and one day when they play shows and see so many people out there singing along to their songs and seeing their names in lights

Penny Lane

A/N: This is a one-shot I wrote like four years ago, and it is by far my favorite thing I’ve ever written. I modified it slightly and I hope you guys like it! There will more than likely not be a part two, but that could always change. Enjoy!


He stood in the doorway leading out to the back porch of the little lake house, feeling the warm summer breeze, watching the sand colored curtains move with the wind. The little girl, a mere five years old, sat on her stool with patch-work paint, struggling to strum the strings of the vintage dark-wood Taylor. Her small frame was barely enough to accommodate the much larger guitar in her little lap. He smiled, watching her try to strum a chord with her little fingers. The crease in between her eyebrows deepened as she concentrated on the instrument and became flustered.

“Need a little help there squirt?” He asked, his voice gruff and deep from years of singing.

“I can’t do it daddy.” She pouted, her little pink lips jutting out in the slightest. She felt too small to do anything, she could barely get her tiny arms over the guitar to reach the strings, much less play a decent chord. All she’d ever wanted to do was be like her dad and perform. He wasn’t famous, but in her eyes, he was a rock star.

He frowned, “Sure you can. Come ‘ere.”

She stood, shuffling her bare feet over to be pulled into his lap along with the guitar. He reached around her, putting his hands over hers and guiding them to the correct positions to play a G chord. They strummed, and she smiled, loving the pretty sound that was the product of her movement.

“Daddy! I did it! I played!” She squealed, delighted to say the least.

“You sure did, look at you. On your way to being a musician already!” He smiled, so much adoration in his eyes for her. She was his little girl, the light of his life, his whole world and to see her so happy about something made his heart fill with warmth.

For the next hour or so, the two continued to play random chords, eventually beginning to add a few lyrics from his favorite song.

“Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes. There beneath the blue suburban skies I sit and meanwhile back…”

They sang together, his rough and worn voice against her twinkling, pixie-esque soprano, and he found himself thinking about her future and how bright he knew it would be. He felt it in his bones and in his heart, she would have her name in lights one day. She would be a star.

It was a quiet night in south Louisiana, the usually busy New Orleans streets almost empty as the late hours of Thursday evening slowly approached. Not many people came to the quaint bar, only the few usuals that came for a pitcher of beer after a long day at work and tonight was no exception. The suit-clad men huddled at tables together, shooting the bull and complaining about the load of work piled up on their desks and also their wives, who were probably nagging them come home soon.

The bar was slow that night, not that business was expected to skyrocket, especially during the week. The owner—an intimidating woman in her mid forties—was left the place when her husband passed away. In some ways, it was her baby, in others, it was just another burden. He had been a good man, well, until alcohol consumed his life and he lost control. Although he had lost the way of his life, she knew that he loved that old bar and more importantly, their daughter.

She sat on the wooden stool on the stage at the corner of the outside deck, strumming quietly on the old guitar that had been her father’s. Her long brown hair billowed around her shoulders, the slight breeze picking up, making it flow gracefully beside her as she picked at the strings. Moments later, her raspy, alto voice came through the speakers that sat just at the edge of the stage, and just like always, her mother’s attention was on her.

It was always something she enjoyed, watching her daughter perform in a place that her husband held so near and dear to his heart, but it also saddened her a bit to know that he would never get to hear her strong, pure voice that she’d heard so many times before. She knew that her daughter would go far, she had no doubt about it, but it was all up to her, it was her choice and she had to make it. She had to be fearless and realize just how much talent was bottled up in her small body. She wasn’t meant for the local bar performances, she should be sharing her music with the world, showing them just what they’d been missing.

I turned around and the water was closing all around like a glove, like the love that had finally, finally found me. And I knew in the crystalline knowledge of you, drove me through the mountains, through the crystal-like clear water fountain drove me like a magnet to the sea.”

From a table close to the stage, Harry watched the girl on the stage intently. His green eyes trained on her face, watching her features scrunch up as she belted out the notes. Her voice was different; so smooth and even with the slight raspy tone, he found it so pure, so invigorating. And though he’d heard voices similar, there was nothing compared to hers.

For three songs, he watched and listened to her and in the end, when her set was finished, he found himself wanting to hear more. He rose from his seat as she thanked the small crowd that had gathered throughout the bar, occasionally offering her a glance, none of them showed much interest in the young girl, figuring she was just another wannabe, but that’s not how Harry saw her, she was a star.

Her eyes had travelled over to him, catching his and she felt her heart skip a beat. He was not a boy that you would see hanging out in a small run down bar in south Louisiana, no. He wasn’t like the boys around here. He seemed to be infatuated with her, she noticed it too, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks, making it obvious that his stare had had an effect on her.

She collected her guitar and quickly made an exit off the stage to scamper over to the bar to find Ivey, the curly-locked bartender that had been taken under her mother’s wing  just a few years prior. As she walked, she could feel the strange boys eyes on her, and suddenly she felt the urge to turn around and confront him for his incessant staring but decided to let it slide, kind of liking the attention she was getting from him.

She wasn’t one of those over the top girly types, she was the hippy, artsy type, not too worried about anything but her music and her mom, who was really nothing to worry about but ever since her father passed away, she’d noticed her mother’s bright eyes lose their sheen, the green dulling a bit. She felt it her responsibility and obligation to take care of her, even if she thought she could herself.

She didn’t find herself overly pretty, just average. Just another girl that you pass on the street and didn’t give a second glance at. She was nothing special in her mind, just Penny.

“Great set tonight Pen, I think that was your best one yet.” Ivey commented, wiping down the dark wooden bar.

“Thanks, has my mom already left?”

She nodded, “Just ducked out after you finished. Said you could stay as long or as short as you’d like. She’d leave the light on for you when you got home.”

Her mother was never overly protective of her, and she really shouldn’t have to be, she was an adult and more like her mother than she would like to admit. She could handle herself.

“Okay, what time are you leaving? I’ll just go home when you do.”

“I’ll be here until closing seeing as Briony left early to go fuck some random.”

“Okay.” Penny nodded, knowing that Ivey and Briony didn’t have the best relationship, especially at work. Somehow Briony had talked the manager into letting her slip out early on multiple occasions with just a bat of her long eyelashes.

“Um babe? I think you have someone that wants your attention.” Ivey noted, cleaning the last pint glass that was left on the bar and nodding her head over to the corner where the strange boy had previously been sitting. Penny’s eyes trailed over in the direction she had nodded,  noticing the tall, lanky boy making his way over to her. He came out into the smallest bit of light and Penny felt like her insides were going to burst.

The boy wasn’t just any boy from out of town, he was way out of town. She knew who he was, it was undeniable. Those curls, those dimples, the familiar inking on his left arm, it was him. The boy that had donned the cover of nearly every magazine on the rack, along with his four band mates. She didn’t consider herself a huge fan of the music, just the lyrics and in particular, Harry’s voice. It was just something new, something different. It didn’t fit the boy band mold. It was no Justin Timberlake or Nick Lachey voice, it had its own category. It was so smooth yet so rough at the same time, it made her insides melt and her heart flutter. Whenever she heard him sing, whether it be the song he had wrote personally that had gotten leaked or it be on an award show she had just happened to stop on, she felt like the overly-girly girl that she swore she’d never become. She became the biggest pile of mush.

Before she was ready, or could even process another thought, he was in front of her, towering over her small frame. His eyes were on her, taking in her face with the now closer proximity. She felt like she couldn’t breathe, her throat suddenly tightening as she tried to find words or at the least, a coherent thought.

“Hi,” he murmured lowly, “that was a great set you just played. You have a lovely voice.” His accent rolled off of his tongue like smooth velvet, sounding like heaven to Penny. “I’m-”

“I know who you are,” she commented, a little more eager than she would’ve liked. “I mean, you’re Harry Styles, you’re everywhere.”

He grinned sheepishly, looking down at his shoes. “Erm, I guess I’m not as low-key as I want to be.”

She giggled, feeling over the moon even with just a few words spoken between them.

“What’s your name, love?”

“Penny, Penny Lane.”

“Like the Beatles song?” He grinned, quirking an eyebrow at her.

“Um yeah, my parents were huge fans. My dad especially. He loved them.”

“Penny Lane.” Harry murmured, grinning softly.

Throughout her life, she had never particularly liked her name, thinking it sounded like a bird’s name, but hearing Harry say it, the way it fell from his lips, just made it seem so sweet.

“Um, I’m going to go straighten up outside.” Ivey muttered, awkwardly shuffling away to leave the two alone.

“So, what brings you to New Orleans?” Penny asked, taking a seat at a bar stool as Harry did the same.

“I have a little time off and I’ve always wanted to see it, so here I am.”

She grinned, she loved New Orleans, it was home, it may be labeled as a city full of drunken football-crazed fans, but it was so much more. She lived on the outskirts, right along the bayou. She loved the water and loved the atmosphere that her little town had. It wasn’t very busy, not very known, just thought of as another town people pass through on their way into New Orleans.

“Well, I hope you’re liking it so far. It’s a pretty great place.”

“Full of some pretty great people, from what I’ve encountered so far.”

She blushed, looking down at her fumbling fingers in her lap. She had never really been flirted with, especially with a boy like Harry. He was so beautiful and so talented, she couldn’t put her finger on just what he found intriguing about her. She was nothing to swoon over, or so she thought.

As the two talked, Harry took in the things he couldn’t quite make out when she was on stage. The small dimple in her right cheek, the small diamond stud piercing her left nostril, the bright green irises of her eyes, the perfectly straight teeth just inside the plump pink lips that he wanted to kiss more than anything. To him, she was one of the most effortlessly beautiful girls he had ever seen. He noticed the minimal makeup she wore, how the length of her dark, ombre hair flowed naturally down her sun kissed back, how she didn’t feel the need to dress in skin tight clothing, even to a bar. He liked it, it was much different than he’d encountered before.

“C-can I ask you a question?” Her voice brought him from his stare, as he chuckled nervously, shifting in his seat and nodding.

“What’s it like?” She started, and for a moment, he was confused by what she was asking. “Living your dream I mean. Like is it all everyone puts it out to be? Or is it not? Or is it a mix of both? I mean, is it really a dream?”

Her question stumped him, he had never really thought about it, he’d never really had to, no one had seemed to put any interest in what he truthfully thought about all of it. He was simply told to share a few short sentences, and to Harry, that wasn’t far enough.

“I think that it varies, to be honest. Some days, I feel like I’m on top of the world, like nobody can touch me a-and I feel like I’m actually worth something you know? And then others are just horrid, I mean, you don’t really expect people to actually voice their downwards opinion directly to you, and sometimes I become overwhelmed with the pressure of it all. Having to say the right things, look a certain way, act a certain way around my friends. It just comes crashing down around me sometimes.”

Penny listened to his every word, genuinely interested in what he had to say. She was infatuated by him and by his views. Somehow, she knew he wasn’t the womanizing punk that every magazine on the rack had put him out to be, he was a person with substance, and feelings, and so much insight on the world around him.

“People tend to take things way out of proportion. I can’t even hang out with a girl without them being labeled as my new fling.”

He stared at his now empty glass that had been previously full of beer, contemplating his next words. “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve actually met a girl that I would even consider dating?”

Penny shook her head, “How long?”

“To be honest, never. There’s never really been anyone, aside from a girl I dated when I was fifteen. But as for the past five or so years, there hasn’t been a girl that I’ve felt comfortable enough with to actually be myself, full-fledged Harry, around.”

Penny’s smile slumped into a frown, thinking about how she has felt the exact same way about guys. They all seemed to be attracted to the girls with little to no ambition, living off of their father’s fortune. She had never really found a guy’s company enjoyable, well that was, until she was sitting at the bar with Harry.

“But that was before I met you.”

Penny’s eyes brightened, her ears perking at his words. Had he really just said that? About her? Harry Styles?

“It’s only been two hours since I first met you and I feel like I’ve known you for ages. I haven’t been able to act like this around a girl that wasn’t my mum or sister, well, ever.  You’re different, a good different.”

Penny found herself blushing yet again, this time letting out a giddy giggle. “Um, thank you? I think.”

“You’re welcome.” He grinned. “What about you? Any guys lucky enough to see the real Penny Lane?”

“Um, never. It’s really hard for me to trust people, I used to be so open but people took advantage of my trust and betrayed me. So now, I hardly let anyone in.” Penny admitted, realizing that Harry had been the first person she’d told. “Especially guys, I let them in in other ways, and they all turned out to be complete asses.”

“And it hurts you know? To know that you put that much trust in somebody and it mean so much to you but so little to them. It’s kind of heartbreaking really, when you think about it. I was giving them all of me and only getting a tiny piece of them in return.” Penny felt a bit of a release from her confession, she hadn’t openly said what she felt in so long, she was never comfortable enough to. Harry brought a sense of security to her and she didn’t know how she had felt so comfortable and safe around Harry, she had only met him merely two hours before.

A silence fell between the two, Penny’s eyes falling on the Jack Daniels’ bottle just across the bar as Harry’s trained on her face. His heart ached for her, knowing exactly what she meant, every single word reflected what he’d experienced with girls. None of them really understood what they were getting out of him when he put that trust into them.

“Would it be any consolation if I told you I know exactly how you feel?” Harry spoke, trying to pull her stare away from the whiskey bottle.

She turned and before she could process another thought, she molded her lips to his. He didn’t fight it, immediately cupping her face in his large hands, rubbing his thumbs over her cheeks. There was a fire burning between them, passionate and emotionally raw, something Harry nor Penny had ever felt before.

“I’m sorry, I just- I had to do it.” She breathed as they broke, her face flushing a deep red.

“Don’t apologize, I was about to do the same thing.”

She blushed again, feeling her heart flutter and butterflies erupt in her stomach. No one had ever made her feel this way, except Harry. It was strange, knowing that he’d only walked into her life just a short time ago and already she felt so attached and addicted to him.

“I hope this isn’t too forward, but um, would you like to come back to my hotel with me?” He asked carefully, not wanting her to think the wrong thing, but simply just wanting somewhere with more privacy.

She hesitated, but met his eyes again, melting into his stare and muttering a strong, “Yes.”

Somehow, the two had managed to sneak into the hotel unnoticed, through the back door. Harry was quite thankful that he didn’t have to deal with the ever-curious paparazzi that followed him nearly everywhere just trying to get a story out of anything they could. That was one of the parts about his job that he absolutely hated, the constant spotlight. He loved to sing, it was his passion and his life, but he hated constantly being put under the radar and often found himself wanting to be just a regular guy again.

“Wow.” Penny stated, utterly stunned at the luxurious hotel room. She didn’t take Harry for the over-the-top hotel type, but remembered that he was used to the posh lifestyle.

“Um, just make yourself at home.”

“So where’s your posse?” She giggled, referring to his always present group of friends.

“They’re home taking a rest before we go back on tour.” He rested his arm on the back of the couch, wanting the space between them to decrease soon, she was too far away for his liking. He wanted her as close to him as possible, in every way. He’d never wanted to be with someone so much. “I’ve talked about myself more than I really want to, I want to get to know you. So who is Penny Lane?”

She giggled nervously, feeling herself blush again. She didn’t necessarily like talking about herself, there wasn’t really much to talk about in her opinion.

“Um, well I’m twenty-one. I usually tend to keep to myself and my music now that I’ve quit college. Thankfully, I have a house full of people who support that, even though the one that started my obsession with it, my dad, passed almost four years ago so it’s just me, my mom, and Ivey now.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your dad?”

She sighed, feeling the tears coming. She always got so emotional talking about her dad. No matter what anyone said about him, she would always think of him as the greatest man in the world, because to her, he was. “Um, when I was thirteen, my grandmother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and it took a big toll on my dad. He took care of her nearly every day, some nights he even spent the night at the hospital, and when she got worse, he turned to alcohol.” She sniffled, looking down at her lap. “Over the next three years, it just got worse and worse. People in town whispered about him, speaking his name with such poison and hatred, it was like he was the devil. They were almost sure that he had abused my mother and me, but he never did. Sure he would yell and get angry but when it would get really bad, he’d go and sleep at the apartment above the bar. He never once laid a hand on me or my mother. He was too much of a man to do that, he loved us too much.” Tears were falling slowly down her cheeks as she took a deep breath. “He died four days before my seventeenth birthday.”

Harry’s heart ached for Penny once again, scooting closer to her and wrapping his arms around her small frame, letting her crawl into his lap. As soon as his arms wrapped securely around her, she wrapped hers around his neck, burying her face into his neck. She had never cried in front of a stranger before, but as she had realized three hours ago, Harry was no ordinary stranger.

She sniffled again, wiping under her eyes with her fingers and letting out and embarrassed laugh. “I’m sorry, you must think I’m some emotional wreck.”

He grinned, rubbing his hand up and down her exposed thigh comfortingly, “No, now I know you’re human.”

She smiled, running a hand through her hair, meeting his eyes again. Her desire to feel his lips against hers was increasing rapidly, she wanted to feel the fire again, feel the passion that was elicited in the first kiss. Never had she wanted someone so much.

Unlike the first time, Harry made the first move, cupping the back of her neck to pull her down to his lips, molding his around hers. He suckled on her soft, plump bottom lip as she cupped his face in her small hands, feeling the burning passion again, her heart was pounding and butterflies filled her stomach, fluttering around rapidly. Harry’s hands worked their way down to her back, pulling her closer to him as he ground his hips into hers. She unexpectedly let out a small moan, breaking their heated kiss.

“Harry.” She whispered breathlessly.

“We can stop if you want.” But Harry wanted to go all the way with her, to have her completely, cherish every inch of her body, make her feel absolutely beautiful.

“No, I want this. Please… Make love to me.” Harry wasted no time in pulling her face back to his to mold his lips to hers.

Time seemed to slow down as Harry slowed their kiss, wanting to cherish every single moment they had together, not worrying about time or interruptions. She wanted him to make love to her, and he would do that, even if he had just met her a mere three hours before, she made him feel something, something amazing and it was indescribable and addictive. If it were up to him, he’d never let her go, never let her feel anything less than absolutely beautiful and completely loved. He wouldn’t say he loved her yet, but he was sure that someday he could and would.

