and once again i love you


it’s commission time again!

hi friends, it’s your girl Ceri here, unemployed once more! I’m opening up my private commissions (which I don’t do often), now with a nifty little page on my nifty (and incredibly under-construction) website. 

You can find all the info you might need by clicking right here! And if there’s anything you don’t see/want more clarification on, absolutely don’t hesitate to send me an email at

love you ♥

Rockman 29th Anniversary gallery Open Call

Hi guys! This is the artist formerly known as Soul Rokkuman. As you know, whenever I have the chance to prepare something nice for a Rockman Anniversary, I love the opportunity to work alongside fellow fans. This time, I’m making an open call for people to participate in a new project from The Hyacintho Team.

What is this about? As I mentioned in some earlier posts, I’m collaborating with Braulio Morales to bring you more fan music, covering some of the most beloved tunes that best represent Classic Megaman and Megaman X, merged in a beautiful music medley. With the date fast approaching, we would like to invite fans all around the world to, once again, show their love for the Blue Bomber on his Anniversary, through your fan art and fan love.

How to participate

Deviantart Users:  When your art is finished and ready for submission, submit your art to your, send me your link and name (or preferred online alias) to my current DeviantArt account MangoTeaCat (Please remember, I don’t use the account  “Soul Rokkuman” anymore on DA ^^ ;; ).

 Tumblr Users: Submit via email at with the subject “ Rockman 29th Anniversary gallery”.

Size specifications:  2150x3035 pixels, 300 dpi (horizontal or vertical).

 Even though the subject of this album will be focused on the Classic and X Series, you are welcome to draw art from any Megaman series you love. However, for this project, we will only be accepting artwork of the main Rockman characters/protagonists. For example, Rockman.EXE and Hikari Netto are OK, but Elpiso is not.

Please do not publicly post your art submission to any of your galleries or accounts until after the project is over and has been revealed. Thank you for understanding! 

The deadline is on Saturday, December 10th,  [23:59] (Chile Summer Time (CLST) -0300 UTC ). If you need more time, feel free to ask (´ω`).

We are eager to create this new gallery alongside all of you, the the fans. Personally, I would like to add fans from the other side of the world and would like to request art in other languages, besides Spanish and English. I would greatly appreciate your help with this! 人´∀`o) (o ´ ∀`人.

I hope for the best with this project. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to send me a message.

You can also visit us at the Hyacintho Team Facebook Page

Carpe Diem! (●´ω`●)


Hello everyone, I reached 2k followers (actually 2.007 but that’s bc i’m always late to the party™) yesterday and promised to make a follow forever, so there you go! Also for those that still didn’t know, I’m previously rashomons.

Thank you so much for following me and putting up with my nonsensical post and shitposting, I’m really glad I can know you guys! Once again, thank you so much! ♡

Bold: Lovely mutuals ♡
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✨ Modern Witches Artbook ✨

As they are all on their way to you or already with you, I wanted to share this so I can see all the pictures you’re posting! It makes me so happy to see the copies arrived and to know that you like them ❤ 

Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about the book! 

Try to make the most witchy pictures with it! It’s Halloween soon! Let’s do it in a very witchy way and be creative! I’ll also post some pictures of it until Halloween! 

Also, we should try not to spoil it for my dear customers from the other side of the world who don’t have it yet, so don’t show too much of the inside ;D 

A big thanks to everyone, once again, lots of love and good vibes and show me your best witchy pictures of the book ❤✨🌙🔮

If the afterlife is true
I will search for you
If recreation is real
I will grow again just to
fall in love with you once more
If heaven and hell exist
I hope we are in the same place
If we become spirits
Let us walk this earth hand by hand
And if we just become dust
Let our intertwined souls rest in peace
—  Elianett Gonzalez

concept: letting others enjoy a show for who, what, and whichever ship they choose without constantly invading their corner of the fandom to crap all over it and them. 


So,,,, One of my fave artists of all time started following me ??
*Cough cough* Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the follow and say how much I admired you !! You’ve always been on my top artist list for inspiration and more and your art is just,,, 👀👀👀👌👌👌👌👌👌👌✨✨🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏
Good shit™
So thank you once again !! This just made my day !
I hope you have a great day as well, and enjoy your stay on this silly blog ! ❤


After everything, I really feel like Ash was not 10, he just didnt seem so…?

