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KURO WEEK - DAY 5: Nightmares

Eeeh… so this is kinda long. But I loved writing it. Also: it’s from Shiro’s POV. So… have this:

Monsters don’t have nightmares…

It took everything in him not to scream. He wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Wouldn’t let them know how afraid he really was.


He had survived this once… He would do it again. Because now he knew how the cruel machinery of the arena worked, relentless and precise like clockwork. He knew what the Druids would do to him. He knew the rules.

Stick to the rules and survive.

And rule number one was to never show your fear.

Shiro could do this, he would survive and find his way back home. Home… wherever that was. A small, fragile smile crept onto his face. Of course he knew where home was. It was somewhere among the stars… Sitting in a giant robot lion and hunting every single Galra cruiser down in order to find him. He would survive this… for now there was Keith, burning with the force of a thousand suns, fiery red and blazing with anger. He had seen glimpses of what the Red Paladin was capable of… This man would tear the universe apart and burn the whole Empire to ashes, if that’s what it took to get Shiro back.

For now he would stick to the rules and buy his friends as much time as possible to come and find him. Him and-

Movement from the shadows caught his attention, followed by a soft sob. If it hadn’t been so eerily quiet in their cell, he might’ve missed it. Shiro froze at the sound, eyes trained on the the figure that laid curled up on one of the cots.

The first time he’d seen him, Shiro had actually lost it. He still had no idea where he came from – it didn’t really matter anyway. Because he was there nonetheless. He existed. He breathed. There was a soul in his yellow eyes, when he gave Shiro that look. That look of utter betrayal, like he’d hoped for something more, something that was definitely not a beaten and bruised Shiro.

He couldn’t really remember when or how the guards had maneuvered him into the same cell he occupied. At some point he’d simply checked out, mind going blank and numb, because it was all too much.

The Druids had taken his arm, stripped him off any right he thought he had, put him through fights against aliens twice his size… but THIS. This had been the last straw.

It was the day he met his clone, that Shiro actually cried for the first time in ages. He cried for himself. It was the same day he realized, that this would never end. They’d always find a way to break him, to bend and twist him, until his mind turned into something ugly. The evidence, the actual personification of their madness driven efforts, sat right in front of him and stared at him with piercing yellow eyes.

He had no idea how long they’d stayed like this. Huddled against opposite walls of the same cell and staring off into nothingness, until one of them had started talking. It had been awkward, looking at his own face and listening to his own voice, somewhat sounding off. More guttural. Some words even sounded a little…purred? It was almost off-putting to see his own face staring back at him and moving with expressions that weren’t his. It felt like watching yourself in a mirror, but your reflection suddenly stops moving along with you. Familiar features turned into something otherworldly, because someone else controlled them and poured their very soul into every twitch and pull of muscle.

They’d created a whole new being. The clone might’ve looked like Shiro, but under their shared features, there was a different person. Individual. Original. And so, so human. He even had a name.


How fitting, Shiro had thought at first. But he’d come to realize quite fast, that Kuro wasn’t the dark, evil minded counterpart he’d expected to hide behind that name.

In fact, the more they talked, the more Shiro got the impression, that their Galra-hybrid was more human than most people Shiro had met back on earth.

He had suffered. He had seen horrible things, survived even worse. He’d been ripped open and put back together, just to be torn apart again. Some days he would find the strengh to laugh at all of this… And some days he would break under the pressure and fear. Like any human being would do.

Days had passed. It was easy - too easy - to believe that Kuro was anything but a monster. Especially so, after he’d been carried back into their cell, right after one particular hard fight. Kuro had won, of course… But was the damage his body and mind had taken really worth it?

Seeing him like this morphed repulsion and mistrust first into pity, then into something else. Something Shiro didn’t really want to think about. It felt way too close to compassion.

He couldn’t let that happen.

Stick to the rules and survive.

And sticking to the rules meant no sympathy for Galra-clones.

In the end the universe wouldn’t have any of it.

Another sob brought him back to reality. It tore through the silence that hung between them. As far as he could tell, Kuro was still asleep on his small cot, but he thrashed wildly against invisible enemies and restraints. Maybe he relived his latest fight? His latest torture? Tears glistened in the dim purple lights.

In this moment he looked almost completely human… Vulnerable and scared and just so much younger.

Shiros throat went dry. Kuro wasn’t a monster… never had been… And that tore at his heart.

Despite what the Druids wanted him to be, Kuro was anything but a monster.

Without thinking, Shiro stood up from where he sat, back against the wall, and silently made his way towards the clone. Said clone was a mess; twitching and and clawing at the nightmares that plagued him.