Harry stood from the couch, scooping her up in his arms and walking over to the bedroom to lay her down on the soft mattress, keeping his eyes locked on hers. She smiled as he broke from their stare and he walked over to the iHome sitting on the desk, hearing a soft tune come through the speakers. He made his way back over to her, leaning down to press his lips to hers tenderly, letting her know silently that he would take care of her, she didn’t have to worry, not with him.

Settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in. Lie down with me and hold me in your arms. Your heart’s against my chest, lips pressed to my neck, I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet. And this feeling I won’t forget, I’m in love now.”

Her hands found the hem of his shirt, reaching underneath the soft fabric to feel his warm, toned torso, running her hands greedily up and down his tight stomach, loving the feeling of his warm skin against her fingertips. Wasting no more time, she peeled the unneeded fabric off of him, leaving his endless torso bare. She took in the many tattoos scattered across his slightly tanned skin, admiring the swirls of ink that he had collected over the years. He was beautiful, every kind, every shape, form, and fashion. It was almost frustrating to her because of how godlike this boy was who was already so perfect to begin with.

He reached for her now, pulling her up by the hand to stand before him. She stood in front of him, watching him intently as he reached to lift her dress from her body. Letting him, she lifted her arms as he pulled it above her head and tossed it to the floor to join his discarded shirt.

Harry pulled her into his arms again, attaching his lips to her neck, hearing her soft moan again, loving the sound knowing that he was the cause. She knotted her fingers in his curls, tugging in the slightest making a low groan erupt from Harry’s throat. He was doing wonderful things to her neck, biting and then soothing over the now sore spot with his warm tongue. She was sure there would be spots to find in the morning, but she wouldn’t care.

Taking the straps of her bra between his fingers, he pulled them down slightly before reaching around her again to unclasp her bra, watching it fall in between them. He took her in, her perfect chest, her sun-kissed skin, her endless curves, the small birthmark near her belly button, everything.

“Beautiful.” He breathed, watching her blush a deep crimson before pressing a chaste kiss to her flushed cheek. “So beautiful.”

Penny pulled his face to hers once again, reveling in feeling his soft lips against hers. She could kiss him for hours, days even. Every time there was the same intense, burning passion between them. There was no denial that he was now her drug. She couldn’t get enough of his touch or his kiss. His lips were addictive, just like the rest of him.

The bed felt cool against her bare back as she was laid back down on the fluffy duvet, watching Harry strip himself of his jeans and boxers, leaving him completely bare. She took him in again, appreciating his seemingly perfect body, how could someone be so godlike, yet so real?

Their lips were attached in a heated kiss, desperate to taste more of each other. His hands gently caressed her bare body, making sure to appreciate every curve. Her breathing hitched when his tongue slid over the raw spot on her neck.

Her mind suddenly swirled with thoughts and doubts, her heart beginning to pound rapidly. She wasn’t ready, as much as she wanted to be, she wasn’t ready. Yes, she wanted Harry, more than ever, but there was just something inside of her screaming ‘Stop!’.

“Are you okay?” He asked, feeling her stiffen suddenly. Their green eyes met and Harry saw the evident doubt written across her face, feeling slightly guilty. His heart dropped, thinking that he had pushed her too far, pressuring her into going all the way when they had only met hours before.

“I-I can’t do this Harry. I’m sorry.” She scrambled to get out from under him, searching desperately for her clothes on the floor, feeling the heat in her cheeks increase. Embarrassment flooded her entirety, wanting to crawl in a hole and shrink away into nothing. “I’m sorry about this, I-I just need to leave.”

“Wait, what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry if I pushed you too far, I didn’t mean it honestly, sometimes I just get carried away, ya know? I just wanted to make you feel good and I’m rambling and you’re staring at me like I’m a madman.” He rambled, scrambling to find his own discarded clothes.

“Harry, you didn’t do anything wrong, you were perfect. It’s just I-I thought I was ready to do this, but I’m not.” Her voice was quiet, she felt like a small child, scared and tiny. When she looked up at Harry, she saw regret washing over his face, as if he still thought that he had done something wrong, but that was the thing, he didn’t, he was absolutely perfect and such a gentlemen, but her heart just wasn’t ready for the kind of trust that sex required. “Please, don’t think you pushed me too far.”

The room fell silent as Harry watched her dress herself once again, aching for her to stay but knowing that was too far-fetched of an idea. He knew he wanted to see her again, but would she want to see him?

“Wait, can I see you again?” He asked, grabbing her hand before she walked out of the door.

She sighed, looking down at her shoes, before offering him a small smile, “Of course.”

He couldn’t fathom the idea of her not being in his life after their conversation at the bar. It was like he needed her in his life. He couldn’t explain what it was about her that just drew him in, kept him begging for more. She was his drug, and he was hooked.

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The Ravens - Loki x Reader(f) Part 3

Authors Notes: This kind of feels like a filler to me but I like where it goes and what it sets up for. I hope you guys are still enjoying this series and I can’t wait to hear what you think of this part!

Word Count: 1.7k +

Au: Rockstar AU

Notes/Warnings: None? Maybe nerves and tears. But really, this chapter is super mild.

The Ravens- Part 1  Part 2

Originally posted by maryxglz

 It had been three weeks since he last saw her in the manor. The night he and his band hosted that ridiculous dinner party, she had shown up and changed his world. Everyday he looked at her number in his phone. Everyday he thought about calling or texting her but the words never came.

 Instead, he spent the time he wished he had been talking to her, to write music instead. He wrote four songs. None of them captured her essence, though. They weren’t right. They weren’t perfect like she was.

 For weeks after he walked her to the door and bid her a goodnight, he struggled to put to music the way she made him feel. The melody wasn’t soft enough, the lyrics weren’t intelligent enough. It wasn’t enough for her.

 However, one night, as he was playing around with his guitar, he struck a chord. He hadn’t meant to, but he did. Then, he struck another, then another. And before he knew what had happened, he’d done it. He’d completed her song. He’d figured out how to write her, he’d figured out how to describe her and what she made him think of the most.

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Downfall [13]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 6,510

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21

Before you can raise hell on your enemies, you first need to gain permission. As unbelievable as it may sound, there’s an order to the havoc you wreak.

Although Jin is your supervising officer, he still needs to take any and all developments and run them by the people who sit even higher up on the chain of command. Especially with the valuable information Taehyung was able to salvage on such a sensitive and active case like this one, it’s crucial to request an audience with the correct higher-ups in order to make the necessary moves more effectively.

In this case, the audience is Mr. Shin.

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Backstage - Part 1

Prompt: It’s opening night for Hamilton and your life l long friend, Daveed, asked you to come and who are you to refuse. After the show, he takes you backstage and things get… heated ;)

Pairing: Daveed/Lafayette x Reader

A/N: An anon requested a fanfic like this though they asked for NSFW. The intro was a little long though I liked how it turned out so I decided to split this up to two parts in case anyone wanted to read the safe version. Another anon asked for something similar but now quite, so if you would still like a separate fanfiction for just NSFW Lafayette, hit me up again. Besides that, enjoy!

Backstage - Part 2 *NSFW*

Originally posted by diggstrash


You were working on the last of your work when a skype call starts ringing on your laptop. Looking at the name, you saw your childhood’s best friend calling. Sitting up a little straighter, you fix your shirt and comb through your hair with your fingers quickly. Taking a deep breath, you press answer and a smile appears on your lips once Daveed’s face pop up on your screen.

“There she is!” Daveed smiled hugely at you. From where he was, you could tell he was on his bed propped up on his elbow.

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Songs at Mermaid Lagoon

Once Upon A Time

Pairing: Peter Pan X Reader

Word Count: 1303

Warning: N/A

Summary: Reader loves to slip away from camp, and frequently goes to visit the mermaids down by the lagoon. She sings to them, but doesn’t realise a certain boy was also listening in.

A/N: Inspired by the song Under The Same Sun by Ben Howard. I recommend listening to it while you read because it is SO GOOD.

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Defying Gravity // Philip Hamilton x Reader

Never in a million years I imagined I’d be writing fanfiction for the founding fathers of another country yet here I am.

This goes out to Charley ( @always-blame-jefferson ) who is one of my bestest friends, I hope this cheers you up my friend.

Warning: This is a modern days AU, also it’s so sweet it’ll give you cavities so enjoy my loves.

Word Count: 935, short and sweet.


Things were definitely not going to plan.

As the top student of George Fredericks academy, (Y/N) (L/N),  had everything planned out for her life until he came along, he being Philip Hamilton. 

It all began in a Chick-Fill-A of all places. 

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razbliuto - Suga (Spring Day series)

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(n.) the sentimental feeling you have about someone you once loved but no longer do

“Jiyoo! Jiyoo! Jiyoo!”

The lights of the arena dimmed as the crowd went wild. Screams from thousands of fans filled the hollowed hall and Yoongi couldn’t keep the small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as pride flared in his chest.

Wong Jiyoo, Korea’s top Hip Hop slash R&B artist, graced the stage for his opening number—official opening his first solo tour.

Yoongi crossed his arms as he watched from the third floor of the dome, nodding his head to the beats he produced himself. Jiyoo oozed with charisma as he worked the stage, making the dome come alive with his voice.

Yoongi smiled, remembering how it felt to have the crowds at the edge of their seats—their collective voices singing every word to their songs that it felt like the world was at the palm of his hands. 

It’s been years since he debuted as a rapper in the popular idol group, BTS. They were considered legends in the K pop scene; known to have broken countless records from the time of their reign. 

But fame never did last forever.

Yoongi knew that. But he was glad they remained in their youth and continued to do what they’re passionate about even after their idol group years. He was also thankful at how their beloved ARMY’s grew with them…stayed with them even through their solo endeavors.

Taehyung and Jin dived into modelling and acting, and were now considered some of the best in the industry; being offered lead roles in dramas and movies from various producers. Hoseok and Jimin became kings of variety shows, bringing joy and laughter to the television scene. Hoseok also became a well-known choreographer and was in demand by several entertainment companies while Jimin went on to becoming Korea’s sweetheart by being the top idol most loved by brands. Yoongi saw his face on everything now and it was unnerving, as he would always joke with him.

Namjoon and Jungkook continued to do music and became icons in the entertainment industry with their versatility and charisma. Namjoon went abroad and released an America album which shot to the charts and got nominated for a Grammy. Jungkook became the most well-known face in the industry and was loved by many. Yoongi couldn’t help but feel proud, considering their maknae managed to achieve his dream of becoming not only a great singer who would be remembered, but a great artist overall. He was the current face for Korea’s tourism board and the boys always teased him about it whenever they went on trips and would see Kookie’s face on huge billboards at the airport. 

And then there’s Yoongi who went on to become what he knew from the very beginning he was meant to be: a producer and owner of his own label. He didn’t only want to continue making music but he also wanted to make young people’s dreams become a reality the way Bang Si-hyuk did to him many years ago.  

Wong Jiyoo was Yoongi’s second artist and his most successful yet.

Yoongi averted his eyes from the stage to survey the crowds and was amazed by their reaction. Light sticks lit the sold-out arena like stars and he could see the elated expressions on each and every one of their faces.

Even if he wasn’t the one performing on stage, Yoongi still felt the same rush as his latest-produced song played through the large speakers, accompanied by Jiyoo’s vocals. 

He scanned the crowd and found legions of fangirls with their banners, light sticks, and other merchandise with Jiyoo’s name or face plastered on them.

Yoongi was shaking his head, amused by a banner that was asking Jiyoo to marry her when something caught his eye, causing his smile to falter.

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bunny-faced-hoshi  asked:

Seventeen as Starbucks workers

OKAY we’ve been busy with school but now since summer is basically just starting here in canada, we will have a lot more time do these things. i apologize to the people who have been anticipating a post from us. hope you enjoy this~! - dad


  • seungcheol is the lazy manager that sits in the back drinking caramel macchiatos
  • he’s probably the type of manager to help out a lot when its needed
  • when it’s NEEDED
  • chan dropped a customers drink everywhere and he had no choice but to clean it up
  • totally an old man when he has to work
  • these damn kids making me do their job
  • watch it, i give you your paychecks
  • my back hurts sorry
  • i might bust a hip while moving these crates


  • brings customers in when they see him working bc they saw an angel
  • puts his hair up iN A BUN
  • jeonghan gets more money because scoups is a biased lil shit
  • but jeonghan doesn’t care cause bitch betta have my money
  • he’s very concentrated in making the coffee taste perfect
  • it’s a pride thing
  • he gets hit on a lot but doesn’t do much cause he’s here for the pumpkin spice lattes
  • like seriously don’t come to that place during autumn
  • jeonghan is the pumpkin spice queen
  • little pumpkin hair clips to keep his hair in place
  • perfectly placed pumpkins as decorations
  • but seriously if you move those, prepare to die
  • why are we making him a pumpkin fairy


  • employee of the month all year
  • sometimes brings his guitar to work and plays for the customers
  • hums while he works
  • literally the best employee ever??
  • so sweet and makes really good drinks
  • he would go up to customers and ask if they are enjoying their drink or ask if the service was okay
  • always gets peoples names right on the cup


  • flirts with everyone probably
  • gives out free drinks to pretty girls
  • takes far too many breaks
  • s.coups gets really mad over it but jun puts him in his place by reminding him that he once didn’t come to work for 3 days and he’s the manager
  • takes selfies at work while making coffee cause he knows he looks good


  • bops to whatever seungkwan puts on
  • tries to do tricks but ends up dropping 60% of his customers drinks
  • hey chan watch what i can do with the blender!!
  • promoting starbucks 24/7
  • wears starbucks shirts, only drinks out of starbucks mugs, constantly talks about working at starbucks
  • also tries to get his other friends to apply for a job there
  • always gets hyped about the holidays and decorates


  • early to work cause he’s 2 school 4 cool
  • he’s the WON to WOO girls at the cash register  ;)
  • scares people when they drive up to the drive-thru window
  • he sits outside and reads poetry on breaks
  • turtlenecks during fall/winter
  • once wonwoo starts smiling, the customers are like
  • wow it looked like you wanted to kill me 2 seconds go :)”


  • jihoon is basically the manager now because seungcheol does nothing
  • takes the job a lil too seriously
  • probably acts like he’s working for the government or some shit like that
  • even jeonghan is like “dude calm down…..
  • makes killer drinks tho
  • gets mad at joshua for playing the guitar while he’s supposed to be working and takes it away and starts chasing josh around the shop with it#iconic


  • seokmin fools around a lot but is still a very hard worker
  • loves this job so much
  • he just has so much fun all the time
  • it’s to the point where it doesn’t feel like a job to him
  • his smile brights up the room so most of the people are super chill when he’s there
  • friends with a lot of the regulars
  • sparks up a conversation with all the customers
  • makes the customers laugh a lot and jokes around with them


  • some girl took a picture of him and posted it on instagram and was like “look at this handsome oppa working at starbucks~ 😍 😍”
  • after that, there have been many flocks of girls going to that one particular location
  • and mingyu is just really confused
  • until jun brings out his phone and shows him the post
  • so now mingyu is the face of their shop
  • sometimes people request him to be their server
  • his drinks aren’t even that good he’s just really hot


  • this boy has so much chill
  • wants to become employee of the month so bad but joshua always takes that title
  • you would expect someone to be super jealous, but not minghao
  • he really looks up to joshua because of it
  • what a cutie
  • when asshole customers have him and get mad, he continues to be polite as possible because he does not want to lose this job (and he just can’t get angry at anyone)
  • but boo intrudes


  • jihoon made seungkwan in charge of music and he plays girl group songs all the fucking time
  • when the shop isn’t busy or jihoon isn’t there, seokmin, hoshi, and him dance to whatever song is playing while they work
  • his favorite is “give it to me” by sistar
  • seungkwan always stands up for the other boys when customers are being complete dicks to the other boys for no reason cause he’s so protective over them
  • it’s like his other family
  • i’m gonna cry now


  • edgy hipster teen gets job at starbucks
  • wears glasses that he doesn’t even need
  • fucking nerd
  • always mentions the fact that he works at starbucks to seem cool and hip
  • tries to sing along to seungkwan’s girl group songs but everyone is like please stop nooooo
  • fine then, i’ll just start rapping. HEADLINES HEADLINES


  • small child chan is new to this job
  • it’s also his first job
  • always trying his best of course
  • it’s so cute to see him be encouraged by his hyungs
  • whenever one of them says he’s doing a good job his face lights up
  • when he messes up something, no one has the heart to yell or get mad at him
  • lowkey is envious of seungkwan cause jihoon picked him to be in charge of songs when he wants to play michael jackson

- jispoon, pepe, dad


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A/N: I know that I clarified why I don’t write for or include Junhyeok here but it pained me my heart actually started to wrench  to type the word “five”…. *sigh*…ㅠ

~Admin Allie

You never thought you would say this, but you wished that the summer would end. Since your dad owned a music store and you were the only child he had, he forced you to work with him all summer. You didn’t hate working though, you just hated the music snobs and the rocker wannabes that flooded the store each day. The only thing that made your job enjoyable was the group of six guys that came in almost everyday to “window shop”.

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[SCENARIO] How the Hip-Hop Team will Propose [SC/WW]

Just a short (it turned out really long holyjisoos I had to split it in two sorry guys) scenario speculating how Seventeen’s Hip-Hop team would propose to their significant other. It was an idea I’ve kept in my head for a really long time, and I’m glad that I can spare some time to get it out.


You may request for other units, too! But do remember to go off-anon before doing so!


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I can see the Hip-Hop Unit being extremely creative and extravagant with their proposal methods, finding the most unique yet romantic ways to pop the question to their significant other. Though things may not go as well as they had planned, the sheer amount of sincerity and thought that went into this, just for you, makes up for it all.

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[140211 | INTERVIEW] ToppDogg’s Kingdoms, analyzing the 13-membered group ToppDogg.

