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ShukaBlog 2017.11.19: Gamsahamnida.

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I have safely returned to Japan.
I’m home~!

*(The title means “Thank you” in Korean. Shuka writes the words phonetically in katakana so that her Japanese readers can read it. I decided to do something similar and romanize it, rather than translate it.)

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 In Need of You

Warnings: Mild Angst, Implied Depression. 

“What do you want me to say to you, Dean?” you whispered, casting your eyes down to your feet. You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth to try and repress yourself from tearing. You were failing miserably. You didn’t want Dean to see how weak you were. You never wanted him see you cry. 

  “What I want you to say? Sweetheart, I want you tell me what’s going on in the pretty little head of yours. I want you to trust me when I say that I’m here for you, every second of everyday. I want you to say that you’re not okay and I want you to tell me what I can do to make you feel better,” he started. You noticed his voice was higher than his normal deep and gruff grumble that came out. You nodded your head, not daring to meet his eyes.

  “I’m not okay,” you breathed out. You swallowed hard, your eyes flicking up to meet his face. You were met with his breathtaking green orbs, your heart fluttering in your chest. You couldn’t ruin this. You couldn’t ruin his life. “I just got scared of losing you. Seeing you covered in blood; it scares me sometimes.”

  “’m not going anywhere. It takes a hell of a lot more than a douchebag to kill Dean Winchester,” he assured you, placing his hand on your arm. “You already know that and you’ve seen me in worse conditions than this. Wanna try again?”

  A single tear slipped down your cheek and you weren’t nearly quick enough to wipe it away before Dean saw it. His hand came up to you face, his thumb brushing over your cheek, wiping away the tear. “I’m scared of losing you,” you choked out. “I’m scared to get close to you, and tell you everything. I’m scared to let you in.”

  “Sweetheart,” he frowned. “C’mere.”

  He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in tightly to him, tucking you under his chin. God, it felt so good to be in his arms. Safe and warm; home. This is where you wanted to be. You wanted to be this close to him, to feel him beneath your fingertips. Nothing bad could happen to either of you if you held each other like this. 

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The ocean always reminds me of love. The vast body of majestic beauty. How it leaves me feeling at awe. How the shore kissing me with waves reminds me that there are deeper waters. One where your heart is afraid to fall in too deep. Yet it is still able to push itself up to the shore. Then once you’re in dry land,you’ll ask yourself “When will I ever love this way again?”.
—  The Heart Of The Sea // Conee Berdera

Apparently, there’s a belief going around that the Blake/Yang reunion will involve Yang hitting Blake…

Guys, no. Are we even watching the same series? When I say Yang Xiao Long, do you picture the correct character?

Yang would NEVER physically assault her friends or family. She has been shown time and time again to be someone who will protect those she loves at any cost and will pummel anything that even threatens to hurt them.

Will she be mad? Yeah. Will there be yelling? Definitely. But the only injury I see Blake receiving is a crushed spine due to Yang hugging her too tightly once she’s done with her whole “Don’t you DARE scare me like that again!” spiel.

Also, I’m kinda counting on my boy Sun to relieve the tension a bit. I have a feeling he’s gonna be looking out for Blake and will be quick to say “Hey, Yang. What’s up? Please go easy on Blake. She’s had a rough couple of months, okay?”

Most harry potter fans: I love draco malfoy. He deserved better.

Fanfic writers (bless u): draco is changed! He has a relationship with harry/hermione! He is friends with the trio! Epilogue What Epilogue!

Cursed child authors: let’s give draco a redemption arc everyone wants it

The flash writers: let’s make tom felton essentially play draco once again because fans love him

J k rowling: lol no. I’m not giving a proper redemption arc to malfoy. He is bad. Girls shouldn’t fall in love with him. He was bad to the trio when he was 12. He is racist. Forget about him!!!!!!

BTS REACTION - Touching Your Butt


You two were walking hand in hand though a park but that was until you saw a beautiful flower on the grass and without thinking it twice you let go of his hand to take the flower making him pout of the sudden lose of your warm . While you were kneeling down to take it he spanked your butt with one of his hands chuckling at your shocked reaction. 

“What was that for?” You asked him. “It was your punishment for ignoring me” He told you pouting. “But that flower was so pretty, prettier than you.” You teased him sticking your tongue at him. He gasp exaggeratedly putting one hand over his chest. “ How could you? I’m worldwide handsome.” He told you acting offended but at the end you both were chuckling at you childish argument. 

