and once again her dreams come true and i cry

Guardian Angel

Post “Quiet Minds”. The birth of a baby brings a visitor to greet it. RumBelle, Swanfire/Thief. Another tribute to Baelfire/Neal Cassidy.

Guardian Angel

It’s late and the hospital corridors are quiet when he pays his visit. No one would know he was here anyway, but he likes that it’s quiet: it’s nice that he could come and say hello just now.

He doesn’t know this place that well, but he finds his way easily enough to where he needs to be. He’s drawn by the new connection he feels: a new life shares his blood and he has come to greet it.

He smiles as he sees them: mother and baby sleeping soundly. The mother is as beautiful as he remembers: chestnut curls spread across her pillow as she sleeps. There’s a smile on her face and he knows she’s happy: he smiles, glad.

The baby stirs in the hospital crib and he looks down at her: his little sister. They’re centuries apart, but he feels such a strong connection to her, a protectiveness that warms him even though he no longer has a body: she’s family.

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