperate than before. His body stiffened.
“Boys were gonna- gonna go b-back.” Luke managed to get out, before he turned around and put you down, intertwining your fingers, than running both of you back to the car

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when i was 9 i was involved with a 21 year old internet pedophile and literally everything u could ever imagine happened during that 1 year. my family knows cus my mom talks alot. but today i was talkign to a cousin abt how i snapchat one of my fave youtubers alot and they respond alot and i was getting overly excited abt it like i naturally do and they thought it would be funny to ask "do you send him nudes?? do you guys sext?? lol" referencing from when i was 9 and it was jsut... eh....

Imagine accidentally interrupting one of Mark’s vlogs

“You’re dang right I’m amazing. When did you get this smart, Mark?” you yelled from the other side of the room.

“Y/N, I was talking to my faaaaaans,” Mark whined, however he looked off camera and smiled at you. “Now I’ve gotta start overrrr.”

“But then your fans will miss out on the experience of hearing my gorgeous vocal chords!”

“I think we both know who has the sexy voice here.”

“Oh yeah? Well-…Eh, I got nothin.’ Can’t really argue there.” Mark laughed at your surrender.

College artist eh?

It was surprising all things considered. Usually he was the one that was late, not the other way around. Not that Alex was complaining though, it meant he had more time to get his things in order before his roommate showed their face around the dorm. Dorm, honestly. He would have rathered an apartment but this was actually the smarter option considering costs. - Clothes went in drawers and headphones went around his neck as he turned off the music playing from his phone and he instead searched youtube and put on a favorite nightcore of his considering no one was around to complain. And thus he was found. Back turned to the door as a song played on repeat and the art major set up supplies all around him. Pages being stuck on the wall and an easel that was actually bought at a yard sale was set up to the side of his dresser. Lips moving in tune with the music as he considered the possibility of paint. And what he would want to do with it when he got some.

Luke Brooks One Shot for Kaitlyn

Luke Brooks One Shot for Kaitlyn

The neon lights of the club that illuminated the darkness, the deafening bass and mixing beats that the DJ was dropping, coupled with the amount of alcohol already flooding your system was enough to make this night unforgettable. You were dancing crazily with your best friends, not a care in the world. Adrenaline coursed through your veins; this was your first time clubbing. You were only seventeen, but your friend Alyssa had somehow scored a fake I.D for you and your other friend Natalie.

You could barely see a few feet in front of you, the darkness and crowd of bodies swaying along with the music. You smiled to your friends, the same drunk buzz lighting their eye’s, as is lighting up your own. You swung your hips from side to side, your uncharacteristically scandalous outfit attracting the attention of many of those around you. But you weren’t really here for guys, mostly to just let loose with your girlfriends. Your long hair swung around your body, the smile on your face growing as you saw Natalie wink at you and laugh.

Suddenly, before you could react, you felt a large pair of hands settle onto your hips. You jumped a little bit, but you continued to dance to the beat of the music, which blasted through your ears. You felt the stranger pull you closer to his body, and you could tell that he was in good shape from the feeling of his chest against your back. You smirked to yourself, taking another sip of your alcoholic cocktail, before spinning around to see the stranger who you were currently dancing all over. Your breath hitched in your throat as you came face to face with the hottest guy you had ever personally seen in your life.

He was smirking, and biting a lip ring that was curled around a pair of perfect lips. He had his nose pierced and a strip of blue hair in the front of his head. You smirked at him, the darkness only allowing you to see so much of him. He pulled you into him again, as “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez filled the club, the beat being manipulated and quickened by the DJ. You went along with the strange boys action, swaying your hips again, and letting your head fall to the influence of the music.

His grip on your body tightened, and you giggled lightly to yourself, people and colors running by in blurs. “I’m Luke.” The boy growled in your ear and you smiled. You had never heard a more perfect voice, for a more perfect boy. He looked rebellious, cocky, and confident. The exact opposite of who you would usually go for, but then again, everything you have done tonight is out of the norm for you, a little more risk won’t hurt right?

“Kaitlyn.” You said back quickly. You were close enough now to see the boys eyes, and how dark and rich they were. They were dilated, your reflection shining back through them. A warm feeling spread through your body, as he crashed his lips onto yours. Heat and tension grew between you two, the kiss soon turning into a full on make out session on the middle of the club dance floor, with some stranger you only knew the first name of. But nonetheless, your heart raced and practically tried to jump out of your chest. Luke ran his hands over your back heavily, before settling them low on your waist. You smirked into the kiss, your tongues weaving an erotic and passionate dance together.

The effects of sexual tension and alcohol clouded your judgment, and you pulled away from him smirking, pushing him backwards into the wall behind you all. His back hit the wall, his eyes widening, but a smirk matching yours twisted onto his face. You smashed your lips to his again, sensuality filling the little space between the two of you. You ran your hands along his chest, his muscles creating ridges underneath your hands. You could feel his heart racing in his chest, and you felt yours beat in time. He groaned a throaty groan, flipping you over so your back hit the wall hard.