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He was in his studio once again leaving you alone and bored. Leaving a sigh out of your lips you went to his studio to help him or do something to distract yourself from this bored day. You went direct inside without knocking on the door, he was there sitting on his chair with his amazing blonde hair. You went to him and placed yourself on his lap with your arms around his neck like a little kid hugging his mum.

 “Baby what are you doing?” He say with a chuckle. “I’m bored and i don’t know what to do” Then a smirk would be placed on his small lips before squeezing your ass with both of his hands earning a gasp from your lips. “Why did you do that?” You asked with wide eyes to your boyfriend’s action. “I know how to entertain you.” a smirk was now on your face nodding your head to him as a signal that you want it. His breath was now on your right ear where he whispered to me three words that make me groan. “Go to sleep” seeing your reaction he just chuckle before sparking your ass again. 

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Rap Monster
 “Namjoon this is the fourth plate that you broke today” you yelled at your clumsy boyfriend. He just looked at you with an innocent smile on his face making a heart with his arms. “Don’t look at me like this.” you said to him before turning around so your back was now facing him and  your  arms crossed over your chest.

 “Love, you know that i’m a clumsy guy,  you should know it.” you sigh “I know .” you say with your arms now hanging on either side of your body. Before you could turn around to look at him you felt his hands graving your butt firmily. “What do you think you are doing pervert?” you told him holding your laugh. “You know…after all our arguments we do the make up thing…” He told me with a smirk on his face and a wink before graving your butt once again.  

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You two were playing Mario Bros , you were winning over him and he didn’t like it at all so while you were on your knees trying your best to won him he put one hand over your butt distracting you from the game this making him smirk and get ahead of you. “That was cheating.” You told him while trying to get ahead of him once again. “I didn’t cheat i only wanted to touch your pretty ass Jagy” 

A smirk was now on your face when your hand went to grab his butt and giving it a quick squeez making him froze, you toke this oportunity to get ahead on the game and finally it was the end of the race when you proclamer yourself the winner. “Yah that was cheat you touched my pretty flower ass” He say pouting. “I didn’t cheat i only wanted to touch your pretty ass.” you say the same words that he said to you teasing him with a wide smile on your face. 

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You just woke up in the arms of your amazing hardworking small boyfriend. Yesterday you saw a picture on instagram of Jimin’s ass, the jibooty, and you wanted to compared his with your own even if it sounds weird. 

You where now sitting on the bed while touching Jimin’s perfect ass with jelousy. “How can my boyfriend have better ass than me.” You asked yourself without realizing that he was now awake chuckling at you. “Babe you don’t have to worry your ass is perfect.” He told you before grabbing it making you come closer to him. “But it’s so small, it’s just like your hands, so small” You say with a soft small voice, he just looked at you chuckling at how childish you are. “So that’s why are we made for each other, my small hands for your small little ass.” he said grabbing your ass with his hands making you crash into his chest whispering with a smile on your face. “So cheesy…”

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He were waiting for you to go sit with him on the table to eat dinner the two of together. After you finished cooking you placed it on the table going around the table to sit on the chair next to him.

Before your butt could touch the chair Taehyung placed his big and soft hand there making you sit over it. A small gasp go out of your mouth made it for the squeeze of your boyfriend’s hand on your butt. You looked towards him with a glare. “Taehyung what is your hand doing under my butt?” You asked him receibing a box smile from him. “Sorry princess but you took the chair where my hand was siting.” You stood up taking his hand in yours intertwining your finguers together before locking your eyes with his. “Now your hand isn’t siting on my chair anymore.” You both just chuckled before starting eating.

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You were about to go to sleep but you were  thirsty so you went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water but when you went to take one glass you didn’t reach were the glasses were, you stretched your small arm all you can but before you reach it you felt a spark on your butt from behind. 

When you turned you saw an smirking Jeon Jungkook. “Are you having troubles to reach that glasses shortie?” He asked teasing your height. You just glared at him receibing a chuckle in return. He approached you and took one glass for you. “Did you put that there right?” You say talking about the glasses but he just smiled at you before sparking your but again. With a wink and a lip biting he just walked away before saying. “See you in bed sexy shortie.”   

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The House That Built Me

The Reader returns to her childhood home looking for more than memories. What she finds is more than she expected. 

Word Count:

Warnings: Mentions of parents dying, a little flangsty, a little fluff, Dean (always a warning)

A/N: I have been listening to this song by Miranda Lambert over and over for weeks. I finally sat down to write it and I am pretty proud of how it turned out. Thanks once again, always and forever, to @just-another-busy-fangirl, for being my beta, and really whatever I need her to be. And also to @iwantthedean, the world’s bestest cheerleader. I am only the Duchess of Fluff because I learned from the Queen. Love you Boo!