Another whimper. Small and heartbreaking. He couldn’t take it.

Shiro couldn’t stop himself from reaching out, trying to soothe Kuro with a warm hand on his shoulder. But it wasn’t enough to make the nightmares stop…

Fuck the rules.

Soon he found himself huddled up on the small cot next to the other man, arms wrapped around shaking shoulders and metal fingers stroking carefully over a tense back. There were scars on his back. So. So many… Shiro didn’t even want to know what had caused these scars. Or the nightmares.

This man was definitely no monster.

Because monsters

didn’t have nightmares…


I know I promised there will be a happy ending to my Kuro week… But for now… suffer with me? @kuroweek


((Ahhhh this took longer than I intended to finish but here we go! Seriously, it always surprises me that people like what I do here like whyyy. Thank you all so so so much from the bottom of my heart for all the support, the follows, the likes, the reblogs, the comments and messages, everything. It all means so much to me. We’ve come a long way, through ups and downs, and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you once again and look forward to more updates to come soon! ^^))

Begin Again

First of all: Sorry. I can’t believe this took so long. I mean… it’s 3 pages long now, sooooo… am I forgiven? Also, this one isn’t as Mashima-ish as I liked it to be… it’s hard trying to keep up his style and I slipped on this one here and there. Please forgive me.

With that said, once again, I allowed myself to tag you lovelies unasked. Now please, (thanks again to @proudtobeaginger for the inspiration) enjoy some more alternate FT538. 

(The setting? After rewriting the book, halfway on the guild, assuming Natsu hasn’t joined yet.) 

Let’s begin again… together.

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Okay so I used to watch Merlin and the reason I lasted as long as I did was because of how hot Morgana was and then I watched Jurassic Park and totally thirsted for that assistant lady and then I was thirsting for Lena Luther even though I don't watch the show because of you and I didn't realize for quite a while that they were all the same person and once I did I was floored because Katie McGrath got me to fall in love with her on three separate occasions that's how hot she is

OK ME THO!! my friend in high school stanned tf outta merlin and i would just see gifsets of the hot mean lady and lowkey love her and then the same with jurassic park and then AGAIN with supergirl and i never connected the dots aslkfajskdf

do you also remember the ice bucket challenge natalie dormer did with a hot lady and everyone liked it cause it was lowkey gay? it was katie

Dean saw Cas’ wings when it was whole, years later he saw it on the ground, burnt, broken, almost featherless. And a thought came to his mind:

“I did it all for you.”

“Don’t lose it over one human.”

More than anything, he’s the one who broke Cas, cause all of this to happen. He led an angel to fall from grace, and never did once tell said angel how really grateful he is. He never really told him what he feel.

“I love you.”

He looks up to the sky as he remembers this, he slowly realize that his feelings for the angel are more than what he thought they are.

And now he prays to Chuck, mind spinning countless words and not stringing them into coherent sentences.

He just wants Cas back.

But heaven is silent, and he sees the broken wings once again. He traces the lines on the ground, it occurred to him that he never once asked Cas about his wings, of what would it be like to touch them. 

He’d lost the chance to annoy Cas about this, it would have been funny to run around the bunker following Cas and grabbing the back of that stupid coat, stubbornly telling the angel he wants to see the wings.

He’d lost the chance to tell Cas that he loves those wings even at their current state. He loves them as much as he loves Cas.

He’d lost the chance to return that “I love you” in words.

He looks at the burnt wings because he can’t look at Cas. He looks at the charred remains of Cas’ wings as a reminder of how broken he is right now.

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I still remember the day we met, and maybe you don’t but that’s okay. There wasn’t much that was special about you, not much that’d have stood out to me, because the shards of glass in my eyes kept me from seeing you. I thought that in the times when I needed a shoulder, it wouldn’t be yours, and smiles from you only ever earned blank stares from me. But now? Now in every gaze of yours I see myself reflected. Your laughs echo around my head in the same way that mine have begun to once again, once again since you. And I love you more than I thought I could.
—  For whoever you are, My Anonymous Love ❤️
Plane Fear


TITLE: Plane Fear.

PAIRING: Jensen x Reader (ish)


CHARACTERS: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Misha (mentioned), (Sam and Dean are mentioned like once), Eric Kripke (mentioned).

WARNINGS: None? Unless a little fluff should be warned.

A/N: Once again I really hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading it. Feedback is welcome as always.