You ran your hands up his body, gripping the roots of his hair tightly as his hands snacked up your shirt quickly. Completely and utterly uncharacteristic. This is something that you would NEVER have done had you been sober. But that is what made it exciting, and all the more intriguing. Luke had pushed you harder into the wall at this point, his kisses making there way down to your neck, where he sucked roughly.

Ecstasy filled your hormone-ragged body, and things became even blurrier and slower. You pulled at his hair a little harder, causing him to only kiss you neck harder. You moaned quietly, or loudly, you don’t really know. The music and people noise is so loud that no one would really notice you guys anyways. He worked his way back up to your lips, intoxicating you to the point of dizziness.

Before you knew what was happening, your legs were around his waist, ankles locked. You were being slightly sloppy about the whole things, and he was stumbling around trying to find a bathroom or a bedroom. Hell, an empty car. But neither of you had your eyes open, and you were attached at nearly every part of your body. You moved your kisses down this time, sucking on his neck lightly. You could feel physical goose bumps raise on his skin, and he was breathing shakily. He led you through the crowd of people, holding up your light weight easily.

“Luke?” You heard a boys voice call after the boy whose neck you were currently covering in love bites. Luke spun around, and faced the boy. You looked up, your vision shaking before stabilizing for a second. You saw a boy, who looked slightly similar to Luke, but you didn’t care about that boy. You wanted to get back to Luke.

You captured Luke’s lips in a wildly inappropriate and heavy kiss, which he reciprocated by shoving his tongue in your mouth. You threw your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you. Sparks flew from around your two bodies, the temperature raising a hundred degrees in seconds flat. Luke continued stumbling around, running his hands aimlessly over your back, hiking up your shirt slightly in the process.

After an impossibly long cab trip, the cabby being nearly sickened by the fact that you were both practically having sex in the back of the car. Your shirt had been ditched before you had even stepped into the car, and by the time he pulled up to what you assumed was Luke’s house, the cabby didn’t even ask for money, just told you guys to get the hell out of his cab. You hopped out quickly, pulling Luke out by collar, attaching your lips to his again desperately. Let me stress again, there is absolutely no way in counting how many drinks had been downed between the two to of you.

He picked you up again, gripping your thighs tightly as he practically ran to his door, fumbling with it while you nibbled on his bottom lip sharply. Finally, he opened the door, walking you both into the living room. You could smell smoke, and it was slightly dark. Out of curiosity you pulled away, to see a group of guys sitting around a hookah in a living room of a big house. They were all looking at you guys with there mouths open, and eyebrows raised. You shrugged lightly, before kissing Luke hungrily again. He stumbled backward slightly in surprise, but soon recovered, and let you both off away from the living room.

You could slightly hear wolf whistles in the background, and you just smirked into the kiss, as Luke kicked open a door to what you assumed was a bedroom, and then kicked it closed again with a thwack.

Not before long, both of your bodies were sinking into a mattress, lips attached, bodies pressed flushed together as you did things that you might regret in the morning. Eh, you’ll just sleep in late.


So, this morning I noticed that I have a new one star review on my book, Flight SQA016. I don’t think my book is a work of literary genius and I appreciate every review I get, especially the many five star review I have. But a one star review, that’s just vindictive and nasty. Especially when you read the content of it.

When I read that review I thought, this sounds personal. This sounds like a troll who knows me. This sounds like someone from within the fandom. Of course, they have removed their name and all I see is “Amazon Customer”. But, wait, it’s a link.

They’ve only ever reviewed one thing - my book. But they appear to have a wish list. Let’s have a look, maybe I’ll buy them a present.

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V3 Demo translation: Saihara's Introduction

I tried another one! There isn’t much news, though.  Again, do tell me if you found any errors. 

I got it from zetsubo T-K’s stream on youtube, but you can find it on any other stream.


Kaede: Hey, are you a new student at this school too? 

Shuuichi: Y-yeah… I don’t remember anything though, it just seems to have happened all of a sudden… 

Kaede: So, do you also have a SHSL talent? 

Shuuichi: I’m… Shuuichi Saihara. I’m supposed to be the SHSL Detective, but…

Kaede: Eh, you’re a detective? That’s amazing! 

Shuuichi: No… I don’t have enough achievements to be called an actual detective… 
Shuuichi: I just happened to solve a case I came across… and so I recieved this title. 

Kaede: No, I don’t think you can solve a case by chance, can you? You should be proud of yourself.
Kaede: My name is Kaede Akamatsu. I’m the SHSL Pianist.
Kaede: Saihara-kun, nice to meet you. 

Shuuichi: Same here… nice to meet you too. 

He seems a little unreliable… but I could consult him in case of a problem.


Edit: Added a video link.