ToppDogg is a group with a whopping 13 members. It’s the biggest number after Super Junior. Since each member only gets a small part [in songs], we wondered how these guys can confidently express their colours. Their solution was through ‘fantasy units’: The 13 members were divided into four units called Wizard, Knight, Dragon and Lion which you can find in RPG games or fantasy novels. Their distinctive colours are also conveyed through their music. In particular, the song ‘Arario’, which they are currently promoting for their special album after ‘Open the Door’, is filled with very Korean-like nuance (T/N: They’re saying how ‘Arario’ is a song that gives off a traditional Korean feeling). ‘Arario’ beautifully weaves in traditional Korean melody and the MV uses a balance of white garments and bright primary colours to symbolise Korean people, along with samulnori (T/N: Traditional Korean percussion quartet) in its performance. Although they only debuted in 2013 and are still considered rookies, they are in the process of creating their individual colours. The 13 members, who attempt to create distinctive music through fantasy units, are on the road that lets them stand up together even when they fall. ToppDogg’s aim is for the public to be familiar with them. To understand the 13 members more, we are going to conduct an analysis on each unit or ‘kingdom’: Wizard, Knight, Dragon and Lion.

# Wizard Kingdom (B-Joo, Hojoon, Hansol, Xero)

1. Why are you called the Wizards?

Xero: It’s the gathering of all members who specialise on performances.

Hansol: Because we can display different colours just like wizards.

Sangdo: When you play games, you can see different magic like fire, water, lightning and others. These members are capable of diverse genres [just like that].

2. The attributes of Wizards

Hojoon: When I was little, I used lightning spell in this game I played called ‘The Kingdom of The Winds’. (laughs) That’s why my popping is lightning-like? Because it hits you hard like the lightning.

B-Joo: I’m the cleric, in charge of healing. I want to heal both the members and the public.

Sangdo: What about poison? If you look at B-Joo’s dancing, you’ll get immersed in it just like an addiction.

Xero: I’m ice. When people watch me dance, they can freeze from captivation.

P-Goon: Xero also has a chic and cold image!

Hansol: I’m… Sailor Moon. (laughs) Before I went with the name Hansol, I was going to use the name ML for ‘Moon Light’. (laughs) It’s just perfect.

3. The reason you became singers

Hojoon: I’ve always loved singers. Since I was little, I sung a lot of anime theme songs. Also, while watching music shows I would try following the dance steps and people said I was good, so here I am.

B-Joo: I’ve always wanted to be a singer but when I was in high school I was full of worries when I received my report cards. At that moment, I heard that my friend had been accepted into a company and I blindly followed him and failed; so I worked harder and got to where I am now.

Xero: I started dancing in Grade 2, 3 of middle school but I would only go for public performances. In high school I went to a casting and after that my dreams grew and I became a wizard. What a change! (laughs)

Hansol: The hardest time was when during my adolescence, when I was walking and heard Gummy-sunbaenim’s song by chance; it healed my heart a lot. I wanted to become a person who heals others’ hearts one day. That’s why I decided to become a singer.

4. Role model

Hansol: P!nk, the rock singer. She doesn’t only do rock but she does other genres well. Even when she’s dancing or doing acrobatic moves, she sings live. Without differentiating between genres, my dream is to become a performer that does different dances.

Xero: American hip-hop artist, The Game! Although he has a strong, gangster image I feel that I can learn a lot from him.

B-Joo: Without a doubt, it’s Michael Jackson. His stage presence is very cool, you get goosebumps.

Hojoon: Chris Brown, who’s good in everything he does.

5. The member who you want to recruit into Wizard

Hansol: There are two members. Kidoh-hyung and Gohn-hyung. Because they can produce and make different-coloured songs, so they can be used to our heart’s content.

Xero: Kidoh. I usually like electronic music, and Kidoh makes good beats so he can give me good parts.

B-Joo: I want to receive rap lessons from Jenissi-hyung.

6. Killer move

Hansol: Our killer move is the meteor!

Xero: When all four Wizards are on the stage, we spread apart and lay in ashes like a meteor.

Seogoong: These kids really want to look cool. (laughs)

#Lion Kingdom (Jenissi, Yano, Gohn, Seogoong)

1. Why are you called the Lions?

Sangdo: Because they have a strong and dependable yet carefree image.

Yano: If you think of lions, they are very carefree. Also, they’re the king of animals so they have a brave and strong vibe.

Gohn: When you see a lion, they have this playboy-like image but it’s just an image. Inside their strong physique, you can feel their easygoingness.

Seogoong: Two main vocals, one rapper and one producer make a whole. 

2. Lion’s unique charms

Gohn: Of course, their carefree charm.

Yano: We have a different colour than the others. I admire B.O.B’s music.  Even just looking at him, I feel good.

Gohn: In my case, I have a singer-songwriter image and a preference for the neosoul, R&B genre. My role model is Bruno Mars. He has a funky, rock-ish feel.

Seogoong: I like R&B but I focus more on music. I practice music more.

Jenissi: Since we’re many people singing one song, I’m working hard to sing my part as if it was my own song. First, I’m listening and researching a lot about foreign and domestic hip hop. I’m not researching a lot in order to copy them but in order to avoid [copying them].

3. The reason you became singers

Gohn: I don’t remember clearly when I began thinking I wanted to become a singer. I wanted to put my thoughts into music. After singing other people’s songs, I wanted to sing my own songs so I started composing. While learning music alone in Hongdae and holding performances I became affiliated with the company.

Seogoong: I wanted people to know my face and voice. I wanted to appear on TV and sing.

Jenissi: I never decided I wanted to be a popular singer but after trying to do music with my friends, turns out it wasn’t easy. I think I began [to think I wanted to become a singer] with the thought of wanting the public to hear my best voice.

Yano: I never had the thought that I should become a singer. Since I was little, I liked music and started learning rap so my interest grew from there. I just let it flow naturally until now. Before I started rapping, I played the drums but I found the [concept of the] beat fun and liked the feeling when my body moved to the music. One day my friend was listening to rap music but he took off the earphones for us to listen to it together and I fell for it. It was a diss track… (laughs) There aren’t many diss tracks available for public (T/N: mainstream-wise) but hearing that style was new and fun so I started [learning to become a singer].

4. The weakest and strongest members

B-Joo: Because maknae Yano is younger than me, he’s the easiest to deal with. (laughs) The strongest member is oldest hyung Jenissi?

Jenissi: That’s nonsense. (laughs) Even yesterday, I was only sitting quietly but I was attacked. 

5. The member who you want to recruit into Lion

Seogoong: Kidoh! (Kidoh: I’d rather not.) I was originally not in Lion. Because I wasn’t originally in Lion I don’t want to be in Lion.

Jenissi: We’ll send Seogoong away and swap him for another member! Ah… but our team needs a main vocalist.

Seogoong: I entered Lion just for that one reason…

Jenissi: We’ll swap him for Nakta! No particular reason.

Yano: I want to swap him for P-Goon. He seems strong. (laughs) 

6. Weak points

Seogoong: There isn’t any in particular. All four of us can’t dance. We dance like octopuses. (laughs) Jenissi-hyung is the worst dancer. He’s like a toy soldier moving.

Yano: Let’s go with practicing our dancing slowly.

Seogoong: We learn dances quickly but we dance like octopuses. 

7. Killer move

Yano: The roar! A lion’s roar! We’ll show our valiant side!

Seogoong: Spreading out our mane! We want to have a strong presence on the stage.

# Knight Kingdom (Nakta, Kidoh, A-Tom)

1. Why are you called the Knights?

Kidoh: Because it’s a group of friends who have an upright image.

A-Tom: Compared to Dragons, Wizards, Lions, the Knights are the most human-like. That’s why it’s where the most human-like members get together. 

2. Knight’s unique charms

Nakta: I’m in charge of the wackiness and clumsiness. I’m a kind knight.

A-Tom: Because I’m the maknae, I’m a beginner knight. I’m a knight who resembles model Hong Jonghyun. (laughs)

Kidoh: I’m in charge of producing so my charm is my musical spectrum. And if I get the feel sometimes I can become crazy. I’m the awakening knight.

Sangdo: Like Starcraft. Berserker (T/N: A famous South Korean Starcraft player)! (laughs) 

3. ToppDogg’s Knights’ rules

A-Tom: Every week we receive a lesson. A chivalry class. (laughs)

Seogoong: There are actually no rules. We just know it and do well. If not, that one person is finished and if you don’t want to be attacked you have to do well. [If not], you’ll get scolded by the other 12.

Nakta: If you want to be lame then we’re going to be ruthless.

Seogoong: Your mind will be completely dried up. 

4. The Knight’s preferred music

Nakta: I like girl group music. I like f(x), Girl’s Day and other girl groups’ music.

A-Tom: Although I like a variety of genres, among them I like rap and I like the rapper Whiz Khalifa.

Kidoh: I like hip-hop. 

5. The reason you became singers

Nakta: I’ve never had the thought of wanting to become a singer. I entered the company with the goal of learning. I continued doing it until I debuted. I trained for two years but at the beginning my parents were really against it; now, they tell me to ask them for help whenever possible.

A-Tom: When I was little I liked watching singers’ videos so I started becoming interested in it, and after befriending people who had the same interest I became something close to a singer.

Kidoh: Because I originally wanted to become a producer I wrote songs. When I was in my first year of high school, I watched a music program and included in the top 10 was Brave Brothers’ song. I thought it was cool so I went to his Cyworld homepage and left a comment on his guestbook, “I compose but please let me enter your company”. After that I got a phone call and they listened to my song and I learned a lot while going in and out of the company. I originally hated idols. But I realised that idols have it the hardest. Korean idols are very amazing. I began learning dance. My dance skills are better than the Lions.

Seogoong: I told the dance leader that Kidoh’s dance is the weirdest.

Kidoh: The dance leader agreed with Seogoong but told me that I have the best sense of rhythm.

Yano: If Kidoh had a weakness, it would be habit of his mouth forming an ‘o’ whenever he’s concentrating in his dancing. When he’s concentrated too. Luckily, on stage he learned to control that.

6. The member who you want to recruit into Knight

Kidoh: Xero! Because his looks are quite good. He’s suitable to be the Knight’s visual.

A-Tom: He’s also tall, I think he’d fit well [in the unit].

7. The weakest and strongest members

Jenissi: They’re all easy to deal with. (laughs) And it’s hard to be only on one side. Amongst that, Kidoh has mood swings so he’s a bit difficult.

Kidoh: Back in the day, I was very violent. (laughs)

Jenissi: There have been times when Kidoh couldn’t keep himself calm and lost his cool.

Seogoong: The moment Kidoh puts on his glasses and puts a towel around [his shoulder], everyone runs away.

Jenissi:  If you can see those signs you need to lock the doors and avoid that spot (T/N: where Kidoh is).

#Dragon Kingdom (P-Goon, Sangdo)

1. Why are you called the Dragons?

Sangdo: When we were first divided into units, they were very concerned about where to put me. Later, they were conflicted whether they should put me in Knight or Dragon. In the end, they settled it with my skin colour. (laughs)

P-Goon: The black feel is strong. We’re exotic and have strong personalities.

Kidoh: They’re both scary like dragons. (laughs)

2. Dragon’s unique charms

A-Tom: Because 13 members is a lot, leader P-Goon has a lot of work to do but he leads and guides us well.

P-Goon: It’s not only hard on me, but it’s hard for everyone as well so we embrace each other. It’s natural to think that there isn’t any easy work.

Hansol: Out of ToppDogg’s 13 members, they have the strongest mental power.

Yano: For two years, they maintained the same image.

3. The reason you became singers

P-Goon: When I was in primary school, I thought that Shinhwa-sunbaenims’ ‘Wild Eyes’ dance was very cool so I decided to become a singer. To become a trainee, I went to an audition and passed but the style was rather different. I match better with R&B and because I prefer it I ended up in ToppDogg.

Sangdo: Actually, I was very confused. In high school, I joined a club because I liked singing and during a festival I stood on stage; at that moment, I felt it was very fun so I continued singing. 

4. The member who you want to recruit into Dragon

Sangdo: Our image is strong so we want to bring someone different into our team. I suppose B-Joo could be the baby dragon!

P-Goon: As soon as he was born he’d be a ptreodactyl with horns, fiery-style Pokemon. (laughs)

Sangdo: Just by looking at his appearance, A-Tom also matches a dragon’s. He resembles a lizard. His face is like a dinosaur’s.

P-Goon: If he cuts his hair short like us, he’ll look like one. 

5. Weak points

Sangdo: I’m the weak point. My weak point is that I only have an exotic feel.

P-Goon: My weakness is that I don’t have a sense of friendliness. Fans are scared of Sangdo and I. When they see us leave the studio just for a bit, they don’t say anything to us. If we had a charm, perhaps it’s the passion hidden behind our scary image. Now that they already got to know me, they say I’m not scary. Even when I look into the mirror, I’m scared too. My makeup might be too strong.

Sangdo: If I was in front of the company building, the fans there would avoid making eye contact [with me]. Because they’re scared. Later on, when we spoke, they told me they couldn’t talk to me at first because I seemed really scary. But that’s not the case.

6. Killer move

Members: Because they’re dragons, it has to be flame-throwing. (laughs) It feels like they can blow flames when they’re angry. (…) What the heck! Haha.

Source: Tenasia
Translated by: Topp Dogg Intl

My thoughts during the 2016 MAMAs

Alright so let’s skip the red carpet cause the struggle to find a link was real and I would like to thank @the-shinee-knight who came to my rescue when I was yelling into the kpop void at 4 in the morning. I also want the name of the designers of all the dresses for the night cause I don’t think I saw one that I didn’t like.
▪Blackpink and Monsta X also won awards. And because Monsta X were there, we got to see how surprised they are. The boys are all smiles :D

But the red carpet acts were:
- SF9
   • the dance break was nice
   • for some reason their outfits amuse me.  I think its the mesh shirt and bow combo
- I.O.I.
   • they are so cute, but the shoes are a bit much
   • I always forget the small one is a rapper

Alright onto the actual show. And I have no subs
- Tetris blocks…. okay
- now with creepy ass music
- okay that’s dope nvm
- so we doing a Tetris theme this year
- yes kid. Get that tap dance. This your stage boy
- oh they showing all styles of dance
- They just fucking it up
- yes taemin all of this is my life
- his outfit is extra but I don’t care anymore
- his cheekbone is making a shadow. Lord help me
- I love how it’s the mnet Asian music awards but it’s hella Korea
- TWICE look so cute, oh these kids
- The envelopes for this year are so elaborate and cute. Well done book designer
- oh the small one is crying
- that stage is huge. These performances are going to be amazing
- Mark your hair. Are you aware?
- Alright, a Thai singer. Oh he just introduced
- 7:13 RATIO
- oh this is more a seventeen stage then GFRIEND stage. I wanted more GFRIEND
- Duets and he gets snubbed hahaHA
- okay, GFRIEND get the end and the “last word” so okay
- I am no longer bitter
- and I want one of their jackets
- bringing everyone back on for the final pose
- shit the fans chants
- why is Baekhyun looking like he was invited to the wrong gathering?
- I don’t know why Gallant is here but I so here for it. I don’t know if this is his audience though
- I know a lot of people didn’t know about him until BTS Taehyung tweeted about him
- did you hear his falsetto right then
- okay, maybe they brought him just cause I wanted to hear him
- oooooooo they trying thing to get snl Korea back in better light
- cute little dude
- this is why he was dressed different
- DREAM!!!! Baekhyun and Suzy
- it has been a good minute since I have heard this
- didn’t this song get a triple kill or three week #1
- awwww fam are so cute
- it’s amazing to see the transformation Suzy has made since Dream High
- the models are so tall, and see is so not lol
- I love this drawings of the male group nominations
- BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE MALE GROUP: 방탄소년단 for Blood Sweat & Tears
- DEAN!!!!!
- this set up is really cool
- that hat is pretty bad tbh
- now it’s time for Crush
- I just never want him to stop singing
- that lighting
- girl did a booty shake straight to a split like boom
- Taehyung and HOBI :)
- Zico just went and played with RM and I love it
- they hat can go back on
- GFRIEND don’t know what do…. oh sweethearts
- bro. This advert within the show is only here to add time for the staff cause there is only one MAJOR commercial break
- this is the break between part 1 and 2
- now we’re starting part 2
- time to steal shit
- NCT 127
- FANCHANTS are there!!
- when can we fire their stylist?
- and now we got MONSTA X
- who the hell is trying to have a vlive rn??
- YOU can hear their breaths witch means no lipsyncing
- they either have the best camera shots or the worst because they aren’t facing the main audience
- they fixed that
- the transition from Jin Yong to young Jae is my fave
- this announcer dude is adorable
- MY HOSHI!!!!
- I haven’t stopped smiling since seventeen started accepting their award
- okay I saw this girls dress on the red carpet and I still want it
- I honestly hope they are listening to what she is saying and not just thinking about the artists that are next.  Because this is a real issue
- but I guess not…..
- he had the entire arena chanting so shit
- yeah, there is a reason he won the OST award
- yes, giving out the awards to yeah know THE REST OF ASIA
- Sekai no owari
- Hua chenyu
- JJ Lin
- all but one knew english. Like shit, I am crap
- Crush is so cute. He didn’t know it was going to happen and the face he made was priceless
- DEAN and Zico just giving him the biggest hug gave me such life
- Ailee is one of my Kpop Queens 💓💓💓
- 5 years. Hot damn
- TWICE and the Mario theme oh boy
- and now IOI
- warning indeed
- aren’t those the og outfits?
- they do really good dance breaks
- this is my favorite IOI song
- now twice
- their outfits are so cute
- TT
- IF you say you didn’t sing or dance along you are lying
- we all saw that coming. You can’t lie about that
- are taemin and Sehun wearing the same coat?
- the high five the awkward bow with Zico is fantastic
- their gowns are what I just want to have in my closet to wear if the time ever comes but never wear
- Quicey Jones!!!!
- right Timbaland is there
- Do they know Missy Misdemeanor Elliot? doubt it
- Timbaland, what are you doing here? Please tell me. You got the hype man thing down.
- None the less. ERIC IS KILLING THIS
- if you gonna show up, bring more to the table next time.
- Chan is so tall. Never not amazed
- I like the theme of not having the leader accept the award anymore lol
- yeah know, I can see GOT7 Youngjae being the next Crush way down the line.
- fam I lived
- I don’t know how I lived
- honestly I may be dead
- this was a great BTS concert yall
- PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2!!! hot shit
- fam I have class in an hour and a half and do not need these commercials rn
- and now part 3. May I actually go to class today.
- studio concrete???
- wasn’t he a prince in a drama?
- the fuck is going on there?
- SPACE!!!!!!!
- okay then
- they always play real intense background music
- BewhY
- yesss
- I really like the set up of this
- the dancers are killing it
- YIRUMA just outta nowhere
- a piano version of DAY DAY with Prepix ?!?!?! FUCK YES
- you go find your friends and joke and I love
- he is already to perform lol
- she already did her performance with him so she is just fresh faced and calm.
- now which company gets the trophy?
- dude is petting the trophy lol
- Taeyeon stage
- that is a really nice use of lights
- they gave the audience umbrellas
- SM and their eye makeup
- feel bad for the people behind the umbrellas who can’t see worth a damn
- and now Wiz Khalifa
- I don’t know why they brought him here. He has no reason. Wrong music context
- is his music catchy? Yes. Is the beat decent? Yes. But I have no control over this and people were probably excited so I can understand.
- Bambam would get caught
- this song is the reason he is here. Because so many idols have covered it and it was at the end of that one movie.
- Oh Jackson
- this is actually a kind of magical moment when thousand of people have come together to sing something meaningful that crosses over countries and doesn’t deal with politicals.
- can someone do me a favor and get Dean new clothes and hair
- she is so cute. I think she named everyone in the company.
- yall that was a great Exoridium
-  people have to follow that???
- thank God it is just an award
- Quincy Jones
- point for trying
- it’s the end man. They can’t understand you and they put the translation over your head oh no
- this man is a legend and these people don’t realize it and it is because of their background knowledge of where they come from.  Which is why I probably don’t know a lot of the music history of another nation’s music. He just expects too much from people who don’t have this knowledge
-  I may be able to make it to class… maybe
- SONG OF THE YEAR: TWICE with Cheer up
- KOOKIE!!!!!!!!
- yoongi…. my baby. Someone hug him because I am not there
- I almost cried right there
- OKAY!!!!!!
- oh Noodles
- did bbh actually sweat the makeup that much?
- okay if we close now, I can make it to class.
- So sorry to sf9. If they still there
- interactions are my life