A/O/N: This was written for @wayward-oneshots, Brook’s First Times Challenge and I picked kissing. I am pretty proud of how this turned out. Feedback is appreciated. 

I brought the rental car to a stop on the side of the dirt road, my eyes wandering into the distance. It was just as I remembered it; storm gray with bright white trim. The house my mother always dreamed of still stands after so many years. The new owners have taken good care of her. I could tell by the classic car parked in it’s stone driveway that they cared deeply for things of beauty.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, trying to center myself and my thoughts. This is where I need to be, I thought and put the car in drive, taking the right turn and making my way slowly up the drive. I put the car in park and took one more look before I got out, grabbing my case and walked the path through the manicured lawn and well kept landscaping. Reaching the stairs, I crouched down, placing my hands over the small, weathered prints I placed there over twenty-five years ago. I grinned at the memory of a six-year old me allowed to get messy as my tiny hands pressed into the cold, slimy concrete. I stood and continued up the steps to the front door.

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Where’s the deactivate button when you need it?

Once again, I feel fucking llikr an outsider in this community …. what’s the point of even bothering with people if I get noses turned up at me or blatantly ignored? I’m starting to hate this community a little more each day to be honest. Everyone else gets appreciation and love and I don’t I get ignored or fucking hated on

Idk I’m just really upset about it … I don’t feel right. I’m leaving and NOT coming back.

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Korra

(I have a tradition of doing this every year so here’s the first of my yearly christmas parody songs)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Korra
Ev'rywhere you go;
Take a look in the five-and-ten, she is here once again
With Asami and all her friends in tow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Korra,
Love is in the air,
But the prettiest sight to see is the couple that will be
On a turtle duck date.

A pair of lovers in sight, stroll down in the night
Is the love of Korrasami;
First they will talk and will go for a walk
Is the hope of Tenzin and Kya;
And Tonraq and Senna can hardly wait for wedding plans to start.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Korra
Ev'rywhere you go;
They’re out at Kwong’s Cuisine, and in the park to show,
The sturdy love that holds on through and through.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Korra;
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring is the true love that is sung
Right within your heart.

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"I thought you didnt want me" usuk - arthur with insecurity issues

Send me a super sappy line.


Arthur had meant to keep the shock out of his tone. He was always very good at controlling his emotions, disguising them. His mother had just accused him of being too good at lying, but Arthur thought of it more like a defence mechanism. It was better if people didn’t know what he was thinking.

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Your body had grown faster than you had ever thought, leaving you with monstrous stretch marks. You had tried everything to fade them, but nothing worked, you were debating getting Seungwan to make something for you. 

“Baby?” your husband’s voice chimed through your home. You tried hiding yourself, but he was in the room in seconds. The smile on his face faded when he saw you infront of the mirror. “You better be stood there admiring yourself…” he muttered, eyes narrowing at you.

“I look awf-” his speed was used once more, this time to press his lips to yours, swallowing the negative words before you could even speak them.

“Do you have any idea how incredible you look?” he breathed against you while his hands came to pull up your shirt so he could rest against your skin. 


“Shhh,” he connected your lips again, this time, you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Let me love you?” he asked, pulling away to see if you had any objections. When he was sure you were okay, he took you to the bed, hands roaming over your body, slowly ridding you of all clothes. His lips took no time to press against your warm skin, over every area you detested, over the marks that your child created as they grew.

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I’m going to make a rare “out of character” post to say a couple of things.

First, I know it’s very corny but I want to thank all of you sooooo much for the lovely response you’ve given this blog. I’m so excited that thousands of people share my enthusiasm for weird Sims game mechanics! I’ve been having a hard time lately irl, and while I may not respond to all of your nice comments, I do read all of your asks and every comment on my posts, and I save all the good ones because they genuinely make me happy.

Also, thank you for all your questions and suggestions for future posts! I promise I’m not ignoring them, I will get to all of them and if it’s taking me a bit of time to respond it’s only because I’m trying my best to put together quality and factual posts.

Well, I guess that’s all I really wanted to say. Once again, thank you so much for all of your love for simsposting <3

So today I was talking with my boss about Star Wars. He’s not a fan, he says he always falls asleep in the theatre when he watches SW and he has seen TFA in 2015 and never again since then. He was talking about how he doesn’t know why SW makes him so sleepy, so I told him “I think you’ll like TLJ though. It’s different from the others.” Of course I meant many things, starting from the color palette Rian chose for this movie, to the atmosphere and so on, but he didn’t let me explain and immediately replied “Yeah sure, the love story between Rey and Kylo or whatevs”.