You’d been for a while acting on Supernatural as Sam’s old friend from Stanford who turned out to be a hunter and now one of Dean’s love interest too. Your relationship with the cast and crew of the show was more than good, you had no problems with any of them and you always tried to talk to every person who you crossed paths with at set. But your best friend was, with no doubt, Jensen, and after him, Jared. You three have been inseparable since your first day on set and time made nothing but to grow you even closer, if that was possible.

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Drabble on young hanzo s/o finding out that Hanzo is part dragon. Like at the age of 18 or 19 dragon like features start appearing like scales or horns and he starts being distant And it worries his s/o.

Damn anon I love this! It’s a bit longer than most my stuff but still not enough words to do this justice.

“Hanzo? I’m here!” you announced, sliding the door shut. Once again you were met with silence. You reminisced over the times Hanzo would greet you at the door, pulling you into a hug and giving you a welcoming kiss. Now you barely saw him. Every time you visited he would refuse to see you. When you repeatedly rang him, demanding an answer, he brushed you off saying that he was simply ill and didn’t want to infect you. You knew him well enough to know this was bullshit.

If you did something wrong you wanted to at least know what it was. But what if he really was sick? He did sound exhausted on the phone… You didn’t know which was worse; hatred or sickness. You’d deal with whatever the problem was. You just needed an answer first. That’s what brought you racing to his room. And nearly tearing down the door.

“Hanzo let me in this second,” you demanded.

“Go away, (Y/N),” he signed from the other side.

“I am coming in whether you like it or not. It’s really just a question of if you’ll be needing a new door or not after. So stand back,” you warned.

Taking a few steps back you prepared to attack the door. You were just about to launch when there was some shuffling and it cracked open. You immediately slipped inside before he could change his mind.

“Good choice. Now can you please tell me what’s wrong? If I’ve done something I’m sor- Oh!”

You stopped talking, stop breathing, when you finally turned during your rant to look at him. His skin was taking on a blue hue and shimmering scales ran up his neck. His pupils were now in thin slits and two small horns began to poke through his thick black hair. Noting your shock, he slunk back and cast his eyes to the floor, ashamed by his appearance.

“Oh, I though you had a cold. This is different. This is very different. Are you okay?” you asked, reaching out to him. He flinched back, putting as much distance between the two of you before his back hit the wall.

“I am…turning. Into this hideous beast. Into a damned dragon.” He spit the word as if it were poison in his mouth. A tense silence hung in the air before you finally spoke.

“Does it hurt?” you enquired. You reached out once more. Now that he had quite literally backed himself into a corner, he had nowhere to run. He caught your wrist and tried pushing you away, It only took one look from you for him to release his grip with in exasperated sigh. No matter how much of a fight he put up you were far too stubborn. You brushed his cheek and he found himself leaning into your touch.

“Yes. And exhausting,” he confessed.

“Well good thing I’m going to be with you every step of the way.”

“What?!” he snapped, finally looking at you.

“I’m not letting you go through this alone. I love you too much for that.”

“You would really love a monster?”

You scoffed at that. “I love you, Hanzo. Having horns or being blue isn’t going to change that.”

He grabbed you and pulled you into a tight hug, almost crushing you under his hold.

“I love you,” he whispered, “I love you so much. Thank you.”

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my crush is the most beautiful, amazing girl. she listens to me and she cares so much. she's ridiculously smart and so gay ?? good job babe. i tell her every day how much i love her and she tells me every day what a goon i am and she roasts me 24/7. she runs this sick ass blog called felicitatem, you've probably never heard of her... 😘

I already started typing up a response based off of the first few sentences of how I relate on a personal level because my gf is like that too. 

and once again you 1up me. 



fucc im fallen

I haven’t written anything in this blog in a while but the time has come when my thoughts are suffocating me once again and once again i feel that the people around me have too much else in their mind to spend time listening to me. Like it if you read it (or at least if you read it up to some point), it would make me feel somewhat better.

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Rules: Choose three fandoms (in random order) then tag a friend


1. Happy Tree Friends

2. Camp Camp

3. Archer

First character that you love:

1. Definitely Flippy. I used to be a sucker for fan favorites lol

2. I can’t remember if it was David or Max. I guess both probably

3. Maybe Archer?? The first season was mainly focused on him so…..

The character you never expected to love:

1. Probably Lumpy bc I remember hating him the first time I watched HTF

2. Nikki. I have no idea why

3. Malory but that was before all the salt

The character you’d slap: 

1. Lumpy XD he’s too dumb for his own good

2. Ugh Nurf (although I love him)

3. Once again, I love him, but Cyril. He can be a wet blanket at times

3 favorite characters: 

1. Splendont, Lammy, Splendid

2. Hnngh Daniel, David, Max

3. Carol, Barry, Krieger

Character that you liked at first but not so much anymore: 

1. I would say Flippy but he’s still one of my favorites so I’m going to have to go with Flaky

2. No one I guess? My opinion of the characters haven’t changed

3. Probably Archer. I just love other characters more now :P

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Hello! I’ve recently came back to tumblr since I’ve once again started watching anime and remembered I have this blog! But I’ve noticed how lately my dash has been pretty dead, and I had to unfollow TONS of inactive blogs and now I’m searching. Like/Reblog if you post anime (and manga) in general!