Until the next concert (which is near new years) it’s been real fam

and if anyone was wondering, I was only 10 minutes late to my lecture
Read My Mind [Connor Irwin & Penelope Hemmings]

* This is very long. Go get a snack. Also, it took me a really long time to write it, I worked hard on it. It’s different than anything I’ve posted. It’s a lot of dialogue, so let me know what you think. My Microsoft Word recently died so I am using a different program which makes editing a nightmare. Hopefully I did an alright job. So let me know what you think. There’s two clickable links for songs in certain parts. That is all. -Elle

“One year after his online EP debut, Connor Wylie re-emerges with a whimsically romantic album,” Holding his iPad up in the air right in his face, Ashton walked back and forth in front of the kitchen table’s length, reading out loud from the online Billboard article with sunshine dressing his tanned skin, a lazy morning outfit of raggedy beach shorts and a ripped up Sonic Youth tee shirt in desperate need of the extra touch. “Whimsically romantic!” His eyes beamed as he looked around the side of his tablet, not taking into account that Connor wasn’t paying much attention. He was chewing on soggy bran flakes with his hand still twirling the spoon through the bowl while his eyes read an article on his own tablet, one about the new line of Gibson guitars coming out next year. “My son, whimsically romantic…” Ashton mumbled to himself, trying to soak the compliment in.

“Dad, I told you, I’m not interested in reviews.” Connor sighed with a smile that had barely woken up on. He shook out his shaggy golden hair, reaching around to tie it up into a low half pony with the brown elastic on his wrist.

Connor just wanted to make music. He didn’t really have any concern for what many people thought about it. The opinion of his pseudo uncles mattered since he respected their own musicianship greatly, his father was a decent influence, and if the great Eddie Vedder would ever acknowledge him, he would lose his mind. Beyond that, it was just fun for Connor who recorded most of his album in his bathroom on his laptop with his best friend, Joey Carmichael.

“But this is a big one. Billboard music! Connor, how are you just eating cereal right now like nothing is going on?” He truly could not believe his son wasn’t bouncing off the walls or hyperventilating into a hand towel.

“I’m hungry?” With his mouth full, Connor answered as if it was a real reason. The truth of the matter was, he didn’t want anyone else’s opinion to mess with his head. He wanted to stay mellow before his first really big show. He was headlining at the The Dynamo Cabaret where his album was going to launch and he worried if he thought about it too much, he might lose his nerve. Up until now, it had just been wedding gigs, late night diner jams, and posting his stuff online. It was estimated that 1,000 people would come around tonight and with his Dad around, Connor knew some of the ears listening would have major musical power.

Ashton slid his iPad across the table in defeat, collapsing lazily into the chair across from his relaxed seventeen year old. He reached into the middle of the table and stole the uneaten half of kiwi in front of his son, scooping it out without hesitation.

“I was not as calm as you are when our first album came out.” His legs shaking under the table, Ashton while trying not to bother his seventeen year old son stories of when he was first starting out. It was difficult though. He felt too much pride that it was practically radiating out of him like indoor sunlight. “Granted, we weren’t indie and doing it ourselves, but I was freaking out.” Ashton chuckled, trying to contain the excitement he felt for his son while keeping his nostalgia for the glory days to himself. He was miserably failing at both. “What’s going to be your preshow ritual?”

“I don’t know.” Swallowing a large spoonful, Connor thought out loud. “Probably shower.” He itched at his leg and then scratched the top of Rocco, their German Sherpard mutt beneath the table, finding pleasure in his father’s lack of enthusiasm due to his mundane answer. “If Molly gets in early enough, we can go to hot yoga.” She was taking the a Greyhound bus special just to be there for her brother’s big show.

Ashton began to snore obnoxiously, rocking his face over both his hands as if Connor was putting him to sleep with his lack of excitement.

“What, like, you guys did anything cool? You guys made grainy videos and, like, wrote songs about fruit.” Connor retorted, squishing up his face and shaking it at his Dad before getting up along with Rocco to take his bowl over to the sink. People sent him the video of his father singing ‘It’s My Lime’ constantly through social media. He knew all about what went on back in the day.

“Well after I met your mother, my pre show ritual changed dramatically!” Spooning the last bite of kiwi fruit into his mouth, Ashton claimed, earning a gagging sound from his son behind him. 

“That is my cue to leave.” His plate loudly clanged against their stainless steel sink and Connor was jogging out of the kitchen, leaving his father alone with the review and their other dog, perpetually exhausted Golden lab, Gatsby as Connor headed up the steps with Rocco right behind.
The young Irwin was at the top of their winding steps when the doorbell rang, listening to the kitchen chair scratch against the floor as his father called out that he would answer it. Connor was mindlessly going through the chord change of one of his songs in his head when he noted out the top window that nobody ever looked out of unless on the top floor balcony and spotted his Uncle Luke’s blue vintage Mustang, the long legs of Penelope stepping out of it. Instantly, he stopped playing guitar in his head and ran back to the steps.

“I’ll get it, I’ll get it, I’ll get it, I’ll get it.” He was at the front door at warp speed, gasping to breathe as he reached for the handle of the door at the same time of his dad. Connor backed off as his father stared at him like he was suddenly insane. He didn’t want to look too eager, like he knew she was coming or anything, so Connor stuffed his hands into the pocket of his capri sweats and let his Dad pull open the door while he stood back.

On the other side of the door, standing tall with legs like sticks of butter underneath her lake blue board shorts, her usually exposed stomach hidden under a thin black zip up and covering the gold belly button piercing that Connor had written drunk diddies about, Penelope Hemmings was a glowing dewy mess of blond locks.

“Hi Uncle Ash!” Chipper, she greeted him with a wave and looked beyond his head to try and catch a glimpse of Connor somewhere, not spotting him standing to the side and feasting his freckled hazel eyes on her goddess-like beauty. She was truly a creature from another world to him even if he kept that to himself. “I hope I’m not interrupting something, I know it’s early…” Penny never slept in. Despite her laid back nature, eight AM was the latest she slept herself stay in bed. There was too many opportunities for waves wasted if she stayed in any longer than that.

“Nope. You know you’re always welcome, Penny.” Ashton grinned back, trying to match the wattage that naturally radiated from her grinning lips. He slid his eyes over to his son who had yet to say anything or even make himself known. It was strange given how usually Connor was attached to Penelope’s hip when they were around one another. The girl couldn’t breathe without Connor counting it. “What’s up?”

“I just picked up all the merch for Connor’s show tonight. I wanted to show it to him. Is he around?” The question had just fumbled out of her freshly balmed lips when the Connor finally stepped into frame, waving his hand at her anxiously and then folding it behind his head, his peace sign tattoo revealed on his thumbs as his fingers separated themselves from each other. “There you are, Mr. Whimsically Romantic.” Laughing, Penny reached in and gave his hard stomach a light smack.

“You read the review?” Connor scrunched up his face in order to properly allow an embarrassed laugh out. “I’m trying to avoid them.” He admitted while itching at his mane of hair.

“Why!? It went on and on to say how you’re climbing up a hill on your way to becoming a musical voice of our generation. They called you a young sunshiny Bob Dylan….or something like that.” Penelope babbled only to stop herself to rethink the quote.

“He has the makings to be the musical voice of a new generation.” Ashton happily corrected, staring up at his son with a smile that he couldn’t wash off even if he tried using an industrial sponge and heavy duty bleach. “The Bob Dylan thing was right.” He winked, looking back at Penelope. “Merch. Let’s see this merch!” Ashton clapped his hands together, the dogs already outside on the lawn and sniffing around the Mustang that neither Connor or Ashton could believe Luke let Penelope take out for the day.

Ashton led the way outside, stopping to throw his arm over Penelope’s shoulder and walking with her toward the freshly washed ride. Connor followed behind, slipping on flip flops and closing the door. He tried to behave himself and not take a sneak peek of Penelope’s peach of a butt in her beach shorts, but it was nearly impossible, not when it was paired with her long legs toned by a life balancing over a board in the water. He slid his eyes up quickly at the sound of his name being called, catching Penelope looking at him as she reached over the side of the backseat, drumming on the nearest box top.

“I said this one is stickers and buttons.” She smacked the center of it. “That one is tanks and tees, women’s, then the two on the floor are tanks and tees for men, and wristbands and trucker hats because Emme predicts they’re making a comeback.”

“Cool. Let’s see!” He lunged forward right between his father and Penny to peer into her full car, Rocco coming up and brushing by both his leg and her’s.

“Well, I’m wearing my favorite.” Casually, she turned to face the Irwin men and as if she was acting out Connor’s wildest fantasy, Penelope reached for the silver pull of her zipper and brought it open, teasing his eyes indirectly, and revealing a black tank top that read 'Connor Wylie Music’ in a sleek Bordeaux colored Georgia font.

“Amazing.” Connor breathed out, nodding at her flat chest that almost looked full due to the low cut design. “I like the clean print.” He mentioned, using the center of his chin to point at her top.

“Iden designed everything. I just printed it.” Penny pulled on the bottom of her tank top to show it off to her Uncle, earning two thumbs up. She opened up the passenger side door and climbed in to push back the front seat, cutting open the tape from the first box with her finger. “Here.” She reached in and took two cellophane packs out, handing the buttons to Ashton and stickers to Connor. “There’s one that says Connor Wylie in each and the rest have lyrics or your album title,” Namesake, a discreet shout out to his parents who had been a major musical influence and encouragement from day one for him. “You’ll notice each pack has lyrics from 'Dreamgirl’ on it because I think that’s my favorite song.” Along with a couple magazines, blogs, and family members, Penelope had been presented with a special early disc from Connor, asking for her honest opinion as they drove around in his Dad’s car last week, coming home from a late night school assembly together. “Nora must love that you wrote a song about her,” Mindlessly, Penelope gushed in a great effort to be supportive. She didn’t notice that even her Uncle Ashton looked up at her with a wiggle of his nose, not sure he heard her properly. Did she really think that his son wrote Track 4 about his latest girlfriend? “Maybe one day a cute boy will write a song for me.” Joking, Penny laughed and started to tear on the box of men’s shirts on the car floor, instantly tossing one at both Irwin men.

“I don’t think she…” Connor turned to pay attention to the family dogs, not sure how to answer Penny without giving himself away completely. “It’s not really about Nora.” He shrugged and then opened up the baseball style top in his hands. “This is sick!” Genuinely, Connor began to feel excited as he held up the shirt with his name on it, the track listing of his album on the back. “I love this.”

“How much are you selling these for?” Ashton asked both kids.

“In order to make profit, 25.” She squinted as she stood up, tight fists on her hip bones as she shone vibrantly beneath the glowing morning rays.
“I’m going to run in and get my wallet. One second.” Ashton tossed the shirt back at her, her hands catching it in the middle of a clap, before he whistled at his two dogs and chased them back inside, leaving the two teenagers alone in the driveway.

“Thanks so much for doing this, Pen, I really appreciate it.” Connor moved in closer, careful not to touch the Mustang that was keeping him from being able to even brush his fingers against Penelope’s boiling skin.

“No sweat.” Shrugging, she swiped the air in front of her with a fast hand gesture. “The guys at Wax 'n’ Wake owe me anyway since I spend so much time and money there.” She had used their print screen machine in the back to print up all the merchandise, sneaking Iden in through the receiving door so he could give her his designs and put in his artistic two cents. “I just need a box of CDs from you and I’m good to go or you can just bring them with you…I’m going to get there early to set up.”

“Man, you’re so good to me.” Shaking his head, eyes thin as whispers, he said with soft disbelief. “I could ask Nora to bring them to you. I just have to so much to do.” He explained with his hands, a habit he inherited from his father and despised. Out of frustration, Connor quickly tossed the shirt over his shoulder and then stuffed his hands into his pockets in an effort to keep them still.

“Understandable.” It was his show, of course he would be busy. “I could just pick them up now, how about? You know…since last time I ran into you and Nora she basically told me to stay away from you…” Penelope laughed it off as if it was nothing, but it had sunk beneath her usually thick skin. She had grown up alongside Connor, the two of them only a few months apart from one another, and to have a girlfriend of his openly disregard her felt a lot like having Connor cast her aside. Since she was so deeply anti-drama, Penelope pretended to let it go, but she wasn’t going to go out of her way to befriend the redhead who had no interest in knowing her.

“I talked to her about that. She just felt threatened.” Connor knew that his girlfriend had good reason to feel the way she did considering that he always lit up when Penelope came around. She was instant caffeine to him, a fast shot straight through the veins directly to his heart. It didn’t matter what kind of day he was having, the Hemmings girl had the power to put pep in his step and a smile right in the center of his face. She was his muse.

“I’m not threatening, I’m just tall.”

Amused, Connor let a laugh puff out his chest and reached up to help Penelope out from the confines of the car as his father came out to the house with his wallet, “She’ll love you when she gets to know you. Doesn’t everybody?” Connor knew the answer to his question, holding her elbows gently in his calloused hands.

“Alright,” Clueless to the moment he was interrupting, Ashton shuffled right over to the kids while thumbing through his leather wallet that he had been using since before Connor was given his first Fisher Price instrument. “Give me three, no, four of everything.” Shaking out his hair in desperate need of a trim, Ashton instructed Penelope as she backed out of his son’s fingers.

“Does he have to pay?” She looked between both men, checking with Connor. “I mean, you’re credited on one track after all.” Fulfilling his Dad’s fantasy (and one of his own), Connor had asked his father to co-write one song for the album with him as well as record drums for it. It was easily the most upbeat track on the whole record, reminiscent to early 5 Seconds of Summer songs.

“Of course, he has to pay!” Sounding outraged by the suggestion of otherwise, Connor shouted. “He makes me pay for his merch.”

“You pay!?” Penelope laughed into her wrists, hiding the burst of happiness that poured effortlessly from her open mouth. “There’s literally a room of 5 Seconds of Summer merchandise in Daphne’s basement. We all just take stuff whenever.” Before March and Daphne found themselves deeply devoted to one another, March was notorious for going through the overstock and giving shirts to girls as a flirting strategy.

“Seriously?” As soon as she nodded in return, Connor rolled his eyes at himself and let his limbs go limp. “Whatever. He still has to pay.”

Penelope climbed back into the Mustang, opening up boxes to dole out merchandise to her Uncle unaware of Connor’s bashful, but watchful eyes on her. He was painting her in his mind, using different shades of yellow as she seemed to explode with light in every movement that she made. He had debated asking her out before, the first time when they were fourteen, but accepted Marisol Ramierez’s invite to their junior high dance instead. Ever since, Connor found himself in casual moments like this, standing in his driveway or eating burgers at a cement table outside of a McDonald’s where he just wanted to tell her, not ask, but tell her to be his girlfriend. The only time where Penelope hadn’t been the number one on his list of girls was all through out last year when things ended between his first girlfriend, Katie, who cheated on him and broke his heart - leaving it up to Penelope to help him put the pieces back together in a way that fit. Even though he was with someone new, he found himself ditching his new girlfriend to watch Penelope surf or try out her weird kitchen creations.

“Alright, I have to go.” She slid in behind the wheel, stepping over the seat with her flip flop the exact way her father made her promise she wouldn’t. Penelope accepted a kiss on the cheek from her Uncle while turning the keys in the ignition, the radio playing one of Connor’s new songs from her plugged in iPod. “I’m picking up your video vixen.” She teased him while finding her aviator sunglasses in the glove compartment and slipping them over herself.

“Say 'hi’ to Emmy for me.” Ashton waved while carrying all his Connor Wylie goodies inside. 

