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The neural network will name your next band

An important part of starting a new band is choosing an appropriate name. It is crucial that the name be unique, or you could risk at best confusion, and at worst an expensive lawsuit.

The neural network is here to help.

Prof. Mark Riedl of Georgia Tech, who recently provided the world a dataset of all the stories with plot summaries on Wikipedia, (enabling this post on neural net story names) now used his Wikipedia-extraction skills to produce a list of all the bands with listed discographies - about 84,000 in all.

I gave the list to the Char-rnn neural network framework, and it was soon producing unique band names for a variety of genres. Below are examples of its output at various temperature (i.e. creativity) settings.

Temperature 1.1

This is about as high as the creativity setting can go before most of the band names are unpronounceable jumbles. These are some fine band names, highly suitable for whatever the heck their genres are supposed to be.

Spice Green Robinson
Gloome Schronnana
The Freights
Nighty Daggers
The Loveburners of Internal Watch
Foxettes Ratimot Secret singer band
The Dougloco
The Theps
Choconard Leach
Mighty Chipping Baker
Bop Gray (band)

Temperature 1.0

With the creativity turned down a bit, the band names are still weird, but a bit more plausible. Their genres can sometimes be identified.

For example, I think these are probably traditional Irish bands?

The Durks of Audun Green
Sherry of Shinking Feavan
The Shurping Laudst

And these might work as metal bands:

Rabidass (band)
Killerlet (musician)
Brokin’s Killer
Flish Lipe
Girl Dead

These are perhaps a bit less scrutable.

Dr Overhard
The Arce (band)
The Tree Misters
Reilling Ef (rapper)
Flim Brothers
Ching Mage
Nan Edwards (folk singer)
Nittle Bizzy
The Dinlakoposseps
Skins of Space
Michael Porker
The Lost singers
The Nutlet Band
The Rogue Orchestra
The Fuman.A.I.((band)
Vervoly Brown (urtist)
Boohalloid (group)
The Ballening Birds
Lice Stepley

Temperature 0.9

With the creativity turned down a notch further, the band names become even more plausible. You could probably convince me that these exist.

No Andrew Newson
Fuzion (band)
The Wurfywinders
Clay Fights
Berry Stitcher
Something Rothers
The Awl
The Thingsons
Switch’s Rich
Pond Billy
The Hums (band)
Northern Prince (Indian band)
Staff Killer

Temperature 0.6

Turn the creativity down another notch, and we start to edge toward the neural network’s idea of the most quintessential band names. Note that they’re still pretty weird.

Dub Arts
Sheet Rose
Heart Coil
Elliot Horse
Big Love
The Mothers (band)
The Time Stars
Hulls of Girls
Sucken (band)
Electric Sing Show
The Pans
Symphony No. 3 (Dinish band)
Hell Staple (band)
Peter Parker
Bad Head
The Out Cookers
Flower Shankar
The Hat Coles

Temperature 0.3

Now at a creativity setting of only 0.3, almost all the band names are variations on “The [Noun]”.

The Shines
The Deaths
The Dance (band)
The Livers (band)
The Stone Choir
The Shake Man (band)

Another strange thing happens, which is that the proportion of sharks goes way, way up. Apparently the neural network thinks that if you’re going to name a band, you can’t go wrong with sharks.

Johnny Shark
The Shark Charles
Shark Rander
The Shark (band)
Nicole Shark
Shark Gordon
Shark Taylor (musician)
The Shark Singers
Tony Shark

Temperature 0.01

And now we come to the lowest temperature setting, where the neural network’s output consists of the most-quintessential band name, repeated over and over. Throughout most of the training process, this name was “The Stars” and occasionally “The Brothers”, but there was one generation where the neural network repeatedly insisted that there was nothing… nothing more fundamental to music than the banjo-playing skills of:

Steve Martin (musician)
Steve Martin (musician)
Steve Martin (musician)
Steve Martin (musician)
Steve Martin (musician)
Steve Martin (musician)
Steve Martin (musician)
Steve Martin (musician)


i have gotten exactly one (1) ask about it SO HERE WE ARE LET’S GO

AU takes place on earth in the far FAR future in a ginormous supercity called Lucid; nonhumans make up 90% of the population (the 10% that are humans usually have some sort of mutation / supernatural ability too). Brief Lucid summary - it was initially created by aliens to be used as an intergalactic terminal/pit stop after the port in the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter got overrun by space pirates. It ended up growing into a prosperous commerce hub for beings from all over the universe - and beings from other realms altogether (like spirits / demons).

Lucid is comprised of DOZENS of districts, each huge and like a world of their own, but the AU is focused in district 3.* It used to be a beautiful, peaceful area called Altea, where diplomats from all over the universe gathered for meetings - but that was before an organisation called the Galra Empire overthrew Altea’s ruling court and put the district on lockdown. GE’s been controlling the area for years - fortunately it can’t extend its reach to districts outside of 3rd, but the empire leader Zarkon is trying to get Above that. Wants to conquer all six central districts and control the spaceport.