Thank you Pokemon for giving the older gen a series to takes us through again and to kinda start making us believe in love once again.

To make us feel part of a universe that made us happy once upon a time..

Thank you for giving us innocence in such a corrupted time in everyone’s life

To make us actually thrilled to see two characters kiss instead of knowing it would happen. To give us a genuine surprise.

To make us happy about something during our day.

I think that was why it was such an impact.

anonymous asked:

Hey dude, will you ever stream again? I loved watching you draw on the one you had ages ago.

I’d like to! It was pretty interesting chatting with people on Picarto. But at the same time I like get a panic attack whenever anyone watches me draw– so maybe once I get more confident I’ll probably set up a stream. 

Makes sense! And I mean … okay, my memory is failing me again but didn’t Luke have a pretty normal childhood? Anakin, on the other hand, was given plenty of reasons to develop BPD. I’m not sure about Kylo. Like, he had awesome parents but I dimly recall having seen a post once about Snoke starting to influence him really early, I just have no idea if it was canon or speculation? (You know these things. Educate me, o wise one. :P)

I love them all. ;-;

Once again, pour into me, I want to feel your heat just one more time. Once again, forgive me, for all the things I’ve done from the days you used to be mine. I miss how close we used to be, like milk and coffee, a perfect combination is what we are. I miss your lips, how sweet they are once they landed mine, stay there a little longer. I miss the way used to sleep, naked, feeling each others warmth. You and I found home in each others arms, staying that way all through the night. Sorry for all of those were memories now for I have hurt you, forgive me my love. Please, let me love you once more. This time, I will make things right for the both of us. A love with no pain and just pure happiness. Once again, forgive me for all the things I’ve done. I miss the way you make my coffee in the morning, and now I woke up without you by my side, alone in the bed with a coffee and it tastes bitter since the day you started drinking tea.
—  Milk and Coffee

anonymous asked:

hello. um. i found finaglc two days ago and i have just gotta say... that was absolutely incredible. this is very easily the BEST fanfiction i've ever read (and i'm a sucker for great fanfictions lol) and i'm already reading it again. in your story, i frequently felt like screaming, crying, and puking all at once. but that's why i'm reading it again! it hit me right in the feels and i LOVED it. anyway, this is to say that despite the pain your story put me through, you are a gift to this fandom.

I’m coming to the point where I’ve started to feel embarrassed of my writing with that story, so thank you very much for the kind words! Writing it was an adventure (and a ton of work and frustration, lol), and I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

I got some questions like this from time to time: “But take care of sick Medivh is not only to feed him and read the letters. It is also clean his shit and change pissed  bedding. It’s awfully hard and unpleasant. Not romance and Khadgar have felt tired and disgusted. He would become disgusted with Medivh”

Well, I will answer. In fact, it’s normal to care about someone you love. Yes, clean the shit is not romantic. Life is not always romantic. But he know that he care about his beloved person. It’s caring. Caring is one of the manifestations of love. He wanted Medivh recovered faster. He wanted Medivh feel comfortable. 

I would have told once again why Khadgar would feel tired and disgusted, and I’ll talk about that later. And it’s not caring about someone.


Its been exactly a year today, a whole year of heart ache and what if’s. I need to move on, but its hard. I want advice but the only person who understood me was you. I want to text or call, but I cant do that to myself again. 

I miss you, i miss us, but i miss me. i miss how i use to be.

I love you, a piece of me sadly always will. 

i hope i cross your mind every once in a while. and i kinda hope you feel guilty for your actions.


side note; do you even remember the date of our break up?

anonymous asked:

Do you think Chloe from just how season two has gone will realize how deep her feelings are for Lucifer? I.e. She loves him cause it's obvious to me he loves her even if he can't say it or face it

Heh, well, it is obvious to LITERALLY EVERYONE at this point that Lucifer is madly in love with her. Uriel is, nearly in so many words, “send Mom back to hell or your cute little girlfriend who you love more than her bites it,” Lucifer kills him to save her, and also doesn’t deny it, because he can’t. Ella is like “oh my god get a room guys.” Amenadiel figured out in 2 seconds who meant enough to Lucifer to basically sign his life away to Dad again. So yeah. As far as that goes, it’s not a mystery.