Like. This guy has seen this movie ONCE, TWO years ago. He slept for half of it. AND HE STILL UNDERSTOOD THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING GOING ON BETWEEN REY AND KYLO.

And in the year of the lord 2017 there’s people who live this freaking fandom every day, read every piece of news, and still can’t believe there might be a romantic storyline between these two or worse, they find it ABSURD when someone believes it.

Wake up and smell the romance bruh.

I’ve  Always Cared: Part 2

THIS IS FOR MY GIRL ANNA @queen-archeron whose birthday was yesterday!! She is is one of the best people I know and please check out her blog if you already haven’t cause she is amazing! I’M SO SORRY!!!! I know, I suck, this took me forever to write because I had to start over about 3 times. BUT I did find out how I want this entire fic to go and I think (or hope) you guys will like it ! This one is kinda short but only because I needed this to set some other stuff up. People you asked to be tagged @songbirdsbooks @aelin-firehearts-court @krm00623 @queen-archeron  

Her mouth dropped open. 

“What are you doing here?” Cassian and Nesta said simultaneously. She scowled at him and said before he could open his mouth again, “You know what? I don’t care, if you’re here the rest of your dog pack shouldn’t be far away. I’m leaving.”

She had to get away from him. Out of all the people Nesta could have seen tonight it had to be him. Well, she’d be damned if she let Cassian see her as a sad drunk. She didn’t need him to add more reasons to the list of why he doesn’t like her. Nesta moved to leave, but should have known he wouldn’t let her get away that easy though. 

Cassian grabbed her arm and brought her close to him, “I’m here looking for you.” he said with an almost panicked look in his eyes. 

“And why were you looking for me?” She said annoyed.

“I-We thought something happened to you! Nesta you haven’t been out of that house for more than a couple of minutes for the last four months, but you’ve been gone for hours today! You left no note, nothing to show us you were okay, you just …left.” Cassian said all in one breath. 

Nesta looked up at him wide eyed. “I-I didn’t realize anyone would have cared or noticed if I was gone, least of all you.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cassian said looking…hurt? Crap, she didn’t mean to admit that last part but still, why did care all of a sudden? 

Nesta laughed dryly, he didn’t care but that doesn’t mean he was willing to admit it. Too bad she already knew. “Cass, it’s no secret that you’ve been avoiding me. So excuse me for being a bit confused on why you are acting worried about my well being after months of me locking myself away. You didn’t care about me then, so why do you care now?” She said bitterly. She was being childish and unfair, but she didn’t care. She was hurt, and drunk, and couldn’t help but voicing her thoughts. 

Cassian had a pained expression on his face. He opened his mouth, probably to come up with some bullshit explanation when Nesta just could not take it anymore. She pushed him out of her way and left the bar. This time, Cassian didn’t stop her. 

By some miracle Nesta remembered her way to Feyre’s town house and knocked on the door. Elain opened it, her smile fading when she saw Nesta’s expression. 

“I don’t want to talk about it” She said while gently pushing past her little sister. Elain had been staying at the town house for a while now, and always let her know when it was empty so Nesta would feel comfortable staying over. That morning Elain had sent her a note that said she had the house to herself for a week, and Nesta had been planning on staying with her over anyways. 

“I, uh, have a surprise for you.” Elain said with a sheepish smile. Nesta couldn’t tell if Elain was nervous about whether she would approve of her present, or if she was even in the mood to get one. So Nesta forced a smile and asked “What for? Its not my birthday is it?”

Elain laughed and said “No, no, I was out and well, you’ll understand once you see it.” Elain grabbed Nesta’s hand and led her to the room she uses when she stays over. Elain stopped in front of the door and turned to her sister. “We’ve had a rough couple months, and I need you to know that you deserve to feel happy again. I hope this will get you there a bit faster.” She said, and opened the door.

Nesta didn’t know what to think other than her mind felt completely clear for once. She stood staring at a grand piano with unfilled sheet music and pencils upon it. It was the sheet music that made her understand.  Nesta realized that Elain knew she was broken “Elain I haven’t written since-” Nesta began but was cut off.

“Before we moved into that cabin? I know. You told me then it was because you couldn’t write about how you felt because you would only become angrier. Nes I think you are way more than angry now. You don’t have to, but i think you should write about why you feel so…guilty.” Elain said while avoiding looking her sister in the eye. 