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get to know me meme: [ 1 / ∞ ] favorite female characters: ginny weasley

“Well, that was a bit stupid of you,” said Ginny angrily, “seeing as you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels.”
Harry remained quite still as the impact of these words hit him. Then he turned on the spot to face her.
“I forgot,” he said.
“Lucky you,” said Ginny coolly.

reasons why you should watch the greatness that is Bnha

• first off, it’s not a shounen, it’s a GREAT shounen manga
• honestly the plot is really good and entertaining
• EVERY character is likeable
• starting from deku, the main char?? he’s the most adorable cinnamon bun tbh
• kacchan is not the angry simple-minded boy who shouts all the time. he’s a complicate character with a GREAT char development
• yeah we know that you’ll soon start to love todoroki, but have you seen the other boys??? iida?? kaminari?? tokoyami??,,
• KIRISHIMA,, honestly this boy is the greatest blessing for this world thank you horikoshi for giving us this pure cinnamon bun
• every girl is best girl
• ochako is the definition of pureness idek anymore
• ribbit?? fandom favorite?? love this frog girl
• even invisible girl has a great impact?? if this doesn’t make an anime great idk what anymore
• dads. this story is full of great dads. thank you.
• except endeavor.
• shigaraki is a child and we need to protect him
• dabi,, the definition of family conspiracies
• even the hero killer is likeable idek
• wanna read the manga?? think you won’t find anymore great characters?? haha you WISH
• here you have the big three dorks
• mirio is basically the purest of all
• tamaki is everyone’s spirit animal and needs to be protected and loved
• bakushima
• tododeku
• every bnha ship in general
• angst
• fluff and gags
• long story short it’s a great shounen go watch it now


waava week (2016) // day 4 · differences 

the difference between ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’
is the same as ‘for now’, ‘for a while’ and ‘forever’

Female Vietnamese-Chinese-Australian

My dad is Vietnamese, but his parents come from China. My mum is from China, but she moved with her family to Hong Kong from an early age. They speak Cantonese (or as you otherwise might know it, traditional Chinese) as a main language, although they can speak (simplified) Chinese too. I was born and raised in Australia so I identify as Australian as well as Chinese and Vietnamese.

My area has some Asians, but you can get other PoC showing up too and as a writer, I like to embrace that (that’s why this profile exists). However, most people here are non-PoC, Australia being a former British colony and whatnot.

  • Clothing

Hand me downs. When your dad has 10 sibings and 2 of them are about an hour’s drive from your house, you can’t deny that’ll happen. However, I do get new clothes every now and again.

  • Food

My family does have a habit of eating rice and/or different Chinese styles of noodles a lot for dinner, but we eat pasta and other cultural foods every now and then. A typical lunch is normally a sandwich or fast food, while breakfast can be anything from dim sims to toast to apple pie (I think the apple pie is just a scrounge-for-money excuse on my mum’s part though).

We do eat Vietnamese food for dinner (a cold vermicelli dish with mint/lettuce, fish sauce and soft shell crab/spring rolls/cha lua/surimi scallops - or a combo of those - known verbally as something along the lines of “moong” to me, although I don’t know its proper name or spelling) or lunch (banh mi or pho), although the likelihood of having Vietnamese food for any given meal is significantly rarer than Western-style food/rice and normally it’s my dad who’ll eat pho.

We used to go out for yum cha for lunch (despite it being breakfast in most cases in Hong Kong) every now and again. When we’re in Hong Kong though, my maternal grandma makes us go to yum cha for breakfast and then to the same restaurant for dinner. There’s one dish I love from yum cha specifically (prawns in cheong fun with soya sauce) which is often on the menu and why I don’t mind yum cha in most cases.

My mum loves Japanese food, but my dad doesn’t like most raw things (I had a childhood friend whose mother used to work at a sushi shop, so we got lots of discounted food - it didn’t help my dad one bit) so me and my sisters have grown up eating sushi/okonomiyaki/sashimi and we’ll eat this stuff on birthdays or special occasions. That’s how we get into anime and learning Japanese at school. 

  • Holidays

My family is atheist, with a mild exception on my smallest sister’s part (she believed in the optional religious education classes a little too much, and so is a bit more insistent on Christianity). We normally go out to Chinese New Year celebrations in our vicinity (we normally buy the spiral potatoes on skewers and/or batter-coated octopus tentacles and eat them if not collecting freebies). We’ll eat mooncake, tang yuan or the like as a celebratory food around the relevant holidays, although we do sometimes eat them out of season if the food is around and cheap. We don’t take days off around Chinese New Year like Chinese are supposed to, but we do take breaks around Easter, Christmas etc. because schools, supermarkets etc. close on those days.

Red pockets (actually red envelopes, they have money in them) are a custom for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, weddings and Chinese New Year. If your birthday is close to one of the other listed holidays, you get one instead of two (see this profile for explanation). There is no set amount for the others, but normally for a 20-something-year old the cap is about AU $50 (we send the equivalent in American money to American relatives, but that’s less often than the ones we see in person and remember the birthdays for), and for weddings you should give more than that. 

We take basically any excuse to get together with extended family and Asian family parties are never dull. The adults, especially, gossip long into the night and if they bust out the alcohol, they go home at midnight or 2 am because…obvious reasons.

  • Identity issues

I thought, when I was younger, my surname was Chinese, but it turned out to be Vietnamese put through American pronunciation. I told my friends…and they didn’t give any reaction. Either they took it in their stride or just continued to think I was Chinese/Chinese-Australian like them.

I’ve been to Vietnam and Hong Kong on family trips before and for some reason, even though Australia is “home” to me, when all the people look closer to what you do and experience life similar to what you do, you feel like you’re “at home” in a weird sense. Can’t speak a speck of Vietnamese and my Cantonese and Chinese have fallen out of good use though, so I’m just berated by older relatives (in Cantonese and most times to my parents’ faces) when I visit them and speak in English.