“You know, it’s not too late for you to agree to star in my video." Clutching the side of the car, Connor leaned in and smoothly suggested. He had chosen Emmeline since she was a newly signed model and seemed to naturally shine in front of a camera, but Connor would have been happy to have Penelope as the star of his first professional video. 

"Please, Emmeline was born for this.” She laughed. “Though she doesn’t like that you chose something new for her to wear in it. Her exact quote was, 'Does he think I’m a nun or does he think I’m fat? A chemise, seriously!?” The wardrobe Connor had chosen was anything, but modest. It was long, but sheer with embroidered tulle down to her ankles and a tinted pink bustier that hugged her chest so tightly it brought her boobs up to her shoulders. Penelope had warned both Connor and Emmeline that Uncle Mikey would freak out when he saw it. He was already unhappy that his daughter would be rolling around in the sand to the tune of Connor’s soulful ballad.

“Of course she would think it’s too much.” Connor laughed. “Let me go get you those CDS. Hold on, Pretty Girl.” He said like it was nothing, slapping the car’s door and heading back inside in a rush.

As he ran back down the stairs, a large box of his discs in hand, his Dad caught him before he could fly out the door to where Penelope waited.

“Connor…” He spoke up from the living room where he was taking pictures of Connor’s new merchandise to upload to his social media.“Are you trying to be whimsically romantic with Penny?” Ashton asked without so much as turning around, still studying the photograph on his phone’s screen.

“Dad, I’m…” Of course, he was, but Connor knew in his gut that she was far too out of his league. He considered himself lucky just to be her friend most days. Penelope was a work of art and he was just a museum wanderer happy to stare. “We’re not like that.” He grumbled, his resentment ringing out and hitting the ceiling of their house.

“Yeah, but are you - ”

“Dad, Penny’s waiting for me.” Connor didn’t want to talk about it. He wanted to write about it and sing about it, maybe even drink alone about it, but he didn’t want to talk about it at all. He opened up the front door before Ashton could say another word, bringing Penny what she was waiting for.

Unorganized at best, Penny moved back and forth almost rhythmically as she set up the merchandise table in the stretch of hall that led into the actual club room of The Dynamo, doors still closed for the next half hour. She anxiously tugged at the bottom of shorts, denim having changed from the morning, while frowning at her set up. Penelope didn’t put much effort into the things she did, but she could acknowledge that right now everything looked as if a merchandise monster threw up.

The sound of Emmeline singing one of Connor’s songs faintly under her breath pulled the beach bunny’s attention to her left, holding the image of her friend painting her lips a bold red with the help of a liner and open compact mirror steady in her raised brows.

“Emme, I need you to shut down shop.” Leaning into the table, Penelope began to pick up all the make up pieces that Emmeline had laid out over the other end of the table and drop them into the fabric cosmetic case. “And help me.”

“I carried in two boxes.” Subtly, Emmeline reminded Penny while barely moving her lips. “It looks good.” She said without checking.

“Are you sure?” Penelope dropped the eyeshadow quad in her hand and walked backwards, judging the table from a further distance.

“I always thought it was just Connor who was into you, but are you into Connor? You’re acting like it, trying to make his booth all perfect…” Emmeline held her thin lip liner pencil between two fingers like an evening cigarette, smacking her lips together before resting everything into her bag and putting it away. She grinned merrily at the glare Penelope was giving her.

“You know I don’t feel that way for him.” She grumbled and moved back to the table to use the now free space to spread out the signs she had printed up and some of his albums.

“Even though he wrote songs about you?” Emmeline planted her feet onto the edge of the plastic chair, hiking her knees over her 'Connor Wylie Music’ shirt

“Those songs aren’t about me.” Penny shook her head, tired of having heard this from Emmeline and even Molly when they e-mailed. “They’re about Nora. Why would you write about another girl when you have a girlfriend?” Logically, she thought out loud.

“Yeah because guys don’t do slimy things.” Emme snarled sarcastically while raking her painted navy nails through her strawberry blond locks. “Haven’t you heard about Daphne’s parents?” She captured Penelope’s attention instantly with her question. “Uncle Cal was dating some supermodel and they had been together for a bit, but Daph’s mom had, like, just been hired to assist Uncle Ash or something…” Feverishly, she pointed her finger back and forth while Penelope half-listened, reaching up to adjust the tee shirts hung to the wall until her own tank was exposing her belly button ring and even tan. “Anyway, they became super tight and on her birthday, he uploaded this, like, really beautiful acoustic song on his Twitter, you know the one….'Such a pretty little thing, you don’t look right not wearing my candy ring…’ Something like that…”
Mouthing the words, Penelope recalled.

“And that’s how everyone knew it wasn’t about his girlfriend because there was some Keek video - ”

“Keek.” Penelope chuckled at the old website her parents always referred to, now terribly outdated.

“Yeah, where he gave Daph’s mom a Ring Pop and he said something stupid and smooth like,” Clearing her throat, Emmeline tried on a voice to imitate her Uncle Calum. “Hey baby, I only give cherry flavor to pretty girls…”

“My dad doesn’t sound like that.” Struggling to get through the door with her hands carrying a cardboard tray full of coffees, Daphne emerged and caught both her friends by surprise.

“Hey Daffy.” Penelope adjusted her shirt and made a run for her tiny friend, pushing the door open completely for her. “Emme is telling me the story of how your parents got together…”

“I thought so.” Sashaying her hips that were tightly sealed beneath a skin tight mini skirt, Daphne wandered in and rested the drinks on the table, pointing out which one was for who. “You told her about the song?” Her large brown eyes opened on Emmeline to check. “Because after that song was uploaded, my mom knew it was about her and she was so touched so they, like, hooked up, gross, I know…” Quietly, she babbled while picking up her own iced tea from the tray and playing with the straw in the lid. “And then the next day, the girl my Dad was dating stormed into their hotel room and beat him up with a hair dryer. That’s why he has that little scar on his forehead.” With a brush of her pinkie finger, Daphne pointed to her hairline and nodded before sipping on her drink.

“Well…I’m not into Connor, so this is not going to happen to me."Defiantly, Penelope claimed while picking up her coffee order. "Here, take a shirt.” She walked around the table and pulled out a tee shirt for Daphne, tossing it at her.

Daphne was never one to have to be told orders twice and put her drink down long enough to pull the fabric over her head.

“Drop it, you guys, she’ll never listen to you. She doesn’t see what the rest of the world does.” Causing a delighted scream to flee from the pit of Emmeline’s stomach, Molly Irwin stood before them, peeking out of the club doors coming from backstage where she had been listening to her brother warm up with his band. 

Emmeline jumped out of her chair and ran over to the girl they had all missed nearly since she left for University, throwing her arms around her neck and pulling her into her strong cinnamon scent. Waiting their turns, Daphne and Penny stood behind.

“The line is crazy outside….” Daphne mumbled, glancing out the door as if there was a window to see out of. “We couldn’t even find parking. Is Connor ready?”

“He’s starting to get really nervous.” Molly pouted. “March is kind of wigging him out.” She laughed in thought of Penelope’s brothers backstage antics. “The table looks great, Pen. Where do you want me?” She asked while giving her fellow tall blond friend a quick squeeze.

“In Emme’s chair….” Penny pointed, noting that Molly already had a Connor Wylie tank top already on. “Because she isn’t helpful.”

The loud chorus of female screaming and male celebratory grunts should have been a clear indication to the girls that their parents were on their way in, but they still felt surprised when the doors opened and 5 Seconds of Summer emerged. The girls had grown up within the soundtrack of their fans and had allowed it to become background noise to their own lives.

“Oh my God, Uncle Ash!” Emmeline noticed first, her Uncle’s signature bandana tied in his hair with his son’s logo printed over it, matching his tee shirt and wrist bands and complimenting the pride that looked as if it was oozing out of him perfectly. “You look - ” She searched for the word, but a warning glare from her mother shut her red lips right up.

“Be nice. He’s having a fan girl moment.” Mrs. Irwin added in while gravitating to her daughter and giving her a hug. It didn’t matter how many times she saw her today, she was so happy to have her home for a weekend.

“I want a picture of all the girls at the merch table. You look so cute.” Ashton was fumbling with his camera in his hand, looking down to adjust the settings.

“We don’t look cute.” Emmeline stated while walking behind the table, the model in her instantly turning to her best angle. “We look super hot.”

“I don’t want to be super hot in front of my parents.” Daphne mumbled as quietly as she could while heading over to stand in between Molly and Penelope in the picture, accidentally making herself look tinier than she already was compared to their tall statures.

Ashton took four pictures, just to make sure he had a perfect shot, before the door opened again to screaming and a cool summer breeze. Penelope unfolded her arms from around the shoulders of her friends and stepped forward, not sure who else could be coming in as everyone she knew to be in her family was already in the building with the exception of grandparents.

“Sorry, doors don’t open for a couple more minutes.” Kindly, she pointed out before her eyes settled in on the five foot redhead and her friends. If she didn’t already know what Connor’s girlfriend looked like, the way the girl ran her stare up and down Penelope like she was a witch that needed to be burned in the center of town would have introduced her clearly. “Oh, of course you can come in Nora. Sorry.”

Discreetly, barely smiling as she did, Nora only acknowledged Ashton and his wife before walking through the main doors and into the club, finding a perfect spot to watch Connor tear the place down in.

“Does that girl not like you?” Confused by why he suddenly had a line of goosebumps rushing down his arms, Luke asked his daughter. He wasn’t used to people being rude to Penelope as she seemed to be universally loved wherever she went.

“She’s just jealous.” Forever Penelope’s biggest fan, Daphne mumbled while taking cash from her Dad and giving him a tee shirt to wear in exchange.

“Uncle Cal?” Emmeline kept her devious eyes focused on Penny with a humored smile, but called on Daphne’s father, catching him looking up at her out of the corner of her foggy blues. “Did it hurt when you got smacked in the head with a hair dryer?” All to harmlessly tease Penelope, she asked.

“Uh…” Calum had to think back, remembering years ago when his then lingerie clad girlfriend stormed into his suite and used the hair tool as her weapon of choice after he told her through text that he had been unfaithful. “Yeah, it wasn’t great.” There was bloodshed after all.

“Just as I suspected.” Emme crossed her arms and licked at her teeth, making sure there wasn’t any lipstick stained over them, while she maintained tight eye contact with Penny.

“We’re going to head inside.” Luke led the way, nodding at the door with a large poster of Connor and the night’s event taped to it, earning a photograph from Ashton who was dedicated to documenting the whole night. “See you girls in a bit.” He waved before opening up the door and holding it for his gaggle of friends.

On stage, wailing away against his ebony Les Paul guitar with his blond locks soggy against his sweating face, Connor had forgotten all about the packed club calling out his name. He was on a level separate from the rest of the world, levitating through Nirvana while riffing next to his best friend, his left hand cramping against the strings, but never giving into the pain. He was the Billboard Review come to life behind the mic stand: “raw”, “charged”, and “transparent”. Connor Irwin was exactly where he belonged and against the ledge of the balcony of the club, Ashton Irwin was feeding off his son’s energy, tearing up as he moved his head along furiously to the song that he knew was his son’s soul through chords.

“Your dad is so cute.” Penelope whined into Molly’s stud pierced ear, the two of them shimming their shoulders along with the song as best they could, standing behind Emmeline who was going to town dancing with her hair thrown out like a mane alongside her little brother who had his hands in his pockets, standing still among a crowd of flailing bodies.
“But why do our Dads dance like such dorks?” Leaning into her friend, Molly asked back over the music, nodding at the cluster of their parents. It was surprising that for a group of musicians none of them could seem to feel music in their hips, jerking around with their arms shaking out like the blow up sign outside a car dealership. Michael seemed to have a particular penchant for bending his elbows, balling his hands into fists, and dancing strictly with his upper body while his knees bounced.

“Okay!” As the crowd sprayed the sound of cheering throughout the venue, Emmeline popped up between her friends, forcing them to look down at her as she adjusted the very high pony that was spraying out from her apex like a fountain. “Uncle Luke is doing finger dancing, so we need to move down to the main floor pronto.” She snapped and nodded, shifting her eyes at Penelope’s father who had only curled his pointer fingers inward in order to clap for Connor. Emmeline sounded desperate to restore her reputation for being an untouchable queen that Luke was indirectly ruining with his poor choreography.

Emmeline slid her hand over Molly’s and began to lead the way to the creaky stairs in order to go down to where most of the younger crowd was, the warm bodies close together, but not to tightly knit that she couldn’t force her way through. Emmeline didn’t care about rude remarks or offended glares, she intended to push her way through everyone until she was right in the front row. She had her eyes on Connor’s drummer and felt she was looking particularly cute in her Connor Wylie top.

As the girls made their way to the edge of the stage, Penelope found the emerald eyes of Connor’s girlfriend drawing long scratches through her skin. She tried not to pay attention, but lifted her hand to wave to the girl anyway. If she wasn’t Connor’s girlfriend, Penelope imagined that she would have never bothered making an effort with Nora, but she wanted to like her for his sake. The girl didn’t welcome Penny’s silent gesture though. She merely rolled her eyes and turned her back to Penny, leaning in to talk to the group of girls that she came with.

Sighing, Penelope rolled her own eyes and then took her phone from the pocket of her jean shorts to keep an eye on the time. Currently, she had left the merchandise booth to Daphne, who couldn’t calculate totals to save her life, and March, who had just recently become Daphne’s boyfriend. She had an accurate hunch that the two of them were getting more acquainted with the taste of each other’s lip balms than doing any actual selling, but Penelope had badly wanted to watch the show and left it to the new lovebirds to hold court.

While fully immersed in a cover of one of his favorite Tom Petty songs, ’Last Dance With Mary Jane’, Connor found eye contact with the Hemmings girl who inspired a good half of the notes he wrote and recorded on his album. He smiled brightly at her and lit up her own grin. Penelope willingly forgot about how her brother was probably making out with one of her best friends and how the evil redhead was probably putting a hex on her and just danced. She danced like her father up in the lobby, carefree, and she danced like Emmeline with fluid stomach movements and fingers in her air.

Connor wasn’t even in control of himself, fingers working the strings of his guitar the way he wished to play with Penelope’s sunkissed skin. He couldn’t peel his eyes off of her as she kept looking him dead on in the eyes, laughing as she mouthed the words to the rock classic.

“Con is killing it.” Luke tossed his arm around Ashton’s shoulder, pulling him a step away from the balcony’s gold ledge, squeezing him tightly the way he had when congratulating Ashton on the birth of both his children.
“It’s crazy!” Ashton tossed his head back, eyes still glistening as he shook with joy. “He’s got more talent than any of us ever had.” He said without any exaggeration. Ashton wasn’t biased when it came to his son. He had sat in on his band practices and fed him constant criticism when it was due, but the truth of the matter was proving itself down below: Connor Wylie Irwin had what it took.

“His energy is crazy.” Calum chimed in, his hand out as he recorded the cover on his phone. “Like they love him.” Nodding at Ashton, he smiled at the sight of his friend so close to breaking down into proud tears, "He’s going places for sure.“ Ashton agreed with a tiny nod, eyes back on his son singing directly to Penelope through the microphone. While he was excited for his son who as clearly on the verge of breaking into the industry that his father knew well, Ashton couldn’t help, but feel nervous for Connor. He knew what the business of show was like and he knew how it could take someone’s pure passion for music and dry it up like the skin of a shriveled grape. It didn’t help matters that Ashton was going through major Penelope withdrawal with her away at University. Now he knew he was going to have to say goodbye to his youngest too .

"Oh man.” As the song moved into silence, applause taking over The Dynamo, Connor laughed into his mic, lips brushing up against it as he took a moment to scan the crowd from wall to wall, looking at everyone who was there for him and his music. A knot in his stomach tightened and, for a second, he didn’t know if he would be able to keep breathing. He was lost in gratitude and disbelief, his hands shaking as they became pins and needles in front of his beloved guitar.

“You’re so hot, Connor! I want to have your babies!” Bringing him back to reality, Emmeline screamed right in front of him and forced the room to erupt with laughter even if her father up on the balcony was shaking his head.

“Thanks, Emme.” He chuckled into the mic and let go of the neck of his guitar to tousle his locks around for a moment, feeling his own perspiration in them like a sticky gel. “You guys are awesome. We can’t believe it up here. This is crazy.” From the back of his throat, he told the room. “I’m going to play some piano, you guys cool with that?” He checked with the crowd while pulling his leather guitar strap over his head, listening to the affirmative applause and cheering. He handed off his Les Paul to the stage hand before walking carefully around the floor of chords and taking a seat on the brown piano bench, cold even under the yellow spotlights. “If you guys picked up an album out in the hall, track thirteen there’s a hidden track under it, if you let it play a bit…” He explained while stretching his fingers over the keys, randomly smacking notes with quick swipes of his tips. “It’s a song I’m a bit sheepish about,” All of this was news to his father who was certain that he had played the whole disc through over a dozen times in his car alone. “It’s about my best friend, this awesome, gorgeous girl who helped me so much with tonight…” He was stroking at his stubbly chin, trying to avoid eye contact with Penelope below.

“Oh no.” Shaking his head, Ashton could see the future for a moment and held his breath that his son wasn’t about to make a grand gesture in front of everyone. “Don’t, Connor, don’t do it.” He whispered quietly, knowing he couldn’t be heard. He glanced over his shoulder to see Luke taking another plastic cup of beer from their waiter, sucking back the thin top layer of foam clueless to the unrequited love story going on below them.

Down at the stage, Penelope was watching Nora stare up at the stage with adoring eyes. While Penelope wasn’t fond of the girl, she could admit that it was sweet to see Connor taking a moment to make his girlfriend feel special and appreciate her. She nearly gave herself whiplash, snapping forward to look over at Connor behind the piano when he announced the song to the room.

“It’s called ’Penny & Me’ and it’s for the pretty girl up front.” He winked and pointed at her before jumping right into playing the song. He cocked his head back and sang right to her, her eyes huge and still in shock while Emmeline laughed beside her and Molly glared at her brother by Penny’s other shoulder.