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@Sera: You seem like quite the nice and sweet thing, very proper if I must say. Where did you learn your mannerisms and is there any certain reason you seem to use the word 'dear' so often, when referring to others?

Sera turned to the source of the voice, delighted to see that it belonged to that fascinating Absol-sphinx she had met a while ago. Her ears perked at the femme’s question, a subdued smile forming on her face when the dark-type complimented her politeness and mannerisms. The rabbit tilted her head, however, when the topic of her speech habit came to light. She wasn’t expecting that specific query, though she was secretly glad someone had actually paid enough attention to notice it.

“Ah, well… Neema, wasn’t it, dear? I seem to remember you mentioning that name briefly once before, at least.” She put her left hand to her chin in thought. “Ah well. It’s lovely to see you again, either way. You’re so polite yourself, dear! You must have been taught very well by your elders. Anyway…” She bunny-hopped over to Neema’s side, then sat down on her lower stomach. “I don’t have a problem explaining my pattern of speech, dear, as long as you’re willing to listen.”

“I guess you could say that I say the word ‘dear’ all the time out of habit, Neema, dear. You see, in my contest days, when I was younger and still learning to speak human language fluently, my memory with names was a bit spotty. I was juggling human words and names and things would get lost in my brain as I tried to remember them! It was rather awkward when I would forget a fan’s name, as you can imagine, dear.”

“I began trying different terms of endearment when I forgot a name, like ‘sweetie’ and 'honey’ and such. But none of them really felt natural to say. I kept trying to think of something with one syllable, something that I could use for both male and female fans.”

“My former trainer, Logan, eventually suggested the word 'dear.’ I tried it a few times, and was shocked how smooth it sounded. He then explained that he brought up the idea because it was a greeting humans often wrote in letters to one another. It could be used for friends, family, acquaintances, often even strangers! It was perfect. I got into the habit of saying it, and I would even find myself using the word 'dear’ just in daily speech. To my surprise, most of my fans and friends found it cute, so I didn’t end up feeling self-conscious when it slipped up in random conversation.”

Sera nodded at the end of that brief spiel, offering Neema a warm smile. “There you have it, dear. My memory with names is much better now, but the habit born from that beginning struggle is one I carry to this day. I suppose it also helps me keep my memory of Logan alive, now that he’s gone, since he’s the one who helped me figure out the word I needed.”

( @askalbinosphinx )

With cheeks glowing a bright blue, Night held Day’s hand tighter and said yes.

Day continued sending Night roses, and Night kept on returning them to Day every morning. but what’s different this time is Yuuri knowing full well what Viktor’s intentions are.

The End

continuation under the cut

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Miss you
saying this makes me miss you more
i miss you even though im looking at your photo
time is so cruel, i hate us
seeing each other for once is so hard between us

it’s all winter here even in August
my heart is running on the time alone on the snowpiercer
i wanna get to the other side of the earth holding your hand 
wanna put an end to this winter
how much longing should we see snowing down to have the days of spring, friend

like the tiny dust like tiny dust floating in the air
will i get to you a little faster if i was the snow in the air 

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring 
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer

is it you who changed or is it me?
i hate this moment that this time flows
we are changing you know, just like everyone you know 
yes i hate you, you left me 
but i never stopped thinking about you, not even a day
honestly i miss you but ill erase you
cuz it hurts less than to blame you

i try to exhale you in pain like smoke, like white smoke
i say that ill erase you but i cant really let you go yet

snowflakes fall and get away little by little
i miss you i miss you
how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you to meet you

you know it all, youre ma best friend
the morning will come again 
no darkness, no season can last forever

maybe its cherry blossoms and this winter will be over 
i miss you i miss you 
wait a little bit, just a few more nights
ill be there to see you, ill come for you 

passing by the edge of the cold winter
until the days of the spring
until the flowers blossom
please stay, please stay there a little longer


so @staff have once again shown themselves to be disgusting homophobes– and once again, lesbophobes in particular. 

every single one of you is perfect, and i will personally fight anyone who says otherwise. wlw are my lgbt siblings and i love you so fucking much.