I’m a bit more tan than my sisters due to neglecting sunscreen on sunny days, but my dad used to joke to me and my sisters that I was Filipino/Indian and looking back on it, that was pretty toxic. (It was also kinda hypocritical because he’s tanner than me, but he never pointed that out.) Some other people may get offended at being called “banana” or “ABC” (Australian-born Chinese), but me and my sisters can take it as a joke.

Talking about the Vietnam War is kinda awkward for me, as my dad escaped from it in his youth. I learnt about the war while doing an international studies course and being to Vietnam - there was this aura of coldness around it all the while and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

  • Language

I was taught Cantonese from birth, but Australia being as it is means English is my default. I had to learn Chinese and Japanese from language schools and school courses.

Hong Kong was British up until 1997, so there’s lots of English (the language, the people aren’t that common there) around and it’s easier to get by there (for me) than Vietnam. Vietnam was French in the 1800s so my dad knows limited French, but I’ve never learnt French. 

  • Study

I used to try and keep up with my parents’ standards of “play piano!”, “get good grades!” etc. etc. but as time wore on, I found I didn’t want to. In the end, I found they’re not too worried, so long as I do well in what I want to do and pass in what I need to do. 

…I’m also a proud procrastinator, as bad as that is.

  • Micro-aggressions

Notice how I’ve used “Cantonese” as a term for traditional Chinese, and “Chinese” for simplified? Cantonese and Chinese are completely different beasts. (I can get kinda picky about it, even though “Canton” is a somewhat whitewashed term and doesn’t refer to Hong Kong per se…I use the terms because I have no better way of distinguishing between the two.)

  • Tropes I’m tired of seeing

Kung fu Asians. Not all Asians are willing to whip your butt into shape with martial arts - most Asians wouldn’t know martial arts. For that matter, tai chi/taekwondo/karate/gong fu do not equal each other (yeah, Karate Kid with Jaden Smith is a misnomer).

  • Things I’d like to see more of

There’s one show I thought was fairly accurate in depicting a life like mine, and that’s The Family Law. Showing more family dynamics like that would be great.

I’d also like to see close siblings, regardless of genre, gender or race. (Not twins or OreImo, either - that’s a little too close.) I’m very close to my older sister, to the point where if we weren’t blood related, we’d be best friends.

It’s a weird demand, but regardless of where your story’s set or who it’s aimed at, I get kinda disappointed when people have an eating scene and they could check up some weird and wonderful food for it - for a workplace or school scene, a sandwich can make sense and it’s fine, but for one example, in fantasy feasts people eat “boar meat” and sometimes I wish they’d eat char siu instead of being so generic. Just do your research properly, spell the words properly and it’ll fit right in if it’s appropriate and/or relevant.

Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.

Fic Recs Mega Post

Whenever I write one of these posts I’m struck by the sheer amount of incredible writing talent in this little fandom of ours. It is quite astonishing, and it’s a privilege to get to read all of this wonderful work. Below there’s a small selection of the fantastic stuff I’ve been reading recently, featuring gods, monsters and feral jungle men - and that’s just for starters!

Storms (series) by @lovecrimevariations (KareliaSweet): This frankly astonishing series starts out in barnstorming but fairly innocuous style in Where Are The Storms I Was Promised, in which Will Graham, famous monster hunter, is called to deal with the Wendigo that’s been terrorising an entire town. And then it proceeds, over the course of a further six instalments, to document the beautiful, bloody, often painful course of the relationship between Will and Hannibal, constantly deepening and recontextualising the ‘verse as it goes. Reading this series is almost like watching a really good magic trick – every time you think you’ve got its measure, it pulls something new and surprising out of its hat. And it’s not just flash and sparkle either, the writing is utterly beautiful, the characters are perfectly captured and it is both deeply funny and enormously moving (I was genuinely weepy a number of times throughout). Plus, it also features a majestic, powerful, do-not-under-any-circumstances-fuck-with incarnation of Bedelia, who is worth the price of admission all by herself. Seriously, she was my favourite part of this whole series and I love it beyond any sense or reason. If you have any love of writing whatsoever, read this series, it is a masterclass.

You’ll be in my heart by @starkaryen: Based on the totally beautiful art (here and here) by @camilleflyingrotten, here Will is a scientist on an expedition to find and study gorillas. Instead, he ends up finding Hannibal, a mostly-feral man who lives in the jungle, has an adopted gorilla family, and takes an immediate shine to Will. Who, because this is Will and Hannibal, finds himself taking a shine right back. And all is rosy in Camp Hannigram, until Jack damn Crawford sticks his nose in (like always) and threatens Hannibal’s way of life. As befits the utterly gorgeous artwork, this fic is just lovely from start to finish. It features a particularly adorable version of Hannibal – the scenes in which he indulges his obsession with Will’s safari hat are nothing short of precious – and a charmingly earnest Will. It’s a simple, innocent bit of loveliness, which is rather refreshing in this dark and sophisticated fandom of ours XD.

(Also, if you’d like a little more Tarzan AU, this time with an A/B/O flavour, check out Hannizan by @hotsauce418, which is just pure filth and utterly wonderful with it XD.)