“Better hope nobody has a hair dryer on them.” Emmeline muttered before being quiet to fully listen to the lyrics, a song sewn together entirely of all the different moments over the last year where Connor had felt inclined to kiss Penny.

Up on the balcony, Luke’s blue eyes matched his daughter’s, round and confused as he accidentally dribbled beer down his chin, forgetting to swallow when he heard Connor’s announcement. He had just become used to the fact that his son was with Calum’s daughter and now Connor was confessing his deep admiration for his daughter.

“I’m going to go take over for March and Daph…” Into Molly’s ear, Penny explained. She felt uncomfortable with the attention that Connor had forced over her. Penelope never liked to be the center of attention. It was why she could get on so swimmingly with people like Connor and Emmeline who shone brightest when under limelight.

“Do you want me to come?” Molly asked only to have Penelope shake her head 'no’.

Penelope spun around, her blond hair falling over her shoulders like white rapids, but she didn’t start to walk. She was startled by the sight of Nora so close to her, backed up by one of her own friends. Unbeknownst to Penny, she was being firmly watched up above by her father. He knew his daughter well enough to know that this wasn’t her scene anymore. She never liked being the star, throwing a fit during her kindergarten Christmas pageant when she was told to stand at center stage and introduce 'Frosty the Snowman’ to the small audience of proud parents. Unless she was immersed in the water, when Penelope felt eyes on her, her anxiety spiked.

“Nora, I know this looks bad…” She started to explain sincerely, her back to the stage and Connor as he continued through the end of 'Penny & Me’ into a different song. “He and I are just friends, I swear. That song is not romantic, I don’t take it that way…” Sighing deeply from the pit of her stomach, Penny explained with pure irritation.

“I told you to stay away from him.” Looking right up at Penelope with her chin pointed to hers, Nora growled, finally speaking to the blond and acknowledging her presence.

“Okay, but I didn’t ask for this!” Trying to remain chill, Penny’s words loudly shouted above the piano melody behind her. “Connor and I grew up together, we’re close. When our mothers were pregnant, they would rub their stomachs together so we could kick at each other. We’ve been friends forever. I’m sure that’s all that song was about.” Penny, herself, wanted to believe that much to be true. “He wrote 'Dreamgirl’ about you and that’s a beautiful song.”

Insulted, Nora interrupted Penelope before she could go on any further.
“That’s song is about you, too!” She huffed, feeling her skin boil from the embarrassment her boyfriend had just put her through.

“No, it isn’t. It’s about you.” With her whole brain, Penelope believed that.

“The lyrics are, 'Tall and blond, she sleeps on the beach/I’ve known her since day one and she’s still out of reach.’” Nora quoted, almost singing it to the melody. “I’m short with red hair and I met him last year…and I hate the beach.” She clarified before taking her glass of Pepsi and tossing it right up in Penny’s face, spraying it those around her. “Slut.” Nora snarled before turning to walk away, wanting nothing more than to leave the premise entirely.

“You better fucking run, Gingerbush.” Emmeline hissed and moved swiftly on her feet before Molly grabbed her back by the collar of her shirt.

“Um, I’m going to leave you with the sounds of Joseph Carmichael for just a second!” Having watched the whole thing without much sound, Connor leaned into the microphone and put great weight on his music partner before running off stage, Penelope and her sticky face walking out to the hall.

Both her palms flat against the back door, Penelope pushed it open and revealed herself out of the steamy darkness into the lit up hallway. Her muddled blue eyes didn’t even take notice of her brother’s lips taking full gulps of Daphne’s formerly hot pink lips behind the merch table that she had set up.

“Whoa. What happened to you!?” March remarked once he had pulled his face off of his girlfriend in a hurry, instantly going to fix his lip ring that Daphne had bitten by accident a few times. He looked his older sister up and down, the little make up she wore dripping from her face as her usually soft as cotton hair was sticky to her head. Not to mention, her tee shirt was stained a light brown shade.

“You guys can go inside. I’m going to cover the table for a bit.” Penny didn’t bother to answer him, walking around to where she had been sitting earlier in the night and bending onto her knees to take a clean top for herself.

“Are you okay?” With her legs still over March’s lap, Daphne asked Penelope, worried about her best friend who she hadn’t seen look so solemn before.

“Yeah. Just go be infatuated with each other somewhere else, please?” Penny asked while pulling her shirt off over her soda slicked hair, revealing her bikini top as a bra for a brief second before she pulled a different Connor Wylie Music t-shirt over her head.

March didn’t need to be asked again. He slid Daphne’s legs off of him and took her hand to stand her up and lead her into the packed music hall, ready to find a spot in the crowd to kiss her along with the sound of his friend’s songs.

From one end of the hall, Connor emerged quickly, the rubber soles of his canvas sneakers squeaking against the floor while Luke was just around the corner. He stopped himself from going any further when he saw Connor coming, so he pressed his back against the wall and waited, not sure if he should really be listening in or not.

“Penny - ” Connor began as soon as he saw her behind the table, still on her knees, but she tossed her hair back and interrupted him, rising into the strong girl she was known to be.

“How could you do that to her, Connor?” Even though she her skin was sticky and coated with syrupy soda, Penelope still had Connor’s girlfriend on his mind. She understood the girl’s reaction and felt terrible about how everything had played out. “You’ve been cheated on before and you still made her feel the same way you felt!” Exasperated, Penelope explained. She kept her hands busy, opening up the small metal cash box and taking to counting the dollar bills to see if March and Daphne sold anything while they were working the station.

“I didn’t cheat on her! It was just a song.” Confused by the reactions, Connor scrunched up his worn out face and defended himself.

“It was a song named after me about me and you made a statement about me being all these nice things…you know, I don’t like things like that.” Shaking the money tightly in her fist, Penny sent her eyes into his like daggers.

“You said this morning that you wished a cute guy would write a song about you.”

Penny rolled her eyes as if it was reflex, “I didn’t mean you. I meant someone single or, like, a young Sting or something.” Sting had been Penny’s first crush having found one of his records when she was four years old in her father’s extensive collection and then listening to it on replay until it wore out. “We’re just friends, Connor. That’s all I want from you.” Penelope sat down on the fold out chair that Daphne had vacated, her wrists against the table’s edge as she put the money back in the box.

If it wasn’t for the live band behind the wall, Penelope might have heard Connor’s high from his amazing night fall, picking up his ego on the way down, and shitting all over his heart. He held the lump in his throat tightly while lifting up both arms and beginning to itch at the back of his head. There had been some small part of Connor that hoped Penny would hear the song or realize 'Dreamgirl’ was about her and throw her arms around him in order to properly tattoo her lips to his. At the very least, Connor just wanted her to smile and say that she liked them. This wasn’t at all what he imagined would happen.

“That’s all?” Looking down he checked, pressing his thumb with the peace sign on it into the corner of the table.

“I’m going away for school next year and, after tonight, you’re going to be going somewhere too. What could possibly happen between us? We’re friends. We’re great friends. I love you the way I love March and Miles…” Anyone who knew Penny knew that her little brothers were her entire world. They were her two most favorite people on the planet even when they were making fun of her for getting in trouble with their Dad or for having her bikini bottom come off while surfing wild waves. She was trying to pay Connor a compliment, but all he heard was her comparing him to her brothers.

“You’re my muse, Penny.” Licking his lips and tasting nothing, but bitterness, Connor confessed to the toes of his sneakers.
“I’m flattered, but I am so embarrassed right now.”

“I wasn’t trying to embarrass you.” Connor swiped his falling hairs behind his ears, eyes staring down into Penny’s and wishing she could look back at him the way he always looked at her. He thought about standing there longer even though the crowd behind the wall was chanting out his name in perfect harmony.

Having been a touring musician for more than half his life now, Luke knew when to come in and took the moment of silence between the two teenagers as his cue. He dug his boots into the ground and sharply turned the corner, feigning surprise at the sight of the two torn kids he had known since their first days on the planet.

“Hey, Con, you got to get back out there! They’re dying for you. You’re killing it.” Encouraging him, Luke nodded furiously at Connor, not looking at his daughter at all, but able to see she had her focus down on her lap pensively. “You’re really killing it.” He could see in Connor’s face that the electricity he felt up on stage had died while talking to Penny and tried to make him feel better. Connor was meant to be up on stage, not with his daughter.

Connor quietly thanked Luke while keeping his stare on Penny, waiting for her to notice him. Eventually, he just rushed away, jogging to get back to his set.

Luke took a moment to just watch his daughter from a few steps away. She looked everything like four year old Penelope, fresh on a time out backstage at the Warped Tour after not listening to him for the umpteenth time when he told her to behave for her mother. She had her nose aligned with her knees while she held her down in shame. Even though Penelope was a tall stick of limbs now, she suddenly appeared small before Luke and, for a second, he wondered if he could still pick her up and hold her at his hip like he used to.

“Do you want to be alone or…?” Unsure, he asked.

“I’m fine, Dad.” Penny breathed in deeply through her nose and slowly raised her head up, her blank stare setting it’s sights right on her Dad, offering her a meek smile of 'sorry’ in return. “It just sucks when you know you’re about to hurt someone.” She shrugged. “It’s no big deal.”
Luke moseyed over and sat down in the spot that had been March’s, smelling his son’s cologne immediately. He leaned forward on the table, picking up one of the Connor Wylie trucker hats and playing with the beak between his hands.

“It was a nice song though. It’s flattering that you inspire him…” Luke could see the situation from where Connor was standing considering he was a songwriter himself, but he would always side with Penelope. Since the January afternoon she came into the world, he had been living his life in her corner.

“Yeah, it is, but…he put me in a crummy position. He has a girlfriend and…he knows I don’t like big gestures like that.” Penelope wasn’t the kind of girl that planned her wedding out with doves and fairy tale place settings. She longed for quiet fires on the beach and private conversations while driving along the coast, all the things Connor sang about while exposing her to the crowd. PDA made her deeply uncomfortable. She fumbled with her fingers together and sighed again, feeling awful about the verbal punch to the gut she gave Connor.

“He’s seen me dedicate songs to you on stage, he probably thought …” Luke tried to reason.

“You’re my Dad. It’s different.” Penelope shook her head. Luke was the only guy that she was okay with loving her and giving her affection. Everything else made her feel uncomfortable on the inside. She never longed for a boyfriend like her friends did. She instantly put every male in the friend zone.

Despite coming from a loving home herself with parents who were together, Penelope was terrified of being in a relationship, of giving yourself to someone, sharing your life, and being cautious of another person. She didn’t know the reason why she felt so nervous about being someone, she just had for as long as she could remember. “I’ve known for a long time that he liked me…”

“Everyone has.” Luke nodded, always feeling an energy between the two sandy blonds.

“So this had to happen, it just…it still sucks.” She shrugged and opened up the cash box again, staring at the piles of paper money. “He really is one of my best friends." 

"On the brightside, you probably just inspired a whole bunch of new songs for his next album.” Trying, Luke chuckled and poked his daughter in the ribs.

“Oh great!” Penny laughed loudly, mouth open as her head dipped back against the chair. She came back down to reality, thinking of different ways to go backstage later and congratulate Connor on the evening without things feeling weird. Mindlessly, she rested her head on her dad’s shoulder and decompressed. “Do you think his girlfriend is going to try to beat me with a blow dryer?” Seriously, she wondered aloud.

“Do you want me to go ask Calum how he survived?” Luke put his head against hers and asked right back, both Hemmings smiling quietly to themselves. Penny pictured her Uncle Calum being attacked by a tall woman in lingerie and instantly felt a bit better while Luke recalled the whole moment with bittersweet nostalgia.


Somehow finishing his set, Connor had managed to work himself back up to a tightrope wire high that he couldn’t jump down from even if he tried. He rushed backstage with his friends from the band, the crowd still clapping for more, and his smile was laughing loudly along with the static and noise. As the drummer pushed open the door, the guys charged through, but Connor stopped at the sight of his dream girl standing with his name on the chest of her t-shirt, smiling coyly. He wasn’t sure what to expect from her now and feared she might kick him off his cloud again.

“You were amazing!” Penelope revealed, her lips curling upward as she showed off her crossbite. “You’re such a star.” Proud of her friend, she complimented him sincerely and folded her arms behind his neck, glad to feel his hands on her back without reluctance in his fingers.

“Thanks, Pen.”

“I wanted to be the first to tell you that…” She backed off, taking his hands in hers and swinging them around. “Because you’re my best friend and I love you.” She promised while intertwining their fingers. “And because your Dad is a sobbing mess in the dressing room and I won’t be able to get a word in edgewise once he starts talking about you.” Penny laughed and began to lead Connor down the hallway, his hand leaving hers so he could put his full arm over her shoulder, her own arm creeping up to rest on his back.

kunaisenbon  asked:

Scenario where Kuroo and the band are playing at the local café shop and s/o coincidentally was there and then Kuroo called her to join her on stage and singing along AND/OR singing her a song that embarrasses her. Make it as fluffy as a latte w/ a bunch of cream at top. :)

Hey, hey, I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long! (And not helping out that much, work is terrible, kids). But today is Memorial Day and since I can’t poorly barbecue for you all, how about a super sugary sweet Kuroo request instead! - Admin Dad

A side note: the song featured in this fic is called “Palos Verdes” by Riley and the Roxies, give it a listen! - Dad’s compulsory song rec

“What’s the crowd like? Are there a lot of people? Man, I hope there aren’t many girls out there…”

Kuroo looked up from the bag of effects pedals with an incredulous look. “Yamamoto, I never thought I’d hear you say that.”

“Shut up!” He clutched his drumsticks so tight, the skin across his knuckles stretched white. “This is our first gig, I don’t want to embarrass myself!”

Yaku piped up, still focused on tuning his guitar. “Maybe if you practiced more instead of thinking up stupid band names you wouldn’t be so worried right now.”

“Hey!” Kuroo whipped his head around to face Yaku. “Bokuto and I thought of our name.”

Yaku’s face fell flat. “I should’ve known.” Kai nodded in affirmation. 

A loud voice off-stage commanded the boys’ attention. “Next up for open-mic night, let’s welcome to the stage… Of Meows and Men!” 

Kuroo turned to the rest of the band, who stared down at him with deadpan expressions. “Okay, I admit, it needs work.” 

The boys gathered their instruments and headed out for the stage. They received a warm applause from the awaiting crowd, one cheer sounding out louder than the others. Kuroo’s mouth fell open. 

He didn’t expect to see his girlfriend that night. He wasn’t sure he was ready for her to hear their music yet, since he wrote most of the songs about her, and when she mentioned she had plans with her friends he decided to drop the issue entirely. 

But there she was, beaming like the sun in a crowd of lackluster college students and hipster twentysomethings. Kuroo felt his heart swell up in his chest and he nearly dropped the three effects pedals he had clutched in his left hand. 

“Um, Kuroo, are you going to set up?”Kai’s calm voice washed over him like a cool breeze, releasing Kuroo from the magnetic warmth of his girlfriend’s smile. He nodded and focused his energy on catching up with the rest of his bandmates, who were waiting for their lead singer to get it together and start the show. 

As he set up the last pedal, Kuroo was struck by what he was sure was a genius idea. 

“Hey,” he whispered to the band, away from the mic, “come in here.”

“Dude, what’s up?” Yamamoto was terrible at whispering.

“What if we play ‘Someone Like You’ tonight?”

“Ugh,” Yaku groaned. “Is this because _______ is here?”

Kuroo smiled sheepishly. “Maybe.”

“But I thought we decided on ‘The Palisades,’ I have a really cool drum solo in that one!”

“Yamamoto,” Kuroo’s voice turned dark and taunting, “weren’t you just worried about messing it up and embarrassing yourself in front of the crowd of cute girls?”

Yamamoto shrunk back, unable to justify himself.

“It makes no difference to me either way,” Yaku shrugged, “my solo is good in both of them. I just hope these last minute set list changes won’t become a habit.”

“Kai, what about you?”

Kai smiled. “I’m down for whatever.”

“Alright it’s decided then,” Kuroo turned back to the mic and the crowd, ready to make his stage debut. 

“Hey there, everyone!” Kuroo yelled a little too loudly into the mic, not yet used to the venue’s sound system. He quieted down a little for the next part. “We’re ‘Of Meows and Men,’ how are we all doing tonight?” 

He was answered by a few ‘woo’s with one particularly loud yell coming from the right-most table in the café. 

“Tonight, we’re going to play you a song, and, well, it’s kind of a special song,” he could hear Yaku practically gagging to his left. “I wrote it about this really cool girl after we first met and she was so awesome and pretty and I was super nervous that she’d think I was this big dork. But apparently, she liked that I was a big dork and now she’s here tonight.” 

Kuroo could see his girlfriend’s jaw drop. His vision was a little blinded by the stage lights, but he was pretty sure she was a nice, bright shade of red.It only goaded him on further. 

“See? She’s right over here, the cute one in the cat t-shirt by the bagel painting, see?” She covered her face, trying to hide from the leering gaze of the crowd. Somebody whistled. 

“Anyway, this is a song about how she was and still is too good for me. And she definitely agrees right now, and she probably hates me, right, sweetie?” Kuroo didn’t wait for an answer, although he was pretty sure he heard her groan from the crowd. 

He counted everyone in, not missing Yaku’s mumbled “thank god” as the music started. 

Yamamoto started with a drum fill before tapping out a backbeat on the cymbals. Yaku plucked a simple melody as Kai held down the bassline. After a few measures Kuroo started singing. 

The way she talk/ she got a lot/ of ways to keep me closer

I can feel her warmth/ on my skin/ like the window’s open

And I told her this

The rest of the band joined in the background vocals, chanting “hey’s” on the off beat.

Someone Like You… Someone Like You… Someone Like You 

Makes me go wild… 

The song continued, and Kuroo never looked away from the girl sitting next to the bagel painting. And as the song went on she slowly lowered her hands from her face, still embarrassed, but too happy to keep her smile hidden from her doting boyfriend. 

Despite the sappy introduction, the song was bouncy and catchy, and the crowd loved it. Most importantly to Kuroo, though, was that his girlfriend sang along with the chorus by the end.