I have mentioned before how Chloe has been lowkey jealous of every single woman Lucifer talks to this season, everyone pointed out how she could only talk about him once she got drunk, and so forth. She’s like Emma in that she can only admit her feelings in moments of real crisis (i.e. she downplayed Lucifer and Trixie’s concern for her post-car accident, insisted she was fine and it was no big deal, and then when she was talking down Kimo, revealed that she was in fact really scared and shaken by it and yet had to carry on). She keeps trying to get Lucifer to talk to her, she knows something is wrong, but next week she’s going to see that something is REALLY WRONG. I don’t expect her to be angry or snarky with him; she’s going to be upset and hurting and desperate to know what’s going on and why he’s gone off the cliff and how she can possibly help. And I think we’ll genuinely see how much she cares about him and how much his pain hurts her, since after all it’s gonna be such a trainwreck.

Also in episode 7 we have the whole story with her dad and her past and her backstory, which I can’t wait for, and that is obviously going to rattle her and likewise make her more likely to be truthful about her feelings. She and Lucifer have had some great conversations this year about some pretty deep things, and as he’s just coming out of his own tailspin, he has to be there for her, because if there’s one thing he knows about, it’s difficult relationships with your dad (or in Chloe’s case, a great relationship with her dad but dredging up all the painful memories of losing him). Lucifer will have to, for once, not project all his shit about his dad onto her and hers, and make up for whatever his worst self did in ep 6, and otherwise be there for her. There’s just also the fact of all the stuff Chloe has to find out is real (he’s the Devil, his deal with God, what he did to Uriel for her, Mom’s feelings on her once she finds out about Chloe’s effect on Lucifer, etc) and I don’t think that will come until later/at the climax of the season, and that will obviously be something she can’t downplay or ignore. So yes, it’s coming. Just slowly, because oh sweet slowburn mother of mercy.

Rhys - Tales from Borderlands, commission for @holliwashere

Thanks to holliwashere I recently played in this game first time and I fell in love! I really like to draw a character that I know, but when I love this character… then this is a great pleasure! I love Rhys so much <3 So thank you very much once again! ^^

If you are interested in:

anonymous asked:

I also rarely block people but goddamn the Davekat tag is swarmed with annoying shits right now. I dont even remember the last time I had to block or blacklist so many stuff at once. Now to have to deal with that shit all over again. Should just let us enjoy our cute & perfect Davekat in peace. On another note, thanks for all your posts, I'm glad that I can share the love for this ship with people like you.

yeah man do whatever you need to do to get rid content you dont wanna see, dont feel like you have to deal with shitty people who want to stir up shit on purpose and block them if you have to cause thats exactly what i did too. after all were mainly here to make friends and have fun

Update! (Requests)

Wow !~ So many requests for the zodiac ships!~

Wow I must say wow !~ You guys are fantastic!~

Don’t worry ! We are not going to close requests! I just wanted to give you guys a little notice that we will be working on the zodiac requests of course, but today we will be working on one shots & Reactions.

Just to get those done for the other lovely people on here!~

And another note * Admin Chi-Chan & Hanako are having a rough day today  from the previous night so I gave them today and tomorrow off so you will be stuck with me once again! (I hope you all don’t mind! *nervous*)

But come this weekend, the three of us will be hard at work on all your request!

Again if you sent something in a we havent replied to it, don’t worry, we usually don’t until we have your request done and ready for you.

If you do want to know if we have gotten your request or not, feel free to send in a message or anon message asking us so. Tumblr has been all out of whack but we are busy trying to resolve that for you guys! We are so tired of our inbox being eaten away at!~ /-:

But again, Thank you all for being so patient with us these past few days, well actually since we started haha, you guys are honestly beyond amazing!~

We love each and every one of you beauties!”:-)

- Your Blog Admins~