We, the common by @thelongcon23 (thelongcon): A retelling of the show (and beyond) in omegaverse style, this fic alternates masterfully between Hannibal and Will’s POVs as the omega becomes fascinated, obsessed, and ultimately falls in love with the alpha. The result is that while the course of events remains largely the same         (Will still gets framed and gutted, and they still go over the cliff in each other’s arms), others change drastically (the way Will locates Hannibal in Florence, for instance, gets a very clever omegaverse twist). And their relationship after the fall? Well, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen it go down quite like this before. If you’re looking for fluff, I suggest you go elsewhere, but if you’re after passion, intensity, and that terribly Hannigram sense that love and cruelty are not mutually exclusive, this is the fic for you. The writer has a firm grip on the characters’ voices and motivations and is uncompromising and incisive in their betrayal of both. This is not necessarily an easy read (particularly towards the end, when Hannibal gives Will a reckoning of his own) but it is a compelling and fascinating one.

Cookies by @desperatelyseekingcannibals (TigerPrawn): Now, those of you who are after some fluff, here’s some of the best around. Tiger’s non-cannibal AU is an absolute treat, full of emotional idiots, kick-ass women and a totally adorable kid (and I don’t say that lightly cos kid!fic ain’t my thing!). It all starts when Will accompanies his daughter Abigail as she goes door-to-door selling cookies for charity and finds himself face to face with the ever-so-handsome Doctor Lecter. And then somehow, before he knows it, Will is agreeing to a date in exchange for Hannibal buying all of Abby’s stock, and soon finding that he might have stumbled into a real relationship. Not that it’s smooth sailing, of course, this is still Hannigram we’re talking about! It is my deep and ardent belief that Hannibal dreams of being a romcom when it grows up and with this utterly charming, romantic, as-sweet-as-its-name-suggests fic, that dream is made a reality. Anyone who’s ever wanted to see Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter fall in love the old-fashioned way (you know, without all those annoying stints in prison and near-fatal injuries), treat yourself and read this fic. I guarantee it will melt even the most dark and twisted of hearts.

Picture Imperfect by @shiphitsthefan: Will Graham is a very special alpha – unlike many of his sex, he can be trusted not to turn into a hormonal animal around omegas. It’s how he’s made his career as a photographer. That is, right up until he’s in a room with concert harpsichordist Hannibal Lecter and everything goes to hell when they scent each other and can barely keep themselves from ripping their clothes off and bonding right there and then. Seems like they’re true mates and it’s only a matter of time before they give into their urges – so Will, being a decent and respectful alpha, has to get this courtship show on the road before that happens. Well, mostly before that happens. Given the UST inherent to the plot, this is every bit as intensely, stupidly hot as you’d hope, but it’s also a really clever, thoughtful exploration of the omegaverse concept, set in a ‘verse in which omegas are the ruling gender, a nice reversal of the usual a/b/o setup. Plus it has an almost indecently adorable version of Hannigram, in which progressive Will and traditionalist Hannibal attempt to conjoin their lives so that they can get on and shag already! Smart and sexy a/b/o is one of our fandom’s greatest strengths and this is truly just an exemplary version of it.

Space Invader II: A Very Darko Sequel by @devereauxsdisease: A sequel to the utterly wonderful Space Invader (and if you haven’t read it, I’m begging you, go remedy that this instant), this return to Dev’s Spacedogs ‘verse sees Adam and Nigel still ensconced in blissful coupledom. So blissful, in fact, that it’s making Darko wonder if he might want some of that relationship stuff for himself. Cue the appearance of a certain sassy lab tech last seen working for the FBI. That’s right, Beverly Katz is alive, in town and about to rock Darko’s world XD. This is just an utter joy to read, stuffed with Dev’s trademark mix of fantastic dialogue, heartfelt emotion and wickedly dirty jokes. And best of all is her way with the characters, all of whom are wonderfully loveable and who work beautifully together. I spent the whole fic marvelling at the way in which these disparate characters come together and feel like they were always meant to be that way – they make a lovely, entertainingly weird family and are never less than an utter delight to spend time with.

Forgemaster by @llewcie: Valhalla Enchanted by way of the Greek gods now, in this peerless piece of sweetness by the lovely Llew. Char and Ella are the new Dionysus and Aphrodite (in this ‘verse, the gods can retire and be replaced) and live like brother and sister, i.e. bickering, winding each other up, pushing each other’s buttons… They particularly like making bets, which winds up with Ella making Char agree to three dates with Hephaestus, being played in this fic by One Eye. Given that One Eye is unsociable, ragged, and constantly dirty from his forge, Char is less than impressed with his companion and says so… somewhat unfortunately within One Eye’s earshot. So when, despite himself, Char finds himself falling for the blacksmith god’s charms, he’s got a lot of work to do to convince One Eye that he’s worth the trouble! Llew has the charm turned up all the way to eleven in this gorgeously frothy, funny little comedy of errors, with a sweetly vain version of Char melting under the steadily growing appeal of One Eye’s gentle strength. If you need cheering up for any reason, this fic should be your first port of call.

Pure Imagination by @constructfairytales (beforethedawn and Destinyawakened): Stranger Things was one of my favourite shows last year (admittedly it’s no Hannibal, but what is?). It was smart and weird, and as an 80s baby it pressed every last one of my nostalgia buttons, from soundtrack to costume design. So, of course, it was with nothing but delight that I started this crossover AU, in which Will is police chief of the town where young Will Byers goes missing and Hannibal is the psychiatrist he brings in to counsel the traumatised community. And I wasn’t disappointed – this is a fantastic blend of Hannibal’s surreal romanticism with the full-on monstery weirdness of the ST ‘verse, with plenty of unexpectedly but pleasingly fluffy Hannigram at the centre of it. Though it follows the basic plot of ST, having Will and Hannibal involved inevitably shakes things up (Will’s empathy is given a brilliant twist) and predictable this certainly ain’t. Instead it’s fun, thrilling and playful, with at least one story development that genuinely had me on the edge of my seat. And did I mention the Hannigram? Cos, yeah, there’s no slow burn here. Our boys are goners from the second they meet and the intensity of their connection is all kinds of wonderful.