The song ended with a drawn out ‘wild,’ and the crowd cheered. Yamamoto nearly jumped over the venue drum kit in excitement and Kai and Yaku fist bumped before jumping into an all-out bro hug over the success of their first gig. Kuroo briefly celebrated with his bandmates, but wasn’t able to fully pull his attention away from his girlfriend’s overly enthusiastic cheers. 

The band packed up to move back stage, making room for the next performers, but Kuroo waved them on ahead. 

“Bro, you’re not gonna make us load the van alone, are you?” Yaku and Yamamoto surprisingly whined in unison. 

“No, I’ll be back soon, I just have to see how ______ liked the set.”

Yaku rolled his eyes and muttered to Kai about planning on loading the van themselves anyway, but Kuroo couldn’t be bothered by that. 

He leapt off the stage and bounded into his girlfriend, meeting her in a bone-crushing hug as she stood to greet him. 

“Kuroo!” she choked out “You’re killing me!”

“No I’m not,” Kuroo chuckled into her hair, taking a second to appreciate the softness of it before pulling back. “How did you like it?”

She hit his shoulder. “How dare you embarrass me like that! The whole room was staring at me!”

Kuroo feigned injury, grabbing at his ‘wounded’ shoulder, and she only hit him again. “I’m sorry, babe, but I didn’t think you would be here and I got excited! Were these the plans you had with your friends?”

She blushed, casting her eyes away. “I knew we were going to an open mic night, but I didn’t know you guys would be playing.” Suddenly, her words turned to accusations. “How come you didn’t ask me to come, huh? Did you not want me to see your first show?”

“Of course I wanted you here!” Kuroo squeezed his grip around her waist. “I didn’t want you to cancel your plans with your friends for me.”

“Oh, you’re so sure I would’ve canceled on them for you?”

“Rudeness aside,” Kuroo paused to sneak in a kiss on her forehead before looking away, “I was a little nervous about asking you, it’s kind of embarrassing, you know?”

“You had no problem embarrassing me tonight!”

“But you’re so cute when you’re flustered, I couldn’t resist!” She rolled her eyes, but the blush was starting to creep in across her cheeks, and Kuroo kissed both of them with quick pecks. 

“Tetsu, stop it!”

Kuroo ignored her pleas. “But did you like the show? You never answered me.”

She sighed, looking up at her ridiculously tall boyfriend. “Of course I liked it. It’s actually a really catchy song.”

“It’s about you, you know.”


“Kuroo!” Yaku yelled from behind the curtains, delaying the next band’s entrance. “If you don’t help us load this van we’re kicking you out of the band!”

“’Kay, I’ll be right there,” Kuroo yelled over his shoulder. He turned to his girlfriend and sighed. “Duty calls.”

“What a shame.”

“You know you’ll miss me,” and before she could answer Kuroo planted a gentle kiss to her lips, stroking her hair behind her hair. He was gone in an instant, ducking behind the curtain with ease, leaving his girlfriend a flustered mess yet again. She stood there smiling and shook her head, wondering why she was, in fact, dating this big dork. 

La Vie En Rose

Genre: Fluff to the max

Member: Mark Ft. GOT7

Summary: You and Mark are in Paris with friends who didn’t know you too were dating. 

Mark was always great at hiding his emotions from everybody, and that including his feelings for you. You two are a part of a foreign exchange student program at your college with other friends, and you all were placed under student housing. The housing was actually underneath a restaurant near the busiest part of Paris. You all would frequently buy food from the restaurant and eat upstairs leaving the window open to listen to the jazz music playing. It was like a scene straight from a movie as you and your friends sat around the table, laughing, enjoying food, and listening to music.

Everybody in the group had their different reasons to go to France. Most reasons were known and it was how all of you were able to connect with each other, “Cheers to our first week in France. All the torturous car washes, bake sales, and part time jobs finally paid off so now all of you can be sitting with each other and hear JB say, “To us!” Everybody laughed raising their glasses of wine. You looked at Mark smiling at him and he sent a wink back at you.

“Shouldn’t Y/N, the president who wiped our butt when we got side track, make a speech?” said your friend Soo Jin as she bumped shoulders with BamBam and Yugyeom the freshman to back her up. “Speech! Speech! Speech!” they start chanting as everybody at the table followed except for Mark who was just starring at you in awe. “Okay! Okay!” you shouted standing up trying to get everybody to calm down.

“I just wanted to say that when we first met I had no faith in you guys, and then suddenly you guys voted me as the president and I thought my head was going to explode. I’ve never was a president for anything, but you guys weren’t too bad to boss around,” Everybody laughed as you said this and you went on, “Well as we spent some time with each other we became friends, friends that I’m getting to spend a whole summer with making memories. Cheers to my friends!” you raised your class and everybody cheered with you.

You then sat back down taking a sip of your wine. As everybody chatted with each other your friend Jasmin turned to you, “So Y/N do you think you are going to find love in France?” she slurs a bit tipsy, and loud catching everybody’s attention. The question caught you by surprise because she already knew the answer. Although you knew Jasmine didn’t mean to and that it was the wine talking you didn’t get angry, and instead smiled and turned your eyes to Mark, “I already did.” Then everybody at the table went silent. “With…?” Junior asks as everybody else questioned as well.

For as long as they known you they never seen you talk to a guy so much besides the vice-president Mark. You and Mark were just friends though who’ve had known each other since childhood. Sometimes you couldn’t help but question how you both were friends in the first place. “Mark.” You answered calmly as you took a sip of your wine, and everybody around the table eyes grew wide with shock looking at Mark. Mark just sat there looking quite satisfied with your answer knowing he is your boyfriend, and proceeds to gesture a peace sign to everyone smiling.

Everybody then looks back at you and started asking a million questions, “One at a time. One at time,” You said trying to calm them down.  No-one could believe that you, the busy body who was everybody’s friend, who be with Mark. Mark, or affectionately nicknamed Mark the Mute, the man of few words are together in a relationship… but as the saying goes it’s always the quite ones. “Way to go Mark!” Jackson says patting Mark in the back. Then everybody started to make sense of it, because Jackson and Mark were also best friends and were also polar opposites.

Once everybody stopped talking at once BamBam raised his hand as if he was in class. “Yes.” You said acknowledging him. “So when did you guys starting dating?” he asked as everybody was sitting at their edge of your seats. “A few days after we all met each other.” You answered as you bit into a piece of bread. Then everybody turns to each other asking if they notice anything between you guys.  

“But we have never seen you guys kiss, go on dates, or even hold hands.” BamBam says confused and you and Mark couldn’t help but laugh. It’s true you and Mark had never given any real signs that you were both a couple, but that was because you both were never the type to show affection in front of people that you knew. “I mean everybody could tell you liked him, but Mark. Not Mark. He just doesn’t seem the type to show he loved somebody.” Soo Jin says as everybody nodded in agreement. “Look I’ll let you guys think whatever you want to think, but Mark and I are dating so enough about our relationship okay?” You said taking Jasmin wine away to go give her a glass of water, so later when you scold her she would at least remember it.

You weren’t mad that the relationship was found out, because it wasn’t like you were trying to hide it as a secret, it was just the way everyone reacted towards Mark. Once you were able to cool down you went back to the table handing Jasmin the water. You then give a concerned look to Mark as he sat across the table from you, and without missing a beat he gives you a reassuring smile and resumes his conversation with Junior.

Later that night when everybody went to bed you get a knock on your door and was pleasantly surprised to see it was Mark. “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes okay.” He whispers giving a peck on the forehead, and you couldn’t help but laugh as he ran off quickly and you close your door.

This was the Mark you knew, the Mark that people didn’t get to see. Luckily you hadn’t changed out of your summer dress, so you just had to freshen up. When you headed out your room you tried being as quite as possible going up the stairs that let out to the balcony. You open the door calling out Marks name and then you saw it.

The roof’s floor was fully lit with fairy lights from all sides, flower petals scattered, and a cute little table with chairs sitting across from each other. On one of the chairs sat Mark, and when he saw you he got up from the chair to turn on the soft music, “Hello, my Princess.” He says coming up to you to take your hand. “Hello my Prince.” You said placing your hand on his. Mark then raised your hand to his lips to kiss it, and as his lips were on your hand he looks up to wink at you and you laugh knowing what he is doing “Care to dance?” he asked gesturing the middle of the balcony. “I would love to you answer, and he led you to the dance floor.

The song “La Vie En Rose” started to play and Mark twirled you, and then pulled you into his arms. Suddenly Mark started singing along in French,

Eyes that gaze into mine,

A smile that is lost on his lips—

That is the unretouched portrait

Of the man to whom I belong.

As he sang you nuzzled yourself into his chest taking up everything that is going on right now. Mark knew that this was one of your favorite songs, and one of your many reasons for going to Paris. You first the sing heard in a French restaurant with your parents when you were ten. You remembered seeing a little stage in the back with a beautiful woman serenading the crowd. You of course didn’t know the lyrics but you knew it was beautiful song just by the melody. You had your parents take you to the woman so that you could ask her the meaning of the song and she did with pleasure.

From that day on you fell in love with France, and would repeatedly express to Mark how much you wanted to go. Mark of course agreed you should go but also be prepared since France was not just a fantasy country, but a country with its own culture and language. You then started learning French and it’s rich culture, and that included the particular song of “La Vie En Rose”, and Mark helped you throughout that time and that is what made you fall in love with Mark even more.

Once the song ended you looked up at him with so much love and gratitude in your eyes that you couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore. You got up on tippy toes and put your arms around his neck to reach Mark’s smiling lips as he loved it when you took the lead.

“Thank you Mark, for everything.” You said smiling but then what just transpired hours ago crept into your mind. Seeing your face falter Mark grew concerned, “What’s wrong?” he asked searching in your eyes to see if he was the problem. “It’s just that earlier today I should have stood up for you. I should have told them that you are not some cold punk but actually one of the most caring people I have ever met, but I didn’t.” you said starting to feel the guilt eat up at you.

“Ow Princess it’s okay, I know I can seem a bit distant to some people but the truth is that I don’t care what they think. It’s only you that I care about and it’s always been. You know me inside out, and you also know that I don’t need to say I love you for you to know it.” Mark says tilting your chin up so that he could kiss you on the forehead as a sign that everything was fine.

“I love you too.” You said going back to dancing. It’s true you’ve known Mark for so long that you didn’t need to hear the words I love you. People don’t get to see the wonderful things that Mark does for you, such as when he brings you your favorite coffee every morning, always cheers you on when you are about to give up on a project, or sends you flowers at random times. Just earlier in the week when you were both on the plane you were nervous, so Mark stayed awake the whole time to comfort you until you guys got to Paris. During the week mark would then help you sneak out the house that you both could explore the nightlife of Paris.

Even though you two don’t show affection in public, you both would but on your own terms. You remembered spending most of the first week in Paris with Mark taking pictures, holding hands, randomly kissing, and saying I love you at every corner. It was all fun for a day, but it also made you realize how much your treasure keeping the relationship between each other.

After a few songs Mark let go of you to hold you by the hand, “Come on I got a surprise… actually two” he says taking you to the chairs to sit you down. Then as look closer you saw a squared looking box with the words pizza on it. “Ow my god Mark where did you find a place?!” This whole trip you had been craving pizza, but when you went around the neighborhood you couldn’t find one place that sold it. “I have connections.” Mark joked laughing on his own while you have him an un-amused look, but just shook your head and smiled in appreciation.

When you had open the box a ring sat inside it and you sat in shock, “Mark?” you asked and he laugh knowing what you’re thinking. “No it’s not a proposal, but a promise for one once we graduate.” He says picking it up and you took out your hand so he could put it on. “It’s beautiful.” You said getting up from your chair to kiss him. “You are my Prince you know that?” You said after the sweet kiss. “And you my Princess.” He says giving you a kiss back.

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the GazettE Vancouver live report

This is very. very. very. long. I’m sorry. I just wanted to express every single detail I could remember about this live.

So on Thursday May 5th of 2016, I went to my first GazettE concert ever. They played at the Vogue theatre in Vancouver and I flew over from Edmonton with my VIP ticket. 

We arrived at Vogue at about 9:30am and there were already 16 people in front of us. Most of the fans in front of us had flew in from Japan to see the GazettE. Some had been there since 6am. Their dedication was insane. I’ve been with the GazettE since Guren’s release in 2008, but it has been 8 long years of waiting until I was able to finally see them.

Eventually there was I think maybe 2 or 3 Canadian flags being passed around. I wrote on one of the small ones and then drew their looks from Undying on the bottom of a bigger flag.

Starting from maybe 2pm, I could start to hear the band doing sound checks inside the theatre. I pressed my ears onto the door and the two clear, distinguishable songs that I heard was Uruha’s guitar part for Ominous, right before the ‘True dread’ part, and the whole band rehearsing a part of Undying. Strangely enough, through that door was the first time I have heard Ruki’s voice in real life. 

During the about 45 mintues before doors opened for VIPs at 6, manager-san+others came out with the VIP tour shirts and checked everyone’s names off of their list and handed them out. They also handed out wristbands to those who are Heresy afterwards.
When the door opened my heart skipped a beat. I went to buy merch while my friend saved us a spot in the front row. Heres a picture of my merch.

I proceeded to run onto the floor. I was directly in front of Uruha a little more centered at the front row, but since the stage was small, I could see Ruki and Kai both easily. I had to turn to look at Aoi but I had a very clear view. The only regret was that Ruki blocked my view of Reita almost entirely. But I was in the front row! I was in front of my day 1 bias Uruha!
The concert was to start at 8. It was a long, long, excruciating 2 hour wait. I had checked out the barricade, and thought about how I’m going to hold onto that railing and headband until I die. In the end a staff picked up the mic and told us to not take pictures/videos and to enjoy the show. Everyone had been screaming at this point and all of a sudden, the yellowish light that had been pointed towards the audience shuts off and everything is pitch black. Then a bright blue light lit up the stage and NIHIL started playing I immediately felt tears wet my face.

Kai was the first to come out on the stage. He came onto the stage smiling like the sun I always thought he would have. I felt like his smile was radiating light.
I don’t remember the order of members coming out to the stage. The moment I saw Uruha I had been captivated. Shocked. It was a one of those moments that a person would remember for the rest of their lives. He was absolutely stunning. The venue was quite small and I was so close to the stage. I could see his every feature clearly. He had a masculine face with beautiful, sharp cheekbones and jawline. His contacts were light grey with a dark ring. He had a fan near his pedal and his hair was moving in the wind. It looked so soft, a dark honey brown color. It was a moment of absolute sublime. I literally do not how to put this into words.
Ruki had an air of sophistication around him. He was charged, excited, made faces at the crowd and had a very stoic, dark yet arrogant feeling. His neck strips looked really good, and he had a huge, huge hat. He was so tiny. His heels were taller than my wedges. I laughed.
Aoi was also stunning, he smiled and bowed at the audience, and his hairstyle!!! It was sleek and complimented his features very well. He received his guitar and his hand was on his hips. He had the sassy, superstar vibe that we all know and love about him.  
Lastly, Reita. Something I had never realized about him was that his Dogma mask only has one eyehole!!??! Damn that poor, poor guy. I think he couldn’t smile that naturally because his mask was really tight on his face and pulling his lips. But he smiled so much regardless.

Dogma started before I was mentally prepared for literally anything. I screamed so loud that my throat felt like it was ripping, but it was a fleeing pain only to be taken over by the pure ecstasy I felt while watching these 5 guys perform.
So just about the setlist. I cant believe they played both Deux and Ominous!!!!!!!!! They’re my favorite songs from Dogma! I really didn’t think they would play both. When staff brought out their acoustic guitars I knew Ominious was part of the setlist, but holy shit Deux. The part where Ruki sang “kimi to boku wa” I literally (figuratively) melted into a puddle of tears and my soul went to heaven and back.
They also played their TOXIC/DIVISION staples like Fadeless, Suicide Circus, Derangement, etc. The crowd was super hyped for all of these songs since we all knew them, and we headbanged along with the members and stopped to appreciate the softer parts. Ruki gave his mic to the crowd many times during these familiar songs to sing.
One song that really surprised me was actually Bizarre. I really did not enjoy that song in Dogma. But holy sweet mother of god is that song the best live. The recording can’t even be compared to the shocking, heavy, thick, atmospheric, unity, screams of that song live. Everyone was headbanging and I felt such a sense of unity to both the band and the crowd. The two songs I felt that the strongest were Bizarre and Ugly. Maybe Rage too. Really DOGMA was an album made to perform live and they killed it.
Another song that stood out to me was Undying. I fucking. Love. That song. It was so. So fucking amazing. Before the song started, Ruki said “This song is called Undying” like we didn’t already know that hahaha. The part where the song goes “Life don’t change my fate. God entomb MY HATE” I just lost all of my shit. I couldn’t physically move. I just stopped and stood in stillness and silence for a while just absolutely in shock of the beauty that just grazed my life by these 5 men. At the beginning, Ruki grabbed the mic and said “Thank you Vancouver” and the audience went crazy. It definitely sounded more like “Thank you Vankuba.” Ruki’s English is so cute.
Immediately after Undying was Filth in the Beauty. The second Aoi’s guitar started, the crowd lost their shit and the band knew it. Everyone was doing their circle head bangs in unison and it was fucking great.  He would give the mic to the audience. I remember very distinctly once he allowed the audience to sing “sexual disagrace” and did his devilish cute half smirk when we did it well. This was the last song of the main set. It went by so fast.