Nesta whipped her head to look at her sister. She had always been bad at putting her feelings into words. When she was a girl, Nesta’s father realized how  much she adored music, and taught her how to write her own. Nesta soon learned that she was fabulous at it. Whenever her thoughts would overwhelm her she just turned them in a song to help her sort through them. It was her favorite coping mechanism, but when they moved to that cabin all she felt was that anger. She tried to write about it, but she always ended up feeling worse. After so long, Nesta never thought she could ever write a song again. 

But Elain, Elain who loved to here Nesta sing when they were little apparently never doubted her. Nesta sometimes forgot how well her little sister could read her. Elain knew Nesta was filled with guilt and possibly more feelings she didn’t know how to deal with anymore.

“Just try Nes, I know it’s been a while but this used to help you, maybe it still can.” Elain explained and left Nesta alone in the room.

Nesta decided to listen to someone’s advice for once, and sat in front of the piano.She began to think of who she wanted to apologize to first. 

One of the best things I love about teenage dadvid au is how warm and snug Max would be in his onesies that David gets him. He’d also just curl up into his blanket and David’s chest and-


(The au is once again by @directium. Sorry I keep tagging you. I just want to credit you bro)


🌈me: aggressively in love with bts 

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GHOST | Part 3


summary: Harrison sighed “I’m a ghost, Tom”
Tom opened his eyes wide “Dude, you can’t be a ghost, ghosts don’t exis-“ his words died in his throat when he saw Harrison crossing the wall.
“Where did he go now?” He whispered to himself.
“Buh” Harrison said from behind.
Tom sighed again “Can you stop it?”

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Part 3

I keep going to the river to pray
‘Cause I need something that can wash all the pain
And at most
I’m sleeping all these demons away
But your ghost, the ghost of you
It keeps me awake

Ghost - Ella Henderson 

The following day, Tom was at his locker to change his books when you got closer to him.
“Hi” you whispered.
Tom looked at you almost confused. Instead of wearing your usual black hoodie and skinny jeans, you had a beautiful flower dress and a pair of boots.
Your hair were still pink and you still had your nose pierced but make up and clothes were more natural, like the Y/N Harrison described him.
“Hi” Tom smiled at you “You look pretty today”.
You blushed a little and looked down at your feet “I just wanted to ask you if we could start again. The first day I told you I didn’t want to be your friend and now… well, I changed my mind” you extended your hand “Hi, I’m Y/N. Sometimes I am a bitch, but I can be a good friend.”
Tom chuckled and shook your hand “Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a weirdo but I’m a good guy”.
You followed his laugh and shook your head a little, your perfumed reached Tom’s nostrils.
“Listen, I was thinking… would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Something fast since tomorrow we have school”.
“I was thinking about going to the cinema with…” he stopped immediately. He could not say ‘you know, your boyfriend is a ghost now. He is the only friend I have here, and we wanted to see the new Thor movie’. Tom shook his head “Why don’t we go to the cinema after dining together?”
Your smiled grow bigger “I’d love to”.
“Ok, I pick you up at 7pm, all right?”
“Yeah, let me give you your number”.

Harrison was eating Oreos when Thomas told him what happened that morning.
“She asked you out?” Harrison asked, his mouth full of biscuits.
“Why do you keep eating. Like, what happens to all the food you gulp down?”
“Listen. I don’t think I’m heaven there are Oreos. Let me enjoy my last moments on heart” Harrison stated taking another fistful of biscuits.
Tom rolled his eyes “As you like. But yeah, she asked me out, more or less. And, I don’t know what to do. I have never been on a date before.”
“Y/N was my first date as well. I remember I spilled water on her dress because I was too nervous. She started laughing like crazy. She has the best laugh ever. I fell for her immediately.”
“Don’t you mind me going out with her, right?”
Harrison closed his eyes “Of course I mind you going out with her. But what can I do, Tom? I rather see her with you instead of someone like Niall. You are a great guy, even if you snore.”
“I don’t snore” Tom clarified, almost offended.
“Yes you do, like a pig I would say.”
Tom throw a pillow at him that pierced his body.
Harrison looked at him like to say ‘dude, are you serious?’ making Tom even angrier.
“I’ll take a shower. Make sure not to choke on Oreos, Casper.”