The Estate by @bokuno-jinsei: Amusingly, the tags on this fantastic fic eventually turn into a short plea for Will Graham to stop thinking so much (a plea which anyone who’s written the over-analytical little shit will know is hopeless). Fortunately, Will clearly paid no attention, and so we readers are treated to this charmingly introspective piece of canon divergence. So, Hannibal gets as far as sitting Will at the dinner table in Florence. But, before he can get out his bonesaw, he seemingly has second thoughts and so Will wakes some time later to find himself ensconced in the last place he expected to revisit – Lecter Castle. Where, he finds, Hannibal has decided to change the game between them: if Will agrees to see if they can live together, Hannibal will cease any attempts to change or influence Will. So the pair find themselves as the unlikeliest of roommates as Will wrestles with his demons, his desires and, inevitably, his feelings for Hannibal. Anybody who enjoys intense conversations, brewing sexual tension and Hannibal in waders (yes, really), step this way, you’re in for a treat.  

Inevitable by Vulcanmi: I do adore canon divergence. And I have a weakness for prison fics (love Hannigram falling in love while incarcerated). So this fic is entirely my jam. It picks up in the second half of s3: Hannibal is in jail, Will is “happily” married to Molly, and Jack is still desperate to have his pet empath back on board to deal with the Tooth Fairy. Except in this ‘verse, Will decides not to give into Jack and remains with his family, far away from Baltimore. In order to make it up to his former boss, though, Will writes a letter to a certain inmate, suggesting that he offer his services where Will cannot. Of course, it’s not the last letter Will ends up sending to Hannibal. Not by a long shot. And we all know what happens once Will gives Hannibal an inch… (hey, I didn’t mean that kind of inch, you filthy perverts!). Though it starts out as an angsty exploration of Will’s determination to separate himself from Hannibal, somewhere along the way this fantastic fic transforms into a twisted yet adorable romcom, as our murder muffins confront their feelings and try to figure out whether there’s any version of the world in which they might be together. And, frankly, it’s an utter delight to read. One for those (*raises hand*) who like their hurt/comfort 20% hurt and 80% comfort.

Inside the Imitation by @belladonnaq (Belladonna_Q) with artwork by @reapersun: A confession. I’ve never seen The Thing (because I’m a scaredy-cat who doesn’t watch anything that could remotely be described as scary. “But Vic, isn’t Hannibal scary?” Yeah, yeah, I contain multitudes, now hush mango, I’m working). However, I’ve never let ignorance get between me and my Hannigram and so I jumped headfirst into the The Thing/Hannibal crossover which, fortunately, works utterly brilliantly with absolutely zero knowledge of the film. So, once again Jack Crawford finds reason to call upon the services of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Except this time, it’s not in order to investigate the Minnesota Shrike, but a strange case with its roots in a decades-old tragedy in Alaska. Soon things turn weird and monstery and Will and Hannibal find themselves reluctantly (well, as ever, Will’s reluctant, Hannibal’s thrilled) investigating a burned-out government building with something truly frightening at its core. This is thrilling, clever and wonderfully creepy, a fantastic reframing of canon (especially the Hannigram) and tons of fun throughout. I have to admit, I did not see the twist coming in this fic (though that’s possibly because I’m a dim bulb when it comes to plot) and it was delivered brilliantly, turning everything on its head and upping the stakes for our beloved murder muffins. Oh, and make sure to check out @reapersun’s fabulous artwork that accompanies the fic, it’s staggeringly gorgeous.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Volume 2 by @fragile-teacup: A continuation of the marvellous The Spaces Between series, this picks up a little after volume one, with our boys enjoying Argentinian high society. Unfortunately, while the end of the previous instalment hinted at full-blown murder husbandry, it quickly turns out that Will and Hannibal haven’t quite sorted out their feelings to anyone’s satisfaction (you’re shocked, I can tell). Fortunately, we’re pretty much out of slow burn territory here and the idiots manage to get their act (mostly) together just in time for some ghosts to rear their perfectly-coiffed, millionairess heads and throw a spanner in the works. This sequel continues the achingly lovely tone of its predecessor, with romance a-plenty amongst bouts of emotional idiocy and bloodlust. It’s sweet and tender without compromising on the intensity and darkness of our beloved boys and builds their relationship with care and patience, allowing for a believable building of trust and love between them. It is, in other words, a treat to read in every way, so get yourself to ao3 and have at it!

As ever and always, if I’ve miscredited anyone or if there are bad links, please let me know and I’ll correct it ASAP. Happy reading, lovely fannibals!

Pulling off a heist in D&D 5E

Our most recent session saw us plotting a heist on board the casino boat The Golden Goose.  The casino owner, Lord Drylund, had information we wanted and we needed to get to him.  Our GM gave us a week to scheme and plan and three actions each to perform to prep for our heist. And we did!

With a few lucky rolls (plus one not lucky one) and Plans A, B, & C in place, we began. Our halfling bard was performing on stage, our dragonborn got a job in the kitchen, our elven monk had joined the rowers down below (and was chained to the wall after having sabotaged the boat roof for a contingency plan), and our human thief and myself (a human wizard) boarded as wealthy passengers. 