I’m gonna talk about the members in the main set. I’ll save the encore entirely LOL. I was shocked at how well Uruha handles spotlight. His stage presence is unreal. He perfectly execution of all of his many guitar solos. He was super excited and extra flirty with the crowd. He was really really feeling himself, doing many spins, hair flicks, pointing at the audience and making faces, hyping everyone up. He would head bang crazily and was extremely omnipresent and charismatic. He looked like he was really really enjoying himself. At a lot of times, he would go past all of his pedals and boxes and stuff in front of him right to the edge of the stage, and we would all reach out our hands towards him. And he had been smiling. Smiling. Smiling the whole time. During the slower songs like Deux and Ominious, he would get serious and his eyes would become piercing and cold. He would look very graceful and had an air of sophistication and elegance. I just think he had a blast at this live and made the best out of himself and his guitars and it translated to the crowd extremely well. He would absolutely light up and enjoy the attention he received from the crowd. One personal moment I had with Uruha was during UGLY, he was played his solo and I think he screwed up for a tiny moment. He shook his head at himself and I saw that and laughed. Then he looked up at me and saw me laugh and laughed back at me in slight embarrassment. It was an intense moment of euphoria and when we made eye contact I felt a chill go down my spine. Anyways I talk too much about Uruha moving on.
Ruki was absolutely fucking amazing holy. He literally sounded exactly the same as the recordings if not better. His singing voice is so magnetic and and smooth, but his screams are so thick and raspy. It resounds through the entire concert hall and was near perfection. His stage presence was huge. His dances are literally so hilarious. I forgot which song specifically but he would throw one leg and the opposite arm up and switch. He was really feeling himself during the live. I mean like. Literally feeling himself. He did the thing where he would roll his hips while massaging his crotch during Bizarre and like damn. Just. During I think Ominious I think, he held out his hand perpendicular to the ground and waved only his middle finger and his hips to the music very sensually and sing deep into the mic. Then he turned his hand up and signaled “come on” to the audience with his middle finger. Before the start of Suicide circus, he held the mic in one hand held the cord with his mouth and other hand and spanned his arms out. He was backlit with blue and at that moment it was truly beautiful. At the start of Ominous he got one of those lantern things from the Dogma PV and it had a flame in it. He would pause his singing to lick the lantern from the bottom up the side seductively. Once the song got heavier, he threw the lamp dramatically onto the ground. He also came towards the edge of the stage a lot and engaged heavily with the audience. At one point during the main set he leaned over the edge of the stage and reached out his hand. Because the stage is really close to the audience, and because I’m tall and have long arms, I was able to touch his hand briefly. I’m sure I had a look of utter disbelief on my face because he smirked slightly at my reaction. During the short MCs we had he screamed “I LOVE VANKUBA!!” And “ARE YOU READY VANKUBA” etc. He was very mysterious and seductive and energetic the whole show and it was so fucking great.
Aoi wasn’t feeling it this live. I assumed it was some sort of equipment problem since he went to his guitar tech guy very often. Turns out one of his pedals was broken (since he tweeted about it after) and he was kindda chapped the whole live. He wasn’t smiling all that much and wasn’t too flirty with the crowd. He wasn’t like the SUPERSTAR AOI KONEKO CHAN I was expecting. He stayed mostly on his side of the stage and didn’t do his sexy backward bending body roll thing either. Still, don’t get me wrong, he was stunning and absolutely charismatic. It just seemed like he didn’t enjoy himself as much as he should have. This changed completely during the encore in which his equipment got fixed. I’ll talk about that later.
I watched Kai smile and laugh at the back and I wanted to take him into my arms and never let go. Drummers usually have a small stage presence because they literally can’t move. But Kai was just beaming. Radiating with light and his smile. He would bounce up and down in his seat and headbang with the rest of the band. and watching him I just feel so warm because how wonderful it is to look so happy doing something you love that much. I’ve always loved it when I see him hit the cymbal really hard and then reach to grab it immediately to silence it, and now I’ve seen it in real life and I’m so happy. During Ominous at the quiet parts with no drums, Kai would keep the beat with his body silently so he could come in and keep the tempo correctly and at those moments he would be serious and focused. He was really everything I had imaged him being and did not stop being sunshine for even a moment.
Reita, seriously unfortunately, I was not able to see a large majority of the time. He came up to the front a couple times and got low and did his swaying back and forth thing he does all the time. He did the thing where he would stick his tongue out to the crowd a couple times. During Filth in the Beauty, he pointed to the crowd then his head, and did a swirl with his finger to tell the crowd to do the circle headbang and it was super cute. From what I saw he was really enjoying himself and had paid concern towards Aoi a couple of times. His hair was super cool. It did not bounce or anything when he head banged leading me to imagine how much gel is on his head. LOOOOL.

So the main set list ended and all the members left the stage after bowing and thanking the crowd. The audience immediately started shouting “encore” for quite a while I think, maybe 15 minutes? During this time a bunch of people went to Aoi’s side and fixed up his equipment I think. When Kai came out everyone screamed and screamed. He had changed from his stage clothes to the Malum shirt. He didn’t go right to the drum set, but instead stood around and said thank you to the staff and the audience. Reita came out after and walked around the stage as well, still wearing his stage clothes. Aoi came out and talked mainly with the staff, presumably about his equipment and had also changed into a tour shirt (the one with the circle print). Uruha came out with the Malum shirt but cut into kind of a sleeveless muscle tee with big armholes on the side so you can see some of his torso from the side. His choker was visible and very. Very. Very attractive. He smiled his famous duck smile when he was all set and looking at the fans. It was a genuinely happy smile I think. The type that he couldn’t hold back. I was awestruck that moment looking at him. Ruki came out last with a plain Canadian flag draped around his body. He walked around a bit with the flag on him and took it off and waved it around. He proceeded to thank Vancouver (Vankuba LOL) many many times and said “I love Vancouver” which was met with screams and laughter. He then put the flag down on the box thing in front of him, and started Hyena.
Hyena has always just been a really hype song. Aoi seemed to have fixed his problem with his equipment and was back to 100%. He was flicking his hair, running around the stage, headbanging with Reita and smiling and engaging with the crowd. Kai looked extra happy tbh, he would focus and look at the other members and look at the crowd a lot more than he did during the main set. Probably because he knows the song so well he doesn’t need to concentrate on actually playing it. A smile never left his face. During the famous Uruki fanservice in Hyena it was so funny. They had both gone in the middle and Uruha was leaning down so Ruki could reach high enough to put his arms around Uruha’s shoulders. They stood like that and played for a while before Uruha leaned down for the much anticipated kiss. But it was so funny because the brim of Ruki’s huge hat was getting in the way and stabbing Uruha in the face and Uruha got really close, they laughed with each other, and the kiss never happened. I loved it, it was so so cute and the crowd laughed and screamed.
Cockroach was the next song! Man Aoi was just really into it during this song.   He came over to Uruha’s side of the stage and Uruha went to his. On our side he traced his hand up his body while doing a slow sexy body roll and then ended with a hair flip and wink. He also put his fingers out and signaled “come on” to the audience super seductively. Everyone kind of ran around the stage and exchanged spots with each other. Reita rocked out with Kai a little bit at the back as well. Ruki was doing his little wiggly dance a little bit and again coming up to the edge of the stage to hype up the fans. I remember every time a member would come close to the stage, the people behind me would pile and squish me tightly into the metal bar and I swear my ribs are bruised from that. Its all worth though.
And lastly it was Tomorrow Never Dies. I knew this was going to be the last song because they have been doing it at all the tours. I started crying almost immediately and it was just tears and tears and tears. Uruha went up to the main stage with Ruki again!! And Ruki again put his arms around Uruha’s shoulders. They rocked back and forth a bit and Uruha scrunched up his nose and made faces at the crowd while in Ruki’s arms. During the part near the end of the song where its softer and theres only guitar, Ruki held out the mic for the audience to sing “don’t kill yourself”. He usually did his half sexy smirk when the audience sang but this time it was more of a big, bright smile and it melted my heart. And so the song was over. And It was over. Over.
They song ended but they all walked around and lingered the sound of their instruments. Ruki began to speak to the audience. He thanked Vancouver over and over and told us we were crazy and we were great. Then they joint hands. The audience did too. I held the hands of the people next to me and we bowed to each other. After this, the members began throwing things to the crowd. I CAUGHT ONE OF URUHA’S PICKS. THE BLACK ONE.

 He then stood up on the box thing and pointed to specific people and made faces at them in the audience before throwing the pick in their general direction. I held on to his pick tightly with my hand as I cried out of disbelief and joy and I watched him enjoy himself and smile at the audience. Aoi; however, left the stage quite early without throwing many of his picks at all. Uruha went over to Aoi’s side and took the picks off of the mic stand and started throwing them to that side of the stage with an kind of apologetic smile. He threw maybe 5 or 6 of Aoi’s picks before coming back to his side. I guess it was because Aoi was kind of upset this live that he wanted to get off the stage quicker, but I’m sure his fans understood and supported him in their disappointment. Uruha also spit his water up into the air and it landed on the audience slightly in mist form and I was content with life at that moment. Ruki didn’t actually spit water but rather sprayed the audience with the bottles itself before throwing them into the crowd. And so they exited the stage. And the lights turned on. And it was over.
The crowd began to chant for an encore again, but was quickly told by the GazettE staff and the security that they will no longer be coming out. Staff started coming out of the side and dismantling the mics and guitars and tape. Staff also grabbed whatever guitar picks were left and threw them into the crowd. One guy tossed a handful of Uruha’s pick kind of near me and there was a scramble for them and someone elbowed me in the ribs LOL. Then people started to leave the venue and I gathered up my merch and put my shoes on and began to leave as well.

I was lead up the stairs and let in by the staff member and Aoi was first, followed by Reita, Ruki, Kai then lastly Uruha. I sort of knew this was going to happen but the moment I saw them my mind went blank and I grabbed Aoi’s hands. His hands were so. Soft. I was surprised by how soft and gentle his grip was and I looked at him as we thanked each other. I then told him “you’re a super star” which is far from what I wanted to say but he looked at me, chuckled, and thanked me again. I was kind of expecting him to have the attitude of “ayyyy hell yea I am” but I suppose he probably wasn’t in the mood to be like that. I wanted to say “Muscle milk” to Reita but I honestly just could not. I held his hands and we thanked each other. I was prompted to move on to Ruki. realized that I was looking slightly down at him since I’m quite tall (5’7” + 2 inch wedges) and I laughed quietly to myself. Ruki’s eyes felt like they were bottomless. The depth and stoicism and elegance behind his look was unreal. I thanked him for coming to Canada and he thanked me back. I got to Kai and he smiled super big and bright at me. I said thank you and my voice wavered because I was holding back tears. He proceeded to laugh and reach over the table and pat me on the back. I felt tears come out my eyes as I laughed and thanked him again. He kept smiling and nodded at me as encouragement. So then I moved on to Uruha. I had wanted to say a couple sentences to him, translating to “You’ve always been the most precious person to me. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and your music. I love you.” Pretty simple but I thought it conveyed enough. But seeing him I couldn’t open my mouth. He grabbed my hands and bowed, and said thank you. I didn’t even move my body and just stared at his face. The only thing I was able to say was “Utsukushi..” (stunning/beautiful) which was genuinely what I felt at that exact moment. He smiled and thanked me again and I kind of awkwardly held his hands for a couple seconds longer than normal and I looked at him. He looked at me back and we kind of just looked into each other’s eyes for a couple seconds. I felt like he saw right through me. Everything I had wanted to convey with words, I felt like I have conveyed it at those moment with our eyes. Then, I let go of his hands, thanked him for the first and last time and he smiled at me as I turned around and walked off. He smelled really good. I don’t really know how to describe the smell of his cologne but it was kind of like cleanliness and ashes from a flame. It was a very elegant smell. It wasn’t musky or sweet or over the top. Just really. Really clean. I have to conclude that Aoi had the softest hands and Kai had the roughest.
Afterwards I left the venue my neck and back started being stiff and hurting . I don’t know how the GazettE do this on a regular basis live after live with like one or two days in between. I just really hope theyre taking good care of their body.
The next morning I woke up and checked my twitter for GazettE updates and I had seen all members have acknowledged the Vancouver live the night before in a positive light. Then. Uruha happened. Uruha posted a selfie (on the GazettE staff twitter LIKE WHY. IF YOU WANTED TO TWEET SOMETHING. JUST MAKE A TWITTER. THAT’S WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO). And it was absolutely fucking gorgeous. I felt extremely emotionally attached to that picture because he looked exactly how I remember him looking when I shook his hands literally an hour before that picture was taken. He was beautiful and it was enchanting and I was unable to grasp the concept that I had met that man just the night before.
I had also thought that seeing the GazettE would be a thing crossed off my bucket list. That I would be happy and content with being able to meet the 5 idols that touched my life. However. It definitely had the opposite effect. I have never yearned to see their live again more in my life. I feel more than alive and that everyday I live is another day closer to the next time I am able to see them again. This was an absolutely sublime experience and I am grateful for the joy they bring me and for their existence.

A selfie from before the live for goodluck. I’m on the right.



First off I just have to say that I cannot believe I’m actually typing the story of MEETING TAYLOR. I have read so many of these over the years honestly I have always  been addicted to living vicariously through people’s stories so I can’t believe I now have my own. Everything about this is crazy. So basically we made a huge clean sign for the Edmonton show and we held it all throughout Vance’s set and then when Taylor came on we started singing and dancing like crazy. During IKYWT this woman came up (idk who she was, I really  wish I’d gotten her name) and she said “Are you having a good time at the show?” I said “YEAH” and then she said “how many people are in your group?” I said “3” and I held up three fingers. She said “have you guys ever met Taylor?” I said no, and started bawling and shaking then she pulled out the orange wristbands and said “okay you guys are going to loft 89 after the show to meet Taylor” we all started bawling and we were lying on the ground screaming and hugging. Everyone in all the sections around us were staring. By this point Taylor was done IKYWT and was on to the introduction to IWYW. We just tried to enjoy the rest of the show after that point but we were in such shock. Then during Clean we held our signs super high and then when she finished our sign was shown on the huge screen behind her that her face had been on. We kept screaming and we just couldn’t believe it. As soon as Shake It Off ended we ran out of our seats and sprinted around the arena. We got to the section and we were the first ones there. We sat in the seats and waited. After going over all the rules, they took us to loft. We were at the front of the line so we went to the room first. It was really small but soooo cool and beautiful. There was pizza water diet coke and cookies. We took a bunch of pictures and there was music playing and Taylor music videos playing the TV. We waited for like 20 minutes and then the girl told us to put our phones away and then like 8 minutes later Taylor came in. She talked to 4 groups before us. Then she came over to us and hugged us all. She touched the silver ribbon on our shirts and said, “This is so intense! Did you guys have like parties to make these?“ And I said "yeah we had multiple parties. We watched FRIENDS and made them.” Then Kelsey asked “Do you want to hear what happened last night?” and Taylor said “Yes!” Kelsey and I told her that the night before we had been working on our outfits when Kelsey’s cat got out and her neighbors came into the yard and told us that there was a bear coming into the yard so we should be careful. Taylor said, “A bear??!?” and then for some reason I responded with the incredibly stupid answer, “Yeah a real bear!!” oops. Then Taylor started talking about that’s her nightmare and she’s worried whenever she has the cats in LA because of the coyotes. She said something along the lines of, “Meredith I’m not as worried about but Olivia would just be like "hey guys what’s up!!” (In Dibbles voice) We told her we went inside and watched FRIENDS to calm down and she said “Yeah that’s my go to stress reliever.” She pulled out the sharpie and held it upright in her hand in this really adorable way and kind of waved it around and asked, “Soooo what can I do with this??” When she asked my name I said, “Hayley like Hayley Williams so H A Y L E Y” and she said, “Oh so like phonetically!” We asked her if she had seen our sign and she said that she can see everything that lights up and that’s why she wanted to have the LED bracelets. Kelsey showed her that the bracelet she had from the Vancouver show still worked and Taylor said “I love that they still do that after the concert. That’s so fun.” And she started tapping our bracelets like kind of drumming/pawing at them. “I’m so glad to know they still work like a week after the show’!” Then she asked what we wanted for the picture and we said, “Well we were trying to figure out how to take a three person picture so that one person is not on the end.“ and she suggested we have one person stand in the front.I wrapped my arm around her and gripped her arm real tight (looking at the picture you can see that I have this friendly death grip on her which I feel bad about but I just couldn’t believe I was touching her.)  Then I realized I hadn’t given her the gift yet so I said "I have this for you. On each piece of paper I wrote something I love about you.” Then she leaned in so close and looked right in my eyes and said “for my bad self esteem days!!!! Thank you so much. I need this.” And I lost my mind!!!!! I couldn’t believe I actually got to give them to her and that she knew what they were for without me even saying anything. And then we all gave her our letters. She said, “This is so thoughtful. Thank you guys.” Then Sandra started crying and thanked her for playing Fifteen. She hugged Sandra and said, “I’m so happy I chose the right one! I only picked it like three songs before, so I’m glad I picked the right one.” Then Kelsey said she needed another hug and Taylor said “group hug!!!” We all went in for the hug and she wrapped her arms around us and said “my children!!!” in the cutest voice possible. ASDSFJHKH;SLK. Then as she was starting to leave we said, “we’ll be here tomorrow!” And she did a little dance while walking away and said “see you tomorrow!!!” I have never been happier in my entire life then I was in that moment, and I genuinely cannot believe it actually happened. It’s everything I have ever wished for. I’m sorry this is so long I just didn’t want to forget anything!! Taylor, thank you a million times for that night, and every night. I love you sooooooooo much. 

Wild Heart || JB

A/N: One of those scenarios I just sort of wrote in the moment, and this one is specifically because I loovveee the song it’s based off of, anndd it’s not read over so excuse any mistakes. Hope you like it. 

Tonight, we’ll dance

I’ll be yours, and you’ll be mine x

        It was crazy.

           It was crazy, insane, ridiculous, senseless, absurd, wild, but that didn’t slow down JB’s pace as his feet carried him to her house, even when the night only got darker and his head only got cloudier.

           From the moment she stepped into his class and introduced herself, JB was just completely taken in by her presence, and captured by her smile. He remembered her waving at him once, maybe even twice when she occupied the desk beside him, and he remembered muttering something really stupid in response and slapping himself in the face numerous times afterwards.

           He remembered asking her if she wanted to sit at his table at lunch, and the way she made his heart take a giant leap when she said yes.

           He remembered the sparkles he saw in her eyes every time she talked about something she loved talking about, like her old town, or her hobbies, or her dreams, or her favorite music.

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