Surprisingly, Tom was less nervous than what he thought. He did as Nikki suggested him: he complimented when he saw you leaving your house with a nice blouse and a black skirt, he handled you a nice flower and helped you getting into the car. You two were dining at “Bella Italia”, the restaurant near the cinema.
For the first time, you talked about yourself, your future plans and hobbies. Thomas was amazed, now he understood while Harrison was so obsessed with you.
Harrison, he thought for a second. He didn’t want to come to the date. Tom could understand this, and he felt guilty for starting to like you.
“Sorry, I talked too much. Tell me about you. Where did you live before?” you asked him, wiping your mouth with the tissue.
“Oh, I kept moving. My… my mum is a famous artist and she travelled a lot. Now she decided to settle down and I’m very happy about it. I like the city even if I don’t know many people”.
“I forgot to ask you where do you live”.
Tom gasped “Ehm… not so far from school”.
You chuckled “Do you remember the address?”
“Adam and Eve Street” Tom murmured.
You froze. “There was just a house for sale in that street” you thought out loud. You closed your eyes to prevent the tears to escape “I’m… I’m sorry. But, it’s the house where my ex-boyfriend used to live. He… he had a terrible car crush and he died. I’m still trying to get over this but, it’s hard. I really miss him. Sometimes, it’s weird but I feel like he is with me. Like yesterday, when I was in your car I felt he was with us. Now you’ll think I’m crazy” you giggled sadly.
“Oh, no. Not at all. It’s Ehm… weird, yes but it’s romantic, I guess” he blurted out “I think we should get going, the movie will start in twenty minutes”.
During the showing of the movie, Tom looked at you from time to time. You were not tense anymore around him. This was a big step for him and Harrison. When they first met, the blonde boy told him that he had an unfinished business: saying that he was sorry and that he loved you. Tom has never asked further information, he thought it was something private but now he wanted to know more. You deserved to know the whole truth.
“Tom?” You called him “Are you ok?”
“Yes, sure” he said sketching a smile.
“The movie has just finished”
Tom looked at the screen and rubbed his eyes with his hand “Oh, Sorry. I was distracted. Let me take you home.”
On the way to your place, you two commented the movie, that you defined as “the best Thor movie ever”.
“Thank you for the lovely evening. I had a great time” you said, “I’ve never felt so alive”.
“I-I am happy I could help you”
“I’d like to kiss you, Tom.”
You didn’t even let him elaborate a thought that your lips met his. It was just a small peck. As you pushed away, Tom slipped his hand on your check to have you closer to him and deepened the kiss.

At home, Harrison was waiting for Tom looking outside the window.
“Hey buddy” Tom said taking off his jacket.
“How was your date?” he asked without looking at him.
“Oh, Good. Pretty good. The movie was funny”.
Finally, Harrison decided to turn around “Do you think I didn’t see you? Jesus, Tom. I’m not complaining because you like her but at least be honest when you talk to me!”
Tom looked down at his feet “You are right, I’m sorry”
Haz sighed “No, I’m the one to be sorry” he sat down on the chair “I would have lost Y/N anyway. When we first met, I told you I have an unfinished business: apologizing to Y/N. But I have never told you the whole story. The day before I die, I had a date with Y/N. But I didn’t go. In the last period I wasn’t feeling good, so I went to the hospital. I had a terminal cancer. Brain. When I found it out I was devastated. I did not want to see anyone. Then I decided to react, so I called her because I wanted to spend the last weeks with her. But… well, you know what happened next”.
Silence tears were running down Tom’s face. If Harrison could, he would have cried as well.
“Well, at least I didn’t suffer when I was hit by that car” he shrugged “Tom, I have one last promise to ask you. When I’ll be gone, take care of her. Ok?”

Tom entered the cemetery as a shiver run down his spine. He looked at Harrison.
“Are you coming with me?”
The blonde boy shook his head “I’ve never visited my tomb. I… I don’t wanna see it”.
“Ok, so…”
“So, it’s over, Tom. I’m ready to leave heart. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am grateful for everything” Harrison gave him a sad smile “You and Y/N are a wonderful couple. I wish you all the best. Make sure she doesn’t forget me”.
Tom nodded “I’d like to hug you, Haz”.
“I’d like to hug you as well. Maybe in another life we could be friends. Now go, and tell her everything”.
“Goodbye, Harrison”
Harrison looked at his friend going away “Goodbye, Thomas” he whispered.