Plan A: the dragonborn slips our truth serum in Lord Drylund’s food, giving the thief and me a one-hour window to get to his cabin on the top level and talk to him.  The cabin is off of a hallway, guarded from the dance hall by two guards. There’s also a wizard woman who is the head of security and keeps order on the casino floor on the main deck. We manage to avoid rousing suspicion from her or the small group of city watchmen who decided to show up to gamble too. And our monk is trying to win over the other slave rowers with a sing-a-long and jokes.

Plan A starts just fine. We get past an unexpected encounter with a former acquaintance of our thief, who has glasses made from a Gem of Seeing and so knows who he really is and almost blows our cover, but buys his silence with an Amulet of Nondetection.  Our thief almost persuades the guards to let us through to see Lord Drylund with our fake documents. But they refer us to the bouncer/wizard, who isn’t completely convinced and asks us to try again in a few hours. 

Well, balls. Time to change plans.

Plan B: we go loud. I cast Fog Cloud at 4th level and obscure the entire boat right as we happen to be going through a rough patch of the river called “the chucks,” plunging everyone into chaos. I then cast Invisibility and Nondetection on the thief, since we know of the Alarm spell beyond the door. Our thief applies our sleeping potion to the guards by the door, I use Dispel Magic to bypass the Arcane Lock and then he picks it record time (gotta love a natural 20!).  We also steal a Staff of Power from a rich young idiot in the confusion because we can. Additionally, our thief pickpockets the Gem of Seeing and puts the glasses on. 

The ship hits a large rock in the chucks and a hole is ripped in the lower level of the boat.

Our dragonborn starts making her way out of the kitchen and trying to feel her way to the rest of us upstairs. And our monk has secured the help of one older lady and through some impressive acrobatics he manages to get through the hole in the hull, climb the side of the boat, set her on the roof, jump back down two levels to retrieve his gear, and then start berating the half-orc slave drivers about the wrongs of slavery.  (I’m really not sure what his intentions were there.) 

The three of us on the upper level get into the hallway. Our thief discovers the door to Lord Drylund’s cabin is a mimic because of his glasses, so he and our halfling start fighting it.  I cast my own Arcane Lock on the door to slow down pursuit, as well as Grease at the opposite ends of the hall near the ship’s bridge, before joining the fight. Our dragonborn stumbles across guards on the main level and just incinerates them with Hellish Rebuke—but now the boat’s on fire and slowly sinking.

We get through the door, find Lord Drylund with a bejewelled sword, and he attacks us… by throwing an octopus from his fishtank at our halfling.  We start interrogating him and he tells us everything we want to know before being telepathically killed by a kraken.  (I was caught off guard by this too.)  We loot the room and then escape through the roof where our monk had weakened it. 

We meet up with the older lady on the roof, get to a lifeboat, manage to get all of our party on this thing and start trying to make our escape as the wizard bouncer lady throws an angry fireball at us before dousing The Golden Goose in frost spells to put out the flames and seal the hole.  As we limp away in our stolen lifeboat and our thief carves the name Ocean’s Elven into its side (because it’s a genius name), my wizard lights his pipe, regards the charred casino boat, and comments: 

“Looks like their Goose just got cooked.” 

(From the bottom of the lifeboat, our monk screamed “YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!”) 

And there were facepalms all around. 

Best. Heist. Ever.

Alright, I’ve been working on a theory for a few months now and with season 3 rapidly approaching, the pieces seem to be falling into place.

The Mullet Theory: The closer a character is to having a mullet, the more background we receive for that character.

Yes, it sounds ridiculously stupid, but there’s finite proof behind this.

Analysis under the cut:

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I'm a little upset seeing people so willing to make Touka's pregnancy out to be all her fault, treating Kaneki like he had no control over himself when they slept together without protection, and then treating Touka wanting to keep the baby as her being selfish.

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I keep rewatching my favourite DR scenes and definitely one of my faves is this scene in episode 10 where Kiri shows Naegi the key she stole from monobear, so that he can distract him while she investigates and he is so worried for her safety and reluctant, to the point where he makes her pinky swear that she’ll return safely. he still goes through with it though and tries his hardest for her and i think the scene just perfectly shows how much their relationship has developed?? they become so communicative and devoted to each other and ugH I’M CRYING 

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AU: Gon loves to announce his two goals of finding Ging and marry Killua, to everyone


This…started as something and then turned into something entirely different. I hope you like this anon, even if it’s probably not what you had in mind for this ask ^^; the fic title is from the song Rather Be which is one song of many on my killugon playlist

Title: Make x It x Everlasting 

Word count: 2,095


Gon has two goals. Finding Ging is only one of them.

Marrying Killua, is the other.

Ao3 link

Gon has a goal: become a Hunter, find Ging.

It is a simple goal in theory. Not so much in practice.

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New romantics (Prologue)

A/N: Okay peeps, this is the prologue of my new series. I loved writing the PT Diaries so much that I decided that I wanted to write a new series. This one is going to be based on Charlotte Reed, Mitch’s best friend (yup, expect a loot of Leafs making appearances). Please, let me know what you think of this!

Word count: 949

Warnings: none, I think.

Master list

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“Hello Mariam –” I hear my best friend’s voice from my room upstairs and smile.  “– where is she?”

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“Claire isn’t a good char-”

Yo Dr. Claire Elisabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser is my child my mother my sister my world my fucking person okay just stop the fuck there and let me tell you about my cinnamon bun who would fuck u up goddamnit she could no she will kill you easily she is a battle nurse and a fucking surgeon a FUCKING SURGEON she is the best you better not fucking say anything against this woman she is classy and pure and no fuck you she is the best and that’s not including the amounts of alcohol she consumes because she is tired of ur bullshit and the patriarch no honeslty anytime someone says anything sexist she will fucking take a swing even when her prof said negro u could tell in her eyes that she needed whiskey and fast I don’t care that she drank throughout her daughters life and Brianna turned out fine no better than fine a fucking HISTORIAN so don’t give me that crap she has fucking ptsd from WWII and was still fucking prepared for one of the most brutal battles in the 18th century Jesus h Roosevelt Christ she is the best

Tents and Cuddly Cats

Here’s the @mlsecretsanta for @raysdrawlings! Like usual, I couldn’t write anything short, so expect more parts to it in the week to come ;D HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Summary: When Marinette and her friends go on a camping trip together, Alya hatches a plan to get her and Adrien to share the same tent. The idea of sleeping beside her crush has Marinette beyond anxious, but even her nerves can’t predict the secrets intent on unravelling in the late hours of the night.  

Part 1

“Are we almost there?” Nino griped, huffing and puffing as he followed Alya up over a hill. He resituated his bag on his shoulders for the millionth time, sighing when his girlfriend glared back at him.

“Just a little further,” she replied—the same response she’d been giving for the last twenty minutes.

Nino groaned.

Smiling, Marinette giggled before shyly turning her head over her shoulder to look at Adrien. He was the last of their group and holding up the rear—mostly because he kept getting distracted and wandering off into the woods before having to run to catch up. Nino joked that it was like watching a cat let out of the house for the first time, which Adrien had rolled his eyes at. But Marinette couldn’t completely disagree. It was cute, actually, seeing him get distracted by small things like cool looking boulders and oddly shaped trees.

Were they being honest, both Alya and Marinette were surprised Adrien had even been allowed to go. Or so they had been until Nino and Adrien had revealed the truth of the situation. As far as Adrien’s father knew, he was simply spending a long weekend at Nino’s house, a situation that had nearly fallen through on its own. Turned out no one at the Agreste house even knew Adrien was out in the “wilderness,” that he’d lied (by omission or not irrelevant) shocking Marinette.

She never would have expected it of him, only to then hear him defend his actions by saying that “what his father didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.” Granted, she didn’t fault him for trying to escape the clutches of his constrained lifestyle, but that didn’t make his attitude any less surprising.

No matter, though. He was there with them—with her—and that was all that mattered.

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Hello! so my story revolves around two dudes who fall in love whilst on this journey thing and on the way they pick up another character. I was planning on this char being poc, plus sized, as well as non binary, which I know is v realistic but would it seem like im using them as the 'token' character, especially as they become the best friend? One of the main guys is poc and bisexual and the other is gay, so its not like this character is the only one but im just worried ppl will see it that way



1. Have more than one. Recombining allowed (like, a black disabled lesbian is three identities at least. You don’t need another black, disabled lesbian, necessarily (though you could), just have more than one black person, more than one lesbian, more than one woman, more than one disabled person).

2. Have them be a well-rounded, complete, interesting character who exists as more than backdrop or support of a non-token main character.

See? Easy! You were probably doing that already anyway!

~~Mod Scix
'Grey's Anatomy' boss hides Easter egg hunt in 300th episode | EW

The 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy will reward diehard fans of the long-running ABC medical drama, particularly with an Easter egg hunt embedded within the hour by executive producer Krista Vernoff.

The landmark hour, which aptly pulls its name from Hamilton’s closing number, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” brings the Shondaland roller coaster to life — ­literally. After a nightmare accident involving a county fair ride, it’s all hands on deck as Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and the docs of Grey Sloan tend to patients who ignite memories of ghosts from their past.

“I did my best to look back at our history and move our story forward simultaneously,” says Vernoff, who penned the hour, which was directed by fellow EP Debbie Allen. “I tried to honor the beloved char­acters who have come and gone during the 14 seasons of our show. I might not have hit all of them, but I paid some small ­tribute to most.”

“I also created a little Easter egg hunt for the avid fans,” Vernoff continues. “I don’t want to give too much away, but keep your eyes and ears peeled — and keep your tissues handy!” Maybe some tequila, too!

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Hi! How are you all? I hope all three of you are doing well. I've been wondering; y'know in Free! or KnB where the chars have an animal that characterizes them. Well, in your opinions, which animals do you think BEST personifies some of the YOI chars? Gomen, hope it's not a strange question, plus don't know if it's been asked before. Again, absolutely adore your blog, and love your appreciation and dedication to this incredible anime. Wishing the 3 of you the very best, Amina

Hello :) We’re doing well, thank you for asking 

This isn’t a strange question, it’s pretty interesting. 

Let’s see hmm…

Yuuri - bear (too cute)

Victor - butterfly or swan (he is too pretty and graceful)

Yuri - cat (who would doubt this XD)

Phichit - dog

Chris - peacock

Otabek - eagle

JJ -  puma or lion (bc king XD)

Leo - horse

Guang Ji - panda

Seung - wolf

Minami - squirrel

Mila - deer

Yakov - hawk

Butterflies ~9

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Part 8

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Warning : Grab tissues and hold onto your hearts

Every day Finn would follow you or sit near to catch your attention but you weren’t having it. You weren’t ready for forgive him, not yet. No matter how much you wanted to walk up to him grab him by his face and kiss him. 