Thomas found you almost immediately. You had a bouquet of red roses in your hand, a few tears running down your face.
“Hey, Y/N” Tom greeted you.
You wiped your tears with your hand “Tom… w-what are you doing here?”
“I didn’t see you at school, you weren’t at home so I thought you might be here” he lied, Harrison saw you at the cemetery “Listen, I… I have something for you”.
“F-for me?”
“Yesterday I… I was tidying up my room and I found a letter under the bed. Harrison wrote if for you. You see, the day he died he had two important things to tell you. The first thing, is that he loved you. He really did. The second is… wells Y/N, Harrison was ill”.
You turned pale “What?”
“I have the letter with me” he said, “Do you want to read it?”
You nodded, and Tom took the letter out of his pocket. The letter was Tom’s idea. Last night, they discussed a lot about the best way to tell you the truth. At the end, Tom wrote on the computer while Harrison dictated him.
Tom looked at her carefully, she was crying again but he decided not to do anything.
“I… I can’t believe this” you sobbed “come here”
Tom surrounded his arms around you as you cried on his shoulder “I loved him, Tom. I still love him like the first day”
A few tears escaped from his eyes. Even if he liked you, Tom knew he would have never loved you as much as Harrison did.
“Please, don’t let me go”
“I would never do that, Y/N. Never

Far on a hill, Harrison was looking at you.
“Harrison? Are you ready?”
Behind him, a beautiful black girl was waiting for him.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Zendaya. My job is bringing new souls to heaven. Your time on this planet is over. You are now ready to leave all your affections.” The girl said. She had handsome white wings behind her back and a halo above her head.
“Do you think she will forget me?” Harrison asked, looking at you and Tom together.
“It’s impossible, Harrison” she reassured him “Now take my head, I have someone waiting for you up there”.
He took her hand and disappeared, leaving you forever.

Ten years later…

Tom has been walking in the corridor for more than an hour now. He was sure he had left hints of his feet on the pavement.
He was feeling a mix of emotions that he could not even described. He was extremely nervous. Nikki kept sending him smiles as tears run down her cheeks.
“I’m not ready” he said, “what if I blew everything?”
“You are going to be fine, Tom” Nikki encouraged him.
Tom just nodded as someone behind him showed up.
“Is daddy ready to see his baby?” The obstetrician asked Tom who was about to faint.
Nikki squealed on her seat for excitement.
Tom looked at her mum one last time before entering the room. A group of nurses looked at him with a huge smile, also your parents were there. Tom was too nervous to assist at the labour.
You were laying in bed, holding a muddle of blankets. Tom took a few steps toward you, his legs have never been that light, it was like walking in the clouds. He looked at the small baby who was staring at you.
“It’s a boy” you whispered to him.
Tom was looking at the new born in awe. He could not believe you could have done something so precious.
“Do you want to hold him?” You asked, “I am a bit tired, I bet he wants to be hold by his daddy”.
Tom was a bit scared to drop the baby, you helped him holding him tight and enjoyed the view of your two men favourite men in your lives.
“Hey, buddy. It’s daddy here” Tom cooed. The baby looked at him with doe eyes, his mouth open agape.
“It’s just like you” he stated, “You are so lucky you get from mummy, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.”
The nurse who called him before reached you again “I’m sorry to interrupt you but we need a name”.
You two looked at each other and smiled.
Harrison. Harrison Holland”.


Also this fan fiction is over :( I just want to thank all teh lovely people who read/commented/liked/reblogged this story. You are my heaven, and I love you. Hope you are not crying as much as me right now.

thank you again!
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anonymous asked:

I'm so angry at my parents! They know I struggled with anorexia and bullimia for years yet they think it's okay to make jokes about "how much I'm eating" and "how fat I am" and?? I'VE TOLD THEM IT'S AWFUL AND HELLA TRIGGERING BUT THEY JUST MAKE FUN OF ME FOR IT


i’m sorry but there’s no such thing as joking about bulimia and anorexia.

My parents after i suffered from anorexia, never told me once that i gained too much weight or i’m fat, even if i’m pretty chubby (Still healthy, but definitely not in shape) because they’re worried it could happen again. Your parents should do that as well, they’re not being supportive!
Fuck them, you’re beautiful. As long as you are healthy and kicking, you’re beautiful, no matter what they think. Feel free to say “fuck you” when they do that, because it’s very childish and triggering. they should love and support you, and tell you things with the right approach and only if needed.

you don’t joke with a person who had issues about those issues, no matter what. Step up to them!! they have no rights to bully you.

Observant ~ Sirius Black

hello dolls! this was an anon request using prompts #38 and #60 from my prompt list! I hope you all enjoy! especially the lovely anon that requested it!

Request: Hiya! Can I request a Sirius imagine with #60 and #38 please? Also Damned Cliche was AMAZING! I LOVE YOUR WRITING

Prompts: “Why haven’t I noticed you before?” & “Your arse must be jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.”