You heard him as he walked into catering, his voice was loud and clear as he was talking to Sami. You paid no attention to him whatsoever. You were just eating your wings, then you felt his eyes on you. You could see him from the side of your eye. He was biting his bottom lip, wanting to come over but held back. Finishing up your food, getting up from the table throwing out the plastic plate and fork. 

Turning around catching his eyes, he smiled over at you but it dropped as there was no change in your expression. Rolling your eyes, you had better things to do than hang around here. Making your way down the hall, Finn said goodbye to Sami before following you. You could hear light footsteps behind you, not paying attention to that thinking it was a crew member when turned your head to peek seeing it was Finn not a crew member. 

Stopping in your tracks, your back to him, “ Don’t follow me” you said coldly.

“ I need to-”

“ Stop talking. Just your presence and voice annoys me” you scoffed. 

“ Can we stop being like this? I said I was sorry” He shrugged

“ In a letter, what a nice way for an apology” you laughed, coldly but in a sarcastic way too. You were about to continue to walk when he grabbed your wrist, making you face him. 

“ I know I fucked up Y/N. I’m sorry for that, I was a coward” 

“You couldn’t talk to me,what were you afraid of? I wasn’t going to yell at you or scare you off. I’m a person too Finn with feelings. I guess you forgot about that” 

“ I’m sorry..” He mumbles. 

“ Sorry? Not good enough. Take your sorry and get out of my face. Sometimes you have to accept that people’s part in your story are over”

“ I never knew one day that I wouldn’t mean anything to you…” 

“ You don’t…” 

“ You don’t need to be in the dumps sweetheart. Live a little, forget about him for today. You’ve been stressing yourself. Come on, let’s get some ice cream”

“ At 3 in the morning Charlotte?” she shrugged, a smile on her face. She wanted you to be happy again, she could tell this whole thing with Finn was draining you. You weren’t yourself, not the women that you used to be. 

“ Fine, let’s go”

You two were walking outside, the shop wasn’t too far. Charlotte saw it on her way over to the hotel before the show. The two of you were laughing and signing on top your lungs, making fools of yourself. You had forgotten about Finn and were enjoying yourself once more. 

Neither of you were paying attention, Charlotte dropped something so she went to get it. You looked back at her, waiting and standing in the middle of the road. You had no idea what was about to occur, you didn’t turn fast enough. Hearing Charlotte scream your name and the loud horn from the truck coming your way. Tires skidding against the road, screeching sound was heard. You couldn’t process what was happening, you were in too much pain. Charlotte screamed running over to you kneeling down calling to you. Your vision was blurry, your eyes began to close. 

Finn was sleeping in his room when the accident occurred, Charlotte was in the waiting room of the hospital waiting to hear results from you. You were taken to the hospital, Charlotte crying that it was her fault that you ended up in the hospital. A nurse calmed her down, giving your broken phone to her. 

Charlotte looked at the screen seeing you haven’t changed it. It was a picture of you and Finn looking at each other, smiling. She had to call Finn,even if Finn and you weren’t on the best of terms. 

His phone rang disturbing him, waking him up. He reached over answering without bothering to look who it was.

“ Hello?” He answered sleepy. He could hear Charlotte on the other end of the line, but not clear because she was crying once again.

“ Slower..speak slower Char” He rubbed his face from sleep, sitting up. As soon as he heard your name and accident in one sentence, he rushed to get ready telling Charlotte he will be in the hospital in a few minutes. He ended up waking Bayely and Sami along with Kevin as they rushed to the hospital. 

“ Fuck.. I can’t believe this” Finn mumbled underneath his breath. Sami looks over at Finn, sitting in the passenger seat with Bayley and Kevin in the back.

“ She’ll be okay…” Sami says, trying to calm Finn down.

“ How did it happen?”Bayley asks,shifting in her seat looking at the back of Finn’s head. 

“ I don’t know, all I heard from Charlotte was her name and accident”Finn began to chock up, he couldn’t picture you laying in a hospital bed hooked to machines and not responding. He was trying to process this without bursting out crying. 

“ I’m sorry Finn” Kevin says from the back. He didn’t reply to Kevin’s apology just sped up.  

The phone rings in Finn’s pocket, he looks over to Sami motioning him to get it for him. Sami reaches over to the pocket of his jacket fishing out his phone. It was Charlotte calling him.

“ Any news?” Sami asks her, answering the phone. 

“ She’s in surgery right now. She broke her arm and there was… a lot of blood…”

Finn gripped the wheel tighter pulling into the hospital parking lot. He threw the door opening,rushing to the hospital. He rushes to the front desk, asking about you. Giving her your full name. Sami, Bayley and Kevin rush inside running up to Finn. 

The front desk lady tells him what floor you are on before Finn runs to the elevator with Bayley, Sami and Kevin rushing after him. 

He finds Charlotte who was pacing. He stops in his tracks seeing the blood on her shirt. Your blood soaking her shirt. 

“ Charlotte!” Bayley runs to her,embracing her into a hug. Sami puts his hand on Finn’s shoulder. But Finn couldn’t process anything of it. The thought of losing you, he couldn’t bare it. 

He wished this never happened. He wished he was the one in your place. 

Charlotte looks over to Finn, he makes his way over to her embracing her. She sobs into his shoulder,hugging him.

“ It’s all my fault.. I’m so sorry..” She mumbles.

“ Shhh…” Finn whispers rubbing her back. 

He hopes that your okay. He needs you in his life.