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Y/N: Your Name

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Word Count: 1010

You quickly threw on your robes as you dashed out the door of your dormitory at the same time. Once again, you were going to be late to double potions because you had overslept. Your shoes made clicking sounds on the floors of Hogwarts as you rushed to the dungeons. When you walked in the door, everyone’s heads turned to see who had arrived late which made your face and neck turn a bright, crimson color.

“Ah, Miss Y/L/N, nice of you to finally join us. Mr. Potter is out sick today so please take the seat in the back next to Mr. Black.”

You knew you would be punished for arriving late, but you never thought you would have to endure double potions seated right next to the most horrid male specimen to ever grace the grounds of Hogwarts. As you took the seat next to him, his grey eyes were fixated on your still flushing face and they didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon.

“Stop staring at me!” You hissed as you grabbed the materials for class out of your bag.

Why haven’t I noticed you before?” Sirius mused as his eyes remained intensely focused on your face.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you only take notice of your friends or the girls who will drop their knickers for you immediately when you ask them to.”

Instead of getting angry, like you had hoped he would, Sirius chuckled.

“So, that’s what you think of me? That’s fair. Although, I’ll have you know, I’ve never asked a girl to drop her knickers for me; they do that on their own.”

“Right, you’ve never asked, and I’m the Bloody Baron. Now that we’ve established that, can you please shut up and pay attention?”

“Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Black, if I hear one more word out of either of you, you’ll both have detention for a week,” your professor shouted from the front of the class. “I graciously decided not to give you detention for being late, Y/N, so I would appreciate it if you would pay attention.”

You nodded your head and began to write down the ingredients for the potion you were making in today’s lesson. Right when you thought Sirius Black might actually be listening to his superiors, you heard his voice in your ear.

“So, your name is Y/N? Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

You know, your arse must be jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.

“What is that supposed to mean? You don’t think you’re beautiful?”

“I just don’t think I look like the type of girl you’re usually attracted to.”

“You’re absolutely right. You are so much prettier than any other girl I’ve been attracted to. You’re prettier than every other girl in this school, actually.”

A ferocious blush coated your cheeks and you tried to hide it with your hair, but of course he saw it and it made his ego even larger than it had been at the beginning of the lesson. There was silence between the two of you for the next hour; the only interaction being the occasional hand touch while you were adding ingredients to your cauldron. You thought you might actually make it through the end of the lesson without hearing his voice again, but of course, you were not that lucky.

“Would you like to go out with me sometime?” Sirius asked nonchalantly as he stirred the bubbling mixture you were observing.

“Wha….wha…I mean I don’t….why would you…Sirius Black you’re a menace!” you stuttered out as you furiously turned away from him.

“A menace? All I did was ask you out on a date, love, I didn’t ask you to hex someone or swim naked in the Black Lake.”

“As if you would actually want to go out with me, you didn’t even know who I was until we unfortunately got paired together to brew Draught of Living Death.”

“I might have lied about that,” Sirius said sheepishly as he rubbed a hand on the back of his neck.

“What do you mean you lied?”

“I did know who you were. I’ve also seen you before. You’re always in the library after transfiguration on Thursdays. I go there with Remus and ask him to help me with my homework but all I really do is stare at you the whole time.”

“You really do know how to make girls become putty in your hands, don’t you, Sirius? How many times did you practice that line in front of the mirror?”

“It’s true! You sit at the table right before the restricted section with your younger sister. She’s a 4th year Gryffindor and she’s trying out for the quidditch team this year, isn’t she? I’ve seen you reading books about quidditch but I know you don’t play and I’ve never seen you at a match, so I can only assume you’re learning about it for her. Sometimes you sneak snacks in, usually grapes or strawberries, and you do a bloody good job of hiding it from Madame Pince. I swear she has eyes everywhere.”

Your eyes widened as you realized he was telling the truth. He was quite observant; your sister was trying out for the quidditch team this year and she had asked you to help her train but you had to learn about the sport first. And you did sneak snacks in; you have a particularly close relationship with one of the house elves that works in the kitchens and she always gives you fruit.

“One date. That’s all I’m asking for. Well, that’s all I’m asking for right now. If I get one, I know I’ll want another one.” Sirius said as he grabbed your hand and assured you that you wouldn’t regret going out with him.

“Fine. You’ll get one date, Black. After that, I will decide if we go on another.”

“I’ll take what I can get,” he said before he swooped down and kissed your cheek; prompting another fierce blush to blossom on your face.